You’ve fallen for me E15 Finale


There was so much stacked against YFFM from the start. It took on a tour de force like LMH. Then PTB came along and took over CH’s spot. The trailers for YFFM weren’t much help- it didn’t exactly leave us hungry for more. Most of us came into this with little or no expectation. Then we got the breadcrumbs –all those quiet moments where we felt more for the characters than when they talked. The silent exchange of looks and growing curiosity for the other person that triggered nostalgia since most of us know what it feels like to go through first love. What will I miss the most? How S was so haughty, but still loveable, the way he sang his father’s song in that second episode, the unexpected witty banter, the coffee errands, when they mimicked each other and held out their hands to catch the rain, the speculation and dread around love lines that thankfully never came into fruition between SH and K and between K and S’s parents, and the music that got me replaying each song on repeat for days on end. No one I know watches this drama. My friends keep asking me why I like it so much. They can’t fathom why YFFM would garner any attention at all. How do you explain perfection enveloped in music? This drama felt like a respite from the inundation of the May drama insanity – a breather that said relax and enjoy – no need to think too hard – just sit back and listen to the melody that soothes your spirit. With everything it lacked in action and suspense, it made up for with its simplicity and charm. For such an inconspicuous little drama, it leaves a giant gaping hole.

This was my runner up screencap cuz I love benches located in secluded spots. Will post final thoughts here after the finale 🙂

There were over 500 ppl on soompi for YFFM tonight and over 253 pages. Only well liked dramas get those kind of numbers. For PTB -only 200 ppl and 53 pages. Who cares about ratings – this drama is still gold.

* about that kiss – the whole time I was thinking – yay we got the kiss we didnt get in YAB, but then I realized this is their second one. But I just cant count the one at the cafe cuz her eyes were wide open. This one had the drama effect with the camera spinning and making us dizzy.

**about YFFM- not one episode made me regret picking this up. As someone who has translated quite a few dramas now, I can honestly say that the script makes all the difference in a good drama. If the lines and scenes become predictable, there is no fun and interest wanes. I just never knew with these characters what they would say and it kept me on my toes. Some might say YFFM used a drama ploy tonight, but I say it was needed to get to our last scene. It was pretty painless and quick since it didnt drag on for a few episodes like most. I don’t know why they changed the title of this drama – maybe cuz of the song title-but I always liked heartstrings better. Not just cuz it fits exactly what the two main characters did, but since the show managed to affect the audience as well.  If you are going to tug on someone’s heartstrings, there is no better way than to do it like this: with great music and characters we don’t want to let go.

You’ve fallen for me E15

After S falls on his knees in pain, SH and Y ask if he is ok – if he is hurt. S lies and says his tummy hurts cuz of what he at for dinner that didnt suit him. K tells him to stand to go to the hospital. he says he is better now – how can he leave in the middle of performing. K points out he almost fainted. S insists he is ok. SH asks if he can continue and S says yes. they start over and he sings that song from the first episode “stupid”. SH says S seems ok now – must be a release of nervous tension from all that time. I did that too often a long time ago after a show

after his performance, S runs cold water over his hands. Y comments that S is late. SH says he will be here. K remembers how she fell on him and S landed on his wrist. she gets up and says she thinks it’s cuz of that. she tells SH and Y how she tripped on her hanbok and S caught her. he sprained his hand and put hot packs/patches on his hand but it must still hurt a lot. SH asked if something like that happened. S:you waited long didnt you. K: it’s cuz you hurt your hand last time isnt it? you were late tonight cuz you were enduring it till that didnt hurt. S lies he met a friend outside the bathroon so that is why he took so long. Y asks if it’s really ok.S: I’m ok.  K asks for his hand to look at it so S holds it up: look – there is nothing swollen and it’s fine. he jokes that if she wants to hold his hand she just has to say so. SH asks if S’s tummy feels better. S says yes and asks if they are going to stay longer. SH says no let’s leave together

Y walks home and worries. she says how she was surprised a while ago – S is probably ok right? SH: he looked fine. dont worry. Y says it’s cuz S plays guitar.he cant hurt his hand. SH asks if she is thinking of her past and saying this (cuz of her accident). Y: it’s a lie if I say it isnt. cuz of that accident my life changed. SH: cuz of that you came back to school and met me.let’s think positive- S will get better

S is at home and he keeps looking at his wrist.

