MSOAN E10: Live “Transcap”

uhmmm- why is there another episode coming on ????
they are trying to kill me arent they?
will clean it up and translate just a few good scenes -but since it is two eps it is gonna take a while
wow so did NOT see this coming…
last week crazynyt sent me an email about the writer change but she kinda left out the heads up about back to back eps – that bit of info might have been more handy than the writer switch 🙂
I normally just mute the sound and keep the TV on in the background but then they showed that mary was airing next and I was like – ohhh someone is gonna get fired for airing the wrong promo –
then BOOM the credits for mary starts to roll so I was like -what the heck….then I read the comments
and there it is – a kind soul who told me what was going to happen…didnt even have time for a freak out at all …this is what they call a total blind side
maybe it was the high coming off of two perfect SG eps, but E10 just seemed off – so surprise or not, I am very grateful E11 followed so quickly right after.
MSOAN E10: Transcription
Mary just watches them kiss
S finally stops and MG tells S to go and she says after i see you go in then i’ll go
S spots Mary standing there and walks over
S: did you see something you werent suppose to see?
Mary: have you been well?
S says Mary is an impressive girl-for trapping MG in a fake marriage so he cant do anything about it and making him look dumb and for getting engaged to J to make him her partner too just cuz Mary wanted to. she accuses mary of being innocent and playing with both guys
Mary says she knows S doesnt like her and that since S dated MG, she wont like Mary, but Mary says she never played around with anyone
S: if it’s not playing around with-then you’re saying you would actually marry MG?
Mary: right now I just want to be honest about how I feel
S: ok, fine and walks off
mary picks up the guitar pick on the ground

she goes in and makes dinner and acts like nothing happened
MG says she is acting weird cuz she isnt as hyper as she normally is
mary says she exerted all her energy to make the soup taste good
MG pretends it’s bad and suddenly breaks out in a smile saying it tastes amazing
mary says she likes watching him eat well more than when he is sings
he says when she talks like that it sounds like his mom
mary: ok then you are my child
Mary: Let’s make a list of things we wanted to do when we fell in love – like the way it came out on Bucket List-listing all the things they wanted to do before they die and doing them together. From now on I want to do everything I wanted to do with you without anyone getting in the way.

MG:What is it that you wanted to do so much?
Mary: You know like those things-what couples do that are so cheesy – stuff like that.
MG: Like public displays of affection on the streets-like that?
Mary: No – first we have to have the mentality that in this whole world there is only the two of us and we cant live without each other-get couple rings, wear couple Tshirts, matching couple mufflers, couple hats,.. MG: that is so childish/immature.
Mary: before we get older, let’s do some immature things.
[MG says for her to raise her ideas a little to their age I think]
Mary: mmmm this one-this was one I really wanted to do with you since a long time ago
just thinking about it makes me feel warm and cozy.
MG starts to guess what it is and stares at her lips
imaginary mary says: MG (she bats her eyelashes at him and puckers up and leans in for a kiss)
MG back to his senses says: there is no way
that she would
Mary resumes: on a dark night-in the mountains just the two of us
{something about making a fire-sitting there talking and roasting sweet potatoes}
MG: huh?
Mary: and getting soot on our faces –isnt it perfect/ideal.
MG: tho it’s {?} we’ll freeze to death..
mary: but it cant beat this – there is something special that I particularly wanted to do with you
MG stops eating again: really
Mary: but this one – to be honest I am a afraid..[?]
MG: what?
Mary: will you do it tonight with me?
he thinks it is sex and he is speechless
cue doom music

but it is to go outside to a construction site and go up an elevator
the scary music plays
mary is scared in the elevator
and she hugs his leg and clings (he keeps having to pull his pants up but when he notices how upset she is he pats her on the back and says it’s ok
she calls for her dad and cries
they are on the roof- and walk to the edge of the building
he calls her a pervert (for yanking on his leg while she was crying)
then he asks why she wanted to come up here
she read in a psych book that if you make a new memory in a place where you dont want to remember the most-that it wont be traumatizing anymore
MG: there was a bad memory in a place like this?
mary starts to cry alot
she was kidnapped and brought here by her dad’s [debt collectors] or something and she was scared here and bawled the whole time
{flashback to young crying mary who cries then counts from 1-10 while grown men hover over her and it looks like they are pointing their fingers at her like this is her fault or something- what the freak kind of messed up ppl would do that to a child and not her dad-take it out on the doofus dad not a cute little kid}

