MSOAN E11: Live “Transcap”

This episode should be dubbed “Rainbow” for being our reward for clinging to our faith that this drama could endure the storm of the original writer walking off. In all the episodes I’ve transcapped, this was the first one I was nervous about. Since it came on the heels of E10, I had a lot to be concerned about. I think I might have held by breath the first five mins, but once MG threw out the challenge to live together, I knew there would be peace in dramaland.
Not to sound like a fair weather friend, but I am a huge fan of this new writer. She brought back the cute and gave us a less angsty J. That in my book is what I call sheer bliss. 
For those wanting subbed clips like last week, sorry the extra episode is going to take up my focus so I cant do extra line by line translations so there wont be any subbed videos for this week.
I LOVED this episode – if I had torrents earlier – I would have done this first for sure – so bummed I didnt get to work on this tonight
I adore J in this ep – he finally came to life – was helpful and considerate – didnt try anything and seemed happy for a change. plus S was missing for most of it which was an added bonus and MG being jealous was good to see too.
MSOAN E11 Transcription

MG: let’s stop playing around and do it right
J: what does that mean?
MG: let’s live together for real  – in marriage
let’s quit playing around and stop going back and forth between assigned times
let’s live together like it’s real
if we live together – we’ll [break our expectations] and show our true colors
why? you dont have any confidence?
J agrees [ something about who will be a better choice for mary]
they are going to switch off living with mary
mary keeps asking what are you two saying?
J says that he’ll explain to D that- for the sake of taking “bride” classes- to let mary live at his home
if we get caught J says he will take responsibility
she slams her hand down on the table and says: do you not hear what I am saying?

outside mary catches up to MG
mary asks how MG could say such a shocking thing
MG: instead of doing that messed up marriage contract, I wanted to stop doing the designated time and not go back and forth
Mary: do you like for me to go and live with the director
MG: did anyone say I liked it? I really hated that you designated time to spend time with J
Mary: so why did you bring up that talk?
MG said something like how he didnt like their situation and that he didnt know J would accept his offer
Mary:so why did you throw it out there?  am I a ball you guys must catch?
MG: without any interruptions, I just wanted to be free to do what I wanted with you so that is why I said “let’s live together”- happy now?
she chases after him and clings to his arm saying: then you should have said so

D tells JS said MG kept throwing airplanes at her window and D was afraid she would stay out all night so D was so nervous he didnt get any sleep so D got dark circles all the way down past his chin
JS says they are still like that and D says mary is so docile she fell in love with MG’s looks
to separate them D says the best way is for mary to live with J and he can feel at ease
JS likes D’s idea and mary can learn some stuff about being a wife from that housekeeper
and JS can see his pretty daughter in law sooner (bleh)
Mary comes hm and her bag is packed
dramatic music cue
Mary: are you going somewhere dad?
what is this?
D: where would I go? the person going is not me but you
Mary: me-where?
D: from today on- go live in J’s house.
Mary: what are you saying?
D: I cant get any sleep worrying that you will run off with that playboy
if you want your dad to live {sanely} leave right now
Mary: why would I go in that house? I like only MG
D: then live with MG or bury your dad
D says it’s already been settled with J so hurry and go
Mary: how could you just kick out your daughter like this?
you should at least give me some time to think about it
D: so you can think about other things?
she asks for one day to think about it
he relents and agrees to just one day
J talks to his dad and says he was going to go see D today and that J would call his father afterwards

