You’ve fallen for me E13

OMG that new song – the BEST one so far. I almost bawled. Why did this feel like the finale epsiode? My thoughts about this episode are at the end to avoid spoilers, but can I just say – I found new reasons to love this drama again. It has been the underdog in the wed/thurs night lineup, but this show refuses to bow down in defeat and just comes up with new ways to stay in the limelight where it belongs. Many will disagree, but I loved the ending.


*just in case ppl were wondering why I didn’t have any screencaps of KY’s abs – it wasn’t cuz I didn’t appreciate them – there was only one reason this time. Lately I seem to be screencapping a lot of abs and I find myself too embarrassed to visit my own blog in public cuz ppl might think this is a whole different website. 🙂


You’ve fallen for me E13

After SM tells everyone the show was called off and cancelled, SH tells everyone to get ready for now and gather later. Y asks where he is going. SH says to see the chairman. K wonders if it happened cuz of her again but S says K did nothing wrong and SH will take care of it. S holds her hand in support

SH asks the chairman what happened. chairman says he doesnt have anything to say (meaning he is speechless too) SH asks where HJ’s mom is. chairman says she just left so go after her. he says sorry he couldnt sort this out

SH calls out to HJ’s mom and asks her to wait a minute. what is the reason for doing this? she says didnt you hear from the chairman? there wasnt a quiet day (where there was no trouble) from the start till now. SH says all of that was taken care of and now everything is going well. she says  she doesnt like a lot of talk about the show if it ends up not doing well or something. sorry. as she turns to leave, SH asks if there is a problem with HJ. unless something  happened with HJ -there is no reason for her mom to do this. she says this was decided with HJ and the chairman. SH turns and blames T- did you do this? T:what are you saying? even tho I cant stand the sight of you and hate you – beyond that I am the (his school job title) you think I would be the one who made the 100 YAS end up like this. SH: I dont know why but I think you would. T yells after him that this is why it ended up like this with that attitude

HJ gets a call but she turns her phone off.

kid tells JH to call HJ. JH says her phone is turned off. he offers to go find her in person. SH comes and says from this moment on the 100 YAS has been cancelled. you worked so hard but sorry I couldnt protect you all till the end as your director. girls cry so does K. JH says this doesnt make sense. KY sort of cries too.

Hj’s mom tells HJ that the 100 YAS was cancelled. she didnt tell anyone it was cuz  HJ was sick so HJ needs to watch what she says later. I made an appt for your surgery so take care of your body/health well so you can recover and do better next year.  they hear JH’s voice calling her. her mom asks what this sound is. HJ guesses it’s JH.

HJ goes out and he says the show was cancelled -how did this happen?HJ:why are you asking me that? JH: is it true that you said you didnt want to do it? HJ: yes it’s true. JH: that couldnt happen. he says he knows how much she wanted to do the show. HJ:what do you know? I dont want to see you so go and dont come back again. he says he trusts her and will wait till she comes back-unni you have to come back

S asks K: should we go see a sad movie. she says no. then he suggests: should we go ride a roller coaster at an amusement part? she says it isnt time for that. S: so that you dont have to care what others are thinking and be able to cry your heart out and yell. she says how upset she is. S: I know – I am really upset too. K: it makes me think back to the beginning when this started- why did he tell me to do this and make me suffer this much. S says she can do it well next year. she wonders if she can do this again next year plus the director  wont be here next year. S: at least there is something left. the best king card of moonha art college: lee shin. Isnt that enough? she calls him a name with the word braggart in it. S: it’s not bragging – it’s that I was really “born well.” (* in korean the word “brag” sounds like “born well” so he was making a pun

Y goes to see SH. she says there wasnt any beer so this is ok right? he thanks her for the coffee. she suggest eating something spicy at a time like this to feel better but he stops her and says he knows how she feels but he wants to be alone right now- he is too embarrassed and he wonders if this is all he can do/he is capable of. she says it isnt his fault – sorry for not taking your side from the start. I wont worry- I can trust in you and go right? he thanks her. she leaves. SH gets a call and asks if they cant meet next time

SH meets with some guy -his name is kim. kim says he heard about the show cancellation. SH asks if the rumors are already out. SH asks why kim wants to see him. kim: dont you want to go to broadway again? he talks about his musical and says he wants to put it on broadway. the ppl from broadway recommended SH. (basically he is asking SH to direct another musical.)  Gu comes over and asks what they are talking so seriously about. SH says it’s nothing. gu says he thought so.

