MSOAN Finale: Live “Transcap”

I just wanted to say that even if none of the stuff I asked for came out the way I envisioned, at least it was pain free. It ended on a happy note, but omg my fingers hurt. so much happened and they spoke like SG fast so it was hard to get all the dialogue down- it is like someone put this drama on fast forward mode so they spoke really fast. there were some good scenes, but surprisingly there were more funny scenes. All in all for those who dreaded a bad ending – have no fear. It is safe to watch.
I dont know about you, but I kinda wanted to watch MG and J share that bed- just to see if they can even fit on it. Hope everyone enjoyed it!!
12/29 updated
there was a one year time jump i missed cuz it said one year on the screen and I was just listening to dialogue last night- sorry
also someone on comments wanted to know if MG and Mary were married- none of the dialogue indicated that
Tonight is the finale for the first drama series to be “transcapped” live on this blog. When they showed that montage of daebak moments last night on this drama, it felt like reliving a beautiful dream. The last few episodes may seem like where we were violently shaken awake suddenly from our perfect reverie, but after the surprise fades, we should be able to see more clearly.
Now that it is almost over and we are at the point where we can look back on how much we’ve endured, it’s time for some perspective. From the beginning this drama had a premise that was hard to wrap our intellect around, but we all willingly did so because we fell madly in love. Just because the craziness caught up with us towards the end doesn’t mean we should write off the show completely. This drama had heart, it was well acted, and it entertained one way or another. You have to admit, even with our jaws dropping to the floor, we were not bored for one second. I wouldn’t put it past this drama to have more craziness up its sleeves for tonight, but I think it will end the way it was meant to from day one. We might always remember MSOAN with some frustration and annoyance for the ending, but more than that, we should remember how much we cared enough to even have those emotions. A drama like this doesn’t garner all this attention if people didn’t care so much about it. Look at the number of comments and rants – admit it people- this drama got to us and nothing – I mean nothing can take away the loyalty we have for these characters.  

I thought about it and thought about it. There are only a few things the writer can do to make E15 up to me. In the finale tonight, there better be a kiss much longer and more passionate than the alley one to make up for jerk MG has been lately. [First he made Mary chase him down a street on a freezing day wearing a wedding dress and last night he brushed her off so coldly so frequently it started to wear down my patience for him cuz I had been feeling bad for him that he had to see that hug on his birthday.] Another scene I am looking forward to is when MG finally gives Mary the cat necklace and I can’t wait to see the look on her face as she gets it. She never even cared about that gorgeous diamond engagement ring, but how much you want to bet this simple pendant will move her to tears. Next, I want the curtain to be yanked down and it would be better if Mary was the one to pull it down. Wait that might be asking too much- whoever yanks it down, I don’t care as long as it gets done. Now the best part of all would be if MG stood before D with a short new hairdo and floored D to finally give his consent and call MG his “son in law.”If any one of these scenes show up, I will really be content.


 MSOAN Finale Transcription


It starts with MG asking her to choose between him and J

after he leaves, Mary just sits there crying

he doesnt look back even once

she gets a call from JS

J woke up

Mary goes in to see J

J calls out her name softly

J asks his dad to leave the room so he can talk to Mary

mary asks him if he is okay

MG looks around this room and starts to pack up her her stuff

he takes down the curtain himself and hurts his finger again

That is not NOT how i asked -crap – minus one


JS comes back in and Mary leaves

J tells JS he has something to say

he asks if he really has to do this marriage

JS says what are you talking about? everything is ready and all you have to do is [get well]

J: the bride is not ready

JS: after the ceremony, Mary will settle her heart

J: I honestly love Mary

JS: so what is the problem?

 J: That’s why I want her to be happy

if I make her marry me like this, she will never ever be happy father

JS: if you want to talk about that guy right now, stop it

J: do you want me to be more miserable than you father?

father you have always loved somone else in your heart that wasnt mother

you must have been miserable too but standing by watching that, my mother was more miserable

for the last time, could you please reconsider this marriage?

