My Princess E10: Live “Transcap”

Maybe some people are thinking the ratings are dropping cuz our lead couple is not on the screen enough, but I say it is just the holiday getting in the way taking viewers out to the countryside. Out of the three dramas on at this time, MP still wins hands down as far as entertainment value. Never thought I would be the one to defend this drama, but if you like it you will just find more reasons to keep loving it. If you don’t, you probably never wanted to. Just try defending Signs over MP-it is a losing battle. With six more episodes left-if they can keep up the momentum of those last few minutes building up with the music surging- doubt anyone of us will want to let this drama go. No matter how predictable her answer may seem, choosing between love and duty has to be a difficult dilemma. Just that last dress alone and that closet would make me take pause too 🙂
Not sure if anyone noticed that all of a sudden I am understanding everything that is going on with the president and stuff, but I have been getting help these past two episodes. My friend has been helping me figure out what all the hard words are so I can understand it well enough to type in English. Thank goodness for the Lunar holiday or I would have been staring at the screen going “what just happened?” Turns out there are lots of new developments in this episode I was not aware of during the broadcast
off topic- hilarious tidbit- cuz of the holiday- cable is showing “the world they lived in” with HB and SHG and on E16-guess who is the cameraman HB’s character almost kills on the film set cuz HB’s character doesnt want to admit he is going blind? GRI’s dad!!!!!!! since I translate- I heard his voice first and looked up -thinking whoever that is – sure sounds just like GRI’s dad and lo and behold there he is- so this time HB almost killed her dad on this drama instead of her dad saving HB – LOL
My Princess E10 Transcriptions

after Y hugs HY, HY looks at LS and Y looks at J
Y – saying this while looking at J- thanks for coming
HY-looking at LS- you waited long huh
Y: it’s ok cuz I knew you would come
HY: it was cold so you should have waited inside
Y: I wanted to hurry and see you even for a minute faster
HY: whenever you drink-I will always come for you
Y: I know
HY: even when you play these childish games and call me
I will listen to you
and Y says I know

HY: between the two of us (him and J) you were probably curious who would come-weren’t you?
but it is not me
despite that I am going to hold your hand
also I am going to take you and leave
she asks “cuz of LS? so she can watch?”
HY holds her hand and says “yes”
Y: oppa you owe me
he agrees

HY says “let’s go”
LS calls out “Mr. P- dont go-dont go Mr. P
but HY leaves anyway
Y: you must like each other a lot
why didnt it work out with me
HY says she should go to a hotel
since going to the palace or to her home is not restful
she can relax better there
she agrees

LS sits there after they left
LS : jerk- what a really awful jerk
J sits down next to her
J: are you ok?
LS: i’m embarrassed so please leave professor
J points out it doesnt look like HY will be back even if she waits around
she says: that’s right- he probably wont come-Mr. P wont be back
if he left me behind he left me behind
his style is not to come back
J suggest eating something sweet
cuz when you’ve been dumped- sweet stuff helps somewhat- I know from experience
she asks if he will buy
he changes subject saying the weather is cold

YC tells HY that LS still isnt home
and that LS wont answer her calls
that if LS stays out YC will get fired this time
he tells her to try again
YC says she kept trying
but LS didnt pick up and now turned her phone off
HY asks if she knows J’s number
she asks if they are together
J doesnt pick up either

later on in the kitchen
LS is making ramen and was just cracking an egg into it
HY walks in
so she tries to leave it behind and go but
he asks if she is going to keep holding the egg shells inside of throwing it away
she throws it away and walks away again
but he points to the ramen
she tells him to just eat it but he says he doesnt like eggs in his
then throw it away she says
he reminds her she doesnt like ppl playing with food
she says she lost her appetite as soon as she saw someone
he tells her to breath and think from now on
since she had promised everyone to do her best as the princess
every action she takes she should be careful
she asks what he is (to be saying this)
how could you claim to do well as the princess and go drink so soon after
she says it was cuz of Y
he asks why she didnt pick up her phone
she says to make HY suffer-since he threw away the princess- he should suffer that much
HY: men dont let on that they have been dumped
so dont waste your energy over trivial matters and go in and sleep
and he also tells her he doesnt like milk
J goes home and Y is there
hesitating whether to open his door
she doesnt and J is there when she turns around to leave
she says his secret number is the same
her school ID number
he says it was bothersome (to change it)
she says it still cheered her up and leaves

