MSOAN E15: Live “Transcap”

After reading through all the comments for this episode, I think I owe some die hard MSOAN fans an apology. Just cuz the writer of this drama decided to lose her senses doesnt mean I should follow suit and lose sight of the purpose for this blog. RS exists to bring you transcriptions on the night of broadcast, not to sway your opinion of the content of the episode itself.
Sorry for the dropping the ball on you guys and ranting and stuff. I let my love for this drama and the disappointment that stemmed from that love get the better of me. I never meant for some of you guys to decide not to watch or postpone viewing based on what I had translated or said about the episode itself.
If you think about it, this drama had to end somehow and as far as endings go, putting J in a coma is not that bad if you think about what else she could have done – like make us watch his funeral.
So all in all-this isn’t the worst penultimate ending for this drama – wouldnt you say?
By the way, this was the “look for the silver lining” side of me talking here 🙂 
earlier rants where moved to the end of the transcap
MSOAN E15 Transcription
J looks at the engagement ring
Mary goes chasing after MG
Mary: MG dont misunderstand
I waited all day for you
and then I went to director’s to settle things
MG: what were you settling while hugging like that?
Mary: dont talk like that
MG; then I must have seen wrong
Mary: KMG
he walks away from Mary
and remembers the hug and cries
mary goes to Mg’s but he isnt there
her friends call her to hurry up and come there
they want her to come there and wait for mg
the drummer offers to call MG over
Mary lies and says mg is busy
she says she wants to wait here for MG and then go
she cries
her friends know she was crying
people on the bus recognize MG and take his pics
so he gets off
mary remembers Mg wanted to take down the curtain
and as she cries and is about to leave MG comes home
Mary: where have you been all this time?
rubs his arms for circulation
you’re cold huh?
MG- dont misunderstand
I went to director’s to settle things
I asked director for a divorce
MG: stop it- i dont want to hear anything today
Mary: dont do this MG
today is your bday- i worked so hard to prepare for your bday party
there is not much left of your bday so let’s quickly light your candles-uh?
MG yells : stop it!
MG: while meeting you – you know what was the hardest?
that you changed me in one day
changing the music style I’ve had
standing in front of a mic and mouthing the words- it was so ridiculous
but for your sake – I could put up with it
but you
let’s be honest now
what is director Jung to you?
someone you might regret over – someone like that?
Mary: he’s not – you know that so why are you asking that?
MG: i dont know anymore
[the woman I saw by accident today seemed like a different person]
Mary: mg ah
MG: i want to be alone
Mary: you mean it?
MG: i’m asking you
mary cries and leaves
mg looks at the cake and stuff
and tears down the decorations
mgm is cleaning the floor with her foot
she asks how long she has to keep cleaning
D: until a fly lands, slips cuz it’s too slippery, and falls down
clean with your hands!
mgm: I’m doing it
she asks what he is doing
D is worried cuz he has no one to invite to the wedding
mgm laughs and cant believe mary is getting married
she says mary said she really liked her son but is marrying some other guy
mgm is mad that mary didnt let her son go sooner
she points out that you have to be with someone who suits you well and good things happen
she thinks MG’s popularity is rising cuz mary let him go
D gets offened asking if she means his daughter has bad luck
she replies ” did anyone say that?” and runs off
mgm comes home and MG looks almost happy thinking it is mary when he hears the door
mgm: I’m disappointed in mary-even though i told her to break up – “changing shoes so quickly” isnt this ridiculous?
MG: dont talk like that
mgm: did I say anything wrong?
mg: mary isnt that kind of girl
mgm shows him the wedding invitation
Mg throws it down: none of this matters
mgm: how can there be a wedding without the bride’s permission
MG: where did you get this?
mgm admits she got it from D’s so mg tells her to get out of that hm
that she doesnt need to go there anymore
he tells her he returned the ring
so she should never go there again
she is happy and calls D to tell him
she tells him that MG gave the ring back
she accuses D of selling off his daughter to a rich family
D gets mad /insulted and tells her to not just say whatever she feels like-who sold off my daugher?
she says : it’s the same-forcing your daughter to marry someone she doesnt want to or selling you daughter off-what is the difference?
Mary comes home
he asks what she is doing here
she lies and says she wanted to see her dad
he asks if something happened since it’s xmas eve and they should be together
she tells him to stop calling J son in law
and that she asked for a divorce
he tells her to go back and apologize
D blames MG
she says she isnt doing this cuz of MG-he guesses she fought with MG
she says she is tired today so she wants to go in and rest
she cried the whole time
J has a meeting telling his staff that they worked hard
so he wants to reward them with a workshop
J tells the woman to invite mary too
she says because of MG everything went well
MG comes to J’s
he accuses J of planning all this from the start
J says he was going to call MG
