Special thanks to Fanderay for sharing her talent and letting me use her artwork as headers. She is also co-recapping Ojakkyo Brothers with me and I hope this is just the start of many more collaborations to come. update: we are also recapping Moon together.

Also, I want to thank Thundie for sharing her love and talent by providing screencaps for CYHMH E21-30 and making headers too. She also switched out the theme for me and renovated this blog for this new look.

Thanks also to kcomments for providing so many wonderful videos, ratings, and info – you’ve been a great help and I really appreciate all that you do for us.

My eternal gratitude goes out to Nikesma for all of her gorgeous headers that she continues to provide despite her busy schedule.

Thanks also to Iviih, Jomo, and wickedinutopia for sharing all your videos 🙂

18 comments on “Contributors

  1. color pirate says:

    stumbled on your site! Really genuine…love the added notes and remarks. Your colors really come through your writings! Really appreciate translation (hiccup) remarks since I’m teaching myself Korean. Great work


  2. Laurie says:

    I found your site from MSOAN on FB. Thanks for all this hard work, hours and effort you put into this blog. I glad you do this, as right now, I do not have the time to stream and watch whole episodes. Being able to take a few minutes here and read the episodes. keeps me caught up till I can stream.


  3. k drama addict says:

    more power to you guys thanks for what you do.


  4. Pink says:

    Hi , I am a big fan of SG,thank you very much for all your hard work,I really appreciate your blog. Where are you from? I am from Europe/Romania. Kisses.


  5. bops says:

    Words are not enough. I’m on major Mary withdrawal mode, my only excuse for sending you my thank you message this late.

    For Mary Stayed Out All Night live transcaps, I will forever be grateful.

    I discovered your site pretty late in the game, only six episodes left. My life could have been different had I stumbled on you early on.



  6. Hae says:

    Thanks !!!
    great work
    can i use ur transcriptions for my website ??


  7. lei2010 says:

    ha! so ur a fan of Yoo Ah In too… omg… i am too.. really anticipating his next drama and i hope this time he will be the lead and he will take the girl, coz u know in SKKS / SCW, i was hoping that he will get the girl in the end.. but since he’s not its ok..

    wish we could be friends, i don’t have someone i can share my passion and growing addiction in k-dramas / jdorama…

    thanks for ur blog, just started reading it now coz of 49 days… now i think i have to postpone it for a while coz i need to study… wish me luck and take care…


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Softy.You know I am keeping watch of SS on viki.

    OMG how did I miss this MV??????

    I’ve just died and gone to SS heaven 🙂


  9. Evie says:

    Will you guys be continuing with Midas? I miss the short recaps 😦


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Sorry Evie- Midas was dropped – those short recaps took btw 5-8 hrs to do each episode and the excess business jargon with slow plot was just too much.
      Pink – Seoul,Korea for now but grew up in America
      Hae- go ahead and use them if you want
      Lei2010- you’ll find that pretty much all of us drop by cuz of our passion for Kdramas so you are in good company here
      I hardly ever check up here so sorry for the late replies. Thank you all for appreciating the blog and leaving comments 🙂


  10. Evie says:

    Oh well, they were fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the other great recaps!


  11. kcomments says:

    Sorry soft, I tried to pm you on Soompi, couldn’t find you so will say it here.
    Would you please change your header from ‘CYHMH’ to the full name ‘Can You Hear My Heart’ So it can be reachable/searchable by Google? Cuz I know lots of ppl are looking for recap, no other blog really take this one in. It’s really up to you tho, no pressure ^^
    Oh, and other drama as well, hehe.


  12. louise says:

    i followed you here from epdrama..just couldn’t wait for the eng subs of 49 tahnkful for the live recaps about this wishing it will stay a bit more long..just love having a drama in my life:)..and so looking forward for my dream to have a trip in korea..again many thanks for sharing your thoughts..


  13. thundie says:

    The Yoon Kye-sang headers are soooo cute!! *squeals*


  14. orchidia2002 says:

    I like your team.. “) Got this site through ep drama… Can I join too?


  15. ika says:

    thanks for the recaps…. im from indonesia….


  16. Lynn N says:

    Thank you sooooo much, whenever Ojakyo Brothers comes up with a new ep, i always go here to check out the recap 🙂 thanks so much from California, USA


  17. SHIRYL says:

    thank you very much for the recaps.. now its more fun watching the moon that embraces the sun drama and then read the recaps of you guys..more power.. keep it up..


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