Monstar E11-E12

[tvN] 몬스타.E12.END.130802.내 안의 스타 몬스타.HDTV.x264.720p-iPOP[03-36-08]

Forgive me for saying this, but I wanted more from this finale. Donam singing off key was not my idea of a good lasting image I wanted to keep in my head. I have the type of personality where I don’t like to see loose ends – I like everything tied up nice and proper leaving no room for questions. This last episode just opened up a whole new can of worms and left us hanging. In a way they left it up to our imaginations to fill in the gaps, but what can I say – I’m lazy – I need them to do that for me. How these relationships worked out plays way better on the screen than in my imagination. Of course there were hints along the way which direction these couples were headed, but I guess this director is a fan of saying less even though he could ‘ve said a lot more. That petty little complaint aside, E12 will only remind you again what we are going to miss out on now that this show has ended.  They filled this episode to the brim with information and I feel like I am still trying to contain all the overflow. We got to see more of what we loved about this show – that despite whatever struggles they each go through, they put that aside to come together and be there for a friend. This drama really is going to go out as quietly as it came in – with no fanfare and no over the top last minute craziness. If you look at the silver lining, in the zany world of kdrama, getting this kind of ending is a blessing.  Problem is trying to muster up the enthusiasm to believe that takes some time, but I am getting there.

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Monstar E9-E10

[Mnet] 몬스타.E10.130719.어떡하죠? 아직 서툰데....HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-00-07]

If these two ever learn the art of communication, we won’t have a show to watch.  Ask me how much I enjoy watching their inner turmoil – the looks on their faces say it all. This is what I will miss the most about this show. It took a typical scene and turned it into a gem just by their mutual reactions. With every episode, they insert their unique twist on the original that make us relive the moments of wonder that come at that age. I realize Seol Chan was never meant to graduate with this class, but during the short time he has been there, he already earned that right. The friends he made, the lasting impression he had on their lives, those were not one sided and every moment was reciprocated.  When it comes time for him to leave, I hope he sees that he is leaving with a few more fans than he started with and the only difference will be that he remains their friend.

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Monstar E7-E8

[Mnet] 몬스타.E08.130705.나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-36-45]

It just dawned on me why I love their scenes so much. It’s cuz when they are apart, all they do is think of each other and miss one another, but when they come together – they forget everything except their shared moment. She is the only one who feels comfortable calling him a dummy and treating him like normal, but more importantly – what I realized tonight was that from day one, she saw through his heavily tinted window (the protective shield that covered his vulnerability) and saw right into him – the core of who he is – a very lonely and needy kid. He has parents, band members, his manager, and the adoration of thousands of fans, but he craves the attention of just one girl.  Not necessarily cuz she is attractive and talented, but for one main reason – he knows that even if all his fame and wealth went away tomorrow, she would never see him as anything other than what she saw the first day – a kid who needed friends and normalcy in his chaotic life. We all know what he will have to give up if he ever decides to admit his feelings and date her, but it’s just tonight that I realized what he would be gaining if he did – someone who makes him feel good on the inside. Music may have fed his soul, but love is what will make it soar.

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Monstar E3-E6

[Mnet] 몬스타.E06.130621.질투의 화신, 팀 해체 위기?.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-07-11]

It all comes back to this scene and this moment. Who hasn’t been in this situation where you wish things were different so you could openly admit your feelings for someone and have them reciprocated. If he only knew that she was starting to feel something for him too, I bet he wouldn’t have felt so sad and lost here. The best part of this drama was watching Seol Chan struggle with his feelings for Se Yi cuz each misstep and wrong word he says, he is just making a bigger fool of himself. I love how she is the one thing he can’t control in his seemingly perfect little world. But now I have to admit, I want to put him out of his misery. I feel so bad for him – he is so good at everything else in his life, but when it comes to love, he is tripping all over himself and bungling everything up. I want him to hurry up and clear the air with Se Yi. No more excuses and lies – just the simple truth. Just put his arrogance and pride aside and tell her how he feels. I bet he will learn one more thing that he never knew before – that a genuine emotion, once it has been reciprocated, can sometimes lead to a deafening shout of joy from within – something way more satisfying than the cheer from thousands of adoring fans.

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