YC wakes LS saying she has lots of mail and presents from her fans
HY is in bed checking on news on his samsung deluxe tablet
that the princess got lots of mail and presents

then she calls  him
LS: you are still sleeping?
there is a lot of fuss at the palace
HY: what’s happened?
she needs to discuss something and HY is the perfect person cuz
she needs to solve this problem with someone who wont be stressed over her
HY: it hasnt been that long since you woke up and you already caused trouble?
LS: I’m planning to cause some
HY: what?
LS: “from the first moment I saw you- my heart raced and felt electrified
and I felt like I came down to earth cuz of you”
these are the kind of fan letters I received
HY: what kind of crazy guy is that
LS says who and HY seems to recognize who it is (my guess is SW’s secretary who works in the same department as HY)
HY says the guy is crazy and wants to date a princess so he is doing that so just ignore him
and throw it away
she says she cant do that cuz she is going to answer all of them and there are over 500
HY calls her crazy

HY confiscates her samsung tablet and sticks it in the drawer
and forbids her from using internet for the time being and cant even check emails
she tries to get it back saying she has to reply so he isnt making sense
he asks what she can answer
LS: everything except for my weight? (LOL)
HY:no-except for your name, weight, and school
you cant answer anything else
[this line of questioning gets complicated cuz he is trying to point out she doesnt know how everything works so he asks her if she knows how much Korea has for monetary assistance
she thinks they have a lot
he then asks if she thinks they should extend help or not
she replies wouldnt it be better to extend -since it is helping the impoverished
then he points out to extend what if they had to reduce something else like feeding the military]
HY asks now does she get a sense of what is going on
so from now on dont answer when someone asks if she likes red or blue
even if she is asked if she likes bus or taxi dont answer willy nilly
[he tells her not to answer anything cuz what she says can be misunderstood politically}
got it?

LS: fine then what if I am asked do you like mr P or not
HY: dont answer
LS: why?is this answer political?
HY: it is the most political so dont ever answer that -got it?
and from now on- till i give you permission you are restricted from going out
she says just cuz you say that – you think i will listen to you
HY: then you think I will listen to you?

HY meets with the president
the president says the princess did well so now she has the interest of the ppl
so for now ppl will follow what fashion, movie, music the princess likes
and those will become the latest fad
so ppl will follow her for other things later
before that he wants to control her to use her
and the president suggest that HY make up a reason
for the president to casually go to the palace
HY says sorry it isnt time for that yet
HY says her level isnt good enough to go out in public
persident says that makes it better (to use her)
HY says he needs more time for that
president agrees
and says he will have to call her out then
HY stands in the hallway-he seems conflicted
and remembers the president’s order to bring her out of the palace
and the president will take care of the rest

G says he heard from the chairman that he told them to marry
so is she really going to when HY wont have any money
G mentions that HY found out about his father
Y says why bring that up again –
she knows that HY’s father was kicked out to another country cuz of the inheritance
G adds there is something she doesnt know and
tells Y that HY’s dad had something to do with LS’s dad death
G is alarmed and asks her father to explain clearly if HY’s dad killed LS’s dad
but G says only HY’s dad and LS’s dad know what happened
but one died and the other left this country for good-so who can know the truth
G goes on to say that HY found out and is having a hard time with the truth of the fact that his
father did that when HY longed for his dad all his life
G also says when the chairman made HY choose between his inheritance and being a diplomat
he chose diplomat
so now HY cant oppose the royal restoration now (cuz HY knows his father is involved now)
so G tells her to forget her plans to marry HY (since HY wont get any inheritance)
* my friend says just cuz previous episode showed the chairman confessing
doesnt mean it happened that way and the accident scene we saw might be part of what the chairman is keeping from LS
HY asks Y if something happened
she asks the same thing and adds she something did happen to her so she almost hugged him
and says she will leave