K meets with that music president. he wants her to go to england and watch some musicals, take vocal training, learn jazz dance and ballet. she asks how long that would take. he says 6 months. K: what about my school? he says she has to take a break- you said you were a gugak major right? K: yes. he says if she plans to continue doing this then she doesnt need to keep attending school (for gugak). he suggests she stop since she will become more busy but she says she wants to graduate. later she wants to make something with gugak if she can.  he says she has to take a break from school though for at least a year. she asks when she has to leave. he says next month. K:that soon?

S meets with the doc and hears about his hand.the doc says the wrist received the impact of the shock and if it gets down more it will be worse. S asks if he can just put compresses to treat it but the doc says S  has to have surgery. S asks if he can play guitar after surgery

S walks out and remembers the doc saying how in some cases patients couldnt regain full use and it’s important how the patient takes care of it. S sits on the stairs and looks sad

K tells her GP how she has to take a break from school and has to leave next month for england. from here on I will be busy so there will be more days I will be late. GP – I am going abroad for 6 months. she asks if he isnt sad. J comes in and he is happy to see her and invites her to sit. he tells K he doesnt care where she goes – america or england- so leave. he tells K to bring fruit for J. J says it must be nice for K to go abroad. but he tells her there is no reason to be envious. he brags how he was invited to perform at 27 countries. J:really? GP: just do well in gugak -you can eat breakfast in france and lunch in germnay and dinner in Switzerland. K overhears and comments about how her GP brags. K calls S to come out for a short time cuz she has something to say

K shows him her passport pic and asks if he has a passport. S: of course. I went on a trip to europe when I was in first grade. she says she didnt smile in it and asks if it looks strange. S: I will go home and look at it slowly so give it to me. he makes a remark cuz she was smiling but suddenly looked sad. she says she is excited, nervous, and happy (to go) but when she thinks of S she is upset, regretful, and depressed. S: in a world where we can see our faces and talk on the internet -what’s so sad? I think you like me too much. K: arent you upset about living apart from me? S: not really. she says he is too much. he holds her hand. she tells him to keep her pic safe

K’s dad asks if S isnt trying to hold onto her so she wont go. she says how S isnt at all and how she felt hurt cuz it seems like S wants to send her off quickly. her dad says S is doing that on purpose not to show how sad he is. her dad says they seem to be destined to live apart cuz he came up to live with her but she is going abroad

SH and Y meet with the chairman. chairman asks when they leave. Y: tm morning on a 9 am flight. he asks how long they will be there. SH says the show is for 6 months but they have to go and prepare and settle affairs after so it will take about a year. if we like it there we might stay there.  chairman jokes and tells SH he can stay there in america but Y has to come back (cuz she teaches here). he tells them to be careful and have a good trip

HJ and JH meet. JH says cold things are better for when her throat hurts. since he doesnt need to go to catharsis he can see more of HJ. S wants to rest for the time being. he says since K is leaving S must not think it’s fun to play anymore. dont be upset- when you are well – you will do better than K. drink a lot of cold things and hurry and get better

K’s friends say how envious they are of K living in england and how she gets to ride the double decker buses, see london bridge. K says how she will be too busy to do those things cuz she saw her schedule and it’s packed with vocal training and dance. one says at least she gets to watch musicals. K worries she might not understand since it’s in english. plus i have to learn english. I will be busy so it will be hard to meet up with you guys. B says even if K doesnt have time to meet them K will have time to meet S. another girl asks if S didnt quit catharsis so that he can play with K as much as he wants before K leaves for england. K asks what that mean. the girl says – you dont know? stupid wont perform anymore. B think S wants to surprise her with that news and didnt tell her

the doc asks if S has decided to have the surgery. S nods yes. he asks if next mon is ok. S  asks for a month delay. doc asks if there is a reason cuz until then S is going to have problems with his hand – it will go numb and stuff. S asks if he cant take medicine in the meantime.  doc advises having surgery sooner is better for a more effective recovery. S says that’s ok –  it has to be a month later. (* so this is why he didnt get better right after surgery – cuz he put it off for a month- now I want to kick his fictional character’s cute butt)

Y looks around campus cuz she wont get to see it for a year. SH asks her to look around as much as she wants cuz after she is gone she will miss it. he tells her to go home first cuz she has to meet someone. she asks who else he needs to say bye to so SH says he doesnt have a woman he is hiding that she doesnt know about so dont worry.

