Finally got around to making this page for the old and new headers we have been getting lately.


Thundie’s: My mentor and friend for everything. Even though she is busy, she always makes time to hold my hand and give me encouragement. Thank you for being so altruistic with your time and knowledge.

Fanderay’s: These were her gifts to RS before and after she began her own blog. I love going over there to visit daily and chat about her new work or just about anything. My friend has some amazing artistic skills doesn’t she?

Nikesma’s: She is the talent behind all those subbed drama clips. In the blink of an eye, she can make a header faster than anyone I know. :) I realized the other day that she has been with us since RS began back during MSOAN days and hope she will be here all the way till the end. Thanks Nik for your continued support. :)

Iviih’s: Her love for great dramas produced these gems and I hope she falls deeper in love to inspire some more “wink wink hint hint*  I am so grateful :)

Here is hoping missjb never gets tired of her new hobby- Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you Anon for the lovely headers of my fav shots – they are so perfect. :)

So glad Ydoodler loves OB as much as we do -thank you for these :)

Thank you Nonski for showcasing your talent here. :)

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Thank you Yanna for sharing your love for our OB couple and these shows. :)


Thank you Ju for these cute headers. :)

Thank you Jomo for sharing your talent here too as well as at Joonni’s blog. :)

Thanks to Haart for the fastest perfect OB header. :)

Thank you Chawanmushi for this adorable OB header. :)

Thank you KimLuvv for sharing your love for this show. :)



My recent 2014 headers


249 comments on “Headers

  1. nonski says:

    hi softy, just want to drop this from fbnd 10 although this is from the ep11 prev.
    two variations: (JW headers to follow)


  2. KimLuvv says:

    Hey Softy! It’s been some time since I commented… =( I read up your recaps and articles that had to do with Yoon Shi Yoon. Seems like you like him a lot now =D He does remind me sometimes of Joo Won. I actually got to know Joo Won because of YSY. While watching Me Too, Flower I decided to watch YSY’s other drama Baker King, and Joo Won was in it. After watching an interview on the show, because I loved it so much, I fell in love with Joo Won <3 =D So I decided to make a header with both of them:

    And I was looking through my album and I'm not sure if I sent this too you already before but I'm gnna send it again =D Sorry if I did send it to you before!

    Have an awesome day! ^_^ Thx 4 all your hard work!

  3. nonski says:

    softy, tried some of the pics from your post, so here’s one on Winter:


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for these – they are great. Love LSG and Suzy in these pics. Just wanted to say that I wrote that GF post for you and some others who were wondering if Joonni and I would be recapping together or having two separate live recaps. Since our blogging community doesn’t need two live recaps of the same drama, I wanted to park over at her blog cuz that way we all get to understand every word of the drama from the start. if I covered this drama, I would have taken 5 hrs to get to where she was right after it aired. She even got her comments and screencaps up faster than if you snapped your fingers. Thank goodness she likes LSG enough to willingly lose some sleep on mon- tues nights. :)

  4. nonski says:

    aw thank you Softy. :) i and the rest of us of follow you at cadence really appreciates that. you know what, last night when i was reading your comments at joonni’s, it felt surreal, having you around us but not as the writer but as one of the readers too. it would actually be impractical for if you both have separate live recaps. and i am very happy that you would be able to experience watching it and enjoying it with us. i wowed at the speed and accuracy of joonni’s work. it was awesome. plus the drama is really good. i didn’t expect we’d have that solid first episode. many were complaining about the song but frankly, i love it. they seem that it is out of place but there are certain scenes that it just suits perfectly.

  5. nonski says:

    it’s been ages since i made you a header but i can’t resist the screenies you posted for ihyv for ep9 so here’s one for you. thanks for the recaps.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just a few minutes ago your header showed a very handsome Hyun Bin wearing a white hoodie. I have not nursed any crush on him and I actually miss his before-the-knife face but dang he looked so fiiiine there. So props and thanks to the person having produced such work of art. ^^

    Denali ~

  7. Anon says:

    Thank you so much for recapping IHYV, I’m so sad it’ll be over soon. Here’s a header, hope you like it ^^

  8. nonski says:

    hi softy,
    this scene is just too beautiful to pass up for a header. hope you’ll like this one.

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