Happy Together OB cast

Sort of wished there was a part two to this program cuz it went by too quickly. At least we got to see a little bit of how JW might be on 1N2D. You could really see how their personalities in real life sort of seemed similar to their characters for some of them while others are complete opposites. Just look at their slippers. 🙂 Can’t believe we have to say goodbye to this cast this weekend.
*Wow Semi-fly – that is so generous of you to leave so many torrents. 🙂 You really are too good to us – we have been spoiled by your kindness. Thank you so much. 🙂

**Updated Friday night

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Ojakkyo Brothers E56

There isnt enough space to say how many times this episode was DAEBAK – OMG I am in drama heaven !!! It’s like they made up for the last few episodes all at once by packing in so many great scenes. Someone please make music videos out of the last scene from E55 and pretty much every scene from tonight. 🙂

*Thank you for the preview gifs Ginko 🙂

Necktie BTS clip translated. 🙂

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Ojakkyo Brothers E55

I must admit, at first I didn’t get why he didn’t haul his cute butt over to J right away the minute GM gave him permission. It sort of baffled me why he would go back to working on the case. For a minute I suspected that hit on the head did some damage cuz it seems to be making him process info slowly or something, but the look on his face here gave me the answer. he had to solve the case for J and her father first. he needed to clear her dad cuz that is what you do if you are an officer and you are in love with the innocent man’s daughter. You clear her father of wrongdoing first and then you can go to her knowing you did something that will free everyone of the pain they have been enduring. He couldn’t just think of himself, he had to make sure his family, Baek, and J knew the truth.  TH has always been about making sacrifices for the ones he loves so why should we expect him to change now. this is who he is and this is what J loves about him. and the main reason why I love OB.

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Ojakkyo Brothers E54

I bawled like there was no tm during GM’s speech to the mom and dad. I got my wish and the old OB came back. That scene is the reason why I continue to love this drama. Everything the GM should have said all this time, she finally said it but in the best possible way – straight from the heart and full of love. Something tells me watching TH look like this while staring at J’s photo might have been the last push the GM needed to do the right thing. You can’t tell very clearly, but his eyes were brimming with tears. I loved how he put his thumb on J’s face like he was imagining touching her face. That is the kind of longing that is almost palpable cuz you know he is missing her with every fiber of his being.

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Ojakkyo Brothers E53

The look on TH’s face here says everything in his heart. His expression verbally says he knows he has to let go of her, but still doesn’t want to and doesn’t think he can. He knows it’s too soon so he decides to go back to masking his feelings. When the grandmother looked at him, I wonder if she realized in this moment that she just made her grandson go back to his lonely withdrawn existence. It took so much patience and time for J to finally bring him out of his shell and now the grandmother is visibly watching him go back into it. If that doesn’t thaw some of that bitterness in her heart, I don’t know what will. It made me wonder if his weak smile here pained her even more. It’s like you can see two broken hearts in this shot, one that’s totally crushed and the other one is starting to get what his pleading and crying really meant. TH wasn’t just trying to hold onto J, he also wanted to hold onto the person he has become. Now that person is slipping away and the grandmother is running out of excuses.

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