My Princess E16: Live Finale

I think it ended the way it was always meant to – it didnt seem as rushed as other dramas. We didnt get everything we wanted in the finale, but when do we ever? For me this drama started off fuzzy cuz I didnt know what to expect, but I feel like I am walking away with a clearer picture. There were a lot of funny, romantic, and heartwarming scenes- I grinned, scowled, and cried through it all. That’s enough for me so I have no regrets about devoting so many hours on MP. I think when a drama does a good job of entertaining us, we shouldn’t dwell on what they should have done, but appreciate all the great moments they got right.
My thoughts on MP:I liked the second episode the most. When HY and LS were sitting
together watching Roman Holiday, they looked convincingly like a couple. They were learning more about each other, joking with ease, and not realizing they were at the cusp of their relationship. As the bickering increased and evolved into love, that kept me going all those nights I stayed up to translate. Don’t know what it is- but when they were at odds- there was more entertainment-in their language, tone, and actions. As someone who is translating live, I hear the words first and translate right away. I dont have time to register what those words mean cuz at that point, I am not processing info like a viewer. It is only later when I am going through it again that I get how special a certain scene was and stuff. For me appreciation always came after the show aired. Tonight -I tried to do both-translate and process so I can write this now before I get to work.
No wedding and babies but a surprise makeout session ending – that’s gotta be okay for some people right? Totally loved that Y is leaving J and not staying together. Thank goodness she had the sense to know she doesnt deserve him. The diary storyline was not even much of a factor so I wonder why so many ppl didnt like it being thrown in. I kind of hated the president for sending HY out of the country so much. then I realized HY had the choice not to go too so I really didnt get why he was leaving like that at the end. Thank goodness she had the sense to follow, but now we dont get to see what happens after that plane ride. I get why they didnt have HY propose at the fountain in a romantic way and have LS agree readily – it would have been too easy. They wanted to milk the conflict as long as possible so we had to see HY go thru those airport doors. As soon as they showed him in his seat, I was thinking with like 3 mins left, if she isnt on that plane this show is joining the ranks of highkick season two and I am going to curse up a storm for days. Thank goodness I can retain my record for not swearing on this blog.
written at 9:20
Is it me or are these dramas ending too quickly? It feels like it wasn’t too long ago when I was watching the trailer for this and emailing a friend saying I think I may have to watch MP cuz they showed Roman Holiday. That is what lured me here, but what made me stick around every week was my surprise that these two characters were fun to watch. Everything else like the sets (love the palace and HY’s apartment) and OST just made the whole package more attractive. So strange to think I am going to miss a show I never wanted to like. Maybe it is true what they say – if you expect too much you might get disappointed, but if you go in blind-sometimes the brilliance will dazzle you.
Mr Princess E16
As LS is riding down the hill on her bike,
mong jr and other body guards are chasing her down.
she gets mobbed by other students.
Mong jr comes up out of breath and blocks the other students from crowding her
she tells him that they did a good job today (chasing after her)
he asks : could you not ride the bike?
how could you not pass your driver’s license for two years?
LS: oh I’m late – you know my professor is something else. I’ll be going first
the class waits and Y comes in
OMG Y is the professor
Y and LS  exchange looks of mutual dislike
Y introduces herself and says they are here to study royal artifacts
she goes over and puts a stack of paper next to LS
she tells LS to pass them out to the class using just her eyes
Y tells the class since this is the first day-she will go over the curriculum and end the class early
LS starts to pass out the stacks
Y walks over to LS
and says :I am warning you in advance-I cant stand students using personal reasons to ignore rules for tardiness and students who expect good grades without having the talent to back it up
LS: why are you saying all that while looking at me?
Y: because you are the student who got an “F” the last time you were in my class
other students giggle
LS: that was cuz I couldnt understand and some reason I dont understand
Y: that wasnt why you got an “F”
more laughter from students
after class LS asks Y
are you going to keep giving me “Fs?
Y: you dont have any talent so what am I suppose to do
LS: because of you i might not be able to graduate
you cant use your personal feelings against me and do this
Y: that is your problem as a student
I never gave you grades you didnt deserve
if you dont like it i told you not to take my class
why do you keep coming back
LS: that is cuz – even tho i dont like you- you are the best teacher for royal artifacts
I want to learn about artifacts so that I can take good care of that person’s museum
Y: you sure are acting thoughtful after making him roam around abroad
LS: what does that mean?
Y: nothing has changed – when you dont want to answer you pretend you dont understand
HY oppa is not coming back to korea cuz of you
cuz of you – he is living the same fate as his father