S’s mom hears and asks what happened. S says the school decided call it off. she says there isnt much time left so the school is going too far (making them quit now)  dont be too upset. that happened when mom was in school too. back then cuz it was such a waste after all that we had practiced -we performed out front and got in trouble. there is no rule that says it has to be shown in front of a huge audience with the stage all set.  there will be another opportunity

K is having dinner with her GP. GP asks about K about how the musical is going. she says she cant do it. he asks if she was cut. she says it was cancelled.he says he never heard of something like that going well and tells her to just practice her gayageum. they heard S calling “is anyone there? K?” GP asks who that is when they are eating. S opens the door and apologizes for interrupting their meal. GP says to wait till he finishes eating to hear about his gukak life story. S says he didnt come for that- he has something to say to K. K excuses herself and goes out to talk to S

K asks what is going on for him to come to her house. S asks her if she wants to have fun doing the 100YAS for themselves. K: have fun with what? S: let’s just try it- even if there isnt an impressive stage or audience – if the director helps – I think we can do it for ourselves. K: but there is no HJ. S: we have you so why do we need HJ? let’s just try it once.  cuz it’s a waste not to use what they practiced so far. K: will the kids go along with this? S: at least stupid and WF will. K agrees and says let’s try.

 GP overhears and says: do performing art school kids have to perform on someone’s behalf/for someone’s sake? you just now thought of that? he complains the taste of his soup is not right cuz K was thinking of silly things

SH goes and looks at the empty practice hall and remembers how the kids worked so hard

gu comes over and asks why Y-why is such a beautiful woman alone? Y says she thought if she went home she wouldnt be able to sleep so she wanted to have a glass of beer. Gu guesses she is like this cuz of SH. did he say he was going to NY? she asks what he is talking about.  Gu asks if she doesnt know that SH got an offer to work on broadway. he realizes he just spilled the secret. Y says he already said everything so tell the rest. he tells her to act like he didnt tell her first-she sensed it first. Gu says he saw SH talking to a musical producer who wants to take his show to broadway and wants SH to do it. I thought he (SH) would tell you first. Y: SH must have needed time to think it over first

K and S tell the kids the idea. the girls whine and ask KY to do it with them. K says KY is the best person to convince the director (cuz SH listens to him) -you will help us right? KY sighs and hides behind his hand and asks: who thought of this cool idea? S clears his throat. KY jokes he will do it if S drops out. K says KY is kidding- you are goin to do it right? KY: I cant run away this time too huh? girls scream from happiness. SM comes in and asks why the kids are happy since this isnt a time for that. K tells him how they decided to do the cancelled show for themselves. S: the director just needs to give his permission. SM tells them how sorry he is to throw cold water on them but SH is going to broadway. he  came and packed a while ago and left. S goes out and kids follow

SH is carrying his boxes. K says: director you cant do this without telling us. S says SH is cowardly. SH asks if S is filming a movie. Sh says how he cant stay here when there is no 100 YAS. KY says how they are going to do the show anyway. SM says they are going to try. he asks SH for help. mean girl whines about how she told her relatives she would be doing this. girls whine they will be ruined if they dont do this. Y: this is like a scene I would see in a movie. if it was me – I would do it. S says we are asking you. KY says if it wasnt for the director he would have made it to (whatever it was he was trying out for before SH dragged him away) SH says the kids blocked his broadway and if they dont do well, he is going to ask for compensation. kids are happy.

HJ’s mom makes a comment about how in this day and age, emails or texts are faster so what is up with the letter. she gives HJ a candy bar and letter JH wrote. HJ sticks up for JH saying he normally doesnt have any sense. she tells her mom to leave cuz she cant talk much without her voice hurting. HJ reads the letter. me – who is poor- cuz I love the beautiful natasha -tonight there is a lot of snow falling..

JH narrates at school: cuz I love natasha -snow is falling alot – I am sitting alone feeling sad and eating a choco bar. and he eats the candy bar. she makes a remark about how he is missing marbles cuz why is there talk of choco bar in this. she eats hers and calls him a fool

JH waits outside her home. he says – unni I have faith you will come.

