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I had a feeling these two would have chemistry before they were even cast -just hearing their two names together sounded like a dream match made in romantic comedy heaven.


I was too shy to make a header out of these – pretty sure he is advertising the clothing brand Buckaroo, but he sort of lost me when he flashed his abs. people have been wondering why I suddenly liked Kim Woo Bin so here is my answer – not only does he look this good, he can also act well and is a decent model to boot.  I like that his looks change with just a grin or a scowl. diversity in the face is so hard to come by in korean actors, but he’s got it. oh boy does he ever.

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  1. conjie008 says:

    Ah..yes, I second the motion on that “silences” for the old laptop!! :)
    It has given us a lot of memories…”I can’t think of a better way to honor a “laptop”… that’s been cried on…maybe cursed in so many different languages…and still managed to say the right thing at the end of those dramas.” Whether.. a bad …or good omen view of all the dramas!!
    Softy…my condolences to the laptop, that’s given you everything…except the hard board…and nothing but the mother board!! :) :)


  2. iviih says:

    Hello Softy ^^~~ n

    Hope you resolved your laptop problems, are you already with your new laptop? I know how frustrating is to lose an old and good laptop. Even more when you loose everything inside it (I lost so many precious pictures) A third motion of silence for it.

    I’ll talk about the other dramas I’m watching, since I didn’t want to go off topic on IHYV post.

    I’m a bit sad because the next dramas I’ll watch you probably won’t. lol :)

    When I watched Master Sun long preview, I was so sure you won’t watch it. I was scared lol imagine you. It has too many creepy ghost there… will you try to watch it Softy? Aside the scary ghosts there are so much OTP skinship! Kekekekek love it!

    And it might be like Arang, they might tone down or stop showing the ghosts after some episodes.

    I’ll also start ”Who are you” and it is another drama I think you won’t watch.. lol
    I read you liked the other drama ”who are you” ? Me too! It was so fun and cute!

    And I’m glad I’m not alone on JW might portray autism on Good doctor. I saw the teaser and I’m a bit worried to be honest. He needs to tone it down. I’m not sure if I’m able to watch this drama because of JW’s character and the possible love line with MCW. I just can’t see it and ship it… I might ship MCW and JSW too much…

    My dramas are all ending and I’m so sad. I hear your voice ending tomorrow…

    Cruel City ended yesterday(Paksaaa! <3)

    The queen's classroom ends tomorrow (such a lovely and sweet drama! It needs more love. I really like it and the drama characters, makes me think a lot too, It is nice.)

    Skipping through You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin (Watching just LLS and JH plus YS and CW scenes tbh)

    Mostar – way behind.

    Two weeks ago I watched the japanese drama Orange Days, I wanted to watch it for a long time and finally was able to, and I loved it. Really liked the OTP and the plot. It was moving for me, I never rooted so much for the otp and main characters on a J-drama.

    Now a fun fact: my family don't really watch asian movies/dramas, but yesterday I entered my older sister's room and she was with her eyes swollen and I looked at her tv, she was watching A werewolf guy! LOL I thought she would never like a movie like it, since I asked her to watch dramas and movie with me and she didn't want to! LOL I asked her before if she wanted to watch Werewolf boy and she said she didn't but she watched it and ended liking it a lot and is even interested on the alternate ending…. I asked her to watch it with me again and she agreed to! LOL She really liked the plot and the main characters, hahaha I guess SJK won over her.
    It is funny because she isn't the kind of person to like cute/romantic movies, but she said to me she was on the mood for romantic and cute dramas now.

    And everyone else, how you are? Which dramas are you going to watch/are watching??^^~

    Kisses! :) :D ;)

  3. iviih says:

    Oh! How I could forget!

    Another upcoming dramas I’m excited to watch:

    Answer me 1994 (I think it’ll be good, the plot was the writer and pd original idea before changing it to 1997)

    Basketball -빠스껫볼 I like sport dramas and the plot seems interesting and it is from tvN!

    Secret love (시크릿 러브), Yeah it is the Kara girls drama, however it is just 5 episodes (each with different plot) and I like the leading men : Ji Chang-wook ! Lee Kwang-soo! Yeon Woo-jin! Kim Young-kwang! Bae Soo-bin!

