Uncontrollably Fond: E19


When Eul told him it wasn’t his fault, you could see how her words made the years of piled up guilt crumble. It doesn’t matter if he forgets this moment – what matters is that he is finally forgiven for something he never meant to do. He never dreamed she would get hit by that car and almost die when he stole that USB. It was a desperate attempt to protect a dad he didn’t know yet. He never imagined that he would almost kill the girl he loved over a man he now despises. He never forgave himself and held that secret in his heart next to his love for her. It’s like her words finally freed him from a prison of his own making and it didn’t just relieve his guilt, it released his soul and made him feel whole again.


It’s sad that it took Joon Young dying for his dad to actually see him and appreciate the kind of son he could have had if Choi had been a better man in the past. It took losing his son for Choi to find his conscience, morality, and pride as a father. Guess it’s better late than never.

Watching Choi break down in tears got to me. It’s like every kind word Joon said to him reminded Choi how much he failed his son’s expectations. Every word was like a stab to his heart that left puncture wounds that were open and bleeding and flowing as much as his tears. Ironically, it left him raw and vulnerable enough to find the strength to finally right the wrong from ten years ago. Among so many evil characters, I was worried we would never see true remorse from any of them. Thank goodness Choi finally came around.  I’m so glad at least one of them managed to find his humanity.

[ Just a heads up, but I injured my arm today so I can’t type that well. Since I am right handed, it might pose a problem. Only two episodes left and this happens -bad timing. I’ll try to post the live recap like usual, but I don’t think I can translate fully late tonight-might have to summarize. It will be a more condensed version than previous ones for sure.]


Starts with news about Joon’s condition and how the public is in shock, grief, and in disbelief and how his fans are rallying around him and wishing him well. Joon watches it but Gook turns it off and asks why watch it. Joon: did people like me that much? I thought I had antis who thought I was rude. I didn’t know I received love to that extent. Gook says there are people who want to follow him when he dies. thanks to what’s going on Joon is out of the drug allegations. Joon asks him to take care of his dog so Gook says why say such things – like someone who is going to die. Joon: I am going to die. Gook is about to burst into tears so he pretends he forgot to turn the engine off but before he leaves, he apologizes for the fights they had. I didn’t know you weren’t well and wasn’t acting like yourself. I overreacted.

Gook goes out and joins M and Nam. Nam asks if Gook cried but he denies it. M says your eyes are red. Nam says don’t think of showing your tears in front of Joon-if you do don’t go in. I’m ok so think I can go in and see Joon. M continues to cry. Gook says “does this make sense. Joon is only 28” and it makes Nam sit back and down and cry again.

Eul calls and asks to meet with Joon so he goes to meet her at the park bench. before he goes to Eul, he drops his sunglasses and takes his scarf off. a little girl comes over and asks if he is Joon. he asks do you know me. she says yes of course – you are the top star SJY and asks for his autograph. he says I am just a student not a top star. she says don’t lie you are a top star. but he says I am not a top star. I’m really good looking but I am not an entertainer so go play with your friends. she goes away muttering she was correct. he mutters that his looks are a waste to be a lawyer. I should have become a celebrity. he looks over at Eul and remembers how Eul pretended to be his fake girlfriend. he goes over and tells her how she totally duped that other girl and lays on her lap.

Eul looks up at the falling petals and shields his face from the petals. the little girl comes over with another boy and asks the boy to look and confirm it’s Joon. the boy thinks so too.  she asks Eul if he is Joon cuz he keeps lying that he isnt. Eul asks what Joon lied about. the girl says he said he was a college student and not top star Joon. eul says it’s correct and he is just a college student and not a star and asks them to be quiet so Joon can sleep. the boy thinks Joon isn’t as good looking as SJY

Choi reads about Joon in the paper and looks upset. he is told about Ji tae’s being moved to his own private room

