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One day I looked over at the side widgets of the past dramas that have aired in the last year since OB ended and I just knew why I still loved it so much. There may have been quite a number of great dramas in that time, but I only come back to one where I wish there had been more. Most of you might think I am going to start in about how great OB is and how much it meant to me, but I’ve probably raved about this drama more than anyone else in the world. Those who were lucky enough to be there week after week when we anguished or laughed with these characters know how I feel right now.  Even the rest who caught up with OB after all the fanfare died down still felt the effects of this show and left comments about how great this drama was. These days on tv, among all of JW’s CFs, his coffee one with Uee is aired twice as more as the rest. There is a reason for all that – most of us haven’t moved on from OB. Not just the show, but the memory of it. What it meant to us back then and what it still means to us now. We look for another fictional couple like JE and TH in almost every new drama. When these new ones don’t measure up, we have to find ways to accept that maybe another couple like that won’t come around anytime soon. But that’s ok cuz our OB couple accomplished what it set out to do.  They wanted to show kdramas that when a writer envisions a couple perfectly made for each other, this is their go to couple. More couples need to be written this way – with heart, spirit, conviction, and all consuming love. It’s the kind that stands the test of time and lingers long after the years and list of new dramas pile up. While we watched their love unfold we felt it back then like a kick to the gut– this couple was here to stay and nothing so far has diminished their impression on us. Our memories may have been clouded by some recent couples who showed what their love is capable of, but if you clear your vision, they are still there smiling at us and thanking us for remembering them.

I seriously considered renaming this page with JW’s name included cuz let’s face it, this guy left more of an impression on us that the rest of the OB brothers. In the end, I decided to remain true to what these pages originally started with – a place for OB fans to gather and find out more about their favorite drama and actors. The other day I saw some actors and actresses from OB on other dramas and smiled just remembering how much joy their characters gave me. Even now when I recap Arang and I get scared looking at Joowal’s character, I calm myself down saying “there is nothing to be afraid of, this is just TP the maknae who was so sweet to TH.” Sometimes it actually works till E’s mom comes on screen then all bets are off.

These are some recent interviews and photos posted by SS, bbblue, Yanna, and if you want the entire list with the correct photos in order, you can find them on OB5. I arranged these pics by my personal preference so the interviews and photos might not match up. Thank you for all these contributions. Love every angle, pixel, and word.

*I updated most of SS’s recent translations, but didn’t include the photos with it. I think I memorized almost every word and the conclusion that I came to is we need to find out where that cafe is that he hangs out at near his home. He has mentioned that cafe so many times already.
SS: There are many many interviews but something he revealed here about his past relationship which I thought some here might be interested to read.
“I am Joo Won’s Style” Interview– A man who, when he is in love, cares about the length of his girlfriend’s skirt.
Style 1: InterestJoo Won is a very attractive man. From his looks, he just looks like the charming type of man who comes from a Gangnam HOT club. Although his looks are gorgeous, in reality don’t talk about CLUB, he is a man who don’t really know how to drink. He doesn’t have many friends in the entertainment circle. Only through Bridal Mask, he has become closer to Park Ki Woong and also his hyungs on 1N2D are his closest friends in the entertainment world.
“Do I look like someone who can drink? Actually I don’t know how. During breaks, I will drink coffee or I will catch up with my friends somewhere near my home. Even though it is like this, there are also people who would say “Liar” and ask me to drink. So these are the ones who got me dead drunk a couple of times. Haha.”
Style 2: In Love
When Joo Won is in love, he is the conservative type of man. Not the naughty type. Girls who wear short skirts and clubbing are unlikely to be Joo Won’ girlfriend. Once he falls in love, he will take care of her in every way.
“Once I start to fall in love, I will be totally dedicated, a bit possessive, and a bit conservative. I don’t like terribly short skirts and club; also don’t like girls who love to drink. I don’t spend on dating in a way that’s not in line with my age nor buy branded handbags as gifts. Feel grieved? Whatever my girlfriend does not like, I definitely will not do it.
Style 3: Ideal Type
Joo Won’s ideal type is very simple. Kind and cheerful girl. If he has to choose between ‘fox’ style or ‘bear’ style, he will choose ‘bear’ without hesitation. Joowon at this age, having such an honest style of romance, has also won the praise of the seniors, saying he is a realist.
“A girl’s character is more important than her looks. I like the ‘bear’ style of girls most. Too simple is also boring? As long as she is my girlfriend, I feel it’s good and that’s all that matters. In Bridal Mask, I like girls like Jin Se Yeon, kind-hearted and loves to laugh.
Style 4: First Love
When asked about first love, Joo Won said “I hope she will not read this report” and started to recall. Although I didn’t have anything, I was filled with passion, it was a beautiful recollection.
“It was a friend from High School. Whether she was dancing or whatever she was doing, she was always so beautiful in my eyes. Didn’t they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? We would secretly meet in the corner of the theatre. Because I didn’t want to spend the allowance my parents gave me, I had no money. At that time, we only met in school and spend time chatting. Of course, now we are very good friends. “
Style 5: 10 years later
Through Bridal Mask, Joo Won became the new generation of. In these 6 months, he worked relentlessly. Especially in the final 2 weeks, he almost did not catch a wink, continuously filming. Seeing Joo Won with such fearsome concentration powers, friends around him are shocked. Till now, in his sleep, Joo Won will say: “What scene are we filming now?” talking in his dreams. Giving such level of enthusiasm, what are his dreams for 10 years from now?
“I hope to become more of a man. Now, I still have a child-like side. I’ll need 10 years to become a man who oozes sex appeal and masculine charm. I hope to become a man who has charm. Like Al Pacino, this type of sexy actor. Of course, the basic premise must be acting skills.
Chinese translation: 由米35  –  English translation: SS  –   Source: SBS E!

“5 Words Talk” Interview (not sure why 5 and I got 3 questions only.)
Q1: Bridal Mask is? JW: My new discovery
Q2: What’s the Joo Won’s main charm? JW: Can I say it like this? A child’s perspective.
Q3: What do you want to do during Chuseok? JW: Spend it with my family
JW: Hi readers of Hankoki News, I am Joo Won, I am very happy to see you all.  Today I have come to Hankoki for an interview, it’s a very meaningful interview.  It made me think of Bridal Mask again, it was a very enjoyable time. Please continue to support Hankoki News. I will also do so. I will greet you again with a good project. Thank you For this Chuseok festive season, actor Joo Won greeted the readers of Hankoki News using 3 lines of poetry. Recently, he has appeared in the recently ended KBS Bridal Mask, acting as the “Super Hero” Bridal Mask who brings comfort and hope to the people of Joseon during the Japanese Occupation.
In the drama, he was sweet beyond words towards the woman he loved and he was so evil as the Japanese lackey that people wanted to beat him up, and wearing the Bridal Mask he was the hero that would condemn those who were pro-Japanese. Displaying all sorts of charm, drawing the audience to him, we met at the Hankoki editing department on the 25th. Debuting in 2006 with the musical “Altar Boyz”, appearing in the 2010 drama Baker King, as an actor he grew rapidly. But he still displays that shy smile. We can say that compared to a stone that glows, he is more like a pure gem. We ask about his acting life in the past and his plans for the future.
This year Chuseok and your birthday falls on the same day, do you have any special plans?
In these recent years, I have been filming and unable to spend Chuseok with my family. But this year, I will like to spend it with my grandpa, grandma and relatives, eating songpyeon and pancakes(this one not sure). I would like to spend it happily like this. Although it is my birthday, the atmosphere of a festival is more important and better.
Compared to your earlier projects, the audience age range for Bridal Mask has expanded and how about the fans?
Compared to the past, it seems like there are many younger fans. Looking at the Fan Club, ages range from 3 years old to elementary school, junior school and high school. When I walked on the streets and get recognized by children, I am also amazed.
Bridal Mask’s filming lasted more than 6 months till September, what was the most difficult thing you face?
Not being able to sleep was the most painful. There were a lot of ACTION, explosives and shooting scenes, a lot of time is required. So working through the night became almost a daily affair. I did not sleep, my digestion was also bad but because my physical strength was good, friends gave me a nickname “X horse” but towards the latter half, I almost collapsed.
There were probably many times you felt like sitting slumped onto the floor?
Although I was very tired, filming was very interesting.  I never thought of giving up, I was also very close to the staff so I chatted and joked with them. Playing with them also recharged me.
In Happy Sunday-1N2D you shed tears when you went to Dokdo
As long as you are Korean, everyone had the same feeling. I only say “Dokdo is our land” but I never thought of visiting the island or take any concrete actions. It made me feel very apologetic. Dokdo looks lonely. If you go and see, you’ll know what I mean, there will be a stirring of certain emotions in your heart.
In 1N2D, you grew a lot closer to your sunbaes; did it help you in your acting skills in a special way?
Mainly it was with (Kim)Seung Woo Hyung  and (Uhm) Tae Woong Hyun that I discussed a lot about dramas. “For this type of drama, what is the main focus?” Discussions like these were very helpful. In Variety, (Lee) Seun Gun also gave a lot of help. Not matter what you say, he will be able to respond, and he is the hyung whom I am very grateful to.
You are promoting your album in Japan on the 10th October, as the main actor of Bridal Mask, will it affect your activities as a singer?
On Twitter, I read that many Japanese fans were saying that Bridal Mask is very enjoyable. Those people are not anti-Korea, they just simply like to watch my acting. Also, I will not have the burden of anti-Hallyu stars. I will just concentrate on the activities of being an actor and singer.
Do you feel the pressure of having to enlist?
No matter what, I have to go, I will not be stressed over it. I will enlist with a light heart and work hard concentrating on army life then after I leave the army, I will start afresh. I will enlist in 3 years’ time.
When did you start to dream of becoming an actor?
I started during junior school 3rd year. When I faced people, I could not even speak properly, I was also extremely introverted. So, I told my parents I would like to join drama. When many people heard me speak and applauded me enthusiastically, it was that joy that made me want to be an actor.
Then did your family object to you becoming an actor?
Needless to say, my parents were very against it. But I told them that I could eat instant noodles every day. This showed how passionate I was about acting.
If you are not an actor, what will you be?
I don’t seem to be able to do other things. As long as I can immerse myself in it, even if I am not able to sleep and yet be happy, I think it’s only acting.
Movies, dramas, musicals etc. you have tried it all. What do you like best?
This is like asking “Do you love your mother or your father?” A very difficult question. In musicals the audience is right there, in front of you, if you are able to show a genuine appearance, it will be very good. Dramas were able to give me a breakthrough in a short time. I was able to be very focused during movie filming and that was also very good. No matter how I think it through, I am unable to pick one favorite.
Chinese translation: minidadalove from baidu – English translation: SS – Source: Hankoki News

Joo Won Reveals Moon Joon Won’s Secrets (30 questions 30 answers)

Recently, through Bridal Mask and 1N2D, Joo Won has become the ideal type for many women. However, Joo Won has not appeared in any talk show, so everyone is very curious about what he has to say about himself. Previously, everyone’s understanding of him was limited to only information that appeared on websites.

In order to help all female fans to gain a deeper understanding of Joo Won, we have painstakingly given a list of questions to Joo Won. Joo Won answered each and every question truthfully. Now, we shall reveal the secret of Joo Won’s answers to the 30 questions.

1. Name/Age/Blood Type

Real Name: Moon Jun Won. Born in 1987, 26 years old. “O”blood type.

2.Height and Weight

Height 185cm, Weight 70kg. (Joo Won’s clothes are size 100 to 105, depending on the particular piece. 100 is just nice, 105 is a bit loose. This question was asked on behalf of a Japanese fan)


Parents and one elder brother

4.Where is your home?

Suji, Yongjin, Gyeonngi region

5.What animal will you liken yourself to?

Puppy. Everyone says I am like a puppy. (Breed?_ I am not too sure.

6.When do you think you are handsome?

After I have taken a bath and put on my face cream (laughs)

7.If you were to win 10 million won?

I wish to stay in a beautiful home filled with sunlight.

8.If you were to go for cosmetic surgery, which part would you correct?

Cheekbones (laughs)

9.Of late, what have you been wanting to do?

Going on a vacation. But when I have the time, I have a difficulty thinking where to go.

10. when was your first love?

High school sophomore, classmate.

Do you know her current status?

I know, she is still in school.

11. If you were to date the girl you’d like, where would you go?

Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. I will like to go to place I endorsed – Morning Calm Village.

(staff of Joo Won’s agency are all cheering)

12. What do you usually like to do?

Drink coffee.


Usually at the café near my home.

Who do you go with?

Myself or frequently with my friends.

Employees of the café must be very happy?

They are used to it now, they aren’t exceptionally happy. (Laughs)

13. If you were to go to an uninhabited , what are the 3 thing you will bring?

I will bring a toolbox, a boat that will appear whenever I wish and also a recipe book.

14. What is most precious to you?

Of course my family. (Joo Won answered without thinking at all)

15. What do people around you say of your personality?

Pure or simple. That’s what I often hear.

16. What do people around you say of your looks?


17. What is the greatest stress now?

My greatest dilemma is what to eat? It’s difficult to pick from the menu.

