Uncontrollably Fond: E18

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I bet it was quite a relief for Joon to finally reveal everything he had been withholding from Eul. He knew what the price of his truth would cost him, but he did it anyway. As if there weren’t enough reasons to admire his fortitude, he surpasses himself for finally telling off Choi in such a way that even Choi was left speechless.  Evil shouldn’t win or escape punishment for its crimes so it’s going to be interesting to see how things will turn out for the sinister characters, but thank goodness we will have a little bit of reprieve for the good guys next week before everything gets resolved.

All this time I wondered why Ji tae was so callous to Joon about his impending death and referring to it so casually, but tonight Ji tae totally redeemed himself. I bawled like crazy twice when Ji tae spoke up for Joon to Eul and defended Joon’s actions and when he told Joon to be sure to eat regularly and take his medicine diligently. It was the first time Ji tae acted like a brother to Joon and it just killed me. It’s like once Ji tae could get beyond his feelings for Eul, he was able to see a brother in Joon instead of a rival. It’s the same for Joon. All this time he didn’t have anyone he could confide in, but once he learned that Ji tae knew everything, Joon had someone he could trust and count on. It breaks my heart that two brothers unrelated by blood could bond so strongly, but won’t have the chance to continue it.

written before it aired:

I am dreading that car crash from the preview. Everything is coming to a head now that we are near the last lap, but why does it seem like Joon Young’s impending death might not be the only tragedy. I feel like there will be more than just casualties of the heart before all this ends.


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Starts from Joon in his closet getting dressed. he gets a call from Ji tae. Ji tae asks are you on your way to meet JE? Joon says yes. Ji tae tells him -since you keep ignoring my warnings, I told everything to JE that you approached her with your agenda. that you didn’t like her and were trying to get revenge against your dad. that she was being used. you’re grateful huh? if you went a little further you might have become human trash that you cant turn back from.  Joon: you’re the only one who is considerate of me. I should buy alcohol. Ji tae says in a soft and caring voice: how about food? are you keeping up with your meals? be sure to eat regularly and take your medicine diligently. don’t be sick.

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after they hang up Joon calls him back and tells him -I’m thinking of getting JE’s confession today. that hit and run accident with tampered proof, witnesses, and false culprit, that JE was the true culprit who killed Eul’s dad -I am going to make her admit that with her own mouth. if you get in the way, there is a 90% chance I will fail.  if I fail – make sure you keep your promise. (when Ji tae promised he will get revenge for Joon and Eul)  I will trust in what you said and close my eyes so if I fail, you keep that promise. Ji tae asks what is the reason you are telling me that? what if I tell JE everything again and ruin your plan? if she confesses her crime, it will be the end for my parents. how do you know how I will react for you to tell me? Joon: I could only think of you. it was too hard and lonely so I wanted to reveal it to someone -the only person I could tell was you. no matter how much I think about it -I could only think of you. if you want to ruin everything then do it. I wont resent you. I lived in an abject world without a fingertip amount of hope -good thing I will be leaving this awful world soon – without any lingering feelings, that would be good for me. they hang up

Joon went out and met JE after talking to Ji tae. JE agrees to go along with Joon since their agendas are similar

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Joon set up the hidden cameras all over his home

Joon calls Yoon PD and asked for a switch from Yoon to Eul to film tonight

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Eul watched the footage of Joon telling JE “it was my dream to become an impressive prosecutor like my dad. so that one day I could go and find my dad and get praised for growing up well like him even without him. but one day I found out the truth about my dad. the father I respected the most in the world in truth was corrupt, cruel, and scary – willing to do anything for his ambition. a person who calls himself a prosecutor covered up a hit and run accident.  got rid of the CCTV footage, tampered with witnesses, changed drivers and made him lie, made the lawyer who wanted to reveal the true culprit lose his job.”

