My Princess E12: Live “Transcap”

I rewatched that last scene and heard the dialogue- that was NOT his dad.
In the car, HY said they were going to stay there just the TWO of them-not three.
LS saw a memory cuz the way HY stared at her, there is no way his dad was standing there. If you had not seen your dad in all those years, wouldn’t you be looking at him more even if KTH/LS is standing next to you? That is great news for us- THEY ARE GOING TO STAY THERE JUST THE TWO OF THEM- omg our prayers have been answered – MP E13 is going to be daebak from minute one.
after tonight’s episode – one thing is clear. There will not be any more “turning around and pretending not to care about the other person” between HYand LS anymore – no more going to Y when she calls and holding her hand and ignoring LS’s pleas for Mr. P to not go-those days are over.
From his actions tonight – it is VERY clear- he is not turning back and playing any more games.
No more running from his feelings- it is time for the “L” word. It’s almost valentine’s day and the time has come in Kdrama rules for the main lead guy to profess – E13 is a good number to do that. They are at the ideal secluded spot – all he has to do is open his mouth and speak. I swear if either one of them messes this up, I am going to throw a hissy fit online during a live transcap -and it will not be pretty. 🙂
I see the beginning and the end of Y’s tyranny-something tells me LD wont be so easy to control and her dad might be more devoted to the chairman than to his own daughter. I see happy days coming next week- the angst will be over.
My Princess E12 transcriptions

it starts with the chairman blaming HY

then HY coming out and Y watching him
J leads Y away
J says that LS was verified as royalty by the daehan group chairman
Y: so?
J: are you saying that could be wrong?
is the owner of the satchet really LS’s sister
LD -are you saying she really could be the princess
Y: you think this is a fight between LD and LS?
whether LD is real or not
whether the satchet owner is LD or LS
none of that is imp
what is imp is that the royal foundation is shaking
what I wanted to do was to put the royalty in danger
[and something else severe i dont get]
J: why? for what purpose?
doing all this- what is it that you want?
Y: it is a pity but there is nothing to
get out of it- nothing at all
not daehan group
not my family that suffered for dahehan group’s sake
not Park HY
not you too
so I was hoping for a miracle
before the vote for royalty for the chairman to collapse
all the rest if the same as last night’s scene
with J hugging her and stufff

court staff talk about the news and bad mouths the princess
YC tells them to shut up but LS heard all that
LD walks by and LS asks her to talk with her

LS : a while ago
what did you say?
LD: are you curious?
LS: I asked what that talk was
why did my dad and I have to keep getting running away?
and what does that have to do with park HY?
I asked what that was about!
LD: are you afraid?
are you worried?
about what?
if you are the real princess all you have to do is prove it
LS: that is not what I am asking right now
I asked what was that talk about park HY!
Y says she will tell LS
Y tells LD not to go home but stay where Y tells her to for the time being
there is someone outside who will show her where
LD leaves
Y asks LS
do you want to sit and listen or stand and listen
I will tell you everything you are curious about
HY remembers what his grandpa said to him
and throws something and cries

Y says that stuff about romeo and juliet
and says LS is the pathetic princess who fell in love with that son
after she says it is sad
she says how can you shake already
when there is more starting from right now
today the news was about the satchet
next news will be about HY’s dad
do you think HY can hold his head up and
live in korea after that
when he is a diplomat?
after stomping all over park HY’s life like that
even if it kills you
do you have to be the princess?
the answer is simple
leave this palace
tell the chairman that even if you have to die that you cant be the princess
and run away
if you do
then I will keep it all buried
what do you want to do?
HY comes in
LS turns away and wipes her tears
HY to Y: what did you say?
Y: comforting words
she seems to be overcome with shock that the satchet isnt hers