T, the other teacher, chairman, SH and Y are meeting.

T asks if SH is doing the 100 YAS again when the chairman already is against it. does that make sense?SH: it does make sense. I thought about it and we can continue after we take off the “100 year anniversary” words in the front. we are doing this show ourselves so it doesnt matter. chairman: are you really going to be like this? Sh speaks up about how he went to this school and says he wont damage the school image. otehr guy says SH doesnt have the funds- it wont come from the school and sponsors all dropped out. SH says art normally means you will be hungry. but if they want to help out he wont turn them down. T asks if SH means to do the show by himself with the kids.Y says she will help too cuz if she was a student again she would do this.

SM tells the kids that it’s good they came and tells them to sit. Sm tells SH that the acting team and music team are all here in attendance. SH: kids dont have any fears. he says how they dont have any funds (subsidization) from the school-not one to back them and nowhere to perform. think you can do it? they scream yes. K suggests opening a donation to raise money for the show. B suggests they have a fundraising mini concert.  S offers his month’s pay from his part time job at catharsis to use for the show. K says there is no one like S. B nudges her and says why do you like S so S gives  B a look. mean girl offers her savings for her nose job that she was going to have during her break $520. SM compliments her saying her nose is pretty even now -it’s like a designer nose. she says really? and hugs him.

SH turns Kim’s offer down. he asks how a school musical is more imp than Broadway. on top of that he didnt even get a formal permission to do the show.  SH says Kim needs to learn more about broadway- over there those actors dont have formal permission to perform. in back alleys they work and make their way up on their own. kim: you are really not going to do it? Sh says sorry. Kim says let’s act like this didnt happen.

 Gu runs over and SH accuses him of eavesdropping again. Gu asks if SH is crazy -how could he turn down broadway. that you would do this –  Gu hugs him and says he is proud of being his friend. SH accuses him of telling Y about his broadway offer after eavesdropping. Gu says he didnt tell Y – she sensed it first so he couldnt help it. SH  tells him  not to go around talking about that and to brag about how cool he is about stuff like this (for turning down the broadway offer) Gu asks if SH wants him to spread word/rumors and promises to post on internet and other media outlets that “SH is cool”. Gu keeps hugging SH so SH tells him to let go.

WF and S are making flyers for their fundraiser. one girl suggests snacks so the two of them leave to go buy some. B tells them to hurry and come back and stays behind with K and S. B says how their fundraising concert has to go well. S gives her a look so B stands and says she will step out too. K says there is a lot to color so where is she running off to? B says to the bathroom.

S tells K to leave B alone. he says how B seems to have some sense (about giving them privacy.) J: what? S: every time we are together she interfered but it’s been a while since she butted out. K: even so we are busy now. S asks if K’s major isnt fundraisers (since this is her second one) K agrees she might be. he says sorry about not showing up that first time and she says cuz of him they were able to sell a lot of tickets even tho the place wasnt that great. S: dont worry – this time I will raise a lot of fund for you. K:how? S: just wait and see.  B asks if she can come back in cuz she has no place to go. K tells her to hurry and come in and make these but B says she was asking S. he tells her to come back in. B thanks him

SH and Y come out of the office. he says how they got permission to use the practice hall but he worries the stage will be too small. Y says she thought so. she brings up how she heard he turned down the broadway offer. SH: did you hear that from Gu? Y: you told him to spread the word. SH: that guy is really fast about stuff like this. she asks if he isnt going to regret this later. SH: you dont know me well still but there are a lot of ppl calling me (giving him offers). he asks her to go with him next time if there is an opportunity. Y:what? he changes the subject asking if it’s going to rain cuz his back hurts. Y: i will think about it. he tells her to help K out more and points out K’s weaknesses. she agrees to do that. she says cuz he was so good to K, now he gets to use her (as the lead) SH: she doesnt know the talent she has -I can see it clearly- wish I could just make it come out. it felt like a waste so I paid more attention to her. while trying to do that- I ended up getting a silly misunderstanding. Y: after she finishes the musical K will realize something. SH: will she? Y: of course

HJ’s mom tells her how they are being childish and gathering their allowance money to do the show. what can they do without you? she asks why that kid keeps coming here -cuz he is always waiting he got skinnier- she warns if JH comes again tm she is going to call the police

