You’ve fallen for me E9

Wow this is so cool- this is the first time posting a pic from my mac-thanks to Nikesma I have screencaps for YFFM.I chose this for the obvious reason – I love watching S look up at K. It was a toss up between this one and the other one where he is standing outside her home. I love how he keeps waiting for her to go to school with her.

*Turns out people north of the Han river have internet and it’s only the south side where I live that’s flooded. Still no internet on my toshiba, but my mac works fine so no one finger typing tonight. Since I still can’t download, only YFFM again tonight.

Thank you everyone for the CH links – I translated the crucial scene in comments below. it was such a great scene. Found YouTube links of YFFM E9 so I edited the last scene.



Starts from the sparkler scene. after she worries if everyone was able to avid the guard and not be caught
S says liking me – (I’m saying) don’t stop.
K: what are you saying? do you like me
even if you dont like me you are telling me to keep liking you
do girls fall for this? (K is mad)
B calls so K asks her to hurry and come
K says to S: dont play with someone’s heart – i am not your slave for you to tell me to like you or not
S: did i say that? there is a misunderstanding (he tries to explain but she says)
K: i dont even want to hear your voice
B comes and says to K: you were with S
but K says let’s just go in

B tucks K into bed
B: did you talk to S about something
K: dont even bring him up

J asks him to sign another 5 autographs for her friends cuz she ran out and she needs to pay for her phone (to send texts)
S asks J if you hear a guy say “dont stop liking me” is that bad? J:dont be like that to girls who like you. S: who said it was about me

K keeps replaying what he said and tells herself not to go along with it (not to fall for it)

SH shows up and gives K the female lead song to learn and practice – so she can be the understudy for the lead. he says they are going to MT but jokes she cant go cuz she is injured. she wants to go but he tells her to rest. so she says she will stay. but he kids with her and she tells him to take her along. he says dont worry cuz I will make sure to take you

S remembers what K said: even if you don’t like me are you saying for me to keep liking you?

SH meets with the other guy. SH talks about going to MT and he asks if T is going. SH says no. so the guy says how about Y. SH jokes they didn’t have time to date so that would be good (SH needed to have another teacher go)

SH asks Y to go with them to MT. she asks what day. he says friday. she looks like she is thinking it over so he urges her not to think about it and says let’s go see the beach/ocean

T asks the other teacher if he heard SH is going on an MT. the guy says he heard HJ’s mom is mad. T says she is mad cuz ppl like K on the internet. T wants to fire SH, but the guy says that wont happen. T says we have to find something on him -he wonders why SH came back to Korea since he was doing well on Broadway. teacher offers to look into it

SH tells the acting team they did well during practice. he tells them to listen and feel what is different (as he sing). he plays the piano and sings. B says to another girl if K saw this (SH singing) K would have fallen head over heels. S hears that and remembers his time with K. SH asks if they know what the feeling is. he asks HJ and she says yes. mean girl mentions the MT and SH says what they have to do on the trip. guy asks if that is for real. SH says they cant be obvious they are going to just play (everyone laughs)

mean girl points out to HJ that director asked HJ about feelings for a reason (cuz HJ isnt good at it) HJ is sitting on the swings and gets a call from SH. he asks arent you hot? she lies and says she is in a cafe with AC. he comes up behind her and asks why she is like this when she became the lead. you are better than K (at singing). HJ: but? SH: have you been in love? the reason why you cant feel this character is cuz yuo dont know love – between ppl in love -you break up and etc. she asks if K knows love. he says K is the understudy and she yells she doesnt like it – even if she broke her leg she is going to do the show. he says let’s go eat ice cream cuz it’s hot.

S goes to see K. she asks why he came. he says they arent done tutoring. she sks him to get tutored by someone else like B. but he says he doesnt want to cuz it’s a bother. she asks if he brought the summary.

KY and bud are looking for places to stay on the trip. HJ says she came to speak to KY for a minute. bud offers to go the bathroom so they can talk. KY: what’s up. she asks if he thinks just her technic is good (and not her emoting). he says she is the lead anyway (whether she can emote or not). she tells him to teach her about feelings and stuff cuz she cant practice it alone. he says he isnt that great at it. but she argues he is getting recognition from SH for doing well enough. she wants him to teach her without telling anyone. KY agrees cuz they are the leads. she offers to pay him hourly for teaching her. bud tells KY to agree

K reads the summary. K: you dont get why I am mad? I explained over and over. are you not smart? he gets up and says he will find someone else to teach him like she suggested and she can stay out of it

outside S says: i’m not smart? forget it K.