HY to LS: look at me
look at me
trust me
trust me and tell me everything you just heard
you have to so I can protect you
do you know what I am saying?
so tell me
Y says to LS: what oppa said is right – so tell him princess
HY asks LS again:
look at me- look directly at me
if you have to hear – just listen to my words
what did Y just say -huh?
LS apologizes and says she isnt in her right mind
i was really shocked cuz of the satchet that is why
LS  thanks Y for worrying over her
and that she comforted her a lot
i sincerely thank you
Y says you are welcome and tells LS to rest
Hy says that LS just lied
that something happened
she says of course something did
my satchet – my sister has it- so how surprised do you think I am
so Y said something might have gone wrong so she said she would look into it
I have no energy to stand – I will go and lie down

she turns to leave but he holds her back
HY : I have something I need to say to you
I know I should have said it sooner but
LS: I  know all of it
HY: you know?
LS: it is cuz of what my sister said earlier huh?
i dont believe stuff like that
she likes stuff like novels
so Mr P shouldnt believe it too
you understand right?
HY says ok and tells her to rest
and leaves

LS cries
and HY hears her from outside
LS stares at the two notes HY wrote her

next morning Y is drinking coffee by the fountain
she smiles at LS
she asks if LS didnt sleep well
and asks if LS thought it over
she says the weather is good to run away
LS says Y is a bad person
more than one can believe
how can she put two ppl who mean the most to her
and put them in front of her to choose
Y says so does that mean you will leave or not
LS says she will leave
Y says she decided well
LS tells her not to say stuff she doesnt mean
she is leaving not cuz she cant be the princess
nor is she just running away
I will make sure I come back-no matter what
and when I do
you are dead
Y says how are you planning to come back
you must not have understood my words correctly
you cant even try to come back
even if you die you cant return
no matter how you manage to- the minute you do
everyone in the country will know about HY’s dad
if you want to see the person you are crazy about -park HY-
suffer with everyone pointing fingers at him then come back
cant you see how you being the princess is destroying so many lives
you are {?a bane} in all our lives
in HY’s life
in mine
in HY’s dad’s life
only you have to disappear-just you

HY looks at some documents- his dad’s NY address and phone number are on it
area code 212 is NYC
he dials-hangs up and dials again
his dad’s answering machine message comes out
he says hello
it’s HY
you are well right?
I got the baseball
it is a present an eleven year old kid really needs
heard you lived in NY
i need to ask you something-something really important
when you get this message
please call me back

LS walks by and goes to her room and remembers Y’s words
about not trying to come back to the palace
HY comes in after knocking
he sits down and asks: did you get some sleep?
LS: when did I say “yes- come in”
why did you just come in
he says then she can do that next time she comes in his room
he asks about the pic with her and her dad by the beach
that she got from that couple who lived by the beachfront
she asks what about it
HY wants to reveal it to everyone
to reveal it and use it as proof that she is leehan’s real daughter
he wants to do that to show that the satchet is the satchet but she is the real one
LS: then what about my sister- what will happen to her?
he points out she isnt in any position to take care of her sister
he wants to stop the reports so he asks for that pic
and to leave everything else up to him
LS says the pic alone wont work
ppl will make even a more big deal
and will want more investigation and examination
and some other stuff
she says if they start this- there wont be an end to it
he says then they can do it till the end
it’s not that he doesnt know how she feels but…
LS: fine- I will think about it
she says she wants to rest for the entire day without thinking
cuz he heart and body are really tired
he says then let’s talk about it tm
and says he has to leave to meet someone
he tells her to rest
he gets up to leave but

she asks him to wait a second- does he really believe she is the princess
he says : yes I believe it- even if everyone alive said you arent
she is the bad princess who took away his fortune (AWWWW)
he tells her not to worry
that he will take care of everything
and calls her princess

she packs and looks at the note HY wrote
her pics of her and her dad
the strawberry hairtie
she is leaving but YC sees her
and asks if she packed her bags
YC tells her to ignore the news
LS thanks her for treating her well
YC blocks her and says she cant leave
but LS says she got permisioon from Y
she will be gone longer than before
but she will try to return as soon as she can
Y comes in and orders OC to get someone to follow LS
they need to know where she goes