LS: no – park HY is living the opposite of his father
it would be rude to say that to someone like you (LS used descriptions about Y here)
Y: if you think like that-it makes you feel better about yourself-so just do that
LS: if you reply like that you lost
she pats herself on the head complimenting herself that she got better at this (verbal fight with Y)
mong jr comes over to escort LS and he gives Y a dirty look.
president and SW are doing another photo op
then SW’s sec takes another pic of SW and president
SW explains this is for the younger crowd and tells his sec to upload on the internet.
SW plots something but the president isnt going for it
SW says LS opened up the palace to the tourists and the public
and everything she chooses to do is for her popularity
so he cant stand her
president says he cant stand SW
SW: why? what did i do?
president sighs and doesnt bother to answer
the staff takes groups of tourists around the palace
japanese tourists are taking pics at the palace with the staff and stuff. then a cardboard cut out of LS.
LS is having her hair and makeup done wearing a traditional old hanbok
YC runs over and says there is an international call
LS is excited asking if it is HY but YC says it is prince harry
LS is disappointed: prince harry?
YC: yes the prince who lives at buckingham
he said he wanted to be the first in the world to congratulate you on your bday
isnt it romantic?
her teachers comes with a phone saying another prince from thailand is calling to wish her a happy bday. YC says she was here first and LS should take the calls in order
teacher argues that
LS asks if HY didnt call
LS is being filmed setting up traditional korean food and playing that old fashioned sageuk lap guitar.suddenly lights go out. everyone comes in singing bday song and brought a cake. YC says LS is at an age where she should get married. she tells LS to make a wish
reporters surround and ask if LS got a present from HY-if she ate cake- they ask if she has plans to get her grandfather’s journal from london. she says she is trying right now  and will get it soon
LS is tired and collapses on the bed. YC tells her to change first.
LS  says she is too tired to lift a finger-she is tired from shooting the CF and doing all the other activities. YC shows all the gifts she got from fans and LS wonders which one is from HY. YC says none came from him. LS accuses YC of hiding it as a surprise but YC says it really didnt come. LS is mad and stares at her phone. YC asks if she is waiting for a call from HY – maybe HY might have forgotten. LS says she texted from a week ago. LS says she is going to call first cuz she is cool but he doesnt answer. she calls him crazy. YC says he might be busy.
LS thinks he is cheating on her. YC tells her to sleep cuz there is something imp tm-there are no more excuses left – she has to pass this time
LS comes home-the staff asks how she did- she didnt pass the driver’s test again
YC asks why
LS: i thought i was going 80km but it was really 120 km -maybe it was cuz that man (HY) always told me to step on it
YC asks who that man is -did she get lessons from someone else
LS says it is really hard and YC says not to change the subject
but LS says she is hungry
she goes to see the chairman
there are flowers there already from someone else
she says: have you been well. someone must have come by already
you miss HY a lot dont you?
me too I miss him so much
he is abroad now chairman
he keeps going around the world
quite often – i get confused
i dont know if it is cuz of me
or cuz of his occupation
so that is why i am telling you this
i know you gave me everything without sparing one thing
so that is why I know it is shameless to ask
but can’t you give me HY
She gets a call from J
she hears from J that the person she had been emailing daily for 3 months about her grandfather’s diary is in mongolia on vacation and didnt get her emails. the guy she needs to contact is in charge of the diary. LS says she really wants to find that journal. J says let’s keep trying.
LS practices driving again
she talks to herself wondering why she drives so well alone but messes up during the test
this is all cuz of you park hy-cuz of you- you started teaching and quit and ran off overseas
someone follows her and honks for her to hurry
it is HY
she yells for him to go ahead of her-i dont know how to change lines
he speeds up around her and stops his car
she yells that he almost hit her car-who is that?
he gets out of the car and waits for her-grinning like crazy
she pulls up next to his car but it is really close so her side mirror grazes him
she tries to get out but he keeps shutting her door
she rolls down her window
HY:I told you not to drive if you are going to do it like this
told you to look at the front, sides, and back-is that so hard?
she asks: you came – you’re really here?
HY:I came so that is why I am here
LS: why didnt  you say anything about coming-surprising me like this
HY: i was more surprised-news came out that the princess failed her driver’s test again
cuz of you i am so embarrassed I’m gonna go crazy
she crawls out of the window to hug him
she says he cant go anywhere again
HY: yes – I will do as you ordered your majesty
HY sits at the table and she brings food over saying today’s menu is bibimp bap and bean paste soup
he looks at her
she asks why his expression is like that
he says cuz he is so happy
LS: you’re here for good right? we dont have to have a long distance relationship anymore right?
he nods
she asks why he skipped her bday and didnt send her a present
he says cuz he didnt want his present mixed in with others
