You’ve fallen for me E12

I just translated the lyrics to that song – wow – most thoughtful song ever.  It’s stuff like this that makes this show such a winner in the race for dramas that affect us. It takes its time to move us little by little – with each meaningful scene – wringing out every emotion so we can savor every wordless look they give each other. With all that is going on around them, they continue to find the time to date and fall in love. You gotta love a young couple’s priorities. 🙂


I admit it – the preview had me stumped. How can one anniversary show become a yo yo to this extent? and the show went “there” – the place I thought they wouldnt go. Now I am worried about the next shakeup

Most important question of the day : cheeks, foreheads, and tops of head – when are S and K finally going to run out of safe body parts to kiss for crying out loud?

You’ve fallen for me E12


Starts from when SH grabs T and accuses him of sending that text. Then K telling S that the director quit and they have to hurry back. S holds her arm : I said dont go – don’t go – if you go now – it’s over with me. she starts to walk away, but he hugs her. S: K – please dont go. K repeats : I wont go. I said I won’t go. I won’t go. *

*I dont know how to translate “daechi” in english it’s like saying – will that do? happy now? satisfied? is that what you wanted? 

SM and KY call out to SH but he ignores them. KY says SH looks really mad. SM: that look on his face – when you ran off and now  – it’s only the second time (he has looked like that) something is not right.

mean girls tell the other kids that SH quit. she says someone saw S put K in the car. girl guesses SH got mad over that and quit. she says that SH has Y tho. they worry about what will happen to their musical if the director quits

SH goes to Gu and asks for alcohol. gu  says what brings him here – isnt he busy cuz of the show.  SH asks for alcohol. Gu asks why he is drinking during the day. SH: do you want to make money or not. I came to drink or else I will go elsewhere. Gu says he will get it for him and to wait

K wonders if SH will return. she asks if the show isnt imp to S. S: it is important – as you know I got tutored on gukak from you to do the ending. if we dont get to use it – I will be upset cuz it’s a waste. But there is something more important than that. K:what is that? S: you – even tho it’s imp to me – if you get scarred and have a hard time -it doesnt matter if I dont do it (the show) – your happiness means more to me. why didnt you tell me yesterday that you were meeting the director? K: cuz the text came in telling me not to tell anyone. S: am I just one of just anyone? K: cuz ppl kept saying strange stuff about the director and me so I was afraid you would misunderstand. S: I dont misunderstand stuff that are baseless.  also dont do that again. even if you dont tell anyone else- make sure you tell me where you are going. she nods

girl asks if K really said she was coming. B says yes when she spoke to K earlier she acted like she was coming but now I cant reach her. guy says dont worry since K is with S. girl wonders if the director really quit. B says that cant happen cuz then it will be too unfair for those two ppl (K and SH)  JH walks away looking guilty. his friend asks where JH is going. B says JH is acting weird these days -he doesnt try to find something to eat like he used to – did something happen. member says no. B wonders why JH is like that

HJ’s mom gets mad at her for catching a cold (sore throat) when the show is coming up- why isnt she taking better care of her body. HJ says if she gets over it now she wont have to cold during the show. HJ asks what they decided to do with K. her mom says T said he would take care of it. her mom tells her how SH quit. HJ gets mad and says she wanted K to be kicked out not the director- she needs to be recognized by a broadway director for her career to survive. her mom says how upset SH got when they brought up the topic of making K take a break from school and attacked T. she thinks maybe there is something going on between SH andK. her mom warns HJ to work hard to prepare for the musical since her mom did this much. her mom says she is already sick of that 100 yr anniversary show. 

JH texts her and says-unni the director quit and I think all this is my fault so I am feeling guilty. HJ texts and says it’s not JH’s fault and to be patient till the musical is over-after that I will buy you something good to eat

JH goes to Gu’s while texting with HJ. a drunk SH asks gu: do you know who I am? Gu: why wouldnt i know – you are KSH.  SH: I am broadway kim. Gu: why are you like this? he sees JH and says you came at the right time. do you know why the director is like this? did something happen at school?JH runs off feeling guilty. Gu yells after him – where are you going? didnt you come to get ready for the performance?

