You’ve fallen for me E10


Those shy awkward gazes are no longer unrequited. Now both of them are guilty of blatantly stealing looks all the time. No more subtle glances, but just full blown adoring looks like this. Who else is glad it’s out in the open. Part of me keeps saying don’t worry, but then another part can’t help but be just a little cautious about what is coming up for E11. S and K took such baby steps to get here so I would hate to see them take a huge step back. With 5 eps left, there just isn’t any time for a major conflict. Then I saw the look on SH’s face at the 56:47 mark and knew trouble was brewing. It made me wonder – can you really control your feelings for someone when it happens naturally and your feelings move a step ahead of your intellect.  Aren’t there times when the heart is the first to react and the rationale is tardy and comes a little too late after the mistake has been made? Maybe I am over thinking this and nothing will come to light so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.  


Tonight I had to face facts, that love line between K and KY will never happen. I seriously don’t think there will be one with HJ either. Doesnt she need to have some kind of redeeming quality to draw him in? I don’t see him falling for her at all.


You’ve fallen for me E10

After S tells her his wish for her to like him again, they cut to K at her house with her dad and grandpa. GP asks if she is really ok. she says she is. her dad offers to take her to school but she says -you saw me being discharged (from the hospital) so why did you come up? it makes me feel sorry. she bows to both as she leaves. GP asks why the dad came to seoul. did you come up cuz you couldnt trust me (to take care of her).  her dad says – no i had something to do in seoul. GP: do what? her dad: will tell you later.

S’s mom looks for S but J says he left a while ago. the mom says she saw his bike but J says he must not have ridden it today but I saw him leave. 

S is waiting for K to come out of her home. he asks if she feels better. she says she is going to drop by hospital and then go to school. he holds out his hand so she was going to take it (thinking he wants to hold hands but he moves it away) and says “bag” (to hand it over)  she says it’s ok but he insists so she gives it to him. she asks about his bike but he says since she cant ride it cuz she is sick.

as they walk their hands almost touch so he points out “it hurts to bump into each other’s hand” so he says “in order for us not to bump -it cant be helped-have to hold hands as we go”

K’s dad comes out and S’s mom walks by. (he says “who is this” as in he is surprised to see her and she says she was going to say that)  he makes a comment how it must be meant to be cuz their kids go to the same school together and they live next to each other. she asks what brings him here. he explains how he is thinking of moving to seoul so he came to look into it. she asks if he reconciled with his dad. he says there is nothing to reconcile and since his dad is getting older he thinks he should be by his dad’s side. she says he was right to think that way. he says he didnt know that the prince of conceit his daughter was talking about was her son. she defends S saying S is popular but he isnt the style to be arrogant. she says how S is sweet after you get to know him. her dad mutters if he should tell K to like some other guy. she asks what he said. K’s dad: deciding to come to seoul wasnt just for my dad -it was also cuz of you. S’s mom: let’s not talk about stuff like that. when you move up come over – I will make you something good to eat. K seems like she cooks better than me. K is very pretty -she takes after her mom doesnt she? he smiles and nods

* I love how S’s mom shot that idea down for them to date again – conflict avoided

K orders ice cream with S. mean girls walk by and see K and S eating ice cream together. K asks him how his tastes and he says like ice cream.she asks what’s wrong but he says dont turn around and just eat. (cuz he saw the mean girls.) the girls dont think it’s much of a big deal cuz they live by each other and just passed by and happen to be eating ice cream-that has to be it cuz why would S date K

after they leave S says “they are gone.” K asks who they were and he says the girls who claim to love him.she asks if he told her not to act like she knows cuz of them. he explains how it will be tiring for both of them if rumors spread. K:what do you mean it will become a hassle? S: for both you and me it will get bothersome. you think girls will leave it alone? in one moment you could become a ( ?target?) K: I never had to experience that before so I didnt know – if you are so worried about it then from next time on we dont have to hang out together. S:who talks like that? K: you said you didnt like kids seeing and spreading rumors. you dont want to get caught being together so you must be suffering.  

they see B on their way out. she asks if K feels better. K nods so B says that’s a relief. let’s go.  K walks with B. S says to himself – this isnt what I wanted (meaning he wanted to be walking with K)

B asks why K is with S – after the MT did something happen (like is there something going on now) but K says “there isnt – on our way -we met up by chance.” B asks again if nothing is going on – just tell me. K says there isnt anything and calls out to another friend. S trails along and calls out B’s name in an angry and irritated tone “cha Bowoon”

JH is getting stuff from girls to eat (the girls baked it for him and urges him to taste it cuz it’s good)  and HJ walks by so JH offers a cookie to her.  she says it’s ok. JH tells her to taste it- he doesnt normally share but he is sharing only with her. she says no thanks and knocks it out of his hand. she blames him and says how she said she didnt want any. JH: i was only trying to give you some cuz it tastes good. she says dont bring her anything to eat cuz there isnt much time left before the show and she has to take care of how her body looks

HJ’s mom meets with T. she says she wants this to be the last time they meet outside cuz it doesnt look good if other ppl see. she asks why he wanted to meet. T talks about the broadway scandal SH has that he wants to use.  but she says forget what she said. she thought about it and it’s not necessary to do that. since HJ is going to go on stage anyway-  it’s better for HJ to have a broadway director. and also the show shouldnt be ruined by strange scandals. dont worry about it anymore. if we are done talking I will leave first. (* this man needs to grow up cuz he has a hissy fit after she leaves)

T goes to see Y. she asks what brings him here. he mentions how she is getting along with SH these days. she nods yes and asks why. he asks if she heard the talk about SH  when he was on broadway. Y: what talk? T: that SH tried to give the lead to a nobody and it didnt work out so they both quit – that there might have been something between them -anyway some rumors were spread. she says SH and her are both not kids – would he not meet someone else during those 6 yrs – but what is the reason for bringing that up now.  T says cuz it seems like she doesnt know much about SH and he is telling her so she wont feel backstabbed/betrayed later and get hurt. but she says she can be backstabbed cuz she did that to SH first. “thanks for telling me tho. if you are done talking will you leave cuz I have to prepare for class.”  she asks T not to come and talk about SH again. (she makes a neg comment about how it doesnt make T look good doing this kind of thing) T replies he only said it thinking of her.

