You’ve fallen for me E11

In between all the drama on tonight’s episode, I loved watching K and S open up to each other and talking about their fathers and sharing personal information . Despite what is going on around them, they are still able to enjoy the time they have together. That is what is important to maintain right now. At the heart of every relationship, there has to be a foundation of trust and support and they laid that out throughout the episode. Now that the storm has really hit the fan, they are going to need something firm to hold onto to weather thru it. I just hope they laid enough groundwork for both of them to never let go of each other. Judging from that last scene, it could go either way.Let’s all hope she listens to S and not to her conscience. I say SH is a grown man – let him take care of himself 🙂


* for my take on this kiss – read my E10 comment 🙂


You’ve fallen for me E11

After S kisses K, girls scream. B and WF girls come in and see it too. S says to K: now you’re in for it (as in you are in trouble cuz girls are going to go nuts over this) then he sings “you’ve fallen for me” for K.

S and K hold hands at they walk home. he walks her to her door. he jokes says – what are you going to do about worrying about your hair getting pulled. K: I will just have to go around wearing a swimming cap. S: nothing bad will happen- trust me. you cant trust me? she shakes her head and says she does trust him.  he tells her to go in cuz it’s late but she says she wants to see him go first. S: go in first – it’s dangerous so I cant (just go). she laughs and says what’s so dangerous when all she needs to do is open the door and go in. he says her foot could get caught and she could trip -anyway hurry and go in. she agrees to go but he calls her name and kisses her forehead telling her to sleep well. K: you too. she runs in.

GP asks what she was doing to be coming home so late. she lies about not getting something right on her gayageum so she had to practice. he tells her to go in and practice more

S comes home whistling so his mom asks if something good happened to him cuz of his face looking happy but he says it’s not anything. he asks about J. his mom says something must have happened cuz she keeps talking to her friends on the phone in her room. she gives him tickets for some art exhibit someone gave her. since there are two – do you want to go with your friend? he asks if J isnt going to go but his mom says J needs more than two so she isnt going to mention it to J. if you arent going to go then I will give it to someone else. he takes it and says he will ask if there are any kids who are interested.

S calls and asks if she has a morning class tm. she says she doesnt. S: my mom gave me some tickets and I cant throw them away-just wanted to see if you had time. K: well it’s not like I really want to go but it would be a waste to throw them out- let’s meet in front of the house tm. after she hangs up she worries about what to wear tm. she says she doesnt have anything to wear. she texts – what do we do – GP suddenly made me run an errand for him so let’s just meet in front of the peformance hall. S reads it and smiles. J suddenly comes in complaining she heard it all from her friends just now that he kissed K. so he stops her and says he will give her the (spending) allowance she was getting from selling his autographs. he holds out $20. this is enough right? she takes it. J: for now. S tells her not to tell their mom. he gets up so she asks where he is going. he says to wash up. J has an idea

J waits for K outside of her home and startles K. K: what are you doing here so early in the morning? J asks if GP is in cuz she has something to tell him when she sees him. K: what are you going to tell him. J: that you and my brother are dating. she makes kissing sounds. does he know you are going around doing that? K covers her mouth and asks what she is doing. J asks why she is shutting her mouth up and stuff- cuz of you I cant sell my brother’s autograph. what am I going to do about my allowance now. K says what is good about having a neighborhood unni is if they happen to run into each other K can give J some allowance. she offers $5 so J asks if GP is in (cuz J doesnt think it’s enough) so K says she found a hidden $10. J takes it and thanks her and walks away happy. K says thru clenched teeth – I am putting up with this cuz of S.

Y goes and meets with SH. she asks what he is doing and wonders why he has a postcard. he says it’s from a close actor he knows from when he was in NY. she asks if it’s a woman so he says yes. Y: is it the female actress you had a scandal with when you were on Broadway. SH: did you check up on my background/history? (had me investigated)  she says she heard from T -was it serious between you two? SH: is that important now. Y: it’s not important to me at all – I didnt ask to mean it like that. she mentions how T feels and says she is worried that some talk will come out of it (about SH and the actress) SH says dont worry- he isnt scared of talk like that at all

teacher comes and says there are more sponsors now that the other ones heard K sing yesterday. T: HJ was never contacted at all yesterday. the guy says what do you mean – HJ’s mom called and you called too and said you couldnt reach her. T insists: we didnt do that. HJ wasnt able to come cuz the director didnt call her. why? cuz he wanted to push K (to be the lead)- do you get what I am saying? the guy says do we have to go that far and make up stuff that didnt happen. T threatens the teacher with info he has about the guy so the teacher suddenly looks scared and starts to say SH went too far -even tho he wants to back K how could he not contact HJ. talk like this shouldnt go around.  the teacher goes out to spread that around.

K goes shopping. she meets up with S. she says he must have come early. he says no he just arrived too. K says let’s go and walks ahead. S sees her price tag hanging out so he asks if she ran GP’s errand well. she lies and says she did. S:what did you do for him. she says she had to receive some sheet music for a recording cuz her GP is busy and famous. S nods and comments it’s the first time he saw her wear that outfit-you must have bought some new ones. K: what do you mean. she says she always wears it so he says then she must have always worn the price tag too. she reaches back and grabs it. S smirks and says it must be in fashion to do that (it’s the latest trend) K walks off embarrassed but he says she needs to take the tag off before she goes. wait. K tells the attendant that S will give the tickets.  they go in and take funny pics of each other standing by art displays.

