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  1. bengbeng says:

    why did the recaps for YFFM episode 5 recaps suddenly disappear =(


  2. kcomments says:

    Will be busy on Fri-Sat, so I get on with this one while waiting for Softy.
    Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 3 (Based on DarkSmurfSub)
    Reminder:Baek Dong Soo (DS) – hero,Yeo Un (YU) – long hair male lead,Jin Ju (JJ) – female lead(the fighter one), Ji Seon (JS) – female lead(the pretty one), Cheon (C)- Black dress guy from Hoksa Charong (assassin guild). Baek Sa Goeng (DS’s dad) allies;1)Gwang Taek(GT) – Sword Saint 2)Sa MO(SM) – raised DS 3)Dae PO(DP)

    DS runs into the fire to help JJ. A burning log falls on to him, he uses his left arm to guard the log from falling into them, he stretches his arm in the process then he tells JJ to hurry out. JJ refuses to leave alone. SM runs into the burning warehouse calling for Dong Soo. With his stronger body, he holds the burning log and tells DS and JJ to get out quickly. DS takes JJ’s hand and runs out. When outside, the warehouse starts trembling down, DS calls out for SM and wants to go back inside, JJ holds his arm tight doesn’t let him go. DS yells at her to let go but she clutches his arm to herself tighter. Then the warehouse collapses, DS falls to the ground crying and calling for SM. SM slips out of the fire and pats DS’s shoulder. DS looks at him, he stands up and hugs him crying.

    DS: Why didn’t you come out sooner? There are only two things in this world that I am afraid of, one is Sa Mo dying, the other is that there is nobody around me. So, don’t leave me alone. Understand?

    DS wipes his tears, and he notices something about his arm, he stretches his arm in and out then he starts to laugh, he can move his arm normally now.He tries both arms, he can move his arms just like they should be. Happily, SM holds DS and laughs together with him. DS rejoices, he runs up the hill as fast as he can, stretching his both arms in the air, shouts his happiness gleefully.

    YU is in his sleep, he recalls his dad’s death in his dream, he screams with fear and opens his eyes. He is at the assassin guild (Hoksa Charong). Standing in the hall, C asks YU if he couldn’t remember anything, YU tells him that he couldn’t remember, he supposes to pass the final test, but when YU tries to think, he feels pain in his head. C tells YU that his father is dead, YU is surprised and asks angrily , who killed his father. C tells him, it’s someone higher than the sky, when the time comes YU will eventually know.

    JS (another female lead) walks into her house. Her father is telling her the big secret of their family, and tells her that she cannot tell anyone even with the knife is at her throat. Her great grandfather, a personal bodyguard of the Crown Prince, while stayed in Qing Dynasty, helped the two Princes created ‘Northern Expedition Book of War’ (a book that would allow the ten million soldiers of Joseon to march straight to Beijing). The late King left the will to his descendants, their family made an agreement with the King to guard to book until an opportunity comes. The book now is in his hand. He shows her a half coin, that this coin represents the agreement with the King. It is now her (JS) to inherit this great course. It’s her destiny.

    Meanwhile, Dae Ju (DJ-the bad guy in the palace connected with the assassins) also knows that the book is really existed. The Crown Prince Sado holds the other half of the coin in his hand, and thinks the time has come. He will fulfill the late King’s wish. The Prince’s bodyguard rides to meet with SM, he tells SM that the Prince orders him to gather poor kids and orphans and re-establish a warrior camp.

    GT practices his martial arts with Chinese monks with his one arm, he loses.

    DS is up on the hill exercising his body smiling. SM puts back bamboo splints on DS’s body as a precaution. DS is now 12 years old, SM takes him to his parents’ grave, there is no name on it. He tells DS, their names couldn’t be engraved because they are rebellious criminals. SM tells DS, in the future, to clear his parents’ name so he can personally engrave their name on the tombstone.

    DS fights with other kids and wins. JJ greets his victory. DS becomes the captain of the kids. SM visits YU’s dad and learns that he’s dead. SM cries, he meets YU at the grave, YU recalls C’s first order. YU hands a black cloth baring ‘Hoksa Chorong’ (assassin guild) to SM. SM is angry at the assasin, YU tells SM that the cloth was there when he found his dad’s body. C’s voice over, to YU, ‘if someone finds you, hide your identity and go with him’. SM takes YU back with him. SM introduces YU to DS, that YU is his comrade. DS smirks at YU saying he looks like a male prostitute. DS looks at YU practice his sword at night, he asks SM, does he have to live together with YU, DS wants to fight with YU, SM tells him it’s impossible for him to win YU atm. DS tries to fight with YU, he loses and all the kids laugh at him.

    JS is walking out of her house. DS leads YU to the stream (JJ secretly follows them), he puts a trap on the ground but YU knows, DS ends up hanging on a tree with his head down, YU leaves him to get down himself, JS walks by the stream, DS calls her for help, she comes closer but she sees JJ is behind a tree, so JS walks away. DS helplessly calls her to help him down, she doesn’t look back.

    DS and YU kneel on the floor in front of SM.
    SM: DS, do you want to learn martial arts? DS answers, anything will do to defeat YU. SM: In learning martial arts, not everyone can become powerful or become a warrior that everybody respects. DS says he doesn’t need to be respected.

