My Princess E15: Live “Transcap”

No matter what happens on the finale, I am going to be staring at the screen and the time to see how much is spent for plot and how much for more onscreen cute moments from our happy couple. I want to trust the writer to end this drama well, but it is a Kdrama so I know better. From the finale trailer, you can see HY leaving so there is going to be another separation, but I hope it only lasts only a short time.
Either way, I want one more time jump-one that shows them happy with little children running around. She is a princess after all so happily ever after is already built into the premise.
My princess E15
after she sees who is holding her up
she orders him to push her back upright
they smile at each other
HY says: i missed you princess
she stops smiling
she tells him to take his hands off of her
he looks at her hands on his shoulder and she removes her hands
then she crosses her arms and looks serious
she orders him to carry her shoes
and follow her
as they walk, she is ahead of him and she is really happy
he goes in front of her and stops her
he asks where she is going cuz he has lots to say and do
LS: that kind of person – for two months- was unreachable?
he reminds her she said she was going to be cool and to text a period
she gets mad saying if you got all those cute and adorable messages
how could you not keep in contact even once?
exactly where did you go?
he said NY
LS: how could someone who went to NY act like this?
did you go and throw away your foresight in NY?
in a moment like this you should pull me into your arms or show some other action
did you learn stuff like that in NY?
HY: american kids do this
he gives her a peck
then kisses her cheek
she tries to pull away saying what are you going to do if someone sees
then he kisses her forehead
HY: when you wore that short skirt-who did you show?
then he kisses her cheek
then another kiss on the lips
saying he really missed her
she hugs him
and he asks if she was well
he spins her around
he kisses her on the forehead again
when they are alone
HY taker her hand in his
LS: can i ask why you went to the states?
HY: I had someone to meet and settle matters with
LS: katherine, mary, jane, brittany
I dont know just how many girls you had to
settle your affairs with that took so long
but now- just forget them all
cuz now I am a cool girl who doesnt worry about those things
he laughs
and says she did a good job growing the plant he gave her
she tells him its name
be happy tomorrow is the name of the flower
LS mentions how she was worried about him
HYcalls her a fool: how can you be happy without me
so from tm on I will stick to your side every day
LS: you mean that right?
she says since he was gone 2 months
he has to make up for it two times worth
all the dates we didnt get to have while you were gone
we can have them every day
teaching me how to drive
play the piano
from now on you cant be apart from me more than 50cm or else
HY gives the lawyer the paperwork
that his dad is giving up his right to the fortune
the lawyer says now HY is the sole heir
HY asks so you are saying everything my grandfather owned now belongs to me
lawyer says that is correct and then he gives HY his paperwork to give up his fortune
saying that what the chairman wanted to do- give away his fortune- now they can do that
but HY says he doesnt want to sign it now
lawyer is startled
LS calls and asks where he is
reminding him that she made it clear yesterday but he dared to go out again
she orders him to come back right away
he says he is going to meet Y
she asks why
he says he hadnt seen her in awhile and he has something to tell her
she tells him to just call instead
he says he will be back soon
HY tells Y he heard she was working with resorts
she says no – it was model homes
but she quit on her first day
she tells him not to pretend to care about her
and just talk about where he went
he says he went to see his dad
his dad was sincerely happy to see HY
Y says the two of them must have had a lot to talk about
HY says but his dad asked about Y first
she says she just wanted to help out
his dad is never coming back to korea
his dad says since it was the punishment the grandpa gave his dad wants to honor it
HY: also Yoon joo- from now on I am not going to meet you
since we live in the same country- we might run into each other from time
to time
but the one good thing is that your heart wont ache anymore
cuz you cant see me
she says he is really cruel sometimes
how could he say something like that
she says she has to go meet her dad
Y goes to meet her dad
her dad has a guy with him
omg he just set up his own daughter
G leaves
the guy says you must not have known about this (set up)
she asks if he knew about this set up and showed up
instead of answering yes, the guy is rudely blunt
and says how he knows she was dumped right before she became