SH hears that HJ didnt get any calls about the performance. the dean or whoever says that HJ’s mom said that HJ didnt even get any calls that the sponsors dropped by. SH says this is ridiculous cuz SM called so much and looked everywhere for her. SH stands up so the guy asks where SH is going when they arent done talking. SH says he is going to go ask HJ in person. the guy says HJ is sick and cant come today. SH asks if the guy believes that SH didnt contact her on purpose. the guy says it’s not important whether he believes SH or not. cuz ppl are making a fuss that SH is only supporting K.

SH calls HJ but her mom answers. he asks if this isnt HJ’s phone. she says it is and she is her mom. he says hello and introduces himself. she says HJ took some medicine and is sleeping now. he tries to explain there is a misunderstanding but she says talk about it  later and hangs up on him. (* wow that is so incredibly rude in Korean custom) SH mutters that they need to say stuff that makes sense cuz there are a lot of witnesses. 

Sh meets with SM and KY. SM says that is nonsense cuz they looked everywhere for HJ. SM has it on his phone that he called HJ a lot and tells SH to look at it. KY says it’s true and this is really unfair. SM offers to go to HJ’s home and make a fuss. SH says not to cuz it seems like HJ is in trouble with her mom. he asks if K arrived. KY says he doesnt know and asks if he should call. SH says never mind -over nothing important she will feel bad about it. he will just see her at practice. he tells them to go about their work and leaves

 KY tells SM that after practicing with him, he saw HJ go off somewhere with JH. SM: she did then we can just ask JH. if he was with her he will know if we called her or not.

HJ’s mom tells HJ that she has to stay home and not go to school until this matter is over.HJ: for how long? her mom: it wont take long. it wont be good for them to drag this out. you know this is for your sake right? dont just stand still and do some stretching.

HJ calls JH. JH asks if she is ok. she says she got in trouble with her mom for meeting him and cant go to school.JH: then what do we do. HJ: that’s why I told mom I wasnt with you. so you have to act like you werent with me too. you know what I am saying right? so you dont know all about it – that my phone was off -the calls I got from here and there looking for me too -if someone asks you have to say you dont know.  that is the only way I can go back to school. are you going to do as I told you? JH agrees to go along with all that. after she hangs up, she says he is like a fool. then she says :just wait and see K.

as they leave, S asks if she is hungry – should they go eat something. she nods yes. when the food comes out S lays out her utensils.   K says when she goes to a restaurant with her dad, he always gives her utensils first. he asks if it’s ok to ask this. K: what? S: why do you live apart from your dad. K: you must have sensed it already but things between my dad and GP are not good. if we all live together they fight too much so it wears/tires me out. S: J and I have different fathers. K: I know. S: after finding out I was dating you, J is in a lot of shock. she kept whining about what she is supposed to do about not being able to make spending money so I had to give her $20. K: what? I gave her $10 this morning. we were both tricked. K accuses him of being just tough on the outside but he is too nice on the inside. he tells her to just hurry and eat.

 WF is practicing. SH comes in and comments they came to school early. he asks where K is. B says K doesnt have morning classes so she didnt come yet-why? SH: it’s nothing – keep practicing.

S and K hold hands. he tells her not to pay attention to other ppl. K: I am working on it. in order to meet LS who has a lot of popularity I have to endure. S pats her and says: good thinking. K stops walking and says this is her classroom. he says let’s meet later at practice. she nods. he tells her to go in first so she whispers there is nothing dangerous here. so he says he will go first then but he stops and tells her to hurry and go in. they wave at each other and he watches her go in [and I just got cavities from how sweet this scene was 🙂 ] 

SM goes to meet JH. he asks if JH was with HJ yesterday. JH: no I wasnt with HJ unni. SM:  KY said he saw you go with her. JH: no – I asked her to go eat with me met but she just left and later we met up by chance and came together. S shows up. SM asks if he came with K. S: i did. SM: is she ok? S: what is? SM: there is a big understanding cuz K performed in HJ’s place yesterday. they just cant stand to see someone do well. you take care of her well.

mean girls confront K quoting something about how a docile puppy goes up to something first so they need to reevalute K. (see her in a new light) K corrects them saying it’s not a puppy but a cat. I dont know why you are bathmouthing me again but why dont you stop. mean girl says right now it’s not important whether it’s a puppy or cat. the girl says K has skills – it wasnt enough to bewitch S but now she is using the director to advance. K: what does that mean. they ask if she doesnt know and accuse her of being brazen/ impudent. the girl says they chose wrong – they shouldnt have picked on HJ to insult but K.  B and the girls come over and asks if the mean girl said anything. K says yes -for dating S – instead of HJ they must be out to torment her.B: that’s not cuz of S. you must still not know. they are saying that to back you the director left out HJ and cuz of the shock from that Hj didnt even come to school today. so ppl are insulting you here and there right now. let’s not go to practice today. since HJ isnt here you will have to practice as the lead then there will be more talk. dont go and we will stay with you. K: why should I do that? do you guys think that way too? they shake their heads no. B: of course we dont. K: it’s not the truth so why should I avoid it. I have nothing to be ashamed of and there is no reason to run off. I’m going. B tries to stop her. K: if I dont go it will be weird for the director.