S watches K talk to some other kids and she asked how something was changed and the guy says the music was changed a little. which prompts S to play. SH asks S – what are you doing – braggin about your guitar ability? SH says how there isnt much time left till the show.feel nervous from today on.  S watches as HJ pushes K saying “move away.” SH asks what K is doing now – just cuz she is the understudy she cant move to the back -if anything happens to HJ – you are the lead. K says yes so he tells her to stick next to HJ. they all practice.

SH calls K and HJ over for a talk. he gets them coffee. K eats her whipped cream and SH asks if it tastes good. HJ declines syrup when he offers it to her. SH tells K to learn from HJ and take better care of her body. HJ says leave her alone since there wont be a chance for K to go on anyway. K says she will start taking care of herself. she tells K -you dont need to – just eat. K says since she has to be the understudy she will work hard. just in case I have to go on stage – it wont do to hear the show was ruined cuz of me. HJ: that’s good to hear but since that wont happen -dont waste your energy. HJ asks what SH needs to tell them. SH: you guys are saying everything I was going to say. I brought you hear to fight it out. K: director. SH: listen well – they are not at war with each other – if something happens to the understudy -there were cases where the show couldnt go on. until the anniverary show ends – you have to pray and take care of each other and make sure nothing happens to each other – do you know that? both say yes half heartedly. he says there voice doesnt sound like it and asks again so they say it louder. SH: told you to take better care of each other but why do your eyes look like that when you look at each other. so they both force smiles and tell each other to drink and eat a lot.

S is waiting and SM asks what S is doing here – if he was waiting for someone. S says he wasnt. K shows up. SM asks where she is coming from so she says she met the director. he mentions how K and S are doing the ending together so K corrects him saying they arent doing it together – she is just helping out with the gugak part and S is doing the rewriting alone by himself. SM says he looks forward to it and asks to be first to hear it.

S asks if she has a minute. she tells him to talk. he starts to says – “a while ago” but B calls K. she asks if K had a nice talk with the director. she says how the girls are going to play in front of the school  and asks K to go with her. B mentions to S that they are meeting often today. S mutters “cha Bowoon” again. then he gets an idea and smiles

other girls ask if K was eating ice cream with S. K asks how they heard. they mention the word already spread thru school cuz there are a lot of girls keeping watch over S. K: you didnt hear anything else? they ask “what talk.” K says it’s nothing. one says those girls let it go cuz K happens to live next to S but if other strange rumors spread they will come after K to pull her hair out. K worries:pull my hair out? she mutters that it’s going to be worse than being tiring like S said (she worries about her hair)

B asks K why she is looking at couple tees. who are you going to wear it with? K lies that she was thinking of wearing it with her GP. one says she thought her GP just wore hanboks – does he wear that too? K says her GP is really cool. B adds that the hanboks he wears looks really expensive. she asks K – arent they all expensive. K says those are all what she takes care of and irons. one girl says she is scared of K’s GP. K says just his exterior is gruff but inside he is really sweet and funny. B suggests they all go to say hello to GP. other two says they cant cuz of lessons and part time tutoring job. B says she will go and take a pic as proof that GP wore the t- shirt. she asks K if she can go with her.

S goes to meet her grandpa. he says hello. GP asks what brings him here. S says he is here to hear more of the gugak life story. GP is happy and invites him in. S figures B wont follow K home.

S endures the story. GP says that’s how his wife heard his song and packed her bags to follow him and they got registered for marriage when he was 21. now he is old but back then he didnt have anything lacking in looks. when I look back at how I looked when I was young – I looked just like you. dont you think you resemble me too? S lies and says “yes” GP brags how 102 girls said they will die of starvation cuz of news that GP was getting married and 205 said they will die as spinsters just studying in a room for the rest of their lives. K comes home so S is happy. GP explains how S is here to listen more to GP life story. but then B comes in. B asks why S is here. K explains how S is getting gugak lessons from her GP. B says to GP that K bought couple tees to wear with GP.  GP doesnt know what couple tee is so B tells K to hurry and take them out. K looks at S and pulls it out. grandpa asks – you want me to wear that? B says K said GP would like it. to wear it with you she bought hers too. she holds up K’s shirt.  K explains it’s good to wear around the house cuz it’s comfortable. GP accuses K of not wanting to take care of his hanboks and trying to get out of it. B tells him to try it on to see how it looks cuz she wants to see it. K nudges her saying “later” but GP agrees saying since it’s been bought he will wear it and tells them to leave so he can change into it. S cant stand (cuz his legs are numb) so K asks if he is ok.

K asks what happened and S asks why B keeps following her around. B says they are acting weird today. K:what is? B: it seems like I am seeing you two together a lot. K explains since he lives next door they go back and forth together. GP comes out and asks how it looks. B says GP is really cool looking. K has to hurry and find a boyfriend to wear couple tees together. S asks B if she heard about GP’s gugak life story. B says she just heard how impressive GP was. S: you are majoring in gugak but you didnt hear that- does that make sense? when I even heard it too. since we are on the subject- how about listening to it before you go?  B thinks she is lucky and asks GP if she really can. GP says he is ok with it but  GP says S should hear the rest but S says he can anytime cuz he lives next door. S tells B to listen before she goes. B says she would like that. GP tells B to come in and tells K to bring some drinks in. B: it’s a good thing I came today – I am going to school tm and brag about this. S closes the door and says thru the door that B is lucky and should feel honored. she actually likes the story

as they walk out, S wonders since GP is going to start at the beginning- I wonder to what age she is going to listen to before she leaves.K: why did you do that- poor B. S: she kept interfering when I had something important to say so I couldnt talk. K:what was it you wanted to say? S: I’m sorry. she asks for what. S: do I have to say that with words? after meeing you I ended up talking a lot more. K: I think what you said is correct- let’s not cause any rumors. I dont want to get my hair pulled. S:hair pulled? K: there is something like that. S: that couple tee GP wore – did you buy it to wear with me? K denies it. S: that’s good.  it’s not my style. she asks if he worked a lot on the music. S: do you want to hear it? she nods