What did you eat for lunch?

I ate lasagne.

18. What your favorite food and the food you dislike most?

I like to eat meat and sausages, I love all good food. I hate durians(durians are tropical fruits which have a very unique smell. Joo Won shook his head and said he will definitely not eat that)

19. Who do you desire as your partner?

Must be kind. From young, I already liked people who are kind. When I grew up, I realized that outward appearance is temporary, the most important is being kind and having good manners. A person who loves to laugh looks the most beautiful.

20. If you fall into a love triangle, what will you do?

I will end it immediately. Based on my character, this will not happen.

Did you have such an experience? Being confessed to by 2 women at the same time?

I have not been in a love triangle, but being confessed to by 2 women, yes. I did not choose either one.

21. How much alcohol can you drink and your drinking habit?

I can only drink one cup of soju. After I drink, I will sleep, so I usually head home straight away.

Isn’t it inconvenient at dinner gatherings or the celebratory dinner after the drama/movie ended?

During “Special Investigation Unit”, Sung Dong Il advised “Don’t worry, just drink. But after that day, he will tell me I better not drink anymore. During the 1N2D dinner, I took one hour to drink 1 cup of soju. I will pick up the cup, put it down.

Might as well use water to substitute the alcohol.

Hyungs will definitely not agree. (laughs)

22. What do you desire to have now?

A house. I want to live in a better and nicer place.

You often talked about house, is it to stay on your own?

No. I want to live with my father and mother.

23. If someone you love, leaves for no reason?

I will cry to death, then I will search everywhere.

Have you fallen deeply in love with anyone?

I don’t think so.

24.If you only have 70 won in your hand to use the public phone, who will you call?

I will call my mother and tell her not to worry.

25. When you are angry, how will you resolve your anger?

I will quietly spend time alone.

26. Are you the type who loves at first sight? Or the type who cultivates love over time? And what is the reason?

I am the type who once I am attracted, I will pay attention. However, if it is like this, it will grow cold over time.

And what makes Joo Won fall in love at first sight?

Beautiful smile.

27.If the earth was to end in one hour’s time, what will you do?

I will spend it with my loved ones.  I often have this thought, I definitely would spend it with my family. If I have a woman whom I deeply love, I will spend it with her and her family.

28.If there is a time machine, which time period and place

When I was 8 years old. Maybe that was the point where my life could turn out totally different. Because I was very young, I did not understand what it meant to study abroad. At that time, my parents send my brother and I to America to study. After 6 months, we came back. Sometimes, I will think “If I had known, I would have stayed a while longer.” I still remember during that 6 months, I will go to the playground and play with kids my age. (even Joo Won’s agency colleagues are hearing this for the first time).

29.What do you think you will be like in 10 years’ time?

A sexy man, full of masculine charm? Like Al Pacino. I thought of a type of life where I would wake up with my family in a house that’s filled with sunshine, eating a delicious breakfast, driving to work, both acting and teaching.

Do you plan to continue studying acting?

(Joo Won is now a 4th year student at Sungkyunkwan University).

In the future, I will like to teach my own students, will like to take up lessons that interest me. Acting is in itself a free and interesting thing. Moreover when I teach the children, I will also be able to learn a lot of things.

30. Now, at KakaoTalk, what is your signature?(Kakao Talk is an phone application chat *Softy wanted to add that it’s free so unlike texts you send from your phone, Kakao is free here and overseas)

“Return” (What’s the meaning?) From Lee Kangto returning to Moon Jun Won. Now, it about approximately 60%. (usually in other dramas, how long does it take to return to Moon Jun Won?) About a month. (when are you are unable to shed off Bridal Mask Lee Kangto?) Sometimes when I look at people, I stare intently. It’s times like these when I will think “Seems like Lee Kangto is still in my heart.”

Chinese translation: 由米35 – English translation: SS – Source: Sports Seoul

Translated by mojobobo at soompiJoo Won’s Cosmopolitan Interview

As you were walking over from a distance, one look and I could tell it was Joo Won.

Ah, really? How were you able to tell it was me?

Tall figure, long sleeve sweater and a pair of huge sunglasses! Totally emanating a star’s vibe!

Recently, I’ve been wearing sportswear to everywhere I went to the point where my stylist banned me from wearing any more sportswear. It’s been a long while since I’ve taken care to dress up like this. I really don’t care too much about my dressing. I belong to the type that prefers to just wear anything casual and comfortable.

What kind of words are these, coming from a fashionable top star!

Aannggg~~A nickname like this is so embarrassing! Even people who know me for only a bit will burst out laughing if they hear this. Me and fashionable are really worlds apart.

Wearing a suit and driving a Chevrolet, such a charismatic and cold man would actually say “aannggg”!

Hehe. You were expecting to see Gaksital’s Lee Kangto on me right? You will be disappointed. There is no way you will be able to find a trace of Lee Kangto on Joo Won [Heh what a cheeky boy.]

Then in 2 Days 1 Night, the cute manknae is probably the closet to the real Joo Won!

I don’t know too. That image is also only one side of me. Because I’m together with all the hyungs, that’s probably why I show the mankae image.

Then in front of your juniors you will become a totally different person?

It’s a fact that everyone will change the way they behave when they are in different positions. When I’m together with my elders, I will be polite and respectful. When I’m in front of my juniors, I’m a senior that demands discipline. My juniors in school are all very afraid of me.

In 2 Days 1 Nights you always call your mum and everytime you always love to show aegyo. “Aegyo-king” manknae actually says he is a scary senior? It’s really hard to imagine!

I am in the performing arts faculty. It’s it usual that there are some senior who practically live in school because they are busy with work and they want to practise all the while? I’m a such a senior. Especially when I see junior who are impolite or lazy, I will never let them off and leave them be. But once I go home I will become the cute manknae once again. After my mum had my hyung, she was always hoping for a daughter but she still got another son. Mum always said she wished she had a daughter who was like a friend so that they could both chat. So when I’m with my mum, I’ll be just like a daughter. When she’s cooking, I’ll help her at the side and also help to clean up and do housework. [Awwww his mum sounds so nice. I wonder if he gets tired of saying this is so many interviews.]

It’s rare to have sons who are willing to act as a daughter because of a mother’s wish.

It is right? But I love to hear my mum praising me. As a son, I still lack in many aspects and so I’m always feeling sorry towards my parents. So as long as it’s my mum’s wish, it seems like I will give it my all to accomplish it.

You’ve just successfully completed a drama. You should be going out with friends and having fun but you spend your resting time at home doing housework?

It seems like a huge portion of my resting time is spent with my parents. If I go out, at most I’ll go to the cafe in front of my house and meetup with my friends?

A few months ago I saw an interview by Shin Hyun Jun and he praised Joo Won for “Being different from the other kids these days”. Now I understand why he said that!

Really? There are a lot of filial people around me too!

But do you know? Of course being filial is good but if you are too good to your parents, sometimes your girlfriend will get jealous.

I really dislike women of this type. Just because I’m good to my parents they say I’m a mama’s boy then when it’s the holidays they keep insisting on spending it only with me.  I don’t wish to date a girl like that. As a child of course you have to take good care of your parents. To your parents, it’s such great happiness to be spending time with your children. If they get jealous because of this, that’s a no go. [Aigooo Won ah, you really don’t understand women!!! It’s not that the girl doesn’t want to spend time with your family but sometimes you need to go on dates alone too!!!!!]

Was there ever a time when you broke up because it was too difficult to handle both your parents and girlfriend at the same time?

In the past there was once. At that time, I had a really hard time for a long period but as time went by, I came out of it. Just like my parents said, I think I made the right choice. [Did the ex-gf not want to meet his parents at all??]

So you will talk about your love life and breakups with your parents without keeping anything from them?

Haha. If I continue talking will all the girls be thinking that I’m a mama’s boy? When I’m out on a date with my girlfriend and halfway into it my mum calls and I immediately run home, I’m definitely not a man like that! It’s just that I like girls who are polite and know how to respect their elders. This is a precondition.

Ah yes! Thinking of your past interviews, you did mention that your ideal girl was someone who “knows how to respect her elders”.

Yes! Although it’s a bit sad that I have to choose a virtue that everyone should possess as a ideal type.

Have you been in relationships?

5 years ago.

Given your popularity among the girls, why have you been single for so long?

I’m not generous enough, and I can’t confess to girls…it seems like I’m also quite picky [Wow, so you want the girls to confess to you? But if they do, are you going to say they are not conservative enough?!]

Joo Won’s picky standards for girls are?

Those who are impolite are a total no go. I also really dislike girls who speak causally. I like those who are polite, quiet and gentle. Those who like to use vulgarities or call me by “yah!”, if I date with girls who speak so crudely, it seems like it will be very difficult. For example if my girlfriend says to me “Yah, have you eaten?” the good feelings I have for her will plummet immediately. If she is disrespectful, it’s going to be difficult to have feelings for each other right? [I just lost all hope. I don’t cuss but quiet and gentle I’m not. sobssssssssssssss]

With such picky standards, what kind of boyfriend will you be?

If I like someone, I will totally fall for her. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Whatever my girlfriend wants, I will do it for her. I’m this type of boyfriend.

You’ve been picked as the male lead for MBC’s Battle of the Secret Couple! Thinking about it, after Ma Jun. Tae Hee and Kangto, even Battle of the Secret Couple, you’ve always been the lead actor since debut!

I think my luck is really too good. I always meet good projects and the viewers have been able to like these projects too. When I choose my works, I don’t think too much and this seems to help too. From my experience, I only look at the script and the whole production and then I make my choice. I don’t seem to have considered other factors.

Then what was attractive in Battle of the Secret Couple?

First is that I really like the character. It’s something I’ve not tired before. Also, this is the first time I’m taking up a role that matches with my own age. I act as a new generation intelligence agent, he’s very manly but also has his mischievous moments. Also, when he’s facing women, he’s very meek. [HAHAHA]

The female lead has been confirmed yet? Or maybe, do you have any actresses you wish to work with?

I don’t know, I haven’t thought about this. All that I care about is, if her personality is good, then everything is good. Someone who is able to let go of her inhibitions to act and is kind, if she is someone like this then there isn’t anything else to pick on! It will be good if we can share our opinions with each other instead of competing against each other. I hope we can give each other strength and support and lead the crew well.

Then that means that you will be starting your arduous run once again? Baker King was 30 episodes right? That was aired in the summer of 2010. Since then, you’ve acted in 3 dramas, 2 movies and you were always the lead actors right? And you still have 2 Days 1 Nights! Aren’t you very tired?

When I was acting in musicals, we performed for 150 times straight without any rest. When I was still acting in musicals I took on a movie and from then on I decided that no matter whether I did well or not I would do my best till the end. Truthfully speaking, the filming schedule for dramas is really really exhausting but if I think about it, the tough process is also a form of enjoyment. Also, my personality is such that I’m always positive and so I don’t feel stressed too easily.

Even so, filming for 2 Days 1 Night and Gaksital at the same time must have been tough.

At that time, it was only during 2 Days 1 Night’s sleeping Bokbulbok that I won and was able to really sleep in a room with a blanket over me. It was then that I was actually able to get a proper sleep. But I still managed to handle the situation.

How does it feel to be doing variety? You must be stressed when you go to unfamiliar places right?

Not at all! It’s really fun. I thought long and hard about it before I made my decision. After my first meeting with the 2 Days 1 Night team, all I thought about was to have the program as a challenge, let’s try this too! That’s why I agreed. Usually when I’m resting, the only places I go to is my home and the cafe near my house. 2 Days 1 Night allows me to move out of my comfort zone. When I go to film, going to many good places with many people and eating a lot of good food, there is no stress at all.

How is your relationship with the hyungs? The age gap between you and Kim Seung Woo is the biggest right?

Our age gap is 17 years but hyung has throw that aside and is really very good to me. Outside of the show, all 7 of us will frequently use Kakaotalk to chat. Because of the show, we meet often and go on trips together often and so we will plan to go out together. Not long ago we even said we wanted to go fishing. After filming ends, none of us will leave first. We will all go to a restaurant to eat together and drink a bit. The hyungs are all really nice.

Through 2 Days 1 Night, you’ve been to many interesting places yes? Introduce some nice places to the Cosmopolitan readers to go to during autumn!

Choong Bok Jae Cheon! You can go to the mountain top to enjoy the Chung Boong lake view, that should be a very good experience. Food that is made from the various medicinal herbs is very amazing and very tasty too. Together with your good friends, to go on a well-being trip like this really seems like a very good idea!

Aside from acting and going on trips, is there anything else that you are crazy about?

I don’t know. To be a human, I think this is something innate. To look for someone who you can spend the rest of your life with. It could be a lover or colleague or even a friend. Trying to find as many of these type of people, if we can get along well then we can continue to maintain a good relationship, this is probably it.

You’ll be commencing filming for your new drama pretty soon!