JS: let’s stop talking about that -get some rest


MG just finished boxing up the curtains and other stuff

when the door opens and mary comes running in

MG is standing there holding the box

Mary: KMG- this is my answer-you dummy

he drops the box he was holding and grabs her in a tight hug

MG: thank you for coming even now

he touches her hair and says:

It’s late but Merry Christmas

Mary: you too – merry christmas-KMG

he gets a call and he sighs

she tells him to answer it

MG: yes

J: KMG i’m sorry but could you please come to the hospital for a little while

It involves mary. I will wait for you


 JS calls D and says J woke up

D says how worried he was over J

JS still wants to go thru with the marriage and they should hurry

D replies wouldnt it be better to wait till J is better

JS says he will find the earliest date

and he tells D to tell Mary to get ready for it

D agrees but thinks JS is rushing it too much


MG goes to the hospital to meet J

J: thank you for coming

MG: let’s get to the point

J: ok-I’m thinking of going through with the wedding

[something about how the wedding is to be forthright or up front with MG]

MG: you realize what you are saying doesnt {*make sense}

J: whether you believe me or not doesnt matter to me, I’m just telling you man to man

MG: i dont quite understand but (thanks) for telling me 

J says after MG leaves: after a while you will know why KMG

* in korean he said “the front and back doesnt match” so I guessed meaning


Mary is unpacking her stuff at MG’s and D calls

she lies she is with her friend

D knows she is lying and guesses she is at MG’s house

she asks to stay a little later

D says he has to discuss wedding with her so she needs to hurry home


Mary is upset to learn they want them to get married right away and says they need to think about J and his condition

she wants to know why the rush

D says everything is prepared so all she needs to do is do it well

she doesnt protest so D is surprised

she says there is no point since she has already tried to in the past

you and ahjussi are going to push me into this marriage without considering how I feel about it

D starts in again

he isnt doing it cuz J is rich or JS paid off his debts

he asks again what happened to your mom cuz she believed in her loved for me

love is harder to keep than to start

D tells her again he thinks of her happiness as the most important thing to him


 mary texts MG

Mary: MG what are you doing?

MG: nothing much

Mary: I have something to say

MG: so call then why are we texting?

Mary: instead of saying it- I think it will be easier this way

MG: what do you want to say-it’s making me nervous 

Mary: MG -will you give me three days?

MG: why?

Mary: I have to finish something up with director so I need that time

I cant tell you any more specific details

can you just trust the feeling you had when we met again a while ago

MG: then three days later, come out to the playground by 4pm

I have something to show you

Mary: ok – I will be there for sure so wait for me


mary is getting her hair and makeup done with J

Mary sends a text before her phone and purse are moved away from her

the makeup artist asks why mary looks gloomy on her wedding day

MG is walking in the snow 

he remembers their cold bike ride when they were trying to get away from D

at the playground he thinks back to when mary first asked him to do the fake marriage

he remembers that and smiles


 J and JS’s side has lots of guests

but D has no one greeting him hardly

S congrats J on his wedding

she says in the end he is doing an arranged marriage

J: in this world there are things you have to do that you dont want to do

S replies “since it was difficult to get to this state (marriage) she wishes him happiness”

MG sets up to play at the snowy playground

he gets a text from Mary

Mary: just wait a little bit -I will go find you there

he smiles

mary is sitting there dressed for the wedding

D tries to offer a drink but she wont take it

he thinks it is odd her friends are not there

he starts to cry and looks up and says to his wife: honey you are watching right?

an assistant takes their pics


S calls the drummer

and says she is at the wedding and wonders why no one is coming

the drummer thinks she is kidding

she tells him she is at the wedding right now

MG is playing his guitar and singing at the playground

 *there is a huge crowd listening -where did they all come from?

havent they heard of a little thing called frostbite? it made me think if I would be willing to endure the freezing temperature to hear JGS singing live -knowing me and my allergic reaction to the cold, I think I could only listen to like two minutes before calling it quits and heading for the nearest cafe to warm up

