You’ve fallen for me E14


When it comes to this drama, I am not only saddened by the fact that it’s ending, but that from the very beginning it struggled to stay lit against a gale like CH. If you look at the thread pages on soompi, you can see that a small group of us saw what others had missed – that this show had a spirit that flickered, but never went out. To prove how it could stay alive, the music brought it to full flame and we gathered around for more. I read a lot of comments about this penultimate episode, but can I just say this one is no different from all the others. It’s what we all signed up for from day one. We got some understated candor thrown together with some humility that was poignant, a dash of drama, more humor than usual, another missed opportunity we knew was coming, and a whole lot of warmth. It should be enough to keep us coming back for more tm to say goodbye to this drama the right way – with a standing ovation.


It’s almost over. What began as a whisper has found a voice and an enthralled audience eagerly anticipates what’s next. Every episode showed us how simplicity could enrapture and inspire when done correctly. The music kept up the pace of the drama and swept us off our feet and made us tune in week after week, but now I’m hoping these last two notes will reverberate and linger in our hearts.

If these look familiar to you, it’s probably cuz you’ve dropped by Fanderay’s blog KP. Her watercolors bring to life each scene and enrich our viewing experience. Just recently, she added a new page for us to drop off our suggestions. I already submitted mine so don’t forget to leave your favorite scene selections at KP so we can have more of these.

You’ve fallen for me E14

Starts from the beginning of the musical and then how HJ calls K crazy for coming to see her when K is supposed to be at the musical. K says: cuz I thought I forgot to thank you. she hugs HJ. Hj pushes her off saying this isnt the time to do that -hurry and go cuz you have to perform. K asks her to come with her. HJ says she doesnt want to but K says HJ has to come with her. HJ says she doesnt want to so K takes her hand and says follow me.

When HJ comes out singing and K sings from backstage, K’s dad tells his dad this seems like K’s voice. J says it sounds like HJ is singing it. Y asks SH if he made them do this but SH smiles. HJ cries onstage. K remembers how HJ said how she prepared for this 100YAS all this time and how SH scolded HJ for coming when she might not get her voice if she sings again. K keeps singing and crying.

all the kids come on stage and sing together. as soon as K sings the last note, kids take a bow. S goes backstage and tells K- I told you not to cry where I cant see you- you did great – even tho you didnt get to go on stage – in my life you are the best female lead. he hugs her

kids have a congratulatory party at catharsis. mean girl thanks KY for ripping his shirt off. they give him a new nickname – “ripping KY” SM looks jealous. KY tells the girls not to do that. SM says the girls should have felt moved by the show not that. girls ask KY to rip his shirt again one more time as an encore. SM yells at them that he has flesh on his stomach too.

SH goes over to HJ and K and says they should have whispered what they were up to cuz he is the director and he was surprised enough to have a baby. K says how can a guy have a baby. SH musses up their hair and tells them they did well today. Y called him over. K mutters how he likes to mess up girl’s hair. HJ agrees. she straightens out K’s hair for her. K does it back too. HJ thanks K -if it wasnt for you I would have been upset and depressed and right around now I would be home crying . K says if it wasnt for HJ, she wouldnt have been able to do something that makes her feel so good. JH calls out HJ’s name and says he is here and HJ says it’s annoying and tells K she has to go. JH goes after HJ

S musses K’s hair so she thought it was SH. S asks if the director said anything about what happened today. she says no he didnt. she mutters since it’s you I am putting up with it and straightens her hair again

HJ’s mom comes in with reporters. her mom says how surprised she was when HJ came out.  her mom hugs HJ and says how great she did. (her own mom didnt know it wasnt her singing) T says he brought them cuz he knew HJ would be here. reporter asks how HJ was able to sing like that when she has that condition. Y mutters to SH that T didnt know about the switchup. SH mutters he was hoping it would be quiet. reporter asks if HJ’s future plans are musicals. HJ mutters she cant live cuz of her mom. her mom tells her to answer teh question.  so HJ tells the truth. that she didnt sing. T:what are you saying? HJ: I lip synced. her mom: what? HJ: the person who sang behind stage – and points to K and says-LK. Hj’s mom asks what she is saying and reporter asks if it’s true. HJ tells K to speak up. K says “yes” so reporters go over to K. HJ’s mom looks mad.