she tells him she canceled her schedule today so he needs to make up for it
he tastes her food and likes it
she says she has gotten better-now she is even good enough for shooting CFs
she goes on to brag she is the best bride to be
HY: let’s see my princess turned  27 huh?
LS says :they say it’s time for me to marry
HY: oh really? is there is a guy willing to take you
she gets up and walks off
HY: where are you going
LS: to the bathroom
he takes out a ring (I am blinded by the sparkly)
he gets a call
yes I arrived safely-right now- ok
she listens in and sees the ring and is excited
after he hangs up, she says she feels refreshed and comes into the room
he hides the ring
LS:what was the ring
HY says he has to go to the Blue house
she says you just got here
he says let’s eat first
she smiles cuz she is happy about the ring
HY meets the president
president says he did well in london
HY says ppl looked at him favorably for turning over his grandfather’s fortune
pres: in a country with a monarchy like england they would find that impressive
and the news articles followed him from london
saying that HY might have shopped at a dept store there
pres: so you bought a ring?
HY: did that come out?
pres: are you planning to marry soon -with the princess
HY says yes
president says he shouldnt
{from here i dont know all the words so will only type parts i caught so it might not make sense
HY shouldnt marry cuz the rumors that HY was using  {something} would become truth
and it would look bad on the president too
for the past two years
even though it wasnt a beautiful picture
pres found a way to get along with the princess
now with HY’s something greed
it will break what the president worked to build}
he asks HY to go to washington cuz there is alot for him to do there
HY asks if the president doesnt like him being in korea
president tells him : i am giving you the chance to dream big
since you’ve become a diplomat – a man you should try dreaming bigger to (?)
I hope you will look ahead to the bigger picture and put aside your personal plans for a minute
cuz I dont think you will want to be remembered just as the princess’ man
HY looks at the ring
LS calls
where are you- are you still talking?
HY: no-i just came home
i’ll call to the palace now
LS: you cant
he was suppose
while i was waiting for your call
it seemed like it was getting late
so the appts I canceled – i have to resume them
so that is why i called
HY: then should we meet after you are done
LS: then it will be too late
tm morning i can give you two hrs
HY: dont do that
cuz of me you will have to wake up two hrs earlier
also i have to go into work
so let’s meet the day after
I have something to discuss
something important
LS: ok then -bye
she is excited
YC comes in: what did Park HY say?
LS: he said he had something imp to day
YC: is he going to propose
LS wonders how when where will he propose
she lists movies but all i heard was love actually
bet the ring is something else
should i tell him my fingers got slimmer these days
they continue being giddy
they keep missing each other
and only end up talking on the phone
she calls him
where are you? i have some time now
and he says he will call back soon cuz he is in a meeting and hangs up quickly
she says if they dont meet now they have to wait another 52 hrs
HY walks to the car
he tells her to wink 5 times -when she opens her eyes- he will be in front of her
she is in kangwondo (far from seoul)
she forgot she had to go there for an event
HY: if you cant make it during lunch time or after work then what am i suppose to do
she is on the phone talking about how she came back from a festival
and sang so well she won some meat
she says she will make him something good with it
but he says he has to go back to the office
she wonders why he doesnt have any national holidays
he says that he should be saying that to her
she threatens she is going where he is so he better come out
they finally meet cuz she barges into the middle of his meeting
HY leads her out saying: you are the princess-what are you going to do if news of this gets out
LS: you said there was something important to talk about
when am i going to hear that important news?
HY: ya – calm down and go to the palace and wait-I’ll call you
he tries to go back but she pulls him back
LS: then when are you going to say it?
every day you say you are going to
and then you dont
look right now-you could have come out
the problem isnt the time – it is your heart that is the problem
when can we meet?
HY frustrated: i’m going crazy too
both of us are in situations where we have no choice but to be like this
she complains he is the one who told her to be the princess
when you told me to be the princess- didnt you know it would be like this?
he tells her to calm down and go back to the palace and he will call
he tries to go
but she threatens : if you go back in-you wont be able to see me again
HY: i just came out in the middle of a meeting
LS: fine
let’s not meet-forever
let’s break up
she storms off
he calls after her
he goes to her door
she is behind it pretending to be crying
YC silently claps at her performance
LS: sob sob sob
he said he couldnt help that this was their situation
how could it win over love
sob sob sob
HY: lee seol
open the door
LS: sob sob sob
HY: I dont have time for this-hurry
LS: do you know how much I missed you
I cried every night sob sob sob
HY: if you dont open the door at the count of 3 i am breaking it down
LS to YC: what do i do- he is the type of person who actually would break it down
YC tells her to stand firm cuz this is the way to make him fall in line so LS’s path will be more comfortable
LS: sob I dont want to  you today so just go or else i will call the guards
