My Princess E11: Live “Transcap”

I didn’t want to look too closely at all  the gaping holes in the story right now cuz once I do – that is all I will focus on and the magic of this drama will slip away from me. The funny thing is – with great dramas – aliens could come down and talk with the characters and we would actually come up with legit reasons why it is a possibility. But with dramas poorly constructed, it is a house of cards doomed to fall – it is just a matter of time when. MSOAN proved that towards the end. Right now – MP is not in that danger zone and it is too soon for me to venture a guess as to how this will all resolve itself out. I don’t want all the answers to fall into place yet- what matters more for me at this point is more sweet and cute moments between HY and LS. For the next 5 episodes, I better see a whole lot of loving and stuff and less evil revelry. If I see a scene with LD dancing in LS’s closet trying on new clothes and shoes, I am going to hurt someone at MBC. They shoot this five mins from my house so that wont be a problem at all. Man translating this episode took over 7hrs but it was worth every minute.
Reading some of your reactions cracks me up- the speculations and insults directed at Y and LD are piling up and deservedly so – but I am willing to bet that this can’t last cuz there is no way Y’s plan is going to work out. Like you guys pointed out- forget the satchet- there are other concrete evidence on LS’s side. LD may seem like she has intelligence, ambition, and greed, but she doesn’t have what LS has that is way more important than all that- a soul. And if that isn’t enough- HY’s love and faith in LS.
did anyone besides me notice that their creased eyelids are getting bigger cuz they are filming longer hours and they are sleep deprived? cuz in the first scene SSH looks like he has triple eyelids-
and I might kick myself months from now for saying this – but he is starting to look better and better with each episode – not a full blown crush yet – but baby steps towards it- Shhhhhh- dont tell my sister cuz she will never let me live this down for saying it-I still can’t believe I said it for everyone to read. what is this show doing to me?
I’m thinking of calling these posts “whirlwind” cuz I finish one- twirl around and finish another one.
Funny thing was I never noticed which dramas aired on what night till I started working on this blog-now every time I see a new drama start- instead of focusing on plot – I am in a hurry to see which night it airs. Thank goodness there was no interest in Duo – cuz I love DH too much now.
My Princess E11 Transcriptions

After he asks if she can live as his woman
she says: I wont answer
cuz of me-I know what you threw away
cuz of me- I know whose (?) you returned
so how could I answer?
if I answer – you will have a tougher time than now- I know all that
that park HY- I dont even know how I will protect him
so how could I answer?
I wont answer
even if I have to die
I wont
HY: I taught the princess well
that’s right- it was a bad question
and your answer was a really good one
and he hugs her
HY said : dont forget this now
Y sees them hugging

J looks at the satchet
and Y comes in
she said she came to confirm something-is the satchet here
heard you had it tested for authenticity- what was the result? is it real
J: whether it is real or not has nothing to do with you
and he says he will take care of it
Y points out that if it is a royal artifact
it will come into her hands anyway
and asks again if it is real
he asks if she wants it to be real
I wish it was real-for people to pay attention to royalty again he hopes it will show up
but cuz of ppl who want to use it – I think it shouldnt be real
what about you? what are you hoping for?
she confirms that it is real-that satchet is real
J asks again what she is hoping for
what is she thinking of right now?
Y: bad thoughts
he tells her LD cant be the princess for the sole reason that the satchet is real
Y asks if he thought that far too
so she has to think of more bad things

YC yells about the paper (to see what they wrote about her and the president)
LS looks over the papers
K keeps calling for LS (bringing LS something to eat)
he says he looked everywhere for her cuz
he is worried cuz LS didnt eat
(YC seems to be crushing on K cuz she wont stop touching him)
he asks if she is sick
LS says she isnt
YC tells her to eat some fruit
LS says she needs to study from here on like a senior in high school for college
so that she isnt too honest to the point of being gullible or naive
to give good answers to bad questions
K compliments her for saying that
but she says those arent her words

