MSOAN E13:Live “Transcap”

If my reticence is speaking volumes tonight, don’t worry too much. You wont have to wait very long. It will be very interesting to see what unfolds on E14 for all of us.


MSOAN E13 Transcriptions
{Right before D comes in Mary hides in her orange bag}
D comes in and yells at MG
D accuses MG of scheming to get money from Mary
it wasnt enough just to take the ring away from her
now he is trying to force Mary to get divorced from J
and get [alimony/settlement money] from that
MG: I was going to find that ring and return it
D: how can someone like you return it?
Let’s just go to the police

D starts to drag MG away but D spots mary’s blanket and goes into denial mode and says lots of ppl buy these so it cant be mary’s then he spots her makeup and says this is what she uses – there is no way …he keeps saying it cant be hers -that she is living with J….

D turns around to yell at MG  but he left already
D chases after MG
D runs and asks – where is my mary

MG runs away dragging mary who is in the bag saying : I dont how- how can I know where she is
before D can catch up to him, he crashes into a guy on a bike so D gets delayed by the biker
MG  flags down a cab and gets in it with mary
in the cab he asks if she is ok and whether she is hurt anywhere
she was suffocating the whole time in that bag she says
she worries that her father pieced together what happened and now he knows
MG takes her to J’s house

D goes to J’s house
J greets D and asks what brings him here
D asks “Mary isnt here right ?” and before J can stop him
D goes into mary’s room
D sees Mary in her bed -mary pretends to be sick (MG is hiding)
D : I know everything so get out of that bed
Mary: dad – what brings you here?
D: a while ago- you were in that bag right?
Mary pretends to have a coughing fit so she doesnt have to answer
J lies and says after mary came back from the concert – she took some med and slept this whole time
D: since you said that then I have to believe it
D drags mary out to living room to talk
J tries to see where MG hid
MG was behind the dresser

outside D gets on his knees in front of J and says that Mary
has fallen for MG and even gave her ring to him and D wants J to help her open her eyes
J tells D to entrust mary to him
J gets a call and steps away to take it
Mary starts her coughing fit again
D asks her why the stuff she packed is at MG’s
Mary says there was no place to put it here so she threw all that away
D says so you are saying you threw it away but MG picked it up and took it home
mary pretends to be dizzy and asks him to let her sleep
D warns that if he ever catches her going back to MG-it will be the end for both of them
and that he will never allow them to live like that
more coughing from mary

MG listens from her room
he thinks the room looks like a vain girl’s room
and that it  looks childish
MG looks thru her books
he reads something aloud and says “what is that? to go on a trip somewhere and spend the night together?
[what he read aloud was a more decorous and romantic way of saying what MG thinks is the bottom line of that sentiment-
to put it another way- just imagine jane austen’s way of saying what MG said and you have the korean version of what MG read aloud ]
MG insults J’s style of getting girls

J says to mary – you should have told me you needed money instead of using the ring my  father gave you as a present to pawn
mary apologizes
J asks her to tell him where it is so he can get the ring back
MG wants to know why J is getting involved
MG to Mary: your father left right? then let’s go
Mary: we cant – my father is going to be waiting for you at your house
MG: I cant even go to my house if I want – what is this?
J said MG should stay here for a while since her dad suspects
and to prevent the three of them from getting caught
MG says there isnt a room here and J said he could stay in the video room
MG looks around and says: I dont like it here cuz it is dull.
I’ll just sleep in Mary’s room
J: in mary’s room?
MG: in our home- we always sleep on the same bed anyway
J: on the same bed?
Mary hits MG saying: we put up a curtain in the middle
J says while MG is in his house MG has to follow his rules
he says he’ll go get MG blankets and a pillow
MG says just cuz he is the home owner- why does he keep telling me what to do
MG wants to leave but mary tells him to be patient-even just for one night
Mg says he didnt come here cuz he had no other place to sleep
Mary: just look at my face and be patient – mg – ah

J looks mad when he goes to his room
he lines up his pillows on his bed
what is he up to?