Haru and her mom is crying over Ji tae’s bed. he is immobilized and unconscious. his mom tells her to stop crying cuz he is past the dangerous state and will wake soon.  Haru asks who did this to my brother but her mom says Ji tae made the mistake. he didn’t keep to the speed regulation and ignored signal lights. Haru insists her brother follows driving rules well better than anyone. choi comes in and asks to be alone with Ji tae so the mom says she will take haru to the elevators and they both leave


choi remembers the last thing Ji tae said about them becoming monsters he cant handle and asking them for a way he can stop them. then Ji tae asking choi “cheer me on so I can win.” Ji tae cried and told choi though we didn’t share a drop of blood, I liked you a lot. I wanted to be your real son so if there was anything I could help you with or make you happy-I did everything.  even things that were terrible that I hated and felt like it wasn’t the right thing to do – because you had to be happy so I held back and did them. cuz if I didn’t then you might abandon my mom and me and leave. like my birth father. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. if it wasnt the right thing to do -I should have told you – you are doing something wrong-  I wont do it. please keep your promise not to leave my mom. what’s unnecessary isnt my mom – it’s me – please just throw me away. choi cries remembering that. his wife’s phone rings

choi answers his wife’s phone and listens as her secretary says a problem has occurred. we took out the black box in Ji tae’s car but the accident was all filmed on the other car’s black box. what should we do. thankfully they contacted us about the black box before the police. his wife walks in so choi says  to the secretary wait a minute and I’ll give her the phone so his wife takes the phone and hears the news. he glares at her. she admits that she stopped Ji tae in order to protect choi


Joon has flashes of the past and when he opens his eyes, Eul asks Joon to deduct 3 cuz she will try harder to be his girlfriend. she offers to go around yelling she is his girlfriend or write on her forehead that she is his or you can write I am Eul’s. but Joon regained his memory and brings up the docu and tells her to be sure to air what he said with JE. of course it will be hard, there will be lots of opposition, but do it anyway cuz it’s your job.  I will leave but you will be left behind to live. make the world you believe in. dont get discouraged, don’t blame others, don’t avoid – if you dont tire – you will win. I came to say that.


He stands up to leave but she says I called you to meet cuz I had something to say to you. it wasnt your fault. thought about it a thousand times – didnt want to admit it but it wasnt your fault. it just happened somehow and you and I were there. it wasnt your fault Joon. they both look at each other and cry.

there are notes all over the restaurant wall about well wishes for Joon. Uncle tapes the ones that fell on the ground back onto the wall and stops to read one when Joon takes it. Joon asks him to correct the mistake on the note but the uncle breaks down in tears. Joon asks where his mom is but the uncle can barely speak from holding in his emotions and manages to say the mom is peeling onions in the kitchen.

his mom is wearing goggles and peeling onions and Joon calls out. he sits and says I heard you are peeling all the onions in the neighborhood. your son is here so how about showing your sexy face. he pulls off the swimming googles but she is still crying. he tries to hide his tears as she complains the onions are spicy – are these onions or peppers. she yells to her worker saying you said I wouldn’t cry if I wore it. joon cries watching her. she says her pride hurts and cant be here and leaves. Joon is still sitting there crying.

Eul is walking home thinking of what Joon said about making the world she believes in. Yoon’s driver wants her to go with her cuz he wants to meet so Eul thinks it’s cuz he wants to threaten her and even if she says I don’t have time the guy will take her to Yoon anyway, but choi shows up and pretends they already had a previous appointment to meet and apologizes for being late and takes her with him.

Eul tells him my threats must have worked for you to come find me at my home. choi: what is the content of what you filmed?  she tells him she has video footage of JE confessing that she killed Eul’s dad in the hit and run. that brat must have told her dad. they threatened the production and broadcasting center to stop it from being broadcast. Eul gives him the USB and says this is that video evidence. please watch it. it will be aired the day after tomorrow so check if there is anything wrong or incorrect. no matter what I will air it. she stands up to leave but turns and tells him that is the original. there is no copy. choi: what does that mean? Eul: that USB is the only evidence so please be sure to turn it over to the broadcasting center without editing. she bows and leaves

Ji tae wakes up and his mom asks if he is ok. but Ji tae ignores her and asks his friend what happened to joon. his friend tells him that Joon is out of the drug allegations. Ji tae: thank goodness. that’s so good. his mom keeps calling his name but he ignores her and asks his friend how Joon’s health is – if he is ok.