JH is waiting at HJ’s home

K practices dancing with Y. Y tells her to take a break. she says how K got so much better than when she started. K: thank you. are you ok? Y: about what? K: cuz I heard this musical is about you and the director’s story. Y: why bring it up now to embarrass me -if I wasnt – do you think I would have done it. K: while I looked at the script I was wondering about this and that. back then why did Y leave SH behind. Y: cuz I was young. back then I thought I could do everything -I thought this isnt everything and looked ahead to what was in front of me – I wasnt scared of anything or regretful. if that was you- what do you think you would have done? K: what? Y: if after this musical ends -if you get an offer to stand on broadway -what would you do?  K: I would turn it down. Y: you would turn it down? K: to be honest -this musical will be my first and last. cuz it was hard to get my GP’s permission. after it ends, I should go back to gayageum. Y: I didnt ask what your GP thought – I asked what you thought. back then I broke up with SH, but even now I dont regret my decision back then. let’s practice.

K’s dad is dragging his luggage. S’s mom makes fun of him for dragging around his luggage back and forth. he tells her not to do that cuz he isnt in a good mood now. why do I have to live caring about what my father thinks at this age? if I followed my heart I want to go back to (the city he came from) right now. but I am going to beg for forgiveness for K’s sake. S’s mom: that was a good decision. she offers to help him carry it. he says it’s ok. she asks for it and sprains her ankle. he comments that she is wearing heels that are too high and doesnt suit her age. S’s mom: whose fault is it that I ended up like this? K’s dad: who told you to help me? she says she cant put any weight on it. he offers his hand and tells her to take it. he grabs it and they walk together.

S and K are walking home. she says how tired she is. she said it like an old person so S asks: where did K go and a grandma showed up. she says how hard it is to practice the dancing part. he tells her to sit for a minute. she says she doesnt have the strength to talk and says let’s hurry and go home. S:who said let’s talk? just sit for a second. K: ok let’s rest and go.

after she sits, he massages her leg. it hurts a lot huh? she starts to protest so he tells her to sit still since he cant follow her to her home to do this. if you do this and sleep- tm it will be more comfortable. K: where did you learn to do this? S: cuz of – my mom often had to stand all day. K says how good it feels. S holds out his hand and asks for $30. K:what? S: I was just kidding. give me the other leg.  she kisses the top of his head. to break the awkwardness, she talks about how there are a lot of stars and weather is good

S’s mom says she is ok now but he says they are almost there so just keep going. she pulls her hand away. her dad asks why. they see K and S. K asks “dad?”

GP asks why K is coming in with her dad. her dad says they met out front.  GP: is that true- you two arent going to gang up on me as soon as you walk in? K says no cuz she lived with GP so she should do that to her dad if she is going to.  her dad says it’s sad to hear but what she said is correct. GP tells them to rest and leaves. her dad asks to talk with K

they go into her room. she asks if it’s something for her to be surprised/alarmed about. her dad says she might and she might not. she asks what his relationship is with S’s mom. K’s dad: she is my first love

S’s mom tells him how she told S a long time ago – that she had someone she was going to marry. S: was that…? (he doesnt say the name but implies it was K’s dad) she says that’s right.  he asks if they are meeting again now. she says it’s too late to do that- more than us, you two are more precious. you wont have anything to worry about

 K and S talk on the phone and asks each other if they heard. K: that was why he (her dad) was so worried about you. S: I must have done that too.  K guesses their parents would be meeting if it wasnt for them.  S jokes: I would have had a younger sibling named K. K: I told you I was your noona by 3 months. S: hurry and sleep. you will be tired when we have to raise funds tm. K: I know but I cant sleep.  he offers to sing for K. K: now? S: when mom came home late -when J couldnt sleep – I would sing to her.  he plays the guitar and sings the song from yesterday.

WF and stupid play the ending together at catharsis. the audience is made up of other kids and SH, Y, and gu. then S sings – you’ve fallen for me. it’s like a mini concert.

the kids are asking ppl to buy some fruit and stuff trying to drum up more business. K sees S taking pics with girls. some guy tells K to rest. she sits and drinks with that guy. she thanks him and says should we have a drink. S stops smiling and looks at her. he hears her flirting with the guy -she asks the guy if he has been well and says how the guy got better looking the more she sees him. S mutters :what is so handsome? K looks at S and says to the guy- how could you get this better looking as time goes on.  S calls out for more girls to take pics with him.