LS texts LD and asks her to call her cuz she has something to ask
LD throws her phone down in frustration when she gets it
LD gets a call from J
LS gets a call from her friend
the friend asks why LS sounds disappointed
and LS explains she was expecting a call
and the friend thinks LS is ignoring her calls and texts cuz LS has a guy
and accuses LS of ignoring her cuz LS became a princess
and LS pretends the princess is someone else and says the girl is crazy and asks where her friend is and that she will go right away to her friend
her friend is excited to see LS

HY shows up so LS says she will call her friend when she gets there
HY comes in and asks where LS is going-cuz he just heard it all
her response is odd so he asks why she is stuttering
she lies and says in this situation she cant help it cuz her close friend’s dad’s dad’s dad passed away
so she has to go help out
he catches her on the lie
HY says if he is that old he cant even exist now so why would they need her help
and how she is talking nonsense
and reminds her she is not allowed to leave
and tells her to go read something in the library
LD finds out her mom sent LS flowers
and gets mad
she asks her mom is she forgave LS
her mom says LS didnt do anything wrong so what is there to forgive
she promises to take care of LD
LD accuses the mom of loving LS more
mom says she loved them both the same
and wonders why LD thinks of things like that
and hugs her
and says she was wrong
and apologizes
LD asks are you glad LS became a princess
her mom says how can you ask me that
you know you shouldnt
and cries
SW looks around the palace with his sec and Y
he marvels at how much the chairman spent
Y points out that the chairman brought the most precious artifacts from the museum
he suggest asking LS to participate in launch events as a display of sorts
(like those girls you use to give out flower bouquets)
Y worries that it would have a strong reaction and it might become a big deal
he points out they can use her and throw her out
LS looks at the note HY had given her
about finishing the press conference in the parking lot
then remembers him carrying her
on the back she notices it is a plane ticket

she goes and puts it in front of HY
she asks what this is
HY: what is it?
she tells him: it is the note YOU gave me that day
she spoke informally for that word “you” so he reminds her “I am YOUR teacher”
angered- she points out : I am YOUR royalty – so what is this?
HY: it is the first time I saw it
LS: fibber
HY says the way she spoke is embarrasing
she accuses him: why did you buy a ticket again? to send me somewhere again?
answer me- where were you going to send me?
he says it was his ticket so she doesnt need to concern herself with it-let’s begin class
DAEBAK scene