HJ asks her mom why she brought reporters. her mom asks how she could act like she doesnt know when the reporters who came to see the musical asked to interview the lead.her mom says she can try to stop the articles but now it looks like K got all the attention.   HJ says how K has the right to be praised. her mom: how can you say that? HJ: dont you know my voice hurts- why do you keep making me talk – just leave me alone. HJ’s mom: do whatever you want from now on -cuz  she isnt going to pay attention to HJ anymore. HJ’s younger sister comes in so her mom says she is going to make the girl start ballet lessons starting from tm and another lesson saying the girl needs to lose weight first.the girl asks why her mom is like this. (her mom turned her attention to HJ’s younger sister to turn her into the next HJ) HJ says her sister is in for some suffering

S walks K home and as she worries that HJ will get into a lot of trouble with her mom cuz her mom looked really mad. S tells her to worry about herself cuz her grandfather came too and since she didnt go on he will be disappointed. K says she told her dad a while ago – should she check again cuz she is scared right now. S says if there wasnt a call till now then she safely overcame it. S hands her his bear so she thinks he got tired of it already but he says that’s not it and takes her bear. he asks her to switch bears cuz he wanted hers. she says she did too

K’s dad is trying to tell his dad how to play the board game and not move the piece there. K goes in and her dad says she did well. K asks if her GP had fun at the musical but he complains he didnt even get to see her face so why ask him to go there. he tells her since the musical is over to focus and prepare for the gugak competition. you have to win the daesang you didnt get last year. K complains her seniors are trying out for it and other kids who are good too. I dont have the confidence to win the daesang. he asks how someone who doesnt have confidence can go around doing other things and tells her from today on she has to practice. her dad complains she just finished the musical but GP shuts him up saying it’s a waste of time to nag. he orders her to go in and practice. K agrees and goes in

HJ asks if it wont hurt cuz she got her shots. JH says of course. have strength. HJ says she is still scared. JH tells her not to worry and he will wait till she comes out of surgery. HJ asks her mom – my voice will come back right? her mom starts to say the doctor but JH interrupts so her mom asks to talk too. who said we were glad to see you for you to come and interrupt when an adult is talking. her mom tells HJ not to worry. I thought about it and I think I made you end up this way. HJ: no you didnt – I am more sorry cuz I disappointed you. JH asks them to think of things that will cheer them up. JH recites stuff about feeling happier -it’s white- it’s clean -it’s fresh -yell out cheerful words- it’s cooling- it’s sweet…etc -how was that? you feel happier dont you? so even HJ’s mom smiles

the chairman asks SH how he could surprise him like that. do you know how surprised I was when HJ came out? SH: anyway it ended well. chairman asks SH if he hasnt given any thought to staying at school to teach but SH declines and thanks him for offering. SH says this doesnt suit him (being part of the falculty) chairman: then are you going to play alone now? SH: how could I play alone? I have to play with Y. chairman: ok play as much as you want

T is with that teacher. the other guy says what he heard so T says HJ stood in as the female lead and the end result was good. if you dont have anything to say please just leave. the guy asks if T knows that SH is not going to stay at school and leave. T is happy to hear the news and offers to buy the guy a drink. the guy mutters that T goes back and forth alot

SH gets a call again from Kim and he asks if SH has time now.