    Man From the Stars 별에서 온 남자 – KSH allien drama! I found the plot interesting lol

    One Litre of Tears 1리터의 눈물 – A remake but the story is beautiful. I never cried so much like I did watching japanese OLT. Really gives you a life lesson.

    hwatu-화투 with Ha Ji Won ^^

    Two Weeks 투윅스, Lee Jun Ki + action = perfect

    Too many dramas lol, I bet I’ll watch just half of it.

  4. iviih says:

    Okay, I’m here again LOL but it is to bring good news!

    Choi Ji Hyuk new CF. Love it! Heheheheh <#

  5. conjie008 says:

    Couldn’t sleep…thought I’d check out some drama’s out there.
    Everyone seems to have their own preference.
    I’m open for anything, so I watched
    The Blade and Petal first episode.
    It was like watching
    “That Winter the Wind Blows”
    A dejavu on this drama when they shot it :) awesome on the song “dear love”, totally fit’s this drama.
    What do you think of it?

  6. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy and fellow drama fans,

    I checked out the long preview of The Master’s Sun and it looks amazing!!! The ghosts do look scary (no Casper, the friendly ghost in there). I love the detail and it looks visually stunning. They did a great job of creating the atmosphere for the story. I know that do to the ghosts etc you might not be recapping but I just had to share my excitemnt for it. It has become the drama I’m most anticipating.

    @iviih, you have a very good list of upcoming dramas to check out. YOu helped me remember some that I had forgotten about. I always think one can never have too many “good” dramas to watch. I will have to check out the jdrama you talked about. Although I mainly watch Korean dramas, I like to also check out jdramas. Have you seen tonbi? I highly recommended. It’s beautiful and heartwarming. I can’t tell you how many times I cried.

    As always, Softy I hope you are well. Look forward to seeing which if any (I hope there is at least one or more) of the upcoming dramas you fall in love with.

    • iviih says:

      Thanks Raindrops1 ^^~

      Yup, seems good dramas will air soon, hope them all can deliver. I did not see Tonbi but I’m always trying to watch more Jdramas, sadly to find them online or torrents working is hard, but One little of tears is based on a real life, that is why it is so sad and at the same time inspiring because Ayal was just so strong and all, makes you think about lots of things you didn’t… some of her quotes:

      “What’s wrong with falling down? You can always stand up again. If you look up at the sky after falling down, the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me… I’m alive.” – Aya

      “I really don’t want to say things such as “I want to go back as how things were before” . I recognize how I am right now, and I will continue to live on.”

      “will continue to move even if I break all the clocks in the world” – Aya

      It is so sad :(

      I heard there will be a korean remake of this J-drama.

      • iviih says:

        “*Time will continue to move even if I break all the clocks in the world” – Aya”

      • iviih says:

        lol it is one liter of tears not little LOL

        • raindrops1 says:

          Love the quotes, thank you for sharing. I did see One Liter of Tears and how it was so touching, sad and uplifting at the same time. Tonbi is in that same way where it just pulls at your heartstring and although sad things happen to the characters there is always a silver lining. I love my kdramas but I do like to mix it up with jdramas.

          I look forward to seeing the kdrama remake of a Liter of Tears. It will be interesting to see how they adapt it. I was watching the The Queen’s Classroom (Korean version) and loved it. I have not seen the Jdrama version. Have you?

          Please feel free to recommend any dramas that you have liked. I’m always looking for suggestions. The more the better.

          It too hope they deliver because there is nothing better than falling in love with the storyline and the characters in a drama. My most anticipated drama is the Master’s Sun and really hope it delivers.

          • iviih says:

            Oooh I’ll check Tonbi then! Thanks you for suggesting it.

            Like I said, I watched an old J-drama 2 weeks ago: Orange days, and I liked it a lot, I think it is a bit like a grow up version of The queen classroom? Because the character are all finishing college and they are all unsure about their life and future jobs and dreams (But in this j-drama there is no Teacher Ma heheheh but I really liked it because of their friendship and because I watched they grow and fight for their dreams. I think you’ll like it!

            I like J-dramas because they have a whole different vibe than Kdramas.

            I also did not watch the queen’s classroom jdrama but I’ll check it now because everyone told me it is just as good the Korean version. I just finished the korean version and I cried so much, such great drama.