he hugs her and kisses her lightly on the lips
and it starts to snow
MG: like this snow – I wish your bad memory would be erased/wiped clean
she thanks him
they just keep standing there hugging in the snow

he makes a bonfire and she said it would be perfect if they had roasted sweet potatoes
Mary: tell me what you wanted to do and I’ll do it
MG: there isnt anything that comes to mind
Mary: what do you do that makes you feel good the most?
he says he likes hair treatments cuz his hair gets healthier so she promises to do his hair one strand at a time next time
she asks where is the place you dont want to remember the most?
MG: ice skating rink.
Mary: why?
MG: when I was little living with some relatives, my mom came and took me to a skating rink
after I skated around the rink like 7 times, all of a sudden i couldnt see my mom. no matter how much I looked she wasnt there. so i waited all day at the rink. in the end she didnt show up. that day, my whole body was frozen
mary: next time go with me-skating rink
MG: you wont like it cuz it’s cold
Mary: I’ll knit you a really warm sweater. if you wear it and skate, bet you wont be cold at all.
he puts his arm around her

J has a meeting with his assistant
the guy reports that cuz the actor is a hallyu star
there are a lot of investors lined up and ready to send over contracts
a pic of S kissing MG pops up on the internet and there is another scandal
the actor comes in angry
he threatens to leave or J has to drop S
cuz he cant work with someone like S who keeps getting scandals
the manager said if the drama doesnt start on time
they would walk taking all the investors with them
and keeping the contract money
J says nothing is for certain (rumors) yet so they are being to rash
she says seul has a history of having these rumors be true
J leaves a voice message for MG to call him

Mary is trying to guess MG’s size by his hugs
D shows the paper to mary with MG and S kissing
he says MG is a playboy and now there is proof-it’s with an actress
she said she was there and it was a light goodbye kiss
he gets angry she was there
she insists they are just friends
she says ppl do that in the states too -light kiss goodbye
he calls her stupid and says this is not the US
he tells her to get ready and marry J
D wants her to end it for good this time
Mary insists the reporter was wrong to print this
D says guys know how other guys behave and MG is a playboy
she says he isnt
he tells her to just get ready for marriage with J
writer calls her to come to the office

mary meets with the scriptwriter
writer likes the episode mary wrote
that it was warm, intelligent, and believable [one of these adj might be wrong]
the writer talks about the scandal
she doesnt like carrying an actress with a lot of rumors
mary says noise marketing might help wonderful day
writer asks wasnt MG the guy who said he was married to mary
she wonders how he got his pic taken with S
Mary clears it up that mary and MG arent married
the actor bails on the drama with the investors
some staff members think someone added fire to this to make
it a big deal
it doesnt make sense that all the investors would back out all at once unless someone tipped them off
they wonder who is behind it and guesses manager bang
mary overhears all of this
the actor and manager bang are in the car
he worries that J’s company will be in trouble cuz of him backing out
she said they lost alot of money cuz of J’s company
and they shouldve bailed sooner but they didnt cuz the actor was
interested in S
he gets mad that S got involved in a scandal with a nobody
she tells him to look towards his future
she reminds him to sign something
she reminds him that he needs to make as much money possible while he is a hallyu star cuz when he cant use that anymore, he will be out and he says if I am- you think you wont be affected?