and keeps pretending to cry
YC and her are so cute
YC tells HY the princess wont come out-that he doesnt have a chance so he should just go home
HY says: tell her i am really sorry and to take my calls
YC says she will tell the princess that but she isnt sure the princess will meet him
the stress from trying to get her grandfather’s diary in london caught up with her today
HY: grandfather’s diary?
YC: the one discovered in england
HY calls someone in english and asks for a favor
* wow it really doesnt matter how good looking someone is when his english accent is bad-it makes me cringe anyway -but at least I grinned thru this one 🙂
LS runs to her bed and covers her head under a blanket
HY comes in
she sniffles pretending to have been crying
LS: I told you i didnt want to see your face
he says he is here not as mr p but as diplomat park HY
that he had something official to convey to her so that is why he came
he sits next to her and says he might be able to get the journal
she gets all excited and throws off the blanket
LS: really? really really really?
she mentions how disappointed she had been cuz the person in charge had told her that they wouldnt return the diary
they really said they would give it back to us? my grandfather’s journal?
he says if he gets it back she needs to take back what she said about breaking up
she says is that important right now-if they break up (?) they can get back together
he says it wont be easy to get the diary cuz it is complicated
HY: to see my own girlfriend’s face do i have to use my contact to get an aritifact in england
LS: of course you do- since your girlfriend is a princess
HY: but they want Y to handle the matter that is making them refuse to give it back
LS: professor Y?
HY: they worked with her for the Korean artifact in the past so they trust her
and want to deal directly with her
what do you think?
Y says isnt it enough we meet at school
LS :i didnt want to come either but I really need you
Y: how can you say such an awful thing
LS: you think i like it
LS says she cant forgive or understand all the bad things Y did and said to LS for the rest of her life
but one thing LS will acknowledge is that Y was a professional at what she did
Y says get to the point
LS asks Y to get the diary back and asks for help
Y: you really do not think much of me- would i help you
LS -even if you hate me you love history like J does
LS says she might have failed at convincing Y to help her
i thought if I said to her “I acknowledge you” with charisma
i hoped she would give in
but it didnt affect her at all
J sees who is coming and says: i think it worked well
Y comes
J smiles at Y
YC runs to LS
a letter came from london
she starts to read it and J finishes it
think it said she is getting the diary back
J congratulates her
so does YC
he calls Y
but Y doesnt answer and just smiles
Yoo reports the diary is coming back to korea
LS is cleaning the car while the staff cleans the whole museum area
she is getting ready to prepare for her grandfathers diary
YC yells HY is here and she makes everyone leave the room so the couple can be alone
HY congratulates her
she says it is cuz of HY
she kisses him on the cheek
he yells to the staff: the princess is about to do something to me
LS covers his mouth to prevent him from talking
LS: you’re crazy- you better be quiet
HY: why? if i am quiet so you can kiss me again?
as if you arent “ya seol”
this is why you cant get married
LS; whose fault is it that i am like this
why arent you having that important discussion
when do you plan to do it?
when i am old and a grandmother?
you dont have to float balloons or light a candle
just hurry and give me the ring
HY: ring?
LS: i saw that you bought a ring
so embarrassing – do you have to make me ask for it?
HY looks serious
LS: what is this? did you by any chance give it to another woman?
that wasnt mine?
HY: then what are you going to do?
LS: then just give me the receipt
so i can get gift certificates
HY: are you asking me right now to get married?
LS: cant i do that?
werent you going to marry at some point
did you fall out of love with me
HY: i wish i could – so that my heart would hurt less
they get interrupted
YC says they found LD
if LS doesnt go now she might not be able to find her again
cuz LD might run away again
HY tells her to go
going to call LD just D for this scene
D is coughing in a small room covered in a blanket
LS knocks and comes in
D: how did you know to come here?
LS asks did you do that to me so you can live like this
i asked did you do that to me to live like this
if you were going to do that
you should have gone out and lived well
what is this?
D: did you come to rub it in?
get out
she throws a cushion
get lost!
LS: what did you do well that you throw this at me
she throws the blanket at D
D is shocked: did you just throw that at me?
LS: yea i did throw it
for 20yrs you threw stuff at me every day
so why cant i?
you betrayed our whole family
you were going to steal everything that belonged to me
so i cant throw this one thing?
and even tho you did that
like a fool
i came all this way to find you
so cant i throw this one thing?
she throws the blanket at D again
D throws more cushions yelling: get lost
LS: yea I wont get lost
they throw stuff and start fighting
LS says she is going to let out all her frustrations for suffering at D’s hands before she goes
i’m going to punish you
they fight some more
D: you are crazy
get out
finally both are tired
LS tells her to stop playing around and come home cuz mom is worried
D: i rather die than go
LS: i thought you would listen to me if you were tired out
your so stubborn