HY meets with the president
HY stammers out an excuse for what he did
the president tells him to shut up –
how dare he
he asks how could someone so young betray him
he tells HY to come to his senses- he went into the palace to prevent the monarchy
HY says he thinks something can be beautiful like a painting
and the president says he thought so too
but what he thought was beautiful was different
and that HY destroyed all that
the president tells him to come out of the palace immediately or else
HY has to start from the bottom up

Y meets LD
Y says : your satchet is real
LD says then she has confirmed that LD can be useful
Y asks what LD wants to have
LD asks are you going to give it to me if I say?
then I want what you want -just that much
Y smiles and says: even if you are dumb- you can pick up on what people think
fine-then you just do what I tell you
from today on-you are the princess
so LD asks when they vote for royalty – I will become the real princess?
Y: you think that will happen?
while trying to get rid of the real princess- you think I will live and take care of you the fake one?
just to make sure the vote doesnt pass- I am telling you to be the princess for that short time
when I say to get out- so that you can leave korea I will prepare everything
your act – just up to that will be more than enough
LD: then I guess I better look at LS’s room more thoroughly

LS is upset about the headlines about her and the president
LS is happy to see LD
she mentions how she called her and offers LD something to drink
LD looks around and says every time she came she thought LS’s room was really big
LS asks about her mom and if she is well
LD sees the letters from LS’s fans and asks what they are and reads some
LD mentions how some of them are from orphans
LD twists the words of one writer and LS snatches the letter away from LD
LD says that her memories of orphan life is what she wants to hide and forget
and insults LS again
LD says she has an appt and has to leave but the next time she comes she hopes LS wont be here
LD goes to see J
and asks for the satchet back
J: i expected you to ask if it was real first but you are acting like someone
who came knowing the result already
by any chance did Y tell you?
LD doesnt answer
J: you asked – if LS doesnt have the satchet -would they kick her out
LD: what about that?
J: that talk bothered me
he says he wants the satchet not to be used to make things hard for LS

LS walks down to the car
but sees HY there standing by it so she is sneaking down
in the most obvious way so HY shakes his head
HY: I saw you
she says she is busy and tries to go
but he says he has something to say

LS: that’s why- cuz you might have something to say
why arent you following the agreed time
I said from 9am -for an hour this was my place
[they say something here I dont know]
LS: let’s clear one thing up
am I following you around or are you looking around for me
let’s make it clear who is Tom and who is Jerry
HY: then I am Tom – I looked for you
LS: why did you look for me?
HY: I told you I had something to say
but she inists on not hearing
he asks what does she think he is going to say
LS: to tell me to forget something again
wait another day and tell me
HY says no and that today she cant be more than 1 meter away from him and he will reduce that distance by 50 every time she doesnt listen or (was it resists or gets in the way)
he asks if she understood that and balks at that
he asks her to have lunch with him and tells her to come to the dining room
HY leaves
she wonders why he is acting like that today

she watches him sitting at the dining table
LS narrates: just go easy on me for one day you awful Mr.P
she repeats his words about being his woman and some other romantic stuff he said in the past
she gets a call from her friend
HY walks over to face her
but LS pretends J called instead
friend: what do you mean professor- i’m sunah
LS: am I keeping in contact with sunah? no I havent been…
friend:what are you talking about? I’m at my part time job so hurry and come over
LS: right now? of course I must go
and lies to HY that she has to see professor
HY blocks her path and says he told her if she doesnt obey it was 50cm

she gets another call and she answers: professor you didnt hang up yet- you are saying it is urgent?
i’ll go right now
she runs off
he stares after her
* I finally learned her friend’s name- sunah-it only took me 11 episodes too
be proud of me ppl- this is a miracle