Kim says he enjoyed the musical. SH says he didnt know Kim had attended. Kim says it wont work unless it’s SH and asks SH to go to broadway. SH says he will think about it. kim says he wants to take the songs from the musical and make an album with WF and stupid with K as the lead vocal. he wants to take the good songs and turn it into a fusion style. what do you think? SH says it doesnt sound bad. kim asks to go see the kids now

K is practicing her gayageum. B asks if K came to practice for the gugak competition. K says yes and asks why B came to school. B says one of her grades came out weird so she came to get it checked. it’s vacation but you cant even play -you sure are suffering. sorry I cant stay with you – I will be going first. B gets up to leave when S comes in. B says she really had to go and wasnt trying to care about what S thinks. S lets her leave. S says he came to school to put the instruments in order and came by just in case she was here. he asks what’s up. she says now that the show is over – it feels like one thing is left behind and it feels like there is a big hole. she says she feels like there is nothing to do now. he says he knows how that feels – when he opened his eyes this morning – he wondered – what should I do today? he asks if practice is going well. she shakes her head no – not really. he says then it doesnt matter if she sits there so let’s go for some air. K:should we?

K says it’s so cool and refreshing. he remarks she likes ice cream a lot. she says cuz it’s they drink ice cream shakes, he puts some on her nose. she gets some on his shirt. she says sorry she didnt mean to. he says it’s ok cuz she can buy him one.  so she offers to buy him a new one. he tells her just buy it for him and she cant get couple tees. she agrees

they go shopping and he says hurry and choose one. she says she wants to choose a nice one but he says anything looks good on him if he wears it so hurry and choose one. they both get calls.K says B called and the director asked them to gather at school if they werent busy. S says he got the same call. K wonders what SH wants to talk about

k asks JH is HJ is ok. JH say yes and tells them how HJ is doing better every day cuz he is by her side. S asks if they should all go visit after they are done today but JH says they cant cuz HJ doenst want to show them her weak side and not to let anyone drop by. B asks why the director wanted to meet – I wanted to rest so I went to the sauna and was totally naked and was locking the locker when.. JH covers his eyes. K says B’s name and holds her hand to get B to stop talking.  B realizes she shared too much info.

SH comes in with kim. SH says sorry for not letting them rest and calling them in right after the musical ended. B says it’s ok as long as he knows and asks why he suddenly wanted to meet them. SH says someone wanted to meet them. kim says he enjoyed the drama musical and asks if they dont want to work with him. S:what do you mean work together. Kim says how he wants them to make an album with the gugak group and band. and K sing the musical songs. everyone is happy. B asks if that’s all real. Sh mutters they like it a lot. kim says the album director wants to hear them perform and asks when they can. they all say they are on break and agree to show him something next tues.S says that’s good. K nods reluctantly.

SH calls Y. she says she was going to rest at home cuz the musical is over and break started. why? SH says he wanted to go over. Y says she hasnt gone grocery shopping so there is nothing to eat at home so he says dont worry he will prepare everything and go-all she has to do is just sit still. Y: then I really am not going to do anything. he tells her not to worry. she agrees and says see you later

SH says he is going to act like they already sense what’s going on since they are all guys. he tells KY and SM today is an imp day for him so they have to help him. SM agrees. SH gives his credit card to SM and tells them to prepare well and dont spare any expenses.

SH goes to look at rings

both groups talk about what to play. B suggests doing the ending. JH says that’s too obvious cuz the guy already heard it. girl suggests doing a medley of all that they practiced so far. band guy likes the idea.he asks what S thinks. S says he isnt putting down what they said but would those other guys want to hear instruments. K says she doesnt think so too and to be honest their ending was really good. B agrees that’s right. JH says he left out something during the musical and asks that they all practice together and show something complete. they all agree. S asks if everyone is ready.