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in the hallway, Joon tells JE -the person who passed away in that hit and run was my girlfriend’s dad. my girlfriend was on her way to reveal the truth about her dad’s death, she carried proof that would have ended my dad, I stole her bag that she was taking to the broadcasting station. calling someone like that father. to protect my father -I killed my girlfriend. I killed that girl. isn’t that scary? JE: that’s a beautiful story. how much assemblyman choi would have liked that -having a dutiful son who loves his dad so much.  Joon: I said I killed someone. JE:  people die anyway – even right now there are so many thousands of people dying – from accidents, disease or other reasons. dont blame yourself too much and forget. even if you didn’t kill her, people die anyway when it’s their time. Joon: did you comfort yourself like this too? after you killed a person. JE: what are you saying? Joon:  10-5- 2005, 1:50am. he cites all the details of the accident, like how and where she hit the victim, the type and color of her car, and license plate. JE: what are you saying right now. Joon: I am saying what you know. JE makes an excuse that her dad is looking for her and needs to go back and to film another time. Joon: that car in the hit and run, you drove it. JE: what fabrication are you making up right now? Joon: is this really a fabrication? JE: it is so unbelievable and absurd I cant even listen to it for a second. Joon: then go. I was hoping to get your confession, but it’s plenty with the proof I have. go back well. drive carefully. JE: what nonsense are you saying. Joon: “I was scared so I ran away. I was not in my right mind then. I had a hard time with my guilt too. I lived in hell as much as the victim.” if you were human, you would have made such confessions. You know there is still some wine left right? after you pay for your crimes, let’s drink the remaining wine then. no – at that point I wont have time. JE yells you got the wrong person. I am Yoon’s daughter.  I don’t know what proof you have to act this way, but you cant catch me. you think what happened then cant happen now? my father has become way more powerful since then. and there are plenty of prosecutors like your dad. you were just taking stabs huh? in truth you dont have any evidence huh? Joon admits I dont have any proof cuz you guys got rid of them all ten years ago – cleanly.  but right now it appeared. you just now confessed. he calls out to Eul – you are watching well right? this is the truth you wanted to know so much. this woman standing in front of me killed your dad. and the bastard who stole your USB and almost killed you was me. before I die I wanted to let you know.

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this! is my first bucket list and final bucket list.

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Eul watches and cries. JE asks if the two of them planned this and played with her all this time. she knocks things off the shelf and then asks him – do you have the camera on you? he points out that she is giving herself away as the culprit by being so hysterical. she storms off.

JE runs out to his yard crying and panicking

Joon looks out his window and gets a call from Nam to hurry and run away. he can hear Gook asking why should he run? dont you believe in Joon. Nam says I trust him. he tells joon – don’t move.  when cops come in just get caught. we will go there so don’t speak a word till the lawyer arrives. Joon: what are you talking about?

cops come and tell Joon that he is being investigated for doing drugs. they take him away and he looks over at JE who is still standing there

Ji tae is told that his dad did this to Joon and not his mom. Ji tae: is that possible? it could get revealed right away if the investigators say it isn’t.  the friend says that’s the power your dad has. if he makes up his mind, he can make up stuff that isn’t true.  Ji tae cant believe his dad would do that to his own son

choi asks if there is any soju. his wife asks if he did that to Joon. choi says he wants to eat stew and have a drink with her. choi sits her down and says Joon is the kid I abandoned a long time ago. my brother met with his mom and told her you don’t suit our Hyun Joon and threatened her and chased her away.  I asked my brother to do that. I sent that woman away. when I knew fully that she had my child so that I could go to you. how did I come all this way. I couldn’t lose everything cuz of a kid like him. from here on there will be a lot of shocking things. it would be nice if you weren’t emotionally hurt. his wife is moved to tears.

Ji tae hears all that from outside. he gets a call from JE. she is crying and asking him for help. what do I do. I am so scared. Joon andher – the two of them planned this. help me.  he hangs up on her and walks out

Joon is being questioned for drugs and Joon laughs cuz it’s funny. he reads the statement against his character and makes corrections on the mistake. Joon says I am curious but is this a hidden camera

the uncle puts up a sign for the restaurant to rest but the mom wants to keep the doors open. she threatens to deduct his pay if he doesn’t work for the day. M wants to close up too and tells her how people keep insulting Joon and that’s all they are talking about. so the mom yells at her to just deny that Joon did anything wrong cuz he isn’t someone who would do that and to tell  that to people don’t know who talk

his mom goes inside and addresses her customers and asks for them to be honest and raise their hands if they read that Joon did drugs. she will give extra dumplings if they do. raise your hands if you believe that. she offers extra side dish for it. she tells them she is Joon’s mom and if all that was true how could she run her restaurant like a crazy person. that none of that is true. if you hear people talking about him please tell them it’s all lies and it isnt true

Eul goes to that restaurant and starts drinking leftover soju. the ajumma stops her but eul says you will throw it away anyway. just think of me as your trash. the ajumma offers a new bottle but eul keeps drinking the old one. the ajumma brings up Joon so eul asks her not to bring up Joon tonight. Eul hears some girls denying that Joon did that. but the other girl says it’s the end for Joon. eul tells them to be quiet. the girls think she is crazy. eul says I am so be quiet and drink. eul complains that they have nothing else to talk about but Joon