Y says she told SH this would happen and to be careful. she wants him to go to T now but he interrupts and says he has to go to practice. SH: I dont care what others say. dont you know me. he says how he grew up this much having been insulted and stuff but K is innocent and he thinks it’s cowardly and childish to treat her so badly like this. SH: I will not act like I dont know (what they are up to)

S is with his band. kids wonder if K will show up. someone says if she has (any sensitivity towards what she did to HJ) she wont come.   K comes in with WF. kids remark she doesnt have any sensitivity (that K is callous) and that she is tough skinned .KY calls out for her to come over here and pats the place next to him for K to sit. KY asks if she ate. she says she did. mean girl says the two leads are playing together just by themselves out in the open. SH comes and says the show date is almost here. despite that, he says he cant see HJ. is the understudy ready? K says yes. mean girl says at this rate K will be doing the lead during the show. SH asks why cant that happen -what is the point of havig an understudy then. he tells K to come out front. he says they will start with the first act – is the music team ready. they say yes.

after practice, mean girls bump past K on purpose so K makes a fist at them. SH tells her not to hold back and punch them out. K says she isnt in the mood to kid around. SH: you heard right? I’m sorry. K:it’s not true anyway. when HJ comes back it will get resolved. SH starts to say – normally before a show…but S swoops in and grabs her hand and leads her away saying “let’s go.” SH mutters he was in the middle of talking

S drags her along so she asks why he is like this and to let go and talk. S: cant you not do this show? K:why? S: HJ will end up going on stage anyway so why be the understudy and go thru this hardship – just quit. K: i dont want to. S: listen to me. why do something like this and get insults. K: I told you last time it was fun and I liked it. S:then do it next time. you really dont know why I am saying this? K: I know but if I drop out – what happens to the director and dropping out now would be absurd. S:why should you worry about the director too. I will tell him I told you to quit the show. she says he always thinks the way he wants – is she someone he can boss around. whether I keep doing the show or not – I decide that. she walks off so he calls her name. S gets a call and says he will go right now

S goes to see SH. SH asks what was so urgent awhile ago – if someone saw it looked like K was being kidnapped. S asks why he wanted to see him. SH says he wants to hear the ending music cuz S told professor hong it was done- if it’s ok can i hear some of it now.

SH listens to it and says it’s ok but there is too much gayageum and guitar. S: i think there isnt a problem. SH: there is a problem.  he wants to insert some piano before the guitar. S: do you know anything about the guitar? SG laughs at his impudence and says: I know a little bit about the piano. SH tries to exert some authority and says he is the song writer and so does S (as the song arranger) S: and also the music director said it was good. but SH bests him by saying he is the director in charge of the whole thing so fix it again. S asks if K cant drop out of this show. SH: does K want to drop out. S: no I dont like it.  SH – dont over react – you two are a couple that just starting dating -so dont think you can do whatever you want with K. SH says S can leave if he gets that.

 K goes home and her dad is there. he says he was going to text her but he didnt and she still came early – their telepathy must have communicated with each other. she asks what brings him here when he didnt even call ahead. he says he came up for work.she asks about GP. he says GP had an appt and left. he asks if she ate. she says she ate lunch but it’s not time yet for dinner. he asks if she wants to go out and eat something cuz he didnt eat any food and is hungry. he offers to buy something good to eat. K says he probably eats out a lot so why should they go out to eat. she tells him to wait a little and she will make him his fav dish. he calls out for her to put a lot of tuna in it.

T goes to see SH. T asks if he is busy. SH asks why he came. T says he was passing by and dropped in. cuz of the broadway business and HJ.  T says he doesnt want there to be a misunderstanding. SH: I think you are the one misunderstanding. T says his job is to not take sides and listen to this and that and take calls. he asks for a drink cuz he ran around (to help) for SH’s sake. so SH tells him to wait and goes out. after he leaves T checks SH’s phone and sends a text to K : I have something to discuss so will you come to Muno hotel by 7:30-if anyone knows there will be talk again so dont tell anyone and come quietly on your own. after he sends the text he deletes it.

K’s dad is eating. she asks if he has enough rice. he says this is plenty and says he worries cuz his tummy is pooching out these days.  she gets that text. he asks who it is – is it from the prince of conceit next door but she says no – it’s the director-he must have something to say about the musical. he is asking to meet me. her dad asks if it’s still fun. K nods yes. yesterday I went on stage instead of the lead. even tho it wasnt the real show. he asks how it was. K: I liked it a lot – I really really liked it a lot. before i went on stage I was shaking so much – I thought “thank goodness I am not the lead” but as soon as the performance ended – I thought it would be great to be the lead. he asks: how about continuing to do it? K: musical? GP will have a fit. even doing it this time it was hard to get his permission. he says if she wants to continue he will step in for her and get the brunt of GP’s anger I think. K: it’s not like you can come up to seoul everytime GP forbids it. dad: I decided to come up to seoul – I am moving here cuz of that. K: you really are? dad: do you like it? K: yes I like it a lot. you cant fight with GP. but it’s nice to see you.