            The J-dramas I watched and like are all old, lol I loved Pride, did you watch it?
            And last year I watched one that really left a impression on me: soredemo ikite yuku, many people find it too depressing and dark to watch, but I found it so interesting deep and dark, the acting is so good !

            • raindrops1 says:

              I think you will like Tonbi. It’s a story about a father-son relationship. The father raises the son after his wife passes away his son is still small. You see the son grow up and you get a front row seat how their the father-son relationship grows and evolves. Furthermore, you see how the father’s friends become a support system for them and many times guide the dad when things seem bleak. If I had to describe it I would say it’s a beautiful story that pulls at your heartstrings. I don’t think I’m doing it justice with my description but I don’t want to give too much away. I liked it so much that I watched in in one day.

              I love korean dramas but I also agree that the vibe and feel of jdramas is different and at times it’s nice to have a little variety. I think there is a saying that: varitey is the spice of life (or something like that ;) ) I have not seen as many jdramas because they are not as easy to find. Often times don’t know about them unless by chance I hear about one from a blog or happen to click on a video as I browse for the next drama I want to watch (a get lucky and find a gem)

  7. raindrops1 says:

    There is another jdrama I found (by pure luck) it’s a recent drama and would recommend. It’s called, Mayonaka no Panya-san (Midnight Bakery). It’s lighter than Tonbi but I still find even though it has a breezer tone you still get character development. You see relationships develop between people who are not blood related but become family and friends. It’s kind of quirky in the sense that it revolves around a bakery that only opens at midnight. Not exactly what most of us would think of ideal business hours, especially for a bakery (unless you’re a bread lover like myself, in which case any hr is a good hr to eat bread). It’s all about the people around them (they main leads);how they are connected to each other and how they learn from each other.

    I now realize that a lot of the jdramas that I’ve watched and enjoyed have a deep emphasizes on relationships (often times not the romatic kind, not that I’m against that at all, but it does not seem to be the main focus of the stories that I’ve seen), growing up (maturing). I like dramas where I can feel for the character, root for them and enjoy the process of being seeing the changes they go through as the story unfolds.

    • raindrops1 says:

      @iviih, thanks for the recommendations. I have not watched Pride. I will check it out. Please excuse my rambling. It’s midnigt and it’s probably not the ideal time to try to write something that sounds coheren but I saw you reply and decided to continue our “chat”. :)

      • Softy says:

        I love hockey so I watched Pride too – it was a sweet story from what I can remember, but for some odd reason, one or two episodes wouldn’t load for me so I didn’t get to watch it in full. I liked it enough to put on my fav list I think for Jdramas, but my all time fav one is the flower shop that doesn’t sell roses. that still tops my jdrama list as the best. :)

        • iviih says:

          omg, Softy you was not able to watch it all? I was able to download it but not sure here I found it… because to find online streaming/torrent it is so hard now, can’t help you on this (sorry Raindrops too)… :( I re-watched it again one month ago, I just love Aki and Halu! But I confess the last 2 episodes felt like not part of the same drama – but I still really liked it though and the ending was nice! I think YT has Pride episodes, but only with spanish subs.

          Flower shop ? I never heard about this one, But I’ll have to check it out, since is one of your favs and I like almost all drama you like, heheheh ^^ ~~

          • raindrops1 says:

            Hello!!! Oh Softy, you watched Pride like @iviih so it’s a must watch show. You know what…I actually think I saw a bit of it on YT (again as I ramdomly search for Kdramas and Jdramas. iviih, you’re right I think it’s in SP. I will check it out then. It seems to be an oldie but goodie. I think I’ve seen a few vids of the flowers shop that doesn’t sell roses. Now I have to go back and look for it. I’m not sure if all the eps are available though.

            Softy, I hope you don’t mind us using the space to talk about Jdramas. I need help finding the name of a movie I found on YT. I think it’s based on a manga (sp?). It’s about a guy who comes home for his grandfather’s (not sure anymore) funeral and it turns out he has a daughter (she is young). None of the family members want to take the little girl in and as he listens to them talk about why they can’t possibly take care of a small child, he jumps in and says he will take her. The movie is about their journey of living together and how grows as he is no responsible for a child. Any help would be appreciated.