JH says to himself – what do I do – all this is my fault

S asks what they should eat. she sees a couple wearing couple tees walk by so she says to S: that looks good/pretty doesnt it? S: I think wearing couple tee like that is tacky (old fashioned). K: why? I think it looks good.  S: I am saying this ahead of time – I dont like that. those shirts you bought GP – it really wasnt couple tees right? K pulls her hand away and says “it wasnt”

K  sees a cell phone accessory and says it’s the same as her bear in her room. he offers to by her one. the sales woman says it’s for couple sets and to get them together. K says it’s ok and she will only buy one. she tells S she is going to pay for it so dont worry about it. I will go over there and look around so meet later. S walks up to her and waves his new phone bear accessory and says – should we look for a yummy restaurant around here with the phone. she sees it and says: thought you dont like to do couple things. he says they are different so how is it a couple thing. he compares the bears saying the instruments are different- hers is holding a  gayageum  and his has the guitar. this isnt a couple. S mutters that she likes things she resembles. K:what? are you saying I’m like a bear? S: is it the first time you heard that? she doesnt answer. he says look and holds it up to her face and says how alike they are.

S walks her home and tells her to go in cuz he has to return the director’s car and go to his part  time job at catharsis. she says he must he tired and he says he is ok and for her to feel better. she tells him not to get his bear taken away by his sister. he says dont worry – I wont get it taken away. she tells him to drive safely

Y goes to take SH home. Gu says Y is here and for SH to come to wake up. Y asks him to wake up. she asks how much he drank.  S shows up too and asks if SH is ok. Gu: cant you see just from looking. S offers to help. Y thanks him. S: he must have drank a lot. Y: yes. he had some difficult things happen. S: I know. she asks if K is ok. S says he doesnt know if she is acting ok or really ok but he saw her smile and then came. Y: you did well. Y and S take SH away (he was too drunk)

S calls K. she says she was washing up. did you get there safely? S says how he met the director at catharsis. K: is he ok? S says SH went home with Y so dont worry and sleep. K says that’s good that SH was there. after she hangs up, S kisses the bear and tells it: K- sleep well.

SH is at Y’s home. SH asks if he slept here. Y says she knew he wouldnt remember and how hard it was to bring him here. he says sorry -yesterday he was so mad his alcohol drank alcohol. she says how S helped. SH: did he come alone? Y: yes he said he saw K smile and then came. SH mutters that S is useful. Y tells him not to worry about the kids and worry about himself. how he looks awful from being hungover and tells him to go wash up to go to school.  but he says he wont go. she reminds him of the show but he says he isnt going.

S waits for K. he asks why she is so late but her GP comes out. he asks why S is here in the morning – if S is here to hear more of his gugak story. S says no he had something to say to K. GP says she went to school early. S says the GP must be on his way out and GP says lots of ppl want him to come by cuz he is a famous teacher. GP says S needs to hear the rest of the story -did I stop at when I was 20? S: no I heard up to when you were 21. GP: I think i stopped at 20. S: no – I heard about how you got married at 21 and how lots of ppl went into shock after hearing news of your marriage. GP agrees that’s true then he must have stopped up to 21. when you want to hear the rest come over anytime. S says he will and says he will be leaving and takes off quickly. after S leaves. GP says the more he sees S, S is exactly like him when he was younger

K goes looking for SH. she runs into Y. Y says K came early. K tells Y the rumor about meeting the director at the hotel was a misunderstanding. Y: I know I heard. K says he didnt show up yet. Y says SH isnt coming today. K: then did he really quit – he cant-what about the show?  how could he run away like this. Y: you think he ran away? this is all cuz of…she stops so K asks if it’s cuz of her but Y says no. I shouldnt have said that to you. he was always someone who had a lot of pride and stubborness and didnt like talk like this (the rumors) you are going to the musical practice right? dont miss it – if you dont go – that SH took your side – the meaning behind it will disappear.