are you really not coming home
D tells her to tell mom she is fine
that i am eating well and living well
that i will become a (?) and be more of a success than you then go back
LS tells her to make sure to succeed and come back- she had better succeed
LS leaves
D cries
her mom asks if LS is ok cuz LS doesnt look good
LS lies that on the way she got car sick
she tells her mom she saw her sister
that her sister got hired
and her salary is pretty high
she said she was sorry to you mom
when she is settled she will be back
mom cries and says she said that
mom changes the subject and says when LS doesnt have energy she needs to eat
mom offers to make some soup cuz if she eats that she will be all better
LS nods: i want to eat it
mom asks about HY
heard he came back- is he coming here
LS says he is busy
mom tells her to meet someone else-how much longer should LS wait
while you are at an age where you are the prettiest-love someone a lot and live
K goes up to YC
YC tries to avoid him but he wont get out of her way
K: the princess isnt even here so why are you so busy?
YC: i do my best whether the princess is here or not
so move aside
he laughs
he says he is going on 2day 3night vacation
YC: really then come back safely
and move your face so i can go by
K:  arent you going to ask
where are you going
who are you going to meet-
dont go play with me
YC :if i did it for 2 yrs then i did enough
I want to stop being a babysitter since i am not even getting paid
K: babysitter?
YC says how she is at an age where she is at her best
but K is still at the same height with the same heart and the same pace
he asks what that means
she says she is going to meet a different man than him-one she doesnt need to translate for
she lists other qualities she is looking for in a guy: healthy  –  5 bank accounts-and some other stuff i dont get
she tells him to go now and walks off
but he yells “ya” then “noona” and says a guy like that is here
how can you go after 2 yrs
she asks: why are you like this- so unlike your character
K speaks informally with the word “you”
you are way older than me so if I go at your pace
we have to get married
so that is why – until i have the specs to take care of you-be patient
so if you see anyone else
i will kill you
YC is happy and agrees
they wink at each other
OC meets with Y
OC reports how well LS is doing at the palace
Y says even tho LS is stupid she has skills for making ppl around her be on her side
Y says that means OC is no longer on her side but on LS’s
OC; that wasnt what i meant
Y says it is a good thing
Y says she wanted to meet OC to ask her for a favor-for OC  to take care of her father
OC asks if she is going somewhere
Y goes to see J
she goes to his house
she asks for them to go out on a date
she got dressed up for it-let’s go out
J says let’s have the date here at home
cuz all men are going to stare at her so how can he stand that-he cant
she says hurry and get ready- this is their last date
J: last date?
Y: before i leave for egypt-the last date
he asks did you decide to go
Y: yes
J: what am i  going to do later if I miss you
Y: then come visit
J: at that time, will you greet me with a smile when you see me
and she does and they hug
HY packs and looks at the ring
then he goes suddenly
he goes to LS
she asks what he is doing here so late at night
HY: this late at night is the only time I could make
he takes both her hands
I have to leave tm again
LS:when? tm? to where?
where are you going again this time?
HY:let’s get married- right now
LS: right now?
HY: yes right now
let’s leave right now
LS: do we have to do it right this minute
and lists all the stuff she has to do tm
HY- lee seol if you know how much i want you – you wont say all that
LS- do you think you are the only one who wants that –
have you thought of my position even once?
for two years- you barely came to korea once a year
just cuz you have to leave
and ask me to leave with you
do i have to give up being the princess and just leave with you?
why is it always the way you want?
HY-even when you werent the princess, there wasnt much that was easy
LS-we need to become more difficult
and she leaves
he leaves the ring at the fountain
HY looks at a pic of him and her back at his apt
she is at the palace and looks at the ring
next day HY goes to the airport and keeps looking for her
he goes thru the gates still looking over his shoulder
plane takes off
he is on it (wonder why he didnt fly first class)
someone is sitting next to him with the newspaper blocking that person’s face
he accepts a glass of wine from the flight attendant
when he reaches for it, another hand grabs it too
LS is next to him
she talks like a sageuk princess
you said there was nothing you could do for me
cant you even let me have this one glass of wine?
he asks how she came
she says cuz you wanted and cuz i wanted
she clings to his arm saying
you cant go-you cant go anywhere
i will follow you forever
how dare you go alone
LS: now we can date for 13 hrs
what should we do
what do you want to do?
HY: the first thing- this
he gives her a peck
she pounces on him for a more thorough kiss
he was startled at first but gets over it quickly
and they totally make out
all i can say is if they keep that up for 14 hrs
they are going to have some mighty bruised lips when they land
hope they come up for air and food from time to time
kinda wonder if SSH signed on for this drama for this scene alone-
the man looked way too happy to be acting
omg i just had a thought – is this going to be our last farewell gif from crazynyt
cuz i can hear her squealing all the way from here 🙂
Hope everyone enjoyed this drama
see some of you back here for the DH finale

