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Every time someone posts a new article or news about OB, Uee, JW, or both of them, a fresh new wave of nostalgia washes over me. I don’t know why, but even hearing their voices make me think of our OB couple. Some of my friends think I am crazy for not being able to let go of a drama that ended so long ago, but I can’t help it. I live in Korea so I have access to some of the locations where OB filmed. Whenever I pass by that exact spot where TH and JE broke up, I feel that same tinge of sadness all over again. Stuff like that makes me miss the drama even more. I am beginning to accept the fact that this family drama stole my heart almost a year ago and it’s never going to let me go. Next month will mark its one year anniversary cuz it started the first week of August. To celebrate and commemorate such an important occasion, I wanted to do my first blog giveaway. That is why lately I have been looking everywhere for a DVD set of OB from KBS. There are bootlegged copies, but I want the real deal. There probably isn’t a director’s cut DVD of OB, but I was hoping KBS would at least release its official 58 episode box set. I still have a few weeks left till August to track it down, but if I can’t find it by then I still have alternative OB related prizes in mind. Wish me luck finding the DVDs and expect a post about the giveaway soon.

Eva_Dew translated this for us recently and she did such a wonderful job that  it’s made all of us miss OB even more. 🙂

“This is the translation of Uee’s interview with Ceci that was posted here earlier by bbblue. I only did some parts related to OB and JW. Some parts are a bit awkwardly translated, sorry for that. X) Hopefully all of you can understand it, so here you go…..

Having such a close relationship between members, you must have missed them very much when doing your solo activities? U-ie: I missed everyone a lot when filming OB, especially Jung Ah unnie whom I rely a lot on usually. She is very concerned with my solo activities, always making sure that I don’t feel lonely. The members often call to ask how am I doing which makes me feel really warm. We do not ask each other“Did you watch my drama?”, instead we can make jokes like “Today you kissed my JW oppa”.

Not long before you received the Baeksang Best Newcomer Award, this is an award much desired by every newcomer right? U-ie: I’ve never walked on the red carpet on my own before, so I felt nervous and excited that day. Other actors who were nominated along with me have a long of strengths too, I did not think I could win that award. I heard it is very rare for partners acting alongside each other from the same drama to get the newcomer award at the same time, so to be able to receive this award with JW oppa makes it even more meaningful.

Being able to act with many seniors from the filming industry in OB, it must have been a very special experience to a singer like you. How do you feel to live as Baek Ja Eun for 8 months? U-ie: (eyes brimming with tears) It is very weird how I feel like crying everytime I hear questions about OB, it makes me recall scenes from that time. I miss the actors of OB especially when I see them on TV. After I received the award, I called the director of OB, he still called me Ja Eun like last time which made me feel particularly close and familiar.

U-ie: “Through performing, I got to know what I have is the best. Instead of worrying about how to show my worth, I learned to do things with sincerity. Only when I’ve learned to let go and open up, would the people watching me be touched. I used to think a lot when I was young, acting according to others’ opinion; as I grow older, I became more frank and honest to myself.”

U-ie: “Currently I am in a state where I like my job and feel passionate about it, so work is my No 1 priority. Actually, I can’t do two things at the same time. For example once I fall in love, I will put a lot of energy into it, unable to hold back. I think that side of me is quite scary, so I never dared to have that notion.”

Interviewer’s note: If you meet someone full of fragrance, you will definitely be attracted by her scent. That is how I feel after meeting U-ie, her scent is at times a bright vitality, at times her care for others and at times her eyes full of sincerity. Her laughter as she tells stories about her members; eyes full with tears when asked about <>. The person I’m facing is not the U-ie I unconsciously pictured and imagined for 10, 20 times, instead she’s the real, fresh & lively Kim Yu Jin.

She and JW both have such great attitude which makes them so lovable :)  What she said about work being first priority now and being unable to do 2 things at once might indicate she’s not in a relationship with JW. Anyhow, I believe they are really good friends and who knows what will happen down the way right? ;)

Depz was so sweet to translate this for us. Video link can be found on comment pg2

“I think she was talking about the same first love experience. This is when After School was being a guest in SBS Power FM Jeong Seon Hee’s A Night Like Tonight radio show. When I heard the interview, I couldn’t stop myself from giggling and jumping around my room. The DJ seemed to be in our side, and also a fan of our cutie couple.

Here’s the link of the full interview. I know it’s very long, but I’m just gonna tell you what I think is important ^^. Sorry about my limited Korean, so I maybe can’t translate it word by word :
I think the topic for that night’s radio show was about unforgettable love that happened in the past.

16:45 – 18:02
At first, the DJ asked all the member whether they had a boyfriend at the moment or not. Everybody said ‘No, we don’t have.’ but I only heard weak voice came from UEE. (Was my mind tricking me? ^^)
Then the DJ said something about songs that reminded them of the unforgettable first love then suddenly she mentioned Joo Won then Uee was all ‘Aigoo…’
DJ : Joo Won seems to have many interests towards you…
UEE : Aaa.. But that’s already in the past (It’s already long time ago)
DJ : Ooo.. long time ago? Maybe for most of all, it’s been a long time ago, but for me.. Joo Won’s stare.. (Maybe the DJ still couldn’t forget how good was Joo Won’s acting in OB).
Then the DJ said something about Gaksital.
UEE : But when we came back to Seoul and when we finally did a group’s comeback, he messaged me with ‘Congrats for the comeback’. Me too…
DJ : Aa.. how natural (your relationship with Joo Won)
UEE : Aigoo.. Me too (replied to Joo Won) ‘Oppa, I’ll definitely watch the drama well.’ But we didn’t managed to talk on the phone yet.
Then the DJ said something about Joo Won but I absolutely have no idea what she was talking about.

19:02 – 19:25 : Uee suddenly felt sad and tears fell as her fellow AS member, Jung-Ah told her own painful love story. The DJ suddenly teased UEE and said something about Mok Dan and Uee said that she usually have sensitive heart and tend to easily being emotional when she heard about others sad stories. The DJ said since UEE is an actress no wonder she can easily felt emotional. Uee worried since this radio show was all about sad love story (she probably worried she would cry during the entire show) Then the DJ said something about going to Gaksital broadcasting (???)

25:47 – 29:47 : It’s the same as what SS posted earlier. Uee talked about her one sided first love.

37:34 – 38:20 : Uee’s ideal type always about man who has single eyelid. She talked about how she recently watched Gong Yoo’s drama and asked doesn’t he has single eyelid too but everybody said no he doesn’t have and she kind of disappointed. (Not really clear either ^^)

That’s what I catched from the interview. Feel free to hear it and correct my explanation.

How happy I am because my heart is on the right track the whole time. They still contact each other, eventhough only by messages. Hopefully they’ll get to meet once they are free from their busy schedule.
Sometimes it’s not about how big and expensive present you give for someone, but it’s all about the sincerity even only from one simple text message.