her friend pretends LS is a customer
and talks with her using formal language
while pretending to show LS the luggage
sunah: customer- so even if you became the princess- you are in the middle of a one sided love again?
LS: instead of putting it like that
in order to be close – he is too far
tho he is too far, he is close
sunah (back to informal)
what are you saying – that it’s far or close
LS: the distance is 1 km
sunah: are you going to keep talking in circles and not tell me who it is?
LS: I’m dizzy sunah
sunah: even if it is a one sided love that no one knows
what happened to the LS who did that with so much enthusiasm
LS launches into a story when LS broke her leg
sunah says LS suffered a lot then getting it treated
LS: the only difference from then is where I am hurt
instead of my leg- it hurts here (she pats her heart)
it doesnt move the way I want
it keeps doing what it wants without the owner’s permission
sunah says it is real for LS (meaning LS is really in love)
just confess- your good at letting it be known
LS says something about how it doesnt work with Mr P
when HY shows up
friend asks: no way- that Mr. P isnt that mr P is it?
LS: how did he know I was here?
LS knocks down a bag and gets inside and hides
ordering sunah to close it
LS says she is dead if she is caught here so hurry and close it
HY walks up just as sunah has the bag upright
HY says hi to sunah
friend says hello and asks if he came alone and asks about LS
HY says the princess is studying now in a spacious library
and says all these adjectives to compliment LS
he says he came to look at luggage
sunah points to another one
but HY chooses the one LS is in saying how he has been eyeing that one
sunah tells him there are others that are pretty and to look around slowly but
he insists on buying the bag LS is hiding inside
saying he liked it from first sight
the friend tries to tell him to look more slowly
but he gives his card and asks if the luggage is strong

he drags the luggage (her) to the chairs
out of breath he sits there
she unzips it herself and comes out
he says: while you were holding it in- you should have just kept holding it in
what are you going to do now if you come out
go back in
there is a joke here but I dont get it
LS says : I said not to meet for one day very clearly
HY: I didnt come to meet you
I came to buy a bag
cuz of you I am going to go crazy from embarrassment
LS says since it turned out this way-let’s be embarrassed together
HY tells her to either go back inside or follow him
he leaves her in the bag
and she has to come out by herself

daebak scene in my book
LS complains since she is already out -to stay out and play with sunah more
and doesnt a princess have the right to some time to herself and stuff
HY: cry if you want- I want to see my mom – i want to see my friend-keep crying like that
just say you stood in front of those reporters saying you’ll do your best as some show
and go back to living like the immature LS if you want
LS: who said I was going to do that?
she asks why he has to be so severe
HY says: cuz my heart is in a rush-
LS: why are you in a rush?
HY:  I wish you would grow up quickly
then he says if he knew she was going to be like this he should have trained her like spartacus
I have a lot of regrets (LOL)
LS says she wont be tricked with him acting like a teacher
and asks what he is going to do after making her grow up
HY: so I dont have to live seeing the way you are
she teases she will live the opposite of what he wants so he tells her to listen carefully
but she blocks her ears to not listen
so he grabs both her hands
HY says
1-dont get your hands held by just anyone
LS: you are the one who held it
2-dont get in just anyone’s car
3-dont get on just anyone’s back
4-dont drink alcohol and get drunk and stuff in front of just anyone
5-dont receive confession from just anyone
do you understand?
did you write it all down?
LS holds up her hands that he is holding and asks what she is suppose to do
(since her hands arent free)
HY: do you have to take notes just with your hands?
you do it with your heart
she asks him to repeat it and to test her on it later
he says “where is later?
and tells her to follow him

HY takes her somewhere familiar
she asks why he brought her here
he asks if she remembers-this is where they first met
LS: i remember – when you brought princess stella
and she points how he didnt give her the royal treatment
some other woman is there dressed as a princess
LS wants to take a pic with the woman
HY says for the first and last time he wants  give her the royal treatment
she says “first” is right but what does he mean by last
Hy covers and says would I be crazy to do this twice for you?
he goes up to the pretend princess
and says the princess wants to take pics with her
the girl asks for $5
other ppl recognize LS as the princess
they take pics with her cuz LS tells the pretend one to go rest
she makes ppl wait in line to take pics with her
HY stand in front of her
LS says :pass – next person
but HY says he waited in line
and sits next to her and tells the person with the camera to take the pic
LS charges $5
he pretends to get his wallet out
LS: are you going to take out a check again? are you going to ask for $995 in change
HY puts it back and says :then let’s just take the pic
they take cute pics