JH says it was fun practicing with K and WF. S says they don’t need to play with them anymore. JH says it’s a waste cuz he wanted to feel it again – K said gukak was “energy”

K is being escorted home by her dad and GP. S says hello. her dad asks who (S is) ? K whispers: the one i told you about prince of conceit. her dad says it aloud almost so she tells him to go to school. he whispers for her to have fun on the MT. he says see you again to S. GP says he has something to say to S since he is doing the closing with K and to come in. K tells S to go and she will explain to her GP. he says he will hear out GP cuz he is better than her.

GP gives the same speech about when he was 14 that he gave to SH. S’s legs fall asleep. K hears from the other room and cheers her GP to keep going with the story till he is 30. she gets a call from B. K says she is going too.

WF tells madame Gu they are going on an MT. he wants to go with them. he says some story about how when he and SH were younger, Sh stripped *I swear I heard this right – something about taking off clothes for sure- part of that story was about their old MT trips I think
*** Blue said: Madame Gu said they did the “fully monty” (I had a hard time catching this because his english is so weird) during the MT trip. BW asks, “You mean taking off your clothes?” And M Gu confirms that they indeed stripped. 

K listens to S being talked to death. she finally feels bad for K so she interrupts. GP says he was going to continue till when he was 20 and then stop. she says S has to go study so S promises to listen to the rest next time. after S leaves. GP mutters how S is like hm when he was younger. he wonders about the two – one is older (SH) and one is in a band (S)- which one is better.

K asks how is was learning from GP. she says sorry cuz he likes to talk a lot. he asks if she is going on the MT. she hints she might but doesnt say yes clearly

S remembers K saying to him: you dont get it- should I explain it to you again? or are you not smart?

K remembers how S told her to stay out of it cuz he will find someone else to tutor him

GP says K cant go cuz she just got out of the hospital. she says she wants to go. he tells her to be careful of the water and mountains. she promises to be careful. he mutters going to the beach will be good

K and S meet outside. S reminds her said she wouldn’t go but K says she is

JH goes and says he is kidnapping HJ to go on the MT

SH gets a call about how good it is to hear the gagyeum by the ocean. SH says he will listen later. GP mutters how SH isn’t picking up on the hint. (that he wants to go too)

HJ keeps JH to ler go of her and he says she is cuter when she is like this.

bud says the next to him is taken so the mean girl wont sit there.

S tries to find a seat but there is only K. S: there is no seat so I am sitting here – “against my will” (meaning it cant be helped cuz there is no other seat)

Y comes on the bus and every guy wants her to sit with them but she sits with bud

T gets a report that SH had a scandal with a female actress. rumors were that SH was dating her or taking money from her. T says SH isn’t someone who would do that

T meets with HJ’s mom. he wants to use mass communication like the other team did

bud carries Y’s bag saying it must be heavy right after he turned the mean girl down when she asked him to help carry her big bag (he said it looked light)

K offers to lend clothes to Hj since she didnt bring any but HJ declines. girls forgot toothbrush. so mean girl who brought a lot sells toothbrushes and shampoo and stuff.

SH drives up separately. teachers are staying together. Y asks if he bought fruit.

SH tells them to yell out from their stomach what they want/ what their dreams are. K: I want to do my hardest/best. mean girl: i will be bud’s girlfriend. others says I want to be an actress. SH says it’s personal time till they eat dinner

S sees Y. she says the air is good – different from seoul. she says she looks forward to the ending (that he is working on). he tells her not to. Y: it looks like you found your place. S:sorry for bothering you all that time. Y: do you know you did?

K says her body aches and sits on some mats. S comes over and stands over her. S: are you hurt? K: what does it matter to you if I am or not. he tells her to move over if she isnt. she tells him to sit somewhere else. he says he has to sit here on these mats. S:the person who isnt smart is you. JH and HJ sit together. bud asks who is going to cook. JH offers to cook with HJ. she yells she doesnt want to. bud asks K and S to go buy a watermelon with S driving. SH asks where they are going. K: to buy watermelon. he tells S to carry the heavy things for K.
Y: S must like K. SH: I dont know about that

HJ: do you like to cook that much. JH: if I am with you even hell will be fun. she cuts her finger so he sucks the blood off her finger. he runs off to get her a bandaid. she asks if he is a vampire to suck someone else’s blood. he says something his mom used to do so she asks if his mom isnt alive now. she tells him to leave it up to her (for some cooking task)

K asks how much for the watermelon. (first one was $20 down to $18 cuz she is cute but she tries to get more discounts and keeps going to other places. S tells her to just buy one but she says wait -let’s go someplace else. S walks ahead so she calls out to him. she went in to buy some packs for her ribs. she comes out and calls his name. she didnt bring her phone. he is looking everywhere for her “where is she?”