Y gets a call from LD
Y says I told you not to call till I do
LD complains how she has been trapped inside all day
how much longer does she need to be here like this
to be honest- this is for both our benefit
arent you being too inconsiderate?
Y: you’re not bright and on top of that you talk too much
HY knocks on the door asking:
LD are you there? I know you are inside
I came cuz I know you are here
LD asks Y : Park HY is here -what should I do?
Y: what do you mean what should you do-is there a door for no reason?
no matter what dont open that door
I’m going to move you to a hotel so dont call me and just wait
if it is a number you dont know – just expect that it is a reporter
just dont answer any calls at all
Y asks OC how HY knew about which hotel LD was at
OC says :everyone on their staff-there isnt anyone ….
mong jr tells HY: this is the right place for sure
we verified she went inside
HY sends them away
he knocks on the door and says he knows she is inside-let’s talk
she wont open the door so HY tells her just to listen from there
HY: do you think your little sister is without proof and is letting everything happen to her
she isnt- she has proof but wont reveal it
if I do what will become of my older sister
your sister is thinking of taking all the blame
for the sake of the older sister who isnt even thinking of her
do you know how hard it is to find a little sister like that in life
LD says LS is pretending to be nice again
HY: fine – I know you didnt do this alone
just tell  me who helped you
think about it and contact me
if you do then I can help you
i will await a good reply
she finally frowns and looks like she is having second thoughts
HY calls G from outside and asks where G is right now

HY goes to G
HY: tell me
what is the reason that LS is the princess without a doubt
as soon as I brought LS- the reason for granpa to kneel on bare ground
without any verifications – what is the reason
why is he so sure LS is the princess?
I need to know that reason to turn this situation around
tell me
G : sorry – i am busy
he turns to leave
HY: are you avoiding me now?
why? you said the person who caused LS’s dad’s death was my father
I’m bearing that
there isnt a reason for you not to tell me
by any chance- is there more?
is there more that I dont know?
is my father involved in this too?
G begs him : cant you just act like you dont know
even for a short time he was a good father to you
HY: this doesnt make any sense
HY starts to cry
did my grandpa put you up to this?
you just lied didnt you?
ahjussi – you just lied right?
G: that is why stop digging
if you keep digging there is nothing good there
HY: i wont believe this
I wont ever  believe any more talk about my dad
from now on – I will hear it directly from my dad
G calls his name as HY walks off
HY turns and  asks
about my dad
am I the only one who didnt know
G: what are you saying?
HY: does Y know too?
G asks how could you say..all this….are you suspecting Y now?
HY: does she know?
G: you are going too far –  if you act like this we cant protect the chairman
is that what you want?
HY: that’s not it
G: if it isnt – then what is it-  I know things between you and
Y is not like the way it used to be a long time ago
and I know she isnt good enough for you
whether you marry or not
you, me, the chairman and Y are family
Hy says if G is upset it cant be helped
cuz he doesnt believe anyone
he bows and says he will leave and goes

YC goes up to HY
she says whenever the princess left on her outings she kept her mouth shut cuz she has sense
but this time it seems differnt
HY asks what she means by that
YC says LS got permission to leave from Y to leave for a long time
but the way the princess looked – it didnt feel like an outing but getting kicked out
HY asks: are you saying that the princess left the palace? how long has it been
YC says an hour
he says to get the princess’s guards to the pension

reporters are gathered at the pension
guards are blocking them from going in
HY goes with guards to the pension
her mom asks what is going on and why are they doing this
he asks if LS is there
the mom says why are you looking for her here?
and that the mom  cant reach  LS or LD
she asks if this is cuz of that satchet-is this why LS is gone?
the mom cant open the door cuz of all the reporters showing up at once
HY tells her not to let them in
and that we will explain later
when the reporters realize the princess is not here they will leave
so not to worry and he will leave the guards
even if she is umcomfortable for the time being to put up with them
Mong jr smiles cutely but LS’s mom doesnt seem to trust that smile
HY tells her to contact him if she hears from LS
her mom says :our LS…
HY: will be ok
I will make sure of that
HY calls from the car and turns around and goes to her dad’s gravesite
he sees fresh flowers there
he says after he finds LS he will be back to serve her dad alcohol
he bows to her dad’s gravesite

LS is at the police station
she is finding about her dad’s car accident
but the police dont have records cuz it is past 5 yrs

she goes to the beach house next
she says she is sorry cuz she was taken away last time
and couldnt say bye
she asks when her dad and her came here
did anyone chase after them
old man says when her dad and her left
some guy in a nice car wearing nice clothes asked where her dad went
she asks if the old man got the rich guys’ number
the man says it has been too long ago
the couple tells LS how they tried to give info about her dad by answering the ad
and shows her the ad the daehan group put out searching for any info about her dad
they say they contacted the number and reached HY
and that is how they got to meet LS
LS sleeps at J’s office
LS calls daehan and asks for the list of ppl who responded to the ad about her dad
the girl wont give out that info even when LS told her who LS was
she threatens to contact G and the girl gives LS the list
LS calls each person who responded to the ad
she doesnt get anyone who could be a solid lead to her dad