daehan group’s heir’s wife
and how she was kicked out of royal foundation
he makes it worse saying even tho work is important how could you not marry at your age
J comes and rescues her saying to the guy: what does that have to do with you?
the guy asks who J is
J says what are you going to do if you know
and he takes her out
she tells him to go
he said he will go with her
she says there is no reason for him to go with her
he says then let’s go together without having a reason
she asks why he came
J says cuz he missed her
Y asks what did you miss?
a woman who threw away the person she loved
then got dumped by the man she was going to marry
did you come cuz you were curious what
a woman who is going around on blind dates looks like
J says her name
she says dont call me like that- it makes it seem like nothing happened between us
J: it;s hard to say nothing happened cuz a lot did
that is why -let’s start over
i came here to say that
Y: you must be crazy
he says you know that too- that Y is the coolest when she is next to him
Y cries
he hugs her
* i am seriously thinking J is dumb for taking her back
G meets with LS
she tells him she fired Y
G blames himself
she says she forgot all about what Y did
she wanted to meet G to ask a favor
since he worked for the chairman a long time
she needs him
she asks him to take his daughter’s position
G says he cant cuz a member of his family did something wrong and left that position
LS: sorry i am saying this but that is why i need a person I can trust
the chairman -all his life wanted this and didnt get to see it till the end
you have to be next to me so the chairman will feel safe
so she asks G to help her
G starts to stammer out a no but she says
LS: are you turning down an order from the princess cuz the chairman isnt here
she threatens to tell the chairman on him
HY watches from outside
Yoo reports how park tae signed away his right to the fortune
but HY didnt sign and seems like he is interested in keeping it
court ladies wonder if HY is going to keep it for himself
YC says he isnt that kind of person
they hide the news from LS
she asks what it is
she hears from YC
she asks where HY is now
YC says he isnt here
SW waits for HY outside his home
he asks why HY ignored his calls
HY explains his cell phone battery was out and asks why SW came
SW says he didnt even dream a day like this would come
he is happy cuz he thinks HY is going to keep the fortune
he wants to take HY to go eat
SW keeps talking about how money is important
SW asks if HY really is going to donate cuz that kind of talk was when the money belonged to the grandpa
Sw says to seek him out for advice
if HY can support SW
4 yrs later when SW is president…
J interferes
SW tells HY just to trust him and not listen to others
J asks if HY saw the news
HY says there was no way to avoid it
J asks why HY isnt doing anything about the news
and taking action and just sleeping
he says how ppl are suspecting HY might keep it
HY asks what J thinks  of what HY is doing
HY says it is not that simple -  this is something he should be struggling with
why are ppl so interested in other ppl’s fortunes instead of their own
J scowls at him
HY smirks and says : relax your face and stop wrinkling it
cuz I am not going to take that money away
J figures out that HY did this on purpose
to get ppl interested  in the vote
voters have to feel good about taking money away from a chaebol
and more ppl will show up for the vote
all things need villains
HY tells him to wait cuz HY has to change for an interview
J says are you a star that you have to change for interview
HY gets interviewed
reporter starts with easy questions
do you think ppl will vote for the monarchy
HY says will they
then the guy asks then do you think ppl will vote against it
HY is vague again confusing the poor guy
HY turns the tables on him and asks what the reporter would do in HY’s place with his fortune
Hy says it is easier to earn money than spend it
the guy says he doesnt know how to write this intv
HY tells him to write whatever he wants -even if HY comes off looking bad
in the last part HY calls himself a chaebol
LS is eating lunch and looking at news about HY
LS shows J the intv HY did and asks if J saw it
J said he just did and came over-intv was from yesterday
she asks why HY is like this
J says maybe the money is too precious for HY now
and explains the law (i think he said HY gets to keep it if the vote doesnt go towards monarchy)
LS wonders what she should do
J offers to follow HY around but she tells him to look ahead and she will follow HY
mong jr comes in and interrupts saying HY wants to see her
she orders mong jr to ban HY from flying
cuz he is behaving strangely so she cant let it go
mong jr says he cant ban flying
LS complains he should have just gone along and said it could be done
she asks is it that hard to put a ban on flying