This Belongs to U. ^^

Our sweet SS translated this for us from Baidu: The Dual Life of Joowon

From fighting scenes, emotional scenes to romantic scenes, Joowon has totally mesmerized the audience. Adapted from Huh Young-Man’s manhwa “Bridal Mask”, as the Imperial Japan loyalist Lee Kangto and as the one who follows the footsteps of his elder brother to become the nameless hero Bridal Mask, Joowon plays a dual role. In the drama, his acting ability has increased over time, rising to be a top actor, gaining a foothold as the king of viewership. In reality, the casting of Bridal Mask has been difficult; it was not smooth from the beginning. Due to the theme of Imperial Japan’s occupation, many Hallyu stars have rejected the role. Under these circumstances, Joowon a new actor took on the role and it became a topic of discussion.  Many people felt he could not carry the drama and were unconvinced and had many concerns. But the result was the opposite and instantly all the concerns were swept away. Joowon’s acting was even more solid and won a lot of accolades. The drama also brought in the highest viewership on Wed & Thurs. On the net, many left comments such as “This role belongs to Joowon”, “It will not do without Joowon”, “Cannot imagine another actor besides Joowon to play this role” and many praises. This interviewer caught up with Joowon on the set of Bridal Mask. Q: How do you feel about Bridal Mask capturing the hearts of the family viewers? JW: Gathering the highest viewership amongst the 3 dramas, I am very happy. However, the burden was very heavy from the beginning. Especially after Kangsan died and Shin Hyun Joon left the set, I and the other younger actors felt the burden increased. I also worried about the audience’s reaction to the way my character was in the beginning, towards his country, his friend and love. Q: Leading the drama to be the top must have weighed heavily on your shoulders? To be the lead actor and make the drama the top, there is a lot of pressure. Also the role of the  bridal mask is a very different, I was very worried. In the beginning, I thought “ The script is good, the director is good, everything is good, if the viewership is not good, then it’s because of me” and I got more burdened, thinking that way. As a result, I prepared a lot for this role. Horse riding and martial arts are fundamental to the role. Also, to understand the character Lee Kangto, I made a lot of effort. Lee Kangto loved his family more than anyone else, yet he did a lot of things that upset his family. He could do anything for his family, yet he also brought harm to them. This complexity of his inner being, in order to express the right feelings, I discussed a lot with the director Q: Was it convenient to wear the mask? To prevent the mask from slipping, I have to tie the rope very tightly, making my nose hurt. My eyes are also how I expressed my feelings, but because of the mask, my gaze cannot be seen, it was regretful. The mask also blocks my line of vision, hence it was also dangerous. There were a lot of inconveniences (laughs). There was a good thing; I didn’t have to put on make-up so it was convenient. The unexpected thing was the mask goes well with the Korean traditional wear. There was a lot of discussion, whether to use the best looking clothes or the Korean wear. My thought was to follow the original work and wear the Korean costume. When it comes to fighting, it actually looked good and when you run, it makes a “pucha pucha” sound which was very cool. Q: Did the first Gaksital(Kangsan) Shin Hyun Joon give you any advice or suggestion? When I was with Hyun Joon Hyung, we praised each other. Whatever he did, I said it was good. Whatever I did, hyung will say I did well. When hyung finished his filming, he will watch the show and said I did very well; it gave me a lot of strength. Q: How about with Jin Se Yeon? Every time I got to the martial arts training room, JSY will be there. In the beginning, she couldn’t even do a somersault. But she got better and better with time and now she could even hang from the wire. Due to her cheerful personality, whenever we are filming together, she always makes people feel good. That’s why all the elders and staff love her very much. Every time JSY appears, the mood of on the set becomes very good. Q:  I am very curious what happened behind the kiss scene with Han Chae Ah? We were filming at XX(can’t translate the name of the place) , there were a lot of poultry farms and factories nearby. Hence, there were a lot of insects. When we were filming the kiss scene, there was a fly that flew around HCA. So what was originally a simple shoot, turned out to have many takes, my luck was very good (laughs) In the show, he is a hero. Out of the show, he is an aegyo man. By nature, Joowon has lots of aegyo, he is very good to his hyungs. We can see in 2N1D, with Kim Seung Woo, Uhm Tae Woong, when he displays his aegyo side, he’s just like a child. HTW said: “If there is a mini-Joowon, will be very adorable” He behaves likewise during the filming of Bridal Mask. He does it all the time with his onscreen friend & foe, Kimura Shunji played by Park Ki Woong. Whenever there is a NG, he will immediately go and hug PKW. He’s turn to being adorable and cute has shocked other co-stars. Han Chae Ah said: “He is usually like a little child, loves to joke and also does a lot of aegyo” But once the director says Cue, he will immediately become Lee Kangto, his immersion into the role amazes people, acting skills are good. Co-stars who act with him says that he is able to focus very well and they feel that Joowon is an excellent actor. On the show and out there, many praised his acting skills. Q: This role involves a lot of emotion and martial arts; you must have expended a lot of strength. JW: Kicking Hyun Joon Hyung, seeing mother had died, at the grave of hyung and mother, the emotions while filming those scenes were very intense. Many times, I strained the veins in my neck, felt my blood pressure going up. After that whenever an emotionally intense scene came up, I will have a headache, the director was worried about me. Q:  The crying scene at the discovery of his mother’s death, gave viewers a very deep impression. The way Joowon immersed himself in the scene was admirable. JW: The sequence of the filming and the actual broadcast was entirely different. In reality, when we were filming that scene, it was my 2nd time meeting Song Ok Sook, who played my mother. Although it was acting, no matter what, it was necessary to have built some relationship then it’d have been easier to get into the role. However, there was no choice so I had to create my own feelings, it wasn’t easy. Especially during the beginning when Kangto had so much pain, it also agonized me. Q: Your acting has won good critics. Have you thought of the reason? I learnt a lot from filming Special Investigation Unit. The film set was like my learning centre. Uhm Tae Woong hyung, Seong Dong-il, Jeong Jin-yeong ,the seniors were all my role models for learning and they each had a different way of acting. Gradually, I found my own method. At first, I thought I should just act my role very well, now I realize that the atmosphere on the set is even more important. Previously, I only prepared myself; I never really grasp the dynamics on the set. From then on, I started to pay attention to the situation at the filming set. Q: Recently, on 1N2D, the way you slept on your member’s tummy created a lot of talk. How tired were you that it led to that? JW: There are 2 teams doing the filming. If team A films from 6am in the morning to 8pm. Then team B will film from 8.30 to the next morning. (this was left out but he said elsewhere that they continue to work throughout even as team A&B changed shifts), under that condition, I filmed 1N2D, without knowing, I opened my mouth (laughs). All the cast worked in this manner, we couldn’t even see our beds. Usually in filming outdoors, we’ll sleep at the hotel. But we couldn’t even do that. We’d just go to a nearby washroom to wash up and then we’d return to the film site. When we see our co-stars, we’ll be very happy as we are in the same boat. Since everyone worked in this manner, there was no unhappiness. Being tired physically does not matter. However, unfamiliarity with the script resulting in errors makes one worried. When there is a lot of dialogue with PKW in important scenes, I’d worried and think that I must not make mistakes. Q: In 1N2D, we saw a lot of facial products; you seem to pay a lot of attention on your skincare. JW: Originally, I only used moisturizer. I don’t know when it started but things began to pop up on my face, it must be that I have the make-up on for too long a period. During the entire day, I’d be without makeup for only 30 minutes. Thus I have been more careful recently. Q: You seemed to have lost a lot of weight. JW: In order to have more sleep, I gave up meal times. That’s why I lost weight. Frequently, I will be having my make-up done and eating snacks at the same time. I ate a lot of things in place of rice, like yoghurt and milk cereals. I even have a nickname ‘Yoghurt Youth’ (laughs) Q: This show has been extended from the original 24 episodes by another 4. You don’t seem to be unhappy about it. JW: When I first heard it, I felt the director’s and producer’s thoughts were the most important. If it is due to viewership and got extended, then it’d be a problem. However, if it is to bring forth a better production then it is necessary to get the extension. This is good news to the actors. Anyway, we’ll just need to film another 2 weeks only.