HY says from now on she has to answer a lot of questions
every word she replies will remain in records
and come out in headlines
it is better not to reply than answer willy nilly-do you get that
LS: I know
HY: do you?
then -princess- what color do you like
LS says color of sky
HY: I just told you not to reply willy nilly
which singer do you like?
LS: john park
HY: dont asnwer with just one-answer with many
what is the most moving book (you’ve read)
LS names a title of a racy book (about an author who desires)
HY cant believe it and she realizes her mistake so she says
LS: ….it is not that but …
HY: you read racy books?
LS: i spoke incorrectly
she changes her answer to “what men live by” by Tolstoy
HY: bet they live by racy books (LOL)
he mutters that her name isnt Lee Seol but “ya-seol” -which means “racy books” in korean(LOL)
HY tells her during interviews it is better to be honest with her answers
without putting any emphasis on anything
that if she chooses one side too much, she might get attacked by the other side (cuz of what she said)
and for questions she finds difficult to answer she can play it off with high quaility humor
LS  says she has sense when it comes to that
HY: you do? then – princess-do you like park HY or J
LS: I  like all men
HY: you wanna die
she talks like a queen saying he is rude
he says : she is starting again
still speaking in sageuk talk- she says she will save his life by ending the lesson
HY: it’s been only ten mins since we started class
what do you think the public expects from royalty
she says the weather is nice today (in sageuk)
what do you think of job placements
LS: dont you want to have outdoor class
what do you think of demonstrations in Egypt
LS: i’m hungry…
HY: since when did you start to like Mr P
LS:…I’m thirsty too
why am I the only one answering?
I want to ask questions too
are you still my enemy?
he leans in close and says end of class for today
she chases him around for an asnwer
LS: answer me- why are you avoiding like a coward
where is a teacher like this
HY: what did you learn during class just now
it’s better not to reply than reply willy nilly I told you
LS: this is between us two and not in front of public so answer willy nilly
your the enemy so what is the reason you are helping LS princess
when does LS princes look the prettiest
do you still not want me to be the princess
he says the lesson ended
and there is no additional lesson
J meets LD
he tells her how he went to the orphanage with LS and the nun
remembered that the satchel wasnt LS’s but LD’s
so he called her to verify
LD: that must be needed to become a princess
cuz everyone keeps mentioning it
J asks someone else must have asked her too then
he asks if LD has it now
she says you said you were LS’s professor and he is working for the royal foundation
so I need to be careful since I didnt even discuss it with LS
J: what I am curious about is if that satchel is with you or not
LD: what I am curious about is if you found out now that she doesnt have that
satchel-I want to know if you are going to kick out my sister or not
cuz I dont want to watch my sister hurt
he says she is avoiding answer
and asks if that means she (LD) doesnt have it
she says she has to study for exams and leaves
J calls LS to meet now
and she says to come
Y comes and tells LS to go to an event at LS’s orphanage
Y says that the president is going to be there too
and so LS agrees to go
LS says she is going to get the president to do some work for her too
LS asks J what her sister said
he says she knows about the satchel
but doesn know if she has it
and that besides him someone else has already inquired about it
she asks who that is
J: wouldnt it be someone who doesnt like you becoming the princess
let’s just say she has it-the biggest problem is its authenticity
LS asks cuz it might be fake?
J says no- he worries that the satchel is real
cuz there is no way to prove it belongs to LS
LS is cooking rib soup and K is helping
he is about to taste it but HY comes
and K leaves
HY yells at her for deciding without telling him
she isnt ready to such an event
he says cuz she is like this- he cant let her go
she asks do i belong to you
she talks like a queen again
he says I told you to stop sageuk
she continues
he orders her not to go to the orphange
she says she will decide where she goes or not
Y is there thinking about what her dad said
LS comes and says HY wont let her go
but LS wants to
HY and Y are a set so why are they like this
after Y tells her to go dressed nicely
LS says all of a sudden she thinks it is better not to go
since Y is telling her to go like that
so LS makes a change of plans
kids are brought to the orphange
they jump over everything
and run around
LS smiles as she watches then cries
she goes in dressed up
mong jr yells kids – the princess is here
he tries again the real princess is here
she says welcome to the palace
they give her flowers
she says do you wanna see my room
OC tells YC that LD is here
Y says HY cant know about it
OC says HY went out cuz he had some business

HY goes to see his grandpa
he asks why HY is stalling-is it about Y?
HY says no it is about my dad
you told me before that I said the same things as my father
the reason why you kicked my father out
is it true that it was cuz my father made (her dad) stay on the run
grandpa says he knew he had to tell him about his dad
cuz he worried HY would the same things as his dad
but he still trusts HY
HY: if you did you wouldnt have said it like that
grandma: cuz you were young and was separated from your father – that you suffered a lot – I know
but your father was a traitor to his country
and that he did something so bad that it was horrible
that it went beyond what a father could forgive his son
in front of history and royalty -he committed an unpardonable sin
HY asks: My father didnt make (her dad) pass away right?
chairman: you want to believe that?
your father said he didnt too but I think without a doubt that he did
LD says it is loud in the palace
LD says she is here to check if Y can help her or not
Y says she thought LD was smart but she was wrong
LD asks then why is Y meeting her
Y says if LD has the satchel to leave it and Y will pay her a lot more than she can imagine
LD walks out saying Y isnt the only one who can help her
Y has LD followed
LD tells J she has it
he says he knew that but doesnt know if it is real or not
she gives it to him
he looks at it and says it needs to be checked for verification
she insists that it is hers
and trusts him to check if it is real or not
she says she will wait

