Lie To Me E16 Finale

DAEBAK !!!!  best finale EVER!  Those jejudo scenes were amazing. I dont think I stopped grinning for even a second. They should have had more eps like this one-what was the writer doing saving all this for the last one – what an epic finale. Watching those bts footage, I noticed that some guy actually had the job of checking to see which direction the cola would spray after he shook it. It cracks me up now cuz after the buzz of the cola kiss died down, I sat there wondering who had to clean up that sticky room cuz they sprayed that area thoroughly I bet with all the takes they must have had. I am going to miss watching all the bts for this – it was so fun to see the real YEH and KJH being so happy between takes. They didn’t look miserable or tired for the most part. After what happened in those jejudo scenes, now I know why KJH looked so giddy throughout this finale. 🙂

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Lie To Me E15

What just happened? I am trying to wrap my head around this cliffhanger – the reasons she had for doing what she did tonight, how are they going to magically disappear tm?Guess we should be grateful for at least one great thing to look forward to tm…yay it’s back 🙂

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Lie To Me E14

There had better be some more skinship sometime soon before this drama ends – I swear this new writer seems to enjoy testing our patience and keeps teasing us. People wonder why I kept this drama and it’s a simple answer: undeniable chemistry – the kind you can’t look away from -the one that makes you look at the screen and question – “was that acting just now or did they seem to be sharing a moment right there.” (*that one happens a lot) Even if a certain episode seems slow, when AJ and K come out, they keep you glued to every word and action – that is how I ended up here – at E14 with a week left to go.

* Thank you Carine for the quick Chinese translations 🙂

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Lie To Me E13

First K made his sacrifice and proved his love – now AJ reciprocates. Can’t tell who is giving up more – in terms of monetary value K probably wins, but who is to say what AJ gave up doesn’t mean more since she did it for the sole reason of love (which is priceless).

* Thanks to Carine, we have the Chinese translations 🙂

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Lie to Me E12

I love that K tried to bond with AJ’s dad. How great would it be for K to have a father figure in his life again. He is going to need a parent figure to lean on cuz pretty soon his aunt is going to be kicking K to the curb based on his actions tonight. Anyone who ever doubted K’s love for AJ can’t anymore. K has a new purpose in life and he is throwing himself into the relationship with everything he has and sacrificing so much. He has never smiled this much in earlier episodes so it’s so wonderful to see his character really happy for the first time in his life. Even YJ is going to have to accept defeat when she faces the fact that the K she knew has been gone for quiet some time…maybe what he did tonight will make it finally sink in for her.
*thank you Carine for the quick translations of what Chen said
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Lie To Me E11

After all the drama from other shows, this was a great little break. At this point, either ppl will love this show or they wont. I don’t know about everyone else on soompi, but I like this second half way more than the first half. K was all kinds of adorable tonight. 🙂
Thank you everyone for your collaboration 🙂
French lines were done by April
Jaimex for the first part of the Chinese translations and Carine for the next line of chinese
Japanese lines were done by 3hoshi, Elena, and Nikesma

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Lie To Me E10

Now we have to wait a whole week to figure out exactly why K said that- but I love that he did. Can’t wait to hear how he explains himself. He proved my point – there is no turning back for this guy. This episode was hilarious-so many cute scenes….more comments at the end cuz of spoilers
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