MG: you dressed Mary in a wedding dress -taking engagement photos- doing these things- werent you going to get married for real
J tells him his dad arranged for marriage all this on his own
MG: coward – do you love mary?
J: ( think he said he doesnt want to be forced to answer or something)
I hope you dont misunderstand mary for yesterday, she came cuz i asked her to -she didnt come on her own
J talks about MGs show schedule but MG says: it’s over – these pitiful [?] – you do it as much as you want
mary tells D she wants to go clear her head
he tells her to hurry and just go back to J
she asks do you really want me to marry J
D says of course-daughter is going to a rich family and J is clinging to mary saying she is the only one
so what kind of father would object to that?
he just wants her to be happy
he tells her to think it over again
that love and reality are different
she leaves and goes to a bookstore and J comes
he sits near her and she sees him
J gets a call about MG
MG didnt make it to a show
J says MG probably didnt go far and that he would look for him
MG is playing loud guitar
the band stands behind him throwing out questions
are you not going to answer your phone
the bands says when he  is like that playing so loud
it means not to bother him
the drummer is most scared of him when he is like that
they guess he fought with mary
J comes and turns off the amp
MG looks angry and starts to walk off but
J accuses MG of being irresponsible
that MG didnt show up at a scheduled show
J: are you going to quit being a singer?
Mg: I told you- i wouldnt work with you
J: ignoring all appts, doing what you want is a rocker
if the person mary liked is someone like this I still have a chance
MG tells him not to talk out of turn-what do you know to [?]
J:is it that all your capable/all you can do? to you is that winning
I wont ever send mary to someone like you who isnt reliable
MG: who are you to say you will send mary or not
J: if you want me to give up on mary-think carefuly about how you should behave in the future
the band and friends try to think of ways to get mary and MG together
MG is walking and band member lies and says one of them is going to quit
and get a steady job
they tell him to hurry and come
mary sends MG a text asking if anything band happened to him
her friend calls and says the guy one of them was seeing broke up
and they pretend to cry so she says where are you
they all compliment each other for acting so well
MG comes and there are candles in a heart shape
so he leaves and mary comes
mary: where have you been all day where I couldnt reach you?
MG: it isnt your business
Mary cries and says: kmg – are you going to keep acting like this?
MG: what did I do?
Mary: you really are awful-how much worse are you going to behave before you get over your anger?
the friends and band apologize  cuz it didnt go well
MG goes home and he kicks over the trash can and the hair conditioner
mary bought him and wrapped in a box comes out of the box
he gets a call
D is looking at the korean traditional dress and blanket
he wants her to try it on
she yells at him for spending money on frivolous stuff when he doesnt even have any
JS had sent them over so D didnt pay for it
S calls MG
S saved MG by covering for the schedule he was suppose to go to
he says who told you to do that for me and she says she didnt do it for MG
she did it to keep her loyalty to J
S says MG should be nicer to J for helping him debut
MG gets mad saying what do you mean he helped me debut
she tells him to go to the workshop and reconcile with J
mary packs for the workshop and D says to act like it is a practice vacation with J
take pics and have lots of fun
when she comes back she has to get married and go on her honeymoon
JS likes the suit he is going to wear for his son’s wedding
he asks his housekeeper if wedding preparation is going well
she also reports that she sent the traditional dress to D’s home
and if she passed out invitations at J’s company
she assures him she did
everyone is gathered to leave
Mary shows up
and the staff says now they think they should call her mrs.
mary asks what they are talking about
they tell her about getting invitation
and wonder how she could hide it from them
the girl says we thought you were dating KMG
mary wants to leave
but her friends come cuz J invited them
so mary ends up going
on the bus they make J and mary sit together and take pics
J keeps falling alseep on mary’s shoulder
she puts him back but his head rolls back on her shoulder
and finally she just lets him rest on her
MG watches his performance on TV at his home
he gets a call
S asks if he really isnt going to the workshop
MG: why should i have to go there
she makes the band talk to him
she tells him that mary is there too
she says things can happen on vacations between two ppl
so if he trusts Mary MG can stay at home
MG says he has no interest
the drummer wonders aloud if MG and Mary had broken up for good
the other guy says dont overreact when the two of them just had a fight
leader says its cuz the two of them are still young
S hears all this
J makes a speech to his staff and toasts the success of  wonderful day
mary walks away from the group but S follows
s- heard you were going to marry director jung-that’s stange
I thought you sincerely loved MG
mary: it’s not the truth
I’m not marrying director jung
S- you are just saying that
in reality you are hurting MG
I’ll just say one thing