GP wonders why K isnt coming home or calling and wonders if she is practicing well at school. he calls

K is singing and GP calls so she shushes everyone. K lies that she is practicing hard at school right now. JH makes a drum sound so GP asks what that sound was. she lies she dropped something while practicing. anyway dont worry cuz I am practicing hard

B worries GP will throw a fuss if he knows. K says of course and says sorry to everyone and to start again

Y asks SH what happened cuz he said he would prepare everything so why is he emptyhanded. SH says he had it delivered and it hasnt arrived yet. he says go in and he will confirm it. she says she hasnt eaten yet cuz she was waiting on him. he yells it will arrive soon

SM’s car breaks down so KY is pushing. SM yells at him to push harder cuz where else if he going to use his “ripped KY” (that nickname about KY’s abs)  KY complains he is pushing. this crappy car isnt moving so you come and try to push it. SH calls and asks why everything wasnt set up.  SM says how his car broke down. Sh says he knew that crappy car would cause trouble. it only takes 30 mins from seoul.  Y calls him over so he tells SM never mind and to figure it out themselves. he hangs up on SM. KY asks what SH said. SM asks KY for the cake and wine cuz he is hungry

JH asks when they are going to eat cuz it’s been a while since his tummy grumbled. B says dinnertime has passed. S asks them to do it one more time. GP comes in and asks what K is doing

GP drags her out saying let’s go. she asks him to let go. S holds GP’s hand so GP tells S to let go. K shakes her head at S to say dont try to stop GP

Y asks what happened. SH says the delivery got into an accident on their way and cant come today. Y says all she has is cup ramen at home and goes in to get it. SH looks at the ring and says the event isnt important – what’s inside is important. she comes out and he hides the ring box. she asks him to go in and get the boiled water. he goes in and she finds the ring. she asks if it’s hers. he says how this is all ruined. I asked SM and KY to come and set up an event but the crappy car broke down and now you found the ring first. she tells him to do it all over and she will act like she doesnt know anything but he says he wont. she tells him to do it over. Y says being here like this reminds her of their college years.SH: when we went on the MT and the two of us were left alone? Y nods. she says she fell for his song back then.  so SH offers to sing to her. their flashback scenes from earlier episodes.

SH gets on his knees with the ring and says sorry this is the only event I could do when I work with stages. will you accept this?  she nods yes and they kiss

B worries how much trouble K will be with her GP. S gets a call that kim wants to test them on wed and not tues. S asks others if that’s ok. after S hangs up, B says wed is K’s gugak competition. S asks why she is saying that now. he calls back and says K the girl who has to sing cant make it on wed but the guy has to go on an overseas business trip so wed is the only day he can.

GP tells K to practice at home and not go to school starting from tm. she gets a call and GP says K had to practice so dont call. S calls his mom and says he has to ask his mom something

S meets with K’s dad. S says sorry for calling him suddenly. her dad says it’s ok and tells S to sit.  her dad:what’s going on? S: what we performed yesterday with WF and stupid -we got an offer to make an album together and for K to sing. her dad says after he saw the show, he knew an offer like that would come in.  that’s good. S: but while practicing today, K got dragged away by her GP. please help. her dad says he gets what S is trying to say and promises to try

 GP makes K practice in front of him. her dad comes in and K looks up at him. GP tells K- I told you that even if a robber came in you had act like you didnt know and to focus your attention on your instrument. K says sorry but her dad says wait a minute. her dad says he has something to say about K. GP tells him not to even bring it up if it’s about that. cuz K said she wouldnt do that (singing and stuff) her dad asks why GP decides on his own about K’s life. leave her alone now so she can do what she wants. GP says look at how your life turned out after I left you to do what you wanted. her dad: K is different from me – she has a chance/possibility/talent- you heard her sing at the musical. GP tells her dad to leave right now if he is going to bring that up. her dad says he will take her with him. he tells K to stand up. she asks both of them to stop. dad please stop

her dad and K talk alone.he tells her not to be concerned with what GP says and do what she wants. she says it’s her future so she will decide. I will think it over and choose. it’s too hard on me that you and GP fight. her dad says sorry and leaves the room

S looks at her bear and tells her to have strength/cheer up.

