Secret Love Affair snippets


I was pretty sure nothing would ever stop me from recapping, but I was wrong. The wake of the tragedy on April 16th that has gripped a nation and brought it to its knees is just now starting to leave its ripples on all our hearts. Clinging to hope of survivors and then grappling with the truth that they never even had a chance to survive is crippling this nation’s faith in its government and officials. In light of the tragic events that have unfolded, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy dramas the way I used to in the past. Before, I was religiously dedicated in bringing the fastest live recaps no matter what occurred around me. During City Hunter and You’ve fallen for me, I managed somehow to gain access on my iPad using my personal hotspot on my iPhone to continue recapping during floods and loss of internet.  I even worked through holidays and breaks. Maybe it’s because I live in Seoul and Ansan is only an hour away by car, but all this is happening too close to home and our hearts. I didn’t know a single person on the ferry, but it hasn’t stopped me from caring about the families they leave behind and praying over the souls of the departed. I don’t know if there should be some sort of extended moratorium for dramas, sitcoms, and variety shows, but there seems to be one in place with me out of respect for the grieving families. Right after finding out about the status for my YFAS Director’s cut DVD, I realized all those kids enjoyed that drama too just a few months ago and it choked me up. It made me see that even as strangers, I had some things in common with them just through shared interests and it made me cry all over again. I have no idea when I will be up to recapping again, but I only know I shouldn’t force myself right now. If my reaction is tears to everything then it’s a safe bet I won’t be doing a good job on paying attention to what’s on the screen. At least I can drop these snippets for SLA knowing that I’m not leaving you in a lurch. Viewers have written that subs for this show is quicker than usual for a cable drama and I already checked and people on Soompi were already doing live recaps there on the thread.  Two new dramas Doctor Stranger and You’re All Surrounded are starting soon, but I can tell you already it won’t matter how great they are. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to getting back on track in their lives after witnessing a tragedy unfold and I’m about to find out what mine is. I hope everyone will be patient and understanding until that day comes. Thank you.


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