I figured since there are so many “patients” suffering from OB withdrawal – one post that will eventually get lost in the shuffle just won’t suffice. Now you get the whole entire ward to chat and share your thoughts, music videos, joys, crushes, DVD queries, frustrations, cast interviews, recipes, advice, cures, etc. anything you want to as long as you promise me that this place will help you. It may not alleviate all your symptoms right away, but at least here we can be open and admit we do have an addiction that we can’t seem to let go of. Even in real life, I always found it therapeutic to talk about my problems and for some reason- hearing those words said aloud somehow make it seem less intimidating. I will be the first one to say that I feel lost about this first weekend without OB. I totally planned to stay out really late and have dinner at an ungodly hour and watch movies in the evening instead of the usual early afternoon and actually make it to church for the first time since Secret Garden aired, but I bet I will just end up praying for an OB reunion. They have high kick season 3 – how much would it kill them to give us season 2 of OB. I am pretty sure once 1N2D starts and we get to see Joowon’s face on a regular basis, some of this withdrawal might feel less intense, but for now I thought we needed a place like this.

So here is our temporary haven for you to do self check- ins and have group discussions about your OB symptoms and one day move on when you eventually find another drama to feed your addiction. Speaking for myself, that’s not gonna be anytime soon. OB is a tough act to follow for any future dramas this year.

If you leave picture links, I promise to embed them as soon as I see them. 🙂 *but they can’t end with jpg/ (that backslash at the end won’t let me embed)

Sailor Enigma left us these indelible OB MVs. 🙂

*Uee’s Guerilla date was moved to Everything OB

1,333 comments on “OBsessions

  1. K says:

    you can watch uee talking about kiss scenes in part 4


  2. zalapaoii says:

    JW’s Documentary Part 3


    • JWnie says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing this. Do u know the original title for this show? Anyone able to translate to eng n repost video? Many thx again 😉


  3. zalapaoii says:

    JW’s Documentary Part 4


  4. shinah says:

    JW Twitter ^^ Can you translate it?

    “가슴을울리는노래 “2BIG” 의 “또한여잘울렸어” 많이들어주세요~~^^ 뮤직비디오도 감상해 주시구요^^ 제가 나옵니다!!ㅎ 노래 너무 좋으니까 많은 사랑 부탁드려요~~ 뿅!”


  5. haneul says:

    when is the dvd coming out????? i hope it comes out soon….


  6. yelina says:

    waaaah, i stl can’t get over UEE-JOOWON couple ….. now i would want to see them at least dance to this — http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=DJ2o1RLHBNk —– XDDDDDD


    • Siska says:

      me to..i missed Uee&Joowon couple sooooooooo badly…this the hardest couple to let go off from our minds..seriously..OB has ended for a month..BUT i can’t get over uri TH & JE couple..my heart breaking into a zillion pieces..when i saw JW with another girl or Uee with another guy…
      and i,m not ready yet to see JW on another drama with his new co-star..i can’t imagine when the drama begins..and i have to see a kissing scene from JW..pls..pls…i beg you PDnim dont be like a passionate kiss..i just want to see my cutie dimples still sweet and respectful actor…


  7. Anonymous says:

    can you translate it? joowon’s twitter ^^

    “아~ 졸린걸!! 으흐흐~~ 곤피곤피다ㅎㅎ 각시탈 열촬 중!^^ 퐈이아! 으쌰싸!!ㅎ”


  8. dreamgirl says:

    for Uee and Joo Won fans, pls try this
    its on part 5 episode 121 – strong heart
    Uee even had to stammer when she told them about their almost bed scene after the wedding haha.
    the other moderator took note of her stammering and everybody was laughing . . .


  9. ydoodler says:

    Haven’t dropped by here in a while. Just looking around makes me want to cry. So many memories. I miss OB. 😦 at least, I finally started watching 1N2D so I can get more Joo Won.


  10. eursua17 says:

    Hey guys!! SBS is gonna do a special with the brothers of “Ojakgyo Brothers” !!^^ It’ll be the 5May (broadcasting) and the 6May (re-broadcast). More info here: http://www.kbsworld.ne.jp/variety/detail.php?cno=469
    thanks for the info..ojakgyo brothers page…


  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi all,

    Wow, Uee and Joo Won both won the best newcomer in TV category in the Baeksang 48th awards and were both the presenters for Best actor and best actress awards.

    Love this couple. 🙂


  12. monika says:

    OBnian newbie is here! hahaha 😀 i just finished Ojakgyo Brothers about 2 weeks ago, and i have this withdrawal effect. i can not letting go this drama! and i can’t stop myself reading all the recaps here, and the comment, and seeing stuff, and going crazy all by myself. this drama is superb!
    The best kdrama i’ve ever watched! i nearly missed a masterpiece.
    @jooceci, thank you for inviting me! 😀


  13. Shahu says:

    Help me, Cadence.
    Please help me.

    I finished watching the drama, and I expected to get over it and move on. Like any other drama, i didn’t expect it to be hard to watch the show’s clips on YT without feelings of melancholy sweeping over me.
    I can’t think of TH without the break up scene coming into my mind. The most heart breaking break up scene I’ve ever seen in my entire life! How my heart hurts STILL.
    I know TH and J moved on from their unhappiness and are blissfully happy together, but why can’t I move on?? Why does my heart throb so painfully that I find it difficult to breath when I remember TH’s face during that scene. Why do I sometimes forget that those are fictional characters in a drama? Why do I fantasize about meeting JW in an International airport and starting my very own love story with him?

    I need to move on. I need to watch “Faith.” I need to watch “To the Beautiful you.” But I’m not able to.

    I even thought of watching “Bridal Mask” just to get over my TH fever, but I’m so scared of seeing him with another woman. It almost feels like a betrayal.
    What is wrong with me, Cadence?

    Please help me move on. I’d like to be able to watch their scenes without heart ache.

    Its crazy how much I love TH. Why do I love that character so much?? I’ve loved other men!!! Beak Sung Jo. F4 Boys. Even Seo Joon. But this level of craziness….
    I love his secret smiles, shy laughs, his clothes (except for the turtlenecks!! Yuck!), and his gorgeous hands! I’m a sucker for good looking hands, and he’s got the best pair of em ever! His jean clad legs, his walk, they way he runs (I don’t get this!! Why would I notice this? But I noticed! Oh, how I noticed his style when running!), his stares, the way he looks at J. I can’t get enough.

    Help me to move on, Cadence.


    • Hi me too! I have the same thoughts as you.I don’t even dare to watch Bridal Mask because if i saw Joowon with another actress i would feel angry and sad and felt as if i’m betrayed.I was also quite angry that he chose Jin Se Yeon over UEE 😦 I bet UEE and Joowon are dating now secretly hope one day they will reveal that they are dating:D there is 80% chance :DD


  14. iamkwen00 says:

    me too, i dunno why their characters still linger in my memories >.> i reallllly SHIP THEM SO HAAAAAAAAAARD


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