Ji tae shows up and the ajumma confesses she called him cuz he asked her to when she saw eul. eul was going to walk away but he asks to talk

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Ji tae says sorry that she found out that choi was joon’s dad. eul says everyone knew but me. must have been fun for you guys. deceiving me and playing around with me -how fun that must have been. Ji tae: it wasnt fun.  as much as you – no – more than you- Joon lived tormented and anguished. Eul: enough. I don’t want to hear even a second of your excuses. she turns to leave, but he tells her that Joon is being investigated for drugs right now. the result will be that he is found guilty cuz that’s the way my dad set it up. in order to catch the real culprit who killed your dad, to Joon who stabbed his dad in the back, it was set up that way by Joon’s dad – my dad. Eul: so what? what does that have to do with me? what do you want me to do about it. Ji tae: like me – he should have lived with his eyes closed. like me – he should have lived like he didn’t know. everyone in the world lives like that. what about a girl. what about conscience/morals. what about guilt. a guy who doesn’t have much time to live -he bet all the rest of his life and went into hell. how can someone cowardly like me live being so humilated? you can hate me all your life but please be lenient on Joon. please I am pleading. she says I dont want to and walks off

nari called out to Eul and tells her that Jik is in their home now. she asks if eul is sick. eul denies it. nari says I told Jik everything – the behind the story about your dad’s hit and run. there was a situation where it wasnt right not to tell him. it couldn’t be helped. I will go in later so you guys have it out

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Jik asks why didnt you tell me? that choi was the one who altered the culprit in dad’s accident. why didn’t you tell me choi’s wife threatened you that she would kill me? why didn’t you tell me that’s why you wanted to leave this country. why didnt you tell me. why did you hide it from me and not tell me? Eul: cuz it would have been hard on you. Jik: you still should have told me. why make a person into a fool? Eul: cuz it’s plenty for your noona to only be a fool. Jik: noona! Eul:how could I have told you? then your life would have ended from that moment too. every day was hell. every day was torture. even if you smile it wasn’t smiling.  even if you breathe it wasn’t breathing. if you forget for a second and are happy, when our dad passed away so unfairly, is it okay for me to be this happy? is it okay for me to smile? is it okay for me to eat something this delicious? is it okay for me to sleep this comfortably? how hard it was to live with the guilt.  how could I tell you to do that? Jik hugs her and says don’t say anymore. I am sorry. I was wrong. she cries and says that’s why – dont tell me to be lenient with them. don’t tell me to forgive them. (she said this cuz of what Ji tae asked her for Joon’s sake)

haru asks what Jik just said. Jik says I like guys (Korean word: namja). she thinks at first that Namja is a girl’s name and tells him to bring her and asks how much prettier, richer, or cuter she is than haru. Jik: not girls – but Male. Haru asks if he is saying he likes boys and not girls. she laughs and says it’s a lie huh? Jik says it’s not a lie so that’s why it was hard to do skinship with you and nari was against you. sorry for not telling you sooner. let’s break up now. I am really sorry. she stands and he does too so she says don’t stand. Jik: im sorry. haru: don’t say you are sorry. Jik: I apologize. haru: don’t apologize. Jik: go well. haru: dont say go well.  she deletes his number in case she calls him cuz of lingering feelings. she tells him to delete her number too so he does. she runs into the waitress so he catches her but she says dont touch me. she calls another guy and asks for a date-buy me something yummy and walks out

she goes out and says let’s eat, drink, watch a movie, and go to a club. ok- I will go there. she breaks down in tears

Jik sits there and cries.

Jik asks if eul is still sleeping, nari says she has been sleeping 15 hrs. he wonders if eul is dead so nari says I checked her and she is breathing. she asks if he broke it off with haru and he says yes. Jik: you didnt eat yet right? he says let’s leave her to sleep and let’s go eat cuz I am hungry. Nari thinks eul will wake up once she has slept enough. they leave

camera lingers on eul sleeping

flashback to Joon giving her the white bear and eul pretending to be his girlfriend. then how she kissed him on the road and said he was her style and she liked him. then how Joon told her to listen to only him and that he loved her and kissed her outside his home that night.

eul covers her head with the blanket

Joon’s mom yells at uncle cuz he put the wrong ingredient in. she asks if she is crazy. my son is in jail and here I am being irritated at you. is this being in my right mind. uncle says she isnt. yesterday and today she seems crazy.  she tells him she wants to go to Joon. he says now you have come to your senses. I will get the car

they drive to the precinct. she asks if the reporters are there cuz of Joon. they see Nam and Gook there.