S tells K to listen from the samseung tablet since he doesnt have a guitar right now. in the beginning when the guitar starts – the gayageum will come out too. K takes out her phone and says she can play the gayageum with this. she asks if this is the sheet music and looks at it. (they play what they worked on so far for the ending)  wow impressive. he asks how she likes it -is it not good? and she says it’s good. K: if it was bad I was going to scold but it’s great. she likes the gagaygeum part.  he brags how ppl say he is a fast learner -when he is taught one thing he gets ten more out of it. K: it must be cuz you had a good teacher.S: tell me if there is something i need to fix -I want to use all the intruments for the climax. she says she will and to do a good job and make it fun so she moves her shoulders to the music. S: in order to see that I have to make sure to make it good. S mentions how he didnt feel that good about HJ pushing her during practice. doesnt it make you feel bad being the understudy? K says it doesnt. S: even tho it could end with you not being able to go on stage and just practicing. K: it’s ok – I didnt start this thinking I would be the lead anyway. I started cuz of you but now learning to dance and sing -one at a time feels new and exciting. thank you. S: should we hear more music? she stares at him as he plays so he tells her not to just look at his face and listen to the music. she says she wasnt looking. S: you didnt look? she denies it again. they listen to music sharing earbuds

it’s night and B’s legs hurt from sitting on them. GP is still telling his story-he is at when he was 13. then asks if he already told her about what happened when he was 14 and B naively says he didnt so he says he should start over from when he was 14. B looks like she is going to cry.  K comes in and rescues her saying B has to go home. B limps out and asks if S has something against her – why did he push me in there? K: what do you mean push yo in – wasnt GP’s story fun?B: I dont know – what did I do wrong to S. anyway I will be going. she limps home. K whispers sorry B

next morning S is waiting with his bike. he was cleaning off the frog cushion for her. he tells her to get on. she is holding onto his bag so he tells her to hold on tight so she puts her arms around his waist.

at school he holds her hand. K says what are you going to do if kids see – I dont want my hair pulled. but S holds on. the mean girls look when SM points them out. they wonder why K and S are holding hands. why hold on so tightly?  ppl go crazy saying they are dating.

K’s friends asks if K is really like that with S (dating) why K didnt tell them. B says that’s why S had a reason to do that yesterday and she would have backed away if K had told her. K says sorry to B and worries what to do if her hair gets pulled.

Y goes to see SH. she asks into his headphones if he is busy. he says it’s ok. he asks if anything is going on at school. Y says how K and S are dating and the school has turned upside down. SH:what? is this a time for K to be dating? Y:why? you dont like the two of them dating? he says that isnt it -there isnt much time left before the show-they should be working really hard right now. Y says K is just an understudy. SH:until it’s done – cant let go of the nervousness. the show should come first – better not miss one practice cuz of dating

HJ is practicing with KY. she asks if it still doesnt sound right. he nods. HJ: I dont get the female lead – does it make sens to leave to get acknowledgement from that guy. he reminds her that the female lead HJ is thinking of should care more about herself but the basis for this one is love. HJ: I know – I am thinking of love and singing. KY: the problem is we can see you thinking that it’s love as you sing. HJ: what’s so great about that love. KY: without even talking – just feeling full by just looking. cuz I am hungry I keep thinking that way. he suggests eating first but she says no -she rather keep practicing. he says  she will faint at that rate. HJ: dont worry about me and make sure you worry about you. if you run off this time too my mom wont stand for that

HJ’s mom meets with some guys ( sponsors). she thanks them for sponsoring the 100 yr anniversary show. one says it’s an honor for them and they heard her daughter was the female lead. he congraulates her. another says it’s only a matter of time till HJ becomes the country’s top star. she says HJ is working hard to ensure not to disappoint. they asks to see the show in advance since they are sponsors

HJ is practicing and JH comes and takes her to the roof.he has a picnic set up. she asks what all this is and says he should have said it there cuz she has to practice. he asks if she hasnt been eating these days. she mentions how she is eating vitamins and stuff. JH: how can you live from eating just that? you have to eat food. your face these days doesnt look so great – you got too skinny. she says until the show she has to take care of her body. JH: to give it to you – I made lunch. he tells her to sit but she says again she wont eat.  he shows her food he made and it wont make her gain weight-even if she ate it all there wont be any calories hardly. he holds it out and tells her to taste it-how is it? she tastes it and says it’s good. JH: really? since you said it was good it makes me so happy.  he promises to make it for her every day till the show ends.she asks again if she wont gain weight. she gets a call and he asks what kind of call it was. she says it was one of those ads asking if she needs money and to use it. he says there are lots of silly calls like that these days. he turns it off saying when you are eating just think of food- eat a lot unni.

HJ’s mom is trying to reach her but her phone is turned off. she wonders if HJ is in practice. men asks if she was able to contact the school and she says she did and says let’s go.

Y and SH are eating. she talks about some italian restaurant she used to go to alot when she was in NY. she brags the owner cried when she left. he mentions how that owner has 3 wives and 12 kids (so she escaped that he jokes) Y asks if it’s for real and he shakes his head no. T calls SH and says HJ’s mom will arrive in 30 mins with sponsors so gather the kids and show them a simple showcase. SH complains how they can do this last minute. T says he just got the call too -see you later. other teacher tells T that the set isnt finished and nothing is ready so how can they bring someone. T says this turned out well “KSH – let’s see your ability”

SH doesnt want to go but Y tries to convince him to go. he complains how they can do this to them suddenly. she explains HJ’s mom just wants to brag about her daughter and asks him to go for Y

K is playing the guitar while S teachers her. he asks why she did that to her hair ( she has it pinned back) she worries cuz they are coming after her and will pull her hair. S: who is? she mentions how there are girls out in front of the school crying and stuff. there will surely be kids who come to get her. S: you have me. I will stay by your side so you dont have to make your hair look funny. he leans in really close but B walks in ( and interrupts again). B asks why K doesnt pick up her phone. S says to B sarcastically: CB – I was wondering why you didnt show up. K says it was on vibrate so she didnt know. B tells her to hurry cuz they have to do the show cuz HJ’s mom is coming with guests. S: where is HJ – why are you looking for K. B: we cant reach her that’s why – K hurry up.