J and S meet
J says she has to be the lead cuz he never thought of anyone else
he says she has to meet the reporters
reporters talk about her family
they ask what is her relationship with the actor and she says he is just a co-actor
they ask her about MG and she says they are friends

mary sees the interview on tv while walking along on the street
S changes her answer and says MG is the man she loves
mary sees the new answer -still on the street and walks and cries
she gets a call-doesnt amnswer
MG is working at home and gets a call
there are tons of missed calls
J calls and says MG has to produce or return the money

his mom comes running in and says MG is famous
she is envious cuz he is dating a famous actress
cuz his mom never got to date an actor
she said she saw the intv where the actress said she loved MG
she asks for signature and asks when he started dating S
mg assures his mom they are just friends
she tells him not to cheat on mary
she instructs MG not to two time cuz his mom got hurt by one
she asks why he kissed S and he says it was to say goodbye

he calls Mary I think
mary is sitting in the park knitting in the cold crying
her firends are worried so they came and found her
they ask if she is knitting it for MG and take it away from her
they said he will wear it and go on a date with S
that mary should be pulling out MG’s hair instead
they say if he kisses S it means he has feelings towards her
mary tells them to stop
[they are too loud tonight – will translate in full tm}
MG’s student fans hold up signs about S and MG tries to sneak away but they chase
mary’s friends tells mary to meet j
mary wants to go home

Mg and the band walk and they talk behind his back so he tells them to say it
in front of him
they say just get back with each other since he dated S before
MG keeps saying he wont

he calls again
the band meets up with mary and her friends
theband and her friends play drinking games
MG asks why mary she is not answering his phone
he says he doesnt know why S said those things
he says he doesnt feel that way
mary says why he cant settle things when he yelled at mary so easily to break up
he says do i look like i am holding on to her
they turn their backs on each other
Mary cries and goes home
she remembers s and mg’s kiss

mary calls her friends to ask the band where S lives
mary goes to see S
S tells her to sit and wait
mary sees all the couple pics of Sand MG
one in the bathroom where they are brushing their teeth and he is shirtless and s is wearing a bra
mary says he cant help S let go
S: i never asked him to
mary asks why S just said that in the interview
S: why? I thought it was good that I could be honest about my feelings even at this late stage
M; then you should have protected that love till the end
S: i did protect – but it was MG who didnt
instead of wasting time with me, go and protect your love
mary says that’s why she came – to request S not get him involved in a scandal
and for S to not behave like that so that ppl could misunderstand and
not make it hard on MG

mg goes looking for mary
he meets her friends and band and finds out she went to meet s
mary remembers their couple pics
MG goes to S’s home looking for mary
he asks what s said to mary
he aks why S made things complicated
she says she was going to end it and just focus on work but it doesnt work the way her heart wants
she says she threw away everything family and all
but he broke up with her
MG:so are you getting revenge? dont hurt mary
s  says he changed a lot
S text J to cancel wonderful day – for her sake and his
J wants his assitant to track down S
but she is no where to be found
rumors say she was seen at the airport and some other places
J gets a call and an investor backs out
J is stressed
he looks at mary’s pics the one they took together
MG keeps looking for mary
[omg he is wearing a tie die that looks like a dress]
mg goes to her house and D yells at MG
MG said he will just see mary and go
D tells him let mary marry J and live well and MG can date the actress
D pushes MG out

mary is walking and J comes up behind her
he said he walked to clear his head and came here
he asks today was hard on you too
she says she wants to wipe this day from the calendar
he said to do so and he will make it up tm
j confides in her about the drama
mary tells him he can make wonderful day a success
he thanks her
she worried about JS
she said she will go see JS tm
he tells her to sleep well
she slips on ice and falls and he saves her –
he cushions her head in his arms to protect her head from the impact of the fall so he gets a cut on his forehead and it’s bleeding
[boy he was fast]