K says cuz of someone they raised a lot of fund/money. S: as long as you know. K: but you went too far. S: you told me to raised a lot of money. K: who told you to do it like that? S:what did I do? K: you put your arms around girls shoulders to take pics and seemed like you had a lot of fun. S: I am putting up with this now cuz you are pretty when you are pouting but from next time on – dont laugh like that with other guys. K:are you jealous? S: I am so dont do that. she tells him not to do that too. cuz I was jealous a while ago too. S mutters how he cant even hide her from others. K: just cuz you hide me – will my charm go anywhere? he walks off so she asks if he is mad.  he leans in and mentions how it’s about to get improper right now but at times like this someone always interrupts so just hurry and go in. she says see you tm

K gives two tickets and tells GP and her dad that somehow she became the lead. you two will come watch (the show) right? GP pushes the tickets away and says he wont go. K:why? cuz it’s fusion music? GP says: if you are the lead – it will be the first time you stood on stage so what is there to see? she complains he is going too far talking like that to his grandchild. her dad says : that’s true father – to our precious daughter. he promises to go. GP: you go but I am not going.  she threatens that if GP doesnt come she is going to tell kids not to come hear his gugak life story. that gets his attention. GP:what? K: so you have to be sure to come.

JH is still there outside HJ’s home and says hello to her. so her mom says she is sick of him. JH asks if HJ knows tm is the day of the show. her mom calls her driver to hurry and come. JH recites more lines of that poem about natasha. the car arrives.  her mom tells HJ to get in. JH calls out he will wait.

 HJ goes to get her surgery. her mom tells her to take a break for a year after her surgery and go abroad. she complains how HJ hangs out with strange kids. she tells HJ to wait and leaves her alone.she remembers how JH came to meet her for the first he set up the audition for her- made her lunch – and said he believes her and will wait.

JH gets a text. she tells him to hurry and come and get her.

her mom wonders where HJ went

HJ is waiting at the hospital. she asks why JH is so late. he tells her to hurry and put on the helmet. she says hurry and let’s go

kids are practicing. SH compliments K saying she did well and her expression looked good.  HJ shows up. SH asks what she is doing here. HJ: heard you are doing the show- the female lead cant be left out. S walks over to her. S: are you crazy? you quit without a word not too long ago  and now you are saying what? our show lead is K. HJ asks K – what do you think- if you say you are going to do it- I will drop out. SH asks K-what are you going to do? you decide. K tells HJ that it’s good she came. hope you do a good job. kids mutter their complaints. K walks out and so does S. HJ says they should start practice

K asks why S came cuz he has to practice. S: you are upset – cuz you worked so hard while HJ was gone. K: i’m ok – like I said before – it’s not important that I become the lead. she says HJ is better than her, she needs to defer for the sake of the show. S: but still. K: it’s not a show for my sake. KY had a hard time and made it this far-how the mean girl gave up her nose surgery. they are all doing it for their own reasons. to be honest- I want to stand on stage too. but how can I only think of myself and take care of my own greed in this situation. HJ will do the ending better than me. he says it’s (keetook) so she reminds him how she is his noona by 3 months. he hugs her and says she can cry if she wants in front of him.

SH meets with HJ. SH: as a teacher I shouldnt say this but right now I dont like you. she says it’s ok cuz she doesnt like him too. she asks how K can go on stage when she is like that. SH:what is wrong with her? HJ: are you really asking cuz you dont know? she says how K is slow/ a step slower than the music. did I say anything incorrect? SH says he will fix that. HJ: i will teach her. SH: why would you? HJ: you told me to pay attention to the understudy till the show. she asks permission to work on K.