SH asks SM where HJ is and SM says HJ’s phone is off and he sent kids out to look for her but no one found her yet. SH hears that K is on her way from KY so SH says this is why we have an understudy

HJ says she is full so JH says since she ate something good isnt she getting sleepy. he asks if she wants to use his leg as a pillow and get some sleep. she says it’s ok but he says she is pretty even if she doesnt pretend to resist. he offers to sing for her and tells her to sleep. she does

HJ’s mom asks what that means – that they cant find HJ. T says no matter how much they looked they cant reach her. she says they should have told her sooner cuz she called the sponsors in. T says sorry. she asks what about the show/performance. he says K the understudy will go on. HJ’s mom: what? before she can complain the sponsors show up. they ask if there is a problem and she says there isnt and takes them in. other teacher worries that K might do better than HJ. T says it’s good cuz HJ’s mom wont stand still for that. teacher agrees she wont do that.

SH checks with SM about the music preparations. SM says they didnt have time to set up for the band so they prepared something else. SH asks where KY is. SM says he is with K in the room. SH says he better not run away.

K asks KY if he is ok. K: how can you start trembling/shaking already? she grabs his hands. I am trusting you and going out there. let’s just think of this as practice. he nods and smiles. S knocks and comes in.  KY says he will go out first. K: it’s ok if you stay. KY: no the two of you talk. he thanks her. S bows to him.

S asks if she is ok so she says : no I am not ok – I was afraid KY would run off so I pretended I wasnt worried. it’s a really good thing I wasnt the female lead. I’m shaking this much right now. S says how he trembles whenever he goes on stage to perform at catharsis too. K: you do too? he nods. S: whenever I do that -do you know what I do? K: I dont know. he holds her cheeks and says look at the audience like this and send them a (I dont know this word – signal? message?). K: what? S: you’ve fallen for me. he pinches her cheek and says “LK fighting”  [* off topic but is he wearing a white Chanel ultra watch?]

SH says since he was suddenly alerted and prepared – it wont be 100 percent perfect. he will show a little of first part of act 3 and act 4 leads’ song. sponsor asks if her daughter will come out but HJ’s mom says HJ’s condition isnt good (doesnt feel well) so the understudy will be on. a really dumb guy asks what is an understudy. she says a sub for the lead and wont be any good. other guy says they will see the lead’s performance next time then. the kids start

HJ wakes up and says she fell asleep without realizing. she asks for her phone. she gets the messages. he asks what’s wrong. she says she has to hurry and go and runs off. JH says let’s go together

KY comes on stage with K and they both sing. (Oh man I am happy) sponsors seem to like the performance. they clap and stand. S watched from the back. sponsor say if this is how good the leads are now (unprepared) how much better are the leads going to be (during the real one) they ask if K is the one from the audition the reporters all wrote about-the reporters know talent when they see it -if they put her on stage right now she will be great. Hj’s mom is upset but T looks pleased

 JH and HJ show up and her mom walks up to them.  JH bows and says “hello unni’s mother”  HJ’s mom slaps HJ. she looks at JH and asks: who are you? I told you not to hang out with HJ. JH: that wasnt it. HJ tells him to go. her mom asks if HJ was hanging out with JH and turned off her phone. LK did well- if you dont want to do it stop right now and dont embarrass your parents in front of everyone

HJ’s mom goes to T. you said in order to get rid of K – had to start with revealing those rumors about SH. he says yes. she tells him to go ahead and do as they discussed/planned about SH (spread the scandal). he says he will.

SH tells K she did well and to KY “see – knew you would do this well” KY says it’s cuz of K. SH says he doesnt know how to praise her and musses up K’s hair. S stops him by holding his wrist and says K is not a little kid. S says let’s go and leads K away. K yells back – director I will be leaving first. then to KY: oppa you were cool today.  KY remarks how much S likes K. SH remarks that he was just praising K so why take her away like that-is K his belonging or something.

K’s friends says a big problem happened. K worries someone is coming to pull her hair. her friend says it’s worse than that cuz the mean girls are not going to leave this alone. they tell K to hurry and go over there.

the mean girls have a poll going asking ppl to vote for S and K to date or break up. there are some stickers for staying together and dating but a lot more for breaking up. the loud girl asks if ppl think this makes sense (S and K dating). B remarks she cant stand to look cuz it’s so immature. K’s friends offer to go over there and say something but K says leave it alone. S smiles so K asks why he is smiling. S: cuz it’s funny. K: that’s funny? S: dont pay attention to what others say. K: you might not be able to pay attention but I cant -it hurts my feelings and it makes me mad.  he points out there will be a lot more times this happens so is she going to react this way each time. K: then should I go around smiling like a fool?cant I get angry about it?  also -looking at that – shouldnt you not smile. S:why are you getting mad at me. K: never mind- for someone like me who is average to date a guy like you who has a lot of popularity  -I have to get over stuff like this but it makes me feel like a beggar. she starts to walk off so he holds her and asks: how can you just leave? K: I am not mad at you – i just want to be alone. she pulls her hand away and leaves.her friends tell S that K has a reason to be mad. S:what did I do wrong? they say him being popular is what’s wrong and how K must feel so awful- how could he not know how a girl feels. B wants them to go to the mean girls cuz they cant stand the mean girls immaturity even if they are older. S stops them. S:what are you going to do when you go over there.  mean girls chant they are against S and K dating. S goes over and says he is going to say it only once – put everything away (clean this up). the leader obeys right away and orders the others to put everything away.