SH meets with S. S asks why SH called since he should be busy preparing to leave. SH says he is really busy but before he goes, he wants to confirm something cuz it bugs him. S: what is that? SH  grabs S’s wrist really hard. S winces from pain. SH: when you are always bad you dont change.  how did this happen? tell me. S tells what the doc said about the damage to the wrist. how he needs surgery. SH asks:did he (the doc) say if you could play guitar. S says it will be hard at first and how there are some ppl who dont regain full use later. SH asks when S is going to have surgery. S says a month later. SH: why are you having it so late? is that when K leaves? S: she cant know -if she does – she will for sure says she wont leave. S asks SH to keep it a secret. SH agrees and tells him not to worry too much. most doctors give some fear normally by telling you the worst cases. it will turn out well.  S says he has to go cuz he told K he would meet her. he tells SH to have a good trip with the professor (Y).

K says she got it today and shows her flight ticket to S. he says now that he saw it seems real. K: now you are sad? their order comes out so he offers to go get it. he drops the tray cuz of his wrist. he said it slipped cuz of water. K: it’s cuz you hurt your hand cuz of me back then isnt it? S: it’s not. K: cuz of that you cant play guitar and quit catharsis isnt it? he says he didnt and just wanted to rest cuz it’s a school break. she keeps looking at his hand

K goes home and thinks over all the clues that S is hurt.

K tells the music president she is sorry. he says -you think it makes sense to say you cant go now when you have your ticket and everything is ready in england. she promises to pay him back for the cost of all that. he asks what the reason is for saying she cant go now-if it’s your family opposing I will meet them and convince them. K: no there is someone I must stay next to right now.he asks if she isnt going to regret quitting like this. she says she wont

K tells S that she isnt going to england. I just just met the music president and told him I wouldnt do it.  he asks why she did that. K: cuz you are injured and it’s cuz of me -how could I leave- did you go to the hospital? what did they say?  S says my hand is all better. also let’s stop now. K: what did you just say? S: I said let’s break up. K:why are you doing this suddenly. S: they say when you cant see someone your feelings become more distant-to be honest – I dont have the confidence to wait for you. K: do you really mean that. he says he does and gives back her bear. he leaves it on the bench. S: i’m sorry. he gets up to leave so she holds onto him but he makes her let go and walks off. He tries not to look back

K holds both bears and cries. S looks at K’s passport photo and cries

K’s dad and the music president are there with K. her dad says sorry to the guy for not going with them to the airport and letting the guy do it. he says it’s ok and dont worry. K says she will call her dad when she gets there. dont fight with GP. dont eat ramen cuz it’s a bother and make sure to cook. he tells her to eat well cuz it might be hard on her cuz it’s another culture’s food and to take care of herself. she says dont worry cuz she does well wherever she is. he says he will call.

the guy says when she arrives at the airport someone will meet her at the airport so she doesnt need to worry

S is in the hospital. he asks his mom – you didnt tell K right? she says yes K left without knowing. S is in the hospital ready for his surgery

time skip a year

K has long hair and is having a press conference about her new musical album cuz it went to the top of the charts. reporter asks how she feels. K says she still lacks but since ppl are loving it she wants to thank them . there are more questions about her musical character. K is successful

S’s mom meets with K’s dad. she says how well K is doing. she asks if he saw the interview that came out in S’s mom’s magazine last month about K.  K’s dad thanks her for writing it well. she says how the reporter who wrote that piece said how well K spoke and liked K. he asks why she wanted to meet. she says how she is changing jobs- cuz musicals are popular she is going to edit a magazine. he says she should treat him to celebrate but she says it pays less. he says at least she gets to live doing what she wants. she asks him to work with her. she says she saw his reviews of musicals and shows and she liked them. even tho it will pay less than being a music professor -she wants him to do this with her and asks for his help. he says since she is asking like that he cant turn her down. she thanks him. he asks if S is doing well. she says he  got a lot better and is always practicing guitar. he says- that’s good cuz I worried. she says he cant tell K that S had surgery. S was worried about that and didnt even tell J. K’s dad asks why S broke up with K if he was that worried about K. she says- I dont know he wont talk about that

J says someone asked when S would perform at catharis again.he says tell them to wait a little longer. J complains he always says a little longer how and even tho he doesnt perform he always practices. she says there are a lot of kids waiting so hurry and start. she says she is going. he asks where. she says i have lesson today

J is having her lessons and GP comes in saying J got it wrong.  he yells how could she still not be done with this (talking like old ppl thing) he starts to brag how when he was 15 yrs old, J finishes his sentence saying “I heard it once and recited it so everyone was surprised – there were rumors someone was so surprised they opened their eyes ” J: you were going to say this werent you? GP: who said I was? J: then what? she lists all his other stories. she says how she memorized his entire gugak like story. GP says he wont talk about that anymore. she tells him to wait outside cuz his nagging will interfere with her lesson.