SH comes back and puts the coffee in front of him. T says SH is giving it to him like he doesnt like T (that they arent close) T says someone  is looking for him and has to leave. he says let’s go for soju next time. SH says he doesnt want to.

T goes out and gives the coffee to some random kid to drink.

T calls HJ’s mom and says it went well. she sends SH a text saying she is HJ’s mom and to meet at the muno hotel at 7 cuz she wants to discuss HJ with him. she doesnt want strange talk go around so dont tell anyone. he wonders what’s up again. Y shows up and asks if he was waiting. since the show is at 6 if they leave now they wont be late. he says while he was waiting an important app came up. since it’s imp he cant push it back. she asks who.he says a reporter he knows only has time to meet today. Y says then it cant be helped. SH says he doesnt know what to do cuz he is sorry. she says it’s ok cuz she had a friend who wanted to see the show anyway and can see it with her. dont worry and go. he promises to buy Y something good to eat next time

S heads home and runs into her dad and K on their way out. her dad says he ate too much food. S bows to him. her dad says: was your name S? S says yes. her dad tells K he will leave first. she says she has to go too but he reminds her she has time left. he tells S: see you again next time. S asks if she is going somewhere. she says to meet a friend. he asks if it’s B. K: do I only have B as a friend? there is another girl. he tells her to go ahead and continue doing the musical if she wants – I just did that cuz I didnt want to hear ridiculous things about you. K: I know but it (those stories) doesnt matter. S: I just worry. K: when is your bday. S: 11-17. she says when she was doing something he was just born – you are younger than me so stop acting like a grownup and stop worrying. I can do well on my own too. S: then dont do stuff that makes me worry. want to eat dinner together? she says she really has an appt and has to go. he asks if he should take her. K: I said I was your noona by 3 months I can go alone. I will call later. after she goes he says – “that little thing – what (is she talking about being my) noona.” [omg this was so cute)

SH wonders why HJ’s mom is so late. then he sees K come in. he wonders why she is here. he calls her and asks what brings her here. K says he asked her to meet and sent that text. SH: I did?

HJ asks her mom what her plans are from here on. HJ’s mom says she wants to kick K out right away but if they react too strongly it will become a headache. she plans to make K take a break from school -after 6 months HJ will find her place (as the lead and stuff). HJ asks what about the director. her mom says if he works with them that’s good but if he keeps helping and siding with K till the end, they have to switch him out ( for another director) so she tells HJ to leave it up to her and just do well and dont hang out with that kid (JH)

SH asks K again if he sent her a text to meet here. she says yes and shows him the text saying it’s from his number and he is surprised. K: is something wrong? he says no nothing and lies and says he sent the message by mistake -he meant to send it to a friend. he says let’s go. she says she did think it was weird to meet here (at a hotel). she asks to drink something before they leave cuz she walked over here so she is thirsty. he says let’s hurry and leave and pats her arm. someone takes their pics. SH looks nervous.

SH is taking her home in his car. S calls K and asks where she is and she says she is with a friend. he asks if she is going to be late but she says she is about to leave now. S’s mom comes home and asks if he is going somewhere. he says he is going out for some air

SH asks if anyone knows she was meeting him today. K: no cuz you said not to tell anyone. just my dad. he asks if she told her dad she is meeting SH at a hotel. but she says she didnt tell her dad that part -just that the director wanted to meet. SH:what about LS? K explains S doesnt feel ok with SH right now so she didnt tell S

S is waiting outside her home but hides when he sees them pull up. SH walks her to her door and says sorry. K:for what? SH: even if something does happen – dont worry – you have me. you know that right? she asks if anything is wrong.  he says again he sent the wrong text – dont worry and go in. see you tm. she bows and goes in. S watches SH walk away.

K goes home. GP asks if her dad came by. she says how her dad is moving to seoul. GP asks if her dad is encouraging her to quit gayageum. GP says he knows her dad is saying she can keep doing musicals but GP will only allow it this one time.there wont be a second time so you better know that. she says she knows.

K sends S a text – I came home safely- what are you doing? are you sleeping. he says he is. so she texts-ok sleep well and see you tm. K wonders: he isnt a kid so why is he sleeping already. S is still outside her home

J is waiting outside K’s home to blackmail her again. K asks if she isnt late for school. J says she can go later today. is GP in? K asks if J knows her GP’s wish. J: how would I know that? K: as soon as I graduate, he wants me to get married and have grandchildren for him. J: who gets married that early? K: that’s why he is always looking for a grandson in law and if there is a guy I am dating GP tells me to hurry and get married. and my GP likes your brother a lot cuz he reminds my GP of himself when he was younger. if you want to tell on me go ahead – GP is home so should I open the door for you. J: are you crazy? I was just talking and comments about how the marriage wont happen. K remarks J is too young to blackmail. she wonders if S left for school

kids at school talk about the pics with K and SH. they guess that it was taken in front of a hotel and go around saying this is a huge deal. mean girls make comments like “how can this happen” so S asks if it looks that bad that he is dating K. they nod yes -that he looks pitiful-they havent been dating that long but already K is cheating on him. S asks what that means. one says if he sees the pic he will get furious so why would she show him.