JH bit down on the rice and HJ didnt cook it well. bud asks why there is cucumbers in bean paste soup (* you are supposed to put squash so bud complains JH made it according to his taste and not everyone else’s and blames himself for leaving the cooking to kids). HJ says it tastes good. JH gives her all the cucumbers. Y worries about S and K cuz they are taking too long. SH wonders if they ran off

S finds her. are you hurt? she says she bought it for $15. S: do you know how much I looked for you? he carries the watermelon and goes. she calls out to go together. she asks if they should listen to music as they go. why are you like that? S: you are hurt – I thought you were injured somewhere. K: am I always injured. S: lie down. K: i’m ok S:since you are sick – listen to me. he makes K lean back in her seat till they get to the place

SH asks why they are late. K explains they lost each other at the market.SH wonders why S needs to get annoyed from that. Y: from what I can see it’s not irritation. it’s concern. K and S go and eat.K gives him chopsticks and spoon but he ignores her.

the kids are putting on skits. they sing a CN blue song and perform other songs. WF is about to perform but K’s rib hurts so S tells her not to go perform. she says she is ok. S: listen to me-what are you going to do if you get hurt again. S holds onto her wrist and yells K cant go on cuz her sides hurt. after SH decides to let her sit it out. K asks S to let go now. she walks off. other girls perform. K and S watch from the audience.they sit by each other. S: dont be sick – it makes me worry.

SH asks if it’s not hard. Y says it’s fun being with the kids. he jokes he got older. he holds her hand as they walk. Y: thank you. she thanks him for asking her to start over. he says she changed alot in 6 yrs. she thanks him and promises to be good to him from now on.

bud asks S to sing and play guitar. he sings “lucky” K watches him. he looks at her and sings.

bud suggests eating watermelon so K offers to bring it. S follows her. she hurts her ankle. S:I knew you would do this. hold still. why did you offer when there other ppl. he presses down. does it hurt a lot. he says it looks a little sprained. she is really close to his face. he says her name softly. B calls her and asks what she is doing. K explains about her ankle.B asks S to help K so he extends his hand but K says it’s ok and holds onto B. B asks S to get the watermelon and says she should take K in to rest. K looks back at S as she leaves with B

K and S cant sleep. S goes out and passes by where K is sitting in the dark on the edge of the stage. he sits next to her. S: what are you doing alone here without being afraid. K: cuz I couldnt sleep – how about you. S: I couldnt sleep too.are you feeling ok? K: I’m ok.thanks for helping me earlier- cuz of you it got a lot better. S:are you really ok or acting ok. she says she is really’s raining outside- coming on this MT and can’t even see the ocean properly before going back. I was going to sit on the beach- watch the stars fall and make a wish.S: what’s your wish? K: it’s a secret.going to make it when the star falls.S: then i’m going to make one too. She asks what his wish is. S: it’s a secret.K mutters he is copying her. he holds out his hand and nods for her to hold it. he grabs her hand. S: should I tell you my wish? K nods. S: that you like me again
no preview

* the simplicity and sweetness of that last scene just kills me- there was no need for a falling star – she got her wish in the dimly lit room- how perfect is that?

** please keep in mind these two episodes E8 and E9 are NOT my usual recaps – I didn’t have video so what I typed was straight from watching it live during the broadcast – it is NOT complete and I left out lines when it got too complicated and long – go read Blue’s cuz her recaps are thorough and perfect 🙂 link is on the right on the blog roll


72 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E9

  1. sara says:

    City Hunter had a ugly and stupid ending -:- I am very dissapointed!
    great drama but a sucking smiling end!


