You from Another Star E21

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Because of the Edward Tulane book MJ keeps referring to, we think that this story is about one man’s journey of growth and realization about love and people, but it’s actually two. The drama doesn’t draw attention to the rabbit’s original owner that much, but she mattered just as much as the rabbit. She is the one who planted the concept of love by caring for the rabbit so sincerely and unabashedly – not expecting anything in return. It was enough for her to just bestow love and that’s how it was for SY. During the whole time MJ was gone, SY was able to make it through each day basking in the warmth and comfort of MJ’s love for her. She has learned that the strength to wait and be patient comes from her love for MJ. Even without his presence – each of their shared memories and photos reminded her of what she needs to cherish and that in turn helped her hold onto that hope that he would return to her one day. Just like MJ told her – she followed most of his last remarks for her, but there was one she never intended to keep. She would always look up at the night sky and look at stars to think of him. Cuz that is who he is to her -someone who came into her life and made it brighter with his characteristically charming grandpa way of speaking and behaving, someone who is way more intelligent than her who doesn’t act condescending and can teach and guide her in life so she can always keep learning from him, someone who has the ability to take her breath away with just mere words and actions, but most of all, DMJ is the only man in the world she could ever love this much so there was nothing that could ever stop her from remembering. Trusting he would return to her one day is was what sustained her and looking up at the stars was her reminder to never forget even for a moment how much he meant to her.

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You From Another Star E20

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Even in this last hour this show keeps reminding us what it means to love and be loved in return. What it feels like to be around family for the first time. What it feels like to be so content being next to the one you love that you can’t imagine ever leaving her side. There might not be a tomorrow for these two, but just look how much they make the best of the today they have together. With every loving glance, word, and action, both of them are putting up brave fronts for what they are about to face. If only everyone could love so wholeheartedly in such a short amount of time, this world might be a better place all around. It’s certainly making this viewer believe in the wonders of love again and leaving an impression of this show that grows a bit more magical with each episode.

Our resident alien MJ has discovered firsthand that observing something and actually experiencing it are worlds apart. By living here for over 400 years, he has learned that the most surprising thing about humans are their ability to surprise and astound you with their heart. He is about to find out just how much.

Up to E20 perfection – just one more to go to make it complete. 🙂

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You From Another Star E19

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From 400 years ago to now, DMJ has come full circle. After falling in love with SY, his life on earth and the accompanying experiences feels complete. Whether we get to see the next phase of their lives through some miracle is still up in the air, but I’m relieved that he got to feel this much love – to the extent that he would have died to treasure it even a day longer. No matter what SY says in the future to urge him to leave, nothing else will be as deafening as the truth and finality of the fact that once he leaves, he probably won’t be able to return in her lifetime. His life now only has meaning with her in it so why would he choose to go and never return. Fate brought these two together and that’s what is going to separate them or keep them together I bet. All the clues to the ending have been laid out for us and some of us have tried to bring the pieces together to form a picture, but I must admit, I stopped trying. (Not only does it befuddle me, but I like not knowing cuz it leaves an air of mystery and suspense. Part of the fun is the expectation of what’s to come so why deprive myself of that.) Just like the journey MJ started out on years go on the day he ventured away from his fellow companions to go study human beings up close, that same curious mindset is going to see this through and remain here on earth. That is probably why he had that vision of himself disappearing – he missed his ride on that comet. Though we only got a glimpse of him in that state, it doesn’t mean we won’t end up seeing the reverse of that. Maybe he will start to fade, but come back intact again – hopefully more human and mortal than before minus his abilities. The ending is still a coin toss, but no matter which way it falls, I’m determined to not let the outcome waver me from considering this one of the best dramas out there.

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You From Another Star E18

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How many “forevers” can you promise for it to come true. MJ is about to find out. When you love enough to want the impossible, you have to settle for what you can get now – no matter how short that time might be. I bet if you asked MJ if SY was worth losing everything for -he wouldn’t hesitate for even one second to say wholeheartedly “yes.” That’s the hero we have been given and it’s the one we have to trust that he is doing the right thing. Just as their love comes at a cost – so does our faith in this writer. Along the way, we will have these moments of complete happiness these two shared to help ease the pain that will inevitably come our way sometime soon. It’s like keeping an eye out for a tidal wave, only to realize you are staring right at it already. Still – I’m not going to blink and just face it head on. Let the deluge of tears come tomorrow night – I have my box of Kleenex ready and waiting.

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You From Another Star E17

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He may be over 400 years old, but MJ reacts like a child when his heart is breaking. Like someone who just lost something so dear and doesn’t know how to deal with it. There aren’t that many things MJ doesn’t know about, but when it comes to dealing with pain, he is at a loss for words. I get why he reached that decision at the end and I don’t fault him one bit cuz he sincerely thought it was the best for both of them. I bet a part of him even felt like he was doing the right thing. Maybe being an alien made him lose all concept of time. I guess to him – having this happiness now means more than anything else, but like what happened today, the more memories he accumulates with SY, it just deepens the emotions as time goes by. Pretty soon, it won’t just be difficult to part with her – it’s going to be downright impossible.  They reached that point of no return so like we all predicted, sacrifices need to be made. Only problem is – MJ is the only one making them. What’s even worse, once SY learns what that is, he is going to discover something new about love. That fact that he can’t make unilateral decisions that affect both of their hearts. SY might be a woman in love right now – ready to do anything to hold onto the one she loves, but even she has limits she doesn’t dare cross. If MJ is not strong enough to make that hard choice when the comet comes, I trust she will step up and make it for them.

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You From Another Star E16

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When all you feel in your heart is love, there really isn’t much room for anything else, but leave it to these two to make room for everything – including more happiness, plans for the future, and some petty revenge just to name a few. You would think the safest place in the world would be in his arms, but this picture is only reminding us how much they have to lose.

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You From Another Star E15

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This is what MJ did to her world – he brought light, wonder, enchantment into her lonely existence, but more importantly, he is going to fill it with love – not just the kind you feel in your heart, but that elusive one – the one she waited all her life for- the one that makes you feel alive. Thanks to him, she has grown up quite a bit emotionally so in a way, enlightenment is another gift he was able to give her. Just read what SY told her dad and see the transformation yourself. SY: “This time I thought a lot – even if a person lives a long time -how long is that 100 years? but there are a lot of people who don’t live that long.  During that time how much of it is there that I can do what I really want. time when I can eat what I really like. time to talk with the person I like a lot. time where I can reveal my sincerity. time where I can hold my dad’s hand like this. more than other people, we got our time reduced too much. I want to hold onto my dad’s hand for a long time.  also cuz I like to do it – I am going to do acting for a long time. of course I have to keep track of calories, but while looking for delicious things I am going to taste them all. when I fell from that wire, I’m going to think I already died once and I’m going to spend my remaining time well – even if it’s short.” No matter what happens from here on, their love for each other changed these two so it’s only a matter of whether they are going to stay together to continue to grow and experience more wondrous moments. If what we got tonight was just a taste, I can’t wait to see what else awaits us.

*I love that new OST by SSK-pure perfection. If giving up 1N2D meant we get him back as a singer full time, it was a good trade off.

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