SH is at some fishing location and says the show isnt imp. he plans to catch a lot of fish today

S asks why K came early on her own cuz he waited outside her home.K says sorry and next time she will send him a text.  he asks if she is going to musical practice and she says she has to go cuz it’s not something that she can control at will. he tells her not to worry cuz she has him. let’s go

K goes to practice and mean girls are there but cant say anything mean to K cuz of S. S asks if they have anything to say but they run off and say they dont have anything. S: then let’s go in. she says they were about to anyway

T calls out her name. he says he was going to call her so this worked out. he tells K not to come to practice anymore from today on – they decided to continue without an understudy. S was going to say something and says professor but K tells S to stay still. she tells T that she wants to know the reason why she has to drop out. T: dont think of it strangely – the director changed and the story is not right and I just want to focus on the leads. HJ’s condition is good so I dont want to deal with an understudy. do you need more explanations? K: no. T: then get going. he says to S: you need to practice so go in. S asks to skip the practice for today but T gets mad and says :what are you saying? is the 100 YAS (years anniversary show) a joke? if you are going to be like that – you drop out too. S says to K: let’s go. K: dont be like this- not you too. he says her name.  she says she knows how S feels but what T said is right – if S drops out she will face more ridicule.. K:I’m ok so go in. she says see you later and leaves

T tells everyone that he is in charge of the 100 YAS cuz of what happened with SH.  he made some changes to the script and stuff that they were having problems with. mean girl asks if a lot has changed. T says there are small changes. but the lead will stay the same (no changes) and from today the understudy will be dropped. KY points out the conversation doesnt match up in the script (it gets complicated) and mean girl points out a mistake in hers as well. T says he was so busy so he made some mistakes but they can practice slowly and fix it along the way. HJ:what do you mean fix it slowly? like you said there is not much time left till the show. cant we just go with the way director kim had it? why dont you just oversee the practice. T says he cant do that. I will fix it by tm so let’s start with the reading for the new script/lines. S asks if they dont need the music team now. T says they can leave or stick around and watch if they want. S leaves with his group. JH looks at HJ and she looks away.

HJ goes and practices singing but her voice is still not good.

S goes looking for K and asks ppl if they saw her

K is on the rooftop crying. she doesnt answer when S calls her.

S is singing into a mic.his voice carries around campus.  new song. “smile and dont be sad – it’s ok -dont cry -the song I am singing now – I hope it gives you some comfort -smile dont be hurt. it’s ok if the world makes it hard for you – if this time passes – everything will be ok -smile” B hears the song and asks – isnt this S’s voice? other girl says it seems like it. she guesses  S is singing for K to hear and not be upset. B says that’s good – wonder where K is-I should go looking for her. the other girl stops her and says leave them alone so they can be alone together. B says that’s right- she almost interfered again and S would have hated her for that

Y smiles listening and says he should give strength to the person he loves. K hears S singing “wont change – lean on my shoulder -you just need to rest a little-  smile – you have me who believes in you” K smiles and stops crying 

S asks where she went cuz he looked for her. she says she heard his song. he reminds her he told her not to go anywhere without telling him. she says sorry. he hugs her and asks if she cried all she wanted. she nods. S: dont cry when I am not there.  she nods. he asks if she wants to play it with both bands cuz he finished the ending

GP asks if that is all of his belongings. her dad says he only brought what he needed and the rest he will borrow a truck and bring it up in one day. GP tells K’s dad to promise something with him before her dad comes in to live with them. GP doesnt want her dad to fill her with ideas and  influence K away from gugak. he has to have at least one bloodline who does gukak properly. the dad says he thinks K should be the one to decide that. he will side with K whether she wants to do the musical and or gugak. GP says if he came up to say that then he wont fogive her dad. he kicks out her dad. 

with his bags in tow, her dad meets with S’s mom. she asks how he could bring up the topic about K as soon as he went in. is that why he was kicked out like this. he says he didnt bring it up first his dad did. she says it  must have been a big decision for his dad to even give permission for this musical -think about when he wanted to play with his band.  he agrees.  she offers to help out if K wants to do musicals- i have the confidence to be a good mentor. he says he would be grateful if she did that since K grew up without a mom – he felt bad about that often. in return,  she asks him to be a mentor for S. even tho she can talk to him easily – often it seems like S needs to talk with another guy (S needs to have “guy talks”) K’s dad says there are a lot of good points to being neighbors.

