My Princess E16: Live Finale

I think it ended the way it was always meant to – it didnt seem as rushed as other dramas. We didnt get everything we wanted in the finale, but when do we ever? For me this drama started off fuzzy cuz I didnt know what to expect, but I feel like I am walking away with a clearer picture. There were a lot of funny, romantic, and heartwarming scenes- I grinned, scowled, and cried through it all. That’s enough for me so I have no regrets about devoting so many hours on MP. I think when a drama does a good job of entertaining us, we shouldn’t dwell on what they should have done, but appreciate all the great moments they got right.
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My Princess E15: Live “Transcap”

No matter what happens on the finale, I am going to be staring at the screen and the time to see how much is spent for plot and how much for more onscreen cute moments from our happy couple. I want to trust the writer to end this drama well, but it is a Kdrama so I know better. From the finale trailer, you can see HY leaving so there is going to be another separation, but I hope it only lasts only a short time.
Either way, I want one more time jump-one that shows them happy with little children running around. She is a princess after all so happily ever after is already built into the premise.
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My Princess E14: Live “Transcap”

Now that this drama is winding down, I want to say why I liked it. I loved how HY showed his love for LS. I dont mean just the romantic gestures he made up front, but the ones behind her back to protect her. His love for her extended to her mom – watching how he took such care and was so nice to her mom was heartwarming -even to her friends. Not once did I doubt his love for LS and his declarations were the most meaningful ones I have seen lately in a drama. Now it is her turn and I hope we get to see LS voice her affections as much as he did. Cuz right now in his life, that is what he needs the most. He lost someone very important and knowing he has someone who will never make him feel alone again will probably give him the courage to move on with his grief.
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My Princess E13:Live “Transcap”

OMG that last scene made up for the way too brief cottage scene. Man what a waste of fireplace and ambience -seriously one tiny cushion fight and she falls asleep that fast? How heavy were those cushions? But as I looked at the clock and wondered how they would end- as he stood by the door- my hope starting rising – I said to myself – you better make this up to me – knock down the door- bet it isnt even locked- just barge in there and kiss her. But HY did something much better. I love dramas cuz of scenes like this. 🙂 
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My Princess E12: Live “Transcap”

I rewatched that last scene and heard the dialogue- that was NOT his dad.
In the car, HY said they were going to stay there just the TWO of them-not three.
LS saw a memory cuz the way HY stared at her, there is no way his dad was standing there. If you had not seen your dad in all those years, wouldn’t you be looking at him more even if KTH/LS is standing next to you? That is great news for us- THEY ARE GOING TO STAY THERE JUST THE TWO OF THEM- omg our prayers have been answered – MP E13 is going to be daebak from minute one.
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My Princess E11: Live “Transcap”

I didn’t want to look too closely at all  the gaping holes in the story right now cuz once I do – that is all I will focus on and the magic of this drama will slip away from me. The funny thing is – with great dramas – aliens could come down and talk with the characters and we would actually come up with legit reasons why it is a possibility. But with dramas poorly constructed, it is a house of cards doomed to fall – it is just a matter of time when. MSOAN proved that towards the end. Right now – MP is not in that danger zone and it is too soon for me to venture a guess as to how this will all resolve itself out. I don’t want all the answers to fall into place yet- what matters more for me at this point is more sweet and cute moments between HY and LS. For the next 5 episodes, I better see a whole lot of loving and stuff and less evil revelry. If I see a scene with LD dancing in LS’s closet trying on new clothes and shoes, I am going to hurt someone at MBC. They shoot this five mins from my house so that wont be a problem at all. Man translating this episode took over 7hrs but it was worth every minute.
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