mary calls MG at night and says something big happened
he says-now what?
mary says her dad wants mary to live with J starting from tm
mary-what should i do? he was afraid I would meet you behind his back so he was too nervous. so that’s why he is reacting this way
MG asks why her dad is like that-does he feel better sending his daughter somewhere she doesnt want to go?
mary-so that is why – that challenge your threw out – i think it is better that I accept it
mg- what?
mary- will tell you the details later
mg-so you are saying you are going to go live with that guy?
mary-for now I will see how the situation is and you just wait
J goes to D and says he will turn her library into a bedroom so she can be comfortable until the wedding
and if mary missed D he will send her to D anytime she wants
d is so happy and says- no she’ll be busy so she doesnt need to come all this way, I can go to see her. thank you son in law – now I feel more at ease
J-you’re welcome I’ll be going now
as she walks him out – mary asks why J accepted MG’s challenge
J-I know how you feel about Mg more than anyone else
since she helped him he wanted to help mary with MG
so mary accepts
she makes it clear her heart towards J is loyalty and her feelings for MG wont ever change
J says he gets that
he suggest since they cant tell D the truth – to make her dad feel like it is safe, she should stay with him one night then the next day she should can go to MG’s
[I like this ep better already]
MG is worried and paces then kicks the wall out of frustration
mg calls mary
Mary: I’m going to pack tm and go in (J’s house)
MG: in this world the one thing you cant trust is a guy-from the moment you wake up to the minute you sleep, you need to be careful of guys
Mary: arent you a guy
MG feeling insulted: I’m different – how could you even compare?
Mary: ok I’ll be double careful
MG: when you go to the bathroom or when you go shower lock the bathroom and check twice to make sure (it’s locked)
and make sure to close all windows before sleeping
dont wear short skirts under any condition
after dinner – if you can help it – dont even come out of your room
and make sure you call without fail
Mary; are you that nervous?
MG mutters to himself: what are you doing now…
mary-you are doing this cuz you like me so much
MG: make sure you dont forget to check in every night
she tells him to be patient even if he misses her

D catches her packing bowls and stuff for MG’s place and she lies it’s for J
she says she wants to cook for J so she packed the bean paste
D asks if she packed her toothbrush
he feels bad that he wasnt a good enough father and couldnt send her away with better stuff to take to her new home
she says she will visit D every sunday so even if he misses her he should endure it
he says just seeing her happy is enough so not to worry about him
she worrys about him eating alone
she tells him to date now
he says he could have anytime-that girls that liked him were in line
but he couldnt cuz he was afraid of how she would react
mary warns him to be careful and not meet a weird woman
he yells back she should be the one to behave and not meet MG
now he feels like he is sending her to her new married home
he tells her to live well and receive lots of love
she tells him not to worry
They both cry
next morning mary gives D a formal bow on her hands and knees telling D she made enough side dishes and enough soups and stews for a week so he should make sure to eat them
D cant even bring himself to say “go” audibly-he just whispers it under his breath
like it is just sinking in that he is losing his baby girl to J
J is on the phone saying MG will continue to produce the music
he tries to find out about S
[please let her be gone for good]

mary comes to J’s hm
he had sent a driver to pick her up so the driver takes her bag in
the fancy housekeeper is there to greet her
J comes over welcomes mary
he says congrats for becoming one family (lucky girl)
awwww – her room is cute – it is the library room with a bed thrown in now
looks cramped but cozy
he tells her to rest comfortably and unpack and that they are having dinner with JS
J leaves personal notes in the book saying he found happiness in that book
then another note about a character and how that character couldnt make up his/her mind and had to find another choice and something about how that decision was left up to the reader then J asks “what is your choice?
[how many of these did he write?
this is such a clever way to earn brownie points with a bookworm like her (and me)]

