Rooftop Prince E20

Just in case you missed what Fanderay wrote last night, here are my favorite parts: “The point is that their love is timeless, and will last an eternity. Even when they don’t know each other, they will know each other. Instead of thinking of it as one relationship coming to an end, I choose to think of it as two people discovering that their relationship can never end, and that they will always find each other.

I loved how so much of this episode revolved around the riddle, and how it so beautifully reflected on the entire drama and could be interpreted in so many ways. Throughout this entire show there have been other riddles for G, such as the truth behind the murder, and who he should love and trust. The answer to everything was Bo Yong, and there’s a sweet irony to that. He thought he was giving the riddle to her, but all this time it was he who needed to figure out that she was the key.”

Thanks to Fanderay for recapping with me and Semi-fly for her fast torrents. 🙂 My gratitude to all of you who contributed over the weeks…

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Rooftop Prince E19

Tonight’s episode is my reward for having faith. This writer really came through. hands down the best episode so far. I cried through it all. If love was ever palpable through a tv screen – we all felt it tonight between these two. 🙂

Oh and that second kiss was pretty perfect as well. pics are on the bottom of the page thanks to Semi-fly sticking with us and leaving super fast torrents.

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Rooftop Prince E18

OMG my heart – I bawled like crazy through that last scene…I am still shaking…It’s like even though you’ve guessed for weeks that this would happen, when it actually does, it’s different than when you imagined it. back then these characters were just getting to know each other. no one fell in love yet on the show, but we certainly did. Over time as they developed feelings for each other, the audience knew it would be difficult to see this couple say goodbye and have these guys go back to Joseon. That’s always been inevitable so we braced ourselves for that episode. I really thought it would be tonight, but what the writer chose to do instead just floored me. How could this happen. Wasn’t it enough that they have to go their separate ways? Why this?  I’m sitting here trying to grasp at straws, but there aren’t any. It was pretty clear what will happen next in that last scene. Omg – how do you brace for an impact that is going to knock you silly anyway.

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Rooftop Prince E17

I think it’s time for some perspective. There are only 3 episodes left and we all know what that means. This is that time of the kdrama viewing experience when the show pulls out all the stops and goes all out. They either go for broke and just go nuts with the script or they rein in their crazy and leave us feeling somewhat satisfied. Wherever the story goes, it can’t be any crazier than what we’ve had so far. This all began with the premise that 3 guys and one prince time traveled from 300 yrs ago to present time. All these lucky coincidences and makjang was to be expected and came with the territory so there is no need to fret about it now. That was part of the price we paid for enjoying all the cute, romantic, and hilarity all these episodes. To be honest, I didn’t even realize there was so much of it till recently. I was too happy enjoying every episode and reveling in their joys too much to worry about their troubles. Every time you watch a drama, we have to get to this point where the fun and cute has to be put aside to deal with the inevitable ending and dealing with the bad guys.  From my experience, I’ve noticed that whatever the ending, not everyone is happy with it. Why? Cuz some of us just love these characters too much and saying goodbye happily or while pulling our hair out is still a goodbye and we just aren’t ready to let go yet. Even though RP seemed like it was headed for a fairy tale ending since we have a crown prince and crown princess in the equation, there is no way we all believed this would end well based on how it all began. Maybe by E20 the reality will be that there is no real happy ending on the screen, but in my mind, there already is cuz that’s what my heart believes.

Thank you Semi-fly for your quick torrents. 🙂

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Rooftop Prince E16

Sparkskey shared written preview for E17 – Thank you so much 🙂 :

Lee Gak rushes over to Taemu in order to save Park Ha and ends up handing Yong Taeyong’s handphone over. Taemu makes the handphone ‘disappear’ once again. President Jang calls Sena and tells her the story of her search for her daughter. As Lee Gak ponders over the fact that his Princess Bride and Buyong were sisters, he comes to the assumption that Park Ha and Sena might actually be sisters…

Thanks to Semi-fly for helping me fly solo tonight by leaving her super fast torrents so I could post some screencaps before I began translating. 🙂

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Rooftop Prince E15

*OMG I cant believe what happened tonight. even my heart attacks were having heart attacks. what a great episode with all those action scenes and date scenes. and we get a shocking video preview too – it sounds like Jang found out about H based on what she said over the phone and to S’s mom. G looks so different wearing glasses – so cute and dorky at the same time, but poor H. Did you see the look on her face? G doesnt get to live with her anymore.

Double thanks to Semi-fly for these super fast torrents. 🙂

Great news for TP readers – Thundie is back and she already has some new posts up. The most recent is our joint recap of A Wife’s Credentials. Go check it out:

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Rooftop Prince E14

I love that she cares more about what’s best for him than what is better for her heart. As soon as she heard he called off his engagement, she goes to yell at him asking how he intends to go back to Joseon now. But all he does is hold her and apologize over and over. It’s like he just realized how hard all this has been on her to stand by and watch him get engaged to someone else when she is the one who truly loves him. Even though G asked himself what he should do as the crown prince, he did the only thing a man in love can do in this situation and followed his heart. At least he has his entourage to help pave the way for him when he faces more obstacles soon. M really stepped up this episode and played cupid and then the sole voice of reason by totally silencing the other two’s complaints with facts. Besides H, it’s so great that these guys have G’s back. Six more episodes to go and I am left wondering how much more tears we will be shedding or how much more laughter is headed our way. I would settle for a lot of the latter with some extra tears of joy thrown in.  🙂

*My hands were shaking as I typed the last lines cuz my heart was racing. it’s one thing to know the truth all along, but it’s so exciting to watch the character connect the dots. G just gets smarter and smarter every day. Not to mention more swoonworthy. this drama is doing quite a number on my heart.

Thanks to Semi-fly for the torrents and Ginko for the gifs on E13 and E14.  🙂

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