My Princess E13:Live “Transcap”

OMG that last scene made up for the way too brief cottage scene. Man what a waste of fireplace and ambience -seriously one tiny cushion fight and she falls asleep that fast? How heavy were those cushions? But as I looked at the clock and wondered how they would end- as he stood by the door- my hope starting rising – I said to myself – you better make this up to me – knock down the door- bet it isnt even locked- just barge in there and kiss her. But HY did something much better. I love dramas cuz of scenes like this. 🙂 
between translations, I kept watching that last scene and I wonder what she was going to say before he kissed her. Judging from the look on her face she wasnt going to say anything close to “i love Mr. P” – guess we will all find out tomorrow. After thurs, there is just one more week of this drama. It went by kind of fast. Some of tonight’s scenes felt more like it should be on episode 15. I am also curious if HY’s dad will show up tm or next week. I have a feeling he will appear for some reason cuz HY needs to confront his own dad at some point.
For the first time – I really appreciated J. He really stepped up tonight. When he pointed out to Y that her dad would be the one asking the chairman for forgiveness for her actions- it got to her for a split second before her blind ambition clouded the reality he just revealed to her.That scene made me wonder just how she plans to get away with this. How is what J said avoidable? I know one thing- he better not take her back. At the end of this drama, she needs to be all alone and miserable. No father – no family- nothing. Just like LD, I want the truth to slap Y’s face and hopefully sooner or later make her crumble with guilt.
oh yeah- I also loved the part where HY put LD in her place- so glad he handled matters despite being lovestruck. All in all – this episode is a winner people. I was like ck10z before it started- all sleepy and stuff but this last scene woke me right up. Now I am ready to translate in full 🙂
I love an episode like this where it ends well-hate the ones on thurs where I am dying to know what happens next.