K goes in and B says let’s hurry and practice. K says sorry but she cant do this. JH offers for all of them to go beg her GP but she says there is no one who can make her GP change his mind. she says- also she is afraid her GP will get angry and collapse cuz of her. she tells everyone to do well and says she has to go back cuz she got permission to say this from her GP and has to go back. after she leaves S tells everyone to wait a minute

K asks S if he is disappointed in her. S:why? K: cuz I said I wouldnt do the musical album. he says -no- no matter what you decide I am on your side. are you ok? she says now she has to practice really hard on her gayageum-you are coming to the gugak competition right? he says how their test changed to wed- I tried to change it to another day but they couldnt. she says that worked out well cuz she wouldnt have been able to do it if he came cuz she would have been shaking. she says it’s ok cuz her dad and GP will be there. you have to go practice with the kids – go in. he offers to take her home first but she tells him not to cuz they cant practice without him. I feel bad to the kids and I dont like that. S says he gets it and tells her to go safely

both bands practice.but S doesnt seem happy

K is practing her gayageum at home.

mean girls and SM and KY go to visit HJ. JH thanks SM and accepts the juice box. SM asks if JH is always here. JH: no stupid had a practice today so I just came. JH asks if he should do something for HJ. she motions so he asks if he should elevate her bed.when she points to her lips JH gives her water and napkin. SM mentions how JH is good at taking care of her and asks if he worked part time as a nurse. so JH mentions how his mom was in the hospital for a long time. KY: was she really ill? JH says she is all better now so it’s ok. and if he takes care of HJ – she will get better too. why else would HJ’s mom leave HJ in my care and leave. he says how HJ wants to sleep cuz she is tired and asks them to leave now that they saw HJ’s face. the girls tell HJ  to rest well

mean girl says how HJ has the world – HJ has a lot of luck -born into a wealthy family- her face is pretty and has a great boyfriend. she feels sorry for herself and asks why she looks like this and is like this.  SM asks her if she wants to go see a show cuz a friend gave him some tickets.  she agrees and asks if he really means her. other girls ask what’s up so she says how SM asked her to go see a show but now they want to go too. SM says there are only two tickets. other girls say they will buy their own tickets cuz in their whole lives no guy has bought anything for them nor did they have get anything from a guy. KY tells SM that it will be hard for SM to date that mean girl until the other two get boyfriends. SM asks KY – arent you lonely?

K is dressed in hanbok and ready to play her instrument. she remembers flashbacks to all the past practices and performances. how she told her dad how fun it was to go on stage in place of the lead -even tho it wasnt the real show. her dad asked her how it felt and she says how much she liked it. I liked it a lot. and how S said -you did well – even tho you didnt get to perform on stage- you are the best female lead in my life. GP asks what she is thinking of cuz she is up next. K says she was thinking over the music in her head. her dad says how well K is doing and asks why GP has to scold her. her dad asks:arent you nervous? she says she is of course-why wouldnt i? her dad says she is going to be the best after seeing all the other kids who went ahead of her. K says she can hear too – even tho he wants to side with his daughter that’s overdoing it. she gets up and GP asks where she is going. she says to the bathroom. GP says how much he told her to stop her habit of going to the bathroom right before she performs. he asks if she isnt going to run off but she says how could she when she is wearing this hanbok and all her belongings are here. she says she will be back

S shows up and she asks why he is have to go do the test. S: wont you come with me?  I wanted to give you a last chance. like I said – no matter what you decide I am on your side.

 she calls her dad and tells him how she is going to that album test. he whispers he gets it and tells his dad K wants to speak to him . GP asks why a kid who went to the bathroom is calling. did she run out of tissue.  she says GP – I am really sorry but I cant go-no matter what the punishment I will accept it gladly -you want me to be happy too GP. her dad tells her not to worry about here and do well and come back. she hangs up and tells S – let’s go. she trips on her hem and falls on S so he catches her and falls on his wrist. she asks if he is ok. he lies and says he is. he says they will be late so let’s hurry. they rush over on his bike

Kim tells them not to be nervous and he will start. K notices S’s wrist hurts but he smiles. other guys notice S is playing weird too. kim and the other guy says the kids sound good