    • iviih says:

      Me too. I realized I like to watch J dramas with deep emphasizes on relationships (most don’t have romance) and about maturing/growing up. Pride is a romantic drama though, but it is still nice watching the main guy growing/changing. But now I’m sorry because I suggested a j-drama that is hard to find. I’m so sorry. This is the problem of Jdramas: if they are old, it is so hard to find them.

      I’m downloading Tonbi right now, I liked your synopsis and I’ll put Midnight bakery in my watch list ^^ I started another J-drama : Woman.

      Started yesterday and already watched all the 5 episodes aired. It is still airing so I have to wait now, but so far it is good! I read good reviews about it and it has the main girl from Soredemo, so I had to check it out since I like her acting, she is good imo.

      The story is about a single mother trying her best to bring up her two kids. It doesn’t have romance btw, and it shows her hardships as a single mother and also her trying to reconcile with her mother that she didn’t see in the last 20 years. I already cried so much, lol and the little girl is also such a good actress! breaks my heart :( huhuhu it is also pretty to look at and you have cameo from Shun Oguri (love him).

      Thanks the suggestions are great and now I have lots of J-dramas to watch ;)

      Softy you also should check them out ^^ I think you’ll enjoy them :) :D~ sorry for making the page full of Jdramas lol

  8. iviih says:

    huh? I posted some comments but they are all disappearing… what to do?

    @Raindrops1 I replied you 3 times already but the post just won’t appear…

    @Softy: sorry for making the page full of j-dramas… :)

  9. iviih says:

    well, something must be off, I tried again and it did not appear… but these shorts comments appear…

    • raindrops1 says:

      @iviih, I hope the comments section is able to work for you as I’ve enjoyed our conversations.

      Softy, I think I will check out Good Dr. It will be the first “medical” Kdrama for me. I hope it’s good and hopefully all the medical terminology won’t be too difficult. Look forward to reading your thoughts.

      I will def. be checking out Master’s Sun. *crossing fingers, toes, and eyes* (hope it’s as good as all the the ads make it seem.

  10. flo says:

    Dear Softy
    i dont know where to post this
    i just want to say :: happy Birthday to you dear Softy
    wishing you all the best..God Bless You
    a lot love from me….

    • raindrops1 says:

      Softy, I did not know it was your birthday. (@flo, thank you, otherwise I would not have known) Dear Softy,wishing you a very happy birthday. I hope you spend your day celebrating, in the company of your family and friends. Wishing you good health, happiness, prosperity and many blessings.
      Sending you lots of hugs y mucho carino. Hope all your birthday wishes come true. :)
      I also wanted to say: you are rocking the live soompi Master’s Sun recaps. Woot, woot. Go Softy!!!

  11. nonski says:

    Softy, just thought of you and have to drop by and say Hi! and four thumbs up for your recaps on MS :)

  12. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Hope you are well. Just stopped by to say hi. Well, also share the agony of waiting for the next episode of TMS. How are you doing with the wait? I feel like I’ve seen episode 12 a million times. I’m trying to keep myself busy. With one episode this week, you get a little bit of a break. I hope you (and Joonni) are able to celebrate the Korean holiday with your family. Look forward to your live recap on soompi this Thursday.

  13. conjie008 says:

    Softy..missing this site badly ;( ;(
    I miss the ringing of my email going ding..ding, for any updates or news about anything that has to do w/ recapping drama.
    It is so lonely..when your computer doesn’t want to call you..for anything to read :( ;(
    Please..come back, I promise..I’ll comment more often.. :) LOL

  14. nonski says:

    hi Softy dropping by again to say Hi and hoping you’re all well!
    just got to watch a few episodes of MS and i’m liking it. i don’t think i can catch up till the ending tho. :)
    btw, some Joo Won news, he is dropping out of 1N2D. :(

  15. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    I’ve seent the teasers for You Who Came from the Stars and it looks really good. The main couple look like they have very good chemistry (although that is quite a sujective thing) and I saw one of the last teasers which shows that it seems that we will get some comedic moments in there. The premise souds full of potential to gives us a interesting story. I’m sad to see Heirs coming to an end but my sadness will be soothed with having a good drama starting.
    I hope you are well and I have been able to gather energy and strength for the upcoming weeks.
    Since I love reading your thoughts, what have you thought of the teasers?

  16. raindrops1 says:

    Just wanted to wish you good luck on your first recap of You Who Came from the Stars. I saw the long preview yesterday and although I could not understand what they were saying, it looks great! I also think I got a good sense of the storyline based on the visuals. As always you will do great. Sending you good thoughts and lots of energy. Softy, fighting!!