HY is back at his apt
he calls sunah and asks if LSgot in contact with her
sunah says LS slept here at J’s office for sure
HY says then maybe she will come back there
she says that isnt likely cuz LS knows she will get caught by sunah
she promises to contact him first if she hears from LS

he calls his dad again
did you not get my message?
did you forget my voice
please call me
I have something to say
did you kill leehan?
did you?
please answer me
please answer me !!!!!!!!!
HY cries
LS is still trying all the ppl on the list
there are like 5 names left
there is a name on the list who is in the states
she practices eng
then decides to speak korean
she gets HY’s dad  (OMO)
and leaves him a message to contact her

Hy looks at LS’s texts
“because of a public servant- my heart is beating fast and sleep wont come”
and he texts back: “if the public servant’s heart beat fast and cant sleep cuz of you-what should I do? Mr. P”
Y comes
Y asks if it is about something bad -cuz he asked to see her at this late hour so she was surprised
HY says he is in a hurry so he doesnt want to talk in circles
and even if he does talk in circles – it is the same talk
she asks what is it about
HY: cuz I thought you might know
you know where LS is right now dont you?
where is LS right now?
I trust you will know
I am sorry to you but I couldnt do anything all day
so when I thought  you might have had someone follow her
I was already calling you
whatever reason you had for doing that I will understand it all
just tell me where she is
Y: fine – I will tell you
but she cant return to the palace -no matter what
HY: I cant hear a thing of what you are saying right now
let’s stop dragging this out
where is LS?
yoon joo yah

LS is asleep in the cafe
ppl think she is the princess
they ask if she is the princess
LS says she isnt
they suspect she has been kicked out
on her way out LS bumps into a woman
and spills coffee all over her
the woman asks for LS to pay for the coffee and dry cleaning bill
LS says she doesnt have money and keeps apologizing
HY sees all this
he asks what she is doing here

the woman asks HY for money for the coffee and dry cleaning cuz this girl doesnt have money-how could a princess not have money
he gives her a check
and tells her he doesnt need change and to buy lots of pretty clothes with it
he takes LS out

in the car HY asks LS if she is ok
are you going to run away again?
LS says until she finds out who pursued her dad she wont go back
HY: why are you looking for that
do you really believe my dad did that to your dad…do you believe that talk?
if you want to believe that – believe it
it’s all ok -whatever it turns out to be – find it with me
whatever is the truth
let’s find out together
she asks if he trusts his dad
HY: the only thing that is giving me strength to endure is that

HY comes to J’s house
J asks what is going on
HY says thanks for giving us permission – we will inconvenience you for a few days
knock at the door
HY tells LS to come in
HY : he gave permission
LS bows to J
J asks if she came with him
she nods yes
HY asks for food and looks in the fridge
J: what happened- heard the palace is upside down – that you left the palace
while looking thru the fridge, HYmutters that she is standing there cuz some college professor taught her the wrong way
so LS gets upset at HY and yells out his name
J tells HY to shut the door to the fridge since it is someone else’s
HY complains there is nothing to eat
let’s to grocery shopping- where is the mart
J says they can get it delivered
HY says then -instead of that – let’s go where they dont deliver-let’s go
he tells LS they will be right back
from OC
Y hears that HY took LS to J’s place
Y is told that chairman is here
chairman wants the princess to be brought back
Y says she knows where LS is
chairman asks if HY has her
Y says she will bring her back
G follows his daughter out but she says to talk later
G tells her HY came by and she stops walking
Y: oppa did? why? what did he say?
G: did you – is this all your doing?
Y: what did you talk about with oppa?
G: he asked if you knew about his dad
the reason why I told you about that was for you to now stop….
Y: so what did you say? you took my side right?
G: did you really plan all this?
she thanks her dad and says she trusts him