  2. kris says:

    thanks for the early recaps of YFFM…
    this drama is getting better and better.
    Amazing chemistry of shinhye and YH,
    Never did it occur to me that the two will have that chemistry even by just standing or sitting side by side, no need for spoken words..I love the persistence of LS in pursuing KW, he really is so caring (but please not to the point of being so possessive)….
    ending is a cliffhanger but hoping that KW will just be honest with her feelings and accept LS…


  3. Superfangirl says:

    Fanderay how do you always know what I am thinking??
    I love the originality of this drama!! I can never predict what’s going to happen next and yet all the personalities are acting exactly in character. No one has done anything that seems too outrageous or “drama like”. No one acts at all like they are in a drama it unfolds as though its real life!
    I can’t wait for next week and what heartstrings has instore for the audience.


    • lovemusica says:

      Totally agree with you =D


    • Fanderay says:

      Funny you should ask! Just earlier today Softy commented on my blog that we may in fact be telepathic. Theory confirmed!

      The wait for next week is already killing me. I haven’t even watched the last two episodes of CH yet, and yet I’m more eager to watch the practically plot-less YFFM. This show has its claws so deep in my skin it’s ridiculous!


  4. honhei says:

    Thankyou so much for the great totally addicted to YFFM. I can’t wait for epi 10,kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. so so romantic..


  5. MJShinshi says:

    glad I wasn’t crying alone :). through the ending showdown!! I hated what J did but I cried that he died….and so did YJ…waiting for recap..


    • MJShinshi says:

      especially sad when Y saw J emptied his gun before turning around so he could be shot down instead of his son…. 😥


  6. lizzyd says:

    Am I the only one who was confused by the final scene of CH? I saw Ahjussi and Mom packing their bags while planning to move to the US. Then there’s Na Na at the airport with luggage. She is either looking for or surprised to see YS, I can’t decide which. They’re clearly very happy to see each other, so then I thought they’re all going to America together. But then, what’s up with the final shot of him driving into the night IN KOREA. So he doesn’t go with them? Or is Mom and Ahjussi going only and Nana is going on a short trip and then coming back to be his sidekick.


  7. myanjell says:

    Thank you for the recap…
    Finally, an ‘almost’ all out confession from Shin…I wonder how Kyuwon will respond? Will she finally accept and say she’ll start liking him again? or will someone come in and disturb their close moments again?
    i love how Shin sang Lucky…how lucky can you get by falling in love with your best friend…
    I too so wanted to see KW up on that stage and dancing, but we all know she still has to recuperate fully and have to see a physical therapist…so i guess it was better not to have her exert too much effort…
    and finally we hear the FTIsland song as the end credit song!!! Love Love Love!!!!
    i wish for HS to his double digits in ratings now that CH is over…please………….it would mean so much for the HS staff esp to ShinHye and YongHwa!!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you softy!! anyone else notice that the actress that plays K’s friend B, is actually very pretty!!!!! and K and S weoe matching clothings in the last scene. lol


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  10. Moi says:

    here is the link for for final ep with english sub 🙂

    Enjoy! my heart is breaking now because no more city hunter nxt wk 😦 i wish for season 2!


  11. Jomo says:

    I know I didn’t understand everything T was discussing with the guy who discovered a possible reason that SH left the US, but I will comment anyway.

    It is funny to me that they would find a news story in that SH had to quit because of a scandal with an actress. American audiences don’t care if a Broadway director is sleeping with an actress. That is expected. Gay rumours wouldn’t do it either.
    Fact is, audiences have short memories, and there is always another day of news to sweep away the previous one. Maybe because the population of the US based entertainment is so much bigger, we can’t keep track of who did what with whom. Not to mention, there are so many sub-groups of the entertainment industry with their separate soap-operas. Hollywood films, Hollywood TV, NY TV, Broadway, Nashville, Pop Music, Rock music, Daytime TV, Reality TV.

    For crying out loud, Woody Allen had an affaire with (and subsequently married) his step-daughter and people still go to his films.
    Chris Brown? Still has a career, yes, it is damaged, but people pay money for what he does, and that is all that matters to the execs.


  12. ilovecandysoyummy says:

    Am i the only who is spazzing over the the heejoo/kiyoung moments in this episode?


  13. Anonymous says:

    Could someone post the link for YFFM preview 10 translation? Thanks.


    • Softy says:

      Vid and translations are on KDF2 (wasn’t translated by me)

      YT commenter

      LS: it’s a bother that our hands are bumping each other, so it’d better we just hold our hands
      KW: will be very tired?
      LS: the girls just won’t leave us alone, it’d be so tiring
      KW: You don’t want us to be seen together then. Sorry that you feel tired!
      KW: What are you doing? all the girls will pull my hair. I don’t want this.


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