Joon goes home and Eul is sitting there watching tv cuz he changed his number back to 000. she explains she is here cuz there are too many people looking for her and asks him to let her stay here since his home is spacious – until she isn’t popular anymore. she packed a bag to stay. he walks away as she mutters how envious she is of the people on tv and wants to go on a trip. Joon drops his key on her and asks her to drive.Eul: to do what? Joon: to keep the promise from before that I didn’t get to keep

choi watches the footage of Joon telling JE how he wanted to be a great prosecutor like his father so that one day he could go find him and get praise for growing up well like him without having a father and it makes choi emotional

choi gets a call from Joon’s mom. they meet outside on a bench. she asks him please save our Joon. cuz you are in a high position you know a lot of great doctors so please cure Joon. I will do everything you ask no matter what so please save Joon. he touches her arm and calls her name. she says I was trying to live like you -not pass by poor people – not be indifferent to people who have been wronged – take the sides of weak people and wronged people. I told him your father was that kind of person. I told him you have  to live like that too. I taught him that -what do I do –  I taught him wrong – cuz of me Joon got that disease. what to do – my poor baby. he got all the punishment you and I should have received. my baby – what do we do. it makes choi cry with her


Joon and Eul drive to some nice house by the water. she asks where this place is. he said the house I built to live with you. let’s stay here for a bit and then go. she says you said you built it to live with me – let’s live together for just 500 years.

they go to a market and goof around. Eul tries to haggle for lower prices. some ajummas argue over their card game but eul goes over and corrects them. the winner is happy but the loser argues. Joon gets a call and steps away. it’s from choi. choi speaks in banmal and asks are you listening? Joon says I will go now right away. he checks his hair and asks a granny how he looks. do I look good? she asks  why- are you going to meet your girlfriend. he says no my dad. my dad wants to see me. he leaves Eul behind and takes a cab. Joon went back to being a student again

choi is getting dressed and his wife comes in. she didn’t know he came home and is told he is going back out again cuz he has some work. she says she kept calling yesterday but he lies he was busy. she asks if he is mad at her. choi: do I have that right. Ji tae will think I made him that way. let him think that way and don’t get caught

Yoon shows up saying since it’s hard to see choi he came here in person. he gives them a present and tells them to eat with Ji tae when he gets out of the hospital. he tells them to forget everything that upset them last time. he gives back position he took away from choi last time saying how choi is the only one he can trust. choi’s wife thanks him. Yoon tries to set up his nephew with Haru. the mom says we would like that but my daughter lacks too much. choi never says a word


Joon meets with choi but Joon has reverted back to his past when he was a student. he shocks choi cuz Joon is talking about things that happened when Choi was running to be elected and that Joon told his friends to vote for choi. so choi asks him when did we first meet. Joon says when I was in high school-the umbrella. I told you that I would come and find you when I passed the bar. I passed the first and when I pass the third part I will come find you. please give me the law book then. please become an assemblyman and make this world good. my mom says Korea has no more hope so thank goodness there is a great person like you. choi breaks down in tears. Joon asks are you unwell. choi says no just a little tired. Joon says I will be going then. rest. please be healthy till we meet again. he bows and leaves and choi sobs

as he leaves someone bumps into him and Joon regains his memory

Eul is waiting alone and the ajummas from before came to play card games with her. they ask where her husband is. Eul says he went somewhere but will be back soon. Eul holds her stomach in pain but invites them in

Eul calls Joon. Gook answers his phone so she asks why he is answering Joon’s phone. Gook says Joon left his phone on the table. nam takes the phone and asks her to bring that last footage cuz Yoon PD cant edit without it. he said that Joon asked for you to film that night instead of Yoon.  Eul lies that she didnt get to film anything that night cuz Joon was feeling so sick. Nam asks if that is for real – if you are lying you’re dead. Gook asks why he has to be so mean. Gook takes the phone and says Joon is throwing a bday party and is busy. its’ for Gook’s dad. I will be sure to tell Joon you called but Nam says why tell him that – it will be a headache if pics are taken by reporters. also Joon doesnt have time to meet her. he hangs up on her.