SM is looking at the pics. KY comes in and says there is trouble. SM says he already saw them. KY guesses someone posted them on purpose to go after them cuz the director and K would never do that. SM says it doesnt matter if they think it’s unfair cuz rumors are all over school. KY wonders who did it. SM says there is only one person who can benefit from this.

HJ goes to school. JH asks if everything is ok-can she come to school now. HJ says yes and asks if he did as she told him. JH: of course – I didnt tell anyone that I was with you. HJ: you did well. she says she cant stay with him long cuz if her mom finds out she was with him, she wont be able to go to school again. so dont act like you know me. he asks if he has to continue doing that but she says no – just until the show is over. JH says that makes him sad but he agrees. she tells him to go. he says see you at practice then. after he leaves she says she is sorry to him

S goes and looks for SH. S finds SH as he is getting out of his car. S says there is no time so I’ll make it brief. I saw you drop off K at her home. you two did meet up right? SH starts to explain and says “dont misunderstand” but S interrupts and says “I told you there was no time -did you two really meet at a hotel. it’s all over school now.” SH: so this is what’s happened – K and I were both tricked. S says this is why he told him to take K out of the musical. what are you going to do now? SH: I will handle it. I came to do that. S: how are you going to resolve this? if you quit the show and leave that’s the end but K still has to go to this school (after it’s all over). SH: I said I will resolve this. S: give me your car keys. K hasnt come to school yet. I wont let her come to school and will keep her away and so get this figured out during that time. SH asks S to take care of K well but S says – are you only worried about K? shouldnt you think about how professor jung might feel about all this?

S calls her – her phone is ringing so he says – please answer your phone LK.  she answers and he asks where she is. she says she is in front of the school. where are you? also I punished J so she wont try to blackmail for more allowance. he spots her walking and says – thank goodness. (she thinks he is responding to what she said but he was relieved to find her) she says he needs to be grateful to her. he comes out so she asks if this isnt the director’s car. S tells her to get in. K: what are you talking about? I have a class and have to go to the musical practice later. S: the director told me to take you for some fresh air. K:me? why? S: with your unhealthy body you followed us on the MT and didnt get to play. cuz you’re the understudy you were ridiculed for this and that and he felt bad for you. K: he does know. S: while you are gone he is going to revive some energy in HJ so he wants you to stay away. K says she still shouldnt miss class. if her GP finds out there will be trouble. he says she talks too much and tells her to hurry and get in.

K gets a call so S asks it’s Cha Boowon isnt it? K asks how he knew. S: is there anyone else besides her that would call at a time like this. he says K cant use her phone today and shuts it off. K: how could you do that. S says he can. she asks for it back but he says he doesnt want to.

Y: so in the end this happened. SH: I am sorry. Y: why are you sorry to me- what happened. SH says he got a text from HJ’s mom to meet and K got a text from my phone. Y: but when you went both of you were tricked/deceived. I think I know what happened. K shouldnt have performed in front of the sponsors in HJ’s place. SH asks what did she do for there to be this much trouble – during the real 100 yr anniversary show -as long as HJ can be the lead then it’s ok. cant K just be the understudy? Y says cuz there is a chance that K could go on (in HJ’s place)  and HJ’s mom is afraid and doesnt want to see that. SH says then he will just quit then it should be ok. Y: just cuz you quit all this wont end. SH: so what do you want me to do? Y: go to T and tell him you will take K out of the musical. SH: why should I? I dont want to. Y: please listen to me – you said so yourself -is the 100 yr show a joke – if you quit over K then what do all the other kids do -is K the only one you are in charge of? if you are really thinking of K-hurry and go meet T

S asks if K is hungry -she says a little. he says let’s eat. she says if she knew they would be doing this she would have brought her sunglasses. he offers to buy her a pair.

she has some on and asks if these arent a little strange. he says it’s pretty. she plays with it so he asks for it back to get a return. she says no and she will keep wearing them. he asks if she wants to eat it and feeds her fried sweet potato sticks. she feeds him to saying he eats well. she keeps putting more in his mouth asking if it tastes good. they play games

back in the car K says since it turned out this way, she might as well play hooky the whole day. she says let’s go. but S puts her seatbelt around her.

SH goes to meet T. T says it’s hard to control the rumors once it gets out. S says there is nothing going on between K and him. T says of course he knows there isnt anything going on cuz he knows very well that SH wouldnt do that. but just cuz I know doesnt mean this problem will be resolved. SH says he will take K out of the acting team from today on but since they need an understudy-he will pick someone who is decent and start making her practice. T: that’s for you to decide on as the director. SH: please relay this to HJ’s mom. then it’s settled right? T says they can go with that plan for the show but this current problem wont be overlooked -there will be a meeting later with the president so SH should attend too. SH says he will but doenst look happy about it. after SH leaves T mutters that SH is trying to hang in there till the end.