SH and Y come back. SM meets them at the airport. Y asks if SM was well while they were gone. SM tries to hug SH but SH says not to and remarks SM’s hair is looking more like an idol’s. SM takes him to the same crappy car and asks how SM didnt change at all in a year. SM says there is a change and shows a pic to prove how he is dating that mean girl. Y says he should have brought that girl but SM says she is watching over catharsis. SH asks where Gu went and SM says he went to santiago and SM suspects Gu went there to chase after a woman cuz some sunbae bragged he went there and found a girlfriend

HJ’s mom sees an article about K and complains cuz K is in the morning paper again. HJ says dont look at it and just forget about it. dont look at that and dont be concerned with it. her mom says – how can I not. she tells her sister to do well. the girl worries and says what do I do if I dont pass the audition. her mom says how she took care of her audition to make sure she does well. HJ tells her mom not to do stuff like that anymore. her mom tells HJ to be quiet. she asks the sister if she is dieting cuz the audition is the day after tm but you look the same. girl says not to worry cuz she started her angelina jolie diet. her mom says let’s do well cuz if you end up like HJ then I might die

T meets with that other guy and talks about HJ’s sister. T says they have to back her but the guy says HJ had looks and talent but her sister doesnt. teacher implies how HJ’s mom must have put in a good word for T to have him back her second daughter. T says he chose something suitable for the sister to do. other guy worries that there will be another K like last year. T says this time there is no SH even if there is another K.

SH and Y walk up on them and asks if they were well. they scare T and that other teacher. SH asks why they are so surprised. T asks if Y is back at school. she says she will go say hi to the chairman and come see T.  that other teacher asks to be left out this time from backing HJ’s sister -he says he will get his job position with his own ability and runs off scared.

chairman asks SH where his present is – did he come emptyhanded. SH says they didnt even unpack and came directly. he remarks the chairman cares too much about presents. he asks SM to do another event. SH says – no thank you- did you already forget what happened last year? chairman says that’s true if he leaves it up to SH the chairman will have some headache again. Y says how SH prepared his own show. chairman says he thought so and asks SH to use a lot of his students cuz there are a lot of talented kids- you heard news about K right?

K is dancing like HJ and practicing alone.

SH shows up and claps. he asks -who is this? are you really  LK -the one who couldnt even do the splits a year ago. you are a totally different person. he tries to mess up her hair but she avoids it. she says she wont fall for it now. SH: cuz you are a star now you are avoiding? he messes up her hair anyway. she asks why he hasnt changed at all.

he asks if she is doing well. K: yes. SH: and you are doing well with S too. K:we broke up. he asks when. K: right after you left for america.  cuz of me S got injured but I didnt even know that and was happy about going to england so he must have hated me. at first I didnt understand but after being apart and being alone I understood what he was saying. SH remarks: that guy is cowardly. he offers to go and punish S. SH asks if S is still performing at catharsis. K: no from that time on he didnt. SH says she should have told him sooner when she emailed him. since I didnt hear anything I thought you two were doing well. K: it wasnt good news so. she asks what brings him here. SH gives her something to read over and if she likes it then tell him. he says he prepared this show for this fall. K: really? SH: just cuz you want to do it doesnt mean I will just let you in – you have to go thru an audition too. K: I know. she asks if Y is part of it. Sh says how Y’s skills got better in america during that year. she will be more successful than me soon. K asks who is doing the music. SH says he is thinking of asking S. she tells him to ask S cuz she is ok with it. SH: are you really ok? K: of course

SH meets with S and asks if S’s surgery went well. S:yes. SH: heard you arent performing at catharsis.  S: it’s still not like it used to be so I am still practicing all the time. you dont have to worry.SH says K knows S hurt his hand. does she know you had surgery? S: she doesnt know that yet.  SH: she will find out sometime. SH guesses S broke up with her to make her go cuz K knew S hurt his hand and didnt want to go to england. I’m right arent I? S: why is that important now. it’s all in the past. SH asks if he should help them. S says -no he already sorted thru his feelings. dont tell K. SH says he doesnt want to butt in on other’s love life cuz it will give him a headache. SH asks him to take that and go look over it. S: what is this? SH: a show I am preparing. if you wrote any music during that time – if it suits this I would like to work with you. S: I have a few songs I wrote.  SH says K will do it too.