If YAI was out there singing- I would definitely try to hang on till the song ended and then make a run for the nearest heater

as soon as he finishes the band and friends come over

they are upset mary didnt even tell them she was getting married

MG cant believe it

they urge MG to go stop the wedding

 and he hands over his guitar and goes

the staff come in and tell mary it is time

MG is running thru the streets and calls mary as he runs

she gets up to go in and her phone rings

she has already gone in

J starts to walk in

then Mary comes in with D

everyone claps

D doesnt look happy

he cries as he gives mary to J

MG comes in and sees mary and J at the altar

he looks like he is in shock and cries

he leaves

the band and friends come in

they ask what happened

they wonder if the wedding is over

the minister is at the part where he asks if J will promise to always love mary

the minister asks twice

J says “yes” after a long pause

he continues “but I cant do this marriage”

everyone starts to talk

J explains that this marriage was a promise made a long time ago by their parents

and that mary and J do not want to be husband and wife thru this marriage

JS yells out to J : what are you doing?

Mary says “I’m sorry we will protect the love we choose”

D is upset so she apologizes to him

J and Mary walk out together


Mary changes and comes out to J

he asks if she is ok

she asks if he is

she gets a call from her friend

her friends yell at her for hiding it from them

they tell her MG was just here and was upset

if she runs she can catch him

they urge her to hurry

she tells J she needs to go and will call him later

MG comes home

he is still crying

he pulls out the cat pendant

he gets a call from mary but doesnt answer

Mary narrates “MG dont give up on me please”

she tells the taxi driver to hurry

 she gets out and runs

S comes looking for MG

he is in bed sleeping

she asks if he is okay

she keeps shaking him

 he tells her she is being loud and to leave

she says if you had stayed at the wedding you would have been amused

he yells at her to leave

she tells him they ran off

mary and director jung ran off and [called off] the ceremony

MG: what? why did they run off

S: what else could be the reason if they call off their own wedding and run off

they said they couldnt get married and stamped their divorce certificate

MG: is that for real?

he jumps out of bed and takes off

he starts to run in the snow

he narrates: mary – just wait a little while – just a little while

* by the way – in case some of you think MG is heartless and doesnt care for sleeping at a time like this

can I just add that this is how men cope-when they are troubled, in pain, or frustrated -they sleep

 when they are angry – they sleep like peaceful babies just to infuriate the women in their lives (that last one was me speaking from experience) 

 it is one of those mysteries of the world how a man can sleep at the drop of a hat through almost any adversity like emotionless zombies

J shows up at JS

JS: why are you here?

in the end you made me look like a fool- I cant stand to see your face

never show up again in front of me

J: I’m sorry this was the only way to end it

if i didnt do this – you would have persisted all the way to the end for me to marry Mary

I love Mary

but in place of your love for mary’s mother

I couldnt marry that person’s daughter

JS: what do you think you know to act this way?

Mary’s mom and I…

D walks in and hears all this 

D asks J: what did you just say? 

J: father

D asks JS: what was that he said?

D: you had feelings for mary’s mother? that is why you tried to get J to marry Mary?

JS: that wasnt it

D: what do you mean it wasnt? I heard it all clearly-how could you

you introduced mary’s mother to me

how could you have feelings for her?

this cant be happening…

he leaves as D calls out his name


emotional reunion scene

MG shows up at the playground

MG: mary

Mary: MG

MG: you waited long huh?

Mary: I looked everywhere for you-why are you coming just now?

MG crying: sorry, I’m really sorry

Mary crying: i came after settling everything {ending it} with director

you werent here

I was scared

MG: I know

all that time when I was mad and didnt trust you

I’m really sorry

it might have been because -not that I couldnt trust you- but that I couldnt trust myself

he hugs her tightly and says he is sorry Mary


Mg takes her home and gives her something hot to drink

she has something to confess

he asks what it is

there is something she didnt tell him about the wedding today


back to scene in hospital when J is lying down in bed still

Mary comes in and asks if he is feeling better

he nods yes

she brought what J asked for

it was divorce papers

Mary: it will be okay right?