HJ bosses K around saying you got it wrong again – how many times do i have to tell you. K:arent you going too far? what is the point of doing this now? HJ tells her to be quiet and start over. K sits down and says she doesnt want to. HJ: do it. K: i wont. HJ: can you tell me that you did your best? K: yes I can. HJ: when you’ve tried so hard that you dont need to feel embarrassed to yourself -being able to say that – that’s what they say is doing your best. I have never even once been able to tell myself that I did my best. I’m envious that you can say. K gets up and says let’s try it again. even if I cant tell myself that I did my best, at least I need to get acknowledgement from you. HJ: fine

Hj’s mom barges into SH’s office and accuses him of taking HJ. SH:what? HJ’s mom: if you do this you think you can revive the 100YAS? it will never work so give me back my daughter right now. Sh says he has no intention of asking anything from her. HJ came back on her own two feet. HJ’s mom: she ran away from the hospital. she cant be allowed to sing. cuz of her condition if she overdoes it she wont be able to use her voice. where is my HJ?

HJ says to K: that was good- you are doing well.  SH comes in so HJ says: I told you K would do better if I make her. he puts his hands on her shoulder so she asks if he was moved to this extent (that she improved K) but SH asks: why didnt you tell me? if you overdo it now- you might never get your voice back forever. what is so great about this show to skip your surgery to come here? K asks her what this is about. what do you mean your voice might not come back? HJ cries and says to SH: look how K doesnt pick up on the clues. so how could I not come. SH:these kids.

SH tells the kids that it’s happening tm – you’re nervous huh? while you are in school, you always see the kids who cant study – study all night before the test and sleep in and miss the test next day. I am not talking about others but you guys. anyone who stays behind to practice – if you get caught by me it’s the end for you. today go home early and eat and rest well. got that? kids yell they will. he says this is it for real. HJ calls K and S’s name. S tells HJ to not worry and rest well.  HJ: dont worry about me – I called you two do well. dont have any dates or stuff and go home early. she says to K: cuz I felt uneasy about you – I came all this way in my condition. K: then will you take us to our homes? HJ tells S to take K home safely. JH offers to take HJ home. S to K: should we get going too?

K: I was right to do this musical. S: me too. K says so that she doesnt have to be sorry to HJ or the director- she will really do well. S: you have to cuz whose girlfriend are you.  she nudges him to be serious at a time like this. S: I was talking seriously. I dont like just any girl. in this world – the most special – the coolest -just one girl who is like that is you. You will be like that tm too right? she nods.

*(see – told you – cheese factor off the charts – the concept of overkill is lost on this guy, but that is what makes him so endearing.)

chairman comes over and warns SH -you better not mess this up (disappoint) or else I wont let you off. SH asks why he is saying things to deflate him  when they havent even started. Y agrees and says he should have come over with some fund money in an envelope to encourage them. T says he lost – he forgot SH was this kind of guy (to pull this off) and challenged him. T gives SH an envelope of money and tells him to go out and eat with the kids after it’s over. SH says this is why he likes T.

mean girl is putting makeup on K’s face. she talks about how she thought when she first auditioned she would be performing with HJ but who knew the lead would be K. the girl calls HJ a name and says how much HJ suffered -her body and her heart-how upset she must be. K says wait a minute and runs off.

HJ is looking at the flyer for the show and gets a call

SG goes down the hall calling names. KY says he isnt going to run away. SH asks if they are all ready. the time has come. while you all practiced – the promises you made to each other and the promises you made to yourself – this is the time to make it happen. I believe in you guys. kids hug him.

K practices her singing. S comes in and asks if she isnt trembling today. K says she isnt. she asks why he looks like that. he says he is shaking – what if the response to the ending isnt good. K: dont worry it will be good. S: what if kids make mistakes playing. K: they won’t. S: I shouldnt have said I would do the ending. K: you must really be shaking. come over here. S:what? he steps closer. K: you taught me this advice -when you go up on stage – to do this to the audience.  she holds his cheeks and says – you’ve fallen for me. and pinches his cheek. they say fighting to each other

K’s dad and Gp are there with S’s mom and sis. kids perform and HJ is there dancing too. her mom looks surprised and so does Y, T, and that other teacher but SH doesnt look that shocked. GP asks what happened – K is the lead so why did another girl come out? her dad tells GP to just keep watching and wait. J says she knew this would happen – how could K be the lead. S’s mom apologizes to GP and shushes J.

SM is mad and says HJ was not able to throw away her ambition (greed/selfishness) till the end – how she go on when she can’t even sing.