B says how she missed SH and Y. SH asks since the kids didnt come to greet them with posters at the airport-shouldnt they have bouquets of flowers ready. KY says he will buy one beer. mean girl says SH should buy the appetizers. Sh orders SM to bring the cheapest one. but SM replies he will bring the most expensive. everyone cheers. SH yells he shouldnt have come to Korea.  KY asks: did you come to prepare for the musical? SH: then did you think I missed you guys? HJ: you didnt already assign K as the female lead right? SH: did you forget what kind of character I have during that year? am I that kind of person. HJ: when is the audition? did K say she would do it? SH: why? so you can compete?  HJ: of course. JH holds her hand and says this time she is going to win cuz he is going to cheer her on. B asks if they can help with anything. SH: i will see after the music comes out. girl asks who is doing the music. SH: I am thinking of leaving it up to S. other girl says then K and S might end up working together. B says she feels sorry for K and S – I wish they would date again.

K reads over the story and thinks it sounds familiar. she looks for the book and sees S’s dad’s album.

K goes and waits outside his front door with the album. S asks why she came. she says to return this. K: I was going to give it to J but I thought it was right to give it to you (she hads it to him) I should have given it to you sooner but after that happened and went straight to england-even when I came back it was so hectic – there was no chance to return it. sorry. S says quietly “go in” and goes in

S goes in and cries lying on his bed

K cries holding the two bears.

SH and S meet. S says the script is fun. SH: would I write something that isnt fun? S gives him the music he worked on all this time and he put inside a CD with the instruments and guitar on it. SH: I dont know if I will like it or not but I can assume we are working together right?  S says SH can use the music he likes but he doesnt want to work on the show. SH:why? cuz of K?  K is ok with working with you. dont be concerned about it and let’s do this together.  but S says sorry – you will know when you hear the CD but my guitar isnt perfect. I dont want her to suspect. (he doenst want K to know he cant play like before.) SH: you are really not going to do it? S nods

SH meets with K. he asks if she read it. she says yes it’s really fun and she wants to play the female lead. SH: dont think it will be easy – HJ is going to audition too. K: who is afraid? I am not the old K. he says how he looks forward to the audition. she asks if he told S too.SH nods yes. K:did he say he will do it? SH says he tried hard to convince him but he wont. K asks why – is it cuz of me? SH: that’s not it. K: he isnt doing it cuz I am isnt he? SH tells her to understand cuz when men sulk they do it longer.

S is playing but it doesnt sound good. JH and the band come in the practice room. JH says it’s been a while since they saw S here. S says he is coming here often from now on.  JH asks if they can perform at catharsis. S says not yet. other guys say it’s good to see S again and tells him to come here often. JH: cuz you suddenly quit we worried something happened. S says he just wanted to rest since they are on break so sorry for making you worry. S gets a call from K but ignores it so JH asks why S isnt answering

S goes out to talk. she says she has something to tell him. S: what? K: i have to tell you in person

Y thinks they should tell K the truth. SH: will it help for her to find out now.  Y says she understands how S feels. long time ago after my accident-when anyone asked me if I was ok I thought I would go more crazy . even tho I knew ppl were saying it cuz they were worried about me -it was really stressful – that you would hear about what happened to me.SH says he drank a lot when he found out and thinks it’s better not to tell K. he asks if she is hungry and to tell him what she wants to eat. he shows her menus. she asks if he can make it and he says he can. he plays her music to listen to as she chooses

S asks why she wanted to talk. K says she heard S doesnt want to work on the director show. S: yes. she asks what his reason is. S: just. cuz I dont want to. she asks him to be honest. K: is it cuz of me? S looks away. K: so it is. but this work – I will try not to run into you so let’s do this together. S:who are you (to say that) K: I just wish you could do this together. S: I dont want to -I wont do it so dont call me again.

SM asks what’s going on for K to want to drink during the day. B asks why she is like this. K asks B to take care of her cuz she is going to drink alot. B asks what is going on but K says she doesnt feel like talking. K keeps drinking

J goes in to tell S that their mom wants him to come out and eat fruit

J says S seems like he wants to be alone-after he broke up with K- he went back to depressed mode-  when she sees S like that she wants to complain to K. her mom says dont do that- he must have some other reason for being like that

B cant wake up K. SM comes over and says K is really out. B asks SM to help. SM says  if his girlfriend was here he could carry K, but his GF had to go home first so he cant leave the cafe without anyone around. so B calls S and says how K got drunk at catharsis. I cant take her home so you come and take her

S paces back and forth

SM says it’s time for S to come – what is S doesnt come. SM offers to close up the cafe to take K but B tells him to wait-S will come. K’s dad shows up to take her. her dad asks why she drank so much.  SM says he gave her beer cuz she was ok up to a while ago but she suddenly got drunk and ended up like this. I’m sorry. B says K wouldnt say but she seemed really upset. her dad tries to wake K.  B asks how her dad knew. her dad says S called.