J goes to meet GP. J: isnt K unni too much? GP asks what J is saying. J tells him how K is dating her brother but is cheating on him with the director. GP asks what that means and tells her to talk so it makes sense. she says how K is dating her brother and the school musical director at the same time -you didnt know? GP:what did you say?

S’s band and hers play the ending. B says how good it is. K gives S a thumbs up. one girl worries T will want to switch out the ending. another girl points out the original song writer for the ending is SH so B says that cant happen – cuz if it does -all their work will be for nothing. K and S also studied a lot too.  K thinks T wont change the ending too since it’s the most important and cuz they dont have anything else. band guy says that is true and tells S not to worry

 K gets a call from GP. he asks what she is going around doing. she tries to explain that’s not it but he hangs up. S asks what happened. she says her GP heard the rumors about the director and her. B worries K wont be able to attend school. JH says stands up and says “sorry” he goes over and kneels in front of K. JH: this is all my fault cuz I didnt tell the truth. K – please forgive me. K:what do you mean by that?  S:what is it? dont cry and speak truthfully.  JH says on the day the sponsors came and K performed, to be honest – he was with HJ. B to JH: you said you werent. JH: it was a lie. S asks why JH did that. JH: HJ’s mom didnt like me being with her. HJ asked me to keep it a secret. but this problem got bigger. I’m really sorry.  S yells at him saying why did you listen to HJ. if you told the truth from the beginning those rumors wouldnt have started. K tells S not to get angry. B says : it’s true – I could see how hard it was for JH these days.  B to JH: you didnt even eat these days huh? JH keeps crying. B: a kid who likes to eat that much – it’s ok. she pats him on the shoulder. S asks K to go together with him to talk to her GP. K thanks him cuz truthfully she was afraid.

K goes in and her GP says her name in a scary way and was about to throw his book. he asks why S came with her. GP tells S to go cuz he doesnt have time to tell S about his gukak life story today. S says there is a misunderstanding and K didnt go anything wrong. GP says how how wasnt wrong when he said not to go down that road – she shouldnt have tried to be a part of all that cuz she just ended up humiliated – who is she – the granddaughter of lee dong. K says sorry for making him worry but she didnt do anything to shame his name -I can swear on this. GP yells he doesnt need it. he says how she didnt make the audition cut and just played around going back and forth to school (how she didnt contribute anything). S says K did do something and shows GP the ending music and says he was able to make this cuz K taught him gukak – they are going to use this for the ending. starting from the beginning and in the middle parts there are gukak parts. GP: this is what you did? S says if it wasnt for K,  he couldnt have done it. GP asks why S brought this – did he think if he brought this it would change how GP thinks. from making this what is she going to learn.  didnt he learn anything from hearing GP’s gukak life? GP says this isnt even scratching the surface –  since S started learning he needs to learn properly.  starting from tm – for an hour each day-S has to come to listen to GP’s gukak life story. why – do you not want to? S: no – I will come. *the sacrifices this guy makes in the name of love is killing me – if I had to hear that life story again I would run for the hills.

K asks what to do since S didnt want to hear GP’s gukak life story. S says he has to convince B to come. K reminds him how she already heard it (so wont fall for it again)  S:then there is only one person.  K:who? JH – since he didnt talk about HJ- he needs to be punished. K: cuz of JH, GP wont collapse/faint right? cuz JH is a little…S says in front of grownups JH wont behave strangely. S: since I came all this way -arent you going to show me your mom? K: I didnt even clean it. GP comes out and asks S to start hearing the gukak life story starting from today but S says it’s ok. K says S has something urgent. she tells him to go.