you and director J seem like different people from the world MG lives in
if you think about it carefully you will know too
while meeting MG – instead of good things happening- there were more difficult and trying times
no matter how much you say you love him
the truth that loyalty alone wont do- I learned that from MG
now for MG’s sake- you should settle your feelings
who do you really love?
s says she thinks mary doesnt love MG or J
mary goes off alone and J follows her
mary has flashbacks/remembers all the stuff that happened with MG
(the good old days when this show was good)
she cries remembering
J comes up behind her
he is like a few feet behind
MG looks at the couple cat pendant necklaces he got mary
one cat is bigger than the other so they are couple pendants-awwwwwwhhhhh
mary climbs to the top and looks around
she calls out MG ‘s name
(she starts to cry saying this)
I’m sorry! I made things hard for you
marriage, [?]
all this was my fault
but I still wanted to happily love you
that must have been me being selfish
I’m sorry- for making things hard for you
i’m really sorry!
i’m sorry MG-ah
she crouches and cries
she keeps crying and J watches from a distance and smiles
(he looks like he is ready to give up on her now that he heard all that)
he walks over to her and helps her get up
J : let’s go down
after we go down, let’s return everything to the way we want
MG gets a call
S is calling cuz mary and J is gone
they went up the mountain and they havent come back
she thinks they got lost cuz it’s been hours
MG; you should try calling them
S: they left their phones behind so we cant reach them
she tells him that she said some stuff to mary and wonders if that had anything to do with it
MG says why are you just telling me now
he tells the cab driver to go faster
everyone is looking for mary and J
the others have to go in cuz the temperature is dropping so it is dangerous for everyone who is looking they are going to leave it to rescuers
mary and J are lost
Mary: it’s dark so I cant find the road
J: awhile ago I’m sure we came up this road…
mary apologizes to J  cuz it is her fault
J: it’s okay -listening to you say sorry – I hope today is the last day
let’s hurry up and go
she trips and falls and he grabs her and rolls with her down the incline
we hear a thud
as he hits his head on a rock
he is bleeding
she starts yelling for help
MG comes and he asks about mary
he grabs S’s flashlight
S stops him asking what are you going to do?
MG: if I dont I will always regret for the rest of my life
and he goes looking for mary
S and the others tell him not to
Mary is trying to keep J warm
she begs him to regain conciousness
she is hugging him to keep him warm
MG comes and finds them
at the hospital J still hasnt revived
D worries that she isnt taking care of herself
she tells her dad she needs to do this
D is worried that his daughter wont get married and become a widow i think
she goes to wash her hands and MG is there outside J’s room but she doesnt see him
(at least they cant get married for now – with J in the coma and all- so this is what it took to stop the marriage -wow never thought I would have to type something like this)
the friends ask about J’s state
one worries saying Mary lives there in the hospital
her friends worry that MG and mary will break up over this
they believe J will wake up
the band worries about MG
MG comes home and his mom asks about J’s condition
she made MG bean paste soup but it doesnt taste good
MG makes a face so his mom wants to add more water to it but he insists on eating it as is
so he flashes back to mary’s cooking and how good it was
he keeps eating his mom’s soup even tho it tastes bad like he is trying to prove a point
mgm asks if MG really loved mary cuz she thought he was just dating mary
she tells him to date a really pretty girl next time
to rub it in to mary that MG is doing well without her
(and I wanna kill her)
MG comes to the office
MB and the actor fight again
she tells the actor that J has collapsed so wonderful day is going downhill
the actor says for the first time he wants to act like a human being and doesnt want to abandon the drama and he asks MB to go away
S is fighting with the director of the drama over the phone
S says even if J is in the hospital
that actor and her are still there
she talks to the director about loyalty -how she isnt an actress to J but a friend
she gets him to go ahead with the first shooting next month as scheduled
MG hears all this
S complains about all the work
MG apologizes
I think he is quitting
S: youve been like this from the past
she goes on about how MG misunderstood on purpose
that she had a sponsor when she was with her fiance
she knew all that
she was mad that he didnt even confirm and just believed the worst
she wants to make one request for real
she tells him not to do that to mary
back then with her-they can say it was cuz he was younger
but it’s not the case now
S: if you run away like that this time I’m going to feel [?]
he says sorry and leaves
S: you know what I am saying dont you
the doctor narrates  J is physically fine but they cant figure out why he wont wake up
or when he will wake up- it is like he is sleeping
the people taking care of him -watch over him for a month-giving him strength and encouragement to wake
Mary tells J that he is too cruel
Mary greets JS who comes to see his son
JS calls J a bad name again and asks why he wont wake up
JS tells her to go home cuz she has been here the whole time-four days