J: instead of that I worry more about you

Mary: I can be brave since it is for the sake of my future

J: that’s right everything will turn out fine

Mary: thank you director


Cat pendant scene

 MG remembers what J had said to him-about how the marriage was to be up front for MG’s sake

Mary: so dont dislike director so much

he puts his hand on hers

MG: Mary close your eyes for a second

Mary: you are going to play around again huh?


she closes her eyes

he pulls out the cat pendant

MG: now open your eyes

Mary: wow – it’s a cat

MG: I bought it to give you on christmas -it’s too late-sorry

Mary: thank you

she kisses him on the cheek

MG: you like it?

Mary : umm- it is so pretty

MG: it looks good on you

Mary looks at his and says : is this you?

 they look at his cat pendant

 MG: maybe does it look like me?

 Mary: you’re the cat

MG: meow


 J comes home and there are movers

the housekeeper packed his bags for him

she saus she packed only what J needed as JS had instructed

J: is this what my father means?

she says that JS said he doesnt need a son who [disobeys] him

for J to choose between begging on his knees or breaking the ties of parent and child

so she asks J to go to JS and beg for forgiveness

he asks her to take care of his father for him

and takes his bag and leaves


J talks to his staff about the drama

even though they lost the investment

if they trust J and work harder they can make it to the next stage okay

they tell him not to worry – that there would be problems in making drama 

they all say they will trust J


Mary writes MG a note and puts it on top of the meal she prepared for him

he is still sleeping

she goes over to him and tucks him in more with the covers

as she is walking along Mary gets a call from J


she meets him

J: divorce is more simple than I thought

Mary: it’s a good thing we can go back to the beginning

J: I think I am a little late in going back to the beginning

I wondered what would have happened if we had met naturally on our own

[?] it’s a little regretful

Mary: thank you director

J: you suffered a lot as my wife all this time

she thanks him and leaves

he watches her leave and sighs then walks away too

(ok seriously -I live here – when did it snow this much? throughout this whole episode all I see is a huge pile of snow -it is like a winter wonderland-  how did I miss all this snow?  totally baffled here)

D is still upset

mary: dad are you never going to see me?

I was wrong so look at me

D: dont try to make me talk I dont want to see your face

mary: i’m sorry dad but I couldnt help it

D: what else could you do? if you break it down to who is at fault – your dad was the one….without knowing the reason why you and J were pushed into marriage…..

Mary: what is that you’re saying dad?

D: it’s nothing – nothing at all


D says JS is too much for doing that to his own son

mary asks did something bad happen to J?

MG gets a call from Mary

MG: why didnt you wake me this morning-why did you leave first?

mary: uhh…Mg ah…

MG: what is wrong with your voice?

did you get in trouble with your dad?

MAry: no that’s not it -because of me director is in trouble again

what should I do

MG: ya –  are you worried about your first husband to me?

Mary: that’s not it

MG: i get it -I will try to figure out what to do

Mary: thank you – MG – my father is really sick so I will go by tm night

I can do that right?

MG: umm

Mary finds the pendant in her pocket pulls it out and says :thank you KMG and smiles

Since J is homeless

J is trying to sleep in his office but it is uncomfortable on the sofa

 his assitant guy comes in and asks if J didnt leave yet

J pretends he stayed cuz he had work to do

the assistant offers him coffee


A new couple is born scene

J goes to MG with this bags

MG: what is this?

J: for the time being I thought I could live with you so I came

MG: eh? you want to live in my house

J: until wonderful day receives funding

there isnt that much time left but I was thinking of releasing your single album

MG: single? my album?

J: KMG you are the most important commodity at JI

[We are going to put you out front and try to get investments]

S agreed too so I hope you will help us out

also do you have anything to eat?

MG: what?

J: it’s nothing/never mind

MG brings some bedding

MG: sleep on the sofa

J: if it isnt the bed, I cant sleep

MG: as you can see there is only one bed so what do you want me to do

J: we can put up a curtain in the middle and let’s sleep together

J walks over to the bed and MG stops him

MG: look here – in my house – follow my rules

J recalls saying the exact same thing to MG and backs down

MG: I’m paying you back for your troubles -sending Mary away

J: I never sent mary and it takes up to four weeks till the divorce is finalized…

MG: what is he saying…..

