Secret Garden Finale: Live “Transcap”

I think this is the first drama to end like this for me – I felt hollow when the last scene faded out-like emotionally drained. I expected to cry cuz it was over, not cry again cuz the last scene made me miss the drama all over again. With each translation, I had to say goodbye to these characters we have come to love. It feels like leaving a roomful of friends behind, knowing we will never be gathered like this ever again. Someone has to leave first, but no one wants to take that first step.If it is hard for me, I can’t imagine how hard it was on the cast and crew. Not to mention the 900+ on soompi tonight. Even SKKS didn’t have those numbers. I knew SG was loved, but I had no idea to this extent.
Though I will miss SG, I am going to miss everyone who followed this drama more. Thank you for these past few weeks – all your support and encouraging words were really appreciated and cherished. I felt blessed to have so many viewers show their support on a weekly basis. Please stay safe and happy till the next great one comes along- I have a feeling it might be Duo, Midas, or 49 days. My money is on the last one 🙂
updated scenes
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Secret Garden E19: Live “Transcap”

I can’t believe they did it – the penultimate episode was so perfect – I could not have wished for a better one. There were so many great lines tonight but I just could not keep up – you guys have to read them later – you are not going to want to miss out. omg – I am speechless -what he said to his mother was so satisfying – that is how you hurt someone that evil. I bet this will snap her out of it.
did anyone else bawl like crazy again? the first half made us laugh and the last half – tears again. my goodness this drama sure knows how to squeeze out every emotion…I am so going to miss this.
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Secret Garden E18:Live “Transcap”

I updated my top ten drama list today before SG even finished airing. When a drama does a job this well of pulling me in and making me fall in love with its characters to this extent, then it deserves to move up the list. So many of you have religiously tuned in and your heart has ached and shattered right along with these characters and that speaks volumes about the quality of this drama. The other night there were over 700 viewers on soompi-that is unprecedented cuz you only see those kind of numbers for the last episodes and trust me – you don’t get those numbers if you aren’t a great drama. With every twist and turn, this drama earned the right to be crazy and take liberties with the plot. As crazy as some of it may seem to some, to its loyal viewers SG manages to do it so well that we don’t even blink and go along with it. I stand behind my conviction that E17 and 18 were the most amazing episodes of a drama series ever and not even a finale with a Mary Poppins umbrella scene can efface what has already made me love SG for life.When you are given a great gift like SG from the drama gods, you don’t question it – you just embrace it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am going to find it very difficult to let go next week.
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Secret Garden E17:Live “Transcap”

It is the morning after and I am numb from crying so much…this has to be the most memorable E17 of a drama EVER. Judging from everyone’s reaction here and at soompi, I dont think there were dry eyes anywhere.
If E17 was just like a preview of what is going to happen, E18 is going to leave me in a fetal position crying all night long-not so good for me cuz it’s gonna be hard to type like that.
They should seriously give awards for best episodes cuz this one would win hands down. Even though no one wants to watch it twice – and trust me the tears keep coming every time- you cant deny they did a wonderful job of doling out the heartache and even managed to insert some comedy here and there so there is laughter through the tears – the best kind. I dont know how they are going to beat this episode. But I cant wait to see how they try.
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Secret Garden E16: Live “Transcap”

I dont know about you guys but this week is going to be a long one waiting to see what R says or does next – like someone said – if this scene with JW’s mom begging and the fact that R’s father gave up his life to save JW is going to be the wedge that separates R and JW for a few episodes, my new year is not starting off on the right foot. I love this drama – they cant do that to me can they? they wouldnt go there right? I am not kidding – I have loved every episode of this drama so far so they wont ruin perfection and turn it into a typical kdrama in the last stretch- would they? this kind of plotline is so not want I wanted with only 4 episodes left….argghhh
no I am going to have faith – it has kept me intrigued this long so I know it wont wimp out in the end
thanks shirley for sharing the firemen’s creed- that was really beautiful
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Secret Garden E15: Live “Transcap”

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw the short preview for E16 and JW’s last line to R was “please trust me – I will make a miracle happen.” It kind of makes me scared cuz R was crying as he said that. I am hoping he is referring to maybe getting her chance back to audition.
Seul’s comments to Oska kind of made me choke up too. She says to him “who said you could turn back time just cuz you want to?  who said you could go back to the moment I was hurt the most just cuz you want to? Continue reading

Secret Garden E14: Live “Transcap”

12/28 Updated: White Fox filled in more blanks
My biggest fear about the second half of kdrama is the “drama” part catching up to them and taking the story to places it does not need to go (ahem-cough-cough-nod to msoan).
What is so freakishly amazing about this show is that it doesnt have any dull episodes- the ones you skip over to get to the next good one. All dramas have those, but I dont have any for this-if anything I have the opposite problem- and wonder which was was even better than the last. 
As I watch each episode, I can’t help but take pause and revel in all the great scenes SG keeps offering us. Each episode has moved at a brisk pace without lagging in quality or content. For me, that is the ultimate gift this writer has given us this holiday and I for one will forever be grateful I started translating this drama. In the midst of all the late night transcriptions, I sit there sometimes and wonder how this show will surpass itself the next week and it finds a way to – every time. That kind of rare consistency comes along every once is a while so let’s bask in its accomplishments and not listen to people who want to detract from that fact by finding issues where it doesnt exist.

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