SH goes out and looks at his phone and suspects T

mean girls feel bad for HJ saying HJ lost weight. they say they didnt know K would do such a terrible thing. they apologize to HJ. JH looks guilty listening to them talk bad about K. SH shows up at practice. SM asks about S but SH says S wont be able to make it. SH tells them that the band can leave. he asks HJ if she is ok.

band thinks S didnt come cuz of K. JH looks conflicted

K tells S how her dad is coming to seoul. S: you must be glad about that. he says she doesnt look like her dad. she says she takes after her mom. she asks if he takes after his dad. S: after I was born – I saw him for the first time and knew right away as soon as i saw him. my dad was a guitarist too. I have his album at home so I will show it to you. K: I will look forward to it. next time when you come to my home, I will show you a pic I took with my mom. S: call me over when your GP isnt home. she mentions that means they will be home alone -just the two of them. S tells her not to have any dirty ideas cuz he just wants to stop listening to GP’s gugak life story. K: ok. S: no never mind – just call me over when GP is at home. K: you said you wanted to stop listening to his gukak life story. S: without realizing I am afraid to have some improper thoughts. he holds her hand and continues walking.

T, SH, Y, the other teacher and the director (is he the dean or school director?) meet. the guy asks SH if he can trust that there is nothing going on with K. SH: yes. T says thankfully the school president and his wife have nothing else to add to this. the other teacher says then that matter has ended and all that is left is for K to drop out of the acting team. T stops him and says that normally when there are rumors around – it’s better not to have the ppl involved to quiet things down. the director cant be helped and needs to stay for the sake of the show but K needs to quit school for a while. SH gets mad and asks- what are you saying right now? T: since there is a vacation anyway after the show ends, even if she takes a break from now on there wont be much of a problem. after the vacation is over and she rests another semester then we would be more grateful. what do you think? T asked the guy so the guy says if K does that then the rumors will quiet down. SH to T: arent you going too far? isnt it enough you make an innocent girl go thru this unfair situation and make her quit school on top of that too?  SH grabs T and says -you did it didnt you? T: what are you doing? SH: from my office, you sent the text to K from my phone. T: what are you talking about? I dont know about it. SH: then who is it? tell me. you know!  the other guy asks what SH is doing and tells SH to quit it. SH: yes I will quit but dont mess with K -cuz I will take the fall for the rumor mess . SH leaves

Y asks why SH is like this – let’s not do this. he says he doesnt want to be “mixed” (be around) ppl like this who are “dirty and smelly”. she asks where he is going to go after quitting like this. SH:  i dont know too. Y: SH shi will you marry me. I know this kind of talk doesnt suit this location or this atmosphere but if you say you are going to marry me you and K wont have to drop out of the show. this is the best solution right now. SH: i am sorry. he leaves

HJ practices singing but her voice is not sounding good.  JH goes to see her. she snaps that she told him not to keep coming to meet her. JH: I will just ask one thing and go. Cant I just tell the truth? the day the sponsors came – you and i were together -that it’s true that you got phone calls. cuz I am pretending not to know – the director and K’s problem is getting bigger. HJ: I told you it’s not like that. no matter what -you cant ever tell until the show ends. HJ walks out but she is having trouble with her voice.

S says he is going to the bathroom. K worries her GP might have called and be angry that she didnt pick up. where did he put my phone? she looks for it and finds it. she sees all the calls and texts she missed and calls B. K asks what’s going on. B asks why K is calling so late – there is a lot of trouble at school. the director quit. K says -what? hang up. I will go right now. K tells S that there is trouble-the director quit so they have to go back. he tells her to sit. K: I said the director quit. S: while waiting for you yesterday, I went out in front of my house – I saw you come home with the director. K says she will explain that. S: you dont need to explain – I brought you here to take you away from school. the director knows too so dont go. even if you go you cant help. K: so the director took all the blame for this by himself. if that’s true then I have to go even more. I have to go and say it’s not true. K starts to walk away but  S holds her arm and says -I said dont go- dont go – if you go now- it’s over with me (meaning it’s over between us). she tries to go anyway, but he pulls her into an embrace and holds her. S: LK -please dont go.


no preview

there are NG clips- so cute

as he rides away with K on the back of the bike, he says he has to ride away looking cool but he implies it’s hard cuz it’s heavy with two ppl on it so K hits his back -you can see his bike is wobbly as he pedals away

grandmas say S dances well (but he isnt so they laugh)

S messes up he lyrics when he sings “lucky” so take after take he says – this will really be the last one. then I’m so sorry

during the bike ride when K is holding onto his waist – I think he said dont hold on.

 – during the part where S holds her cheeks, S tells K not to laugh (cuz it’s making him mess up his line)- so adorable. he calls her “ya”


*** omg this last half went by so fast with all that talking…I got so angry I wanted to punch T and HJ’s mom. I also want to shake some sense into JH too. there is so much trouble for K and SH ahead. what I am wondering is where is the school president. his evil wife and daughter are doing all this terrible stuff – interrupting the school with a scandal – forcing ppl to quit for no reason – spreading lies – shouldn’t he have to resign just for not being able to control his own family. how can the school trust him to take care of them if he cant even manage his own household. It seems like HJ is already paying for her part in this conspiracy cuz she is losing her voice and won’t be able to sing. Thank goodness there is some justice. JH better not forgive her and snap out of his foolish daydream and drop HJ and run towards B.