J tries to suppress his smile
LS then tells mong jr to follow HY at all times and see where he goes-who he meets-and record him
so he cant run off
mong says that is even harder to do
she says she will do it herself
HY is playing a game on the samsung tablet
she goes in and asks what he is doing
he says playing a game
she says how could he play now
what is wrong with him-giving weird intvs-are you trying to give me fear
HY loses the game and yells that he died
HY: how did you know?
you have to be good to me
cuz these days I started worrying about something i never did before
she asks what that is – are you thinking of not donating
he leans in really close to her face
so she asks why he is doing that
HY: you know now I have lots of money
LS: so?
HY: you wanna run away with me? to a far place abroad
LS: why would i go there – i have to protect the palace
i am this country’s princess
HY: that is something you will know after the ppls’ vote
and after i donate the fortune
LS: what?
HY: that is why you have to be good to me
while i was in NY -what you wore- something short and plunging
is that still in your closet? go put it on and come back
let’s see how much it plunges
LS: you must be crazy
HY: why? is it that strange? is it that plunging?
if you dont want to – forget it
this is why I am struggling (whether to donate or not)
LS: stop kidding around park hae young shi
HY:what? what did you just say
she repeats the same sentence
HY: park what? do you have to call me that?
LS: then what do i call you? hae young ah?
HY: hae young ah? you wanna die?
for real – from now on – what are you going to call me
try oppa
LS: you’ve got to be kidding
HY keeps saying oppa
is that hard?
LS: forget it
HY: you dont want to?
then dont if you dont want to
I wont do it either
I wont donate
I will spend it all
i will take it all and run off
i wont do it- i wont
he walks off to the car
she chases after him
LS: fine – oppa – happy now?
(she said oppa off to the side in a low voice really quickly)
HY: what? i didnt hear you
he leans in close
she says oppa again
LS: happy now?
HY: what? i cant hear
she yells it into his ear-oppa-happy now?
he asks for her phone
he renames his name on her contact list-warm and youthful HY oppa
she reads it and says -daebak-so cheesy
HY: cheesy-with what you just said – know that you lost a lot of money
he walks off pretended to be hurt and upset
she asks aloud-what is up with him
she chases after him
LS: ok – i was wrong
and calls him warm and youthful HY oppa
he is pleased
HY: see how good that is
it’s really good
i think you have showed me that you are trying to get into my graces
it’s cuz you dont know
but I really want to sign my fortune away
so until the day i sign
when we lock eyes
you have to wink
LS: what?
HY repeats what he said
LS: then i just dont need to lock eyes with you
and she closes her eyes and looks away
HY: will that work
he turns her head and she opens her eyes
He laughs and teases – you locked eyes
she turns her back to him
HY: there are lots of plane tickets to go abroad
i have plenty of money to spend
should i just buy a few planes
then i will use up the money quickly
she pulls him close and says
LS: ok – look
she blinks both eyes
HY: is that a wink?
LS: yes- not being able to wink one eye is my style
HY laughs
you cant wink just one eye?
how can that be so cute
and pinches her cheeks
HY: oppa is strange these days huh?
maybe it’s cuz i have a lot on my mind
nights are so long
these days my energy is being used up
LS pretends to drop up
he tells her to go throw up
then he walks off saying he wants to drink some milk
she wonders what is up with him
HY waits and LS brings him milk
he complains he doesnt like it cuz the heart outline made of choco syrup is not a perfect heart
he tells her she has some place to go with him so he tells her to get ready
she tells him to stop now
cuz he is being childish and immature
does it make sense to say at this point that he wont donate
HY: it doesnt make sense – and it is childish and immature
but why is it so much fun
and laughs
LS: so you are saying you are going to continue this
HY: yes – going to keep going all the way
hurry and get ready
LS: i cant put up with this anymore
it wont work out that way
HY: who says?
LS: wonder if you know
these days I get 10 blind date offers a day
I am going to go on blind dates
cuz my days are so long
HY stops drinking: what?
LS: i’ll be going now
HY: where do you think you are going
i told you you have to go with me
LS: i am going on a blind date
right this minute
she walks off
HY tells after
you better not
dont go
LS introduces staff to G as the new person in charge of royal foundation
even if they dont get the vote she is going to continue doing this
J says what if HY doesnt donate-from the looks of it he seems like he might not
she wont have money so how will she continue