B say how funny K looks in her hanbok. K says how embarrassed she was on her way over. K: is it that strange? JH says no she looks really cool. he suggest since they are in a happy mood to go and hang out. B says let’s go eat something good. K asks to be let out cuz she doesnt want to go dressed like this. S says let’s go together and I will take you home. B says GP will be really angry and asks S to take good care of K. they say they will leave first.S asks what she is going to do cuz her GP will be really mad this time. K says dont worry cuz she will come out strong too against her GP. she asks if his wrist is ok cuz it looked like he hurt it cuz of her and that’s why he made mistakes when he played. S lies and says he did that cuz he was nervous. he holds it up and says look it’s fine. she says it looks swollen. he says it’s ok – let’s go and I will take you home

GP says he doesnt want to see her and orders her to leave right now. K says sorry to GP -when you are less angry then I will come back. GP: ok you thought that over well – hurry and leave. her dad tries to say “dad” but GP tells him to be quiet and says he doesnt want to see him too and orders him to leave. her dad says since she is on break should the two of them go on a trip. she tells her dad to stay home cuz he has to prepare food for GP. her asks where she is going to stay. she says she has a lot of friends she can stay a few days with. her dad gets an idea-“dont do that and let’s do this”

her dad says sorry to S’s mom saying he thought it would be better that K stay nearby. S’s mom said he did well and he doesnt need to worry cuz K can stay here. K thanks her. J asks why her brother isnt home- didnt you two come together. K says -he didnt come? we said bye in front of the house a while ago

S is at the pharmacy- he tells the pharmacist that he sprained his wrist and it keeps hurting

S’s mom says sorry but she has a sudden meeting and K wentJto hakwon so she has to leave K alone at home. K says it’s ok. the mom says she isnt a good cook and was going to order something good to eat and says sorry. K tells her not to worry and she will make something, but the mom says to go out and eat with S when he comes home.

K’s dad asks GP to let K do what she wants. GP doesnt even look up

S goes home and finds K there. he asks why she is here. she was cleaning up. she goes over to him and explains how she was kicked out. she sees the bandage on his wrist and asks why it’s like this – does it hurt. he says it’s nothing and she doesnt need to worry. she asks if he ate – if he tells her what’s in the fridge she can cook for him but he says she is a guest so she needs to sit still. she asks if he knows how to cook. S: how many times do I need to say it – there is nothing I cant do

he makes ramen. he says she is going to say it’s nothing like she has ever tasted. she complains how he didnt but green onion and put in an egg. he says he hates green onion in ramen. she gives him all the egg cuz she doesnt like it

he takes her to his room. she says it’s pretty. he asks if she doesnt regret leaving her home. she says cuz of that she gets to look around his room. S suggests she move out permanently now that she is out. K: what?  he says how he has something to show her and takes down his dad’s album. S: my dad. she holds it up to S’s face and says they resemble each other. he asks if she wants to hear it. they listen to it together. S looks at her and she looks at him. she says its about to make her cry. he turns it off and puts it back in the album sleeve. he asks her to hold onto it. she says how it’s precious to him. S: after hearing it – it sounds like my guitar is trying to coply my dad’s. I tried on purpose not to listen but I wanted to listen to it once with you. K: still how can I take this? S: hold onto it well and later when I become a cool guitarist and have an album out -give it back to me then.she agrees and tells him to become one. he leans in to kiss and J opens the door and asks what they are doing. K says nothing at all and runs off. S says J came home early and leaves too. J asks where they are running off to and threatens to tell her mom

K asks what she should do- she is too embarrassed to look at J’s face and wants to stay at B’s tm. S: are you really not going back home? she says while during the time she was preparing for the musical – practicing and singing – I wondered if I was really doing this cuz I wanted to or not but if I keep doing gayageum -whether I go into gugak (?) or teach kids i can see the future clearly but I cant with musicals. S: you were afraid. K nods and says but she wants to give it a try

the kids meet with the head guy- the director says they had a meeting and even tho they are fresh cuz they are still students- (?) is lacking.  his company got investments from overseas and has a project going and he says sorry. S thanks him and says it was a good experience for them. he thanks S for saying that. he asks K to make a contract with them. K:me? he says how they want her to sing the song. cuz you voice is attractive it will get through with the audience. from here on you have to go abroad and will be really busy. JH says she must be so happy.B congratulates her