J: just sleep


feuding newlyweds scene

Mg asks how much longer till they get there for the program

J replies that if they were in a regular car they could get there in ten minutes but he isnt sure with this car

MG feels insulted and says: what? are you putting down my car?

J: dont you even have a heater?

MG: what is wrong with my car-why did you have to put this sticker on this great car

(MG points to the sticker on the hood that reads JI entertainment)

J: did you forget what you signed for JI entertainment?

MG: whatever – what do you want to eat for dinner?

J says the food is not the problem he doesnt want MG to mess up during the live radio broadcast they are going to right now 

MG mumbles that he wants black bean noodles

the poor bus barely makes it there – it crackles and makes these pitiful sounds from the exertion as they pull up to the KBS building (where 1N2 day is filmed) at the crack of dawn

MG tells J to prepare thicker clothes cuz MG cant handle the cold

J says they are late so hurry and go in

Mg goes in and gets mobbed by fans

J acts as bodyguard and ushers MG in

( bet the fans kinda wanted to mob J as well- I would)

on the way back MG falls asleep and leans on J’s shoulder

(I swear J smiled like he was pleased) 

and when MG realizes where his head had been resting, he gets peeved

* if they had more of these scenes before I wouldve been a happy camper indeed


mary is there waiting at MG’s with food prepared

Mary is surprised to see J

Mary apologizes about J’s company situation cuz it happened cuz of her

J: it’s okay – I can put up with it

J said she looks good and Mary says J looks well too

MG breaks up their moment saying the food looks good

MG starts to chow down

Mary to J: but what brings you to MG’s place?

J: ah – that – well – it’s- for the time being, it was decided to live together with KMG

since he is someone that might run off….

MG: what are you saying….

Mary: oh so those bags were director’s

MG: mary sit let’s eat

she invites J to eat with them

* so basically J is the manager, driver, bodyguard, and coordi for MG while MG is doing all the shows and performances cuz J cant afford anyone else to do all the jobs


S reports to J that she told the actor not to begin another project

J thanks her for paying attention to that (in the cutest flirtiest way so far)

 S says she didnt do much and he doesnt need to thank her since they are friends

(she said it in a cutesy way too but it wasnt as amusing as his)

she asks why he is grateful for the situation he finds himself in after sending mary to MG

she points out if J really loved mary -he shouldnt have been able to send her away

instead of grabbing onto Mary – was holding onto MG more useful for J

J: if it looks like I am that calculating – that is upsetting

S: then what was it?

J: starting from my father, I wanted to {?} whether it is work or love

S: that’s what it was

J: because of you {?}

* both of them look so comfortable, relaxed, and easy going in this scene like the stress of the drama has been lifted off of them 

Mary watches MG on tv while sewing a pink cat doll

she thinks he looks thin so she decides to catch a chicken

She makes them – what do you call this? korean chicken soup? the ones all the older people love to eat with chinese dates and ginsang and something else that makes it taste kind of funny

J is there too and all three eat together

MG says it looks yummy and both men say they will enjoy it

Mary says enjoy and have more energy

MG gushes about how good it is

Mary puts another piece of leg into his bowl saying :eat the chicken leg and have more energy and MG is happy and thanks her

while J looks on with some envy

MG gives him a look and says “do you like (chinese) date?”

he puts it in J’s bowl and tells him to eat it cuz it is good for the body

J says thank you and then starts to put some kimchi into MG’s bowl but MG takes his bowl and turns away from J saying MG doesnt like kimchi much

Mary looks on with bewilderment

J says MG needs some salt and pours a lot into MG’s bowl which makes MG hiss at him

after the meal mary is on the swing reading, MG is playing darts,

J is on the sofa with his samsung wannabe iPad looking thing

staring at pages of articles regarding MG

and it rings

J gets a call  and he looks like he is in shock

he tells mary that “it is done” and she asks “what is?”