Filming will commence in November. Before that it seems that I have to rest and at the same time let go of the Lee Kangto that still resides in my heart. Also, if I still have the time and energy, I hope to be able to find something else that I can really enjoy while doing. When I was still in high school, I was in charged of the backdrop at one of our plays. At that time, my friends and I came up with an interesting survey, in which we asked if you had to go to an uninhabited island, who did you want to bring along the most and I came in first. Because it seemed that I was the most able to survive well out in the wild! Aside from that I am also interested in coffee and photography so I’m learning and practising now.

In such a short span of resting time, it seems you’ve planned too many activities?

They are all activities which I can enjoy doing! They allow me to recharge myself well so that I will be able to show my charisma in the new drama. Even if I don’t have much time left, it would be good if everyone can cheer me on.

Taken from:百度朱元吧 Source:DC Chinese translation by minidadalove @ Joo Won Baidu Tieba English translation by mojobobo @ soompi forums

November Issue – Ceci Interview

This year, the entire time you have been very busy. In today’s magazine shoot, do you have a more relaxed feeling? During your rest days, do you prefer outdoors or prefer to stay at home?

At home. Most of the time, I would be lying in bed reading scripts or watching movies. If I go out, I will usually go to the café near my place to meet my friends. If I go to a crowded place, I will have a headache. Because I don’t drink, I seldom go to places like clubs.

That’s very simple, can you really rest and relax in such manner?

Of course. Actually all those times outside filming a drama or movie are like resting. Filming CF or having an interview like now, they are all more relaxing than acting. It’s not so tense, definitely different.

Looking at recent interviews, do you feel amazed that your female fans have increased so tremendously?

During fan meets, the scream pitch was higher. Previously, there were more fans aged 20s to 30s. Now, even fans whose age are around 10 plus have increased. Even a 3 year old child recognized me, shouting “Gaksital!”. When I was filming Bridal Mask at Hapcheon, there were grannies who kept shouting at me “1N! !1N!” ,so that I could follow up by shouting “2D”. Even when I wore a hat and sunglasses, I will still be recognized. It made me pay more attention to what I say or behave. When I am out with my mother shopping, I will have to look more intimate. Sometimes, I feel the burden.

When you finished a drama like Bridal Mask, how do you feel?

Mostly calm. After we completed the final scene, we had the celebratory dinner. Because the next day, I had to go and film 1N2D, I went home first. But I just could not sleep, I just sat there all alone staring blankly. I don’t know if it is because I had been thinking too much or I just didn’t have any more thoughts. Whatever it was, my feelings were complex. It was as if in order to say goodbye to Kangto, I really had to send away very close friends.  I had the feeling that we could never meet again.

Bridal Mask has become Joo Won’s masterpiece of work, what were your thoughts when you completed the drama?

It left a lot to think about. After more than 6 months of non-stop filming, it did not feel real when it ended. Every scene was fraught with tension, there was also much psychological warfare, it required a lot of concentration powers. So it was more difficult. Even now, it is not easy to adjust to the normal living style. When I sleep, I can’t lie down properly, I will also curl up to sleep (laughs). The older generation has read Bridal Mask manga so the expectation towards the drama was also very high. I felt it. Massive amounts were poured into this production, appearing as the lead actor alongside the sunbaes, I did not even have energy to worry about the competition. I felt that if the drama were to fail, it must be me, this type of burden and pressure was terribly heavy. So I gave my utmost and my very best ability every single minute and second.

Was there any particular scene which was very difficult even when you think about it now?

When hyung died, I had to run inside the house to tell mother and then I saw that mother had also died. When you see that all the reasons for you living are gone, it was a tragic situation. It was my first time as an actor to experience such a shock. Because I cried too much, my blood pressure shot up and my limbs were all numb.

[Would you say that you have broken your own barrier?]

Yes. From the start of filming Bridal Mask, I had never paid attention as to how my face or expression will be captured by the camera. I just followed Kangto’s emotional ups and downs,  using my interpretation. Although sometimes I get worried about how the audience will receive it but I believe in myself.

Were there times when you felt that “I did this thing really well’?

When I intensified my concentration to the point of exhaustion and obtained a result, I will feel very fulfilled. Previously when I was performing, each time after the performance ended, my entire body will be soaked in sweat. I would think “In this two and half hours, I have tried my very best and immersed myself” and feel especially good about it. When I return home after working through the night or when I have successfully completed a piece of work, I would feel that as a man, I have done quite well.

The Joo Won we know is a model student who from a young age only knows how to perform, cannot even drink a cup of alcohol, treats his family very well, is there a side which we do not know?

I cannot be called a filial son and I don’t treat every person so amiably(laughs). When I am tired, I will also show an unhappy face. Although this is a very uninteresting answer, in reality, no matter how good I am to my parents, I still feel it’s not enough. I always hope that in other people’s hearts, I am a good person. If I am dislike by someone, I will feel really hurt, fretting over “Why does he hate me”. It seems that there is nothing surprising about me.

In order to cultivate their ability to express, some actor will intentionally do things that are rebellious, have you been like this?

I do not even have the time to be rebellious. I have also never rebelled before in my youth, I feel there is no need to. From the start of high school, in order to save up school fees, I went to work in the theatre, I used whatever time I had. During my school days I even spent Christmas working and preparing for performances. Even when I was performing in musicals and dramas, I never rested. It has to be this way because this is what I love to do. Frankly speaking, although you can gather some experience by being rebellious, it does not seem necessary. After completing each piece of work, I will have grown some. I also dream “If I continue like this I will also be able to be like my sunbaes, having excellent acting ability.” I never thought of giving up acting

[You look like the type who does not tire easily]

This is my only strength. I have a lot of confidence in my physical stamina and passion. Acting ability is quite alright too(laughs)

Usually do you get close to people easily like you do on 1N2D?

Partly, when I am with my family. When I am with my elders, I am just like a child. Frequently, I will have skinship and my voice a little higher. In 1N2D when I am with the hyungs and Tae Woong hyung, I am also like this. During my musical theatres, it was the same, I was always the youngest. But people always do change according to different positions, so I don’t do this to every one.

Reading your interviews, when asked about your favorite song, you recommended Shi Kyung’s song. Before you started filming 1N2D, you were his fan, you must have been very happy when you met him.

When I met Shi Kyung, the feeling was magical. My first meeting was far better than I had expected! His voice was very tender. It was not just singing, even when he was reading or when he was being a broadcast DJ, he was really cool. And edgy(laughs). Many female fans love this side of him. This type of person right in front of me, being able to hear his voice in person, it is really great.

You have already been on this ‘wild variety show’ for 6 months, are you now adapted to it?

Hyungs are very good, I am so very close to the production staff, even when doing the morning Opening and bulbokbul, I do not feel shy. Now, I just have a great time playing with hyungs, I also hope there will be some new things appearing. In this show, more than Joo Won, you can see the humane Moon Jun Won. Viewers seem to like to see me make mistakes or do things that ruin my image. (laughs)

[the thing you are worst at is arithmetic?]

Yes. My mental arithmetic is really bad. My general knowledge is also not too good, I am the most confident in making funny with body (this is a literal translation, who knows what he means!). Mathematics grades were not an entry requirement into drama schools, so  I just gave it up since the first year of high school.

I was shocked when I read that on the average, you take 40 minutes to bathe. Like this, wouldn’t you get scolded in 1N2D?

In 1N2D, they gave ample time for bathing(laughs). The time taken was from bathing to putting on moisturiser. I am more meticulous than others when I bathe, I also take longer to put on skin care products.

Previously you were a musical actor, you must be very sensitive to music. What is your recent favorite?

I prefer to listen to older songs. I frequently listen to songs by Steven Wonder, it’s really great. I also like Eric Benet.

[Who is the one who makes up the most songs on your playlist?]

Shi Kyung hyung’s songs are the most, I think he doesn’t know.

Have you ever thought of not being an actor and be a singer?

Ah, that does not seem to be my field. But in the future, I want to act in a musical again.

Now, what’s the thing that has the most ability to cure you?

Cure?  Must be someone who can make me feel relax and intimate. I don’t really like new things, I like to spend time with my close friends, colleagues and family, sharing stories. At home, I will chat with my parents and play Anipang(handphone game). I like those people who treat me the same before and after I acted in Bridal Mask. When the result of the work is very good, I also felt that I have grown, it could possibly make me proud unknowingly. But whenever I meet up with them , my shoulders relax and I will revert to the my old self.

Having completed 2 movies and dramas, you have really done a lot. Before 2012 come to an end, is there anything that you would like to do?

Scheduled to broadcast in January, I will start to film the new drama “Secret Lovers Battle” , I hope it will have a good start. Contemporary drama, in line with my age. No matter how I see it, it’s an ordinary setting, it is my first time trying this genre, to me it’s very new and fresh. It should be interesting.

[so it’s just like the excitement before a trip?]

Actually I am also worried whether I will do well. Being the main actor is very frightening. Recently, every night before I sleep and in the morning when I open my eyes, my mind is all on the role in the new drama. If I have a happy time filming this time round like I had in the past, it will be good.

We have been shooting from mid-noon and it’s going to be evening soon. Now, it must be time to rest?

I will be going with my agency hyungs to have a good meal together. Hyungs will drink and I will drink my coke(laughs). But I will definitely not miss it.

Chinese translation: minidadalove @ 朱元贴吧_百度贴吧

English translation: mrdimples@soompi aka our sweet and generous SS

Source: DC

Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue

Part 1 – My Women

A comet that suddenly appears from nowhere – this describes the young star, actor Joo Won. Debuting in musicals, delivering a brilliant performance as the lead actor in 3 dramas, becoming a top-level star, he thus began his dazzling pace, gradually earning the care and concern of the audience. Coupled with his outstanding performance in variety show, his popularity is shooting sky high. Let us look back at his 3 dramas. Ma Jun, Tae Hee and also Kang To, these were the various roles he undertook. Joo Won began to talk about his story in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

29th June 2010 Baker King Kim Tak Gu – “My childhood idol, SES Eugene is really standing before my eyes”

When I look back at Baker King Kim Tak Gu, it’s a drama that created confusing thoughts in my mind. This was my first drama and I acted a character that’s central to the show. When I was visualizing this character, I had many discussions with the director and the writer. When I was acting this drama, I had to call the writer on the phone every week, asking him many of the things which I did not understand. Also, when we started to film, I would always be discussing with the director. Actually, playing the antagonist is really a very hard for me to do. But even though it was difficult to bear, I still had to act, so Ma Jun is a character which means a lot to me.

Go Ma Jun? Younger son of a chaebol family and also successor of the family’s food business. He had a heightened consciousness, a hot temper and also arrogance. He especially could not bear losing to others. He could not bear Tak Gu who resembled his father, and always caused misfortune to fall on him but in the end, he broke down himself. Although he was very cruel, he was indeed a sorrowful man.

When I was acting Ma Jun and even now, I will bear this very important thing in mind that is to relax when I am acting.  At that time, I did my utmost and I was a lonely child. If only I had cast away the uneasiness in my heart and the burden, then it would be great.

During that time, the one who showed me the way was Eugene sunbae. She was my idol during my schooldays. To be able to work with SES Eugene was like a dream.

To be able to act with your idol was indeed amazing. Those were unforgettable times when I was slowly picking up the ropes on acting. Eugene was very good at leading me who knew nothing. She taught me a lot through her experiences in many dramas. Thanks to Eugene Noona, Ma Jun was created. I feel that between the male and female co-star, the most important thing is “care”, and also you must open your heart. If you cannot step into your character and open your heart to your partner, your acting will never be able to resonate with the audience. During that period, I opened my heart to my idol and was answerable to Ma Jun.

6th August 2011 Ojakgyo Brothers “Became Lovers with a Junior(Hoobae) whom I once punished.”

The production set with the best atmosphere is Ojakgyo Brothers. Needless to say, the staff, the teachers, the sunbaes and hoobaes and actors of the same age, we all work together very harmoniously. It was difficult for the atmosphere to be anything but good. When I was acting Tae Hee, I felt a lot of warmth in reality. I also gathered a lot of comfort from the warmth of the family members.

Hwang Tae Hee? Short tempered**, 3rd son in the Hwang family. His biological father died in a car accident and his mother remarried. He was adopted by Chang Shik and Bok Ja as their 3rd son and grew up. Short tempered, determined and taciturn, he was also inflexible and could not stand any coquettish behavior. He was the best being tough and powerful. Tae Hee was a short tempered yet calm character. This is one character that I would like to emulate. He was very polite to his elders, on the surface, he looks very indifferent but he also possessed a pure side. The most important was that he was willing to give everything with all his heart  to the woman he loved. Personally, I will like to become like this character.

To him, the person who instilled such love is Uie. I who acted as Tae Hee develop a love line with After School’s Uie. In order to present a sweet and lovely picture to the audience, I spend a lot of efforts in this aspect. The acting must resonate with the viewers but in reality, to step into the role was not easy. I had to work very hard in the process of becoming Tae Hee.

I was in the same university as Uie as senior and junior. She was a junior who was well loved by people in school. When I was in university, I was always in school, working and practicing at the same time. There was also someone who was like that and it’s Uie. She worked harder than any other hoobae. To act and partner with such a beautiful hoobae was wonderful.