Nam denies that Joon is being interrogated and that he isnt inside and Nam came here for his own personal reasons. Nam yells at the reporters that Joon didnt do drugs. do you want to be sued. Gook sees his dad so he goes over there pretending to get his phone. nam warns if they write a single line of anything strange he will meet them inside as defendant and plaintiff when he sues

Gook stands away from his dad and Joon’s mom and converses with them pretending they dont know each other. Gook asks why they came when there are so many reporters. joon’s mom says I didn’t even think that reporters would be here. Gook tells them not to look at him. there will be big trouble if reporters sense that Joon’s mom is here. the uncle asks how Joon is. she asks if Joon isnt ill. Gook tells them he visited Joon a while ago and he is well. Joon told me to tell you – it’s nothing so dont worry. all visits are done for today.

함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_002596807함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_002674384

Joon meets with choi. choi says you are suffering a lot. Joon says thanks to your wife. choi says my wife has nothing to do with what’s happening to you – I ordered it. when you get out of here, leave with your mom to another country – I’ll subsidize it so you can live comfortably there. Joon says I have plenty of money. what happens if I dont leave. do I end up a criminal for drugs. choi says I wont let it get that far. Joon says you really have impressive power – now and ten years ago. choi:to obtain this impressive power, i came all this way doing whatever I had to do. Joon asks with that impressive power did you abandon my mom too. my mom didn’t leave on her own? tell me yes so I understand. choi says if you promise to leave quietly I will end this drug investigation. Joon calls out to cops outside the visit is over. Joon calls him father and says I will only call you that today and never call you that again. also – the truth that I was your son – until I die it will be detestable and will consider it an embarrassing and humiliating memory.  before he can walk out, Joon collapses

Eul remembers the footage of Joon saying this is the truth you wanted to know so much. this woman standing in front of me killed your dad. and the bastard who stole your USB and almost killed you was me. before I die I wanted to let you know. this is my first bucket list and final bucket list.

Eul gets a call from JE

Eul goes to meet her. JE stands and greets Eul and welcomes her. there was a lot of traffic huh? eul says there is no one around – there are no customers or staff. JE says cuz I wanted to talk quietly with you. is coffee ok?

함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_002961058

JE says I feel indignant. I said some nonsense cuz of Joon. you didnt believe it right? I am not the hit and run driver who killed your dad. but Eul says I remember -the face of the hit and run driver who killed my dad. I saw it all clearly. why didnt I recognize you right away – like a dummy. during all that time, did you live well – happily and with ease? JE gives her an envelope and says I am saying this in case you misunderstand, I am not admitting I am the culprit. consider this solace for your suffering and pain. Eul takes the money and says I am sending that footage out to be aired -without any editing- the original as is. and this envelope of money, I will report to the police as another proof of your guilt. JE: will that be possible? for a free lancer PD.  Eul: I will have to make it possible. though I am a free lancer PD, it doesn’t mean someone with power can always win.  JE: then Joon -the one you love-  will get hurt too. Eul: if he committed a crime he should receive punishment. no matter who – so that is it fair.  JE: look here. Eul stands and says you gave me coffee but I didn’t get to taste any of it. she pulls the tablecloth and tells JE to drink it all. she walks away as JE screams for her to stop right there

choi sits and his wife comes over. she tells him to take his medicine. Ji tae comes over and asks please tell me how. with my ability I don’t have a way to stop you mom and dad. you two have already become monsters that I can not handle. please think it over carefully. is there really no way to stop you two. his mom says your dad is tired so stop talking nonsense and go up. Ji tae: father? choi says there isnt a way. Ji tae calls and asks for reporters to gather so he can spill everything about his parents that will shock everyone in the world. he hangs up and says how about this way. with this way, wouldn’t I be able to stop you? his mom yells are you in your right mind? Ji tae: please cheer me on dad so I can be sure to win. choi makes a fist

the uncle hears the news that Joon went to the hospital for some pain at first but was given a fatal diagnosis and his family doesnt even know how ill he is. the uncle sits in shock as Joon’s mom takes care of customers

Nam takes calls alone cuz Gook and M are too upset and crying. Nam tells reporters that he wont talk to them yet cuz he hasnt met Joon yet. does our Joon really have a deadly illness