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      thank you so much softy for transcapping this drama!


    • MJShinshi says:

      aaahhh the ending KISS….I’m loving it! Ich liebe es! Finally the Kiss I’ve been waiting for, initiated by LS and omg it was a Kiss KISS….not ’em pecks, let me touch my lips to yours kinda kiss. Love it! but why did they have to only give us the makeout session at the very last 5 or less minutes!?! I’m ok with this ep but was a bit draggy for my taste since HY and LS happy moments together weren’t as much as ep15. Ok seriously because it was always LS with others and not with HY. arghh why couldn’t HY turn down the Pres request/order or whatever. I get he’s doing this for his future but LS is right he’s always asking her to give up being a princess to be with him. All that aside, overall I enjoyed MP much to my surprise since I did not know or have seen any of the actors in previous dramas except Grandpa.

      Thank you so much softy for your transcaps and insights to the show. I have enjoyed your blog so very much as I try to catch MP live. Thank You!


  1. red1 says:

    thank you softy!!!
    the ending might have been abrupt, but the kiss made up for it hahaha! SSH’s wish granted!
    i will really miss this drama!


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy.I am really going off now.Thank you so much for doing it for the next few hours.

    I left you girls the kiss 🙂 I didn’t upload it but okay…will d/l the raw Hanrel 720p tomorrow 🙂


    • tangee says:

      THANKS A MILLION!! you’re a dear kind soul.. luv ya…


    • Softy says:

      Thanks for all the clips and contributions – sorry this finale wasn’t quite what you wanted- wish you could have left on a high but the kiss was a pretty good consolation wasn’t it? Left you a longer farewell on e15 comment so make sure you read it 🙂


      • reverie says:

        what if the MP producer went crazy and decide to make a youtube extension for their after marriage live? ha..ha..ha.. you wish….


  3. allenif says:



  4. missJ says:

    Whew !!! Mp is over …. what a strange feeling … anyways , we got a happy ending , didn’t we ? so what more can we ask for ? and the final kisses made up for it !!! I love KTH and SSH !!!! get married for real soon !!!
    Softy and your partners , thank you !!!!!!! for all the effort and your sleepless nights , numb fingers and stiff shoulders , and frying your brain every Wed. and Thurs. for MP , don’t know how to thank you enough !!!
    I had a good time watching MP …..
    Thank you fellow readers and followers of MP and Rebelsouls !!!!!God bless you all !!!!


    • tangee says:

      Dear MissJ
      Ditto! Echo! Ditto! It’s definitely a strange feeling, a little sad that it is over so quickly..
      Feeling the void already for next Wed & Thu..

      “”for all the effort and your sleepless nights , numb fingers and stiff shoulders , and frying your brain every Wed. and Thurs. for MP , don’t know how to thank you enough !!!””
      DITTO… domo arigato guzaimas…


  5. blyssxoxo says:

    Am I the only one who feel that this episode isn’t as good as what you expected or even compared to episode 15?

    I feel rather rushed and they didn’t actually spent much happy moments together as what was said in the preview *sigh*

    So what is the result of the national vote? No concrete answer so I think most likely it didn’t go through. What did the president want HY to do? Is that really a good reason not to marry LS? And the most upsetting thing is HY is like always not around! He seem to be always on overseas! Arghhh!!

    I’m so sorry to rant especially its the last episode but I’m feeling all sad inside. I’m hoping it to be sweeter or at least not that bad compared to yesterday =(

    Ok..KTH and SSH better act in another rom com to make up for it.

    Thanks softy for recapping as always. Looking forward to follow you on the next drama~


  6. evon88 says:

    Song Seung Heon, you really have a very handsome unique looks, your thick dark eyebrows and attractive eyes gives you the most greatest charm, to be so manly, tall in height, charismatic, dressing and walking with elegant style. An actor who is so brialliant and multi-talented always love and bless by the worldwide millions and millions surrroundings fans will give you the greatest support!!!!!!


  7. Jomo says:

    It is good, I think, if they left you wanting more. That makes me want to watch another drama with either of them in it. Especially a newer one.

    My favorite episode? Tough call. I have rewatched 1 a lot because of the mall-parking garage-museum opening-“I am oppa’s girlfriend”-noodle slurping-dancing in the street sequence of scenes. It foreshadows their future development.

    We see a PHY who is captivated by this shiny new object in spite of himself. He can’t help be drawn to her warmth and energy. Suddenly his beautiful and oh so competent fiancee-to-be-bot looks cold, old and dried up. His life was never his own, being at everyone’s call; even his money isn’t his own. Marrying YJ was one more duty to perform for everyone else’s sake. How god-awful lonely would that have been!

    I also like that LS could have very happily lived out her life without PHY. Maybe she wouldn’t have lived up to her potential, and not challenged herself, but really, she would have been fine.

    So instead of their safe existences separate, they end up in important lives, still doing their duty, and we are left satisfied that at least they have each other.

    Married life is hard for a number of reasons. Living together 24/7, imo, doesn’t necessarily mean they would be happier. This pair gets to travel together to romantic locations, and after being separated reunite romantically. I would LOVE to have a marriage like that. Once the kids arrive, another story, but they would figure out how to create their own family moments.

    I have to thank you for doing all these transcaps. Your love for the characters and show came through and made my viewing experience richer. I am hoping a new drama will captivate you as this one has.

    49 days? City Hunter?
    Those two will be on my watch list for sure. I cannot resist the pretty.