83 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E11

  1. Blue Passion says:

    Because of your hard work, today nothing can be wrong. You put a big smile every time I check your website and find already your posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I enjoyed reading others readers take on the plot and what is to come in the next episodes. Take care.


    • softy says:

      thanks that is so sweet – I love reading what others thought of the show too on my commute to and back from work. sometimes I miss my stops while reading the comments and other times I am grinning like a loon. Maybe I shouldnt be reading these in public anymore 🙂


  2. I think this Drama give us an idea what happening in real world yes when the people use the power and Money to get what they want even if it inappropriate and cheap yes i see this in our society I really know that . Just great,lovely and beautiful show ❤


  3. Bia says:

    Kyaaaa~ “dont go home” jibe kajima baby~ GDTOP song!
    cant wait to see the fully subbed ep!


  4. Jomo says:

    Thanks you for the quick recap!
    Outstanding work!

    I have to agree with whoever said my face hurts from so much smiling. They are adorable together. I can’t think of a cuter pairing, and yes, that includes the MSOAN couple!

    Shin did overstep by telling her not to go or he would break up. They have been dating, what? Three days already? Nice try, pal.
    But as in most cliffhangers, he can always back down and apologize.
    Can’t wait for next week..


  5. checkinout says:

    Softy, am always amazed at how quick and detailed your recaps are. Thank you! You not only capture the dialogues, but non-verbal cues – I can picture the scenes vividly just by reading your recaps. I was so engrossed reading your recaps that I missed all 3 of my possible San Francisco city train stops on my way to work and ended up across the bay at Oakland! *embarassed*


    • Softy says:

      Sorry to be such a distraction but we should really blame the characters for being so fun and the writer for doing such a great job at entertaining us – as you can tell last week I had to type on a iPhone and then a Mac so the live recaps were not complete so I went out of my way to be more thorough this time around – glad it worked. 🙂


    • MJShinshi says:

      oh poor you, Oakland??? lol but i know what you mean….I sometimes forgot I haven’t watched subbed videos after reading softy’s thorough recaps….hope you made it to work safe and not too late eiher 🙂


  6. Khin nwe Aye says:

    First, about HJ: she becomes more nasty in each episode. She’s a coward too, hiding behind her manipulative mother and becoming an accomplice in this wicked plot against SH and K. she deserves to lose her voice, and if there’s real justice in this world, maybe she might break a leg too! Instead of relying on her own ability, she’s now resorting to dirty tricks to oust the understudy. Though she has perseverance and good work ethics, she’s has so many problems emotionally: she’s eating problems (all those vomiting must have harmed her throat to some extent) and she has no real emotions to express through her singing. She’s basically so selfish and so self-consuming, no wonder she doesn’t have any friends except for that sad love-struck puppy who himself is in a pickle due to her manipulation. JH is far too good for HJ, and the sooner he realizes it the better for him.

    Now Lee Shin: the poor boy is in the first stages of a real relationship with a girl, no matter how long he has a crush over the professor, and he’s clearly clueless how to handle so big a situation the two of them and SH are facing. His first concern is to protect her from harm, and he tries the wrong tack in asking her to get out of her understudy position. As another musician who hopes to have a career in his own field, he shouldn’t have made such a proposal to K, even though his intention is for her own good, in his way of thinking. Even if K quits as a understudy, HJ and her wicked mother won’t be appeased as they are seeking to force K to quit school for a while. what utter arrogance on the part of the principal’s wife. The principal himself should be forced to resign for allowing such abuse of power by his immediate family. And LS giving the ultimatum to K not to go SH or their relationship will be over must be the poor chap’s last desperate and stupid move to protect K from further hurt. He should understand her personality by now; the girl is fearless and is also loyal to her friends and always surrounded by a lot of them all the time, unlike HJ who’s a loner, by choice or by circumstance, I’m not sure. K will never abandon SH to take the blame for the problem created by HJ and her mother. So, the only way left to save the relationship is for LS to realize he must accompany K in going back to university and SH to help face the dire situation that has become out of control in just one day. I hope LS will have the maturity not to insist on making K listen to his command, but to stand by her side so that she can face the hostile crowds at her school with more confidence.

    As for whether SH’s has feelings for K, other than as a professor for a student with so much potential: I’m still unsure about this. I think SH does have some sort of feelings for K, because of her bubbling personality and her talents, but not to the extent of abandoning Y. SH definitely feels outraged that an innocent like K has to go through this kind of situation, all due to dirty tricks by those in power, and he will never countenance K being forced to quit school for a semester. I don’t know whether JH’s admission will unravel the whole plot and justice will be done when K has to take HJ’s place because her voice is gone.

    Thanks for a wonderful recap which I read twice.


  7. Allie says:

    Thanks for the recap. I’m watching ep 11 raw and reading your recap at the same time. Excellent work!
    I’m so in love with the scene when S put the seat belt around K ♥ They look so cute together.


  8. a_fan says:

    I think the situation with HJ mother is improbable as the President and his family doesn’t own the college and can be easily removed if he abuses his power.

    Anyway, I still think this drama is so cute and I really admire J Yong Hwa’s talent as a musician. I like his voice a lot and of the numerous bands and idol groups in Korea, I like CN Blue the best. YH has potential to grow as an actor and so does PSH.