SH asks Y how she knew to come here. she tells him to find a new place (meaning this is one of his usual spots) ever since college whenever something happened you came didnt catch even one fish huh? SH: did I come to catch fish? (think he said he came to think) did you come to catch me? did the (head guy) send you here? Y: no- she tells him not to do the show if he doesnt want to – like she said she is on his side now. if he has an extra fishing pole, she asks for one cuz she could fish better than him. he asks if they should show their talents here.

T hears that the sponsors are dropping out.the head guy says they heard SH quit and already 3  of them said they wont do this (sponsor) if this keeps up, they wont have enough revenue and they might not be able to do the show. T says he will convince them. the guy says the person T needs to convince now isnt the sponsor but SH. instead of doing a poorly subsidized show and humiliating the school it’s better not to do the show. other teacher asks how can they not do the 100 YAS. T says he will figure it out and not to worry about it

HJ cant sing. her mom comes in and asks what do to do and says how sponsors dropped out cuz SH quit. HJ: what did I say? I told you we needed the director. whatever you have to do call him back. HJ’s mom: if we get him to come back – what do we do if he calls K back? HJ: mom dont you have faith in me? she is the understudy -until something happens to me she cant ever go on stage. HJ’s mom: you are in good condition right? HJ says she is over her cold (sore throat). her mom says whether it’s the 100 or 200 YAS – none of that matters -the most important thing is that HJ stand on that stage. let’s call the director back

SH is at Y’s home. SH says sorry for yesterday. Y says he has a lot to be sorry for towards her and to pick just one and say it. he says some lame joke. then he gets serious and says her name. he was about to say something imp like “let’s get married” or something but Y gets a call from the head guy. he asks where she is – if she is with SH. she says SH is next to her. SH asks who it was. Y tells him how he wants to see SH right away. SH: tell him I am not going. Y says sponsors are dropping out and the kids are in a state of panic cuz the script and music changed. SH says that has nothing to do with him. she asks if he is going to be this irresponsible – she reminds him how he said the 100 YAS isnt a joke. SH: you told me I didnt have to do it if I didnt want to. she says she can see how his butt is antsy (to get going) so he laughs. at a time like this you have to show up and get everything in order. let’s go. SH says it’s tiring having talent. it cant be helped – let’s go.

SH goes back to school so SM runs and hugs him. where did you go and came just now? SH pushes him off saying :why are you like this? I dont like guys. SM: I dont like them either.

the head guy and SH and HJ’s mom meet. the guy says for them to let go of the misunderstanding. he says to SH: you trained/directed them and chose those kids so does it make sense for you to drop out? she says to let go of any resentments he has towards her and forget them. just pay attention to the 100 YAS. SH says he has a condition. she asks him to say it. he says he wants K to be the understudy. if you dont want that then forget it. she agrees to it saying it doesnt matter whether it’s K or someone else cuz HJ is going to be on stage anyway

mean girl asks they heard they might not be able to do the show. KY: what is that talk? girl says how after they heard SH quit, sponsors dropped out – when there is someone else who should drop out. she looks at HJ.  HJ tells them to shut up if they dont know anything. T comes in and asks why they are like this (sitting around) he calls to start practice. she asks  T if it’s true cuz there is a rumor they might not be able to do the show. T asks who spread that rumor. he says that will never happen. stand up. let’s start with act 4’s song. HJ stays seated. T tells HJ that he told her to practice the song from act 4. she says she isnt going to. he asks if she is disobeying the director. HJ: who is the director? he calls her a brat.

 SH shows up and kids hug him. SH says his popularity doesnt die. HJ smiles to see him back. T asks why a person who quit is here. SH says he wanted too but they keep calling him back. T:what did you say? HJ stands and says let’s practice director (to SH)  SH:should we? let’s see how much you slacked off while I was gone. he tells them to go their places and let’s start

T hears from HJ’s mom to step away from the 100 YAS. didnt you meet SH? he asks why she is like this now. she says if T did his job better this wouldnt have happened-sponsors are dropping out- students are complaining a lot -does it look like I wouldnt have switched? T:what if I said I couldnt do that (step down) HJ: do you want to quit teaching school? T: I wont go down alone – I will reveal that you planned that rumor about SH and K. .she asks if T is threatening her so she calls him out telling him to try it-if I knew you were this pathetic I would have kept my distance from you. before you train others- you should try nurturing your own skills first.