S waits outside K’s home. when he sees K and her dad coming, S turns to go in. but he stays outside and looks at her home

SH is listening to the music that S made. Y asks what he is listening to. SH says what he got from S. he wonders what to do about K and S.

S is still outside her home. her dad comes out and calls his name. he thanks S for calling him. S asks if she is ok. her dad says K doesnt even know who piggybacked her home and is sleeping. when she wakes up she will suffer cuz of her hangover. S says then he will be going. her dad says S seems to still like K so cant you make it work again. it’s cuz I am afraid you wo will regret later. this happened with your mom and me. between the two if one person made an effort this wouldnt have happened- cant you make the first move (to reconcile)

K cries while she sleeps. S thinks over what K’s dad said

K wakes up and GP comes in with her dad. GP says what did you do well for you to sit there. she gets out of bed and stands. GP says if she comes home drunk again he is going to tell give interviews with reporters that she drinks a lot. she pleads with him. GP: if you dont want that then stop drinking. her dad says to GP- dont worry I will scold her too. she asks how she came home. did B bring me home? her dad: you dont remember at all? he says how he piggybacked her . K: really? no wonder GP was talking like that-he had good reason. K: B called home cuz I was drunk huh? he says how S called him. she asks how S knew she was there and he says cuz B called S. he asks if she isnt going out today. she says after she washes up she will later. he says he will heat her soup. wash up and come eat it. after he leaves, she mutters she thought S came 

K complains how SH comes emptyhanded to practice instead of bringing coffee to say she is working hard. SH says he didnt come empyhanded today. she says she already got the script last time.  he says tells her to listen to the lyrics cuz he wants to use it for the main song. she asks who composed it. he says there is some foolish guy.

she goes home and listens. she has flashbacks of S. song lyrics are posted in comments by Honey (*thank you)

K takes it to SH and asks if S made this (wrote the lyrics). SH: you are right. she asks why S said he wouldnt do this after making this. SH: S told me not to tell but I think I have to. if I leave you two alone – I think you will both die of lovesickness. S got hand surgery. K:what? SH: cuz he knew you picked up on his being injured and said you wouldnt go to england and he is afraid you will find out now so he is staying away.

K goes to see S thru the door while he practices. K remembers the rest of the conversation with SH. K: is his hand better? can he play the guitar. SH says S isnt all better yet but he is trying.

K goes in and calls S a bad guy. S: I told you not to keep coming to find me. I am not doing the director’s show.  K: why didnt you tell me – why did you hide it from me? i heard all about it from the director. you should have told me that you were injured. I didnt know that and tried so hard to hate you – do you know how much tried? forget it – now I will hate you for real.

she goes out and looks up at their coffee spot.

K walks to the music store where they stood during the rain. she holds out her hand.

S does the same thing later and looks over to where K had been a while ago, but she is already gone

she is walking down that lane with the trees. S is walking there too and they meet each other. they stand across from each other. S smiles at her. and quickly walks over and hugs her. S: I missed you. K: I did too. S: I love you. He kisses her.


wait – K and S perform at catharsis. she sings her song while he plays guitar. everyone is in the audience. then he sings his song.

BTS interviews – there are clips of NGs and dialogue- Yong: I didnt know how time went by this fast. PSY says even after his is all done she is going to have a (?) day. Yong says it felt like filming a (music) festival every day and it was fun to film. the drummer says – it feels like the only thing left is “it’s too bad it’s over.” PSH hits yong with the mic. PSY and yong thanks the viewers for watching YFFM till now


57 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E15 Finale

  1. Checkinout says:

    Thank you so much softy. Your recaps are a life saver for so many of us. I love your opening paragraph, it sums up why this little drama managed to worm its way deep into my heart.

    As for the title of the drama, I believe YFFM was selected via a fan naming competition by MBC (it was initially called Festival). Dramafever, which bought the rights to broadcast in the US held it’s own competition for an English title. The highest voted was actually ‘I’m with Stupid’ (because of the band and yes, I was appalled) with Heartstrings (because of the guitar and gukak) coming in a close second. Thankfully, they sent both choices to the production team who opted for Heartstrings. And they couldn’t have made a better choice for this show definitely tugged at mine.