SH calls out K’s name but she walks right past him. he asks why K looks like that. she asks him if she is not great compared to S (as in does she fall that far behind S in comparison). SH: who said that? K: all the kids. SH: if there are kids who say that – bring them all to me. I will scold all of them. KY -you have the ability to move ppl’s hearts. and there are only a few ppl who know how to see that. K: really? SH: of course – I can see it with my eyes. so cheer up. if S upsets you – tell me and I will punish him.  she thanks him for telling her about the musical  cuz a while ago while she was singing on stage she was really happy. after she leaves, SH smiles watching her go and then shakes his head to stop himself. (56:47 mark)

S goes by her home. her GP comes out. he asks if S came to hear more about his gugak life. S says no – he has a part time job. GP wonders why she isnt coming home yet.

S is about to send her a text – then he deletes it and then types -sorry about awhile ago.then deletes it. J comes in and asks if it’s for real that he is dating K. he asks if word spread to her school too. J: then it’s really true? it’s ridiculous. S asks why is it ridiculous? – what’s wrong with K. she says for her brother -it is a waste (meaning he deserves someone better)  he says dont go around saying that cuz I will punish you. he tells her to leave. J: I will put up with dating only (not past that) -but dont ever kiss- if rumors like that spread-you wont have fans anymore – I wont be able to sell your autographs and it will be the end for real.

K’s friends says how cool S was (telling off the mean girls). they tells K to stop being angry. she says she wasnt mad. one asks if S hasnt sent an apology text to K. K says he hasnt. one says S is frustrating-is this his first time dating.  K says let’s not pay attention to that and just practice. K checks her phone

while counting money, Gu talks about K and S dating and how girls came and cried during the day.  Y says Gu must have had some business (profit) cuz of that. SH says S is not that impressive – from what he can see K – it’s a waste that K is dating someone like S.  Gu: that’s just your opinion. he mentions again how it was the first time his place was so packed during the day. Y worries that if S has a girlfriend, will there be any girls to come and watch the show. Gu laughs and realizes he wasnt thinking that far and worries saying his evening business hours are more important.  S shows up so Gu calls him over saying that they wont have much business cuz of S dating. Y tells SH she is going to the bathroom.  SH tells S not to make K cry. S: I dont know why you (the director) is worried about that. just dont make professor jung cry. Sh remarks that S talks back and says he gets it and tells S to be on his way.

K says into the fan – LS is a dummy. she checks her phone again. she gets a spam text saying someone will lend her $1500 so she complains others get offers of $10,000. she retorts she doesnt need money when she gets another text. S sends her a text – make sure to come to catharsis today. she decides to avoid him today. but then another text comes – and leave B out (dont bring B along). K picks out something to wear

HJ is lying in bed. her mom comes in. she says sorry for hitting you earlier. I am going to kick out the director and K so act like you dont know. HJ thanks her mom saying HJ was worried about them so it turned out well

S is playing and sees K walked in. K walks over to the front and mean girls asks why K came.

S switches to his guitar and sings the song he made with his dad. K listens and remembers S’s wish that she liked him again. S nods over to her to come closer. she walks up to the stage. he leans over and kisses her.



they hold hands as S walks her home . S: not much will happen – trust me – sleep well. he kisses her on the forehead

someone says that HJ is claiming no one called her (to perform for the sponsors) and that SH is putting up a fuss and fighting for K (to be the lead )”what are you going to do?”

HJ: just wait and see K

SH asks K in the car : does anyone know you came out with me today? K lies to S that she is with a friend (when she was with SH)

S hides and watches as SH brings K home. SH tells K: I’m sorry – cuz of me – even if something happens – dont worry – you have me

S to K: why did you lie to me?


56 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E10

  1. Sami says:

    been waiting for this. softy, thank you thank you thank you!


  2. mizweng says:

    oh dear what a bad news indeed if there would really be a cut down in the number of episodes… just when things are getting exciting already… i hope the CH viewers would shift to this and give them a higher rating… anyway, thanks softy for being such an angel in giving us quick and detailed recap…LS is much more exciting after reading your recap…muwah!


    • rr says:

      i think they have a fixed sched for the broadcast of this drama and the next drama.the only option is to air double episodes for one night so they can still broadcast the 16th episode on the scheduled date.but the production team is already in tight schedule shooting as it is,i hope they can rush to tape more scenes to air episodes 12,13,14 next week


  3. Iviih says:

    Softy I heard it will be cut to 15 episodes plus a special episode…


    • softy says:

      I am still hoping MBC will change their minds if the ratings go up from here on – has it been decided already? if they can fit in a special ep- why cant they just do a regular one? I don’t get it. That means they might have to rush thru the remaining 4 eps


      • Iviih says:

        Yeah I also don’t get it, have dramas that even with low ratings end up with 16 episodes (playful kiss)… but it seems in this situation low ratings plus PSH condition is making them to go down to 15…. but I also don’t get it… why a special and not one more episode? Does the special have a CNU blue performance and no PSH then?


      • kiotzo says:

        the production company said that the contract stipulates a 16 episodes run, and about the special it already aired… it was the one that aired just after the accident.


  4. nonski says:

    thanks softy… i am a silent lurker here but i just can’t help but post a comment for i have been waiting for ep10 🙂


    • nonski says:

      weeeeeeeeeeeh… thanks again softy!

      just finished reading and i’m giddy again… well, except for the preview 😦

      no i can sleep with a smile on my face… 🙂

      and btw…. how come you are sooooooooooooooo fast recapping! YAY!

      you are a gift from the drama gods 🙂


  5. Afidatha says:

    Thanks softy, camping here tonight. I cant wait any longer. they say, tonight PSH and JYH will have their first kiss. Awwww,,must be so sweeeeeeeeeeeet. I’m also sad hearing the news that MBC will cut the epidoe. PSH fans since afternoon have been tweeting MBC, asking no cut-down. hope, mbc grant it.