In university, I was a sunbae whom people were terrified of. I was neither lenient nor amiable. So in the early days when the filming of Ojakgyo Brothers had just started, Uie would always greet me in a very humble manner. I think at that time, Uie felt that I was very difficult. But as the filming progressed, our understanding of each other got better and better, now we are like very close brother and sister. That Uie received an award for this drama acting alongside with me and also gathered good reviews from viewers, I am also happy.

30th May 2012 Bridal Mask “Like the simplicity of a child”

Because I worked together with my peers, Bridal Mask left many impressions. The thing that stood out most was the reaction of the audience after I acted in this drama. It was not just the older generation of people, even little children recognize me, it left a very special feeling in my heart.

Lee Kang To? Jonno’s **, possessing a firm character and loyal to Imperial Japan. He could not escape the twists and turns that fate dealt to him. Kang To led the dual life of being Gaksital and Imperial Japanese police, hence it was especially confusing. And the filming took place in summer, this year’s summer was especially hot, it was not easy wearing the uniform during filming. Even under such circumstances, my relationship between the freedom fighters and my co-stars were very good. We discussed a lot about the work and we were really happy. All these made me forget the sweltering heat and the difficulties.

Se Yeon is even younger than me, she is very adorable and also obedient. She is always smiling on the set, bringing more fun to the filming. Just graduating from High School, Se Yeon can really do aegyo. No matter how difficult things are, she never lost her smile, in fact she stirred up the enthusiasm of the staff. In fact, it was through this production that I first met her. The production team had spent a lot of thoughts on the casting of Bridal Mask female lead. One day, the director showed me a photo of Se Yeon and asked for my opinion. When I looked at Se Yeon in the photo, I felt that she was especially suitable for the role of Mok Dan.

When I saw her in person, I felt she was even more like Mok Dan. In reality, she has a bright personality. Sometimes, she is almost like a child. If Se Yeon, taking her first step to be an actress, is able to be sincere like the way she was in Bridal Mask, it will be good. Cheerful and sincere, Se Yeon received a lot of love from the sunbaes. I also gave her guidance, I would always say to her “Let do it this way”, we’ll discuss together and co-operate together. Not only is the face beautiful but the heart is too, my beautiful partner who radiates brilliance.

Towards Ma Jun’s first love, Tae Hee’s wife and Kang To’s pure love, I am full of gratitude.

Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu – English translation: SS – Source: Naver

SS comments: I love the way Joo Won describes his female co-star. He was so in awe of Eugene and so respectful of her. I also love that he said in order to portray love in a convincing manner, he would open his heart as the character would to the girl. So that’s the secret as to why his romantic scenes are always so realistic to the point that viewers would always root for him and his co-star to pair up. He must have also ‘invested’ his own emotions into the character and genuinely felt the care and concern for his lady. He is still close to Uie but their relationship is more like that of brother and sister. I think this is the first time I hear him say this. He had in an earlier interview said that he had developed good  feelings for Uie but neither party took the first step. So it was a missed chance. Anyway, it’s good that they remain close friends. He continues to sing praises of Se Yeon. I think her personality must have dazzled him. It was a major revelation that he had in some way played a part in Se Yeon landing the role. Well, as I said before, there is no woman in his life for now. But who knows what the future holds?

SS: I missed out an important detail in this series. They are not the usual interview style but they are penned by Joo Won. Here’s part 2. I love love what he said about Ojakgyo Brothers. It’s something we felt all along…no wonder we get that nice fuzzy and warm feeling whenever the brothers gather. Even when they bicker and disagree we can still feel their closeness. Baaaah…..i missed them. I read somewhere that Joo Won really looks up to the actor who acted as Tae Shik. If I didn’t remember wrongly, he went back to the stage. And Joo Won admire him for pursuing his passion rather than staying only to dramas where he will be paid more.

Celebrity Topic – Joo Won’s Drama Travelogue

Part 2 – Handsome Men’s Banquet

Starring in 3 dramas, Joo Won has entered into the category of “Hot Star”. He has always worked well with his sunbaes. He did not depend on the youth drama genre but through family dramas, he has grown as an actor. Suggestions and encouragements from his sunbaes are his most precious pillars of support.

29th June 2010 “Baker King Kim Tak Gu” – Sunbaes Jun Kwang Ryul’s Care and Mighty Presence

Everything was unfamiliar; it was a brand new experience on Baker King Kim Tak Gu. The burden of playing the antagonist made me even more nervous. I had the stress, thinking that I have to do it really well. Compared to hoobaes, there were more sunbaes on the film set. I was afraid to make any mistake so I was very careful. I received the most care from sunbae, Jun Kwang Ryul.

Sunbae, Jun Kwang Ryul has always taken good care of me. He spoke many comforting words to give me warmth as I was freezing cold (with nervousness?) and during acting, he gave me many suggestions. Now, looking back, I am full of gratitude towards him.

Joo Won and Jun Kwang Ryul?

Acting as the head of the conglomerate, Jun Kwang Ryul’s Goo Il Joong and Joo Won’s Ma Jun were father and son legally speaking. But in reality, he was not his biological father. A man, full of firm convictions and strict, Goo Il Joong dedicated himself to work; he strongly believed a man shall reap what he sows. His biological son was Kim Tak Gu (Yoon Shi Yoon) who was Ma Jun’s arch enemy. Ma Jun craved for Il Joong’s love but Il Joong had only Tak Gu on his mind.

Whenever he was acting, sunbae Jun Kwang Ryul emitted a special aura, a halo of light. In order to draw the viewers into the show, he would instantly immerse himself into the drama. I wish to become a person who is full of charisma just like sunbae.

When we were acting opposite each other, even though we are both men, I would also think he is “so handsome”. Sunbae’s had especially deep emotions showing in his eyes. This made his acting even better. If I were to continue acting in this manner, will I also be like sunbae and possess a pair of powerful dashing gaze?

6th August 2011 “Ojakgyo Brothers” – 4 Hwang Brothers’ Strong Mutual Understanding

Ojakgyo Brothers had the best atmosphere. Especially in scenes where the 4 Hwang brothers come together, now as I think back, they are still the ‘Best”. Because we got along very well, we often go to the karaoke room, put on wigs and sang together, we were really happy having fun. These happy memories are still vivid in my mind. Whenever I thought of those times, I will laugh. Although there was significant disparity in our ages, we were close like real brothers.

Joo Won and Hwang Brothers?

On the Ojakgyo farm, Joo Won was number 3 among the Hwang brothers. Big brother Tae Shik was the eldest, he had a strong sense of responsibility but he had no capability. He was indecisive and cautious. Second brother Tae Bom had been an excellent student since young, he wanted to be the best in everything he does. He was the perfect man except for just 2%. Maknae Tae Pil was a playboy; he was eloquent, had strong ability and was spoilt.

Up to now, I still frequently keep in touch with Woong In hyung, Soo Young hyung and Woo Jin hyung, we also meet up. We will root for each other’s new projects. Filming Ojakgyo Brothers, hyungs and I all had different opinions, but we always respect each other. That’s why the show was able to receive so much love from the audience. Because the actors had tacit understanding of each other and were able to cooperate well, wouldn’t this type of atmosphere be abundantly conveyed on the screen?

Towards a new actor like me, Woong In hyung was not difficult at all; he would always speak to me in an unaffected way. Hyung is really the best!

30th May 2012 “Bridal Mask” – Sunbae Kim Eung Soo’s Applause

Although I worked very well with Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yeon and Han Chae Ah and other actors in my peer group, the one who left the deepest impression is sunbae Kim Eung Soo. It is not easy for sunbaes to get close to hoobaes. Especially on the film set, to say even one sentence, it’s also very difficult. Moreover, I am not the lively sort; it was strenuous for me to even approach the sunbaes.

But sunbae Kim Eung Soo took the initiative to give me help. During the initial filming, he would often give me suggestion like “Wouldn’t it be better to it this way?” He would take very good care of me. At that time, I was already very grateful to him, after the production ended; much of it still remained in my heart.

Joo Won and Kim Eung Soo?

After hyung (Shin Hyun Joon) died, Joo Won as Lee Kang To became the 2nd generation Bridal Mask. And at the same time, he was the outstanding police officer, leading dual lives. Konno Goji(Kim Eung Soo) was the Chief of the Police station, he was an elite bureaucrat, and not the military type but has objectivity more like that of an administrator. He was able to rationalize matters and was especially fond of the very capable Kangto.

As the filming progressed, I became closer to sunbae, I also had more confidence towards acting and no longer felt discouraged. Whenever I finished my act, Sunbae Kim Eung Soo would always be at my side  praising me, saying “You did well.” He would even clap his hands. When I was wondering “Did I act it well?” sunbae’s applause rang in my ears, it really gave me tremendous strength. Sunbae’s kind words and applause was what led Kangto in the drama and they were the very important psychological pillars to me.

He made me determined that in the future when I act with my hoobaes, I must praise them more, to become a sunbae who is generous with encouragement. “To all my sunbaes, I am very very thankful to all of you!”

Written by: Joo Won – Edited by : Hwang Young Hee – Source: Naver – Chinese translation: minidadalove on baidu

English translation: mrdimples from soompi (aka our dear SS)

Joo Won “I Want To Wear More Masks.”

After taking off the Bridal Mask, Joo Won would like to wear more masks.

“If the interviewer does not mind, can I have some snacks while doing this interview?” In order to attend this interview, with the sound of his footsteps going “da da da”, Joo Won came running in, hands full of various tidbits. “When I am tired, eating snacks will lift me up.” thus said Joo Won, the “Snack King” who is always eating tidbits. How more interesting can this get? This Bridal Mask who is eating snacks and laughing “haha” at the same time.

Today, Joo Won is one of those young actors who are attracting the most attention in Korea. In Baker King Kim Tak Gu, he received attention together with Yoon Shi Yoon, then he acted with Uhm Tae Woong in the movie “ Special Investigation Unit”, followed by filming the drama “Bridal Mask, establishing his own presence.

“Recently, I felt like I have become an idol” Joo Won said. His popularity has monopolized fans ranging from a 3 year old to an elder who can remember the days of the Japanese occupation. Not only this, in the national variety show 2N1D, Joo Won is also interpreting his own role. More than his acting skills, the thing that leaves the audience with a deep impression in their memories is that Joo Won is an actor who knows how to let himself go because of the drama.

In Bridal Mask, Joo Won went from an unrestrained Lee Kangto to become a pure and innocent man who was passionately in love with Mok Dan. He also had to act out many action scenes. In the drama, he used suppression and bitterness to replace his old image of being an obedient man, and he perfectly portrayed the Lee Kangto who bore the sufferings of that era.

“Actually when I took the script of Bridal Mask, I already started to feel the pressure. It was a 10 billion mega production and also a very famous manhwa, and there were many emotional and action scenes, so I was very worried whether as a main actor, would I be able to act well.

In reality, Lee Kangto was a very complex character. Before he wore the mask, he was a betrayer of his own nation. After that, he had to hide his identity, be it in front of the independence fighters or the Japanese. The viewers enjoyed watching it but to the one acting, it was actually a headache.

“The moment I took over the mask from hyung, it was the beginning of my troubles. Although it was just acting, in reality I was also confused. At the police station, on the outside I was Sato Hiroshi but inside I was Lee Kangto. Not only this, I also had to hide the truth from Mok Dan. So more than acting, I was very tired mentally. After the show ended, I still felt confused and my head hurt.”

Even Park Ki Woong who acted alongside with him said “You are the great con-artist at acting.” Joo Won had totally become Lee Kangto. Because of this, the audience got duped as well, found it interesting and tried to understand the character in the drama.

“This is the first production that caused suffering on me physically. Joo Won revealed that “I am a person who alone, can deliver 250 rounds of musical performances. So I was fully confident of my physical stamina when I started. But this time, Bridal Mask was really exhausting, probably because it required one person to show so many different faces, that’s why it was so. “Even though it was like this, Joo Won’s style is the type who does not like to take health supplements.

When he hits the limit, the things that give Joo Won strength are his sense of responsibility and his relationship with people. “I strive to be an actor who is full of vitality.” Joo Won places a lot of emphasis on his interpersonal relationship with the actors and the staff on the set. In order to create a relaxed filming atmosphere, Joo Won candidly opened up and worked hard to get along and work with people around him.

Now that he has taken off the mask, Joo Won spoke of the next challenge that he wants to take. “I want confirm the diverse personalities that’s hidden deep within myself.” Influenced by the main actor in the play “Jekyll and Hyde” who had multiple personalities, Joo Won candidly revealed that he wants to see how many more masks he has within himself.

“After acting in Bridal Mask, I heard for the first time that I am sexy. It’s the first time I discovered that I had a sexy side to me. Perhaps there are still many faces hidden inside me. So I will like to take the challenge.”

Chinese translation: 由米35 on baidu – English translation: SS – Source: bntnews

Joo Won’s 11th October event at New World Department Store

The translation on baidu is not complete and only parts of it were done. Hopefully, the video with subtitles will come out soon as the interview was really fun. On this occasion, they apparently showed Video Letters from people like Lee Su Geun, Shin Hyun Joon, Eugene and Uhm Tae Woong who each asked Joo Won some questions.