    I’ve been watching Prime Minister and I and have been really enjoyed it. I find it to be fun, light, and just with enought drama to keep me engaged. It’s an easy watch. I do recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun watch and a a true rom-com (at least up until now…hopefully it will cont that way). I find that many dramas that are advertised as rom-com are really light melo or straight melo.

    Hope to be able to camp out tomorrow. Saludos!

    • raindrops1 says:

      As you know I enjoy getting your opinion on things; what are your thoughts on Ms. Korea? I know it will be going head to head with You Who Came from the Stars. I know you will be busy so no worries if you don’t have time to reply or do not want to share your thoughts on the drama.

  17. conjie008 says:

    Raindrops, I’m watching the same thing!!
    Something refreshing, funny and so on.. :-)

    • raindrops1 says:

      @conjie008, I checked the first episode without much expectation but found myself really enjoying it. I like the humor, and the fact that misunderstandings are not dragged out forever. Of course I really like the interactions between Yul and Dan Jung. Happy to see another fan of the show. I just cross my fingers (toes and eyes if necessary) that later on we don’t detour to angstville. Or that due to the (lower) ratings the writer turns the story upsidedown.

  18. raindrops1 says:

    Hi Softy,
    I wanted to ask you a non kdrama related question (I hope you don’t mind). I finally decided to downloaded The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane after considering it for a while (my first K-drama related purchase ;) ) I must say that it was a good book, really nice story and just a breeze to read. I do enjoy reading books a lot but I must admit it had been a while since I decided to pick up a new book to read. I know you enjoy reading as well and wanted to ask if you could recommend any books? I figure I better keep the good momentum going.
    As always thanks Softy. =)

    • Softy says:

      I’m typing from my phone now so this message might go to spam – my own blog doesn’t recognize my name but anyway, to be honest the last book I read was so thick I don’t know if anyone would want to read it. It was the fourth book in a series called the Game of Thrones. I read all four books back to back and reading so many pages almost made me go cross eyed.
      Normally I love reading movie scripts from online (I’ll email you a tip about how to get free books and scripts if you want) and currently the one I have been dying to read is monuments men – the movie starts in Feb in the US but I don’t know when it will premiere in Seoul so I’m gonna read the script now and then watch the film when it comes out. I love reading scripts cuz it’s fun to watch the changes later when the film comes out. Like that action movie Salt with Angelina Jolie – the lead character was originally male but they changed it for her – the original script was all kinds of awesome, but the movie we got was generic.
      I don’t know what kind of books to recommend since I don’t know your type, genre, or preference. I love war books myself like “Boy in the striped pajamas” or “band of brothers.” if you want laugh out loud comedy maybe you would like plays by Neil Simon like odd couple, Biloxi blues, lost in Yonkers, Brighton Beach memoirs, or Star spangled girl. They should make that last one into a Korean drama – people would love it. :)

      • raindrops1 says:

        Hi Softy,
        Thanks for the reply. I’m really open to any genre anything from light reading, dramatic coming of age, to a bit of science fiction. The older I’ve gotten the more I’m open to reading genres that I might have not considered before. I will be checking out your suggestions.
        I never thought about movie scripts but that sounds cool, and gives the viewer a different perspective. Talk about a completely unique movie experience. Yes, please if you could email me the tip, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!!

  19. flo says:

    it’s been a while i missed you and this blog too much ^_^
    i dont know where to post this video i hope you dont mind dear..
    i’m waiting for monstar’s dvd..seemed like they already released, cuz i found some bts, deleted scene and video’s commentary of monstar..i missed this drama so much..i was so happy when i found this video,,you can find a lot of bts in YT..this one is my fav…it’s look like they actually kissed in this bts..^_^

    • flo says:

      i’m sorry the video above is deleted scene.
      and here is the almost kiss’s bts

    • Softy says:

      Thanks so much for sharing flo – I miss this drama so much. Makes me want to watch it again. That other long video of JH and his interview was so fun -he is so different from his character Seol Chan.
      It really does look like they kissed in that bts huh? :)