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy.Are you enjoying the episode?I am sniggering.Yes that’s right.I am in fits over Lee Sin’s behaviour.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh HJ’s mum is evil.It’s only a school production but she is meeting other sponsors and stuff.
      LS’s coming out with GW had me in fits.The absolute devastations were hilarious.YH is so much more natural in his acting when he has a chance to smile.


  7. nikesma says:

    “I just noticed that in the beginning credits – next to HJ is JH and KY”

    Just noticed that too… tsk tsk *waves love triangle between K, S n KY goodbye* T^T


    • nikesma says:

      NOOO! ANGST! And with SH! ARGH!


      • ck1Oz says:

        Tell me about it I was so happy with ep 10.Then ‘wham’ where did that angst angle suddenly come from?I mean why did GW lie as well?OMG…we only had like 30min of couple-ship…give us another episode of love before the angst starts.Please PD-nim 😦


        • nik says:

          Yeah, why does she need to lie? It’s not like she notices Shin aware of SH over-caring to her or maybe she doesn’t want to hurt Shin again because of SH? Rawr! I know they need this kind of twist, but really what’s wrong with KY being in the love triangle instead?? (still brooding about it) Imagine KY and K doing the play, and KY said lines he really meant and all (Oi, nik, too much imagination) But, still!!!


  8. Fanderay says:

    Ahh, this is torture! I practically miss the CH days where I could watch the episode as your recap got updated. Now your whole recap is done and I can’t even download the episode yet. I’m trying really hard not to read ahead and spoil everything, but patience is not a virtue of mine. Be strong Fand, be strong!

    Thanks again for the recap though Softy, even if you ARE working too fast ^__^


  9. honey says:

    Thank you for the recap Softy…. I don’t know how I feel about the preview.. wahhh


  10. rr says:

    my only complaint is..why there’s no continuity on the last scene from episode 9..that was such a sweet scene but i expect gyu-won would answer or lee shin will tell her something why she should continue to like him


  11. QuaTrang says:

    I caught some parts of this episode via livestreaming and I was giggling the whole way. I felt it is a silly episode (ah, I don’t understanding Korean…) with the interactions and the events presented. It seems silly and incoherent. Still, I am happy with all the silly skinship that was presented to us. For YFFM, I don’t think angst and lovetriangle is necessary at all. Just give us the daily records of our couples and I am happy!
    I will start reading Softy livecap once I have the episode in my hand, so that I can watch and read and enjoy! I bought ice-cream, too. Many thanks Softy!


  12. angelparaiso says:

    Thanks a lot Softy for the fast & wonderful recap.=) Just wondering if SH has something going on for GW…? It’s been hinted a lot in the past eps. or is it only me?


  13. angelparaiso says:

    Anyway, are you gonna do recaps for Protect the Boss? It seems so adorable & funny. I hope you will.


    • Softy says:

      Sorry – doing just this takes up too much time. When I did two in one night – CH was easier cuz of the action scenes. Also I never planned on watching PTB 🙂


  14. Beng-beng says:

    Yes, you’re too fast Softy, you must be recapping while watching the episode. How many words can you type per minute, i wonder? But you’re an angel, coz i’ve been waiting for this the whole day, no the whole week! In fact, i can’t hadly work the whole day today so i have to go home early coz i can’t stay still and work.

    I was grinning from ear to ear while reading your recaps, now my mouth feels stiff! I’m also hoping that they will not cut the episodes. I’m sure other countries who bought it will give a lot of complaints with shortened episodes. If they cut the episodes, then they will have to cut the selling price too. I think they will get more loses vs. finishing the 16 episodes. The special they are mentioning is not even worth as an additional episode coz they just patched segments from earlier episodes. I didn’t even saw a single interview of anyone from the cast, unlike in BOF, when the same thing happens. Anyways, i will really, really pray hard that the ratings will go up this week.

    Thanks again Softy for the quick recap =), till Episode 11…


  15. MJShinshi says:

    arghh! why did she have to lie when they are neighbors, S will find out one way or another!?!! what is with SH?? he’s finally got his woman back now he’s interfering with his student’s love life???

    anyway enjoyed the episode…K comforting/encouraging KY and them singing…wow! And especially S speaking more, holding hands, wanting to kiss and getting back at B for her wrong timing…..and then kissing K after that song infront of everyone!! yay 🙂

    @nikesma…I would have liked to see KY in the love triangle too but S has no qualm with KY and K at all when he walked in while K was holding KY’s hands, no issue for him at all!!

    Thank You Softy!!


    • nikesma says:

      Ah, MJ, I was delighted when KY and K finally has lines together. I was all swooon when he thanks K. His eyes should show a little bit of yearning there, and S should have that jealous look when he sees them holding hands. Sigh. *hugs MJ. My comrade. XD


  16. Lizzy says:

    Softly, Thanks for the recap! I watched the live stream, and was clueless as to what was being said. (Though, I could guess based on what was happening ) 🙂

    Thanks again!


  17. nikesma says:

    More than anything, I want to know the ratings of tonight.


    • nikesma says:

      AGB Nielsen rating for E10
      Nationwide – 7.3 %
      Seoul – 8.4 %

      TnMS rating for E10:
      Nationwide – 7.1 %
      Seoul – 8.7 %


  18. Fanderay says:

    So much cute! I find it endearing that it feels like they’re in highschool, with all the awkward little smiles and bashfulness. It feels like their universes are totally revolving around each other right now, and I think most of us know that feeling!

    I find couple T-shirts nauseating, but I find it hilarious that they’ve been dating for a day and K is already on that bandwagon. And a frog bike cushion? Totally adorkable. I also love that their awareness of their own awkwardness makes them more awkward, but they just go with it anyways since it’s clearly mutual.

    This is a side note, but is it normal for people to get ice cream in the morning before school? Admittedly, I sort of want to take my husband on a morning ice cream date now, but it seems pretty odd.

    Grandpa continues to be the cutest grandpa ever (is there some way I can adopt him?). I love that he had to put the t-shirt on right away, and that he’s so giddy about telling his stories. I hope he finds out that K and S are dating just so I can see his reaction.

