MSOAN Finale: Live “Transcap”

I just wanted to say that even if none of the stuff I asked for came out the way I envisioned, at least it was pain free. It ended on a happy note, but omg my fingers hurt. so much happened and they spoke like SG fast so it was hard to get all the dialogue down- it is like someone put this drama on fast forward mode so they spoke really fast. there were some good scenes, but surprisingly there were more funny scenes. All in all for those who dreaded a bad ending – have no fear. It is safe to watch.
I dont know about you, but I kinda wanted to watch MG and J share that bed- just to see if they can even fit on it. Hope everyone enjoyed it!!
12/29 updated
there was a one year time jump i missed cuz it said one year on the screen and I was just listening to dialogue last night- sorry
also someone on comments wanted to know if MG and Mary were married- none of the dialogue indicated that
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MSOAN E15: Live “Transcap”

After reading through all the comments for this episode, I think I owe some die hard MSOAN fans an apology. Just cuz the writer of this drama decided to lose her senses doesnt mean I should follow suit and lose sight of the purpose for this blog. RS exists to bring you transcriptions on the night of broadcast, not to sway your opinion of the content of the episode itself.
Sorry for the dropping the ball on you guys and ranting and stuff. I let my love for this drama and the disappointment that stemmed from that love get the better of me. I never meant for some of you guys to decide not to watch or postpone viewing based on what I had translated or said about the episode itself.
If you think about it, this drama had to end somehow and as far as endings go, putting J in a coma is not that bad if you think about what else she could have done – like make us watch his funeral.
So all in all-this isn’t the worst penultimate ending for this drama – wouldnt you say?
By the way, this was the “look for the silver lining” side of me talking here 🙂 
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MSOAN E14: Live “Transcap”

Now that I have translated some lines I can honestly say I am back in this one hundred percent!
this episode was cuter than I thought and there are some great scenes so you will see a more thorough transcap than yesterdays’s
plus there are daebak scenes again!!! 🙂
Thanks Koori for the torrent- yay!!  you saved my life
translating off of youtube was interesting – got a few scenes and lines done 🙂
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MSOAN E12: Live “Transcap”

12/15 Updated
What I always appreciated the most from MSOAN was how Mary is when she is with MG. Starting from how she speaks to him, all cutesy and flirty at times to downright heart breakingly loving, you can’t ignore the fact that there is only one person in her heart. No matter how much J has finally come around and become the second lead he was meant to be from day one, he is too late in the game to vie for her heart now. Late as in KYH loves LSJ too much to even see MJS kind. If MJS couldnt pull it off even with that intensely magnetizing presence, I doubt J has a fighting chance when Mary just keeps spouting off about loyalty to him. I get how so many of us think that fidelity means a lot to Mary, but could it trump everything she endured to get here and be with MG? There are four ep left so I doubt this great new writer is going to change the game on us too drastically. This isn’t like the other dramas after all and there is no wiggle room to send someone away for a few years, lose one’s memory, die, or end up being someone’s dream. The worst that can happen is their parents become a couple -quel nightmare. The new writer has to recognize the undeniable fact that not even family, dashing fiance, music career, clingy ex, or anything else is getting in the way of this juggernaut called OTP.
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MSOAN E11: Live “Transcap”

This episode should be dubbed “Rainbow” for being our reward for clinging to our faith that this drama could endure the storm of the original writer walking off. In all the episodes I’ve transcapped, this was the first one I was nervous about. Since it came on the heels of E10, I had a lot to be concerned about. I think I might have held by breath the first five mins, but once MG threw out the challenge to live together, I knew there would be peace in dramaland.
Not to sound like a fair weather friend, but I am a huge fan of this new writer. She brought back the cute and gave us a less angsty J. That in my book is what I call sheer bliss. 
For those wanting subbed clips like last week, sorry the extra episode is going to take up my focus so I cant do extra line by line translations so there wont be any subbed videos for this week.
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