My Princess E13
After LS “sees” HY’s dad,she says “over there” and HY looks at the house and asks “what” and why she is like that – she says it is nothing and asks what this place is and he replies “a place full of memories”
she is looking at a pic of a young HY
HYasks what she is doing and she says looking around the house
he tells her to be careful cuz there is a lot of dust
she plays a kid’s song on the piano
in the piano book she sees princess stickers
he calls her to eat
as they are about to eat curry
she offers to set out the utensils
she finds a kids spoon and asks if it belongs to him
he says it doesnt
she asks if he lived here when he was young
HY: when i was young – during vacations
LS: do you know how to play the piano?
HY: a little
LS: I want to learn to play piano too
she asks if she can eat with the kid spoon and he nods yes
HY asks if she remembers his order
from this moment on
while you are here at the cottage with PHY
you have to forget about everything
just look at PHY
just think of PHY
just listen to PHY’s words
as they sit by the fire sipping something warm
HY says: your gonna die if you say anything cheesy like
“can i borrow your shoulder?”
LS: if you say something cheesy like
*”I really like the smell of wood burning”
she warns : just try saying stuff like that
HY: what guy said something like that -so cheesy-was it professor nam?
She puts her drink down and hits him with a cushion
HY: how can you hit me on the head- I must be right-I’m right huh?
she hits him some more  saying “get hit some more and come to your senses”
she falls asleep in his arms
he lays her down
puts a cushion under her head
pushes back her hair
runs his finger down her face from her eyebrows to her lips then touches her cheek
she stirs awake
LS: what’s wrong
he tells her to hurry and sleep and close her eyes-should i sing to you
she asks: arent you going to sleep Mr. P
then i’m not going to sleep
she tries to get up but he pushes her back down
he tells her to go back to sleep
he says:today- if i see your eyes, I dont think I will be able to sleep
*did you know where that line come from ? lol it was from that MBC drama bool sae when eric say .did you smell something burning it is my heart that is burning . that was the top ten most cheesy lines in a kdrama lol
thanks for the info shirley-you sure know a lot about kdrama- we love how you share your knowledge
next morning
he wakes and she isnt there
he calls out her name
she comes in from outside
she says the air is great outside
he asks where she went without washing her face
she covers her face: you can tell I didnt wash my face?
HY: of course
look at the tracks of saliva
hurry and go wash
she comes out and says there is no towel in the bathroom
he has one ready: it’s here
HY puts his arm around her shoulder and pats her face dry
HY: just stand still – close your eyes
he says she looks like a person now cuz she has washed
he ties her hair back with the strawberry hairtie
she tells him to be careful cuz it was a present
Hy asks if it is from that cheesy looking guy
LS says no – her dad’s friend bought it for her
HY: your dad’s friend?
she just realizes she just had a memory
the man must have been her dad’s friend
cuz he bought her meat too
HY asks if she wants coffee and gets up to go get it
she gets a call
she mutters it is a number she doesnt know
HY tells her not to pick up if it is a number she doesnt know
cuz it could be a reporter
she explains she has to take it cuz it could be one of those ppl who might have known her dad
HY’s dad calls
she goes out and takes the call
he says he is the chairman’s son park tae
let’s meet
either you come or I go there-let’s meet
but i cant enter korea
you have to ask the chairman-to let me come in
the only person in korea who can control the chairman is you
LS: why should I do that?
I want to go back to Korea now
and cuz you want to know the truth
LS: there is no way – it’s not true right? please tell me
cuz of you – my father didnt pass away -right?
HY’s dad: let’s meet and talk
LS: no i want to know right now- PHY is agonizing over this too
tell me – please tell me
HY’s dad: I didnt kill your dad
i cant do anything if you dont believe me
but it’s the truth
it was just an accident
and that is why I took you in
LS: you took me in?
he says let’s talk about the details when we meet and hangs up
she yells into the phone – dont hang up
she has a memory of him welcoming her as a kid
inside little LS is holding the satchet
she is crying and touching it
she asks HY’s dad: why isnt my dad coming?when is he coming?
she asks why he isnt coming even tho many days have passed
he tells her
your dad wont come- he died
she sits on the ground and covers her ears
the girl says you are lying
he promised me
he said he would come back
she calls out for her dad
LS cries remembering that
chairman: what do you mean the satchet is fake?
Y got it verified and authenticated
so how can this be fake?
J says he did the verifying
I tricked Oh Yoon Joo
the real satchet I am keeping safe
chairman: why would you do that? why?
J explains how much he knows LS
that out of everyone in the palace he knows the princess the best
so he was on the side that said LD was not the real owner of the satchet
{and something about how he wanted to verify that someone was trying to mess with the restoration}
chairman asks if J knows who is behind all this so
J asks chairman to trust J
and leave it up to him
chairman: and if i leave it up to you?
i will handle all the ppl involved
and resolve the matter
and return the real satchet to LS princess
and bring her back the palace
chairman allows it
outside the house LS calls G
Hy comes in with coffee and cant find her
he looks everyhwere for her
LS is walking down a road dragging her red samsonite bag
she stands on the road and has memories of them together