J goes to see GP with food. she says how her mom asked her to bring this for GP. he says he wont eat it and to take it back. she says she will get in trouble if she does.  she asks what he is listening to. it’s old ppl talking and singing. he says he will teach her for free if she wants to learn. cuz I am not someone who teaches just anyone. she asks if she should try learning. he tells her to sit and listen more

K says she doesnt know what’s going on yet – she wonders if she can do this. S: of course you can – congratulations. K: if I have to go abroad and become really busy we wont be able to meet often like now.what do we do. S: it doesnt matter to me. K: really? S: even if we meet once a year -I’m ok cuz I wont change. you wanted to do this so much you left hard and show me how cool you are -that’s how you have the right to be my girlfriend. she nods yes. she asks if his hand is ok. he says yes. she asks again so he asks if she wants to see and holds her hand. he says let’s go cuz he has to change and go to his part time job. she says she has to go tell her GP

K asks GP to forgive her and accept it. GP opens the door and says she did something impressive -you are lee dong jun’s granddaughter -if you are going to end up doing it -you have to do it properly and of course you should become the best. you better not do anything wrong. (that was him giving permission) she tells him not to worry cuz she will work hard.her dad says she can come back home now

S plays the guitar and remembers what he said with the doctor. the doc asks how the hand hurts. S says it feels tingling and numb. doc says it’s not swollen. he makes S put his hands together backwards, but S cant. doc asks if S put a lot of pressure on his wrist and S remembers how he fell on it. the doc wants to run tests

Y congratulates K saying she heard the news. K says she heard about the two of them and congratulates them. SH complains K is just saying it with words when he is the one who made her start the musical and introduced her to that guy (implying K owes him). K calls him cheap and tells Y to punish SH. Y laughs and says SH is right. K says this isnt right that Y is like that too. they all laugh.Y asks if S is happy about it. K says yes. SH says how they can all work together later and make something. he can be the writer, K the actress, Y the dance director, and S the music producer. he says let’s call S and all have dinner. she says how S has to perform at catharsis. she says since she is out she is going to drop by and go home with him. Y suggests that they go along too. SH says yes cuz K needs to pay/treat them. Y sort of scolds SH for saying that but whispers to K that K needs to do that so K pretends to be upset

S steps down from the stage. JH asks if S isnt going to perform.S asks for them  to play today without him. JH: how can the lead guitar drop out – are you hurt somewhere? S denies it. JH says K is here. K came with SH and Y. JH says for S to rest and the three of them will figure it out. S changes his mind and says he will play. JH guesses S changed his mind and wants to play now cuz K is here. K watches S flexing his hand. as soon as they start S falls down holding his wrist and he is in pain. K calls out his name.



K asks: england – how long will it take?

S asks the doc if he can play guitar after the surgery

K asks S: are you not sad about being apart from me?

K hears from others that S quit catharsis. other girl: you didnt know? stupid is not going to perform anymore

S drops something so K asks: back then – you hurt your hand cuz of me didnt you? S: I said I didnt. K: cuz of that you cant play the guitar so isnt that why you quit catharsis?

K goes to that director. you think it makes sense that you are saying you cant go now? K says she has to be by someone’s side now

S lies his hand is better -also let’s stop now. S walks away so K holds onto him. S: let’s break up


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    What a nice intro, Softy. Thank you for live recapping. Here’s to Heartstrings.


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    camping for the last two!! T_T


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  11. Sami says:

    i am so gonna have some monstrous withdrawal symptoms after tomorrow. i didn’t think shin-woo was all that in YB but is he smoking on this drama or what??? dang!

    i will really miss watching k and s just be together.

    any suggestions on what to watch to make the withdrawal from heartstrings easier???