All of you with super sharp eyes spotted this and then Yanna tracked down the bts video for us. Uee sure is looking at him adoringly too. 🙂

Look what bbblue73 made. Isnt it perfect?

I just found a super short entertainment news clip of the Baeksang Awards after the show was over when the winners were interviewed on their way out and JW looked so happy and giddy. He held up his award and addressed his parents while looking at the camera, but he didnt use the words “mother and father” in a formal way and said like a kid “mom and dad, I got another award. I will keep getting them. bye.” He laughed afterwards. I hope he wins another one for Gaksital this year.

SS found this old interview he did back when he filmed Baker King called “follow me” so I translated it cuz there is new info about him we never knew.

JW: I was really lucky and I thought I should work harder. I am really happy these days.

The two female costars from Baker King sit by each other and the short hair girl says about JW “even though he is my hoobae (younger than me), I always look up to him.” Then both women look up in the air (meaning they have to crane their neck to see JW cuz he is so tall and they are petite)

JW is asked a series of questions he must answer quickly. Q: do you have a girlfriend now? JW: no. Q: to be honest there are times when I look in the mirror and think I am good looking. JW: there are. Q: in school, when did you have the best grade point average. JW: 10th place (out of the class). Q: first kiss. JW: second year. (“go-yee” is high school right? Or is it college?). Then he is asked for girl group he listens to so he barely says SNSD before time runs out. Q: when you look at a girl, the first thing you look at is. JW: what I look at? eyes.

JW: there are so many good looking people so I don’t think when I look at myself “oh so impressive” and just think “I am this level.” He is asked which parent he looks like more so he says my mother. He is asked if she is beautiful so JW says: My mom is cute.  JW talks about when he was a child. I was introverted so my parents wanted to change that personality so they sent me to do dramas in junior high so I could read the script on stage. I thought I should try it. It was really fun. For some reason the woman interviewing him sings with him but he breaks out his louder musical voice and drowns her out at the end.

JW: ever since I decided to become an actor – musical, drama, movie – I didn’t think to do any of those first separately. Through a sunbae’s (senior) introduction I got to do a musical audition and I got in so I started doing musicals.

JW: I do that when I perform or just normally, they tell me that my eyes have a variety of looks. (I cant hear well here but he lists Don Quixote and stuff)  As an actor I get greedy towards them.

They talk about him in baker king and he says I am just glad people recognize me. Then I think he is asked what is the difference between doing dramas and theater. JW: Getting fatigued, not being able to sleep well, there were things like that. acting in front of the camera was awkward.

They show the scene where Eugene slapped him on the cheek repeatedly cuz of NGs. JW: truthfully, it was strange but it didn’t hurt. I got hit but I think cuz noona has experience (doing this) when she hit, it didn’t hurt. So I wondered why doesn’t it hurt me. Filming was so much fun so doing that stuff was fun.

Then they play the OST he sang for baker king. (Why couldn’t he sing something like this for Gaksital.) JW: it was the first time I did something like this alone. It was fun and after talking about it, my worries disappeared and it felt refreshing. Please look forward to JW and please have a lot of interest in me. Thank you.

what women have to say? hamana hamana

Yanna found some cute OB bts photos, but I wanted to save them to post on the next OB page. In the meantime here is a cute photo someone found a while back.

SS:Dear chingus, there is an awesome interview on Joowon posted on baidu. It reveals a lot of things which I didn’t know and there is one thing which will make you scream or fall out of your chair like I did. My fellow countrywoman, mojobobo at Soompi was the one who found the article and translated it, I translated the 2nd part(yes, it’s that long).

—- mojobobo’s translation——

Credits for Chinese translation to Baidu.

Interview with Movist, November 2011

Filming a drama and promoting a movie, you’ve been really busy lately haven’t you?

JW: Yes. Earlier today there was the filming of the “Section TV” interview in Kangwondo so I rush over immediately.

In an earlier interview, you mentioned that you cannot multitask but recently you’ve been juggling 2 or more projects at the same time. Are you able to adapt to this ?

JW: Right now it seems like it’s second nature. It’s still tough but I’ve getting used to it. When I’m doing something else, I keep thinking to myself “I need to hurry read my script” (laughs) I still need to manage my time well.

I first saw you in the musical Spring Awakening.

JW: Ah, really? (Short pause) You saw my butt~~ Hahah~ (there was a scene that required Joo Won to bare his butt)

Haha, yes, I am one of those women who has seen your butt. it was 2009. I remember that you were a bit round and chubby at that time.

JW: I’m much thinner now; I lost about 20kg. I purposely put on weight for that role. The producer wanted my character to be a bit chubby so every night, I ate hamburgers and bread. i was very happy eating then (laughs). After the musical ended, I started to diet.

Isn’t it tough to be on a diet?

JW: There is a secret to dieting. When I first started, it was difficult but it’s much easier right now.

Honestly, we were worried about your character in Spring Awakening. Kim Mu Yeol was originally acting as your character and he was outstanding. We were thinking if the new actor could deliver the same standard of performance.

JW: There was certainly such a thinking back then. Not only me, but many others would think this way too. It was totally crazy then. Throughout the entire year, I read the script twice everyday. I would read once before going to the theater and then read it again after the performance ended. Actually, this is also a problem because you end up getting too restricted by the script. But at that point in time, I didn’t want to audience for be disappointed. There was a huge burden in take over the baton from Mu Yeol hyung.

When Kim Mu Yeol had to leave due to personal reasons, you officially took over the character after being an understudy for so long. So actually, you didn’t have the opportunity to show your talent at first.

JW: although I couldn’t perform when Mu Yeol hyung was acting, but out of the 100 performances My Yeol hyung gave, I watched more than 80. Aside from the times were I had to go and sit for my exams and other unavoidable situations, I always went to watch the performance. Everytime Mu Yeol hyung saw me, he would always say to me “Why do you come so diligently?” (Laughs)

What were you feeling then? Was it your sincerity towards performing or competitiveness, wanting to become better?

JW: The stage is ust too appealing. Not just Mu Yeol hyung, but every actor standing on stage was very handsome and I really wanted to stand up on the stage with them. Also, i really liked the script and because of this, my ambition grew.

Did you feel that you didn’t disappoint and you did well?

JW: No. There were many disappointments because I was lacking but i do not regret it. I poured my heart and soul into it and that project made me who I am today. [With all the racy scenes dear Joo Wonie? ]

As I watch you in Spring Awakening, I thought to myself “Ah, this actor will be great in the future” but I never thought that it would be so quick. In a short span of 2 years, you’ve filmed a movie and a drama. Do you feel that everything has occurred at lighting speed?