MG sees her putting med on J’s cuts and putting a band aid on it
she feels bad he got hurt cuz of her
he says do you remember
that scene of them as kids comes out
and she repeats “i’m here i’ll protect you”
MG walks up all angry and asks what they are doing
mg drags mary away
j says she doesnt want it
she apologizes to J and goes in
mg asks to talk but she said she has no energy
and for him to go
[that is what you get for kissing someone else you goob]
d says mary’s mom in heaven is helping mary cuz what wouldve happened if mary married MG and this happened
D asks her to go to the hospital with him
she says she was going to go anyway

a kind of frustrating daebak scene (cuz watching this over and over was agonizing cuz i kept thinking of all the terrible things I wanted to do to his mom)
MG comes hm and his mom is crying saying she can’t go to paris. {??} office said that if I don’t pay off $30,000 that they would prevent her from going thru airport customs.
MG: did you borrow some money at some time?
mom I didn’t borrow it
met a guy at an ice cream store and I co signed an ice cream store for him to open..but the store went bankrupt so he ran away. I paid back $20,000-where can I get $10,000?
MG: where did you get $20,000?
She points: inside that drawer –bank book
MG cant believe it: that was contract money I had to return-it wasn’t money you could just use freely!
Mom: just think of it as lending it for a short time! When I go to paris, my bf will pay it all back! But if I don’t pay back $10,000 I wont be able to go to paris-I wont be able to pay back the $20,000 and I’ll have to break up with him so what could I do?
MG: why do you always end up like that? Always getting duped or dumped –why do you always live like that? Do you like living that way?
Mom: why are you like this too? It’s cuz I am unfortunate that’s why-it’s cuz I am an unfortunate woman that’s why all the guys I meet [ends up like this/I end up like this.]
MG: ok – [let’s bring it out in theopen] Since you were already unfortunate, that’s why you met an unfortunate guy and had a kid
mom: that’s right – I shouldn’t have had you.
sorry for having you without permission.
I’m sorry-[for not giving you [something?? a chance???]
sorry that an unfortunate mom had you!
it’s almost 6am so i messed up most of these lines so please dont post somewhere or quote till they get fixed by someone who is more alert and knows what their own name is at this point cuz i dont
MG wipes his mom’ s tears as she sleeps
manager bang is there again with the actor
the actor says this scandal ruined his hallyu image
J says- who broke this scandal
the one who could benefit the most
he guesses how she did it
J tells the actor what the manager did
j accuses her of being the kind of manager who takes the contract money
and then tries to get out of working
J says she is the one ruining the actor
the actor asks her what J means
she says J cant treat her this way

JS calls J to come
JS says J wasnt ready for business and he would take back his investment
J says he hasnt failed yet but the father said he cant even get mary
J said there is a month left to give him time
JS wants J to go back to japan
mary overhears and begs JS to give J another chance
that she would do the training to be a wife
she says the engagemnet was her fault so yell at her and not J
she knelt down to say that next to J
JS tells them both to stand and says he will give one last chance

mary goes to MG’s house
he asks if her mood is better
mary is knitting MG a sweater
he asks if it’s his and says it looks warm
she says after she makes it they should go to the skating rink
she says she went to S’s house
MG says he knew
and she got jealous of seeing all the pics of stuff she wanted to do with MG
but he had already done it with S so she was hurt too
MG: i know- let’s not think of anything else
he says this is the first time going to skate rink with a gf who knitted him a sweater so he wants to hurry up and go
she says she will hurry and knit it
MG: while I like you – I promise not to look at other girls and like only you
she says “until when”
MG looks surprised
mary says she has to help J
she explains why she needs to help J
he asks if she is doing it for loyalty
she said she has to meet J at 2 and wants MG to go too
he says no -why would I go there

mary keeps looking for MG
J asks if MG isnt coming ?
mary : i told him to come
J says something like since he didnt show if it’s ok to think that MG doesnt want to be involved in their three way deal (not sure)
J asks : then can we just talk about us two?
MG shows up and says: that might be a problem
MG says “you have more skills than i thought – in this ridiculous situation – you are trying to drag mary into it again. let’s stop playing around and do it right
let’s try a real marriage life”
no preview
cuz duh – they didnt need one since 5 mins later the next one would air and drive softy batty from overload of translations

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    What’s with all the poor rating? I love this drama. Thank you So So much for your transcaps! I also enjoy reading your personal side comments between these transcap. It lets us in to your thoughts about the scenes. Thanks again! Can’t wait to see what happens.


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