they all practice. SH says just cuz he missed a few days how could they all go regress in their skills and lists what’s wrong with them . he says even an hour is urgent so he tells them to pack and come here to practice over the weekend for 2 nights 3 days. mean girl asks if it’s like the MT so SM asks how she can joke at a time like this. SH tells them they have to make up their mind and work hard

JH goes to see HJ. he says he has something to tell her. he says how he told the truth that he was with her. she says he did well and there is nothing else to hide. she  asks if he has been eating these days. JH says he couldnt eat cuz he worried. HJ: that you might be in trouble with me?  JH: that I wouldnt be able to see you. she tells him that wont happen and to go and eat. he thanks her. she offers to buy him buffet after the show is over. she clears her throat and T saw her

HJ goes to the doctor. she needs to rest her voice and her condition is advanced so she needs to have surgery. until then she cant use her voice. she says no- she has a really important performance next week. cant she just hang in there till then. he says it will be difficult -if she over does it now her voice could change to a husky one.   T was outside

J comes in to borrow a stapler. J says it’s pretty and asks for the bear on his phone and S says she cant have it. J jokes and says since it’s childish- there is no way he got a couple phone access set with K. S stays silent. she says he changed too much and she is disappointed in him – please come back to the cold S she knows. S finds the  pics he took of K at jejudo when he first saw her and took her pics. he realizes it was K back then and says “was it K?”

K is dragging her suitcase with a wheel missing and waiting for the bus. S helps her with the bag and carries it on the bus. she remembers how he did that the first time in jejudo. he says he remembers her and she says she does too. they smile at each other.

S shows her the pics he took of her. K: now that I see this – you chased after me first. S:what? K holds up the pics: there is evidence/proof. didnt you? he says they went around too long. S leans in (like he is going to kiss her) and tells K not to tremble cuz now Cha Bo woon is going to come. he snaps his finger.  on cue B comes over. S: see- at a time like this she always shows up. B: did I do something wrong again? K: no you didnt. B: not you. B to S: you say it – did I do something wrong? S says B didnt. he says she is just being true to her character and now he knows. he tells K he is leaving first. B calls after him not to get revenge.

SH is with the kids.he says from today on they are going to practice twice a day like they are performing in front of a live audience. whoever gets something wrong has to do something ten times so everyone needs to be nervous. SH asks what brings him here. T says even tho he isnt the director he is still in charge and tells the kids not to be nervous. T  says he came to see how they are practicing so start. SH says let’s go from the first act. T says he has an appt and doesnt have time to see all of it and since the highlight is the fourth act he wants to just hear KY and HJ sing. SH says let’s do the ending S made-he asks if they memorized it all and KY says yes but HJ stays silent. HJ says wait a minute – she didnt memorize the lines yet. she didnt like the lines/lyrics and changed it and now got them confused. SH starts to get mad but T laughs and says she could do that if she is nervous. she must be uncomfortable cuz I am here. i’ll be going – wor hard. he leaves.

T says to himself – you want me to believe you cant remember your lines/lyrics HJ. he calls her mom and says he has something to tell her. if you dont come you will regret it. she agrees to meet later. she wonders why he keeps wanting to meet. but she cant ignore him either.

everyone is practicing dancing.

HJ’s mom meets with T. she says she is busy and wants to talk first about what she prepared. I thought about it and you should feel indignant. after this show is over I will look into you (lecturing? sabbatical?) abroad. T:will you be able to end the show well? HJ’s: why are you like this? I said I would send you abroad for a break. T: do you know that HJ is sick? she asks what he is talking about-  how could HJ be sick without her knowledge. T: you should ask her yourself. from what I can see, HJ cant sing. her mom:what? if you know something tell me the details. T: if HJ cant go on her understudy K will  go on. if that happens, all you did was pave the way and someone else is going to do it (benefit from it). think it over carefully. he leaves. she tells him to finish talking before he goes

her mom asks HJ is it’s true what T said that HJ cant sing. what is he talking about? are you keeping anything from me?  HJ:what are you talking about? I can do it.  her voice breaks and her mom worries.what is wrong with you? HJ: it’s nothing. her mom yells what do you mean it’s nothing – what is wrong with your voice? her mom says what T said about paving the way and someone else benefitting