J imagines MG making moves on mary on MG’s bed

MG wakes up and he is thirsty
he goes to mary’s room to ask for something to drink but he startles her
while she is pouring him some juice he plays with the fridge’s drink compartment mini-door (I think I just made that up cuz I have no idea what to call it – is the drink tray door better?]
like a mom trying to control her child she says
“you cant keep playing with it – you’ll break it”
she gives him juice but she spills it on his sweater
MG: what do we do?
Mary: we can just wash it- hurry and take it off
she starts to reach for his sweater to take it off of him
hurry! hurry! hurry!
MG getting self conscious: ya- why do you keep trying to take it off?
Mary: to wash it!

J wakes up and hears suspicious sounds -he hears water
he gets up and walks over to the bathroom and listens outside the door
Mary’s voice gently says: ah- I’ll just do it
MG equally soft voice: I said I’ll do it
Mary: ah – dont touch it-I’m gonna do it
MG: ah!  it’s so warm
Mary: just wait a little bit
MG: is it still not done?
Mary: ah- just wait a moment. I’m doing my best…
and J quickly rushes in thinking they are up to something
J: KMG shi- right now….
J sees MG wearing a towel and Mary over the sink washing
she explains that MG got juice on his clothes
MG to J: cant I wash some clothes if I want?
J asks: why are you not using a perfectly good washing machine
and washing by hand this late at night and waking a person who was sleeping-
please hurry up and sleep
Mary: he must have sensitive ears
MG: hurry up and finish- I dont have any other clothes to wear tomorrow

mgm goes to MG’s home
but D is there waiting for MG
D gets mad at her for running off after giving mary a fake ring
MGM says what else could I do when I didnt have the money?
she tries to explain that she is a victim in this whole thing too
but D doesnt want to hear any more of her blabber
D wants her to follow what she promised on her contract with him
he wants her to help him break mary and MG up
mgm: did I say I wouldnt?
they wait for MG to come back
mgm feels bad for her son cuz he cant even come back to his own home
she blames all this on mary
if she wanted to meet my son- she should have gotten a divorce
the right order is backwards
D accuses her wanting mary to get a divorce so mgm can get settlement or alimony out of mary
D says :dream on cuz my mary will never get a divorce
mgm gets offended cuz D is making her out to he a swindler
and he yells at her to bring back the real ring
she keeps silent out of guilt

S sings the hello song in recording studio
MG doesnt like the way she is singing it
so she asks him to come in and sing it
so she knows how to do it right
he goes in and sings
this song is better slow
it is pretty
J and S watch MG singing
J says MG should sing it instead
since it is a concept where the person sings a song to the woman he loves
so having a male vocal would be better
S agrees with J and excuses herself and leaves

J gets a call from JS
JS asks why J isnt getting ready for the wedding even tho J is busy
JS is sending a wedding planner to J’s house
J says he has to ask something
that he saw mary’s mom pic in his dad’s wallet
I was always curious if there was a particular reason why the person I married
had to be mary
JS says he promised a long time ago that mary and J would marry
J asks if something happened between JS and mary’s mom that he cant talk about
JS says he doesnt want to talk about it now
wedding planners are with mary
J asks the housekeeper if she ever met mary’s mom
and she says she only saw her pic
J: are you saying you dont know anything?
she acts like it is not her place to talk about it
he pleads with her not to keep anything from him and tell him
J: my father has mary’s mom’s pic in his wallet- how long has it been (since he carried it around)?
she tells him it has been almost 30 yrs and leaves

the wedding dress stylists go on and on complimening all the dresses
and how mary looks good in them and how hard it was to make certain ones
but the housekeeper doesnt like something about each one and asks to see the next one
mary was trying on wedding dresses and while wearing one she speaks to J outside
Mary reminds J that she isnt going to choose J
he says just to go along with it for now
so others wont suspect and she wont have to follow thru on it so not to worry
her nose is red from being cold so he puts his hands on her shoulder saying it
is cold and to go back inside

MG comes and sees Mary in her wedding dress and J holding onto her shoulder
MG: what are you doing? wearing a wedding dress- are you saying you two are going to
take wedding pics or what?
Mary: that’s not it
MG: if that is not it- why are you dressed like that?
MG gets mad and leaves
she chases after MG-slow down – listen to me first
she turns a corner and he is gone
MG is hiding
J comes and puts his jacket around Mary and leads her back
and MG watches them go back, then he leaves
S texts MG to meet at the bar