      • flo says:

        you are most welcome dear. i had been rewatched this drama like a thousand times, i never bored watching my fav.scenes all over again. i’ve got emotionaly involved whenever i watched the certain scenes of monstar or listened some monstar’s ost..i wondered my self why i love this drama so much.the story was simple, lack of skinships, not the best in actings, but still their natural actings already won my heart, and cuz of unsatisfied ending , and wanting for more sometimes in my dreams i made the ending with my own story .lol.Monstar is my very best fav,drama in 2013
        yeah you alright junhyung was always smile in his interview, he seemed so shy and polite.eventhough i didnt understands every single word he said.i always smile whenever he smiles ^_^
        btw i’m still waiting your year end drama review, i always love your review dear ^_^

  20. nonski says:

    hello softy,

    dropping by to say hello and hope you are all well! :)


  21. flo says:

    Hi Softy..how are you doing ? i hope you are fine and happy dear
    did you watch Bride Of century ? i just want to tell you it’s a good drama.i addicted with bride of century.the casts are lee hong ki from FT -Island and Yang Jin sung. i love the female lead’s character in this drama, and the actress is doing a great job by portraying two characters till you can love and hate her in the same time,and the couple chemistry..it’s so good
    i think i always falling in love with drama in cable channel instead in the major channel, eventhough the casts aren’t very familiar in K-drama’s world, but they already stolen my heart right away in the first episode ^_^

    • chokichoki says:

      Hey flo! Hi Softy and everyone. I’m following BoTC too! It gives me the feels of My Girl+Master’s Sun but it has its own charm. The female lead is awesome. Her characters are nothing new and am not a fan of LHK but somehow, they just click. Oooh!! and I love the ghost too. She’s fun..ny..

  22. Iviih says:

    Softy! ^^ How are you? Watch dramas are you watching? I’m watching 14 days, Can We Love, Bride of century (really addicting like Flo said above) and FF others dramas (watching wonderful days too)

    Next week YAI’s drama will air, the official youtube channel posted 20 minutes highlight ^^ will you watch it?

    I remember you really liked A wife’s credentials, and Secret love affair is from the same pd and writer, I watched the drama (with bad subtitles) and I loved it. So I’ll watch this drama too. I’ll even dl the torrents now to not suffer later.,,

  23. Iviih says:

    @softy Tomorrow is the day! I’m excited too, like your thoughts about the long preview… I wonder if her marriage is a business one without love.

  24. Iviih says:

    Softy, watched episode 1 of SLA and I liked it even though it was a bit slow.

    But yay that episode 2 is better – I can’t wait to watch that scene – the one they both play piano, that was the deal for me. ^^ ~

    Btw I’m happy that this time the drama is being subbed, by dramafever (which I don’t use much) and by Viki (and since I’m a QC there, hey give us QC vikipass, so I can watch everything without ads and 720 hp! )

  25. sal728 says:

    Just watched E1 & 2 of SLA. Although you felt it dragged at first, it was so hard processing who all the names belonged to, and how the characters were intertwined (I’m still working on that), that if it had gone any faster, I would’ve been left out of it completely. All that aside, I am thoroughly enjoying this drama. I love the music; being a pianist myself I am always fascinated how they manage to edit clips of actors playing the piano (to either look like they’re genius players, or to show their abilities, if they can indeed play) to convince us visually they’re that good.

    Having trouble with understanding the dynamics of the jobs people are holding…would love a list of characters’ names with a photo of their faces to help me master who everyone is and their relationships…would there be anything like that on the drama’s website? Or is this different cuz it’s a cable show?

    Personally, I’m tickled pink to see YAI in another role that I like. Loved him in SKKS and never thought I could like him looking and seeming younger than that sunbae (sp?) character. But he’s really pure and naive in this role. I think he fell for her while peeking through the stage curtains, and has a bit of hero worship going on while replaying in his mind all his interaction with her. I’m eager for episode 3 already…doesn’t anyone feel like talking about it yet??

    • omona says:

      Hi, say, I heard there are some parts that the actors are playing the piano, does it seems like they are doing a fine job? Or they tried but… it shows? lol kisses.

      • sal728 says:

        Omona, the editing is GREAT; you’d swear they’re playing, and I don’t doubt they are, to some degree. It’s just that they aren’t probably playing the piece in totality. And the piano is probably set up to not give off sound, so they can go crazy on it without worrying about hitting every key right (with a pro recording playing in the background). Dunno if that’s true or not, of course…just my active imagination working, probably! lol

        I have watched a lot of piano dramas/movies through the years and some actors are dedicated enough to learn how to play for the role; goes to show you can begin playing at ANY age, if you have enough determination.