she says that is the problem and  lists ideas to make money by branding her status and popularity as princess with princess sheets, wallpaper, curtain, CFs, etc
J says he will help her
she kept getting calls  from HY during her meeting
she asks why he is doing this – so bothersome
he asks why she didnt pick up -are you really on a blind date?
he wants her to show his face to the other guy - no just show a glimpse of his eyelashes to the other guy and the guy will leave (LOL)
she hangs up on him
he gets mad
and calls her back
he says he is going to text her an address so come there right now
HY is waiting at a car dealership
mong jr takes her to see HY
HY asks why she is so late
she thanks mong jr for bringing her
HY: answer me straight
dont hide anything and be honest
LS: what?
HY: did you really go on a blind date?
LS: i already told you
I am thinking of meeting a few more times
he is attractive (he is pulling me in)
HY: what does he do?
did you smile in front of him?
LS: like I normally do
I usually smile all the time
HY: yeah you do
and looked into his eyes and talked
LS: of course i looked into his eyes and talked
would i look at his nose and talk?
HY: when you have park HY- you go on a blind date?
LS: i am not the LS from a long time ago
now do you get that?
since they are at a car dealership
she asks why are they here-is he here to buy a car with the money he got from the fortune
HY: that”s right
LS: then do that
she turns to leave
he pulls her back : where are you going? you wanted me to teach you to drive
that is why i called you here
LS: really?
HY: yes – follow me
in the middle of nowhere
they start her driving lessons
she is a bad driver
she is hunched over the wheels with her hands at 11 and 2
HY looks upset
he beats his chest and says he is frustrated
what are you going to do if you cant even drive straight?
LS: i am going straight
HY: is this straight? you are going off to the side (she is curving to the right)
how fast are you going? 20kilometers
he closes his eyes in disbelief
HY: step on it – confidently- accelerate some
LS: this is too fast so how can i go any faster?
HY: dont just stare straight ahead
look at the back and sides
this isnt here just for nothing -it’s not too look good
he was pointing to the rearview mirror
LS: you think i can look to the side right now
you can look for me then
all you are doing is sitting there playing
HY: am i the one driving?
ami the one learning to drive? huh?
oh this is so frustrating
also dont sit so close to the handle and sit away from it a little
he had his hands on her shoulder
LS: where do you think you are touching right now?
HY: who touched you?
dont sit so close to the wheel- lean back a little
LS: you told me to hold on tight to the handle
HY: ya -ya – dont do it
stop the car
turn the handle
she brakes hard
HY : get out
he yells when he gets out
how can you not even go straight you dummy
LS; what? dummy?
i wont do it
i just wont do it
this isnt because a woman cant drive
this car was built to match a man
dont you know that
it’s problems with the car
and not my fault
HY: your mouth is the only thing alive
LS: you dont even think that maybe you arent good at teaching
HY: how can i teach better than this?
LS says forget it and repeats what he called her “dummy” and looks pissed
HY: are you sulking?
i will take back calling you a dummy
i will just take the punishment
LS: how are you going to take your punishment?
he kisses her
she asks how is this punishment
HY: ok then i cancel it
take it back
then kisses her again
she calls him a professional
he says did you just realize that now
he takes her hand to go
she says to let go
HY: i dont want to
i am going to hold onto it
tm i am busy
LS: why are you busy?
I have to meet the president tm
LS: why?
HY meets president
they talk about the fortune and HY mentions what his grandpa and president discussed
president asks if HY is threatening him
HY says he was just asking a favor and apologizes for speaking too bluntly
president doenst know what his reason is -
but for HY to give away his fortune for a girl-out of foolishness-or courage
there isnt another man like HY
president says it is a waste that HY doesnt work for him
HY says he will take that as a compliment
pres says dont think of it as a compliment
think of it as a proposal
he wants HY to come in and help the president
LS”s mom is dusting off various framed photos of LS doing charity work and other articles
she says next week is the vote
she wonders if LS is ok
she wants to do something for LS
LS gets interviewed by Yoo reporter
she says this may be her last intv (if she doesnt get the vote)
the guy says the vote is day after tm
she says she is shaking
like a twig in the wind
instead of shaking she wants to think she is waving to ppl
if she gets the vote
she wants to get congratulated by someone
Yoo takes special interest in that comment
