Level 7 Civil Servant E12

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I have no idea if he is turning his back on her to protect himself or to resist giving in to his lingering feelings. Deep down underneath the facade of anger and resentment lies a heart that still wants a reason to be around her. Even if he rather die than to admit that to her or himself.

*I regret to say that it’s not possible to do two recaps each night on wed and thurs cuz I already tried and lost way too much sleep. I ended up hibernating since Fri night to try to catch up on all the missed sleep. I made a pro and con list and came up with every excuse I could to try to keep Level 7 till the end, but I’m afraid I have to drop these recaps. Shockingly enough it will be the first JW drama I won’t have finished so it saddens me more than anything. I really want this drama to continue to do well and stay number 2 in the ratings till the end. Just cuz I drop it from my recap lineup doesn’t mean I won’t keep watching and cheering on the cast. I just want to clarify why I chose to recap TWTWB instead of this. TWTWB is just a better fit for me drama wise. I feel more invested in the story and characters – I connect to it in a way I’ve been struggling to with Level 7. To be honest if JW wasn’t on Level 7, I wouldn’t have stuck with it so long. I knew from early on that this wasn’t the kind of rom-com for me, but I was stubbornly loyal. I tried to be as neutral as I could in my comments recently, but it’s been getting harder and harder. Fans of this drama deserve better. They should have a blogger who loves this just as much as them so the enjoyment can continue. I’m not being fair to them cuz you could tell from my intros that my heart wasn’t 100% in this.  I’m so sorry to do this when there is less than a month left, but I hope you will all be understanding. Trust me – this was not an easy decision to make.

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Level 7 Civil Servant E11


Fans of this show are worried the happy times are over and now we will only get to see the gloomy serious side of Gilro, but they sort of forgot which actor is portraying him. Playing broody determined characters is JW’s second nature. He has loads of experience in that department and thrives on conflict. Even though he has been kicking butt doing a great job with the comedy, most of us know giving him an angsty role again is like handing over the keys to the number one racecar driver during the Indy 500. All you have to do is sit back and watch the fireworks. So I totally disagree – this is exactly the kind of kick start his character needed to really be in his element. Be prepared for greatness amplified.

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Level 7 Civil Servant E10


I agree with all the fans. The editor for this drama must be male, old, and off his rockers not to have aired these shots. These would have lit up the scene, but he chose to go the safe route. No wonder he is getting so much backlash from the viewers. In a drama like this with the ratings winner episode cuz of the makeout scene, you want to make every second and minute count. He sort of dropped the ball by choosing not to air these playful adorable poses. There was even one with a kiss on the cheek. Now they have to exist in these photos instead of on video. Missing out on any extra chance to see JW’s lips in action is what you call a crying shame. 🙂

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Level 7 Civil Servant E9

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This is how you do a drama kiss the right way. I love how she didn’t really even try to resist cuz what’s the point. She wanted this just as much as him.  I’m not sure if agents are supposed to retain so much of who they are as individuals while they are on their mission, but thank goodness these guys do. More and more S, Y, and W seem to care a great deal about what will happen to G down the line when he figures out he was used. S and Y’s conversations are the ones I treasure cuz Y is the only person who understands how difficult S finds this mission the more she falls for G and gets closer to her goal of cracking open that safe in G’s home. What I find the most intriguing is S’s inner struggle with her conscience and heart battling it out to surface first. I feel like she might snap sooner or later and just confess to G about everything. If you reach that breaking point of loving someone so much, wouldn’t you be willing to give up a lot just to keep protecting him. W and Y said that S was first in her training class, but even top agents have a limit. They are human beings first before they are agents so who can really blame her for following her heart before her duty. I bet both Y and W won’t be surprised when that time comes. If anything they will wonder what took S so long and probably help her gain G’s forgiveness.

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Level 7 Civil Servant E8

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By falling in love, S’s job just got a lot harder. She could keep her distance before cuz her emotions weren’t invested, but now it’s going to be even harder to resist the temptation to tell G the truth.  I’m more worried about G though. Just cuz he didn’t know what he was doing was a crime doesnt negate the fact that his father committed one. Knowing how strained G’s relationship is with his father, I can’t imagine it will be easy for G to accept the fact that his father was working with killers. Let’s just hope G finds that out way later down the road so he can just enjoy his newfound love for now.

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Level 7 Civil Servant E7

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In almost every drama we have characters fighting with their conscience. They do and say things that they know will hurt the ones they love. They cover up or make excuses for their actions, but as human beings there is a limit to how far you are willing to go against your conscience and your heart. With G and S, they seem to have reached that tipping point. She realized on her own that despite all the lies she has to tell, she can tell him one truth that is the most important. Not just cuz it’s the truth, but because this is the one she believes in and cherishes the most. For G, it will mean being brave enough to believe her despite his doubts. He probably believes if he trusts that one piece of truth enough, it will bring him closer to her and then there won’t be any more need for lies. If only willing it could make it so.

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Level 7 Civil Servant E6

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It looks like our small prayers worked. I liked this episode a lot more than recent ones. Maybe partly due to my attitude change, but mostly cuz I finally saw some common courtesy from Y. She does feel bad about pushing S to do this mission of getting close to G and worries about “the kids” – both S and G. I missed that side of her so it’s a relief it never went anywhere. I actually laughed when Y yelled at S for not appreciating a guy like G. the feel and tone of this episode just went up a lot so my decision to keep recapping was the right one.

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