when he yelled he was worried
when she touched his eyelashes
when he carried her into her room
when he told her to live as his woman
when he kissed her
when they took pics together
HY calls her
Seol ah
where are you now?
where are you?
if you leave without saying anything it makes me worry
where are you now? hurry and come back
she says: no i wont go
I threw PHY away
about what your father did – it was all true
i didnt want to believe it
but it was all true
HY asks again where she is
let’s meet and talk – we said we would find out together
whatever happened-whatever is the truth
LS: that is what I was going to do but I cant now
I feel too bad to my father
I feel so sorry to my father so I dont have the courage to see you
so now I have to throw you away
I’ll hang up now
HY cries
G comes to pick up LS
J remembers Y’s wish for a miracle for chairman to collapse
she comes and says she has an appt with friends
he tells her to cancel
J tells her that he just told the chairman
that the one chairman has is fake and the real one is with J
J tells her he switched the satchet
she asks why he is doing this-why are you doing this when you know
I dont get over lies well
you are not to kind of person to do that
he says he betrayed her cuz she trusts him like that
J tells Y to stop continuing forward with her plans
Y says back when they were in school and that other time
in the end he understood her
J says he cant understand her anymore
if you dont believe me – go to the chairman and look at the satchet yourself
he tells her to take responsibility for chairman having the fake one
and resign her post
he promises to keep it a secret what Y plannned to make the monarchy shake with LD
J: this is the most helpful way I can protect you
she gets a text LS is back
she says something urgent came back so they can talk later
he says he wont wait long
chairman is glad LS is back
he says stuff like she cant waver cuz of what ppl are saying
how she needs to protect her position
G is blocking the door
Y comes asking: is LS here? is she meeting the chairman now?
G asks what is going on
Y says she needs to go in
G says chairman said not to let anyone in
Y pleads for her dad to let her in
he asks why Y needs to go in
LS says she came to ask something
please tell me the truth
did HY’s father kill my father
on the day my father passed away
I was at PHY’s cottage
unless he was involved in my father’s death
how could I end up there?
chairman asks if she remembers
she says only the parts that are (terrible?)
he says stuff about his son and how he had to live all his life with the fear
of what would happen if the monarchy was restored
but his son did not kill her dad
it was an accident
because of his son’s threats- to avoid his son- her dad ran off …
LS: if it wasnt your son then you killed my father
chairman says that is right
he is the one to blame
LS: in the end – for your plan to restore the monarchy
my father, PHY’s father, PHY, my sister
they all had to be sacrificed for this
chairman says stuff that went over my head
she continues : cuz of what he wanted
in the hands of the ppl who are responsible for her father’s death
she is suppose to be the princess for them
is that what he is saying?
chairmans asks how she could say such a thing
he states a formal reason for restoring the monarchy
saying it was part of history and 500 years in the making
and that he wasnt doing it for personal reasons
she says he might believe it like that but the way she sees it –
he is doing something reprehensible/criminal
she no longer wants to play a pawn in his reprehensible acts
so she asks him to give up on restoring the monarchy
she gets up to leave but
he tells her she cant say such things and she must hear him out
if she is going to leave like this
she should just kill him first
G and Y come in
chairman collapses
G holds him in his arms
Y calls for help
president finds out chairman collapsed
he wants to keep LS close cuz of chairman’s fortune
since it will be given away
his sec says he needs to be careful
what if LS is a fake
president doesnt believe that is true
he says she is the real daughter of lee han
before the vote – it has all been verified
if by any chance she is found out not to be
she has to act like she is the real princess
so it doesnt look like they prepared the vote for a fake princess
SW comes to meet the president
he says he came to give him encouraging words since there is so much talk about fake and real princesses and stuff
he says to the president you must like that the chairman collapsed
if the chairman passes away – how it would be good for the president
not sure but that last line – i think SW told the president not to like it too much
cuz he could reveal something unfavorable for the president- sort of like SW was threatening president
could be totally wrong about that tho
LS comes out of the chairman’s hospital room
Y asks to see her alone
but HY comes
HY can only see LS
Y says to him – you must be surprised -go in (to see the chairman)
Hy barely looks at Y
he leans in close to LS and tells her to wait for him till he comes out and not go anywhere
mong jr takes escorts him in
Y tells her to follow her
LS says I will hear you out here
Y says she wanted to praise LS cuz LS was impressive
cuz  the chairman has had spells but today was the first time he collapsed
are you worried? are you nervous that he will pass away?
that if he passes away you wont be able to be princess
LS calls Y a bad woman (kind of equivalent to the B word)
how can you say such things at a time like this?
Y says all this time LS was pretending to be nice/polite
LS: you’re smiling?
J comes and calls out LS
he asks if the chairman is ok
she says they are waiting for the test results so they dont  know yet
Y asks to meet with J alone
HY asks G how his grandpa is
G says the doctors said the worst has passed and they have to see for the next 3 days