wonderful day got the funding

 they are all happy

Mary says to J: that’s so good- I told you everything would work out-

she congratulates J

J thanks MG for everything and they shake hands

A promo poster of wonderful day with S and the actor goes by on a bus

J and Mary get their divorce finalized

the band and her friends are waiting at MG’s place

like a surprise party

they hide but it is S

then Mary and J come in and everyone sings congrats for your divorce

they blow out candles


a couple is being interviewd

the girl says” a girl dreams at least once about marrying a prince like in the dramas”

her boyfriend says this is all cuz of the drama cuz they promote that wedding is a happy ending and people think that…

they fight cuz she thinks he isnt thinking of marrying her

and the boyfriend says that is not what I said

Mary (with straight hair) is in the midst of filming them

they fight with the guy accusing her of being peevish and the girl says it is anger

they keep fighting about whether the guy plans to marry her or not

Mary tries to get them to stop fighting but just backs out of the picture

Mary narrates:

couples who are in love and their happy ending – is that for sure marriage?

these days I am asking this question and making a script so I am really busy

she runs into J

J says she looks well

Mary says it’s cuz her dream originally was to be a scriptwriter

she is getting ready to become one after graduating (i think)

she asks what brings him here

J came to tell her that JS is back

Mary learns that JS’s health has improved a lot 

JS wanted J to tell mary JS wished her well

a young classmate of Mary’s comes over 

he asks mary who J is and she tells him J is her first husband

the guy says mary is lying to try to get rid of him

J tells him she is telling the truth

the guy says he likes her anyway even if she had been married before and that he wrote a song for her and if she would like to listen to it

She laughs and says that has happened to her a lot before

J remarks: musicians must like you

Mary giggles


Mary comes over to the park where MG is performing in front of a crowd

mary narrates:

MG and I are the same as always

we broke up 12 times and are dating during the 13th time

if anything has changed from before, MG’s {??runs up heating bill} 

Mary complains that their home is too hot – like a sauna and wants him to lower the heat

Mg says what’s wrong with wanting to use what I earned towards heating bill

she says it was better when this house was cold cuz back then we could stick together

MG comes over to the couch to cuddle saying: Mary – if you really feel that way-to make something break and Mary says again”MG ah it is too hot”


Mary says S is still known for being difficult to work with but there are rumors that her loyalty has no bounds.

(scene with S arguing about her character and walking off set in a huff)

Mary and MG walk along the street and he kisses her on the cheek

Mary narrates:

in the face of many crossroads,

where so many people travel

in the youth of our twenties

we chose to start anew 


the ending wasnt too painful right?

except maybe for JGS – he sure did have to do a lot of running and performing in the snow 🙂






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  1. Thanks Nance, will try out the link provided.

    Happy New Year! You are the 3rd person I’ve just greeted in the year 2011!


  2. moom says:

    Softy, this is very belated news but did you hear that actually, the writer ‘killed off’ MG in epi 15? JKS and the rest had to ad-lib and improvise their way through and finally Suk re-wrote epi 16 with input from the rest of the cast.. can you believe MG would have died? sheesh..

    please relay to JKS that the MSOAN fans are very thankful for what he did, and the Suk fans amongst us are even more enamoured of him now cos he is obviously very talented ( act, sing, dance, write..phew) .. maybe you can point him to your blog and koala’s to read all the english-speaking fans’ supportive comments.. let him improve his english..

    thanks softy


    • Jnt1024 says:

      Great idea, Moom! Yes please if someone could nudge JGS and encourage him to interact with his english speaking fans through the various blogsites dedicated to him!
      I even signed up for his OFC just so I could be up to date with his latest news and get his messages…unfortunately the site he leaves his msgs on is not as easy to navigate thru as the other one…and I’ve tried to read his messages with the help of the english translation app but still can hardly understand it =(

      From the last message his fans translated and shared, looks like he plans to interact more with his fans and even post comments on news/articles/blog entries(?) about him…He seriously needs his own FB and twitter account! Don’t u guys agree?


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