JW: Yes I do feel it. Everything is just so fast. I keeping thinking to myself that I must be very lucky. But I keep preparing myself, telling myself that right now, the viewership for the drama is very good and the movie is also doing well but come one day, the drama I act in will no longer be popular and you may not see me in movies anymore. For my own good, I have to prepare myself for that eventuality.

Are you the very conscientious type, thinking that as long as you work hard, you can achieve your goals?

JW: I believe it is possible. On the day Special Investigation Unit premiered, my name appeared on the big screen. I thought to myself “I started acting from high school onwards and I’ve done well to be where I am now. Perseverance is a good thing.” I felt fulfilled. Starting from high school, I gave up all my holidays just to practice my acting. “If I persevere, things be good one day right?” I held this hope and so now, I think that there isn’t anything that cannot be done as long as you keep persevering.

Perhaps. Did you go through a rebellious stage when you were growing up?

JW: Totally did not. I’ve never stayed away from home. A lot of people will say that being obedient to your parents means you are a “mama’s boy” but I really do not think this way. To me, this is being filial. Also, parents are never wrong. If you have to say that I was rebellious, then the only occasion would be when I told my parents that I wanted to attend an Arts high school. My parents were very shocked then but I understand. Parents are all the same, they want their child to just have a normal live, nothing tough, a stable job is good enough. When I said I wanted to attend an Arts high school, my parents said “we’ll ahve to think about this”. They were hesitating but I told them “I can live on ramen alone” and convinced them (laughs) [No darling, you CANNOT live on ramen alone. 1n2d has proven that lol]

Some people say that to be able to improve on your acting skills, you can get more experience if you live capriciously. you must have heard this especially from the sunbaes. Weren’t you curious? Did you think this way?

JW: I also want to but it’s just not possible. I don’t drink. If I drink, I sleep. I become very quiet and even if I drink, I won’t get into trouble. I also don’t want this to affect my job. As a male actor, If I want to gain more experience, I will choose to travel alone. The type that drinks and sleeps by the roadside? Sometimes when I see them I feel like trying it too but in reality I can’t. You will catch a cold! (laughs) I’m a very sensitive and light sleeper so I probably can’t sleep by the roadside. [Lol Joo Won is so sensible!]

You are a very sensitive sleeper? How sensitive are you?

JW: Even if there is just a bit of sound, I will wake up. Or if I smell something, I will also wake up. Even if it’s just a mosquito, I will not be able to sleep. that’s why when I sleep, I will switch everything off and I will put my phone on silent mode.

(laughs) So aside from sleeping, what other things are you sensitive about?

JW: Many things, but I won’t show it. I’ll keep it in my heart. Recently, I’ve become very sensitive because of acting. Ah! I’m also very sensitive when I am disliked by others!

What are you talking about! Actors that even the promotional staff like are very rare!

JW: It’s everyone’s nature to want to be liked. It’s especially serious for me becasue I alwasy want to be loved. I also give a lot to other so I really don’t like people who can’t return my love (laughs) [LOL!] That said, I don’t give just because I want to receive. It’s just that I’m really sensitive about this.

When you were acting as Gu Ma Jun in Baker King, you must have felt really bad right? the love you wanted from your own father was given to Tak Gu instead.

JW: That’s right!! Hahaha. At that time, really, I cried from the heart. I really couldn’t understand why~~Tak Gu that kid appeared so suddenly and my father said he liked that kid! Although this helped me get into character, I felt really lonely then.

In Special Investigation Unit, you acted as a FBI criminal psychologist Kim Ho yong. No matter how I watched it, Kim ho Yong was the most outstanding character in the whole show but character wise, he’s hard to grasp. If not done well, he will appear as a very crude person.

JW: That’s correct. It was very difficult to properly grasp this character and so I put in a lot of hard work. Ho Yong is a very stubborn person. He doesn’t express his feelings much. Even when he’s angry, he doesn’t shout, even when he’s upset, he doesn’t cry. I keep thinking about what ho Yong was thinking and what he wanted and it was not east for me to show these to the audience. The toughest part was when the script itself didn’t allow much expressions for the character.

Did the restrictions mean anything to you?

JW: I’m the type that wants to learn about everything but I can’t do a lot of things. I had to put in a lot of effort to create an image for Ho yong.

The more effort you put in, the greater the expectations. When you first saw the movie, did you feel as satisfied as expected?

JW: I felt it was a pity. Not because of the movie itself but because of me. I guess I haven’t set my sights far enough. When I first saw my name appear on the big screen, I wan happy, but only for that moment. I felt that my acting was not up to scratch and it was such a pity. “Why didn’t I think of this then?” I kept having these thoughts. Although I’ve already done my best and there are no regrets, but because I’m a very ambitious person, it’s inevitable that I would feel that it was a pity. —–end of part 1—-

SS’s translation-part 2

Is there anything else worthy of praise?

JW: No. If I really have to mention one….(thinking for a while) Ah! There seems to be one thing. I really learnt a lot of things, even if the sunbaes didn’t guide me personally, I will observe myself and learn a lot. Many people watch but they don’t learn anything. For me, when I watch the sunbaes, I will follow and learn many things.

Can you elaborate what you have learnt from your sunbae?

JW: Uhm Tae Woong is very frank about his own shortcomings. During the filming, when he meets with difficulty for a particular scene, he will say “I cannot understand this part” Actually in front of the hoobae, to say these words are not easy. Those frank revelations, requesting for others help, is very wise. Filming is teamwork, requires many people to complete the job. Pretending to know everything is unnecessary. When I saw this, I felt very good. Sung Dong Il sunbae and Jung Tae sunbae placed a lot of emphasis on cohesiveness. Hyungs’ thinking is that “If the actor whom I am working with does well, I will be able to display my acting skills with ease.” So they are always able to lead the hoobaes.

(Just then, the manager brings the menu for Joowon who hasn’t had his dinner. Joowon’s aeygo answer was shocking). Why is Joowon so full of aegyo? The manager answers: Joowon is naturally like this. Maybe because he is the maknae at home. His aegyo ways are receives a lot of love from hyungs and noonas.

Do you also receive a lot of love from dongsaengs?

JW: No, I will change according to my position. In front of hyungs and noonas, I will be aegyo. But in front of dongsaengs, I will be matured.

Some people will purposely display a serious intimidating demeanour just because they are older, will you be like that?

JW: I won’t. If you looked at those people, it must be really funny(laughs). When I am strict in front of my hoobaes, it is because I hope I will set an example for them. So, in Ojakgyo Brothers, Uie was very surprised. Uie is my junior in university. Towards juniors, we’ll often task them with the cleaning and have some control over them. Under this circumstance, Uie was initially very afraid of me. But when I am at the set, I am a totally different person, and gave her a shock. When she looked at how I was towards the sunbaes, she will say “ I didn’t know Oppa is such a person”

When you look into the mirror, how do you feel?

JW : Hmm….should reduce more fats

What crazy thing are you saying, where do you need to reduce?

JW: Recently, someone asked me “When you look into the mirror, do you think you are handsome?” I am also human, there are many times I feel that I don’t look good. When I am at home and my hair is unkempt, when I wake up in the morning and my face is swollen, then when I look into the mirror “ Why is my face like this!” Frequently it happens. But I think it is an occupational hazard, that you want to present the best of yourself, that kind of thinking.