LS goes over the pics with HY back at the palace
(sitting really close to each other I might add)
she compliments her own poses
saying how her part time job paid off cuz she takes great pics now
she critizes one of the pretend princess’s shots and says
not just anyone can be the princess
being the princess isnt as easy as it looks
have to take pics with people
one by one -have to listen to what each person says
even now – there must be a lot of emails that came in
he says now do you know?
what you have to do now is
not the “charging $5 part time job”
but the real princess
like you did in front of the ppl who stood in the long line
from now on whatever problems there are
look them in the eye one by one and solve the problem
you can do well right?
she asks why he is talking so heavy today
he says that is how he feels today
she asks if something happened
he says there is
he says J called him about 5 times while she was taking pics
cuz J couldnt reach her
that J found some royal artifact and needed the princess’s (input?)
and that J acted like he was working hard
HY looks at his watch and
tells her to go see him before J calls again
she gathers all the pics
before she can take the last pic

HY holds her hand
not wanting to let her go
he holds her hand with one hand
and with his other hand he holds the polaroid
it is the pic with her and him
she puts his hand under his chin instructing him to make a V-60 degrees
she tells him that he needs to make his V line come alive
and that someone who took pics knows
he says he wants to keep the pic
she says he can
and she leaves
[I love this music here]
he looks at the pic and has a sad smile on his face
LS hears that LD met with J
she asks why her sister met up with him
he says she brought the satchet and wanted him to verify it
LS: my sister really had the satchet?
he tells her it was real -that is was proven authentic
that it is a good thing for the royal family
but it could make her receive doubts
LS: even tho that could happen – but it still doesnt change the fact that I am my father’s daughter
he says that is why he wants to go back to the orphange
and asks if she has time
LS says of course and says to go now
J says to the nun: the last time we were here
you said LD said that her mom gave her the satchet
so at that time- did LD have a birth parent who was royalty?
the nun says they misunderstood
it could have been her real mom or not
J: what does that mean….
nun: the kids here all have imaginary parents
LS: imaginary parents?
nun: to put it simply – they are lying
-yesterday my mom came to visit
-yesterday my dad gave me a present
-my mom and dad are really rich
like that
yoon byul talked about her mom a lot
seol always had a dad and ahjusshi
LS: I did?
the nun says after LS started talking she asked where is the ahjussi
if I am with the ahjussi dad said he would come meet them
that dad was a (job title I dont know) and ahjussi was (another job title)
LS repeats “ahjusshi?

HY is packing
HY says to the pic of him and LS
to you this day was long but to me it was short
he leaves her a file on her bed

J and LS come back
J asks her to think about who that ahjussi could be
she says she is nervous and asks again who he might be
Y goes up to LS
and calls her by her name and not her title and spoke informally
and says HY left the palace
to be exact- he got kicked out cuz of you
to cover for your stupidity he put it all on the president and got kicked out by the president
do you know what that means?
it wasnt enough you took his fortune and family
you took away the position he had
LS runs off
Y starts to go but J holds onto her arm
Y tells J not to hold onto her
even tho others take her side
you shouldnt
i gave you up for what I wanted -and that girl has all of that now
J gets a text from HY to meet an hour later
LS looks for HY
you left because of me?
she calls him
but he doesnt answer