    • areliz7 says:

      dont know what to watch now… Im experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms! I like this kind of dramas, light, refreshing, funny and with some eye candy…
      I cant predict what is going to happen tomorrow… Shin is going to be hurt? Kyu Won will leave him, like Yoon su did with SH? who knows? T_T


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    Thailand is driving me nuts as the Internet speed at my resort is so slow.It’s taking me 14 hours to download Myung Wol ep 11.This…when it took me like 15min in Singapore.I can literally scream and this is a 5 star resort.

    Thank you again and I will enjoy it.I need it after all the dramas for Beautiful spy.


    • Softy says:

      Shouldn’t you be on a beach somewhere instead of trying to download dramas? 🙂 wow it takes 14 hrs to download? It takes me like a minute. I can’t believe how much attention Spy is getting these days – really hope all the trouble is over. I am soooo sad YFFM is ending. 😦


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    Thanks Softy for this wonderful recap. I more episode. I hope there will be a DVD for this with all the cut scenes. I wonder what could have been of YSH did not have an accident. she would have danced and danced better than Woori =). Oh well…


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  18. Fanderay says:

    Is it just me, or does it feel like the director is out of the writing-room and back in his directing chair? In terms of visuals this felt similar to the early episodes (and that’s a good thing!).

    I don’t care how cheesy it was; I absolutely loved when S jumped off stage to hug K (while the crowd was still cheering) and told her she was his favorite lead. It actually choked me up a little. I always think S couldn’t possibly get any sweeter, and then he kicks it up a notch. I was also happy that they exchanged bears, because it bothered me last week when he kissed the bear with the guitar instead of the one with a gayageum.

    In terms of writing I think this episode felt slightly clunky. There have been several coincidences (the tests happening at the same time, S hurting his wrist, only K being picked for the album) and almost everyone’s story got wrapped up in a pretty little bow a bit too quickly. I don’t blame the show since it had an episode cut, but I think the missing episode is definitely noticeable.

    I did love SH’s proposal though. I think moments like that are more romantic when things go wrong and the couple involved is still just as happy as if everything had gone right. I swear Y gets prettier with every episode too. I thought it was sort of funny that SM’s car broke down, since that’s the same car he picks SH up with in the first episode. I guess SH was right; it IS a piece of junk.

    I’m not really sure why S would break up with K next episode, and it has me a bit peeved. I’m guessing it’s so she will be willing to leave and do her album, but that’s such a cliche kdrama thing to do, and so far YFFM has avoided that sort of plot manipulation. I do really hope that K stays in Korea regardless, since I hate the ridiculously long separations that always seems to happen at the end of a show. Shin may be ok with it, but I am most definitely not!

    I’m not going to make any judgements until I actually see the final episode, but I’m a bit nervous since this show has been so great so far. I was nervous about the CYHMH finale too, and it turned out to be perfect (my fingers are crossed!)


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    Softy, I was almost in tears while I was reading your first paragraph knowing that this the end of the retelling of a beautiful love story. This is one drama which I know in my heart will never be forgotten because of those words you just said… the simplicity with which it was presented to us the straightforward epressions of the leads feelings and emotions…I couldn’t erase in my mind the image of the young lovers. I thank you again for all your effort in recapping this and as always I love your wonderful insights…thoughts.till next time (bows)


  20. Kaleido says:

    thanks so much for your recap… as i was watching this episode.. kind of feel like SH and Y right..?!? a little bit different but similar.. I am a little bit nervous about the preview for the final episode… guess i understand why S tries to break up with K.. like people said, if you really love someone.. let the person goes… S wants the best for K and did not want her to give up this great opportunity after K finally decides something on her own… all of sudden… just kind of remind me of Dream high… can’t wait for tomorrow.


  21. Fanderay says:

    Psh, you’re crazy Softy. KY totally looked cuter in the plaid shirt.

    Also, is it just me, or about 22 minutes in when SM says “ne” to SH is he being dubbed over? It looks like he’s just saying “eo” or something.


  22. nonski says:

    thanks softy 🙂


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