11th October Joo Won on MC, Miss Lee’s(can’t translate full name) program. Joo Won started off by greeting the MC.  Then they show many Video Letters from various celebrities

1) What kind of person is Joo Won?

Everyone agreed unanimously that he is good at aegyo but also quite serious.

Hyun Joon hyung said he is totally a maknae

Eugene said that when they were filming Baker King, she had thought that he would have a hard time adjusting to drama production environment, given his background from musical theatre. She was shocked that he adapted so quickly. Afterwards when there is time, will have a meal together.

2) What they want to ask  Joo Won:

Su Geun: “Once when they were filming 1N2D, Joo Won was late. When asked the reason, Joo Won said he had gone out with his mother, that’s the reason why he was late. How is it possible to go out with your mother for so many hours? What “mother” is that?”

Joo Won : “Member can think like this?….really…..of course, it’s my mother. That day, because filming for Bridal Mask had finished and I had not spend time with my family for a long time, I went out with my mother, my aunt and my aunt’s daughter. The 3 of us went for tea and had a meal together, that’s why I was late. I definitely did not go with other women. Su Geun hyung may have thought like this because Jong Min hyung obviously has a girlfriend with whom he will exchange messages when we were filming. But he will lie to other members saying it’s his mother, that’s why (Su Geun) is suspicious. But it was definitely not. It was my mother. Really.”

Hyun Joon hyung: “In Bridal Mask, you worked with Chae Ah and Se Yeon, in reality who would you choose to date?”

(MC interrupted that she would like to hear Hyun Joon’s answer, In reality, is this a question that Hyun Joon would like to be asked?)

Joo Won: “It’s still Se Yeon. When I watched Oohlala Couple, Chae Ah noona and Hyun Joon hyung’s kiss scene, I felt that Hyun Joon hyung was very sincere. This is the first time, I see hyung like this, so I cannot choose Chae Ah noona. Se Yong is very lovable, she makes one very comfortable. When the atmosphere on Bridal Mask set got very heavy, once Se Yeon appeared, everyone’s mood became good, she is a person who makes people happy and laugh.”

Uhm Tae Woong as usual posed a question that needed the MC to re-phrase and explain in order that everyone understood what he was asking.

(SS comment: I love his question most!)

His questions:

1)      At a place where no one knows Joo Won…….

Joo Won: “Together with a girl whom I have fallen in love, I would like to spend the entire day, the 2 of us clinging together. (MC asked what will you want to do, requiring the entire day? Joo Won laughed as he let everybody use their imagination). Finally, he seized the situation and laughed shyly, saying: “Both are man and woman, as long as two are together, what will happen?”

2)      Compared to Joo Won, which area is Tae Woong better in?

Joo Won: “Tae Woong hyun physique is really superb. When 1N2D members were having our baths together, I have seen *-_-*, Tae Woong’s body is really good.”

When the Video Letter finished, Joo Won was still talking about 1N2D, the MC asked Joo Won : “You like women so much?”

Joo Won: “Because I am a man. Although I have a child-like face, I am still a man. Ahjummas are seriously so cute, kekekekeke.”

MC: “When you were filming 1N2D, did the members talk about topics regarding female celebrities and women?”

Joo Won: Recently we talked quite a lot about “Secret” and how beautiful “Sistar” is.

Chinese translation: m217tw on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: fan’s account on DC

Joo Won’s 11th October event at New World Department Store

Part 2

This is another translation of the 11th October event at New World Department Store

The event was attended by 100 female fans. And besides the Video Letters section covered in yesterday’s post, they also had Joo Won acting skits and being asked and asking more questions.

Scenario 1 – The Man Who Unconditionally Stands By Me.

Skit Scene: Joo Won and his girlfriend are sitting in a car, GF is driving but she gets into an accident due to her carelessness. The 3rd party acted by MC (MC Ahjussi) started shouting: “Ahjumma, how do you drive!?”Joo Won grabbed the Ahjussi’s arm and said: “Let’s come to the side and talk.” As he said that, he was shielding his girlfriend who was standing beside him, all the time.

When the skit ended, Ahjussi MC said: “When he grabbed my arm just now, he was really strong! He has a face like a child, loves to aegyo but behind these, he is a real man, he is really a suave, cool guy.” The MC went on to say that when he sees Joo Won face on; he felt that he is kind and adorable but when he looks at him from the side, he felt he was all Man. Joo Won said he also likes this type of scenario where he can protect his woman. He even continued, saying his mother told him: “In front of others, even if the woman whom you love has done wrong, you have to stand by her side unconditionally. Afterwards, then you can clarify with her and correct the mistake. But in front of others, you must definitely stand by her side.”

Scenario 2 – “Towards your girlfriend, would you behave in an aeygo manner?”

Skit scene: On a cold autumn day, because the boyfriend is late, the girlfriend (acted by the lady MC) had waited for him for more than one hour. In order to dissipate her anger, Joo Won behaves in an aegyo manner towards his girlfriend. Joo Won kept holding his girlfriend’s hands, rocking side to side, his mouth mumbling the reason why he was late. He said it was because he had prepared a surprise for her, that’s why he arrived late. It was a big surprise that he himself prepared and she would definitely be very happy to see it. Then he back hugged his girlfriend, making the audience’s hearts beat rapidly.

One young university student from the audience got a chance to go on stage with Joo Won. The MC asked: “Do you have a boyfriend?” The female u student answered: “I do not have a boyfriend now.” She said that she had never received any surprise from a boyfriend before. She hoped that Joo Won can fulfill her wish by giving her a back hug. So Joo Won promptly gave her a back hug! Making all the members of the audience be it married or single women go “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Question 1 – Ideal Type?

It was the same as covered in reports- a girl who loves to respect elders and have good manners. Joo Won said that in the past when he accompanied his mother to the market, he saw a girl who was very rude to her elder. Perhaps because he was thinking of that incident, he suddenly became very serious and said “If that elder is you mother, would you have treated her like that?!” When he was young, Joo Won’s mother’s words to him were not “You must study well.” but rather “You must respect the elders” So Joo Won has been influenced by his mother.

Question 2 – When Will You Marry?

Joo Won said in the past, he wanted to get married earlier. But now the things that he has to do are really too many. When things became more stable, when he has the money and house, he will consider marriage. He said he would like to propose to his girlfriend on stage. After his performance has finished, he would like to light up the entire stage with twinkling lights, like the stars in the sky, it would be very beautiful, and then he would sing a confession song. When the MC requested for him to sing there and then, Joo Won sang a piece from a musical (the one that he always sings?). But he forgot some lyrics as he sang, his face turned very red and he got terribly embarrassed. But still he completed the song beautifully.

Joo Won’s First Question – What is it with women that he is curious about?

“Hmmm…” After a long while, Joo Won suddenly asked “Ah! Why are women like this? Why do they always speak and feel differently? Joo Won continued “Let’s say I go to a fast food restaurant with my girlfriend and my girlfriend would like to eat a beef burger but it’s all sold out. So I asked my girlfriend “There is no more beef burger, would you like a chicken burger?” Girlfriend said “I do not like chicken burgers, have one yourself!” So I just bought one chicken burger for myself. I said to her “Let’s eat together!” She would suddenly become very mad, why is it so?” In the end, he got a round of scolding by the MCs. Sunbae MC explained: “When your girlfriend said there is no beef burger, eat something else, she is already angry. No matter what, you have to quickly find another fast food restaurant and eat the beef burger with her. You have to show your GF your determination “I will find all ways to give you the beef burger” Afterwards; Joo Won started to get confused.

Joo Won’s 2nd Question – Why Do Women love ‘Push & Pull” So Much?

“Why don’t women say to their loved ones: I miss you, I love you? Instead, they hide their feelings?” Joo Won asked. Then the MC painstakingly explained: “That is because before a woman is certain of her man’s love for her, she will try to avoid getting hurt. This is the reason she does it.” Once the man is clear about his feelings, the woman will not hold back anything but give everything to the man. Because later if they were to part, the one who suffers first the pain and hurt is the woman. So in order to protect themselves, women will “push & pull” when it comes to love.” As the Ahjussi MC was saying these, Joo Won was blinking his big eyes, as if he was listening to a teacher giving a lesson. He nodded as he listened.

Misc 1: Joo Won’s Avatar on Kakaotalk is a photo of him with his 1N2D hyungs.

Misc 2: MC telling Joo Won not to show too much filial piety(towards his own parents?) in front of his girlfriend. But he must be very good to the girl’s parents. (LOL!)

Chinese translation: 由米35 – English translation: SS – Source: DC fan @생탁

Love Sportswear. I am Boring and also not Handsome

Joo Won, the ordinary looking but extraordinary actor

He is an actor who does not need to dress up and yet he shines brightly in both appearance and acting skills. Possessing flower boy good looks and a charming smile, every word he says carries weight. Is that why his acting is so great? We do not need to compare him with those more experienced actors, because Joo Won being the “strongest among his peers” is making major strides in his acting career.

Nothing, not the wind nor the rain can stop Joo Won’s progress. Debuting in the 2010 Baker King Kim Tak Gu whose ratings shot over 45% followed by Ojakgyo Brothers which had a ratings of almost 40%. It is not only numbers but Joo Won’s matured acting which stood out in the audience’s eyes and gradually entered their hearts. Compared to his earlier works, the recent Bridal Mask which although had lower ratings, it more than adequately showcased Joo Won’s growth as an actor.

The first question we asked when we met Joo Won was “Is your voice all right?” In Bridal Mask, there were many scenes that required shouting so we were worried. “It did change a little for the worse because it was a character who could not control his emotions. That’s why I just let it all out.” When we heard Joo Won spoke about the state of his voice, we were shocked that in in such a condition, he could still display such outstanding acting skills.

Not just shouting, there were a lot of action scenes that exact a physical toil on the body. At the end of an emotional crying scene, his hands and feet will become numb. His love lines with Mok Dan were also the envy of many. The role of Lee Kangto which he played, was not an easy one.

“After Bridal Mask, I let go(laughs). I need to let go of everything in order to act out perfectly all the different expressions and emotions of Lee Kangto. When I saw the script, my lines had the most exclamations,  so when I act, I needed to substantiate myself with the right feelings. Especially those two consecutive days of filming the death scenes of ‘hyung’ and ‘mother’, it was very distressing and difficult.”

Joo Won said “After the scene, my hands and feet went numb, even breathing was difficult.” Even though he threw his entire self into the act, there were some regrets. At the time of acting, he felt he had done his best, however later, he discovered there were much that was not adequate. It is probably natural for an actor to think this way.

“When I was filming, I will tell myself not to be like this. But because I did not sleep well, my physical energy and mental strength also declined. Hence there were many details that I neglected. When I was acting those emotional scenes, I concentrated fully. But in the smaller scenes, I did not invest much of my experience into it. This is the part that makes me regret. “

Normally, Joo Won loves to wear sportswear, he does not like to dress up. It came to a point where his stylist banned him from wearing sportswear. However as an actor, Joo Won is totally different. “Although I am not sure if it’s right or wrong, but (as an actor) if I do not adequately express my own ideas, I will became very sensitive. If I do not perform well, I will be mad.”

We wonder if this is the reason for his rapid growth? Joo Won said “After each piece of work is over, I honestly felt my own progress.”

3 dramas, 3 different roles. His choice may be a reflection of his desire towards acting. Joo Won said “When I look at the role, first I will see if it is attractive, and if the plot has twists and turns, that will be even better. Up till now, all the roles that I have played are characters who have a lot of pain and suffering buried in their hearts, I pity them that’s why I made the choice.”

Joo Won chooses to act in romance, setting himself the next challenge.

“I want to act in a romantic love drama. When I started acting, I already felt that acting romantic love scenes are the most beautiful and also the most difficult. For man, of all emotional expressions, the expression of love should be the most difficult. Although I can’t wait to act but there must be time to prepare. To me, love is the most difficult, moreover I also do not really understand a woman’s heart(laughs).”

It may not be fitting to describe Joo Won as lanky and tall, sturdily built and having a pure innocent manga face of a protagonist. But these word will not be enough if we were to describe him when he is completely immersed in acting.

“I am not the type who is very dashing in appearance. Moreover, I am not interesting, nor handsome, I look more ordinary than anyone else.” Joo Won added. Although we could not agree, but since he emphasized so many times, we will just it slip. But there is one thing which not matter what is said, we will not compromise. It is that he is indeed an extraordinary actor.

Chinese translation:  baidu – English translation: mrdimples@soompi – aka SS – Source: nocutnews

Questions on my mind – how is he going to prepare himself to act in this upcoming romantic drama with regards to expressing love? – and he doesn’t understand women well? My dear cutie, don’t compare women to animals although you do bring out the animal in them.