LS reads the note he left her
and I cant read the document
but his voice narrated something about how he followed her orders to donate her $157 i think
it makes her cry a lot
he texts her and says “there are two presents”
and she looks inside the envelope but nothing and then
her mom appears behind her
LS hugs her and cries
her mom apologizes
saying that HY told her now it was ok for her to go see LS
to hug LS alot
that her daughter would be hurting a lot
and LS cries
* I almost started crying here- cuz he was so sweet to think of the one person who could comfort LS and bring her mom here to do what he wants to do- hold LS tight
J and HY meet
HY checks his phone and he has tons of missed calls from LS
HY points out this cafe has good coffee and from what he can see-
J doesnt have much to do in the palace
so how about looking after a kid
as you know the princess isnt quick on picking up things (reading people)
and is the type to get into a mess and when she causes trouble-she does it on a big scale
so he needs someone who can clean up her mess well
J asks are you asking me now to take care of LS
HY says yes- cant I ask that?
HY makes flight reservations to NYC
HY meets with his older co worker
the guy hands HY a packet
he confirms PTJ is still in NY
and that document has his last known address
HY thanks his senior
the guy hints about wondering who PTJ is
but HY confirms that it is his dad
the guys says his dad still cant come into korea
so HY says that is why he is going to his dad
HY meets his boss and asks for a leave of absence
Y meets with reporter yoo
he says she must be busy
she says because of her Yoo is going to be busy
he asks if there is anything
she hands him some documents

LS is in the car trying to call HY
she says
just call me
or else at least answer
some random guy comes with OC
the guy is her new teacher -kim something ( so not going to learn his name)
LS runs off calling about info about HY and where he is
HY is at the airport (with the samsonite luggage he bought)