everyone is there when HY signs over the fortune
the laywers-J-LS-G
after he signs – HY winks at LS
G says the chairman’s wish has come true
his whole fortune is donated now
they all clap-except for LS
J says that HY made a huge decision/contribution?)
HY asks J to help the princess and use it to do good deeds
since it was his grandpa’s long time dream and wish
HY tells J not to reveal it online till the vote is over
so it wont affect the vote
J says he knows
and leaves saying he has someone to meet
HY says LS was the only one who didnt clap
she asks if he did it on purpose (wait so close to the vote)
to raise the vote is why HY did it
he says chairman’s fortune was never his from the start
so like his grandpa wanted
she needs to spend it well for the sake of the ppl
and he also adds that a diplomat’s salary is pretty high
grandpa already gave him some homes in advance too
so HY isnt that poor
so she shouldnt use the excuse that he doesnt have money and run away from him
not to even dream about doing that
he says: I did something this good so isnt there a reward or something
LS: what kind of prize do you want?
they go for a walk
she says: what you wanted to do is have a date walking on the street
it is so plain
HY: if it wasnt plain – what kind of sweet prize did you want to give me “ya seol?”
she tells him to stop saying that
he says this is her last night being the normal LS
and they dont know when they will be able to have a date like this again
she wonders if the ppl will vote for reinstating
HY says he doesnt know but the important thing is whether they vote yes or no
the fact that she is the princess wont change
she asks HY if she doesnt  get the vote
and get kicked out of the palace
he will stand by her right
he says no he is going after the monaco princess
cuz he heard she is pretty and sexy
LS suggest princess fiona cuz at least  is pretty during the day
HY says if that is the case- i will date you
cuz you are pretty at night
LS says he doesnt know at all – at night she is especially more pretty
HY says she is prettiest when she doesnt talk
as they walk down myong dong
they hide behind their snacks
they eat street vendor food
look at cell phone accessories
play some game
they get recognized and run for it
after they escape from the ppl
they are out of breath
HY asks why did they chase us so much
he asks if she is ok
she says it was really fun
but her heart feels like it will burst
HY says if her heart feels like it will burst
that is cuz of him
she hits him and says that isnt it
as they leave they see the intv she did with Yoo
he twists her words around
saying in a recent intv that when she becomes the princess
there was someone she wanted to be congratulated by first
and revealed that she is dating someone
yoo goes on about how this scandal could affect the vote tm
YC calls LS to hurry back to the palace
J asks what they are doing the night before the vote
is this her first time doing an intv?
LS says it was her fault cuz she didnt watch what she said something she shouldnt have
HY says it was his fault to cuz he started all this with “she is my woman”
HY suggests calling the lawyers and stopping the news from spreading
J wants to know if he is going to reveal that HY and the princess are not in a love at all
HY: is there a better solution than that right now?
J: there isnt
and points out this is risky cuz it could be taken the wrong way and make it worse
HY says why are you saying stuff like that in front of her
and HY tells LS not to worry about it
LS says she will solve this matter the way she wants
she does her own intv
YC records it
“you must be surprised by the news
to get right to the point,
I love park HY
G tells Y that he trust she will come out so he is going to start the engine and wait for her
regarding the doubt about the monarchy- there are ppl who believe me and some who do not
but the one truth that wont change is
I love Park HY”
other ppl vote while LS narrates throughout
HY votes
president and SW vote
everyone is glued in front of the tv
waiting for the vote count
Hy takes her away so she cant watch anymore
she is too tense
so he takes her to her room
puts her feet up
makes her exhale and inhale
he repeats
my heart is at ease
dont fall asleep
she keeps doing it by herself now
with her eyes closed
while he checks his phone
she looks up and says
are you looking by yourself
he says he was playing a game
she says she is curious
and wants to know what happened
HY says
it is over
J comes in with the staff
LS asks what happened
they all look serious
J says do you wanna see for yourself on the TV?
2 yrs later it says on the screen
LS is riding her bike on campus
she looks happy
ppl take her photos
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    thank you so much, softy!
    in this episode, it’s seem cuteness overload.
    can’t wait to see the vids tomorrow…^^