SS: I have been sitting on this article for almost a week. Since today is Joo Won’s special day, I decided to knuckle down and do the translations. The reason why I love this one is that it revealed the early days where his beliefs and attitudes like being humble, polite and hard working were grounded.
TV Daily Interview with Joo Won
Through Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Korean actor Joo Won debuted in the entertainment world. He then continued to star in Ojakgyo Brothers, receiving a lot of love from ahjumma fans. Now, he has exhibited extraordinary acting skills in Bridal Mask. Today, even among well-known actors in the 30s to 40s age range appearing on TV screens, the age 20plus young actor was able to display an exquisite acting skills and endurance that exceeded expectations. In each episode of Bridal Mask, there will be endless stream of comments on the web, praising Joo Won for his acting skills. Not only did he receive praises from the viewers for his acting prowess, those who act along with him in the drama like Park Ki Woong, Han Chae Ah and Kim Eung Soo also praised him unceasingly. Not only does Joo Won know how to play aegyo, he is also a polite actor.
Bridal Mask martial arts instructor Shen Choi Min praised him saying “Of all the actors, the one who stands out in terms of martial arts moves is Joo Won; his growth is practically like swift wind and quick as lightning.” Joo Won’s stunt double Lee Tae Young also expressed “Of all the actor I have met, Joo Won is the most outstanding one.”
When Joo Won heard all the compliments everyone had heaped on him, he was a bit embarrassed and laughed “The thing I placed most importance on is “Basics”. An actor, no matter how well he acts or how well he does everything, if he does not have the basics, he will not be liked. Knowing your manners is fundamental. When you are learning, if you have the humility to receive the teachings of others, then you can be called someone who has the basics. I also love to respect those people who have the “Basics”. He went on and added “I feel that I am still very lacking. That’s why, no matter where I go, whoever I meet, I will be very humble. Of course, towards sunbae Kim Eung Soo, I am even more so. Kim Eung Soo sunbae’s acting skills is superb and his personality is amazingly good. So I have always been very respectful towards him, I will also like to learn a lot about acting techniques from him. No matter what sunbae say, I will stand by his side, like a fool going “Ah Ah” smiling as I listened. I will follow this most basic of manners.
Although Joo Won often loves to play aegyo, he does not talk much. He said “When everyone watched 1N2D, they will know that I am always running to and fro, not a vivacious person. Haha.” When he was asked “You don’t seem to come across as an introverted student when you were young” Joo Won would only smile and say nothing. It was his dedication to acting that led him. At first, it was due to his introvert nature that he started to study drama, however from a certain moment onwards, acting became the most important part of his life.
Joo Won expressed: “When I got into High School of Arts, there were friends I knew from drama class, there were also child celebrity actors. Perhaps it was because I was very passionate and had a firm determination towards acting, I was able to take on the responsibility of being the class monitor and drama group director. When I was young, no matter how many nights I had to stay up, I never felt any slightest bit of tiredness. I am very clear about the fact that I have no merit that is a cut above anyone else. I can say that I am an ignorant person; I only know how to concentrate on acting. Performing arts students are all very handsome and cool, compared to them, I am still very far away. “Never thought that “Perfectly handsome” Joo Won would say these things. When Joo Won saw that the puzzled look on the reporter/writer’s face, he again emphasized that “It’s absolutely true.” He stated “It is said that if everyone is conscientious, then you must work even harder.” But what I can be certain of is that no all are hardworking. Of course, I am also not someone who is striving very hard, compared to me; there are some who are even more conscientious. But when I was attending school, I witness some students who were very lazy, and there were some who loved to play more than acting, these people have never worked hard. Every day, I will just practice acting into the night, maybe when they saw how serious I was, that’s why they selected me to act in the musical.
In High School of Arts, Performing Acts was known as the “Evil Torture Training Camp.” And Joo Won was the class monitor and troupe director, his strict teaching methods was notorious in the entire school. In 3rd year of High School, he will arrive punctually at school at 7am daily; he had never been late once. So it can be seen that not only was Joo Won strict towards his juniors, he was also extremely hard on himself.
He said: “During my time in High School of Arts, I had already shaped my life “Basics”. Of course, my parents’ contribute a huge significance to my upbringing. My parents always taught me how to be a punctual and polite person. When I attended school, I experienced for myself the importance of these two things. For example, you have to be polite to everyone; you must keep to the appointed time. As a maknae, you must understand what you have to do and the kind of attitude you must possess as a sunbae. I learnt a lot.  Seriously, good manners and punctuality is the most important in the world. In my 3 years in High School, I reached school at 7am every day. In my first year, whatever tasks the seniors instructed me to do, I will complete them diligently. When I was in 2nd year, I did not forget to take care of my juniors. The juniors may secretly wonder “Why does he arrive so early every day?” Haha. Although it was a simple thing, I was serious about it.
Joo Won also expressed that if he made a mistake, he will never accuse his junior. When asked “The juniors must be very annoying?” Joo Won already knew what we were getting at, he said it as a matter of fact “They were all very afraid of me. Every day at 7.30am, the juniors will have to clean the drama set, but I will be there at 7am daily. Of course I was very tired, but I will not just watch the juniors clean, sometimes I will severely reprimand those latecomers. They must have thought that I was very strict, but I was not strict towards them under unreasonable circumstances.” Joo Won’s innocent smile and slow manner of speech made one feels that he is truly a “Good Man”. But when the word “Acting” is mentioned, Joo Won’s eyes sharpened immediately. He expressed that ever since he chose to go into acting till now, he has never for a moment, regretted. When he announced to his parents, his decision to study in a high school of art, he had said even if he had to eat instant noodles for his 3 meals every day, he will still want to act. Joo Won’s mother understood her son very well, she said to him “Since this is your own decision, then you shouldn’t have any regrets, work hard towards this path.” Joo Won engraved his mother’s words deep onto his heart. Perhaps because of this strong support from his mother which motivates him, he has never regretted.
Joo Won revealed “When I stand on the stage, my parents were very happy for me. My family has always been living harmoniously. But my mother lives together with 3 men (my father, my elder brother and myself), so a bit of laughter is lacking. Even though I was at home playing aegyo, it was harder than it would have been for a daughter. But when I was a musical actor, standing on the stage, my parents were really happy for me. If other parents watched their children perform once, you can say my mother watched me 10 times. When I was acting in the musical, I started to earn money. Now that I am acting in dramas, this will definitely bring more laughter to the family. After my choice to go into acting, family harmony is the most important reward to me.
At the end, this writer asked Joo Won, what type of actor will he like to become in the future? Joo Won answered: “I will like to be an unpretentious actor who is able to express his emotions naturally. I hope that whenever the audience sees me, they will say I am an actor who is worthy of trust. Also, I have said this since my musical theatre days; my dream is to be a humane actor.”
Chinese Translations: 3648vqh from baidu – English Translations: SS  –  Source: TVDaily

SS: He is so funny & cute. I never tire reading about his thoughts. Just so happy to have all these interviews.

Joo Won: Bridal Mask To Me Was Also A Risky Project

“Gaksital will never forgive you!” “Mom**Biong!”

Possessing two types of charm, Joo Won entered the hearts of the viewers. In KBS’ Bridal Mask, as the national hero, he displayed charisma, in variery show Happy Sunday – 1N2D killing people with his shy smile and aegyo, he has firmly captured the hearts of fans.

Debuting in 2010 Baker King, in a span of 2 years, he climbed to the top. Acting in weekend drama Ojakgyo Brothers and the latest drama that just ended – Bridal Mask and also the currently airing national variety show 1N2D, he has become the Star of this era. I wanted to meet with the national hero, the son of the nation and the national star Joo Won. 185cm tall, face the size of a palm with exquisite features, he looks just like a matured youth. eNews sees Joo Won’s honesty and sincerity.

After the drama finished, how have you been spending your time?

“Now, I still feel very empty. Recently, I have been attending interviews, fan meetings and autograph events.”

Do you feel your popularity?

“When I am out, I am not too sure. But at the autograph session, I felt it. About 3,000 people came, it was then that I felt loved by so many people. Previously, my fans are mostly in their 20s. Now, there many children, junior, middle and high school students, it’s like I have become an idol(laughs). Little kids will shout “Gaksital!”(laughs).

This drama and those previous ones, all had very good ratings.

“Ratings Man is a title that makes me feel a little burdened. It was because the script was meaningful, luck was good. I don’t feel that it’s because of me that the drama is good.  If its’ like this and the next drama, the ratings are not good(laughs)”

Bridal Mask comparing to other dramas, seems to have more special meaning

“Production company and broadcast station also took the challenge. I too had to take the risk. The most worrisome is not the competing dramas but that I took on the main lead. A massive amount was invested in the project and there were many excellent actors, if it didn’t turn out well, it must be my fault, I will seriously think this way. The stress was no joking matter, so I had to work even harder.”

You worked every hard in preparation, can you give some specific examples?

“Initially, it was difficult to grasp the character. In order to let the audience understand the underlying meaning, in the beginning, the foundation must be done well. So it was very difficult. There were also many Action. In order to be realistic, when fighting martial arts I had to use a lot of strength. Before Kangto wore the bridal mask, I also had to prepare a lot.”

Initially, the casting was difficult?

“Actually a lot of Hallyu stars rejected to take a role in this drama, I also found out after I started production. I simply wanted based my decision on the piece of work and the character. The script was great, the scenes were also spectacular. Kangto is a character who many abilities, yet he was so pitiful, it’s a role that will invoke a lot of sympathy. The piece of work and the character were all very attractive, actually I didn’t think of any other factors.”

That’s why you are called the Patriotic Actor

“Although I am very thankful, I cannot say that other actor do no love their country. Every time when I hear this, I will feel the stress and shy about having chosen this piece of work.”

In Bridal Mask, the change in the character was not easy. Between XX and Patriot, the change was very difficult.

“Personally I felt that the time taken to change to become patriotic(Kangto) was too short. Why did he want to wear the Bridal Mask? Why did he want to become a patriot? I put a lot of effort to make it look legitimate. After I wear the Bridal Mask, I also had to hide my identity. To express my grievances, the struggle to live, it was very hard and complex.”

Angry scenes must be done in order to leave as strong impression.

“Usually I won’t get angry, all the more I will not lose my temper in front of the camera. The pressure was tremendous. Especially when this type of acting will leave the audience a bit of a burden, it make me agonized. However, if you think too much, you will not be able to grasp the character well. Thus, I was determined not to worry too much about these. I have asked the director, did I over act the angry parts. But he said it doesn’t matter so I also did not care about it and went ahead to express without restrain(laughs).”

The most regrettable part.

“They were many. Important scenes I was very focused. But because I was physically exhausted and I did not sleep well, so there were some scenes where I did not take note of the details. I feel I could have done even better, it was regrettable.”

Crying scenes made the audience cry with you. In actual fact, just love to cry. In Ojakgyo Brothers, tears poured in torrents.

“I didn’t cry well, it seemed a little strang(laughs). When I was supposed to cry I didn’t cry. Like when Shi Yoon got hurt in Baker King, why did I have to cry? (laughs). When I was watching the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” I also cried. Reporter, do you think there were any scenes in that movie that will make people cry?(laughs). Everyone did not cry, only me when I watched the part where the main actor gave up his Golden Ticket for his family member, I cried.”

Older women in their 40s and 50s also love Joo Won

“No matter what, it seems like Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers left them with an impression. Also in 1N2D, a lot of elders like to watch. But grandpas and grandmas also love 1N2D”

Now there is a feeling of youth.

“I like the sensibility of a child. To put it nicer, being simple is also able to help an actor. If you can demonstrate being like a child, it is also very good. You can say like a clean slate. (laughs)

Compared to Jin Se Yeon who played your love interest, you seemed to have even deeper feelings for Park Ki Woong

“Hyung is a very kind person. The first time I met hyung, we already did ‘skinship’, we also shook hands, it felt a bit imposing. (laughs). In filming the drama, the 2 of us had to stay up every night. I started filming from the 1st March and Hyung started in April. When he saw me, he asked how did I perseverve. Because we could relate to each other, we became very close.”

After Bridal Mask filming ended, what changed the most?

“Needless to say, it was acting skills. However, even more important than this is the attitude one must possess as the main actor. In times like this, I really feel that the sunbaes are really fantastic. Even in pain, even when tired, even when sensitive, even when it’s tough, they still control it and exhibit a cheerful side, possessing the ability to lead. Tae Woong Hyung has ever praised me for having the ability to lead. After Bridal Mask was completed, I had a lot of thoughts. I am also determined to do better the next time.”

This time, after the drama finished, you received a lot of CFs.

(Asked the manager) “Did I earn a lot of money?(laughs) Because I earned a lot, I thought of buying a house. Imagine the sun shining in, closing your eyes, how happy I would be(laughs). Although, the house at which I stay with my parents is also good, but I want to buy a 3-storey house. With my parents, me and my hyung, living together like this. Although my sister-in-law won’t like it(laughs)”

1N2D maknae Joo Won vs Bridal Mask Joo Won, which is the real you?

“The real me is 1N2D. I love to aegyo with my hyungs. But with younger brothers and sisters, I am especially good at acting as an adult. (laughs)”

Very good at acting like a child.

“When I was young, my mother always grumbled she had no daughter. I didn’t want to keep hearing this so from young, I will act like a daughter(laughs). Cooking together with mom, washing the dishes, also become closer in this way. But no matter what, a son still cannot be like a daughter(laughs).”