K says it was tiring today. B wonders why they cant see HJ. mean girl says how HJ is a princess and went home to sleep cuz her mom called her. how it was beneath her to sleep at school. K says it’s uncomfortable but it’s fun to sleep together. B ask mean girl to tell a good story. she says how there is a ghost at school and kids who practice late would often see it. the person who saw the ghost good thing happens to them. the girl decide to go look for the ghost. K: right now? girl says it will be less scary to go meet it together then see it alone. if they meet it their 100 YAS will be a hit for sure.they all agree but K says she is scared and one says then stay alone

SM tells the guys how the girls are looking for the ghost. KY says there are starting that talk again. JH says there are lots of ppl who saw the ghost.  S asks if all the girls are going. SM says since the girls are looking for ghost so what should they become. KY says if they get caught by the director they will get in trouble.  SM says dont worry the director did this too when he was in school. he makes them all give their cell phone so they dont warn the girls in advance . SM says he understands that S is dating but he still needs to take S’s phone.

girls go look for the ghost calling for it to come out. K gets a text from GP who asks if she is doing ok. she texts back she is ok so dont worry. she gets left behind from the other girls.

guys come in wearing scary masks and stuff except for S. he worries cuz K has a lot of fear and hopes she didnt follow the girls. suddenly he grabs her and leads her out. K: you startled me. S: what did I say? I said not to go anywhere without telling me. K: do I have to report to you when we all move together? S: of course – K – you need to be punished. take your punishment. K: get what kind of punishment? he kisses her cheek. she says there would have been a lot of trouble if she went to go look for the ghost twice. she walks off so he asks where she is going

there are a lot of screaming from the girls and they beat up SM who was dressed as a ghost. mean girl says let’s see your face and says they didnt know it was him and asks for forgiveness.

S is holding the necklace he had for Y. K asks if he still had it. he throws it and says he wanted to throw it away when she could see him do it. K: guess we cant see a shooting star from here huh? S:so you can make a wish? she nods. S: but you get along well with me. K: not that. for us to finish the 100 YAS safely. S: I really wish it would end well. he back hugs her and says he really hopes it ends well.

SH asks if they all slept well. the say yes.SH is making the kids warm up and S sort of does it

HJ’s mom meets with the head guy. guy: you are not kidding right now are you? HJ’s mom: do I look like I am in the mood to kid around with you? do as I told you – cancel the 100 yr anniv. show. guy: for what reason at this point – the kids are practicing well and the director came back. her mom points out how they had problems coming to this point. I am worried that ppl will talk here and there after the show is over.

SH tells the kids who didnt wash their faces to pull off the sleep from their eyes and the rest who are going to cook to get the food ready and meet by 9. mean girl complains it’s too early and wont even have time to wear makeup. KY kids and says if they usually wore makeup.  SM runs over and tells them that the show has been cancelled. Y:what are you saying? SM repeats the 100 yr anniversary show is cancelled -it was called off (like it never happened). SH:what?



S holds K’s hand. K wonders if it’s cuz of her. S: the director will take care of it

SH says to HJ’s mom : unless something happened to HJ there is no reason for you to do this

S asks K: should we have fun with the 100 yr anniversary show cuz it’s a waste with all the practice we put in. K kisses the top of S’s head

K and S run into her dad and S’s mom. they were holding hands but let go when K sees them. K asks her dad – what is his relationship with S’s mom. her dad says S’s mom is his first love 

HJ comes back and says I heard you are doing the show. the female lead cant be left out.  S says to HJ: are you crazy? what are you saying now after the fact. the lead of our show is K. HJ to K: if you say you will do it then I will drop out

SH tells K: what are you going to do? you decide

* her dad and his mom were HOLDINg HANDS – that is so NOT good. knowing K, she is going to freak out. I am just wondering what the parents are thinking – they know their kids are dating so how could they start back up again. what about their children’s happiness? This is going to be way tougher to overcome than T, HJ, or her crazy mom.