  14. MJShinshi says:

    omg….she said she loves PHY….yay! will this vid air tmr or today??

  15. martha says:

    Thank you so much for this – so hard to wait for subs :D

  16. MJShinshi says:

    man…so we don’t know if it was a yes or no…but since 2yrs later she’s riding her bike the monarchy was a no…?!!

  17. BrainyG says:

    Why I’m not wonder meeting CK here lol

    My connection is very bad i missed MP after the cute kisses. Thank you softy who always my only hope xD hehehehe komasamida ^___________^

    • ck1Oz says:

      BRAINYGIRL….annyeong :-)

      Don’t worry after DH/MP I am no longer here.I am not watching any current dramas until April.At least not ones you’re transcapping softy.I am tired and want a break.Just working on Paradise Ranch and Kim Jae Won’s 50 ep drama(the Apr drama). I am sure you’re NOT transcapping that.Besides..real life is calling.

      I was going to say goodbye to you guys next week on DH.

  18. yong in says:

    she didn’t become a princess????? : 0

  19. loveit says:

    What would I do without your transcap? my 5 yr old force me to sleep with him right in the middle of broadcast. Thankfully I got your site bookmark on my mobile and can read what went on :)

  20. missJ says:

    yay, for tonights ep !!!…. awww , HY was so cute as a bf , hehe ! and there was a lot of kisses ! weeeee !! he wasnts to be called oppa , keke !!! I’m looking forward to the ending tomorrow !!!
    Softy , thank you very very much for the hardwork !!!! You are soooooooooooooo kind doing a lot of transcaps in a week …. DH , Midas , MP ! ( though I have yet to see DH and Midas ^^) you are a superwoman !!!!

    • Softy says:

      You must watch DH – forget Midas that can wait till it is over and marathon it.DH is so good I want to kick myself for even dropping it on RB for a while (still watched it on my own and loved every minute) – normally I don’t like musicals where they randomly break into song and dance every minute so I was wary at the start, but omg this drama is so well made there is none of that. Every song has their own purpose and it is a joy to listen. Everything about it is good from start to finish. I like this more than MSOAN. You must try it out- you won’t regret it.:)

  21. red1 says:

    wow!!! thanks for this!
    i still think LS got through and won. in the bts, i think i saw mong jr during the bike scene… and also, that might be the reason why HY looks …hmmm… not ecstatic?
    well, just my guess… i’d have to wait for tomorrow….
    i will miss this drama… T__T

    • Blyss says:

      Does this has something to do with the president? Perhaps he strike a deal with him so if LS won then HY has to go overseas to help him work for some time n this kinda relate to episode 16?

    • MJShinshi says:

      I think so too since she had the guards following her at school! Glad she’s going back to finish school and not give up her dreams just because the vote is in favor of reinstating the Royal Family and her being the princess. Whether the vote is yes or no she still is the Princess! They better keep the scenes without HY and LS to a minimum tomr and give us our wedding!!!

  22. mey says:

    thank you softy, as always. i can’t wait to watch the video later. too excited for the kisses!

  23. tangee says:

    Dear softy
    You’re awesome, thanks for working so hard on this epi.
    Sincerely hope that you are revitalised with your beauty rest in time for tomorrow grand finale.. Much appreciate your sticking around till the end.

    Am definitely gonna miss MP v v much.. wish it was 20 epi.. do hope they have another project together..the handsome couple..