JS worries Mary will collapse from fatigue
JS and the housekeeper will stay with J
as mary leaves MG calls her name
they sit and talk
Mary: thank you for the other time
if it wasnt for you – we wouldve been in big trouble
i didnt have a chance so I didnt get to say it
is the drama OST going well?
since the director isnt there- I have no idea how the office is running/doing
MG: mary- what are you doing here?
Mary: it happened cuz of me
MG: why do you think this is cuz of you?
Mary: director got hurt while saving me
so how can I act like i dont know that?
MG: if you did this much – it”s enough
even if you do it till that much- no one is going to speak ill of you
Mary: MGah
MG: If I dont do this – you will not be able to leave director jung
so let’s decide right here
I’m sorry for being cold all that time
I’ll apologize for avoiding you
but when I heard you were in danger I knew for sure
this time it’s your turn to listen to what i have to say
Mary: cant you wait till director wakes up
after director wakes up – I can go to you-no – I am definitely going to you
so just till then – uh?
MG: if you cant answer now – even then you’ll be the same
is it going to be me or director
she stays silent
MG: this is your answer
he gets up and leaves
she just sits there crying
omg now even their ending isnt good
no preview
trailer for Dream high – it’s looking even better now after an episode like this
omg i have no words – what the heck happened to this show – instead of J hitting his head I think the writer hurt hers. Is the woman high on something? how can she do this to us? this is the second to the last episode?  I seriously want to hurt someone right now
for those few people still clinging to a happy ending – I will transcap tm night too
I know it sounds crazy – more crazy than watching a random kidnapping, forced marriage, and comas that result from rolling down an incline -not a steep mountain but a teeny tiny incline- and with all that space – J’s head has to hit the only rock nearby-….sorry getting back to my point-
but I have to see how this ends. Now I am actually curious about how much crazier the writer can be…maybe she is friends with the person who wrote the highkick and bad guy endings-maybe they are friends and shared ideas…instead of teaching the SG writer how to end well, this one needs to learn how to write well from SG’s
Ranting done – back to work- will start translating all the parts I missed cuz my heart refused to process some of those lines cuz I couldnt believe what I was hearing
I feel bad for JGS and MG – they are such great actors – this must be hard for them to act out
I wonder how they feel about the script
they couldnt love it – if they can find it in them to act out the lines then I should at least translate them
man what a waste of great talent tho
at least J gets to sleep through it – I bet he was happy to have his character in a coma
I’m kinda glad to0- at least one of them was spared for a few scenes
To be quite honest, E13 already did its damage on me so there is nowhere left to go. I feel like I have already hit rock bottom so even if characters die or more craziness ensues, I’m ready for it. When you stop expecting, there is very little room for disappointment. In my mind, the first half of this drama was a gem and that is what I am cherishing and holding onto as a lifeline for my sanity.
In a way now, I am grateful for E13 for giving me a heads up about just how crazy the last eps could go. When I read the review for E15, I sat there and thought “only a script written by a woman would do this.” I’m not being sexist at all. It is a statement of fact that most women tend to change their minds quite more frequently than men. Even more so coupled with the stress of taking on a show in the last half plus the fact she has a lot of loose ends to tie up. So of course it is perfectly natural to keep changing your mind and forgetting common sense just to get the story out there.
What woman hasn’t wanted to get away from it all and go up a mountain in seclusion to get away from two hot guys cuz you can’t make up your mind between them because they both want you. That makes all the sense in the world cuz in this writer’s mind, it was also just as perfectly logical to kidnap someone if you want to get them out of the way so your son can marry the woman who looks like the love of your life. Coming from a writer who made JS so single minded as to deliberately go deaf and not hear his future daughter in law say “I don’t want to marry your son,” we really shouldn’t complain if she keeps throwing more water balloons at us. That is what this show has become for me – a crazy one-sided water balloon fight. I just stand there and get hit hoping somehow it will miss me while not doing anything to duck out of the way. By the end of this I will be dripping wet and probably catch a cold, but I am willing to risk it for the love of seeing Mary and MG somehow make it out of this mess.
I’m continuing because I owe it to JGS and MG for doing such a great job despite the script they’ve been given. They are professionals and are soldiering on the best they can and I need to follow their lead. Sometimes transcribing can become difficult when I don’t enjoy the show itself, but their characters made my job easy and gave me enough joy for the most part so that feeling is what I am going to keep in my heart as I finish the last two episodes.