When you were looking at the menu, you don’t seem fussy about food

JW: Because I want to eat more, I pay attention to what I eat. Cakes, Tiramisu, those things with butter, I won’t eat.

What are your favorite foods?

JW: Sausages, ham…? Haha, that’s my taste. Vegetables and healthy foods, I don’t really like. I like it hot and sweet. My taste is like that of a child.

You are the maknae, what is it like with you and your hyung?

JW: I have an older brother.  I like my brother very much. There is a 5 year gap, hyung takes care of me very well. Not long ago, hyung got married. Everyone is envious of us brothers, we are very close, and we are always happy together and we share many fun and hilarious experiences.

Growing up in such a loving environment, and always getting what you wanted. I am curious, have you ever failed before or have a painful experience?

JW: Compared to other people, I seem to have less painful experience. Although we are not rich, I did not grow up in an environment that is not good, my parents showered me with a lot of love. Only thing is that when I got to high school and chose Arts, the fees was really too high. Normal fees is only 400,000 but the one I went to was 1,000,000. Although my parents could afford, I wanted to foot it myself. In the school performing club I was responsible for lighting, sound and production set etc, I received a scholarship. For university fees, although my parents could afford, because I took a study loan, I didn’t ask for allowance, I settle it all myself. It is not because of difficult circumstances that I had to work and earn money but I just thought that I should depend on my ability.

Waa. You are really worthy of your parents’ love

JW: But I am often hurt because of some things said, even if it is a few words. I said just now that I give a lot of love but I also wish to receive the same. Hence, I seem to be especially hurt when it’s words said by people I liked. Then you probably won’t hurt others, right?

JW: Yes. To hurt other people, that’s what I hate most. If I feel that I have hurt someone, I will try no matter how to resolve. “Have you caused hurt to that person?” it will always stay in my guilty conscience. So if this thing happens, no matter what, I will definitely apologise.

Fans who adore musicals will usually be very loyal to the actor that they like for a long time. From your musical days there must be many fans who liked you.

JW : Yes, even till now. During premieres, they will always come and support me, I am very thankful. I debut when I was 20. It’s already 5 years, for those fans who followed me from the beginning, I hope I will not disappoint them.

25 years old, you have already past half of the 20th generation(sorry my translation fail or maths fail), how do you feel?

JW : Still like a child, need to learn, need to experience much much more, need to have ambition, it’s still a age where you are inadequate, inexperienced. I don’t feel it’s because I did well, that’s why I got to where I am. During this journey, realizing what my inadequacies are, that is the most important. Hence, I should not be arrogant just because I am good. 25 years old is the age where I seem to realize that I am inexperienced

Yanna found these gems for us and boy I hope there are more coming…. love the look on his face in the first one. Edwin is a clothes brand for teens cuz it’s low priced. Suzy used to endorse this brand too. I wonder if they give out posters or brochures….

1n2d short recaps were getting longer and longer cuz I got carried away with JW’s screencaps so they have been moved to a 1n2d post. From here on they will be featured on those recaps. Sorry to move back and forth like this, but I really thought I had the will power to stop posting stuff on the show, but turns out I am weak. His recent hair cut was just too irresistible.  🙂

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  1. dd says:

    u said u always pass by the spots where jaeun and taehee meet.
    can u do a post on those spots? with pics? for those of us who live in other countries?


  2. bbblue73 says:

    Knock knock, anybody home!!!!

    JW’s Nongshim noodles CF promotion signature.
    Yayy, Joowon’s new hair cut!!


    credit to BAIDU


  3. bbblue73 says:

    His smile is killing me, *wink*


  4. umi says:

    thanks dear…he is soooo handsome, remind me of Tae Hee…Iove the hair… miss jw so much…:(


  5. SS says:

    wanted to post this since it came out buy my photobucket protested. Too much cuteness, it said. Overload!


    • Softy says:

      Hey SS
      after finishing the 1n2d recap and AWC recaps, I am going to make a new OB6 page just to display all these new pics of JW you, bbblue, and Yanna posted recently. they are so great they deserve a whole new page. I love how he looks now cuz his hair is a lot shorter than on BM. Wish it was as short as OB when he confronted JE at the police station when she was drunk but I will settle for this new haircut. Thanks sooooo much for sharing. I almost choked on my drink when I saw them cuz I was so happy.


      • SS says:

        Glad you like them. I am torn between the long and short. The long hair if styled correctly makes him look more cool, suave and bad boy. The short hair makes him look fresher and younger. But now that you mentioned that OB hair. That’s the same one he sported when she was tying his tie, right? Oh yes, yes, I love that very much.

        I just did a translation of the Rising Star interview that came out on baidu today. So far, news are all about his CFs and some promo in Japan for a song or album. I am very anxious as to when he will embark on his new project. Please please let it be a good one.

        Can I ask you if you think there will be a Gaksital Special like what they did for Baker King? Granted the show didn’t hit anyway near 50% but I thought with its nationalistic theme, it just might get a chance. We were disappointed that OB didn’t get its special but at least we were kind of appeased that they went on Happy Together. It’s been already 10 days since BM ended, so in Korean entertainment industry, does this mean that there’s probably little hope of a special or appearance on variety show?


        • Softy says:

          I doubt they will have a gaksital special now since it ended more than a week ago – wouldnt the cast have been on a talk show already together by now if they were going to? I have no idea when they had that baker king special after it aired. but for some reason I dont think they will for BM cuz it didnt break any records for high ratings.
          is that rising star interview that old one or a new one? I bet he is going to promote his song from BM that he sung in japanese. Hope he does well. 🙂


          • SS says:

            Oh Softy, I am so sad. So disappointed that BM just completed without getting on any show. I

            This Rising Star interview was done near the end of BM I think.(btw i think some dialogue were lost in translation). He was shooting his Mountia CF. He looked tired but in certain shots, absolutely gorgeous. Is he going to spend a lot of time in Japan and also CFs? Seems like it or they are keeping any drama possibilities top secret. He needs rest but I am getting nervous. I guess I was spoilt because even before OB ended, we knew he will be doing BM.

            Credit to : sunshine4ever@soompi who uploaded this onto YT

            Rising Star Interview with Joo Won

            credit: translations from korean to chinese: minidadalove from baidu
            You want looks, he has got it. You want acting prowess, he has it. The Charismatic Man, Joo Won, in Variety, Dramas and now CFs…

            We meet up with him in person, let’s go.

            JW: It’s very cold. Ice are melting, it’s gonna be a big problem.

            (now is not the time to worry about ice blocks. Waiting for Joo Won is a huge electric fan)

            (because of the difficulty of man-made ice, Joo Won had to hurriedly go on to the shooting again. But it’s hard to keep the eyes open)

            JW: It’s keeps getting into the nose

            (Under such challenging situations, Joo Won still displays his cool and ravishing looks. Just by standing there, he looks so handsome.)

            MC: Introducing our Joo Won. How are you?

            JW: Is everyone well? I am very happy to see you.

            MC: Now you have variety, drama and CFs, is one body enough?

            JW: Yes, I can.

            MC: Do you take any tonics?

            JW: I don’t really take. Whatever my mom brings, I will definitely put it in my mouth and eat.

            MC: Like a small child.

            JW: Not so small anymore..haha

            MC: How many siblings do you have?

            JW: I have an older brother

            MC: What’s the age difference?