    • Softy says:

      Wow loved your insight – could not agree with you more – you are so right about how they need to be who they are as individuals first to be happier when they are together. That way they can’t ever blame each other for not leading fulfilling lives. You sure seem to know these characters.
      Some ppl think I am crazy to spend so much time doing this when subs are out like the next day, but ppl need to know how great an episode is right away – I know I wouldn’t want to wait a whole day. Right now 49 days is on my radar and the new hong sisters drama- not sure about city hunter cuz I can resist the pretty sometimes – did it twice for PK and PT but who knows, if the first ep of city hunter is good- count me in. 🙂


      • tangee says:

        Will try to catch CH ep 1 ‘cos of LMH. Love him to pieces though not a great fan of PMY due to her limited acting chops.. no offence to PMY fans. Would definitely jump on ship if it was Park Shin Hye hands down.
        Then again, she may just surprise me… you never know..


  8. Nadai06 says:

    Best. Ending. Ever!


  9. Boo says:

    Softy, thank you for all your hard works… and if you are still wondering about why they didn’t fly first class… well let’s just say they needed that extra middle seat for the 14 hours flight to DC 😉


  10. dole_b says:

    My thanks also for transcapping this drama.

    Just wondering… do k-drama writers ever angle for another season, or at least a special, base on the last episode?


  11. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the transcap…I look forward to it every wednesday and thursday…

    This is an awsome ending. I like it because it’s so modern. They are setting out to have a fun adventure together. In the beginning, she bought the red luggage wanting to have an adventure in Egypt with the professor and in the end she gets to go on an adventure with HY instead. They are a fun couple so the ending is so appropriate because I can imagine the fun they would have as a couple in Washington DC. LS is so free spirited so it would be a waste for her to be imprisioned in the palace.

    BTW, YJ is the most tragic character. I think she only loves HY all along in her selfish distorted way. The professor was someone who makes her feels good about herself and he makes her feel wanted but she just never loved him the way she loves HY.

    I also like that this drama is about free will. HY chooses to give up his fortune for love and LS also chooses HY over her title. I think they have chosen wisely….

    Everyone seems to want a wedding and kids but that would be settling down.


  12. […] My Princess E16: Live Finale Dying to know what you guys think of this finale – please share your thoughts on comments […] […]


  13. mandak says:

    don’t worry for no wedding and babies..they’ll be married for real and have a cute baby of HeonHae..haha crossing finger for that..


  14. Emma says:

    Many thanks for ur transcap, Softy..Great work….
    I have a few qns…
    2.LS put up the podcast on her love declaration for PHY on ep 15 before the vote…so the whole Korea know she love him..And if they vote for her, then they will also have approve of their relationship. So what is the reason for the President to ask HY to leave the country so often?? Why is so bad abt him marrying the princess??
    3. HY is still rich. So no reason to work for the President rt? He can start his own biz or political party.
    4. Why is LS wearing the ring on her middle finger on the rt hand??

    Well despite the many qns in my head, I must say, I shut them all up with the last kiss scene…. PHY and LS never really doubt their love for each other. They know their situation are always difficult but treasure their time together even if it is just 14hrs…Even if they are married, they will still have to spend a lot of time apart….That’s is the truth for many married couple nowadays. Good point for being realistic, but bad point for a fairy tale ending…I just wish they have show they married in the beginning of ep16 but need to spent time apart rather than no evidence of showing she is PHY’s woman at all….Still MP is one of my all time favourite thks to the OTP 😛


  15. loveit says:

    thanks you Softy for doing all these recap. This episode do not seem have as many romantic moments as the last at first but I thought it wrap things up rather nicely.
    Love how she jump out from the car window to hug him and the final surprise kissing session on the plane. I will love to see a special episode/movie or part 2 where they show their wedding and their lives together though.


  16. Tari says:

    thanks for your labor of love Softy. I think the ending tells us that they choose to be together despite the difficulties, I don’t think LS gave up being the Princess just as HY won’t give up his dream. She will juggle hot-DC-diplomat’s-wifey/princess and she would able to do just that since she’d buy her own plane hehe..

    looking forward to your 49days transcap,
    MIDAS hasn’t hook me but I’m still reading your transcap though.


    • Softy says:

      Think we may have the same taste in dramas – not really watching Midas either- only to translate. May have to do normal recaps for that till the story grabs my interest more. Seriously eager for 49 days cuz I just love Jung il woo.


  17. ck1Oz says:

    Hello I am back.Man crazynty1 gif was Sooo distracting.I was tilting my head right and left trying to figure it out.LOL.

    My Princess was good softy contrary to my ranting.I think Secret Garden spoilt me because I had forgotten that most KD end like this the last 1 minute.

    So….My Princess.

    Really pretty heroine-check.
    -cute,bubbly,dresses well,have high shoes ppl notice and a 1st love.

    Really omg ( okay SSH set the bar a bit high for good looking here) male lead-check
    -6 packs,can act,tall,dress REALLY well ‘love his clothes more than KTH’,loves his lady love,protective,consistent,not stupid or do stupid idiotic things

    Chemistry-check…hehehe….do I need to say more ‘cough,cough’

    Plot-ergh.However that is as per usual on a KD

    2nd lead-meh.Check.

