You’ve fallen for me E15 Finale


There was so much stacked against YFFM from the start. It took on a tour de force like LMH. Then PTB came along and took over CH’s spot. The trailers for YFFM weren’t much help- it didn’t exactly leave us hungry for more. Most of us came into this with little or no expectation. Then we got the breadcrumbs –all those quiet moments where we felt more for the characters than when they talked. The silent exchange of looks and growing curiosity for the other person that triggered nostalgia since most of us know what it feels like to go through first love. What will I miss the most? How S was so haughty, but still loveable, the way he sang his father’s song in that second episode, the unexpected witty banter, the coffee errands, when they mimicked each other and held out their hands to catch the rain, the speculation and dread around love lines that thankfully never came into fruition between SH and K and between K and S’s parents, and the music that got me replaying each song on repeat for days on end. No one I know watches this drama. My friends keep asking me why I like it so much. They can’t fathom why YFFM would garner any attention at all. How do you explain perfection enveloped in music? This drama felt like a respite from the inundation of the May drama insanity – a breather that said relax and enjoy – no need to think too hard – just sit back and listen to the melody that soothes your spirit. With everything it lacked in action and suspense, it made up for with its simplicity and charm. For such an inconspicuous little drama, it leaves a giant gaping hole.

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You’ve fallen for me E14


When it comes to this drama, I am not only saddened by the fact that it’s ending, but that from the very beginning it struggled to stay lit against a gale like CH. If you look at the thread pages on soompi, you can see that a small group of us saw what others had missed – that this show had a spirit that flickered, but never went out. To prove how it could stay alive, the music brought it to full flame and we gathered around for more. I read a lot of comments about this penultimate episode, but can I just say this one is no different from all the others. It’s what we all signed up for from day one. We got some understated candor thrown together with some humility that was poignant, a dash of drama, more humor than usual, another missed opportunity we knew was coming, and a whole lot of warmth. It should be enough to keep us coming back for more tm to say goodbye to this drama the right way – with a standing ovation.

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You’ve fallen for me E13

OMG that new song – the BEST one so far. I almost bawled. Why did this feel like the finale epsiode? My thoughts about this episode are at the end to avoid spoilers, but can I just say – I found new reasons to love this drama again. It has been the underdog in the wed/thurs night lineup, but this show refuses to bow down in defeat and just comes up with new ways to stay in the limelight where it belongs. Many will disagree, but I loved the ending.

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You’ve fallen for me E12

I just translated the lyrics to that song – wow – most thoughtful song ever.  It’s stuff like this that makes this show such a winner in the race for dramas that affect us. It takes its time to move us little by little – with each meaningful scene – wringing out every emotion so we can savor every wordless look they give each other. With all that is going on around them, they continue to find the time to date and fall in love. You gotta love a young couple’s priorities. 🙂

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You’ve fallen for me E11

In between all the drama on tonight’s episode, I loved watching K and S open up to each other and talking about their fathers and sharing personal information . Despite what is going on around them, they are still able to enjoy the time they have together. That is what is important to maintain right now. At the heart of every relationship, there has to be a foundation of trust and support and they laid that out throughout the episode. Now that the storm has really hit the fan, they are going to need something firm to hold onto to weather thru it. I just hope they laid enough groundwork for both of them to never let go of each other. Judging from that last scene, it could go either way.Let’s all hope she listens to S and not to her conscience. I say SH is a grown man – let him take care of himself 🙂 Continue reading

You’ve fallen for me E10


Those shy awkward gazes are no longer unrequited. Now both of them are guilty of blatantly stealing looks all the time. No more subtle glances, but just full blown adoring looks like this. Who else is glad it’s out in the open. Part of me keeps saying don’t worry, but then another part can’t help but be just a little cautious about what is coming up for E11. S and K took such baby steps to get here so I would hate to see them take a huge step back. With 5 eps left, there just isn’t any time for a major conflict. Then I saw the look on SH’s face at the 56:47 mark and knew trouble was brewing. It made me wonder – can you really control your feelings for someone when it happens naturally and your feelings move a step ahead of your intellect.  Aren’t there times when the heart is the first to react and the rationale is tardy and comes a little too late after the mistake has been made? Maybe I am over thinking this and nothing will come to light so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.   Continue reading

You’ve fallen for me E9

Wow this is so cool- this is the first time posting a pic from my mac-thanks to Nikesma I have screencaps for YFFM.I chose this for the obvious reason – I love watching S look up at K. It was a toss up between this one and the other one where he is standing outside her home. I love how he keeps waiting for her to go to school with her.

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