62 comments on “MSOAN E15: Live “Transcap”

  1. Joanna says:

    i knew it! his reaction… when in ep 14 i saw that last scene with MG walking in and seeing them hugging, i SO knew he would react like that! MG you son of a duck! from the first moment i read that MG turned and left leaving Maeri running behind him i was like “DAMN YOU AND YOUR BAD TEMPER! fuuuuuu!”
    like seriously what is going on with the writers? this is no serious thing to do just one damn episode before the whole freakin drama is over!!! so many, SO many loose ends! i want MG and MaeRi to end up together but shit just keeps happening son! now, did REALLY Jung In have to hit his freakin head on a rock? really? what is this? and that Seo Joon woman still can’t let go of her feelings for MG (move the f* on!) and all of a sudden she’s being kind and helpful and sh!t ?! and don’t get me started on the parents! irresponsible, narrow minded, stubborn ass people! and i understand MG wants a response but dude do you really have to push MaeRi now? now? he’s gonna make her want to marry JungIn at the end! lately he’s been hurting her too much! always getting angry and walking away like a child! AND what a crappy ending was that?!
    just wait and you’ll see, something stupid’s gonna happen tomorrow! i can almost feel it! like, imagine Jung In finally waking up from the coma and remembering nothing of his love for MaeRi! yeah, that would be fun *sarcasm alert* >_> i’m so frustrated i can’t even….
    i have no idea what these writers were/are thinking and i don’t even want to imagine where this all is gonna end. still can’t believe it’s ending tomorrow!!! first time i heard about the low ratings i didn’t get why, it seemed like a pretty cool drama to me.(well, what do i know? it’s the first kdrama i ever watch!) but now i kinda get it. and i feel bad for JGS, MGY and KJW because they’re great actors and have managed to cope with this crazy script they’ve been given. i’m telling you, this better end well with MG and MaeRi or someone’s gonna get hurt!