mary tells J she will go to MG’s home
mgm is there and when mary comes in mgm gets ready to do her part to separate them
she straightens up and starts
mgm asks what mary is doing here and mary says she cant reach MG
mgm: heard you were living with the guy you are registered with so stop coming around here
mary: that’s not it – I only care about MG
there is a reason I cant explain so I am there now but in two weeks I am leaving that house
mgm is having a hard time cuz of me so do you think he should be having a hard time cuz of you too
mary says because of the fake ring you gave me it [caused more problems] for MG
and mgm says are you [blaming me] now?
she says how mary is worse than her and that she cant understand a girl who would date two men
at the same time
mary says she is not a two timer and that she only wants MG
mgm says since MG’s heart is cold he needs to meet a woman who is warm
and she wants him to receive alot of love from her family and live happily
and to meet a girl in mary’s situation is too [*awful] for MG-
[*she used a harsher word but i dont know it]
mgm: as his mother I am asking you to stop meeting MG

S , MG, and the band drink
no one is drinking or talking
she tries to get them to drink and they slowly start
they feel bad for their behavior before
and they apologize to MG
and promises to stick with him

JS goes to D’s house
JS tells D that he told J to hurry and prepare for wedding
he notices how antsy D is and JS wants to know what is going on
JS knows something is wrong and says he knew the ring was a fake
despite what J said to cover it up JS couldnt be tricked
cuz even for an imitation the ring is too cheap for J to buy her
JS asks D if he caused a problem again and when D stumbles over his words
and wont spill it JS shows him the pics with MG and mary
JS had mary investigated
there are pics that Mary lives there with MG
JS asks D if D knew about it and D lies and says he had no clue
D assures him that D broke them up and JS doesnt need to worry about it
JS if he hears that they are back together JS is not going to leave them be
JS says if D hears that Mary is back there with MG that D should call him
and that if D knows and doesnt tell JS
JS is going to end it with D
S  and MG drink
she says it was a good idea of J’s to have MG sing the song
MG says it was wrong of him from the start not to think about how she must feel about it
she says no matter how much she tries to be cool – it doesnt work
and she says she wants to stop purposely trying to be cool
[dont understand what else she said]
MG walks home alone
S and the band are still at the bar
they want to keep drinking
she tries to get them to get up
S hears that mary and J live together

MG goes hm and thinks it is mary under the covers on the couch
MG says did you like the wedding dress you wore?
he pulls the covers back and is surprised to find his mom
she goes on about even tho she raised a son he just becomes a daughter in laws husband
MG gets serious and reminds her how he told her not to come back
she says I am going to see your face for a second and go -not to worry
MG asks where Mary is
mgm says she must have decided on the rich guy
MG pulls out his phone and she takes it away
he asks why she is doing this
mgm says dont call her cuz I sent her away
MG asks his mom what she did to mary
mgm: she lives with another guy she is registered with
MG: it’s not your business to care
mgm : how can I not care when it is obvious you’ll be hurt
you loved the wrong person once and it messed up your life and is right in front of you and you still dont know?
you better meet another woman!
MG yells at her to stop
he yells he wont ruin his life over love like his mom does so dont pay any attention to it

he starts to text mary outside J’s place but stops
mary inside does the same – starts to text MG but doesnt
mary goes to the kitchen for a drink and J is there drinking
he is drunk
she tries to steady him but he pulls away
J asks: do you know what it feels like to be caught between a place you cant go in and you cant go out?
she asks if something happened
he says I told you my father was a god to me
up to now i never refused him- i thought that was the right way- but now i dont think so
you also think you should never do this marriage
he asks do you know why my parents divorced?
pic of mary’s mom shows on screen
he is thinking of returning his dad’s investment after the showcase
and mary is free

J almost loses his balance so she goes to support him
J falls on top of Mary and it doesnt look good when MG comes in and sees mary under J
mary pulls him up and yells at J: what did you do to mary?
MG pushes him and J falls back
Mary tells MG it’s not like that
MG yells: what do you mean it’s not like that- are you saying i interrupted?
she explains what happened

then MG sees for himself that J is out cold
MG: what is this? what’s wrong with him?
MG nudges J with his foot
hey-wake up- are you not going to wake up? hey i said to wake up
MG takes J to his bed

Mary walks MG out
MG says he is going to do well on the showcase and show that he can take care of mary
so that MG can confidently go up to D and ask him to give mary to MG
he asks you trust me right? you’re cold huh? hurry and go in and warm up
mary: what about you?
MG: i’m just gonna go home like this. I have a lot to prepare for the showcase
MG says if J tries anything when he is drunk she should “poke his eyes out” in a cute way