    I shall miss this show so much…


  2. Skye says:

    Wow, your introduction just summed up everything I feel about this drama. It is like a summer breeze, gently soothing your soul with its great melody, its relaxing simplicity and a touch of nostalgia for our first love. No need for dramatic twists and turns or fancy setup to touch your heart. Some might say it is plain and boring, but I say it is sweet and real because watching this show there’s something tugging at my heart. That’s why I fell in love with Heartstrings. It is not perfect, but it makes me long for something and remember some feelings that I thought I’ve forgotten. Not many Korean dramas I’ve seen have this power, I dare say.
    And, thank you very much for all the recaps. They are wonderful! Please keep up your good work!


  3. teya says:

    no matter what others say, i do love this drama .. too bad it’s over too soon .. thanks for the recap 🙂


  4. WTH says:

    D T P!! H I S M!!!! W O M T! BS! arrrrggghhh!!!! hope u understand this! :\


  5. says:

    Anyone, I need help…as Softy said…there is a big gaping hole in my heart…need help anything withdrawal pill? I tried chocolate chip cookies..didn’t help./..I love this drama and now I am missing them . I wanted more..what do I do? I can’t make myself watch another drama…Anyway school will keep me busy so I’ll just keep on watching HEARTSTRINGS till my eyeballs pop. Thanks Softy for the recaps, to SHinHye and Yonghwa for giving us a great performance., the writers and producers and crew for giving us a love story we all dream of or for bringing some of us back to those daysof crushes and first loves. Sending my love to all.


  6. maria says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful intro from one avid Heartstrings fan to another.

    I was so happy with your POV but can’t help to be sad and teary eyed while reading. It is so weird that I am currently feeling withdrawal symptoms from this show and I was telling myself that I am too old for this but feelings remain the same. I was asking our korean friend to watch this drama and I was shocked that he did’nt even know about this so I begged him to maybe ask his wife to look into it so he told me that maybe they ran into problems because of the time slot and we all know because of CH so out of curiosity I marathon watched City Hunter last weekend being the time slot opponent of HS and yeah you can tell the the budget for this show is really high due to the mega production and of course Lee Min Ho was in it but when it finished I just told myself well that’s it and had no feeling or longing for an extension of the show unlike my feeling for Heartstrings . CH is too dark for me so I didn’t appreciate it all unlike HS which leaves me breathless at times because of the wonderful scenery they used in the shooting plus everything is all color coordinated which is so pleasing to the eyes of the viewers.

    I have to admit I was a fan from the beginning but I was also disappointed when the first few episodes aired but come 6th or 7th episode when Shin’s band and Kyu won’s group were practicing and the two were exchanging glances , my niece and I were all surprised that we stood up and clapped our hands and must have pressed the repeat button many many times then we knew this is the moment we’ve been waiting for, the growing interest of Shin with Kyu won that we know will blossom to something extraordinary.I can’t even explain the simple eye staring of shin made us so happy and giddy a word i thought is no longer in my vocabulary after I got married and had a daughter. Memories of my youth which I thought I lost long time ago came flooding in , having fun with friends, spying on your crushes catching the boy every girl in school wanted , the pain of a breakup and succeeding after all. Also the music that goes together with the show is beyond amazing that can bring tears and happiness to a person while watching.These are the few reasons why I enjoyed Heartstrings.

    I’m thankful to everyone involved in making this simple drama but somewhat touched many lives from the director , the crew ,to all the cast with it’s lead Park Shin Hye who I simply adored more now because of her natural and not over the top acting that compliments Yong Hwas inexperience but effective simple acting which the part calls for. Yonghwa may be stiff at times but his eyes says it all and I haven’t seen much of this in all the dramas I’ve watched. Never mind Yong Hwa you made us all fall for you because at the end you were simply amazing. Love how you kissed Kyu won at the end with a smile first and the saranghae next which is not over dramatic but just right with your two hands holding her, I almost fainted. I love how the director at the end gelled everything from the dance teacher, the professor and even the supporting actors.

    Love Heartstrings to death ! Hope Shin Hye and Yong Hwa get some sort of recognition for this drama despite the poor the ratings because they deserve every bit of admiration that will come upon them in the near future if not from mainstream Korea let it be outside Korea where many of your fans are all praying for your never ending success that someday may lead you to be starring in another drama together again.

    I will miss you Heartstrings!


  7. nonski says:

    Thanks softy for recapping Heartstrings! You allowed us the pleasure of watching this drama, that is so good, with your insights. Your live transcap made our wait for the real stuff bearable. You have given us, who cannot readily download raws, a lifeline. Thanks for staying with us till the end of Heartstrings. This is one great show and you are godsend.


  8. Sheila says:

    Thank Softy for your live re-caps. Always “checked-in” on Wednesday and Thursday nights before crawling into bed……..Thanks again! Love watching light hearted dramas and reading your wonderful write ups!