How do you normally relieve stress?

Although there is stress, there is no way to relieve it. I cannot drink, only drink iced coffee(laughs). Just quietly let time take the stress away.

Ideal Type

“I like cheerful, kind people. Like a bear. Because I hate calculative(or is it manipulative?) type, once the other party “push and pull” I will immediately break up. A girl like Mok Dan is hard to find. Throughout her life, she only thought of the boy who gave her the knife. In reality, there won’t be such a woman. I like the simple, pure type. Difference in age does not matter. “

Roles that you will like to try

“Till now, all those role that I have acted in are older than my actual age. More serious, sincere characters. Hope to try a character who is sweet, no need to bleed, a character in the 20s.”

The ambition of an actor.

Just like now, being able to learn a lot of things from the work will be good. Growing bit by bit with each acting project, I want to be become a humane actor, not to be too ambitious.

Chinese translations: minidadalove from baidu – English translations: SS

The age range of my fans has broadened so it feels like I’ve suddenly become an idol. Now, even young kids aged 3 or 4 run away from me.” [really? wont they be running to you???]
Drama Gaksital, which ended on 6th September, allowed Joo Won to prove his immense popularity.
When news of the commencement of auditions for Gaksital first broke, the audience said “Oh…how will this end? It’s hard to say.”
Joo Won, had earlier appeared in KBS 2′s Baker King and Ojakyo Brothers and had given all he had to his roles but Gaksital was the first time Joo Won would take on the lead role.
“When I first got the script for Gaksital, I didn’t hesitate at all. I decided to take up the role because I felt that this was an outstanding production. Also, to an actor who is still improving, this drama would be one beneficial to helping me hone my skills. That was all. I never considered anything else.”
Nevertheless, in the first ratings battle between Gaksital, top star headed Ghost and MBC’s I do I do, Gaksital won the race and maintained top spot. Due to the fact that the drama was about a hero in the era of the Japanese Occupation, Joo Won received the nickname “Patriotic Actor”.
“I am still not able to live up to the title ‘Patriotic Actor’. It’s not just me, the other actors all deserve to be called so. this nickname came too suddenly and I never imagined it would happen. ‘Rating Man’ is also a nickname that gave me a huge burden. Thankfully, I’ve always prepared myself for the ratings. Maybe next time I’ll be second or maybe the audience won’t know if I’m in a drama or not and the ratings could drop.”
From start to end, Gaksital was able to maintain its top spot and ended beautifully with a ratings high of 22.9%. The ending of the drama is still a hot topic. Mok Dan, whom Gaksital loved deeply, and Shunji, Gaksital’s ex-best friend, both died. the Dong Jin death troop soldiers and the student that survived the Imperial Police massacre joined civilians on the streets of Kyung Sung and participated in the mansei movement. Although we don’t get to see if the movement was successful, that scene still managed to touch the hearts of many.
“Although everyone sacrificed, and it felt very unfortunate, but the last scene was very cool. The only thing that I felt regretful about was that when we were filming the last scene, there was a huge downpour. We had to wait for the rain to stop before we could start filming but it was a flawless, awesome scene. Regardless of whether Gaksital died or not or despite the fact that it didn’t appear grand, even more people put on the mask and participated in movement in support of the independence movement. Perhaps at first everything felt so surreal but it was a scene that left a deep impression.”
Gaksital brought many things to this actor who has only debuted for 3 years. Joo Won said “Not only did I prepare before filming started, during filming, I thought a lot about my country and the pain of the people. I made use of the realisations I got through studying and put it into my acting. I put in a lot of hard work. Through studying history, I got to understand the pain of the people and their love for their country.”
But that is not the end for Joo Won.
“I’ve learnt a lot with regard to acting and I have also learnt how to express my opinion. When I was acting out Kangto, the director’s opinion is important but I have also learnt to express my own thoughts and confidence. It’s my first time taking on a lead role so even if I was not especially good, but there were times when I thought “Ah, so I could do it too.”. I would tell myself “You did well for your first try.” Also, I have learnt how to lead the staff and other actors as a lead actor.:
Just like that, Joo Won has climbed the next step of his acting career with Gaksital. When he first debuted, everyone was calling him Kang Dong Won Jr, Gu Ma Jun and other nicknames but now, it has become “Although he is still young, he is someone with very good acting skills.”
Finally, we asked Joo Won if he would take part in a Gaksital sequel if one was ever planned. Joo won said ok without hesitation at all.
“If there really is a Gaksital sequel, I want to be part of it again because there are very few dramas in Korea that have many seasons. But Park Ki Woong hyung and Ji Se Yeon and other actors have died so that’s going to be very sad.
Chinese translation by 由米35 @ baidu English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

As Bridal Mask, My Patriotism Grew Stronger
After Joo Won continued from Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, he has hit 3 consecutively.
Putting on the mask and instantly changing the stance, his selection of work has been very fortunate.
My luck seems to be very good. Not only acting but I also learnt a lot about history. Bearing in my mind, I remember the sufferings of my people, my patriotism also grew stronger. I really feel that this country is so worthy of my love.
On the 17th, in the brunt of the typhoon and rain, I met with Joo Won. After Bridal Mask, he changed his style, with his hair permed and wore a shy smile with his dimples, he returned to the 25 year old youth
However he has not shed off the burden of being the lead actor. On that day, Joo Won seemed to bear the weight of the sky, making one feel that he was a bit tired. Living as a Korean hero in Imperial Japan occupation. KBS’s Bridal Mask had ended on the 6th with the highest viewership rating of 22.9%. Joo Won in Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers to Bridal Mask, has consecutively achieved 3 hits. Rising to the top position of being the lead actor.
A few days ago, at the fan signing event, I really had a big shock. So many people came, because the junior high school students were screaming, my eardrums almost burst. (laughs). There were even kindergarten kids. I really felt the popularity of Bridal Mask. It’s the first time, I am recognized by little children and received their love. It seems like man and woman, elderly and young, all loved Bridal Mask.
Rising at a high speed, in his third drama, leading this era’s big production, perfectly taking on the drama’s role and fulfilling his job, he has even been named high ranking actor.
“It seems like if the script is good, the drama will naturally be good. My luck is good, I have consecutively picked 3 dramas with good scripts. Also, the soonbaes whom I worked with are very good. So I am very fortunate. I worry if this luck may change in the future.
Deeply loyal to the Japanese, Lee Kangto after taking over the baton from his brother, wore the bridal mask. He led a dual life as a Japanese policeman and as Bridal Mask. Acting thus as Lee Kangto, he perfectly conveys psychological inner turmoil, his tragic fate with his childhood love etc. In every turn, he executes highly difficult, charismatic action moves.
“Up to now, there is still remnants. Every day, it was very difficult, up to the last day of filming, I thought: “It just ends like this?” It does not seem real. Have been striving for so hard and suddenly it ended, I felt confused and lost. In the corner of my heart, I felt the emptiness.
He had a many scenes in the drama, in the middle of it, he had to act 2 different roles with dual lives, he also spent a lot of effort on the action parts, all of which stretched him to his limits.
“I depended on my mental strength. Although there were a few times where I almost had to be sent to the hospital, if I were to collapse, that would be the end of the broadcast. So I tried very hard to hold on. At the end, it was as if I was using superhuman strength to act. In that state, I was worried if I could memorise my lines and complete the shoot in time for broadcast. But once filming starts, I will immediately immerse into the scene. Although I had torn ligaments, I cannot show it. At the end of every episode I will be wearing a bandage, even then I still cannot complain.
Regarding the dual lives of Lee Kangto, he expressed that “This is not humanly possible. In real life, it is definitely impossible.” He shook his head. “It’s too difficult. Have to fool the people(in the drama) and also the audience In the scenes with Shunji, every one of them made me distressed. Showing the distressed look became a subject of Lee Kangto. At the end, there were people who said I was super in deceitful acting.(laughs).
Bridal Mask’s expression gives a strange feeling. Wearing the mask, exposing only the mouth and the eyes, it’s mysterious. Lee Kangto who appears, only wearing a mask and is able to give the audience anticipation and excitement, making one’s heart throbbed.
“In the beginning I even felt like changing the mask, it felt strange” Will I be able to wear this mask and yet able act out my emotions? I had this worry. But the mask fitted my face and in the later period, the mask became part of my face, it became very suited to it. The instant I put on the mask, my shoulders and my arms had the strength, the body reacted naturally to the stance of Bridal Mask.
Honestly speaking, I was very afraid of being hurt. There were already many action scenes. Although in action genre, I will have my own stunt double, I did a lot of parts myself. Also the stunt double was shorter than me, so all the important close shots were done by me. The continuous filming required a lot of energy, I also naturally learnt the essentials of martial arts. There was one scene that was shot over 3 days, in the end here did the action part go? I thought a lot. But when I watched an action scene that was filmed this way, I felt fulfilled.
Joo Won acted as Lee Kangto who had a sad family past and shouldered a heavy burden. It was very pitiful and sad. Acting as a childhood friend turned enemies, Ki Woong Hyung also gave me a lot of help. Hyung’s facial expression changes in the later episodes shocked me. It was the same when we were not filming. His immersion into his character was frightening. An actor who can convey this type of vibe is able to play the role very well. Hyung’s reaction was especially good.
Appearing as a hero in Bridal Mask, he has never failed to appear on variety show Happy Sunday-1N2D. Because of this, he stayed close to the viewers’ hearts.
“1N2D is really very good. No matter how hard it is, I will go for 1N2D filming, it’s very enjoyable. All my tiredness will be dissipated. Just looking at the hyungs, I will laugh very hard. I wasn’t able to be funny and bring laughter, I feel apologetic. (Laughs) So, no matter what hyungs asked me to do, I will use my best efforts to do so. Hyungs always cheer for Bridal Mask.
After completing a big production of a period drama, he now wants to attempt a piece that will be closer to his own image. I want to try acting sweet and caring or romantic comedy. As long as I would not need to shed blood for the time being, it will be good (laughs). After resting a while, I hope to embark immediately on my new project.
Source: Yonhap News – Chinese translation by minidadalove on baidu – English translation by SS

615 comments on “OBsessions 6

  1. Anonymous says:

    After School comeback teaser picture …


  2. Anonymous says:

    Uee’s teaser picture


  3. iviih says:

    I thought this news would be here already, but I see they don’t.

    So MCW confirmed she’ll star on the medical drama with JW.

    I don’t know what to think tbh.

    I wished they were on a drama where I could ship them but not on this drama because of how JW’s character is going to be, it would be just weird…



  4. Anonymous says:

    Uee (Afterschool’s) new MV teaser


  5. Anonymous says:

    love this kiss..hehe..


  6. Lily says:

    Barefoot friends episode 13 preview… T_T why is Uee crying? Guys if there is anyone who understands Korean(written), Could you please translate what the captions say?? Pretty please!
    Thanks ❤


    • Softy says:

      I don’t know what the captions say, but I watched today’s and she also cried on this episode. It’s cuz normally she can get over a phobia or fear well, but she couldnt this time. i will quote word for word what she said “normally i can recover well, but i cant seem to this time around so it’s very frustrating.” if youve been watching, in the beginning she did well but after a certain point, she started letting her fear/phobia affect her jumps and position as she dove into the water. once she got it into her head to fear – the diving, height of the diving board, wanting to do well and knowing she could, but not being to – all of that is taking a toll on her. Her tears tonight was just frustration, but not sure why she bawled on the preview.


      • Lily says:

        Thank you so much dear Softy.
        I actually haven’t watched today’s episode, since there aren’t subs yet, but I feel so bad :/ I love her and I am pretty sure I watched all of her shows, and in We got married she volunteered to jump first from a pretty high tower and even went on a very scary ride(idk how it’s called but that thing takes you all the they up probably 20 meters or something and then drops you off in couple of seconds), although she was a little bit scared like every other person would be, but compared to the other girls she was the most courageous, so on BFF when she said she was afraid of heights, honestly speaking I didn’t take it too seriously, since I am so used to see her doing her best in everything , I thought oh no big deal who wouldn’t be scared to jump from 10 meters plus she is very athletic so I thought she is kinda exaggerating it for the show to make it more entertaining to watch. But I feel so bad, now I realize that she really has a phobia and I imagine how hard and frustrating it must have been for her. Good thing she has the awesome members of BFF next to her, so they will encourage and support her.
        Thanks again dear.


  7. nonski says:

    Good Doctor’s trailer is now out!


  8. ell says:

    hello everyone.. this is my first time to give a comment although i visit the site everyday. i am a very big fan of joo won. i am so into him now especially after marathoning bridal mask and ojakgyo brothers…cant wait for his next series..i also want to say that its so comforting to be reading comments from others who feel the same way.. im thankful for this site..i look forward to commenting with u guys from this time on…


    • nonski says:

      hello ell, glad that you like it here and come back often, soon JW’s drama will be airing and you will be able to experience an entirely different kind of JW fandom here and Softy’s brand of live transcapping. 🙂


      • ell says:

        im looking forward to it.. was actually sad cause i was really so obsessed with ojakkgyo, and bridal mask AND JOO WON! but seemed that all have moved on.. I was too late i had no one to share thee obsession.. hehe


        • SS says:

          Hi ell, you have come to the right place where Ojakgyo Brothers is concerned. The OBsession reached level 6, that’s how crazy it was. Yes, I think most people here have moved on to other dramas including myself. However, OB still holds a very special place in my heart.