Eul doubles over in pain

Joon asks the uncle how old he is. the uncle holds up his hands – 51. Joon tells him to stop pinching your thighs to stop yourself from crying. the uncle denies it. he is wearing sunglasses to not show his tears. so is M but she is still crying. Nam and Gook are also wearing sunglasses so Joon joins along like it’s a party dress code. Nam asks if Joon’s mom isnt coming. the uncle says yes she is busy. Nam gets mad and says what busy matters? that mom is a really strange mom. there isnt much time left for her to see her son’s face. the uncle takes offense but Joon makes the excuse that his mom sulks like a kid. he starts the party

Eul is waiting alone

Joon tells the uncle to blow out the candles and make his wish. can I make a wish too? uncle says yes make your wish. Joon: please take good care of my mom. so she doesnt have a hard time and isnt lonely please take good care of her. the uncle says I will take care of her with all my dying strength so dont worry about your mom. Joon thanks him and says I will trust you and not worry about mom and go comfortably. everyone is crying

Joon’s mom sits alone bawling

the bell rings and Gook runs out wondering if it’s Joon’s mom

Joon meets with Jik. Jik says I came with nari noona but she said she couldn’t look at your face so she is out by the front door. she is outside crying. Jik extends her apology cuz she deceived Joon in the past when they dated. though Joon dumped her – she was at fault too. she dated Joon and another guy without Joon knowing. she was confident in her looks and thought there were plenty of guys but after losing Joon, she realized how cool he was and there wasn’t two of him in the world. Joon laughs about it and says nari is dead. Jik tells him not to die and live somehow. my dad said people who die it’s cuz they are lazy cuz they didn’t keep breathing. Joon says I will try hard to do breathing exercises.  Jik asks where is my sister. Joon asks why ask me. Jik: she said she was with you when she called a while ago. Joon starts to say I didnt see her but then he suddenly remembers leaving her behind and calls himself a crazy guy.

JE tells Ji tae that she is leaving for america tm with Oh’s second son. they will date and if it’s endurable they will get married. she tells him while he was lying in the hospital KJ group decided Ji tae will get deposed and will be investigated by the police once ji tae is discharged. so why did you take that road? like a fool.  getting abandoned by your parents too. I’ll be going.  be well and stay healthy. Ji tae: I am sorry JE. I should at least have told you not to do that. I am sincerely sorry. when you ran away after the hit and run accident you caused, that you did wrong. I should have convinced you to turn yourself in. this time you will get away like this – but one day when you come to your senses – you make sure you give yourself punishment. you lived your life really wrong. I want to sleep so please leave

choi remembers what Joon said before when he had his memory and how he would call choi dad for the last time and be ashamed of the truth that he is his son. then he remembers when Joon behaved like a student and how much Joon admired him – the stark difference between them. then he remembers how Joon told JE that he killed his girlfriend to to protect his dad

choi calls Eul and asks what is the real reason you gave me the usb. she says I wanted to show it to you first most of all. choi says you dont know what I would have done with this-you know better than anyone who I am. she says I know very well – you are Joon’s dad. he hangs up and cries. then he calls in his secretary.  (even a stranger has more faith in him to be a good dad for Joon than Choi does himself)

Joon takes a cab back to that house. he goes in and looks for her and calls. he sees her sitting outside with her head down. he calls out to her and says I am sorry. I am really sorry. I committed a crime that deserves death. he goes over and lifts her head. she has a fever. she says I am ok but he says how could you not be sick with a fever this high. why didnt you call that you were sick and to hurry and come back. he is about to call for an ambulance but she refuses to go the hospital. he says how can you not go when you are so ill – you will die. she says it doesnt matter. he asks why? do you want to die with me? you want to follow me? she asks why? cant I do that? he says ok let’s die together then. he picks her up and carries her out.


Joon yells out: please save me

Joon’s mom yells – is this something you can do to a mother whose child is dying

reporters ask Choi: is this all true?

JE: how dare them – I will step on them all

Ji tae asks Eul:did Joon not know me just now?

Joon: do you know me?

Joon tells his mom: I am sorry I cant remember

Jitae to choi: that you wouldn’t leave my mom – you dont have to keep your promise dad

haru asks Jik: that you like guys – it’s all a lie huh?

Joon and eul have happy moments

Eul:this is the world I want to believe in

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    I’ve missed the last few episodes. I’ve only been reading your recaps in between work. Here’s hoping that the romance will pick itself up. We’ve missed the OTP for too long


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    Thanks again for the recap 🙂


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