at the market
J: can you explain now
cuz you and I look really ridiculous
HY: why dont you have any sense?
we came out so the kid could wash up
HY asks the butcher for some large steaks
and explains to J: the princess likes to eat on a large scale- the whole steak
J: did anyone ask?
HY: what do you think I would like?
I like the same kind of steak
cuz I like what the princess likes
what kind of meat do you like?
choose one and I will buy it for you
J taps on the glass and chooses something expensive
so HY says to choose what he normally eats and not choose
the most expensive one just cuz someone else is buying it
HY orders 5grams of his steak and half of half of what J asked for
J laughs
YC and K are on the internet
no clue what they are doing
maybe yelling at ppl on the internet who say bad things about LS-

both guys come back and LS is curled up on the couch
HY: you should have a longer sofa – she cant even stretch her legs
don’t you have a blanket?
J already has one in his hand and he tells HY to move and not get in the way
J tries to cover her carefully and is about to tuck it in when
HY says: stop stop – all you had to do was cover her so why are you lingering and touching more
J: do you normally talk that much?
HY: anyway she is sleeping so let’s go over there and talk
J: why dont you just be quiet (LOL)
it wasnt long ago when you were trying to send her off to Egypt…
HY: when are you going to quit bringing that up when it was so long ago….
J: why did you come to my house of all places
HY: do you have the confidence not to feel hurt?
J: what are you saying?
HY: i feel sorry to you for saying this but I knew if it was here, Y would not come
even if she did find out we were here
J: I dont think you know much when it comes to Y
the way I see it, I think Y will become pitiful one more time today cuz of you

J goes over to LS and says
we are done talking – you can get up now
LS: how did you know?
J says he’s done it before so her legs should have fallen asleep by now
LS: I thought i was going to die professor cuz my legs fell asleep
J: arent you hungry? we bought meat
HY: I paid for it so why are you saying you bought it?
doorbell rings
J says it is Y
he asks LS: what should we do?
HY tells her he will go out and meet Y
LS says to HY : no – there is no reason not to meet
and tells J to open the door
J opens it and Y says she is here to meet LS
Y asks to speak to LS alone outside
HY asks why
LS agrees cuz she has something to ask

Y: in the end, the place you run away to is J’s house?
LS: you must be jealous – cuz I’m with the two men you said “I wont let either one of them go”
Y tells her to shut up
LS says this must be your ugly side – let’s try to get along
so that I can see that side of you
Y: if it’s this much – arent we close?
I came to meet you in person
when it could have been done over the phone just as easily
LS : let’s get to the point – why did you come?
Y: go to the chairman
go and tell him yourself with your own mouth
that you wont be the princes
LS: the chairman must be looking for me
Y: it was one of those things we had to deal with
so go and see him
LS: before I do – answer me one thing
you said HY’s dad made my dad pass away
how did you know that
do you have proof?
Y :that is why I am telling you now
go and see the chairman
then the answer to your  “I wont be the princess” will naturally be settled
meet him in person and ask
and see what happens to the chairman
whether he collapses or not
that is the proof
the chairman knows it all too
you should go see the chairman
HY comes and asks :are you done talking?
I have some place to go with the princess
I will take her
Y tells HY:  let go of that hand – the chairman ordered me to bring the princess
HY : use me as an excuse – that I took her away forcibly
Y: why should I tell that lie?
HY:it’s not a lie- I really am going to take her away forcibly
he says to LS: let’s go
* I dont get this scene- didnt we already see the chairman saying he was sorry for killing her dad?
whether his body guard did it or his son the chairman took responsibility for her father’s death already.
why does Y think this is supposed to be news to LS?

In the car
HY tells her not to meet Y – esp alone
LS : did i meet her cuz I wanted? anyway- where are we going
HY: somewhere no one knows
LS: where is that? I said where is it?
HY: it is not imp where
it is that no one knows where it is
you and I -just the two of us – are going to stay there
you might feel like you are in hell
and thought I was doing this just to make myself happy but
I just want to be the bad guy
he takes her to a secluded house
as they walk up

she sees HY’s dad come out and smile
HY looks at her face wondering what she is staring at