            JW: 5 years

            MC: 5 years. Then with me, it’s 4 years, is this fate?

            JW: Haha

            MC: When you are on the phone with your mom, you’ll end off with “boing”. Just pretend for now that I am your mother.

            MC: Ah…our Joo Won

            JW: Miss you mom

            MC: I miss you too. Do well in your filming and earn more money to bring back home ah.

            JW: Yes, I know

            MC: That’s how we end it. ‘You know it right’ this is the way.

            MC: You also appear in variety.

            JW: Yes, went to Dokdo. It was strange, once I saw Dokdo, the appearance, it looked very lonely.

            MC: Your feelings when you saw Dokdo?

            JW: Yes, therefore I felt very emotional

            MC: There is a lot of action in your drama, I am concerned if you have suffered injuries.

            JW: I did suffer many injuries

            JW: To make it more realistic. I have also done make believe fighting in the past. Now it is all real, haha, as Gaksital I often have to fight people.

            MC: You sang the Oppa song

            JW: That’s real song lyrics. Although I didn’t feel much when I sang it, it’s actually very sad.

            MC: Time to embarrass yourself. Sing a bit for us to hear.

            JW: ~Oppa I am a songstress~

            MC: That’s really sad

            JW: ~Oppa I am a nuisance~I don’t know~

            Message to the audience

            JW: I am working hard on CFs and activities. Hope that you will give me love and care in the future. Thank you everyone, Be Happy.

            MC: This is the second time we meet. How was it? (I think she meant how did he find her)

            JW: Very good

            MC: Introduce your elder brother to me.

            JW: My brother is already married

            MC: Why do you say so only now

            JW: I suddenly thought of it

            MC: What! You are too much

            Our adorable Joo Won si, we’ll meet again


            • umi says:

              SS dear thank you so much for the video and translation, just glad that you put it here, btw I love your postings on the other forum, always make me giggle lol..


      • Enz says:

        I agree.. For me that was his best look.. The beginning of OB :


  6. Anonymous says:

    im really mad that people only know joo won because of Bridal Mask, and they use screencaps from Ojakgyo Brothers to pair him up with Jin Seyun! 😦 it just upsets me that people think he and se yun are better than JW and UEE. i know this is super bias and ignorant…


    • SS says:

      If you are a fan of Joo Won, don’t be mad. It’s inevitable. Maybe after his next drama, they will be using a mash up of Joo Won and the actress(whoever that maybe) using Mok Dan & Kangto’s shots.

      I admit I don’t like those pictures myself. I want to remember TH&Jaen and KT&MD separately. Now, it’s just that Uee has not started on a new drama yet, if not we may be seeing pics of JE with another guy.

      I am not sure where you get the vibe but I have not really come across JW&JSY shippers who think they are better than JW&Uee. They just yet to watch Ojakgyo Brothers.

      As a fan of Joo Won, I just take all these intense shipping to the awesomeness of Joo Won’s acting and his personality, and not to forget the chemistry that he and his partner have. MD&KT may not have the natural chemistry like TH & Uee because Uee was much more convincing at acting totally in love. JSY managed to pull it off despite some weak moments because she looked radiant and totally believable as a girl who will give her life up for her man without blinking an eye.

      Much as I love both of JW’s pairings so far, I am looking forward to his new project.


    • ctfrsgp says:

      Been there, done tat… SS knows me *wave to SS*… Jus like wat she said, there are many BM followers who have yet to watch OB. Oso among them there are JSY fans or some are jus purely KT-MD shippers. Like you, i was very upset when i saw those pics on soompi BM thread and made some harsh comments abt it. However, aft some personal reflections and thanks to SS consolation, I decided not to comment any more on BM or any of its characters. I still visit the BM thread but these days i “open 1 eye & close the other”. i jus tell myself i do not hav to look at or read in detail wat the fans hav posted there if i dont like wat i see. I jus focus more on Joo Won. Gotta respect the fact tat everyone has his/her own preference. Oso like wwt SS said,


    • ctfrsgp says:

      Been there, done tat… SS knows me *wave to SS*… Jus like wat she said, there are many BM followers who have yet to watch OB. Oso among them there are JSY fans or some are jus purely KT-MD shippers. Like you, i was very upset when i saw those pics on soompi BM thread and made some harsh comments abt it. However, aft some personal reflections and thanks to SS consolation, I decided not to comment any more on BM or any of its characters. I still visit the BM thread but these days i “open 1 eye & close the other”. i jus tell myself i do not hav to look at or read in detail wat the fans hav posted there if i dont like wat i see. I jus focus more on Joo Won. Gotta respect the fact tat everyone has his/her own preference.


    • Ann J says:

      Totally agreed with SS… Joowon has the best chemistry with Uee so far but as much as i loved them, i have to reluctantly let them go, else i will go INSANE!!!!!

      Now I choose to ‘ship’ n support Joowon only!!!!! Whoever his next partner will be, i hope they will have the best chemistry to bring out the roles they are given. Tat is being a pro to their trade.

      Time will tell, if he ends up with any of his co-star or just a normal ‘girl’, i”ll send my ‘congrats’. As long as Joowon is happy, i’m happy…

      EXTREME fantasising is OK but remember to come back to REALITY!!!!!


  7. London says:

    Theres a new weekend drama starting 22nd september called “Rascal Sons” starring Lee Sung-jae, Ryu Soo-young, and Seo In-gook as three overgrown man-children wreaking havoc in one family.

    I got this info from dramabeans she says its looks like Ojakkyo Brothers, right down to the title signage and the overlapping second brother. I hope she wouldn’t mind me linking that page to this comment on here coz shes on your blogroll here,



  8. SS says:

    I love this picture of him in a Mountia CF BTS

    I can totally imagine him playing a secret agent like James Bond or the Bourne Identity kind of shows. I miss badass Kangto. Just think if Kangto was born in this era, he won’t be wearing that white cheogori. He will be wearing some really cool stuff.


  9. SS says:

    In Bridal Mask Joo Won felt a huge responsibility over the ratings, afraid of “Ghost”

    Appearing in the highly popular Bridal Mask, being the lead actor, Joo Won shouldered a huge responsibility to draw high viewership ratings. Taking 1st position on Wednesday and Thursday, in Bridal Mask, Joo Won plays Lee Kangto, suavely becoming the Korean hero.
    Debuting in Baker King in 2009, going on to Ojakgyo Brothers and now to Bridal Mask, striking thrice, steadily become a guarantee ticket to viewership success. People in the industry and the audience all feel that as long as Joo Won acts, there is no need to worry about viewership ratings. It gained a lot of trust from people.
    Regarding this, on the 17th interview with Osen, Joo Won expressed that “In fact the burden of being responsible for viewership is very heavy. I was afraid of competitors like “Ghost”. Although the production does not rely on me alone, being the lead actor, no matter what I spend a lot of thinking that teachers and soonbaes are good, script is also very good, if this production does not turn out well, it’s all my fault, I have this pressure.”
    “Due to this stress, on the morning of the following day of broadcast, unknown to myself, I was riveted on the ratings results. During the filming, production staff and actors always tell me to keep fighting and work hard. My time on screen was a lot and honestly because we had to do ongoing filming, I suffered a lot in terms of acting. But I always think that I have the heart to want to make this production well, on the filming set, I always joked and chat, working hard to create the atmosphere during filming.”
    Joo Won expressed “This production has taught me the correct attitude of being the main actor. No matter how difficult, I must not fall and give up. In Bridal Mask, be it the actors or the production staff, everyone in the team all cooperated excellently, it has also helped me a lot…that’s how it got me to preserver and finish this production.”
    After the Bridal Mask ends, filled with CFs, media and magazines reviews, there does not seem to have time for rest. Becoming a one top actor, dramas and movies offers are all flowing in

    credit: korean to chinese translations by minidadalove on baidu


    • flo says:

      OMGG..this is sooo awesome
      those pictures and this interview are GREAT!!!!i LOVE all the pictures^______^
      thanks a lot my dear SS..you are rock as always..gumawooooo^____^


    • Softy says:

      omg SS -just when I think you outdid yourself, you manage to find even more gems – thank you so much for this interview and pics. they are really droolworthy. They are all going on the main page on OB6. bless your fingers and mouse for clicking away on each pic. if you left out even one I think I would have cried. Love them so much. 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Awwww!!!! love all his pics dearest SS. Thanks you so much for sharing & the translation interview.
      Anyway i edit some of my fave pic of puppy, hehe.


    • umi says:

      thanks SS dear, I really want to know his thoughts about bm and this interview just perfect..and love those pictures..


  10. bbblue73 says:

    Here it is:


  11. bbblue73 says:

    Link from baidu for our puppy’s day out with his big brother.( maybe the rest of them are their relatives or chingus etc….)


    credit to baidu


  12. SS says:

    As Bridal Mask, My Patriotism Grew Stronger

    After Joo Won continued from Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, he has hit 3 consecutively.

    Putting on the mask and instantly changing the stance, his selection of work has been very fortunate.

    My luck seems to be very good. Not only acting but I also learnt a lot about history. Bearing in my mind, I remember the sufferings of my people, my patriotism also grew stronger. I really feel that this country is so worthy of my love.

    On the 17th, in the brunt of the typhoon and rain, I met with Joo Won. After Bridal Mask, he changed his style, with his hair permed and wore a shy smile with his dimples, he returned to the 25 year old youth

    However he has not shed off the burden of being the lead actor. On that day, Joo Won seemed to bear the weight of the sky, making one feel that he was a bit tired. Living as a Korean hero in Imperial Japan occupation. KBS’s Bridal Mask had ended on the 6th with the highest viewership rating of 22.9%. Joo Won in Baker King, Ojakgyo Brothers to Bridal Mask, has consecutively achieved 3 hits. Rising to the top position of being the lead actor.

    A few days ago, at the fan signing event, I really had a big shock. So many people came, because the junior high school students were screaming, my eardrums almost burst. (laughs). There were even kindergarten kids. I really felt the popularity of Bridal Mask. It’s the first time, I am recognized by little children and received their love. It seems like man and woman, elderly and young, all loved Bridal Mask.

    Rising at a high speed, in his third drama, leading this era’s big production, perfectly taking on the drama’s role and fulfilling his job, he has even been named high ranking actor.

    “It seems like if the script is good, the drama will naturally be good. My luck is good, I have consecutively picked 3 dramas with good scripts. Also, the soonbaes whom I worked with are very good. So I am very fortunate. I worry if this luck may change in the future.

    Deeply loyal to the Japanese, Lee Kangto after taking over the baton from his brother, wore the bridal mask. He led a dual life as a Japanese policeman and as Bridal Mask. Acting thus as Lee Kangto, he perfectly conveys psychological inner turmoil, his tragic fate with his childhood love etc. In every turn, he executes highly difficult, charismatic action moves.

    “Up to now, there is still remnants. Every day, it was very difficult, up to the last day of filming, I thought: “It just ends like this?” It does not seem real. Have been striving for so hard and suddenly it ended, I felt confused and lost. In the corner of my heart, I felt the emptiness.

    He had a many scenes in the drama, in the middle of it, he had to act 2 different roles with dual lives, he also spent a lot of effort on the action parts, all of which stretched him to his limits.

    “I depended on my mental strength. Although there were a few times where I almost had to be sent to the hospital, if I were to collapse, that would be the end of the broadcast. So I tried very hard to hold on. At the end, it was as if I was using superhuman strength to act. In that state, I was worried if I could memorise my lines and complete the shoot in time for broadcast. But once filming starts, I will immediately immerse into the scene. Although I had torn ligaments, I cannot show it. At the end of every episode I will be wearing a bandage, even then I still cannot complain.

    Regarding the dual lives of Lee Kangto, he expressed that “This is not humanly possible. In real life, it is definitely impossible.” He shook his head. “It’s too difficult. Have to fool the people(in the drama) and also the audience In the scenes with Shunji, every one of them made me distressed. Showing the distressed look became a subject of Lee Kangto. At the end, there were people who said I was super in deceitful acting.(laughs).

    Bridal Mask’s expression gives a strange feeling. Wearing the mask, exposing only the mouth and the eyes, it’s mysterious. Lee Kangto who appears, only wearing a mask and is able to give the audience anticipation and excitement, making one’s heart throbbed.

    “In the beginning I even felt like changing the mask, it felt strange” Will I be able to wear this mask and yet able act out my emotions? I had this worry. But the mask fitted my face and in the later period, the mask became part of my face, it became very suited to it. The instant I put on the mask, my shoulders and my arms had the strength, the body reacted naturally to the stance of Bridal Mask.

    Honestly speaking, I was very afraid of being hurt. There were already many action scenes. Although in action genre, I will have my own stunt double, I did a lot of parts myself. Also the stunt double was shorter than me, so all the important close shots were done by me. The continuous filming required a lot of energy, I also naturally learnt the essentials of martial arts. There was one scene that was shot over 3 days, in the end here did the action part go? I thought a lot. But when I watched an action scene that was filmed this way, I felt fulfilled.

    Joo Won acted as Lee Kangto who had a sad family past and shouldered a heavy burden. It was very pitiful and sad. Acting as a childhood friend turned enemies, Ki Woong Hyung also gave me a lot of help. Hyung’s facial expression changes in the later episodes shocked me. It was the same when we were not filming. His immersion into his character was frightening. An actor who can convey this type of vibe is able to play the role very well. Hyung’s reaction was especially good.

    Appearing as a hero in Bridal Mask, he has never failed to appear on variety show Happy Sunday-1N2D. Because of this, he stayed close to the viewers’ hearts.

    “1N2D is really very good. No matter how hard it is, I will go for 1N2D filming, it’s very enjoyable. All my tiredness will be dissipated. Just looking at the hyungs, I will laugh very hard. I wasn’t able to be funny and bring laughter, I feel apologetic. (Laughs) So, no matter what hyungs asked me to do, I will use my best efforts to do so. Hyungs always cheer for Bridal Mask.

    After completing a big production of a period drama, he now wants to attempt a piece that will be closer to his own image. I want to try acting sweet and caring or romantic comedy. As long as I would not need to shed blood for the time being, it will be good (laughs). After resting a while, I hope to embark immediately on my new project.

    Source: Yonhap News

    Chinese translation by minidadalove on baidu

    English translation by mrdimples@soompi


  13. SS says:

    Translated by mojobobo@soompi.

