Alice in Cheongdam-dong: E7-E16

130127 청담동 앨리스 E16 마지막회 HDTV 720p x264 aac mp4-Random[02-08-55]

I’m not quite sure what the lesson is that we should be taking away from this drama. Fairytale endings have always existed in drama land, but I thought they would make their point in a more convincing way. SK set out to get into Cheongdam-dong and made it, with a slight detour and a lot of moments clashing with her conscience.  If you ask me, the people who really learned valuable lessons are SJ, YJ, and Tommy. They no longer saw their privileged lives as something to take for granted and the one person who taught them that was SK. In a sense, SK went into Cheongdam-dong to change her life, but ended up affecting other people’s lives. Her original intent and methods of getting in might have been wrong, but somewhere in the middle of it, she realized what needs to matter more than just material wealth. Being able to love someone despite their faults and lack of trust feeds the soul way more than any luxurious estate. In a way, it’s a good thing that she tried to go into this world cuz in the process she rescued her prince. How’s that for flipping a fairytale on its head.

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