    I was soooo happy to see the duet today, and raced to youtube to see if it’s part of the official OST yet (no luck). I also liked that K and KY FINALLY had a scene together (was that seriously their first conversation?). I loved that scene even more because when Shin walked in the two of them were grasping each other’s hands, and he totally wasn’t threatened by it (the boy knows when jealousy is valid!).

    Speaking of which, I actually swallow a love triangle with SH much more than one with KY. Yes, KY is young and awesome, but K has had no scenes with him and they don’t have the right type of chemistry. SH and K have hit if off from the start, and he’s always encouraging her and pushing her in new directions. He’s clearly uncomfortable with the fact that he likes her a bit too much, and I enjoy watching that struggle. Y seems aware of it too, I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

    As for the upcoming angst next episode….eep. I’m with Shin. WHY would she lie? I’m hoping it all becomes clear and gets quickly resolved. I hope that this show doesn’t drop it’s original storylines to just become a love-triangle angst-fest. I got the impression in the early episodes that it would be their family pasts that drove a wedge between S and K, but it feels like that story-thread has been somewhat abandoned. Personally I think it would be a shame to waste all that build-up, and I genuinely was interested in where it was all headed.

    I have a big problem with bad communication and conflict for the sake of conflict, so I hope this beloved show of mine doesn’t go there. Can’t tomorrow come faster?


    • Honey says:

      Hehe i really like your thoughts. I was into the K and KY bandwagon but i agree the there seems to be no chemistry there. I hope they can be good friends. Sigh.
      I hope K has a good reason for lying.
      I wonder if SH sees himself in K since the ballerina was well known during their relationship. Maybe he knows what is in store for K so he is worried.


    • QuaTrang says:

      Oh, I like your thoughts! Today episode is like a little fan service! The hand-holding, the ice-cream date, the frog cushion (LOL I felt on the floor – S must be embarrased too but brace himself to care for his girl), the music playing on iPad/phone, the stares, the agitation at BW (the girl sure clueless), the worry of KW over her hair (LOL), the little advice before the performance… OH.SO.CUTE.
      And Shin = silly! He followed his sister advice to the letter! She said don’t kiss or your popularity is going down and he plans for a kiss immediately! He sure wants to have a peaceful/normal relationship with KW! I hope that won’t have sideeffect!!!
      And the LIE! Ah, I didnot hear the angst in his voice when he says why KW lies to him. It sounds more like wondering than angry or jealous. So I hope that will be resolved quickly!
      I also hope KW and KY will become friend! HJ makes me wonder what does she think at the last scene when she talked to her mom. Please don’t turn her evil! I don’t like her but one evil mom is enough evilness for this series. I want light funny stuffs!
      I really can watch them dating all 60′!!!


    • Beng-beng says:

      i don;t think the show would let KY have a love interest coz from the start, his dream is to be in broadway. He needs to overcome his fear first to fulfill his dream, so addng a love interest might be too much for the character, i mean it would mean he would get a lot of airtime. I still prefer most of the airtime be with S, K, SH and GP of course =).

      Speaking of KY of Lee Hyeon Jin, he is such a good actor that even the smallest scene of him registers to me. I haven’t seen him in any kdrama before because it’s mostly in the family drama that he starred in. They are too long for me to follow. I hope he will be given a chance to do weekdays drama again and may he be the lead =)


  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy


  20. Anonymous says:

    I thin SH and K together is just a little strange. Their age difference and also they just have a friendly student teacher vibe…not really romantic in my mind. That might be because I decided to get on the KY, K, S triangle bandwagon. I really want this to happen. It just seems so awesome. I’ve already thought of how they can make it happen. SH talks to KY about emoting or whatever and talks about how K does it well and how she can move ppl and so on making him curious and he goes and watches her sing or practice or something and is all moved and whatnot. Then asks her to practice with him…eventually they sing the musical together and like nikesma says…KY confesses it was real for him. Haha. I think I have too much time on my hands to start going off like this…=S


  21. Blue Passion says:

    Softy: Thank you I read it before going out and when came back was able to watch the raw version. Your hard work make it so much enjoyable to watch the show before having subtitles available. Tomorrow, I do not want the misunderstandings and hopefully we will have at least 30 minutes of joy before the ending. Thank you so much!!!


  22. IBELIS says:

    From the start I always thought that something was going on between HJ and KY. When she heard that he was asked to do the show, she went to look for him and told him not to mess it up for her. After he got out of the hospital and SH had him locked in the theater she came and found him . After his performance at the club she again came looking for him. When SH told her about her singing she went to find KY. In most of KY scene’s HJ show’s up. So either there is a back story we don’t know or they like each other. HJ seem’s to like JH as a friend.


    • Fanderay says:

      I agree about them having a past! From the very start HJ has been glaring daggers at him, and I think it’s because they have some sort of messy history. Maybe she had a crush on him and got turned down?

      I don’t think there will be a major love triangle with SH and K. I think it’ll be more like Coffee Prince where the second leads are in a relationship, but the guy can’t help but be charmed by the female lead, even though he knows he shouldn’t be.

      Anyone know the ratings for today? If the show gets cut back, we may not even get to see much of these extra relationships 😦


  23. guest says:

    I think KW lying to Shin has to do with the play remember SH finds out what T is up too and could be he’s going to take those he thinks are the best to perform separately with him . There was even a scene where it looked like SH and YJ were fighting over what i don’t know but he leaves her standing there by herself. Of course Shin is misunderstanding why KW is lying to him about being with SH. So this was cause some type of conflict.


  24. guest says:

    Ok i think i figured out why SH is telling KW not to tell anyone and why she evens lies to Shin. Plus also why SH and YJ argued like it said SH finds out about what T has done and what he is trying to do. Upon learning that HJ is lying that no one called her to perform for the sponsors and SH kicking up a fuss trying to get her replaced with KW. I think he is training KW secretly to replace HJ at the female lead that is why he tells KW not to tell anyone before it becomes a reality. So therefore that is why she has to lie to Shin and also why SH is arguing with YJ because she supports HJ. She probably finds out and tells him to stop but he’s not because he believes he is right.