MG is frustrated waiting for her call
he tries texting: what happened to you that you cant send even one text all day?
he tries another text saying -do you like being at that guy’s home that much?
MG muttters to himself – what am I doing? is this what you’ve become?
he doesnt send any tho
During their meal, JS cant stop smiling
JS calls her “aga” daugher/child [what a grown up calls a child]
mary is surprised to hear it and he says: I wanted to call you once like this 
he says how happy he is she came into his family
she says she feels good cuz JS got better
J adds that his father got better quicker cuz of Mary and thanks her
Since it is all because of Mary, JS wants to give her a present
holy moses it is a really pretty ring
JS tells J to put the ring on her finger and J does and says the size fits
JS says in place of the engagement, to make that ring the promise for marriage
mary gives the ring back to J later and puts it in his hand
she says she cant accept it and he tells her to just keep it
J: after you came into this house, from other ppl’s view, we are a married couple without any problems.
he goes on to say that gifts like this is normal or something and that JS is showing that he cares about his new daughter in law
J asks her to go along with what JS wants for now and he gives the ring back
he starts to put it back on her finger, but just changes his mind and puts it in her hand instead. He says to think of it as giving it to her for safe keeping for now
the friends and band drink
the girl with long hair makes a cheer for “mary’s first night”
the other one says : what kind of first night is that
the band chants “break up”
cuz they are on MG’s side
MG comes in and they say they called him cuz he would feel down tonight
MG declines the alcohol cuz he has to produce
the drummer says tonight is mary’s first night, what do you think she will be doing?
MG: probably sleep
band says : will she?
one starts in saying girls cant resist mood…if you set it all up romanticly she’ll put down her resistance
leader says to him: if you know so much why are you always single?
the know it all continues:  candles, see thru curtain, and eye contact like this-talking with eyes like this (and he does this funny blinking lame “come hither” look)
and Mary will have no choice but to give in and fall for it
MG’s scowl gets worse by the minute listening to all that talk
long hair friend says to MG that his throat must be burning
and the nice one says :our mary is not that kind of kid
band: mary noona might not be like that but that guy – will he just sleep
girl: mary might not but we dont know about J
one guy says : I trust mary
MG gets up and leaves
the girls yell at the band and said they went too far
he goes home and lies on his bed
he closes his eyes and imagines everything the other guy described
camera pans to a romantic scene between Mary and J
the band guys’s voice narrates this scene:
“candles, see thru curtains, and long eye contacts – speaking with eyes- like this-like this”[my fav nun music is playing – oh man why are they playing this song here?]
J is dressed in a robe and she is wearing..what the heck is she wearing? are those grandma pjs????
anyway after all that eye contact J gets up and walks over to Mary and pets her hair
[wait I have to stop typing to laugh – who the heck pets a girl’s hair at a time like this?] 
band guy ” in her situation, can mary resist and not give in”
she looks up at J with exaggerated over acting interest and gets up and grabs J in a kiss
That makes MG snap back to reality and gets up startled
MG gets a call from mary
MG: what were you doing till now and not sleeping?
mary: i had something to do
MG: what? what did you need to do?
mary: secret
MG: secret? there is a secret you cant tell me?
mary: yes
MG: where are you now?
mary: where would I be? in my room (of course)
director made me a library and he turned it into a bedroom
MG: huh-do you like it?
mary: it’s better than I thought
MG: oh really – if you like it that much-just live there-dont bother coming here tm and live there forever! 
he hangs up
Mary looks at the phone and says :just wait a little longer
MG worries: what if she takes me seriously
he looks around his small place and realizes how little he has to offer in comparison
and gets back to work producing
mary is knitting all night
by morning she is done
she finished his sweater
she goes out and J is setting the breakfast table and having
an imaginary convo with mary telling her to eat well
he is arranging everything for her easy access
he even pretends to be short like her to see if she can reach stuff
she stands behind him and smiles watching him
she surprises him by saying “what are you doing director?”
and he spits out water in surprise
he says today is her day to live with MG and to go and come back safely
and to keep her phone on so J can text her anytime if something happens
MG is back at work at the studio
the main title is done and J tells MG that S is gone and asks
if mg knows where she could have gone
MG says why are you asking me-it has nothing to do with me
J: after the scandal-have you met her?
mg remembers what S said: to live with you, I threw away everything and came out-family-home-I threw away everything I can lean on- to hold onto you
J says he just wanted to know if she had a reason to do this
and MG says dont ask him anything if it is about S
MG: did anything happen with mary in your house yesterday
J: are you curious about (our) first night
MG: i’m not curious at all
J: you should hear it directly from mary
J leaves smirking
MG walks home talking to himself: what? am I curous about their first night?
first night – how can he just say first night on his own like that
MG is pissed and wants to call mary but he doesnt and
he tells himself to trust mary
MG’s mom is there when mary comes with her bag
the mom finds out mary is going to live there
mary asks what is wrong
the mom says she might not be able to go and cries
mary gives her tissue
and his mom sees her ring
[oh no – she better not take it]
mary tells her she needs to return it after a month
his mom says with this i could go
mary asks what problem she has
she says money
while mary is distracted his mom asks if she cant borrow the ring and Mary says absentmindedly :yes
his mom runs over and hugs mary and explains what she is going to do and kisses Mary on the cheek
and ran off
to clarify – the mom ran over to mary and spoke really fast about what she wants to do with the ring and didnt give mary any time to respond and took off with the ring
ever since she saw the ring her head was filled with one thing – to get that ring and get money to pay off the remaining $10,000 and go to paris with her bf
what is even worse is the mom lied to MG later and said Mary offered it-that is why MG goes off on mary and doesnt give her the chance to explain that she did not give it to his mom – mary starts to explain and he cuts her off.
what’s even worse is the mom already stole from her own son by going into his drawers, taking out his bank book and using all the money in there -$20,000 without even asking (that was the money he was going to give back to J cuz that was the contract money so that is why MG had to go back to work for J)
the mom needed $30,000 cuz she co-signed/invested in some store that went belly up and the guy who owed her the money took off so she is responsible for the money and the Korean version of the IRS maybe said they would block her from going thru airport customs and wont let her leave the country till she pays all of it.
D calls and says he is bringing her hanyak -korean traditional med for her and J
she says she will get it sunday
but he insists on dropping it off now so she runs back to J’s hm
she meets D and is out of breath
D wants to wait and see J’s face
and have drinks with him
mary calls mg about how she will be late cuz her dad came
painful daebak scene two- both MG and involves his mom
MG come in and sees him mom packing. She asks for his help and as he does he asks “ since you didn’t pay all the money – thought you couldn’t go”
mom: I paid it off.
MG: how?
mom: I put up mary xmas’s ring as collateral at a pawn shop. That ring was really expensive. [MG stops packing as he realizes what his mom has done]
MG; what are you saying right now?
Mom: I told her I would never take it, but mary [something along the lines of she “insisted”] you know how your mom cant insult someone’s kindness.
MG gets up and screams: what did you just do?
Mom: after I get to paris, I can send the money within a week.
MG: you expect me to believe that?
mom: really – don’t worry MG. you think your mom would betray the girl you love?
MG: go and never come back. I cant put up with anymore. From this moment on, I am not your son.
Mom: how could you talk like that-so hurtful?
MG: hurtful? How can you say that word with that mouth. You cant fathom how much you hurt me huh? Whenever you need me, you drop by for a short time, when I was a burden, you just left me behind anywhere. Every time you did that? Do you know how painful that was for me? Don’t ever show up in front of me ever again
he storms off
she still packs
J comes home and finds D
J says MG will be upset and he promises to do what he can to send her quickly to MG
she says she wants to feed her dad first
J is nicer and looser now
D tells mary to call J “honey” and not director and for J to do the same
mary gets a call from MG
mg came to J house
so she sneaks out