G: I think the princess knows something
chairman was asking for her forgiveness
out of the list of ppl who saw her father- your father’s name was on it
HY:my father?
G: a few days ago-the princess got a hold of that list from the secretary
G reveals that it is just his gut feeling but he thinks LS spoke to HY’s dad
if it isnt that – there is no reason for the chairman to plead for forgiveness
HY says:  she knows everything know
J asks what happened to the chairman
Y says a miracle occurred – the miracle she wanted happened
but LS is the one who caused it
he asks what she means
she says she doesnt know their detail conversation but one thing for sure if it wasnt about the satchet
so because of it- it bought her some time
Y asks for the satchet back from J
she says lawfully she can take it
he tells her to get it back legally then
J: listen to my words carefully
i will give you a last chance
he tells her to step away from the royal foundation
Y: if i was going to do that
i wouldnt have started this to begin with
you quit
J: if i was going to do that
I wouldnt have started this to begin with
Y:why are you like this-dont do this- if you are like this
then i cant count on you
J: I know- that is why I am regretting
I should have left your side sooner
Y calls LD to come out and meet her
Y sits across from LD
LD: how much longer do I have to be cooped up in the hotel
avoiding my mom’s call is tiresome
she says why are you concerned about you
Y says after all LD did -she still planned to see her mom
LD: what did you say?
Y: is it cuz you grew up together
even though you dont have the same bloodline as her
you are just like LS and impudent
why dont you think about what you have instead of what you dont have
now we dont have a reason to meet
I paid you so go
LD: you want me to go?
Y: you said the hotel was stuffy
the money i promised i put into your account so leave
LD: i can really leave?
after I leave – you’re not going to blame everything one me are you?
Y: you didnt know?
she reads off what the news will run -how LD did all this -pretending to be the fake princess
that everyone at the palace was shocked but that they would still forgive LD”
Y says she paid for all that with money
LD says Y cant do that
LD threatens: what if I tell everyone you told me to do all that
then what are you going to do?
Y: even if you do- I’m still going to do what I said
with clenched teeth Y tells her it would be wiser to take the money and leave the country
what do you want to do?
LD is speechless with anger
HY goes out to meet LS who is waiting
HY asks why LS is outside when it is cold
he asks if the call she got at the cottage was his dad
she doesnt answer
he tells her to just listen
I havent heard my dad’s voice for 20yrs
seems he doesnt want to talk to me
or he has nothing to say to me
I dont know what you heard
and i dont know what you remembered
but even if what you heard was the truth
cuz of that truth
if you say you cant be with me
I can endure all that
but know one thing
I am always on your side
just that one thing- i am going to do as I wish
she says she asked chairman if HY’s dad made her dad pass away
the chairman said no
if you want to take my side
help me not be the princess
whether your grandfather, your dad, or you
so that all of your for the rest of your lives
wont be able to wash off your part in the blame
whether it made my dad pass away
whether it was threats
gave him fear
or made him run away all his life
to me it is all the same
cuz in the end
my dad passed away
she walks away from HY
G is massaging chairman’s shoulder
Y notices that one of the buttons on the cuff of her dad’s jacket is coming off
chairman stirs awake
G goes to call the doc
chairman calls out princess
Y says she left
with tears in her eyes she says: it is a good thing the chairman woke up
he says “you cant let her leave – she cant leave”
J pulls up to LS
he asks if she is leaving and she says yes
J tells LS that chairman woke up a few mins ago
she says that is a relief
J asks if she isnt going to see him first before she leaves
but LS says she is afraid he will collapse again if he sees her
she says she remembers the satchet
J asks if she remembers anything that can be used as proof
she says it is just a memory that cant help prove it is hers
he says it is better than not having any and that is gives them hope/strength
she says she had it till she went to the orphanage for sure so it belonged to her
J says he knew it was like that
he asks how she wants to handle the problem with her sister
if it is too difficult for LS she can talk about it later
but LS says she hates her and wants to do the same thing back to her
and make her life miserable
but she is still her older sister
to her – LD is still family
she says she is going to the pension cuz she misses her mom a lot
J offers to give her a ride but she says she wants to go alone
j tells her to go and rest there
LS goes home
her mom and her hug like crazy
her mom asks if LS is ok-why was it so hard to reach her
she wants to see LS’s face
she says how could she look so unhealthy for a princess
how could she suffer this way
LS asks if reporters came to the house
it must have been crazy here
she apologizes for all the reporters and stuff
so many ppl had a hard time cuz of her but out of all of them
she feels sorry to her mom the most
her mom says she is ok -all she wants is for LS to be happy
and not have heartache and not cry anymore
LS says she wants to do that from now on
she asks where her sister is
mom stammers out a lie saying she went away to rest for a few days
cuz she had a hard time cuz of the news
LS asks if her mom was going out
her mom says she had an appt
if she had known LS was coming she would have canceled it
(LS knows this is a lie cuz she sees LD’s belongings in the bag her mom was going to take)