MG has a lot to prepare for the show case so he goes hm to work
D asks mgm how she did
she feels bad cuz she had to separate two ppl she loves
She was ordered to by D
she said if it doesnt work after what she did to leave those two alone
he refuses

J and his staff prepare for showcase
they expect a huge turnout
MB is mad at the actor
he says he will do what he wants
the actor finally wised up and doesnt trust MB

the actor and S are on set to shoot the video
S stares at mary who is staring at MG
J stares at mary and goes over and introduces her to the director
as the lyricist for hello
the band is nervous about the music video

the director wants to use MG playing the guitar cuz it seems more real
and shoot the actor separately
MG has to put his arm around S and shoot wearing the actor’s jacket
Mary watches them be close
MB comes in and ruins the shooting
she calls out for the actor
she accuses J of stealing her actor
she tries to drag the actor away

the actor pulls away and knocks over a partition
mary was standing there but MG saves her
they pull the partition off and everyone is worried but mg says he is fine

they go to the hospital anyway cuz mary insists

while waiting for MG to be checked out
mary is worried
she says to J: If MG’s arm is hurt and he cant play the guitar- what do we do?
To MG- the guitar is his family
Mg keeps acting like it is not a big deal
J asks if he can play the next day

MG says he only has to wear the bandage for a day so it’s ok
MG asks why mary is standing there like that
and she feels bad he got hurt cuz of her
MG says it is ok and asks her to be his right hand

she takes him home and puts him in bed-telling him to get some sleep
and he pats the side next to him saying “my right hand- come here”
she lies down next to him
MG: right hand- my hair itches
she starts to scratch his hair saying “here?”
MG: when I wake up from my sleep – give me a (hair) treatment
Mary: after you wake up
MG says: one strand at a time…
Mary: …ummm…dont worry and sleep well
MG: mary – when I open my eyes – I wish you can always be by my side
you wont ever go anywhere right?
Mary nods: ummm- dont worry- I will always be next to you watching over you
can you really perform tomorrow?
are you just saying you are okay cuz you are worried people will be worried?
MG: when I am on stage tomorrow. in front of everyone I am going to confess
Mary: confess what?
MG: look forward to it
Mary: what is it?
MG: the song I made for you- right before I sing it -I’m really going to confess

They are lying in bed when they hear the door being lifted open
MG says “who is it?”
D walks in and finds them together
D: what are you two doing!!!
Both of them are kneeling in front of D
MG: father – no matter what happens I can make Mary happy
D: how can I be your father? also how can you? with what? huh? do you have anything?
MG bows his head

Mary: dad – MG has so much. he is tall, good looking, he sings well, plays the guitar well, [?] can fix things well, he is cute, loving…
MG: for mary’s sake, I will succeed as a musician. So that she will never envy others, I will buy a lot of delicious things for her to eat, buy her lots of pretty dresses for her to wear, with small things like that I will turn it into a great deal of happiness and we will live well
Mary is touched and looks at MG and calls out his name
D: {*}I cant accept you as a son-in-law -why? cuz I already have a son-in law
also- I have only one daugher so how can I have two
that can happen right?
D drags her away saying “follow me”
MG just sits and let’s D take care
* D said something about how even if something changes color, he cant accept MG
I just didnt know what he said changed colors

D drags her hm and locks her up in her room
she says MG got hurt cuz of her so she needs to take care of him
D calls and tells JS that MG wont listen

J and everyone is getting ready for the showcase
mary starts to lie yelling her stomache hurts and when D opens the door she runs out
MG’s hand keeps hurting him
he leaves for the show case and he is being followed
the band gets ready with hair and makeup
J calls MG where he is and MG says he is on his way
S says MG is usally 30 mins early and not this late
Mary is running towards MG’s place
a car pulls up and some guys kidnap MG
she tries to get them to stop yelling for help – that a person has been taken by force-
and gets in front of the car
MG sees her and starts to yell out her name
but the bad guys drive off
Mary flags down a police car and chase after the thugs car and mary and Mg can see each other
S says to J that MG would not drop out of the showcase like this
the showcase starts without him
MG gets gagged and put in the trunk and gets out somehow and runs away from the guys but they follow close behind

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