7 comments on “Multimedia

  1. Dd says:

    Hi there! =)

    I smile from ear to ear to see your gifs.. (and I’m taking these, ^^ kumawo)

    Love the scene where MG asking ‘waeee???’ to MR while she tried to hold him back from taking his guitar.

    my oh my I really love his character in this drama..


  2. ad says:

    i’m taking ur gifs…like it so much…thanx


  3. somuchsoju says:

    Hi crazynyt & friends from Rebel Souls, just dropped by to compliment the rotating banners of this site! Fantastic work! AND YES, I love love love the GIFS especially those of Haeyoung and Seol which make squeal every time! 🙂 Oh yeah, who am I kidding? Include the loads of YAI and JKS goodies spread here! 😀

    More power to the team! 🙂


  4. adj says:

    Can I take your gif of My Princess at the right? thkx ^^


  5. may says:

    beautyful all


  6. mel says:

    awww…….cute!!! thanks !!!!


  7. Missjb says:

    hey, softy, I make an MV for Can You HEar My HEart.. hope u will like it


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