LS goes there
she finds him as he is standing in line

HY: how did you come here?
LS:  bad jerk
she starts to cry
how could you without saying one word
without saying goodbye
why are you going
why are you going away so far
will you be back soon
HY says he doesnt know yet
she yells for him to talk so she can understand –
how could a teacher be like this
shouldnt a teacher
say where he is going nicely and go
Hy looks up and sees her guards coming
he says she is like a princess now
mong jr comes and says he found him into his phone
Y is on the other line
Y:were you going to leave without saying anything?
you owe me again
HY: what?
Y: I stopped you….so you could protect the princess
HY: what are you talking about?
Y:something big happened about the princess’s identity must
so the two of you must return to the palace right away
Y gathers everyone
apologizes for rushing them here to meet
she has something to show them right away
she tells the chairman to open it
it is the satchet
chairman says it was the satchet the queen used
Y says it is the one they were looking for
and that it had been verified to be authentic
chairman asks LS if she recognizes it
she says it had happened so long ago..
chairman tells her this was what he had been talking about
chairman asks Y who had it and how did she find it
Y: because the princess didnt have it with her I thought it might be used against her
and something about how Y waited for the right moment
but while she had been looking for it she found the owner
so Y didnt know what to do (was in a dilemma)
she says she brought the person who had it
and asks for that person to come in
a newly made up LD shows up
chairman asks isnt this the princess’s older sister
Y says she is
LD says this satchet is what my parent left me
so she took precious care of it and made sure not to lose it
LS says there is no way that happened-that it couldnt have happened
chairman tells LD he gave it to LS’s dad so there is no way her parents could have it
LD says she too thought it was ok for her younger sister who grew up with her to be the princess
so that is why she was going to stay quiet
but I had to come
when I was 5 I went to the orphange
someone kept chasing us
but one night my father passed away
at that orphange I met LS
I told my entire story to LS
LS: no it isnt – doesnt make sense
sister – why are you lying like that?
LD to LS:
I’m sorry
but the truth has to be revealed
Y says she thinks the problem was not verifying who the princess was first and putting her here
and that they didnt reveal to the public proof that she was the real one
chairman asks why there was need for that when he verified it himself
I already made sure of the princess’s memory
and the princess’s memory was accurate
Y says as the person in charge of the royal foundation
she thought it was her duty to reveal the proof
chairman says he doesnt blame Y – she did what she thought was her job
chairman asks LD
fine- I want to ask you one thing
do you remember me?
LD: yes – the day you came to the construction site
you came riding on a helicopter
and my father was holding on tight to me
my father was scared
LS: no – the person who was at the construction site was me
LD to LS; then do you remember why you were at the construction site?
LS: what?
LD: I said do you remember?
dad and I was always chased by someone
do you remember that?
LS: what are you talking about?
LD: that person said never to appear in front of the chairman
and threatened dad
dad kept running away to protect me
LS:who is that person you are talking about
sister- how do you know stuff like that?
LD: the person who knows who that is
I think Park HY knows well
OC comes in and says there is news about the royalty now
* for me this is the pick elephant in the room:
why doesnt anyone questions LD’s impeccable memory? I would have.
LS barely remembers anything and all this happened to her when she was only 5- why is no one questioning LD’s perfect memory when she was suppose to be 5 at the time too? what the whole room thinks all 5 year olds should have perfect memory? I cant even remember what I did yesterday much less when I was 5
reporter yoo reports all of it-about the satchet and all
SW watches the news and says “I told you it was foam” (meaning it wouldnt last)
and says daehan group will face a lot of shame or something
HY tells LS not to worry and wait in her room
Yoo continues his report about not knowing who the real princess is and stuff
LS’s mom sees the news and calls LD but LD ignores it
HY meets with LD
LD: do you have something to say to me?
HY: dont you have something?
LD: I said everything I wanted a while ago
HY: I still have something I want to hear
a while ago- what you said-  how do you know?
LD: the talk about who that person is – about that person being your father-that one?
HY: i asked how you knew
LD: because I experienced/went thru it
HY: are you sure you experienced it?
LD: of course since it happened a long time ago -there might be some things I am wrong about
HY: what parts
LD: the person I am remembering- your father – might have been a nice person
although there is little chance of that being true
* the one person LD seems to care about is her mom
so by the end of the drama I want that mom to disown LD and never see her
that kind of punishment would be unbearable and fitting for someone like LD
and what she is doing
chairman asks G how did this happen
how could something I dont know about go out to the public first
what were you doing all this time to not know that and let something like this happen
G promises to stop the reports from going out anymore than it already has
chairman points out it is going out everywhere so how is G going to stop that from happening
he lists all the problems
(dont know the first one he said)
the princess’s older sister has the satchet
she even knows about HY’s dad
does this make sense?
G says something went wrong
he hesitantly asks chairman if the chairman is doubting/suspicious about the princess
chairman says G is making him sigh in frustration for saying that
chairman says how did we find the princess? (meaning how hard it had been to track her down)
we took a person who was alive
who is the one who deceived(others) that person died 20 yrs ago
deceiving ppl for 20 yrs
now telling that person is alive – who was that?
so how could I doubt?
G: so – why?
chairman: you are asking cuz you dont know?
how many ppl are there in this country that know about HY’s father
[who knew that and used that info-total guess]
G starts to look uncomfortable and says “maybe…”
but chairman asks where HY is and wants HY called right away
LS has hiccups while J watches
HY says to LD
so are you saying you are the real princess
she says she never said that she was the princess-
just said that in my memory it was there
HY:let’s just say what you said was true
so why did you just stand there quietly all this time
LD says she is against the royalty
the way my father and I lived on the run was not living like pple
slept on the streets
because we didnt have anything to eat-we went to other ppl’s homes…
so how could I – for those ppl who made us live like that- how could I be the princess
G comes and says the chairman is looking for HY