so LS tells her to go
mom asks why LD is telling these lies
do you know what kind of trouble you are causing right now?
LD: mom – I was just curious about the truth
I could be the real princess
mom asks:  LD are you going to keep lying to me
LD: mom you think i am lying?
mom: I knew all of it
that you’ve been keeping in contact with your birth parents
LD is shocked
mom says she isnt here to discuss that
she told her to prove she has no right to say she is the princess
so why is she doing something like this
mom says this is not to LD she knows-i was always proud of you
LD says that is right -she was always the good daugher
while LS caused all the trouble
what LD couldnt stand the most was that the mom loved both of them equally
everything i did to earn more love than LS
I never asked you to pay me back for that
so even if I do something bad now
you cant hate me
like you always did- you have to love both of us equally
mom assures LD that she loves her
but she is sorry
this is something so bad that she is doing
that i cant forgive
please change your mind
Y goes to J
he asks if she shouldne be at the hospital
she tells him the chairman woke up
he says he heard
Y: i told him I was happy he woke up
the miracle i wanted didnt happen
J: even in the future
that kind of miracle wont happen
why? cuz that is not what you call a miracle
Y: is that it?
J: if you came all this way
what I told you
did you bring the answer to that
Y:before that
I need you to go with me somewhere
help me pick out an outfit
at the men’s suit store
Y tells the saleclerk
Y: average height
broad shoulders
but those shoulders will be very heavy cuz of me
so please choose something light
clerk asks who is going to wear it
she says her dad
she gives an address for her dad for the store to send
outside on the sidewalk
J asks why she didnt give it to him in person
but she says then he will thank me
i dont like him thanking anyone – even me
J: but it is ok for you to do something he needs to feel sorry for
what you are doing
in the end your father will have to apologize to the chairman
you want that?
Y: that wont happen
J: there are no secrets in this world
Y: I will show you how to keep secrets
what happens to ppl who reveal secrets
so bring the real satchet
J says he was counting on her
but this is her answer?
then she just lost her last chance
YC and K look at pics of food and saying our princess liked this and that-both meat dishes
she points out princess liked traditional korean food
K says cuz she is Korea’s princess
YC points out most ppl like meat
K says like you like all men
she gets mad then admits it is true
she moves closer to him and asks if he has time later at night
he asks why
she says the princess isnt here and they need to do something
so she tells him to wear sneakers and meet her
* the most random scene ever
LD is leaving
HY comes up
he says there is no need to go to the airport
LD: what are you saying?
HY: there is no point cuz you are restricted from flying
LD: who said you could put that restriction on-on whose authority
HY says something like if it was up to him she would be incarcerated
cuz her wrongful acts are that bad
if i do that – I knew LS would cry so I held back
{then he said something about how he is going to get the price of her sins}
LD: i am not scared of threats like that at all
I helped make the monarchy unstable
got plenty of money
I dont regret what I did at all
HY: I knew you wouldnt regret like that so I froze your bank account
LD: what did you say?
HY: so dont even dream about living well abroad with your conscience at ease
and he tells her not to dream about becoming a lawyer or judge in korea
dont even think about seeing your mom or LS while you are alive
also dont contact Yoon Joo
got that?
this is my final warning
he walks off leaving LD shaking and speechless once again
* I love scary mean HY – YAYYYYYY
LS is cleaning the pension
HY goes to her as she is feeding the dogs
he says let’s talk
but she says sorry but she is busy
and goes in
he stand outside and knocks
open the door-LS
i know you are by the door
you want to hear my voice
you want to see me so you are trying hard to stop yourself
and cant do anything else so you are standing by the door right now
even if the door is closed
you can see everything
you can hear everything
so dont do this
my personality is that i hate waiting
but today I’m going to try to change that
do let’s not waste energy doing this
seol -ah
he knocks
lee seol
open the door
HYsteps away from the door and sighs deeply
she walks away and sits by the stairs
and stares at the door
it is late at night
he is still by the door
her head is on her lap as she sits
Hy says
if i think about what my father did
if i think about the pain you got from that
I know I shouldnt have come here
I know it’s not right to show up in front of you again
that would be the right thing-to consider your feelings-I know that
but I’m sorry – I cant do that today
he lists some things he did with her like bickering and picking on her and making her confused
I cant give up on the fun I had from that
i cant give up being the mr p that makes your heart race and hard to breathe
the way I was raised – I lack patience
i have never given up on anything before
like you said I am a really bad guy
that is right ….it is right….
but I miss you so what should i do
24 hrs a day-  I miss you so what should i do
I just said i miss you
I’m missing you to death
so what should i do
he is crying alot
LS …..what should I do?
LS …. LS…. I love you
this mr p loves you
the door opens
she comes out
she says I …mr P…
but he kisses her before she can say anything
he holds her tight and keeps kissing her
now THIS is how you end an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no preview again
but i forgive them
cuz of the best last scene ever