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    Thank you so much! your blog is so helpful…i read this and then watched the episode raw, felt like i understood everything 🙂 thanks a ton!
    And now i am 100 and 1000% sure Oh Yoon Joo’s dad is the bad guy! and that story about PHY’s dad threatening the girl’s father was told by Mr.G only, and from what the nun said in ep11 that ‘ajushi’ sounds like PHY’s dad, that means he’s good she adored him when she was young… YAYYYYY PHY’s dad is good, and LS’s remembering him now…looks like she’s been at this isolated place before because i believe that’s how she’s seeing the dad, from her childhood memory! AWWWWW now i am so happy! hehehehehe
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    thanks for the recap…always appreciate what you are doing…slowly the deceitful will be found out.. Y and G have so much to lose whether or not the LS is the Princess. HY has come to terms of his possible losses if truly LS decides to become the Princess. HY now embraces his love for LS and will “protect” her. Whatever G or Y have maneuvered in the past is now unraveling. Y’s lies will come to bite her back and LD will lead the pack… Again thanks for your recaps… The fluffy parts of this episodes were many, LS may seems bumbling at times but she knows—Y is now at her wits end because she has no one left including her father. HY, J, G, the chairman are unto her…. LS–may seem naive but she’s always managed to survive all she needs to do is straigthen everything out (with her ever trusting guardian angels HY and J) Clearing er dad’s name, the monarchy, HY–the chairman-Daesan, she doesn’t need to be the Princess she can survive. As for Y–she’s stepped on everyone and it will be at her own hands that Y will destroy herself…


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  8. sarah says:

    Dearest softy, is there a chance that you would translate the mp special?
    No pressure, only if you fancy doing it.. 🙂
    Thank you for the time spending transcapping mp.
    More power to you …. And btw like everyone else, I am hoping for more intimate scenes with these two grown ups people…
    More hugging and kissing and while in there do a bed scenes in that secluded house
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  9. Rita (Tarits) says:

    Such a wonderful recap that really made my imagination work. I look forward to the last 4 episodes with more romantic and sweet scenes for the two. And I can’t wait till I see the Big B, the little B thrown into the deepest part of Han River or from the top of Seoul Tower. And as for the old B, I hope there will some saving factor for him, otherwise he may join the 2 B’s running for their lives!


  10. Literati says:

    I think the drama is playing the like daughter like father aspect. I have a feeling that the Sec. Ok didn’t want the princess in power and since he controls what gets through to the president he is the one who did the chasing of the dad. It’s possible that the dad and the Emperor could’ve been friends. Why else would he let Seol keep her strawberry thingy she had it on lots of times when they were in flashbacks? Plus she used to talk about Ahjusshi (which I think is HY’s dad) when she was young. Sec Ok sacraficed everything so his daughter could live happily and marry PHY, but if baby PHY was falling for baby Seol back when he was little getting her out of the game early would only benefit Sec Ok and his future evil daughter (who he wanted to marry into the rivhes). Besides in PHY’s flashback about meeting Seol the nasty parts came before he walked up and the father called her a princess afterwards. I bet he just wanted to keep him away from Sec OK, but poor Gramps believed Sec Ok over his own son. I have a feeling he’s gonna have another heart attack b/c of this.


    • Reideen says:

      Wow!!! I think you are right… but we will have to see it for ourselves. I hope that now those 2 are together there will be more sweet moments between them. HY’s dad must have been a good guy, ’cause why is LS remembering him smiling (coming out of the house and greeting her in such a way)… and It’s like G is insisting that he can’t tell HY anything more (of course cause he’ll have to invent more stuff … something is of –> the way he doesn’t want to tell HY about his father)…

      PS. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! ❤


  11. Laurie says:

    After watching Ep 12, I too was also a little suspicious og G from about ep 9. Even more so now. I believe HY’s dad was not threatening but warning LS’s dad. They probably did not know who was behind it all then just like now.
    I am sure G was nearby on the meeting flashback and relayed the message to the Grandfather.
    I am counting the hours to Wed at 10PM to watch ep 13. It can’t come fast enough. Sadly only 2 weeks left. Here’s hoping for a second season 🙂
    As always love your work.


  12. missJ says:

    Dropping by today to greet you a Happy Valentine’s Day , Softy !!!!! hugs and kisses , mwaaahhh !!!!


  13. houstontwin says:

    Is there a trailer for episode 13?


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