Nari reads the news about Joon’s illness

Jik is with friends who talk about Joon dying – is he really dying? is he dying cuz of drugs. no not drugs. they said it’s a brain tumor. how could Joon die when he went through something so unfair. Jik asks what they are saying

haru reads the news of Joon dying and cries

Ji tae is on his way to meet with reporters and asks if they have all arrived – he will be there in ten mins. he is driving fast cuz he is being chased. he makes a dangerous turn and a truck plows into him

함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_003393667

Eul sits outside and relives that moment from the past when Joon asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend so he could get rid of the girls who were after him. it’s almost the exact same dialogue. Joon comes over and says did you see the expression on that girl? we succeeded perfectly. we deceived them that you are my girlfriend. how about becoming an actress? ok ok I will deduct two. he lays on her lap saying how he didnt get any sleep cuz of studying for his test. just be my pillow for ten mins. I think I will get all A’s this time too. I will pay for a meal if I get an award. I am really going to sleep. don’t wake me.

함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_003468809

the doctor narrates about Joon’s memory and how this could come up -where he mixes up the past with the present. not to be startled and embrace it. Eul narrates – after that long hard time passed, Joon came back. to that time he wanted to go back to – the one he longed for the most in life.



Eul: I want to go on a trip

Joon takes her somewhere. Eul: where is this place? Joon: the home I wanted to live in with you. Eul: let’s live together for about 500 years

Joon: the world you believe in -you make it. if you don’t tire out – you win.

Gook cries and says: does this make sense. our Joon is only 28 yrs old

joon’s mom cries and says my poor baby -what to do

his mom begs choi: no matter what you order – I will do it all – please save my joon

Eul gives choi the video footage of JE confessing

choi: what is the real reason for giving me the usb?

Jik asks where is my sister

Joon: crazy guy

Eul doubles over in pain

함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_003540973 함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_003547884 함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_003548846함부로 애틋하게.E18.160901.720p-NEXT.mp4_000200220



4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E18

  1. allenif says:

    Woah! This drama has so many dreams and car accidents. So, all the while, Choi knew that Joon’s mom was pregnant then and sought the help of his brother to chase her away. I thought only his evil wife was responsible for that. He acts like he is still in love and longing for Joon’s mom… frequently going to the salon just to see the look alike of her. Or Is it that his conscience has been bothering him for what he did to her? But I don’t think he has conscience. JT is right, he is a monster. He’s an ambitious man who would dare to do anything just to achieve his goal in life.

    I can’t blame Eul for her reaction. Poor girl has so much in her plate. I hope she won’t be prevented from having the USB video footage aired. By handing the USB to Choi, I want to see his reaction upon hearing Joon’s confession of how he wanted to be a prosecutor like his father and how he’s dream shuttered upon learning Choi’s wrong doings.

    If Ji Tae dies from that car accident, who will now take care of Eul after Joon’s death. OMG, this drama really has become uncontrollably painful to watch. lol


    • Marie67 says:

      Somehow, I believe Choi didn’t know Joons mom was pregnant. He was only saying all those things his wife has done to let her know he supports her eventhough he knows her secrets.

      Because when he learned Joons mom was pregnant, he was astonished, so I doubt he did all that.

      Am I wrong for wanting Eul to die together with Joon?

      Liked by 1 person

      • MJShinshi says:

        Thank you thank you softy! cried buckets today and may be more when I have time more to watch with out skipping Choi and his family’s scenes!

        Marie, I’m with you on Choi just saying that to be on same page w his wife in their monstrous ambitious evil deeds! he didn’t know Joon’s mom had a baby when he finally met her outside of Joon’s house. wow if they can do that to Joon why not Ji Tae!! I hate Choi and am tickled w joy that Joon hit the right spot in him to leave him speechless! I read the preview of Eul doubling over in pain and thought Romeo and Juliet as in they will both die together! I don’t want that but will watch what happens next week.

        So is the scene of Eul with Joon under the cherry tree at the end current as in Joon thinks it’s the present and living it or is it a flashback to their past fake relationship? I’ll re watch when I have more time…one more week!

        I’m done with Joon and Eul just dreaming of having happy moments together. I sure hope those happy moments in the preview are REAL, you hear me Show!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • allenif says:

        @Marie67 You maybe right. I guess I have to watch now the last four episodes so I can get the whole picture. I actually stop watching coz just reading Softy’s recap, I find it so depressing. I actually intend to resume watching once JE admits her crime and Choi finally realize his misdeeds.

        Oh gurl, you read my mind, I want them to die together. It might be tragic but I believe somehow, it will lighten the feelings of the viewers knowing they’re together in the after life. They might not have achieved the happiness of being together during their lifetime but at least by dying together, they’ll gain eternal happiness.


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