chairman: cant you tell me?
HY: tell me again
what did you just say?
Chairman: I asked if this is all your doing
I asked how you could make up something so scary
HY; are you doubting me right now?
chairman: if you didnt do it- who else is there that would come up with all this?
cuz you were afraid to lose your inheritance
you were willing to take the princess out of the country
so what is there that you wouldnt do?
and ever since you said you would come into the palace
I thought it was strange
I was tricked by you
I was tricked/duped
HY: grandfather…
chairman says something about how HY is planning to ruin the vote for the monarchy
but it wont work out the way HY wants
and that HY is exactly like his dad
(HY finally grasps the fact that his own grandpa thinks this low of him and HY reacts)
HY lies and says: yes – you are right- it was me- you’re right-it was me
now do you feel better?
HY storms off
G calls after him
chairman says there is no need to call after him
and calls HY something bad
HY comes out and Y watches him overcome with emotion and J comes up behind her
chairman is visibly upset too- as much as HY
I think he loves HY and wanted to believe he was different from his father
and realizing his own disappointing son and grandchild are alike must be heart breaking for him
oh man- nothing better happen to him- I love this grandpa (even tho he is mean sometimes)

LD walks by LS
LS stops her and asks her to meet her to talk

Y says to J – she was looking for a miracle
before the vote for royalty
the miracle for the chairman to faint
J hugs her
he tells her
Dont do it- dont do it yoon joo ah
if you stop here…even if you stop here….
but Y says: I know- but I dont want to
she cries here and I cant figure out what those tears are for- is she sort of sorry for not listening to J?
or is she sad to be losing her humanity?

LD asks LS
are you scared?
are you worried
for what? if you are the real princess-all you need to do is prove it
LS : that isnt what I am asking
what are you saying about park HY?
Y comes in and says she will tell LS

HY cries remembering how his grandpa said HY took after his father exactly

Y says romeo and juliet- father and child -all their lives kept (clashing?)-
in the end – the one who made them die
*was the pathetic princess’s love for the son
it’s too sad
HY walks in

no preview
*listened to it 20 times but I cant tell if she said it backwards-pathetic love the son had for the princess- I give up
please dont quote this line cuz I am not sure of its accuracy
maybe I heard it that way cuz it sounded like she would say it

72 comments on “My Princess E11: Live “Transcap”

  1. Show2007 says:

    Oh Drama God..please burn those evil women to hell…My goodness can’t wait for tomorrow ep. Softy, thanks for your recap. You are the best!


  2. MJShinshi says:

    that sec must have told HY and YJ that story of HY’s father on purpose….here I thought he was all for the chairman’s plans. I guess there’s a limit to what a sec can take from a president/chairman.. He has to know how his daughter is and how she feels about the princess and HY!

    I noticed YC holding K and funny how he brushed her hand away like it was a bug!!!

    I know this is stupid but is just me or did Y’s breasts get bigger towards end of ep?? she looked even more off today

    why did princess hide her tears from HY when he walked in at end of ep, i wonder

    Loved how agressive LS was with LD at end after always giving in to her unni..


  3. deedrama says:

    I take back when I said KTH is a bad actress (in a stairway to heaven and love in harvard). I cried too when she lost HY that night. That’s enough for me. 🙂 Thanks for your transcap.


  4. tokii says:

    thank u soo much!! greatly appericiate ur fingeraching work…..
    n abt this epi.. why i mean why do they have to go soo deep in this who’s princess agnst?? i mean all the answers r around them, still why in the hell r they runnin around bush??? i sooo can’t take it. hoped that some fluffy scene gonna popped up BUT went down hill since there was so little or one can say none( becoz all i can remember was poor HY sad sad face).. so m not gonna watch it until all this on going agnst last… till then m gonna survive on softy’s finger(poor finger we’re so sorry u have to go through so much)… thanks again softy..


  5. deedrama says:

    Whoaah.. whats that? 3 minutes preview for tomorrow? Last scenes, after the big meeting, so many scenes are left hanging. And… no KISS? So why do they make the preview of it? Sigh… no kiss.. sob..


  6. asea says:

    @your comment..