    needless to say that your whole introduction had me loling because i couldn’t agree more with it, and thank you for this transcription. now i will just have to wait to see the episode on youtube or somewhere with english subs…


  2. traviata says:

    I feel really dejected after this episode but I still hope for MG&MR happy ending. They deserve it in spite of the horrible parents, the writers and spiteful reviews from antifans.
    Thank you very much for your transcap yet again and for sticking until the very, let’s hope not the bitter end. You sure have loyalty :-).The streams don’t work for me so you’re my only connection to what’s going on.
    I’ll be here tomorrow to see how will the MG&MR romance end.


  3. Candy-stars says:

    Thanks for the transcap, first of all.

    And what’s with the plot line? I really don’t understand how the writer can fuck this up so badly. No one has ever expected Shakespeare for m3, just a bit of cuddly love and it would have suffice. Instead we are faced with all this angst which makes no sense because it all goes against their character and really does not move the story forward. Why does the writer want us to hate on MG when he’s been really sweet to MR? Gah.


  4. reikokeiko says:

    Aza aza fighting… wait for tomorrow for the best… hopefully like the song ” Tomorrow will be better or may be the best”. Pls remind our Geun-Geun couple… winner never quits, quitter never wins… so I believe tomorrow is the best… So thank U for all your hard works in live transcap of MSOAN.. c u tomorrow.


  5. number1eels says:

    thank you softy. you’re the best.
    actually i am a ‘don’t wanna think to much’ type of watcher. so i just enjoy all the episodes whether it’s gone crazy and irrational. and i’m still happy watching the way they bring the story.
    today is a terrible day for me. and i couldn’t bring my self to cry a even bit and i wouldn’t take a pity of myself of what had happened, but this episode just suit my emotional state right now. and i found that i’m not the only one feeling pain in the heart in this late of night. kekeke. so my comment is: what a great episode !!


  6. Izabela says:

    so what? are tomorrows episode the last one? How come? How do they want to end this now?


  7. jnt1024 says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…I’m so frustrated with what is happening in this episode! Why are they giving us this ridiculous angsty plot? It does not make sense! Arrrrgghhh! I just wanna hit something! The only thing keeping me sane right now is the thought that surely tomorrow all will be well…I know we will get a happy ending in the end…I know it will be MG/MR…it just has to be. What I’m worried about is the execution of the last episode. I hope they resolve all the issues in a way where we are all emotionally satisfied and not just have the OTP get together at the very end. I want my cute MG/MR scenes damn it!!! At the very least this rollercoaster ride since ep 10 owes us a friggin’ boat scene!


    • Jellybeaniebaby says:

      That could be helped if in the opening scene, MG stops halfway and rethinks what he is doing. He goes back to MR and lays a kiss on her. They make out for a bit. He is deciding to put aside his hurts to keep her. Right then, it is announced that JI is awake. They go see him and he puts things straight. They figure out what to do next to get around JS.