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    Thank you for the recap. It helps a lot when you are not Korean. :).


    • MJShinshi says:

      I thought that when he started crying at the door, they sure are Tom and Jerry alright….He left she runs after him, she left he goes crazy and runs after her…..what they do always seems to be going in circles or chasing and they finally met with that Kiss! Love how they relate back to previous eps with new scenes instead of flashbacks like HY taking LS to the old palace where they first met. Then today, HY walking up while LS fed the dogs just like when he first found out she is the LS he’s been sent to find.

      softy, LS will change her mind after that Kiss, crossing fingers! I agree wholeheartedly on Y’s demise, take that evil nappeun yeona (LS’s meaning!) lol J is such a goodhearted person he is still trying to save thaat woman! LD’s comeuppance has been dished out by HY, yay!! Are y’all still replaying that last scene….I have been and still will be til next ep!! thanks all for sharing and thank you softy! til tmr then 🙂


  9. Laurie says:

    I am so excited I have 30 minutes left till it is on 🙂 ! I tried to stay away until it was on and read your blog at the same time. I could not came on this morning and read and have been on pins and needles since. 😀 THANK YOU as always.


  10. Minsun says:

    Hello softy thank you!!:) it’s great!!:) love love love the kiss!


  11. Mikee says:

    I can’t thank you enough but still, THANK YOU!
    Your comments are hilarious, esp the ” I love scary mean HY – YAYYYYYY ”
    I love when he goes all out to save her !

    My take about Y’s hatred to Chairman : her dad is so devoted to the chairman that she comes second to that only. Without the monarchy, chairman has no more dream or passion — hence the same with her, for years she felt no father

    Again, THANK YOU ! Much Much appreciated!!!


  12. Chiquipea says:

    I been dying to watch this weeks episodes. Still shut out from watching it on viki. 😦 Thank goodness for your recaps Softy! Your godsend, I appreciate all your hardwork! Hope you’re able to get some rest and have some me time.


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