Dream High Finale

I have not used the word daebak in a while but that is exactly what this finale was- one hundred percent daebak-the kind you want to watch over and over again. Could not have asked for a more perfect ending – thank you drama gods. I am going to stay so giddy while translating this for the rest of the night. Wait till you read how great these lines were. OMG daebak. It is an honor just to translate this – that is how great DH is.
Even though i said in previous posts that i didnt care who SD ended up with as long as he has his hearing, I take that back. I always wanted him to end up with HM and he has. When she made that speech on stage about SD, we knew what her decision was even as she sent him away. She chose him a long time ago-from the moment she took his hand on that first stage when he wore that rice bag and had the crazy perm. Their love line was what chained me to this drama from day one and it is the reason why I am going to be rejoicing that I got to watch it unfold with you guys. Seriously, this is the best drama of this year for me. *Just to prove how much I love this drama- I inserted that pic by myself
Special concert highlights
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Dream High E15

OMG i bawled like a baby when SD ran after that bus- good lord that guy made that scene come alive. We all knew she hadnt gone, but he didnt. the desperation in his voice and his heartbreaking tears made me lose it. HM never came out and said it but she chose tonight- the minute she ran away from SD when he called out her name- we knew for sure then. These past episodes, I wasn’t sure where SD stood with his feelings for HM-thought maybe he had given up all hope, but he showed us tonight too. No one chases after a bus like that unless they are head over heels in love.
I have to start Midas but I want to fill in the lines i missed for DH first- hope Midas viewers can wait a few hours longer.
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Dream High E14

HM didnt choose- I looked at the time and I knew she wasnt going to cuz the time was up and they need to torture us some more. she better decide before next week – argggh
Midas is starting tm so dont be surprised to see two posts tm night- one for DH first and then Midas right after that. A while back when I first heard of Midas, I was excited but then the character descriptions popped up-they should not have said “sell their soul” so much cuz  it made my enthusiasm wane. I have this thing against melodramas – SG doesnt count cuz there was a lot of humor to balance out the sadness.  
Reasons I am moving forward are: 1) friends asked me to
2) loved smile you so i am following lee min jung’s lead
3) I want to give it a shot
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Dream High E13

Boy do they like to drop surprises – first SD’s hearing loss is not related to saving HM
Then JG gets in trouble with the press for beating up K manager
Then what BH tries to do at the end
and in the midst of all that – we get the declaration we have been waiting for from PS and Jason.  Who knew the words “I was jealous” could be so romantic.
Whew- they covered a lot tonight.
Priki has put all of yogurutu’s translations on a mediafire link posted in comments so go there for the download- thanks sooooo much Priki 🙂 I am soooo going to miss yogurutu’s work-she was the best when it came to SKKS translations-hope all is well with her.
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Dream High E12

I didn’t think it was possible- but SD’s situation is breaking my heart two episodes in a row. My brain went thru all these ideas for SD to “hear” the music like walk over to the piano and put his hand on it to feel the vibrations from the keys or something or have HM tap the music on his hand – I just hated that he stood there all alone and vulnerable on stage. I can’t wait to see how he overcomes this tomorrow night.
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Dream High E11

The talent and raw energy that KSH has astounds me – I stuck with DH for him and this is the episode where he showed us why he chose this project. That warning he gave HM was so amazing- I couldnt breathe. Such a short line, but he delivered it with such intensity-better than a more veteran actor.
Call me greedy but I wanted more of him at the last part- I certainly did not like ending with BH’s tantrum again. Man oh man now I have to wait another week to see what else SD does -bet he is gonna be even better.
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Dream High E10

It just occurred to me how SD clutched that heart pendant really tight as he watched HM kiss JG, but at that last moment – he let go of it. In a way, maybe that was his first step in stepping back from HM a little cuz once he fully switches focus to his music, he can outshine all of them. Then she will have to see him and hopefully not want to look away ever again. Let’s just hope he still has that chance – E11 had better let us know cuz waiting another week is gonna be torture.
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