      • Jnt1024 says:

        Jellybeaniebaby, none of what we were hoping for happened in the finale! Well, except for the MG/MR ending which was a non issue…of course they would end up together…the writer couldn’t be THAT much of a screw up? She knows better than to screw with us…it’s just self preservation on her part.
        Ok, I did say before that I kinda wanted a different ending and explore the bromance of MG/JI…but to do it at this juncture is kinda too late….OH well, what’s done is done…We’ll just have to accept what is and think fondly of the M3 of the first few episodes…


  8. Naz says:

    Thanks for the transcap.. Great job. It must’ve been difficult to do it live. I really enjoy your thoughts at the beginning. I also read the SG transcap. Thank u so much.

    and im not gonna watch eps 15 until eps 16 is out.. really.. This is just heart breaking..


  9. nemo82mi says:

    Thank you for your trans… you are a life saver. I just finished watching it without sub… I just want to watch tomorrow’s episode and done with it… the story does not have any weight anymore… I just want to see how it ends that’s all…. I didn’t feel any connection anymore like I used to with the actors playing the lead roles….. just love to see them acting.. nothing to do with the story.


  10. blah says:

    I absolutely am hating on MG right now! Is he seriously asking her to make a decision when JI is in COMA? omg. can anyone be more of a jerk? I’m totally shipping for JI and Mary!!


  11. heaven85 says:

    Thanks so much for the transcap. I don’t even know if I want to watch ep 16 anymore. of all the times to ask her you ask now? I seriously think he already knew the answer before he asked.


  12. […] MSOAN E15: Live “Transcap” omg i have no words – what the heck happened to this show – instead of J hitting his head I think the writer hurt hers. […] […]


  13. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you softy.I was so traumatised by your recap yesterday that this is the first time I am not touching ep 15.I will wait for your recap tonight then watch all at once.Even my heart can’t take this nonsense.All of us are used to KD angst..not like it but used to expecting it.However the plot device yesterday?Out of this world.In all the wrong sense!!!! ^___^ GAH.BLECH.

    JGS,MGY and JKW are all such great actors and are intelligent young people.I bet they won’t touch any works by either 2 writers EVER AGAIN.Talk about ruining their resume.Shesh.

    Thank you once again for your dedication.


  14. toohearts says:

    “Urgh~~~” is my reaction after reading this episode… I am frustrated…like everyone has been saying… JGS and MGY are great actors and a dynamic pair…but why a lousy script!! Ah~~~~~~~~~~~ I am sticking to the last episode… What happened to its momentum? Why did it go wrong when we are almost at the end?!

    Thank you, Softy! It must be upsetting to do transcap for this episode and last one… Hopefully the last one will be worthwhile!


  15. jdkk09 says:

    I missed the warmth and affection MG usually showed to MR…goodness it didn’t even feel as if he had any feelings for her at all in this episode. Hated it. Really screwy how this episode was developed seeing as how only one episode is left. I don’t see a happy ending for anyone at this point. Too many loose ends that would be impossible to tie up in an hour. MG and MR relationship too immature for marriage. Can’t resolve that in this time.


  16. teresa n says:

    is this the best she can do? i’m so disappointed. its not on my buy list anymore. but thanks for your hard work.


  17. joycee says:

    Thank you very much for your transcap. It keeps me sane while waiting for eng sub in youtube. I feel the same (on disappointments abt this drama). Its weird that only 1 episode left but nothing much had happened in the story.
    Please do it for us (your fans) once more for the last ep.


  18. Sheng says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 Nicely done 🙂


  19. F1968 says:

    They should extend a whole episode just for MG to grow up and another for MG n MR to make-up with lots of pervy MG scenes n rompings thrown in….just wishful thinking….


  20. thureese says:

    Last night, i got so pissed with MG acting like that!!!! and i think im still pissed at him until now.. hehe.. I thought that in this episode, he’ll be the one crying for Mary!!! I just hope later tonight, before the happy ending, Mugyul will CRY harder! hehe.. I think i understand the writer… almost everyone is hating the loveable Mugyul in this episode. Maybe the writer did it on purpose. Its showing Mugyul’s other side and his weaknesses..


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