LS is reading to the kids
HY comes and says what is going on
she says he told her not to go so this is what happened
a kid asks who is prettier Snow White or the princess
the nun says isnt LS princess way prettier than Snow White kids?
they say no
LS: you think I am less than Snow White
they say “yes”
LS: why?
kids: cuz you dont have a prince
so LS says she has a prince
she asks the kids if they are hungry and tells the kids she will feed them
mong jr says the president is here
HYasks why the president came here
LS says she invited him -why
she is about to take them to eat but mong jr says the president wants to take pics first
kids complain they are hungry

president picks up a kid and asks the princess to come over
he whispers for her to act comfortably

president says it is a new year so he is here with the princess and kids

HY steps up in front of them and introduces himself
he says he has something to request from the reporters here
that her presence here has no political intent at all and something about her not being affiliated with stuff like that
and says she has to follow the next thing on the schedule and takes her away

she asks what he is doing
she says she was doing something good so why is he acting so sensitive over it
he asks if she is nice or just not thinking
LS asks :what
HY mutters you are not thinking
he tells her she is being used
LS: what do you mean use? no one stole money from me
he tells her to advertize she is easy prey for ppl to use
she tells him to stop- asking why he keeps provoking her
HY: are you that stupid? you really dont know anything at all?
he tells how the president is using her as a show-to display her/put her out there for show
[to get more money for welfare and stuff cuz the president is going to get attacked for not having enough funding so he is using her to get some more]
the president was going to say she went to that orphange
so that ppl would think she was favoring that orphange
and that kind of talk would affect that orphange too (and it would get insulted)
he says: now do you get it? why you cant be there?
LS stutters
he says: you probably didnt know -but now- you cant NOT know that
do you want to live like your dad being used for the rest of your life-looking just good on the outside
she says he is going too far
HY: LS you dont know what I just did do you?
I’m a diplomat-because of you-do you know what I just put on the line
do you not know who I just turned into an enemy

she runs to his office to knock on his door
J hears that the satchel is real
the other guys says does it belong to the princess
J says that would be so great if it did

LS cries in her room
and HY is miserable in his room
Y goes up to HY and asks how he could make the president the enemy
he keeps running
he knocks on LS’s door

HY says : let me ask one thing-
can’t you not be the princess?
is it something you rather die than not do?
can’t you not be the princess… and just live as my woman?

no freaking preview again cuz they want to kill us with the suspense for yet another week-argghh

46 comments on “My Princess E10: Live “Transcap”

  1. sophie says:

    Couldn’t help noticing that LS looks like a bride, in the first picture, with the waterfall water looking like a veil… 😛

    (Thanks for all the transcaps and your hardwork!)


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  3. somuchsoju says:

    Softy and team, can’t thank you enough! 🙂

    The Duo is almost here. Looking forward to another set of your awesome transcaps! ❤


    • Softy says:

      I think skks kinda ruined sageuks for me now- if they don’t look like them, I can’t get onboard. The Cinderella sister guy was cute in that drama but with that ponytail and facial hair in Duo – cute is gone. Promos aren’t exactly all that inspiring either. Will watch first two eps but no promises I will pick it up. Plus it is sageuk- my Korean is not good enough to do that old talk. Best I can do is interpret the gist of it – not line by line translations. We’ll see 🙂


  4. Literati says:

    Why is Lady YeJin so selfish in this. how does she think she is going to hold onto both of the guys. the love lines are already evenly split. Lady YeJin and Professor… TaeHee and Mr. P. Why you gotta make stuff so complex. If they hook up he can keep his cash and Lady YeJin can be happy with the Professor (just give them the museum or something). And Gramps will be connected to the royal family and he’ll be even happier.

    wae wae wae


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