52 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E12

  1. Sami says:

    shin really is turning out to be the perfect boyfriend. swoon swoon….

    favorite part was when he was leaning in like he was gonna kiss and says to kw not to worry coz b is gonna come. cracked me right up… i think i replayed that like 5 times and it still makes me LOL!


  2. Fanderay says:

    I can’t even believe how perfect Shin is. It’s getting to the point where K needs to majorly step up her game if she wants to be deserving of him. No more lying, no more disappearing, and no more not picking up the phone! I’m relieved that she at least kisses him on the head next episode because so far she’s been less responsive than a rag-doll. Kyu Won, would it really kill you to hug him back? Is his affection STILL that shocking? Look at his face! You don’t want to kiss that? Is your body completely devoid of hormones???

    Those stupid parents have had decades to get together, so I say they missed their chance. Now it’s the younger generation’s turn! I suppose both generations could date, but that seems a bit weird. I’m also not sure why they’re dragging out K showing S her mom’s photo. Is something going to come of that? Personally I’m happy that something is finally happening with the family pasts since it’s been a long time coming. Now they just need to show us whatever happened to KY to give him stage fright.

    And yeah…Shin’s song is freaking adorable. Besides the lyrics being incredibly sweet, it takes some major commitment to brave a PA system and serenade the whole school. I also liked that that song doesn’t sound like the typical kpop ballad. It’s just simple acoustic goodness.

    There’s a new YFFM special OST out, so I’m off to check it out. Thanks for the recap Softy! I’m so sad we only get 3 more 😦


    • Anonymous says:

      Shin is adorable. Perfectly adorable 🙂

      If they are going to push through with the parents issue, i think the 3 remaining eps will not be enough for us to be satisfied with the series. it will look like they are just going to end it just to end it and leave us feeling incomplete… i hope not.


    • iput says:

      hahaha…. ROFL because of your comment… “Look at his face! You don’t want to kiss that? Is your body completely devoid of hormones??? ” LOL.

      no need to say anything else, you said it all already.. 😀


  3. Fanderay says:

    There’s a different version of that song (그래 웃어봐 Keurae Useobwa) on the special OST, but it’s all k-poppy, and not nearly as good as JYH’s version (love his voice!). Anyways, I started a new youtube account and uploaded the song clip from the episode. Stupid B and her stupid talking. Now she’s even interrupting Shin’s songs!


    • checkinout says:

      *Major swooning ongoing*

      You’re right about the BW interruption, yet again! I want a clean version with just Yong Hwa and his guitar please… Heartstrings OST 3 please!


  4. keni says:

    omg thanks so much for the recap.. loved it:D
    gahhh.. there’s just some things in the show… and i really hope they don’t go there with it but.. there’s a nagging thing in me that makes me think that shin is kyu won’s dad’s son and that the mum might have had an affair with k’s dad originally, became pregnant with shin, due to some lame k-drama reason, married another man.. and k’s dad married k’s mum.. who might’ve also already been pregnant with k to another man..
    HOPEFULLY i am wrong.. please let me be wrong and just be thinking too hard into the storyline.. but has anyone else noticed how many times GP keeps suggesting that shin is so much like him when he was younger, the fact that kyu won said she doesn’t look like her dad but more her mum.. and the whole situation on shin’s mum not telling him his dad passed and just taking him to the funeral randomly… ohhh and btw k’s dad i think also plays the guitar.. i so hope im wrong as i am so OVER birth secrets.. it’s too typical of a k drama.. but i guess i’ll just have to wait and see… so in love with this show..
    and once again thank you so much for your recaps:D:D


  5. yvujelle says:

    have some credit for KY… i love shin voice too but isnt KY voice is great too…i love KY voice…so looveeeeee… 😀


  6. Joy says:

    Thank you!!


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