    The age range of my fans has broadened so it feels like I’ve suddenly become an idol. Now, even young kids aged 3 or 4 run away from me.” [really? wont they be running to you???]

    Drama Gaksital, which ended on 6th September, allowed Joo Won to prove his immense popularity.

    When news of the commencement of auditions for Gaksital first broke, the audience said “Oh…how will this end? It’s hard to say.”

    Joo Won, had earlier appeared in KBS 2’s Baker King and Ojakyo Brothers and had given all he had to his roles but Gaksital was the first time Joo Won would take on the lead role.

    “When I first got the script for Gaksital, I didn’t hesitate at all. I decided to take up the role because I felt that this was an outstanding production. Also, to an actor who is still improving, this drama would be one beneficial to helping me hone my skills. That was all. I never considered anything else.”

    Nevertheless, in the first ratings battle between Gaksital, top star headed Ghost and MBC’s I do I do, Gaksital won the race and maintained top spot. Due to the fact that the drama was about a hero in the era of the Japanese Occupation, Joo Won received the nickname “Patriotic Actor”.

    “I am still not able to live up to the title ‘Patriotic Actor’. It’s not just me, the other actors all deserve to be called so. this nickname came too suddenly and I never imagined it would happen. ‘Rating Man’ is also a nickname that gave me a huge burden. Thankfully, I’ve always prepared myself for the ratings. Maybe next time I’ll be second or maybe the audience won’t know if I’m in a drama or not and the ratings could drop.”

    From start to end, Gaksital was able to maintain its top spot and ended beautifully with a ratings high of 22.9%. The ending of the drama is still a hot topic. Mok Dan, whom Gaksital loved deeply, and Shunji, Gaksital’s ex-best friend, both died. the Dong Jin death troop soldiers and the student that survived the Imperial Police massacre joined civilians on the streets of Kyung Sung and participated in the mansei movement. Although we don’t get to see if the movement was successful, that scene still managed to touch the hearts of many.

    “Although everyone sacrificed, and it felt very unfortunate, but the last scene was very cool. The only thing that I felt regretful about was that when we were filming the last scene, there was a huge downpour. We had to wait for the rain to stop before we could start filming but it was a flawless, awesome scene. Regardless of whether Gaksital died or not or despite the fact that it didn’t appear grand, even more people put on the mask and participated in movement in support of the independence movement. Perhaps at first everything felt so surreal but it was a scene that left a deep impression.”

    Gaksital brought many things to this actor who has only debuted for 3 years. Joo Won said “Not only did I prepare before filming started, during filming, I thought a lot about my country and the pain of the people. I made use of the realisations I got through studying and put it into my acting. I put in a lot of hard work. Through studying history, I got to understand the pain of the people and their love for their country.”

    But that is not the end for Joo Won.

    “I’ve learnt a lot with regard to acting and I have also learnt how to express my opinion. When I was acting out Kangto, the director’s opinion is important but I have also learnt to express my own thoughts and confidence. It’s my first time taking on a lead role so even if I was not especially good, but there were times when I thought “Ah, so I could do it too.”. I would tell myself “You did well for your first try.” Also, I have learnt how to lead the staff and other actors as a lead actor.:

    Just like that, Joo Won has climbed the next step of his acting career with Gaksital. When he first debuted, everyone was calling him Kang Dong Won Jr, Gu Ma Jun and other nicknames but now, it has become “Although he is still young, he is someone with very good acting skills.”

    Finally, we asked Joo Won if he would take part in a Gaksital sequel if one was ever planned. Joo won said ok without hesitation at all.

    “If there really is a Gaksital sequel, I want to be part of it again because there are very few dramas in Korea that have many seasons. But Park Ki Woong hyung and Ji Se Yeon and other actors have died so that’s going to be very sad.

    Chinese translation by 由米35 @ baidu
    English translation by mojobobo @ soompi


  14. SS says:

    It’s Raining Joo Won!


    • Softy says:

      oh my goodness – I think I am going to have to rename the new OB6 page “raining JW” like you said – I was going to post a few pics of uee, but there is going to be way more of him. I have no idea how you are able to find these, but please keep it up. some of these are the best shots of him I have ever seen. this is like the greatest early xmas present ever. thank you 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      Yeah it’s raining JW that’s why it’s flooding photos nowadays.
      Thank you so much dear SS.
      I’m loving it.


    • anonymous says:

      Woweee.. Thanks SS. Thanks for the raining JW and the articles too.. Oh my, he wanted to do something light. a rom com.. YES.

      And to SOfty.. Thanks in advance for OBsessions 6! Congratulations to you and to us!


    • Yanna G. says:

      SS darling… thank you for sharing those awesome “raining” Joowon’s pictures. Let it rain.. more!! 🙂


      • SS says:

        dearest Yanna, I have so busy that I can’t come here as much as I’d like. By the way, I just discovered that you left me a message way back in July on Soompi. I didn’t even know until yesterday. *sigh* I think during that time, I didn’t know how to use those functions on the thread, so clueless and hopeless I am when it comes to such thing. Sorry about it


        • Yanna G. says:

          Ooww.. no problemo dear SS.
          Me too, still confuse till now how to use those functions on Soompi (sigh, silly me :P). Take care yourself & stay healthy, SS darling 🙂


    • Softy says:

      At a certain point I’m gonna run out of drool, but I am not there yet so keep them coming ladies cuz I can’t get enough of all these great pics and news. Wow he looks great in denim – it’s like he was born to wear it. Wonder if he ever modeled – like runway.


      • SS says:

        Sorry I have not been replying to your posts. I am busy with work and can’t access the web till in the night when I am home. And because there has been so many interviews and translating one takes a really long time(my chinese is not good so I’m having a hard time) , I can only post whatever photos I see.

        When I first checked out Soompi, there were only about 7 pages on Joo Won’s thread, now it’s almost 70. And the Bridal Mask thread is still active after the show. Almost all the pics I have pasted here are from Baidu. I guess when you have fans from China, you get the numbers and many who will trawl the web for news and photos. And they are really fast. These days because I am busy, I get updates from my friends on Soompi. Some are coming to OBsessions because they know this is a thread with lots and lots of Jooicy stuff.

        more pics and translations coming up


    • Yanna G. says:

      My O my…. I should refresh this page first before posting any comment….
      Waaaaaaa…….. Hotness overloaded!!!
      I think I need CPR & 911… pronto!! Heeeelppp…
      Thank you my darling SS for these great & awesome pictures ^^


  15. SS says:

    softy, i may have double post

    I just post 10 pics but the posts disappeared


  16. hello guys,,,. I found this article…. I’m so glad that one of the noted male lead actor was Cha Tae-Hyun whose also member of 1night and 2days with Joo Won of course….hahaha….I can’t wait to see this drama..



  17. Isy says:

    I just log on soompi. I found this article. http://www.soompi.com/2012/09/21/bridal-mask-star-joo-won-says-he-and-uee-almost-became-a-real-couple/

    Joo won was interview for this newspaper and he cited that him and Uee almost became a couple. I had this big smile on my face. finally someone admit those two have a connection. i hope they become a real couple. I had to share on this blog because i fell in love OB and I know you guys could understand my reaction towards the article.


  18. putri iman says:

    i hope he always keep in touch with uee.


  19. Cheryl Choong says:

    Thank you for Joo Won’s interview. Good


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