    Noooo don’t remind me of MSOAN.. what a great potential wasted just like that. I love the couple tho.. argh.. wait.. another similarity 😦

    The Prof seems really smart (it’s still a bit questionable since he feel in love with evil robot no 1 after all, no 2 is the stupid sister).. So I hope to see their demise next episode, Prof suggest DNA Result, Mom tell the truth or something, also a public backslash for robot no 2, LS will be a lot more popular after all.. I agree with you, who will like a soul-less robot??? I am also expecting cute chef and the young lady to at least act cold to robot no 2..


  7. deedrama says:

    When I translate your transcap, I realize that they supposed to be kissed!! Hae Young said “don’t forget this now”. Is that the opposite of their last kiss?
    So, the writer intended to do it, PD did the job. So why does the kiss miss?


  8. MJShinshi says:

    omg…i’m back and have just finished reading this again and can I say the luggage buying scene is another daebak moment by HY. By the way proud of you softy for getting Sunah’s name 🙂 and really for doing this so everyone whom you do not know can enjoy the drama.
    Back to why i think this was daebak….when HY told Sunah he wants the luggage behind her knowing full well LS is inside. He said that he’s been eyeing that one may be not luggage but possibly LS! Another confession/declaration of his feelings for LS by way of luggage!?!? Also as Sunah tells him to look around slowly at the others that are pretty, he insisted that he’s liked that one from first sight. Aaaahhh I melted right then….remembering his first look at LS in ep1 with his signature head tilt raised eyebrow sideways look checking out the girl pretending to be a princess as a pt job. oy vey is it possible to like these two even more than I do now?? the scenes between them are all I care about and want more in all the remaining eps or i’ll definitely join in throwing things and hurting someone at MBC parties. Well done softy enjoyed reading this transcap as always looking forward to tmr!


    • Softy says:

      Omg I was thinking the same thing when I heard him say that – exactly why I translated those lines – maybe he said it so she would hear too 🙂


      • MJShinshi says:

        His intention exactly for LS to hear! I just read ockoala’s recap and the joke at the chair and LS in luggage is possibly LS going off with her sageuk talks again. Hope HY will find his dad and clear things up so we get more moments like these!! thanks softy and see you here in few hours! 🙂


  9. cille says:

    thank you softy! you are quite generous with your time and talent.


  10. kendytine says:

    SOFTY: the numbing of your fingers from typing… is way paid off… my dearest… thank u thank u.. and million of us supports and thanks u for doing the transcraps.. you always made our night.. everyweek… hugz.. and kudos to you..

    anyways: ill say it again.. i dont hell care if LD becomes the princess.. as long as HY and LS will be together.. 😛


  11. kimchi says:

    Thanks for your recap rebelsouls!

    I was watching it on TV last night and I knew for a fact, base don their expressions and acting that it would be one of those sad episodes.

    Since you’re in Seoul, how about coffee sometime? We’ve been in Seoul since last November and due to leave end of this month.

    Looking forward for a chat. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Sure – sounds great – as long as it isnt mon – thurs 🙂 any sunday is good for me- Pm me at soompi and I will give you my contact info


  12. Chiquipea says:

    Thanks so much Softy! I won’t be able to watch this week’s episode until this weekend , this will tide me over. Thanks again.

    Same here regarding SSH, he’s growing on me. I’m crushing on him.


  13. deedrama says:

    Hi, just wondering. What if the nun said ahjussi is Lee Seol adoptive dad? Because his father promised her to come if she stay with ahjussi. And she lived with her adoptive father, right?
    Arrghh.. so confuse..


  14. somuchsoju says:

    Wow Softy, thanks for in-depth transcap! Yay for the daebak scene! Love the five commandments! 🙂

    In the middle of all these uproar, I stand with you Softy. I certainly wish MP will not go the MSOAN way in terms of plot and drive us all nuts (I looove the Geuns though). That will just be too tragic. *sobs*

    Thanks to crazynyt for the caps and the GIF! Awesome! I have used it in another site. Hope it’s fine with you. 🙂 Komawoyo!


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