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For the past few weeks, I noticed that ppl left links for trailers, NG clips, and music videos on the posts. Since they are older posts and might not get viewed, I wanted you guys to have a place to link them. This space is for all of us to shares news or if you have questions about current dramas, you can ask here.

For those of you asking about live streaming sites – each drama thread on soompi always has some kind soul who tells them where and how to watch live streaming. I just never paid attention cuz I always just watch it on tv or from my cell phone if I am outside and running late to do a recap. Sorry – the only thing I can recommend is to do what I do every night- download torrent and download a hard copy. You can always delete it if you don’t want it to take up space on your computer. :)

Special thanks:

Kcomments- I am so glad we got to “meet” during SKKS. Thank you for continuing to provide all the trailers, ratings, MVs, and insights. Having you around makes me feel like our old skks days where we would trade off giving highlights of the drama. What I forget to mention, you fill in and vice versa. With your contributions, we get to see what other dramas are up to. Hope we can continue to team up for more great dramas in the future. 🙂   

Iviih – yay you found us :) ever since I saw you post videos – I wanted to find a place to showcase them Iviih. you have no idea how many back posts of CYHMH I had to go thru to find your videos to rewatch them. I see some of them are here now -YAYYYYYYYYY-thank you so much.

Thanks wickedinutopia
You got all my fav scenes in one video :) and that’s the song S was listening to on the park bench on 49 days – lyrics really fit the love story between D and W. This week is unbearable cuz I am dying to find out what happened after the hand kiss on CYHMH. Let’s hope there are more great scenes every weekend for you to make videos and share with us:)

Thank you Jomo for sharing all your wonderful insights, videos, and hanging in there after what MBC did to you – they don’t deserve you, but we sure are glad you are with us here and at TP. Everything you do to enrich our viewing experience is greatly appreciated. 🙂

For some odd reason, new comments are not going to the bottom and keep going to the middle and then making the middle thinner so videos become vertical.  Had to watch my D video with his face the size of my thumb so something had to be done.

To alleviate the problem somewhat, please do not reply to video comments – just press reply on a non video comment on the bottom of the page so that the videos in the middle do not start to shrink in size again – I had to delete 4 comments and put them elsewhere to get the videos to go back to their normal size- hoping this doesnt happen again with the next page. 🙂 

A new page will be open to post more videos, mini-recaps, and just talk about the current dramas.

137 comments on “KD Forum

  1. Iviih says:

    Omoooo I can’t wait. It’s tomorrow!! ^^ My poor DJ why he screamed like that? I think he found out his mom betrayed JH…. :0 and SA found out about JH. Can’t wait to JH show how much he hates his mom and dad. hahahahah and he saying ”You aren’t my parents”

    WR saying I love you.. kyaaa.


  2. kcomments says:

    Episode 21 bigger size,

    Episode 22,

    Not sure which scene you like, this episode doesn’t have nice frame of the otp that I like tho. ^^


  3. kcomments says:

    Can You Hear My Heart? episode 23 preview ^^

    Man, who falls? and DJ can’t hear to help yunno, aww……


  4. boonboon says:

    Hi, I found this vid….. KJW soooo cute


  5. nikesma says:

    For Pil-Line


  6. ajewell says:

    I’m already missing this series. I’m ready for another Kim Jaewon drama now… 😉


  7. Historybygones says:

    Which episode did WooRi and Dongjoo sleep together?


  8. Yeni Ulloa says:

    HEre you go guys!! I hope you like it ;’D


  9. nooonz says:

    is anybody whose recap the king 2 heart which roled by lee seung gi ang ha ji won in MBC one?
    i so addicted wif the drama but i cant find any link or website to watch it………please somebody gimmi either link website or forum to share it….i find that in this forum only recap for rooftop and fashion king…i wish you could reap the king 2 heart as well….sooooo goooooood n niiiiiicce dramaaa….. i bet u all like it….thxxxx n loveeeeeeee


  10. Cindy says:

    Can anyone tell me how do I get semi-fly’s torrent for the lastest 1n2d episodes after it is broadcast in Korea?? Thanks so much!


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