  9. blessedtoes says:

    Thanks Softy… love reading your thoughts & insights on YFFM/Heartstrings… your words expressed so well what i love about this show… it’s such a great comfort to find people who give their time & love to this gem of a drama… would always remember your dedication & commitment to even recap it through the storm & upheavals in seoul… YFFM will always have a special place in my heart… big thanks to the team, PD, cast & crew & recappers like you for sharing such an endearing show, it was a indeed breath of fresh air, breezy, light, sweet, with attention to details, little nuances, simple quiet poignant moments, beautiful color palette & composition of scenes, a show that takes time with relationship & character developments, creating characters we grew to feel & root for, complete with awesome music & songs that simply touches the heart. It doesn’t fail to amaze me how such a simple breath of fresh air of a show has left such an indelible mark in my heart. So glad i took this journey with you and fellow readers of your blog…


  10. Thalia says:

    it’s almost a week since the end of Heartstrings but I still cant get enough of it. Everyday I still look for the new info about the casts, read the same recaps from one blog to another, feels sad, happy, broken-hearted and in the end I know, I’ve fallen in love too much with this drama. Now I don’t even have any idea what new drama I should follow since my heart is still for Heartstrings.


  11. Softy says:

    Reading over all these comments is making me even sadder to say goodbye to YFFM. I hope everyone takes comfort in the fact that at least we are all going thru withdrawal cuz we followed a great drama. So many other ppl in Korea have no clue what they missed out on. Months or years from now when others discover this gem, they are going to envy us for experiencing this great drama together. Thank you everyone for giving me so many more reasons to love YFFM.


  12. Marsh says:

    Just like most of the wonderful fan of YFFM I am still in withdrawal and despite the hectic class sked I have I always get a glimpse of this Sweet drama and every Asian classmate of mine started to look like Yong HWa. so cheesy sorry. I can’t let go, I am not sue when this madness will end but this is really the first time I’ve fallen in love with a drama and the I think I am delusional now for I have fallen deeply in love with Yong Hwa. I really need therapy. I need a big smack in my behind to wake up from this dreamland called Kdrama. I haven’t watched anything else since Heartstrings so I came back to your blog Softy.. I read and reread the recaps and your thoughts and all the comments to fill the gaping hole left by YFFM. Thanks again for having this site so I can go through my withdrawal.


    • Softy says:

      Wish I could tell you how to ease out of withdrawal by watching other dramas, but since you already have a packed schedule maybe just reading recaps again is better. 🙂 If this is the first drama you have fallen in love with, I am curious which other ones you watched that didn’t measure up to this one.


      • marsh says:

        Thanks again, Softy.I a newbie in Kdrama. THis is my 3rd Kdrama . It will get better I hope since OChem is driving me nuts and taking all of my time now that classes are in full swing. Last Labor day weekend was when my mom finally said that I am to be committed to an asylum incommunicado for my first love is not even real. I’ve watched Playful Kiss but it was not my cup of tea for I didn’t like the lead girl’s character… thus I was hoping that Lee Shin should have been the first to fall for KW but it was still ok. Boys Before FLower was ok too but I didn’t like the bullying part. I think I just love Yong Hwa — and now I have to get over it. When I have time I will watch CIty Hunter, maybe. Best regards to you and to all of Kdrama fandom.


  13. rr says:

    i’m having a relapse for the nth time..still can’t let go of this drama so i’m visiting again and re-reading your recaps and comments..thank god for heartstrings helps me a lot everytime i feel the pangs of withdrawal again 🙂


  14. Softy says:

    I think this is the first time a quiet little drama was so well received – I’m glad it’s not forgotten 🙂
    Marsh you should try watching you are beautiful – if you fall in love with the pig rabbit I can send you one signed by park shin hye to hold onto after the withdrawal symptoms kicks in 🙂


  15. Maris says:

    Loved reading your articles.i am happy to have landed on your site because of FBND. Thank you for all the recaps.

    Heartstrings is the drama that made me loose faith in the ratings. Was I watching something different? Can no one see the simple beauty of first stirrings of love when young? Unforgettable chemistry between JYH and PSH? The shared looks? Unforgettable music and songs, the beautiful setting, absence of unnecessary melodrama and love triangles, interesting characters ……there are so many things to remember and miss even after one and a half years. Miss Heartstrings and Lee Gyun and Lee Shin. Have seen many wonderful dramas but why does this have that something special that none other has? This takes the number one spot in my heart if for nothing else than just because of the sheer amount of time I spent enjoying it……and still often do.


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