mg is mad about the ring
she comes out and says why did you come all this way when I will be there soon
he ignores that and says: mary- am i a joke to you? since you are living with a rich young master in this nice home do I look pitiful to you?
mary: what are you saying?
MG: you gave my mom the ring
Mary: ah- that – I didnt give it…
MG: I dont need a woman who is going to pity me
if you are going to do stuff like then let’s end this now
she says dont say stuff without thinking
he says who did something without thinking first?
he goes home
he leaves her there upset and J comes out and sees her feeling hurt

he sees the sweater that mary had hid in the fridge earlier
and a card
he smells the sweater
there is a new version of my precious and it is pretty

D fell asleep on the sofa drunk
she says she will be back before he wakes up
j offers to take her
but she said she would go alone

MG wears her red sweater and goes to the ice skating rink alone
mary goes to his hm
and sees that he found her sweater
she remembers what he said about wanting to go to skate ring wearing the sweater his gf made
and she runs out
MG is skating alone

mary shows up
she is about to fall and he catches her
he asks what she thinks about the sweater
she says it looks good and asks if it is warm
he says it is really warm and he thanks her for coming
they hug

the actor finds S hiding in a club
[crap she’s found]
he gets mad she keeps ignoring him
the manager comes and
she says let’s work together and S throws her drink on manager bang’s face
s asks how it feels to sell her photos like that
the actor finds out manager did that and is surprised
S calls the manager trash
and they fight and S pushes the manager and the manager hurts her head and it bleeds

