I Hear Your Voice E17-E18

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He does that look of love more convincingly than anyone else. Just the effect of his smile reaches out beyond fiction and touches a little bit of our reality for just a second. This is an odd thing to say, but his contagious smile is what attracted me to this drama in the first place. Watching someone like him fall in love – thinking the whole time he didn’t have a prayer of a chance of getting the girl was half the fun. The other one was watching how circumstances in life dictated how these people lived their lives and who they became. That whole scene where H and S took turns telling us insights about each other made my eyes well up.  I really thought I was the only one who kept choking up each time I saw a scene where Su ha would prepare her meals so well all by himself. My overall enjoyment of this show might have started with Su ha, but all the characters kept me rooted each week. I could lie and say the side benefits were learning lessons about not taking revenge or having faith in humanity, but who am I kidding. The main focus for me was their growing love story. Daring to hope is a lost art and Su ha managed single handedly to prove that sometimes in life – being patient has lasting rewards you can’t even imagine.

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I Hear Your Voice E15-E16

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Imagine your worst fears coming true and you are helpless to do anything about it. If he had it his way, he would always be by her side to put a comforting arm around her shoulder to let her know she is not alone in this world. So imagine how empty his arms must feel now and how much her heart is calling out for him. At this point in their relationship, I’m not sure if either one of them could go on without the other. That fear she had that she might grow accustomed to him has already taken place. Except that it’s not that she has grown used to him – it’s that she can’t imagine her life without him anymore and vice versa. These two need each other for the sole reason that each one thrives with the other around. When they are apart, he can’t even sleep properly and she can’t go a day without thinking about him. That is not becoming inured to someone – that’s just what you call being in love.

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I Hear Your Voice E13-E14

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The elation that Su ha didn’t get to express last night on the bus, he got to make up for it times quadruple. I love how he quietly stayed up all night outside her door giving her space to let the truth sink in. He knew there would be repercussions for hiding the fact that he got his memory and ability back so he braced himself and took it like a man. He didn’t complain or whine when she didn’t speak to him all night. That is why I appreciated that she didn’t let him suffer too long. If you are going to forgive someone, it’s best to do it quickly so the other person doesn’t suffer in silence waiting. It’s even better when you own up to your feelings and share them with the one you like. I know her confession didn’t come as a shock to Su ha since he already had an inkling, but I bet she didn’t know how happy it would make him. It’s like the thought that he wouldn’t get to see her anymore broke him, but her confession was the glue that made him whole again. I’ve never seen a face transition that fast from concern to total bliss. Her words didn’t just relieve him of all his worries, they also gave him back something he was missing in his life for the past 11 years. Right now it might seem like he is the one who has been protecting her from JG, but all along it was her devotion to him that kept Su ha feeling safe. No matter how short lived this might turn out to be, for the time being, Su ha gets back a little of the security of family and love that he was deprived of for so long. Judging from the wide grin that he can’t seem to wipe off, he is going to savor every moment he has with her.

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I Hear Your Voice E11-E12

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It’s hard to tell if she knows the old Su ha is back. I wonder what gave him away first – that he put his arms around her waist and hugged her, that he spoke banmal to her again, that he couldn’t believe his innocence came first to her before her own safety, or his flood of tears. I’m willing to bet maybe all of the above. I love that her initial reaction wasn’t to push him away – all she did was reach back to pat his head to say good job for keeping his promise to her. It sort of makes me sad thinking that both times he expressed his love for her – there were tears involved -during their first kiss and now this hug. But I wouldn’t have it any other way cuz there just couldn’t be a more perfect way to say “I am back” than this – nothing comes even close.

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I Hear Your Voice E8-E10

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It just occurred to me that if actions speak louder than words, then Hye Sung has said quite a bit. Ever since S came back, she has been taking his hand or had some kind of reassuring contact with him, but when it comes to Kwan Woo – she barely wanted to shake hands. Even then it meant more to him than it did to her. It’s like this boat has left, but Kwan woo’s slow brain and quick to love heart hasn’t caught up to reality. Ever since a while back, I have desperately wanted Hye Sung to realize her feelings for Su ha might be more than just noona dongsang. That fact that she hasn’t stopped thinking of Su ha all year and hasn’t missed seeing Kwan woo should mean something. I guess it matters that when her heart leaps thinking about Su ha, it’s more out of concern for his well being. It sort of makes me wonder what exactly needs to happen for her heart to jump just at the sight of him. The old Su ha wouldn’t run out of declarations to make I bet, but the new one is starting fresh with his growing feelings for her. It’s rooted in gratitude for now, but it’s just a hop away from becoming a full fledged crush again. The more he hears what his younger self wrote about Hye Sung, I think it’s triggering more than just memories – it’s making him realize just how much she meant to him over the years and possibly what they could mean to each other now.

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