    I want the kill her are they all blind??? 2nd female lead-CHECK and aigoo…makes me want to run my nails down a blackboard feeling when I think about her.

    -okay how many kisses did we have for this drama?
    -SIGH….you did real good SHOW.
    -I am so proud of you.

    Post drama fangirling-check.
    -the 2 leads are single and marriagable

    Softy transcapping-CHECK!!!!!
    – thank you so much.
    -I am sure I enjoyed it more with you and all your fellow viewers.

    Sorry about the long post.Love you!!!!


    • tangee says:

      My dear ck1oz
      1) thank you again for that upload on the KISS.. saw it abt 10x or more!! he he.. much luv

      2) me controlling my laughter ‘cos boss in next room. I nearly threw up my lunch! LOL… you’re hilarious… thanks.. 3 deep breathe, calm down, laughter stops
      OK, back to business
      Me am quite dumbfounded at the moment ‘cos I totally agree with all that you noted. thanks for articulating those points esp.
      a) shoes, clothes – gorgeous, SSH – gorgeous, KTH – gorgeous
      b) go multiply like rabbits!!! he he.. little KTH&SSH

      OF COURSE, lots and lots of credit goes to SOFTY and team for toiling in the hours just so we could catch up on the latest MP epi. Standing ovation to you and team… thunderous clapping!!! Mucho gracias… sincerely..

      Will take a break… unless there is new drama with overdose of eye candy like our SSH/KTH… am all ears. Do recommend, anyone??
      cheers to a good day to all at this blog….


  18. sarah says:

    Thanks for the transcap softy….
    Am just having a dream this morning or I just saw a fan vid with my princess and moon jaeshin together ? Please post the link if there was….
    Thanks a million…


  19. hya says:

    The ending feels like something is missing. Am I correct in the assumption that LS quit being the princess to be with Mr P? That’s the thing that got me a little dissatisfied with how this drama ended. I mean the whole point of the drama is for LS to become a princess and a lot of people sacrificed just so she would become one. And then at the ending, she would give it all up and Mr P is the one asking it of her???? I was not hoping for the fairytale ending but this ending was just a little too much reality. Although the KISS was great and all but it didn’t erase the effect of that ending. Anyway, thank you so much for the transcap and it was still a great koreanovela and i was glad i watched it, though i didn’t like the ending.


  20. kendytine says: thoughts about the ending.. well for me the ending was alright…. the ending is not rushed.. not like other drama’s and for the last scene… it left us the doubt of having a MP2 season 2 hahahaha…..since.. what LS should do since she choose HY over her princess obligations although she is still the princess…. we want something to end the evilness of the president and Y we want to see more of the struggles and how they find ways until peacefulness arises… all wants to have the wedding and little LS and HY running around.. but i think the writers dont want to rush things.. so for me the ending is alright..and good..and i loved it..most of CHunggiess.. were disappointed but what can we say..let us not expect because when we expect things we get to hurt more in the again for me i love the ending… looking forward for season2 and… SOfty thank you very for making my MP months fruitfull….


  21. suri18may says:

    I love the few first eps & towards the ending. The middle was suddenly slow but it did ‘pick up’.. Can’t get enough of LeeSeol & P Kun… Thnx for the transcrip.. .. Sure a ‘life saver’ .. Thumbs up!!

    By any chance.. Any new drama for SSH. How great if .. KTH & SSH in IRIS 2!!!


    • Grimm says:

      My gosh….i second the motion…..SSH & KTH for IRISH 2…that would be so awesome!

      SOFTY u r an angel sent from heaven to us…..i do appreciate all ur efforts! thanks 🙂


  22. Laurie says:

    Hi Softy

    Not sure about the ending, only because it does leave it open and of course all of us wanting more. Also it has it so there could be a 2nd season. If it is like other k-dramas no such luck. That is part of why I think I am drawn to them so much. More like a mini series.
    I did like the end scene, wondering how she got rid of all the guards and paparazzi and got on the plane unnoticed by every other passenger? That is TV for you.

    I will miss coming here for all the transcribing and commenting. This is my favorite site to comment on.

    Any way will keep coming back to see if there is any news on new shows you will work on. Also to catch the DH finally too.

    Thanks for all your hard work it was thoroughly enjoyed by me 🙂 ! Be well and take of yourself.



  23. Literati says:

    I like the open endedness of the ending. I like how they didn’t perfectly fit together either. they showed that their relationship has a lot of opposers still and that it’s going to take a lot of work. Especially with that forever scandal hanging over their heads. They would do good to have an article or a show detailing their wedding/display their love. That way people would see that they have a dramatic love story as opposed to a tax evasion scandal.


  24. emma says:

    Does anyone know where I can get LS text tone when she’s waiting for HY to respond back with a period. Its right before he appears as LS is about to fall out of the fountain. I believe it episode 14 or 15.


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