    SM: There are 9 out of 10 people who lose their lives even before they are properly trained. And that person who lives will spend the rest of his life seeing bloodshed. YU repeats SM’s word. SM asks DS, that he still wants to learn. DS tells him it’s alright, why he need to ask. SM leaves.

    YU teases DS that he’s good(to get down from that tree), DS brags that he is Baek Dong Soo, the world’s number one Baek Dong Soo. YU laughs, JJ shows up and brags that she’s the one help him down. DS chases after her for letting out their secret. SM meets with DP (one of GT’s friend), they greet each other, The Prince also ordered DP to gather the poor kids to train. SM tells DP that YU’s dad is dead, DP cries(he the only one YU’s dad told him that his son born with Killer Star).

    SM starts to train DS by make him hold heavy rocks with both arms. SM tells DS, with YU stands near by that, when he was young, he was in a group of brothers, swore to live and die together. GT, DS’s dad, YU’s dad, DP, SM….DS’s dad and YU’s dad, both left (dead) and they don’t know if GT is dead or alive. They are people who didn’t have enough power to change the world and left. They(DS) must become more powerful than them. SM touches DS’s shoulder, tells him to be more powerful and fulfill the dream that his group are unable to accomplish. DS nods.

    When just the two, YU tells DS, our dads are friend, should we become friend? JJ teases them to be friend, DS brags that, do you think BDS will become friend with anybody? and he walks away. JJ’s dad arrives and tells her that they are leaving soon. Dad knows she likes DS.

    DJ (bad guy in palace) takes one good sword prisoner to be his own body guard. DJ talks with C, that the Prince is now looking for the book of War, C tells him that it won’t be easy to find cuz the assassins also been searching for the book over the years. They plan to kill the Prince if he finds the book,cuz the Prince inherits the will of the late King.

    DS takes off his bamboo splints and walks off, he and kids are going to town, JJ also follows him.
    YU is not going with them. DP gathers all the kids, he is ordered to take them to the warrior camp. The Prince’s body guard are looking for the descensant of the Crown Price’s bodyguard, JS’s great grandfather. They find the location and take off with the Prince. DS with JJ follows him behind, they come to the abandoned place, they sit together, she tells him she’s leaving today. DS is startled but just says take care. JJ spots a well, there are fish swimming inside. DS takes a look, they both wonder how the fish get in there. DS sits on top of the roof, JJ climbs up, she almost falls down. DS catches her, holds her wrist yelling, he lets go of her wrist. JJ blushes, he turns to hide his feeling. There is a crowd passes by, DS climbs down, he gets a bowl full of food. JJ is happy, he brags that he’s BDS. They walk together passing JS’s house. JS walks out of her house, she walks pass them. DS looks at her, then he looks at the name of her house on the door way. YU is at his dad’s grave, he takes his dad’s weapon with him and leaves. The Prince and his man are riding fast, DS is giving out food to JJ and his friends, The Prince and his man run into JJ, she falls down and spills all her food on the ground. DS calls her name and helps her up. He’s angry, he runs after the Prince, DS cutting his way thru the village, and jumps in front of the Prince. They have to stop their horses, DS bravely asks them to apologize. DS: In this world, I only fear two things. TO not be able to eat and the feeling of being hungry until my stomach touches my back. Don’t you understand? In your eyes, all this may be garbage. But to us, it is a meal. He demands one yang in return (very expensive)then two yang. The Prince is impressed that DS ran and be able to catch up with them. He throws two yang to DS and asks his name. DS retorts what’s the use of telling him, then he walks away. The Prince tells his man that he seen this kid before. The Prince and his man arrive at the place, it turns out to be an abandoned house. The Prince has the half coin in his hand. He steps inside the area. But there is no one. He has to attend the performance in the afternoon, so he has to get back to the palace. When he’s about to leave, one of the Qing assasin calls him, and show himself with all his men surrounded the area. All the arrows point to the Prince from the roof. The Prince fights them, he fights his way out, he runs into the house, he hears men on the roof. The Prince holding his is running, all the assassins jump into the house running behind him. (Ending)
    OMG…I don’t know how I had finished this one, sorry for the long post, pls disregard the spelling. ^_^
    If ep4 is not up by Mon the latest, it can be assumed that I guit, LOL.


  3. Softy says:

    Romance town had the BEST ENDING – that last scene made me cry – so touching. Did someone translate this on soompi already? Seriously- it’s such a satisfying finale and so well written- so happy for the maids. 🙂


  4. Fanderay says:

    My blog is up!!! Here is the link if anyone is interested:

    I won’t have time to draw for a couple days probably, though my company leaves tomorrow. I’m also getting dragged to the midnight showing of Harry Potter tonight, although I’d much rather catch up on my dramas. I think I have almost 20 episodes to watch between CH, RT, WBDS and Spy Mung Wol.


  5. Fanderay says:

    I think this page is getting pretty broken. My last comment jumped above a bunch of other ones, and my one before that got stuck at the bottom for a couple days. KH3 time?


  6. Maferuk says:

    Hi!!! I just wanted to say that I love your summaries!!! You make it feel real with everyword you say! soo now that CYHMH and PTB are done I started to watch THE MUSICAL and I love it! so here it goes so everyone that is interest can see it too! 🙂 mmm it is on viki also….


  7. conjie008 says:

    Softy, you have to check out “Express Ki”, I like it a lot.
    Oh, you don’t do seagull..sorry!! 😦
    Saw the trailer, I might just watch it.


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