        As iviih mentions later, this drama makes playing piano seem erotic. It sure never feels that way to ME! haha (sigh)

      • sal728 says:

        iviih, thank you so much for the chart; you’re a peach to show me that site (I’m lousy at searching for that kind of stuff myself). They don’t show the group of friends of HW, but I am pretty sure one of them is married to Jo Insuh, who played with Ji Minwoo at the recital in E2. I haven’t seen E3 yet, cuz I don’t have the live streaming link and have to wait on subs from Good Drama.net. But I’ll add my 2cents when I do see it! Thanks for the answer to my plea. I appreciate it!

  26. conjie008 says:

    Hi 728,
    I also like that drama, not just because of the piano but the chemistry of the characters who I’ve watch in previous drama. Still need to process the concept of a younger man just infatuated or just mesmerized w/ the idea of her control of life & music. Maybe all of it intrigues him & not sure how to handle it.. we will see in the other episode.

  27. iviih says:

    Softy!! Episode 3 was so good!

    Episode 4 preview:

    • Softy says:

      Hi Iviih, tonight was really good huh? I like that scene in the room salon when HW asks those young guys to leave the room cuz she has something to say to YW that will take a long time. When YW ignores her and asks the guys to show what they are good at, HW gets her point across and breaks that bottle on the table to scare those guys and said “this is the kind of noona I am. how about obeying?” It was soooo cool. :)

      I translated this preview on my side widget, but here it is again:
      HW: why are you here? sorry but I don’t remember.
      SJ: I feel sorry to professor Kang cuz normally I am not interested in someone else’s woman.
      she lightly slaps him and says “what do you mean someone else’s woman – I am your teacher.”
      SJ yells about leaving him alone
      SJ: I made a big mistake
      HW: You don’t have to tell me cuz I don’t know.

      • iviih says:

        Hi Softy! Thanks so much!! I also love badass gangster ahjumma (LOL). I wonder what that rude woman will say to HW if she finds out she is having an affair with her young student, I’m sure she’ll have a blast!

        And omg, she’ll pretend to not remember… ? Maybe because she really wants him as her student (for now) so maybe it is better this way… they’ll play the piano and bond through music.

        This drama makes me want to play piano even more, since little I always wanted to, but this drama is driving me crazy with their piano porn hahaha XD

  28. Dil says:

    Hi Softy,

    I’ve been reading your recaps for various dramas for a while now and I really love the way you have with words. Oh and your insights are also a delight to read! Actually I am curious about something that you written last year when you were wrote the Heirs recap. I noticed a part you wrote about YD’s character sitting back and observing others just like how you read to gain insight on human nature. So I just wanted to ask what kind of books do you read on this and could you give me any recommendations of your favourites? I love those kind of books too but I’m also interested in expanding the genres I read!

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your future recaps!(:

    • Softy says:

      For the life of me I can’t remember which specific books I was referring to when I wrote that comment. Pretty sure I wasn’t thinking of just one or two in particular and probably meant I love to read to gain insight in general. Plus I don’t even own any textbooks on human nature anymore ever since college. These aren’t necessarily my favorites, but I gained insight from them and they are the most recent books I’ve read over the years: The Measure of a Man, Princes in Exile, I feel bad about my neck, and the Game of thrones series. I love to read true accounts and memoirs more than anything about romance. I haven’t touched a romance novel since I read the sixth Jane Austen novel ages ago. I love plays by Neil Simon cuz he deals with all kinds of relationships within the family, marriages, divorces, etc. My favorites are Lost in Yonkers, Biloxi Blues, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Star Spangled Girl, and Rewrites (his memoir on writing). Lately I find myself reading more scripts than actual books. I just love movie scripts cuz sometimes you miss out on the smaller details that ring true while you watch the screen and scripts help me catch them. I love the scripts for the social network, extremely loud & incredibly close, monument’s men, and gravity. I bet you anything part of my writing style could be attributed to any of those mentioned above. I’m the type that learns by example so I am sure I picked up on how to be expressive on paper through reading. Hope that helps. :)

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