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  1. iviih says:

    Softy more videos of Gu family!

    long preview from the press conference! (Just found it with bad quality sorry)

    Suzy/LSG part:

    Suzy LSG press conference


  2. iviih says:

    This one is english subbed! ❤


    • Softy says:

      ooooh thanks for sharing these Iviih – thank goodness I finally get to hear some dialogue – the sageuk language doesnt sound as hard as I thought. After I wrap up TWTWB tonight I will be able to focus on this drama over the weekend and start memorizing new names. wow these names are super hard.

      It might be easier for you to post these on KD chats cuz it took 3 tries for me to get here. you have to click so many times to get to this page so it’s not easy. I want to make it easier for you cuz i wanna see as much as I can of Gu family before it airs next week. 🙂


      • Iviih says:

        You’re welcome Softy! I’m glad the dialogue is easy because this means you will not have such hard time over some words/dialogues, btw, did you convince Joonni Yet? LOL 🙂

        I thought here was the place to come but I just realized here you told me to go.. lol I didn’t know… much better and easy to go there. I’ll post the long preview with better quality in kd chats then, thanks ^^!


      • Cinderellarockyfellar says:

        Hi Softy, I been enjoying this drama so far Riders:Catch Tomorrow. The drama felt like I need romance but Guy Version with more heart & humor. The friendship is like reply 1997 but older version. Happy New Year!


  3. rainyrain says:

    softy , are u watching when a man loves , I’m liking the drama very much , have a look on it 😉


  4. lol says:

    hi softy, you need to watch “i hear your voice”!!! you must!!!
    i don’t want you to miss this drama” it is way too good!!!!!!!

    i know you will love it!!!! i just know!!

    you have to watch it!!!!!!” i hear your voice:”


  5. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hi Softy,

    Been a looooooooooooonnnnnggggg while since I have a left a post for you. Sadly, I left GFB at episode 16. I could no longer relate to the beauty of the drama and I couldn’t accept the pace of the story. Sometimes I feel the characters should have a larger than life persona and for me those felt left out in Kang Chi and the character played by Lee Yoobi. I had a lot of high hopes for these two in different directions but it didn’t click for me later on.

    However, I am very sure you would have seen the teaser for Good Doctor 😀 Please tell me, you will recap it, right???? No matter how much a lot of people hated L7CS, I didn’t hate it primarily because I began caring for JJ and Gong Do ha as the series progressed. I didn’t love the series but I didn’t hate it 🙂 There are a lot of concerns of how Joo Won will portray the autistic savant Dr. Park Shi On. I too am concerned since this role requires a lot of justice and he is filming the movie Only You and the drama simultaneously which is making me reallllllly reallyyyyyy worrrriiiieedddddd!!!! Having worked with autistic kids I hope Joo Won shouldn’t tire himself out with the shooting of the movie and lose his concentration for the drama since there are many awaiting to bombard it (haters, skeptics and many alike).

    I don’t know whether you have gone through the latest update on Dramabeans of the upcoming summer dramas. Here is the link:


    Lots of comments have come from many bloggers who have either a relative, or have gone to voluntary camps, or have their own kids who are autistic. To a certain extent I do agree with them because first hand there are those who have had experience with one and to a certain extent I don’t because many of them are using American shows / movies as reference which didn’t succeed in presenting the day to day activity of a person afflicted with autism. There are many movies and dramas from countries like Iran, France, etc. that have managed to succeed in bringing the emotional depth of a low to high spectrum functioning autistic individual.

    Enough and said about that for viewing purpose link for the teaser is below. Hope you say yes for recapping of the drama since after all there is Joo Won, Moon Chae Won, emotional hunky namja Joo Sang Wook ( I adored him in TEN and TEN 2), Chun Ho Jin and many more talented actors. I am jumping with excitement the more I think about it 😀


    • Dramafed1782 says:

      Just saw that on Random Thoughts your laptop’s motherboard crashed and your using an IBM PC 😦 😦 😦 Has it been fixed? Guess with Master’s Sun, will you be able to do it???? And since you will be having an affinity for taking Joo Won’s pics from various angles will your IBM crash too 😛 ????


  6. chistarr says:

    hello Softy, is there any chance that you would review or recap “Oh my Venus”? I am loving that show in all its fluffiness…


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