  24. asea says:

    Aaah this episode is so good.. HY-LS is so full of win XD

    Thanks for the transcap, I completely skip the scene where the Prof take the evil robot back and pretend it never happen ;)

    • MJShinshi says:

      me too! Prof Nam is either blind or really crazy! nope I take that back he is both! arghh..!

      anyway back to the cuties…love that wink after HY signed away his inheritance….now that’s how you wink LS!! lol and the showing his lashes to her blind date too funny….the kisses…oy…in MP Heaven ;) but I feel that they seem to be in content with the results (or may be just moving on with life) after the vote while I’m not since I don’t see or hear any wedding bells in previews!!!

      thank you softy for enjoying this show with us and for your time doing transcaps making it that much more enjoyable for me non-Korean speaker/reader :) I sure hope you are getting some rest or going to soon….enjoying your work here again and again, thank you!

      • Softy says:

        The weird thing is right before the drama starts I wonder if I have the energy to do it, but then they start talking and being so cute – I forget everything and enjoy typing those lines- seriously that line about his eyelashes was hilarious and translating the driving lesson was a joy. :)
        I just hope the preview was wrong and there is no long on screen separation- those 2 yrs better be like 2 mins. See ya tonight for the finale

  25. Boo says:

    “HY: dont just stare straight ahead
    look at the back and sides
    this isnt here just for nothing -it’s not too look good
    he was pointing to the rearview mirror
    LS: you think i can look to the side right now
    you can look for me then
    all you are doing is sitting there playing”

    Lol! Loved the driving lesson.

  26. [...] My Princess E15: Live “Transcap” My take is that she did get the vote-why else would she be so popular on campus. Just cuz she is the princess doesnt [...] [...]

  27. ck1Oz says:

    Thank softy for doing all the transcap.I am not posting this for DH/MP last episode.I’ve really enjoyed your blog and your comments from SS,SG,MSOAN to MP/DH.

    I am so happy you’ve done MP as I’ve enjoyed this drama quite a bit.It’s got a good pace.However DH…omg…DH I never expected to like that drama so much.PS and Jason will go down as one of the cutest KD couple I’ve ever seen.

    I am not planning to watch any of the other weekday dramas.However since I’m leaving can you put the Hong Sisters’ new drama on your radar? The Discovery of Affection.Lee Seung Gi has not been confirmed as the lead but I would love it if you could keep it on your ‘to check out’ basket for transcapping later mid year.

    Thanks again for all your hard work for the last few months.I will be busy trying to pass my Korean and hopefully won’t have to suffer not knowing anything every time without subs :-)

    Have a great time doing Midas.You take care now.God Bless.

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      you dont have to ask twice cuz I’m onboard with any Hong sister’s drama so yeah hope to see you then. will miss you cuz you’ve been with me since SKKS so I feel like it will be so strange not to have you around :)
      Good luck with passing your Korean exams and see ya around april.
      take care and thanks for contributing so much info thru these past months – you helped all of us enjoy these dramas so much more with your effort,
      don’t be a stranger and drop by whenever you have time,

      • ck1Oz says:

        Awww…thanks.I love you to bits but I really think I have to stay off current dramas.

        I was so busy checking grammar and stuff for MP/DH that I didn’t really pay attention to the shows.I am now going to rewatch MP followed by SG then SS then DH.

        After that…then will consider another drama besides Do You Hear Me?

        I have no idea how you stand the torture of following a current drama.It’s such torture for me :-)

        • Softy says:

          Lucky for me i love the dramas i chose so that has never been a problem with me. Like i said before, translating has become a habit now so i love having the immediate feedback from my readers – makes my work even more fun than watching it alone. Even when I was struggling with MSOAN after MG was kidnapped, it was my frustration at the writer that I kept in check, not a dislike for the show itself. I never felt like transcaps were torture – well except for Midas. I am not into this drama yet so there was no fun when I did that first ep. I was so tired after doing DH that night, I just wanted to sleep but I had to finish. That was the first time since this blog began where it felt like I was doing it out of obligation – cuz I never got around to translating taxi part 3- so the guilt from that made me finish Midas that night.
          But I am pretty sure Midas will improve in the future so I remain hopeful I will enjoy it one day soon. Hope you enjoy your time away rewatching the old dramas :)

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