          If you are looking for more Joo Won goodies, pop by soompi Joo Won thread if you haven’t been already.


      • SS says:

        Hi nonski dearest, you’ll be catching Good Doctor, right? Did I miss Softy saying that she will recap Good Doctor? I haven’t been to IHYV recaps either, too much stuff happening in RL.


        • nonski says:

          hi dear SS,

          yup and i hope to stick with it. i like moon chae won and jo sang wook too so that would be great. how are you? saw that you commented on my post at soompi. i can’t wait till we, OBnians are gathered here again and party for JW. 🙂 here is Softy’s post about the recap, the last portion:


          • SS says:

            Thanks dearest. Geez….I forgot all about KD-chat.

            As viewers, we can always stick with the drama to the end even if it sucks. I did for 7th Level Civil Servant. I think it’s different when you have to recap, especially recap live at that. So Softy, I don’t want to have any presumption that you will recap Good Doctor.

            Joo Won is taking a huge risk playing autistic savant. If his character was just plain autistic, it might be easier but a savant too, makes it much harder. Not to mention that his character is written and described to have a mind of a 10 year old. Did you hear his voice in the teaser? It sounded like a child. I expect a lot of his detractors jumping on him at the slightest opportunity but I admire him for his courage and pursuit to be an actor.

            If he falls short of expectation, I will still love him for trying. I don’t see other actors his age stretching themselves to the point of failure. A few famous ones who I thought were good have been disappointing lately. I am been in a drama drought for a long long time till IHYV came on.

            So nonski, I am all ready for Good Doctor. I can watch Joo Won in anything. How not to love this cutie?

            Here’s a cute gif made by archana on soompi


            • nonski says:

              awww… so cute.:) thanks for sharing. 🙂

              JW may become a failure or not and i will always love him. last time i promised to stick it thru L7 till the end but i was caught up with work again that i missed on the later parts.

              i think it will be a great opportunity for him to improve with Good Doctor. i just hope that he will receive more love. our love for him will never grow old as this kid seems to always show us his heart. 🙂


  9. SS says:

    nonski, we ran out of reply buttons 😀 so I am writing here.

    Glad you enjoyed that gif. If you want JW goodies, you know where to find me.

    About autism, I read up a fair bit on the net, watched videos of real life autistic persons and chat with a few people who have worked with autistic people. I realized that the spectrum is so wide that we can’t say this is how autism looks like or not. If you have seen one autistic person, remember you have seen ONE. In short, they can look anything from ‘very normal-unless you observe for a period of time’ to ‘recognizably abnormal at one glance’ I think Park Si On falls somewhere in between. In the first teaser where he was at the traffic junction, you see that people just pass him by with nary a look. But one kid turned and look back. It’s in details like this that makes me hope that this drama has in it to portray autism or rather a tiny slice of the spectrum as accurately as it can in dramaland.


    • nonski says:

      hi SS sorry just got to this late… 🙂 happy that we’re both watching this and i will be able to hold out on this drama till the end. too many RL and work related issues came up yesterday that i think i need to cut some time on my very very few drama sched already. i really want this drama to go well for Joo Won and maybe just maybe it will be able to represent as a drama for autism with a message.


  10. Brownie says:

    Our Joo Won will be on Happy together! 😀


  11. iviih says:

    Hello everyone^^

    Good Doctor 10 minute preview is out:

    Errr, not sure about this drama.


    • Softy says:

      ok totally in a panic now about this drama – the only words I understood are the ones in English like trauma and savant. no longer confident I can translate even 50% of it. Might have to recap just what I see on the screen – which will be a sad excuse for a recap. I will watch this, but if the first episode proves too difficult then I might have to rethink recapping it. we will see on Mon.


      • iviih says:

        I know softy, I already know this drama will have slow subbing since medical dramas take more days to get subbed when they have too much Technical terminology….

        Even the actors were having hard time with the medical terminology LOL JSW is just so funny! Love him in interviews! Always joking! XD He asking MCW ”What about me?” ”I’m working hard too” LOL

        Btw, I found it so interesting, when the MC says there is just one ”Moon” clan/family in Korea and that JW and MCW might be relatives, I was like ”What are they talking about?”… then I was like ”So Moon Geun Young is also a relative?” Or her Moon is different?


  12. nonski says:

    i would like to say to Softy and every OBnian…

    HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY! it’s the second year anniversary of OB!

    thank you so much Softy!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys, have you heard UEE might be in a new weekend drama called golden rainbow starring opposite jung il woo and TVXQ’s Yunho, it might just be a rumour but theres a map with a set of possible casts.


  14. iviih says:

    Happy together Good doctor special, uploaded and english subbed by KBSworld ^^

    Enjoy everyone 😉


  15. MJShinshi says:

    Hi softy! it’s been so long since I’ve been here nor watch any kdrama. I see you have been busy as usual and nice to see old familiar pals still faithful and following cadence and kd. I miss you guys and all the fan-girling while streaming live not knowing what our dear actors are saying all the while refreshing for softy’s transcaps. I had some time and wanted to stop by to say howdy…though I cannot follow any drama right now yet hoping soon I will be swooning alongside you all, crossing fingers. 😀 Please do get some rest softy and OB lives on! 🙂 Big Bear Hugs to you all kdrama friends until next time.


  16. depz says:

    Long live the OBnians!!!!
    It’s been like ages since I last posted in here. How are you guys doing, my friends?
    Just want to tell you that I miss chatting with you all. Recently I only been chat with Flo and Yanna coz we’re from the same country but i miss SS, nonski and you too Softy…

    About Joo Won’s new drama, I am so relieved that this actually turned out to be a great drama. I always like medical drama, especially when it comes from the one who did God’s Quiz. He did exceptionally well in this drama, and I’m really happy he can took one notch up for his experience.

    I’m also excited that UEE finally get a new drama and her male lead turned out to be the one I always been wanted to be paired with her (I always dream that Jung Il Woo will be paired with her and dear drama Gods really granted my wish ^^) I always love Jung Il Woo, and he really took this nuna heart from playing as Cha Chi Soo in FBND. He also has the same age as Joo Won, and it’s better for UEE to have her partner with closer age gap (not that I resent Cha Tae Hyun, but I have to admit that I didn’t get so much chemistry from them in Jeon Woo Chi). But on the downside, it is quite difficult for me to see this ‘makjang’ drama coz I never really like this type of story. And to make it worst, it’s from the one who made ‘May Queen’ which personally… I don’t like, at all. Forgive for my rudeness.

    But, for the sake of this two, I will try hard to watch it. Praying so hard that this gonna be good.
    And Softy, do you have a plan to recap this drama called Golden Rainbow? I reckon you’re not so into with long-run episodes besides OB, but I hope you can give this a try. Thank you so much, Softy…

    Oh, and I always tune in for your live recap of TMS. Loving GHJ and SJS, their chemistry just magnificent. Thank you.. ^^


    • SS says:

      Hey depz, how are you? Great to see you here. You’re in touch with flo and Yanna? please send them my regards.

      Nothing much happening at my end, still a crazy Joo Won fangirl.

      Take care, my chingu and Happy Drama Watching!


      • flo says:

        Hi SS..how are you? i hope you are fine..
        i’m doing fine..still crazy with K-dramas..I was in touch with Yanna just a few weeks a go, she was doing fine, but she’s so busy cuz she’ve got her new job..and i still chatting with umi..of course it all about and sometimes we talked about how crazy we were when OB’s days, i missed your posts and comments ^_^
        i watched our JW’s drama, Good doctor..and i love it..eventhough at the beginning it’s really hard to understands some medical words, but i’m hooked cuz of park si on..our jw is so amazing in good doctor..
        @depz..how are you girl? ohhh..till now we have not an opportunity to met in person yet..
        and yes..i read somewhere about Uee’s new weekend drama too..and i’m looking forward, i never watched JIW’s dramas before, but i will try to watch it.most cuz of uee..i love this girl..i still watching barefoot friends , and cuz of this variety show, i love uee even more..she is very a sensitive girl in real life..
        and @dear Softy..i missed you sweety..i always read your Master’s sun live recaps at soompi, i’m not addicted yet, but i like the drama..i love GHJ..i hope you are okay dear, cuz the drama is soo scary..
        till now..i just wait..and wait..cuz you always surprised me with your new drama recap in your blog, just like i found FBND and Monstar..thank you and take care ^_^


        • flo says:

          Typo** it’s all about JW**


        • SS says:

          *waves* to flo. Hi flo, glad to know all’s well with you. Wow! you gals still keep in touch, that’s so great. Yup, we are all missing the good old OB days.

          Will you be going to his musical GHOST? I am trying to find time next March, wish I could do it this year. I am also hoping that he will come to this part of Asia for a fanmeet, then perhaps we can all meet up!

          By the way, we just set up a blog for Joo Won fans cuz things are getting lost in the growing Joo Won soompi thread. We’ve gone from single digit to over 1500 pages in a year. I am trying to do recaps for Good Doctor. Now I again totally amazed at how Softy can do live recap like what she does for Master’s Sun.

          please send my regards to Yanna and umi. Take care, chingus!


          • joowon forever says:

            hi ss

            Where do I find this “a blog for Joo Won fans” ??

            Do you know when Joo Won”s musical Ghost will start its run? I would love to go watch.

            Regards and Thanks.


  17. Tsukino :D says:

    Hello everyone and Softy !!!! 😀
    This is my first time to comment at your blog softy… hi hi hi I’m JW and UEE shippers too…

    don’t you know guys… the child actor who play as young Park Si On at GD, playing at UEE’s new drama too… aaaaak…. hi hi hi
    I don’t know this is true or not but I had looked the photo of Golden Rainbow script reading at UEE Soompi thread, page 106


  18. iviih says:

    Hi guys! JW had an interview on entertainment weekly last week and it is english subbed:

    Starts around 35:35 mark

    Cute JW ^^ poor guy, the pressure for good ratings…


  19. Anonymous says:

    OMG how i hope this is true!!


  20. iamkwen00 says:

    guys, what does this mean? i searched uee’s name on naver and i was shown this:

    can anyone please translate?


    • EvaDew says:

      If I rmb correctly, the news is abt the female golfer rumored to be in a relationship with Yoochun. So happen she knew both Uee and Joo Won and uploaded pics of them on her social network before. The news is basically talking abt her good relations with ppl in the industry 🙂 coincidental much haha


  21. SS says:

    Wow! It’s been a long time…I don’t know where else to post 😀

    Softy, I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Joo Won and UEE won an award at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards! 😀

    Male Excellence Award for Mini-series – Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)
    Female Excellence Award for Special Project Drama – Uee (Golden Rainbow)


  23. Anonymous says:

    Uee and Jung Il Woo kiss on Golden rainbow


  24. Anonymous says:

    Joo Won with Eunhyuk, backstage of Ghost musical.

    I find it interesting because Eunhyuk was a cast member of Barefoot friends with Uee and Yoon Shi Yoon. I try to see connection where there may be none … sorry


  25. tsukino says:

    hello softy…!!! :D, long time not comment at your blog 😀
    May I ask u something?
    Do u have a plan to make ‘OBsessions7’ ?
    To be honest, I really miss ojakgyo brothers, and our caramel macchiato couple, uee & joo won. And I really hope that they will work together again in another drama…


    • Softy says:

      I miss OB a lot too – that’s why I have so many OB headers still on rotation. Part of the reason why I am watching the new weekend drama “why be like this among family” is cuz it reminds me so much of OB. It’s the first weekend drama I have followed consistently since OB. 🙂

      Truthfully, I had no idea OB6 had so many comments since 2012. There were only 3 from this year so far, but I bet that will change once I recap Joowon’s drama again soon. I might add OB7 then. 🙂


  26. YELINA18 says:

    uuhhhhmm, hi FRIENDS !! it’s been a year or more since i’ve been here. never watched any kdrama like i did during OB days like i would stream live and at the same time refreshing ur page for translations, ugh and more stuffs just to get the latest…… and i miss uri JOOWON & UEE together although i quite shipped UEE w/ hyunjoong for a short while during barefoot but yeah it didn’t last coz I would always love UEE w/ JOOWON ….. then when i heard uee was goin to be in golden rainbow i tried to tell l myself to watch it, actually i watched the first 2 episodes it was good but since i was late i saw updates about recent episodes that they already had kissing scenes and she had it with jung il woo; tbh i don’t like U with him.. urrggggh, i don’t know what else to say … I JUST MISS YOU GUYS AND THIS PAGE AND JOOEE !!


  27. Hi Softy, I just drop a message… To let you know that I am missing you and your point of view…
    Hope you’re alright… Take care..
    Am watching Yong Pal now, and is really proud of Joo Won (again and again) 😉


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