Can You Hear My Heart E30

When I think of CYHMH, a smile automatically forms -it welcomes you in with open arms, makes you comfortable, shares its wonderful stories, warms your heart so you feel cozy like you belong here, and all you can think is -if this is bliss, I want to make this my home. For the past months – that is exactly what this drama was to each and every one of us – thank you everyone for all your support and dedication. 🙂

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Can You Hear My Heart E29

Very rarely do you learn so many life lessons from a kdrama, but this one taught you something new with each episode. We got to see an indefatigable human spirit refuse to crumble in the face of adversity – it not only rose above but soared so high its brilliance was blinding. That applies to not only one character, but almost the entire family starting with grandma, Y, W, and then extending to D and ultimately M as well. My closing thoughts will be posted tm with the finale, but I just wanted to say a little bit about how much this drama means to me.

*thank you Nikesma for the main pic 

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Can You Hear My Heart E28

See this smile? look closely. This smile is what made me break down in tears tonight. I trusted this writer cuz she wrote “Smile you” – a drama I happened to love, but after tonight, I am beginning to think she may have a really cruel streak in her – how could she leave us hanging like this. To think I thought the break up yesterday was the worst thing she could do to us before the end and bam – she tops it. Part of me wanted to forgive her for this otherwise beautiful episode cuz she handled the rest perfectly. Those scenes with M and his family reunion and then later proving just how instinctively M protects his younger brother just made what happened all the more touching. I wont be able to exhale until I see a trailer on thurs for E29.

*Check out what Thundie wrote about our dear Cha Dong Joo :

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Can You Hear My Heart E27

This episode should be called “miracles.” SC and D became friends- those scenes with SC and D- omg they should have more scenes with these two – so adorable- a whole new bromance right there. S called Y “oppa.”Choi got a taste of his own medicine. KJW the actor was able to smile on cue and didn’t look like a deer caught in headlights. T lovingly fed D’s fish. M put the picture letter Y drew for him up on his fridge and smiled at it warmly. D and W finally went on a decent date and what unfolds on that date will leave a trail of tears and a few other emotions in its wake.  Leave it to this show to do what it does best – put us thru the ringer till the next episode. Only this time it feels like they put us on a repeat cycle.   Continue reading

Can You Hear My Heart E26

I was not going to use this scene as the main pic, but just look at them. Despite everything that happened on tonight’s episode, how can you deny that what they have is beyond special. At first my reaction to the episode ran a little emotional, but as I translated thru the night, I kept glancing down at the comments rolling in. I must say some of you have more faith in this couple than others, but what I noticed right off was that you take this couple very seriously. You guys protect and cherish them and are the first to defend them. I couldn’t help but smile at the way you were so quick to come up with plausible explanations for W’s behavior. Part of the joy I have for every episode comes from all of you. Thank you for keeping the faith and bolstering my spirit when I feel like this show is breaking my heart too much. I learned a lesson tonight. Don’t just trust what you can see and take that leap of faith and believe in what you feel.

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Can You Hear My Heart E25

Is this the face of a man conflicted with guilt over all the things he said and did to make Y hide from him so instinctively? is he staring at Y like this cuz he feels a bit of love for the man who made all the sacrifices a father willingly makes for his child and would gladly do it all over again in a heartbeat without a second thought? is this look possibly just a glimmer of a soul still inside M? it’s like M is struggling with the hate within his heart, trying to suppress the good from coming out but in moments like this when he sees Y’s innocence, M becomes vulnerable for a second and becomes human again. Something else Y did right – influencing his son to grow up to be a good person. No wonder M didn’t even look at S and only gazed at Y a long time. I hope given a choice, M always turns from evil and only lingers on the good.

Thundie wrote about our favorite couple – go check it out 🙂

KD Forum was starting to get more messed up with comments shrinking video sizes-we can still use that page but please follow the instructions for commenting order to protect those videos. There is a new page for you guys and it’s called KD highlights and current and new dramas will be covered there.

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Can You Hear My Heart E24

After tonight, I think we are going to have another SG ending where the mom refuses to accept who her son chose to love. There is no way W will ever get T’s approval – T already has her sights on MS – not just cuz of who MS is but what she can offer that W never could. Judging from how irrational T can be, I am afraid what extent she will go to separate W from D. Ending like that with a scene linked to their past and what was said under the tree – it seems like the perfect place for them to meet face to face after what happened to D. Just like that tree – their love has grown and flourished and is now thriving. I love the small, quiet love stories  – they linger in your hearts and make you trust their potential to be so much more.

*Thank you Thundie for sharing your gift and love for CYHMH with us 🙂

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