HJ does her scene and kisses KY. then KY gets a mask put on and takes off his shirt. omg – he takes the mask off and his eye liner is more noticeable. More performances. HJ dances a lot with other guys, but no singing. other teacher whispers to T that up till now they were able to safely overcome everything cuz there wasn’t a song yet, but what about the song in the fourth act cuz HJ’s voice will be destroyed if she sings . T scolds him and says the guy should hope for her to end safely. the guy mutters that he was just worried.

S plays his guitar solo. impressive.

WF plays with Stupid. then KY comes out singing a song I dont know. (SH played it once but just the beginning part a long time ago in his office.) omg this song is freaking amazing. HJ comes out singing but it’s K’s voice. S plays and sings, but notices it’s K’s voice and looks over to the direction of her voice behind him. K is singing from backstage with a mic and crying.


BTS scenes and NGs

*K says she was worried and trembled so she didnt sleep for a few days but she did well and asks the viewers to look forward to it

*S makes an NG when he says let’s rest and go so K tells him to just walk and S explains his steps confused him

*S keeps laughing and making NGs so K keeps hitting him

* in the last NG, S said “I’m sorry” formally like he was talking to a grownup so K laughs and says “what was that” – he felt bad about the NG that he forgot who he was talking to (PSH is younger than him) and used formal language to apologize instead of banmal – so cute.


That last scene gave me chills it was so good. S knew where she was or sensed it and kept looking over as he sang. 🙂 This show was for the kids to display their hard work and since it was held at school, something tells me they will still do the real one before the drama ends

*My thoughts on why K let HJ take the lead

 this is who K is – someone who makes sacrifices for the good of others. she gave up living with her own father till now so it wouldn’t be hard on her dad or her grandpa from fighting so much. she went around looking for that necklace and watching out for S when he didnt know it cuz this is who she is. This is the person S fell in love with – someone who puts the show first before herself. When HJ came back after missing her surgery, HJ never planned to replace K. HJ knows she isnt allowed to sing. That was the only reason why I didnt go crazy during the recap. I almost cried when I realized HJ came back to push K and have a reason to be there by saying she is the lead – HJ only came back to make K perform better. HJ made that sacrifice and stepped back. K was the one who called HJ the last minute and came up with this idea. K knows that HJ is better at dancing and stuff and worked all her life for this moment. For K this musical was a one time thing- she knows it means more to HJ. what K did is admirable if you ask me and it made me fall for this drama all over again.

Fanderay found the lyrics to the song that someone else translated

Yes, smile so happiness will come
Yes, smile so the love can come into my embrace
like all the stars in the sky- even all the dreams

Yes, get up- don’t collapse
Yes, get up- even if it’s one step per day
Even if it’s a slow walk- it’s okay


When you can see tears in my eyes
When tears flow down my cheeks
Cry out loudly then the sadness will be shocked and run away

When my heart is crumbling
When my heart is so in pain
Laugh loudly- so hope can come find me

the rest wasn’t shown in the episode, but it played in the background thru the NG clips

Now it’s ok- I can laugh
Now it’s ok- only if I am with you
Because when I’m tired, I can rest

Even if it’s a bit high, I can climb over it
Even if my road is blocked, I can go around it
Never stop in that one place


Spread out your arms widely

I may fall down but that’s not failure
Just brush it off lightly- I’m not crying
Because I can just get up and run again

Sometimes I can smile for love
Sometimes I can cry for love
Because everything will make me stronger

Sometimes I risk it all for love
Sometimes I regret because of love
But it’s ok- I will dream again today
And set out to the road


67 comments on “You’ve fallen for me E13

  1. milynnlieu says:

    hahah… you crack me up LOL>>>>>Softy: “Lately I seem to be screencapping a lot of abs and I find myself too embarrassed to visit my own blog in public cuz ppl might think this is a whole different website” :DDDDD


  2. No memory Loss says:

    OMG…i’m so missing out live streaming commenting away due to travelling again. Nö beach this time just Hot sunny muggy South!! Anyway thank you so mch for the transcaps and everyone commenting help me feel like I was watching live with those that did! I was tearing up just reading of how endearing S is towards K and nö more bickering btwn students, teachers and HJ’s Mom, thankgoodness! Now I want to Know the audience’s Reaktion to K singing for HJ..Dad’s, GP’s, S, HJ’s Mom, etc. SH seemed to have expected