  25. Jomo says:

    Thank you for the wonderfully fast recap! Are things getting dryer and easier out there!

    This was exactly the type of episode I imagined when I heard the cast and premise of the show.
    Sweet and breezy, some PDA, some music together (Didn’t imagine it to be on Ipads and Iphones, though! 🙂 ) Ahhhhh! The beginnings of a crush….

    I am SOOOOO loving SH and KW together!! This is exactly the angsty love and suffering that makes me squirm with glee.
    He is too old.
    He’s her teacher.
    It isn’t decent!
    But she looks up to him.
    Is he taking advantage of her?
    Don’t stand…don’t stand…don’t stand so close to me!

    Who cares if she lies to Shin? Yes! I am so in the minority here.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!


  26. lovemusica says:

    Softy im wondering what do you think about the kiss?


    • softy says:

      that’s easy to answer – do you want the honest to goodness reaction or the watered down “it was sweet” reply? I saw BTS pics of this on soompi so I knew it was coming. Debated whether to write it as – S gave K a peck on the lips and PSH delivered her trademark “deer caught in headlights” stare or picture the kiss with Y but this time substitute K with Y – but I fought the temptation and just wrote it as a kiss. I really thought since S already kissed Y like that where she had her eyes wide open, the director wouldnt shoot it the same way again. Then I remembered this is a PSH drama and her character always kisses like this at least once or twice so I was not surprised at all. It still made me wonder why so many kdrama character’s insist on kissing like this – always with one person whose eyes are wide open- is this like taught in drama acting classes and if it is – is it possible to track that teacher down and strangle him or her or at least make them watch the kissing scene from SG or LTM for pointers. This is seriously something that needs to be corrected like yesterday. Sorry for the rant 🙂 Just pretend I answered “it was sweet and romantic”


      • nikesma says:

        hahhah. your respond is hilarious. the kiss like that taught in acting class. Well, I guess it has something to do with younger audience. How Koreans being careful with things like that. I remember when watching Bof, they kiss like SG but had to edit it out, cuz of younger audience, something like that.


      • mizweng says:

        omoooooooo i waited for your reply softy and I wasn’t disappointed… what you said was precisely my reaction to that peck..(for the life of me, I just can’t see it as a kiss…) That kind of peck is ok if we are watching high schoolers like in Dream High, but for college studes in their 20’s, they are so lame…why can’t they kiss like KJH or if you want a younger example,LMH (now even for this halmoni LMH’s kiss is daebak! yay!) or JGS (in M3 specifically) and for the actresses, I personally vote YEH as the best kisser of ’em all!!! sigh…hmmmm i hope to see some better lip locks before this drama ends…sigh and sigh again….


      • lovemusica says:

        hahahahahaha Softy thank you! =D i agree totally with you, Im hispanic american used to see strong kisses scene and big passion things when two people are inlove that… i was like… how older they are!???? 5 years old…. they are in college… and i can’t believe that south koreans are that innocent….! Hopefully that changes… cuz they have a beautiful love story… and that wasn’t sweet at all for me…. i feel a kiss is something more strong… and wide open eyes seems to me like.. ” i didn’t feel it…” like you said i was expecting that kinda kiss too, but well a girl only can dream XD! =D


      • Beng-beng says:

        But i think PSH kissed Se7en toridly in Goong S, i even saw the video of how many takes they did it. Why not be like that too in this drama? I don’t it’s because they are in college and still young, coz PSH in Goong S was also a college student. Awkward, awkward, awkward!!!


  27. myanjell says:

    7+ hours to go and we’d see Ep 11!!!!
    I totally LOVED ep 10, the ice cream date, the kerropi bikecushion (i wonder if he raided his sister’s toy closets?) the ipad, the sharing of music, the guitar lesson, the jealousy the hand holding and the KISS!!!!
    omo, am i the only one here who was wondering why Shin kissed with his eyes wide open??? i know KW was startled so it was ok for her, but Shin knew exactly what he was going to do…i do hope there’s a continuation of the kiss on Ep11 where we’ll see Shin closing his eyes…that will be more romantic…and i’m sure it was done this way since he wanted to show to the public he loves KW.
    but please, can we have one where it’ll just be them and there will be closed eyes, lip movements and open mouth? i’m not asking for French ok, but just make the kiss deeper for the next one….ke ke ke….
    i did have an inkling that somehow the SH was starting to fall for KW because the camera always zooms in on his reactions everytime KW is mentioned or after seeing KW. I’m quite sure she somehow resembles the other girl that he was rumored with…or it could be because she has that knack for attracting people and making them too comfortable with her plus the fact that falling in love with someone a decade younger than you makes one feel younger too…who knows…i’m just rattling on here….
    i wonder if SH met up with KW secretly to talk to her about being implicated in the rumor about him that T and HJ’s evil mom concocted. but then why does she have to keep it a secret and lie to Shin? not a great idea….lies build up misunderstandings….
    i just want to see more skinship of our ‘dooley couple’
    Im glad the ratings went up….but i want to see it in double digits now that CH is over….i don’t plan to watch PTB either myself…..
    thank you for your wonderful recap as always we’re indebted to you!!!


  28. rr says:

    ki-young would have been the perfect rival of lee shin to kyu-won…he’s got a great voice,handsome and student like like lee shin and kyu really makes me uncomfortable just thinking suk-hyun will develop romantic feelings for’s like going back to the time when lee shin is still so infatuated with yoon-su


    • mizweng says:

      my thoughts precisely but then again it seems that angle was not meant to be…when i didn’t see much interactions between KY and KW, I sadly kissed that thought goodbye…sigh…


  29. Ариша says:

    Не я надеюсь на то что Шин и Гю Вон будут вместе а чё этому режиссеру надо не пойму у него же учительница хореографии есть чё ему надо было лезь в их отношения не пойму да дебил короч . И хочется что бы побольше внимания удивили тому кавайному пареньку и его ,,Наташе” Надеюсь что они тоже вместе будут 🙂


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