    I wish these 2 will get together in a future project.


  9. blue says:

    Hey Softy!
    So I’m currently working on episode 11 recap and trying to choose the screencaps to use. After debating between a couple of choices, I finally picked the one to use for the main image. And now with all the photos chosen, I decided to take a break by reading through my blog subscriptions. And guess what? You’re using the exact same photo as your main image the one that I was planning to use too! That made me giddy. I swear, great minds think alike! Why, hello there, kindred spirit! 🙂


    • emeldy says:

      Hey Blue Love reading, good to know it’s sorta done…. Now i pity my refresh button.

      P.S Love ya recap, and ya lyrics translation. Thanks girl


      • Beng-beng says:

        Ditto, Blue. I also reads your recap on YFFM. You find ways to search for the songs mentioned in the Title of each episodes, then translate the lyrics. Cool!!! You’re Cool!!!


    • Softy says:

      Hey blue – I think that’s happened before and it will probably happen again cuz we think alike for this drama. I bet if we had both recapped SKKS it would have happened then too. I love it cuz it means we share same impressions. I chose it cuz I love how they are framed by the trees and look like they are in their own little world. looking forward to your recap 🙂


    • QuaTrang says:

      Hi Blue and Softy! You go girls! I always love your recaps and comments, sometime even more than the drama itself! It is great to be able to read your caps while watching an episode! Feel like watching with some pals! Many many thanks for your great work!


  10. Jomo says:

    Softy –
    Thanks for pointing out the watch, (sacrcasm) because now I am completely obsessed with finding one like it – I have been on eBay searching and searching!


    • Softy says:

      Oops totally forgot I left that there – during the recap I just thought it was odd he had one on but it probably isn’t a Chanel so you can stop looking 🙂 plus Chanel watches are on its website. You should check it out – it’s gorgeous with great pics and vids for all the past seasons over the years


      • Jomo says:

        Found the site – very pretty and completely for when I win the lottery.
        Found a cool white one on eBay that I bought so I can pretend it is the one Shin has. I needed a watch anyway.


  11. Fanderay says:

    I missed out on doing my typical novel-length post, but I still have to chime in!

    I can’t believe how loyal and sweet Lee Shin is! She lies to him and his first thought is still protecting her. He doesn’t even hesitate! I loved that Y didn’t suspect SH either. Yay for mature characters in a kdrama who don’t misunderstand each other at every opportunity!

    I think that S’s motivation in the last scene is all about protecting K. I don’t think he’s really thought through the actual repercussions of those words, and I suspect that he’s hurt that she doesn’t hesitate more and tries to leave. I think she will end up trying to go again (it’s hard to imagine her not) but I’m not sure what S’s reaction will be. I don’t think he genuinely wants to break up with her over this, but he looks kind of stupid if he doesn’t follow-through. I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to last until the show’s finale either way. They did set up for some possible future family drama though, with that conversation about sharing photos of their parents. It would be weird if nothing ever came of their family connections after they spent so much time setting it up in the early episodes.


    • Softy says:

      Awwww but I like when you write long posts – if you ever wrote a short one it would mean you didn’t like it as much. On soompi I noticed ppl speculating S meant don’t go home and stay with me overnight somewhere but neither one of them are those kind of ppl – look at the way they kiss for pete’s sake- even if they did stay out late nothing would happen. As for saying it’s over with me if you go, if he actually goes thru with it just cuz she goes back, I will be royally pissed. To give everyone a heads up, there just might be some cursing on the next recap 🙂


      • Fanderay says:

        I’ll be pissed too, but almost all my anger will be directed at K. She’s been ridiculously naive throughout everything, and besides falling into the trap, she should’ve at least realized it was a trap once she was in it. S has already been so selfless and thoughtful that I’m completely on his side. If I were him I wouldn’t feel like she cared about me much. She’s lied to him and started to walk out on him (with little hesitation) in less than 24 hours, which isn’t exactly encouraging. Yes, he probably shouldn’t have said those words, but I think he was desperate to protect her, and I think K definitely needs to value him more.

        And don’t worry, I just got distracted and didn’t have time to right a big post right away (it’s not the same if I don’t write it fresh after watching, but I’m sure I won’t be able to shutup after episode 12). I hope the preview comes out soon…that should shed some light on where this story is headed. I’m so nervous!


      • Beng-beng says:

        i’m sure Shin will apologize for saying to break up. He always apologizes to her and always the first to bridge any misunderstanding they have as shown in the last 2 episodes. He seems to know how K clicks. And he’s quite perceptive enough to know that this thing will happen, as what he told SH when he borrowed/took the car from him.
        K will surely insist to go back and hopefully S will accompany her. But for me the best thing to do is to tell her GP and Dad what’s happening first. She will need all the support that she can get before facing the bigwigs in the campus.
        Re the family issue, i wonder what Shin will do when he learned that it was Ks dad his Father took her Mom from. Will he let go of his love to give way for his Mom’s and K’s Dad’s love? or will he continue fighting for his love to K and let old history rest?


  12. rr says:

    just saw some pics taken by fans posted in twitter today..and it gives me hope kyu-won stayed..~~please drama gods,let her stay :)))


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