    • MJShinshi says:

      K to do what she did, even her Dad I think he sensed that might happen.
      Sorry that was me(MJS) commenting as nö memoryloss.. 🙂 i cannot wait to get home and catch up with subbed videos and hopefully watch SoaW live! I feel you softy..bei g.embarassed visiting RS in public ;
      So I saved SoaW on iPad to read on plane and when scrolled down to shower scenes, you know I be lingering a li’l longer (more drooling than reading) on J’s shower screencaps….when it finally dawned on me that those around me might think I am such a pervert for looking at such Pictures!! And In Public Too — No Shame!!! Of course I quickly scrolled away Not Lingering As Long As I would have preferred 🙂 but Love that you were screencapping those scenes..Abs..abs more abs…lol Thank You again softy! **Hugs Hugs** Rest well til SoaW..


  3. Beng-beng says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. I cried more in your recap than the show itself coz, maybe can’t understand most of what they are saying =). But adding your recap to the action, boy, this is one helluva episode. I just love K’s character, that’s why the a bit selfish Shin fell in love with her. And how S is changing because of her. But can i just say S if the best i think in all of the cast. I don’t know but i just love him. It’s his love to K that’s pulling me in this drama. Such a perfect boyfriend =).

    Agree with you, i think there will still be a show of the 100 years anniv, this time with K as the lead star. The question is, will GP finally allow K to test the theatre? =)


  4. kdheart says:

    I have commented in this post this morning (it was actually dawn. lol) but I don’t see it now, maybe I forgot to click publish. HAHA! =))

    Is it weird if I say everytime I finish reading the recap of You’ve Fallen For Me’s newest episode, I keep saying the same thing: “This is the best episode ever!”?

    I haven’t watched the whole episode but already watched the performance since somebody posted in Youtube. Damn. Shin was awesome. I could actually stare at him and his guitar the whole day. And Kyu Won’s sacrifice is really really heartbreaking. But I bet, this will lead to a realization on Hee Joo’s mom’s part and finally let go of her pettiness since she was all teary eyed while watching her daughter. Tae Jun got to change, so why can’t she, right? My fingers are crossed.

    I am happy that conflicts regarding relationships weren’t brought up. That makes it different from all the other dramas I’ve watched. Eversince Kyu Won and Shin started dating, there were no major problems between them and they didn’t have to go through the we-need-to-separate-because-this-is-how-couples-should-be-whenever-a-drama’s-about-to-end-so-our-finale-ratiings-would-be-high part. Lol. But seriously, it’s really a breath of fresh air.

    I’m also happy that finally, Shin Hye and Yong Hwa finally had a duet. I’ve been waiting for it the whole time. And yes, this song is reeeaaally good. Gotta put it on replay once I’ve downloaded it. 😀

    With the last 2 episodes (saying those words break my heart), I can’t think of any possible conflicts that might rise up so I’ll give the floor to drama and allow it to surprise me and I am positive that it won’t fail us. Nevertheless, whatever happens and no matter how this drama ends, I would always be its believer. Someone who stuck through it and fell in love with just everything til the end.

    Neon naege banhaesseo, hwaiting! 🙂


  5. Mikee says:

    Help ! Maybe this has been asked before but I just recently confirmed that JH really called JH “unni”. Why would he use that instead of “noona” ?


    • Softy says:

      I am sure Blue has a better explanation but lately in Korea – I hear a lot of ppl doing that – like a 60yr old woman might call a younger server/waitress at a restaurant unni or an older server call her younger customer an unni. It’s weird but it happens all the time in Korea. In this drama, from what I recall JH calls S “hyung” even tho they are the same age just cuz Jh’s rule is call anyone who buys him food a hyung or unni – that might be the same reason he calls K, B, or HJ unnis


  6. Anonymous says:

    Ki young is soo hoott!!!!! ** Hiperventilating here***

    Almost faiting…. They should have given him more parts in the drama…. and he should be paired with Gw too…. to make Lee shin jealous… Sigh…. t´s going to end…..


  7. Anonymous says:

    please write fr spy myung wol its s nice….


  8. piggypopz says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching this drama and I never imagined that this drama will end. This drama is amazing I hope the ending will be successful. Thanks a lot…


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