mg and mary are at home and were gonna kiss but the band and her friends show up and interrupt
they play games
they chant for them to kiss
and he kisses her cheek
and mg and mary run out
she keeps saying it is cold
mg sings mary his new song – well not sings but more “na-nams” the whole song cuz no lyrics
he said he changed his music style for the first time
he wants to put her in the lyrics so he asks her to write the lyrics for their new song
mg walks mary home
d comes out
she tries to get him to go back inside so D wont see MG
mary lied to D that she had been out for a morning jog
mary works on the lyrics-no clue what she wrote
mg and the band are crashed at his house
MG gets woken up by a call
MG: who are you looking for? who?
guy on the phone: some woman drank too much and passed out so I called this number but she looks like the actress S
MG: i’ll call you right back
mary calls about the lyrics and how to write it and he says he cant talk now
she wonders where he needs to go so early in the morning
the waiter tells MG that S fought with some woman and the other guy took
the woman to the hospital cuz she was badly hurt
MG takes S home
MG tells her to settle her debt to J
MG tells her to settle everything if she is going to run away –
like S would (he means for her to act like she used to in the past)
he leaves her
Mg goes inside the office and S shows up
she meets J in the lobby
and mary shows up
wow it’s like a kim tak gu scene and music- so much drama-all 4 meeting like that

j says he worried alot and is glad she came back
she apologizes
she is recording with MG
and MG sees  J and mary outside the recording booth
S cant sing tho looking at mary outside
she gets mad cuz she doesnt want to sing music that they made together and throws it at MG
guess great endings are a thing of the past
MG’s mom didnt go to paris
she was tricked
JS asks mary to wear the ring he gave her

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    i find the flow of the episode to be heavier now….it seems so many conflicts were put up coz as i watch it…i have a heavy heart than the light feeling…..argggghhhh hope i wont get nightmares…


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    LOL at JI at breakfast.. so cute.. so far, his character seems to be on MG and MR’s side so yay to that..

    Ihave no words for SJ, and MG’s mom. I have lots of words.. mainly impolite ones so I shall leave it as that..

    it’s interesting how whenever a conflict develops for our OTP ( the SJ kiss, the MR’s ring issue).. there I am, bracing myself for major misunderstanding and angst, then they go solve it and everything is peaches and cream in the next scene.. not the most realistic, but I love how MR is so sweet and undestanding towards MG.. really too good to be true..


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    You guys have to come back and read it tm after i am done with it- don’t give up on msoan ok? Hang in there – it is still worthwhile I promise.


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    Thank you so much softy, though you know it. I’ll do my best to comment about the eps though =) I have been thrilled to find both MSOAN and SG (just the two dramas I happened to start watching!). Your transcaps have been perfect for what I wanted–just some context to watch the episodes by, with more of a grasp than I have of korean. I also delight in your translation notes, because that is part of what makes language fascinating.

    But back to the story, I have to say, manager Bang getting her comeuppance is pretty great. Isn’t it so satisfying when something happens to a character that you would want to perpetrate?

    I’m looking for something with SJ and JI maybe–the love square is still U shaped. I have to say that it is pleasant that our main couple does seem so harmonious (heh), and they seem to trust each other. Despite the truth of the loyalty tag line, it could use a wee bit of variety. I did enjoy the actual demonstration of it as MG spoke to himself about trusting Maeri. Perhaps more of that.


  23. reverie says:

    this is a much better chapter (thank God)
    hope with the new writer good story will come up. so it wont be such a waste of good talent. *sigh. and guess we could not have without the standard Korean drama ingredient : Mary’s dad, MG’s mum, J’s dad, and SJ (guess is it hard to make a loveable 2nd female lead……with bitchiness)


  24. toohearts says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for all your hard work!!!!! It must be crazy for you this week to do three episodes in the row (plus right after SG over the weekend)…. You should take care of yourself and don’t overwork yourself… We will patiently wait for your transcaps. 🙂

    I just read BOTH Episodes (10 & 11)…I gotta say that YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I love Ep. 11…there were so many great moments in this episode…I feel that JI is so thoughtful with the post-notes… and I start to feel that MG and MR are starting to behave like a real couple….the relationship is evolving -something that I am enjoying seeing! At this point I don’t really care about SJ (don’t really like her…maybe in later episodes?). It is so nice that MG asked MR to write the lyrics of his song. That is so romantic btw! I loved that!! I WANT TO HEAR THE NEW SONG… I have faith that the next episode is going to be as great as this one! ^^


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