MSOAN E14: Live “Transcap”

Now that I have translated some lines I can honestly say I am back in this one hundred percent!
this episode was cuter than I thought and there are some great scenes so you will see a more thorough transcap than yesterdays’s
plus there are daebak scenes again!!! ūüôā
Thanks Koori for the torrent- yay!!  you saved my life
translating off of youtube was interesting – got a few scenes and lines done ūüôā
It never ceases to amaze me the love and following a drama can have Рthru thick and thin- we just hang in there and maybe with all of us hoping and wanting so much, the way we see  the drama will change a bit. I want to end on a high note for this drama next week. There have been too many daebak moments for this drama to dismiss it outright after just one crazy episode so I am going to stick with it till the end no matter what else happens tonight. I am curious how they are going to tie up all these loose ends.
I can say for sure that tonight’s was better than yesterday’s i think – at least one scene for sure when MG asked for the curtain to be taken down as his present and mary saying”why -when it is a perfectly good curtain”
wow – the girl is clueless in a loveable way – MG is gonna need a lot of luck for their honeymoon
she will probably spend it outdoors more than indoors and he’ll be miserable the whole time ūüôā
now if that scene had continued and they yanked the curtain down – this transcap would have had a major daebak scene
MSOAN E14 Transcription
Mary gets in the police car and chases after the black car
she told the police that a person had been kidnapped and to hurry and follow the car
it looks like MG’s hand is hurting him even more – he keeps holding it up
Everyone is setting up and it is almost ready
S tells J to wait a few more mins and that MG wouldnt bail on them
he tells a woman to prepare interviews for the actor and S
J is planning to stall for time using them
J calls MG first but since he doesnt pick up he calls mary and D answers the phone
J asks where mary is and he says she isnt at home
J tells D how MG didnt show up at the showcase and asks if he knows where mary is now…
D lets it slip out that MG is getting punished right now and hangs up quickly
Mary tells the cops to hurry and they pull up next to the black car and MG sees her
they keep calling each other’s names
The actor and S get introduced on stage and they get interviewed
about the drama and what the show is all about
S introduces the song
and J keeps telling the MC to stall and buy more time
so they show other stuff to kill some time

MG gets thrown out of the car along with his guitar
Mary pulls up in the police car and wants to take him to the hospital
but he wants to go to the showcase
the police continue their pursuit of that car
J tries to tell the MC to introduce S as the singer for the song
but the MC’s mic is messed up so he introduces the band instead
S said she would just go up and sing it anyway
the band introduces themselves but MG is still missing
as the crowd chant his name, he comes thru the crowd
his hand is still hurting but he plays anyway
mary is in the crowd looking worried

he says :this song..[is for the one who]…¬†filled¬†the cold winter of my¬†heart with the warmth of¬†spring-then he¬†yells out Mary Christmas -I love you!
and the song starts
she claps her hands over her mouth in delight
she starts to smile and enjoy the song
Mg winks at her
* he never said “for” or “dedicated” cuz he took a breath

MG is tied up in the trunk of the car and his mouth is gagged
the bad guys open the trunk
he runs away
his hand is weird and he looks at it
and it is a rubber hand and he pulls it off
and someone starts to choke him
mary wakes him up asking if he had a nightmare
he said it was about his kidnapping
he asks why he is here
after the performance ended he fainted so they brought him here
MG tries to get up and he says he hurt his shoulder when he was fighting off his abductors
J comes and asks if Mg knows anyone who would want to kidnap him
MG says the only thing he can think of is that someone wanted to stop him from performing at the showcase
mary suspects MB because she made such a fuss the other day
J said he will look into it

The actor says everyone at the showcase knows MG loves mary so why is S the only one like this
S says what MG is showing Mary is not love but [pity]
he feels sorry for her so he is leaving her alone
she asks the actor – that’s right huh? it has to be right?
the actor wants to know why she is like this about MG
S tells him to go if he is going to talk nonsense
the actor says he feels down too cuz he broke it off with MB
S: she finally got punished by you but she doesnt seem like a woman who would let go so easily
she says he looks cool now

D wants to know where mary went off too and why she hasnt called
D asks JS if he took care of MG
JS said there was a problem bringing him so they couldnt finish what they started
and that he would take care of it and for D not to worry
JS wants to get the invitations ready so he needs a wedding date
mgm overhears the call
JS wants the 100th day to be the wedding day
D assures him he would get mary ready so JS should just decide on a date

MG, mary, and J are talking at J’s place
mary worries that her dad might come looking here
J wants to tell her dad the truth
MG worries that D wont think differently even after learning the truth
J says only ten days are left (on the contract)

D comes in and sees them
he says to J how could you let him in here
D grabs MG and tries to get MG to leave
Mary tells her dad not to do this cuz MG is injured
D gets mad at mary for bringing MG here : how could you bring him here?
he starts to hit her so J steps in and tries to restrain D
J: father – please calm down – it was all my doing-it is my fault
D: what do you mean by that?
D: so my daughter – like a ping pong- went back and forth and lived at both your homes
one day and J’s¬†and day at MG’s – went back and forth between two homes
he yells something about how absurd all this is and gets a neck spasm from the
stress and shock of the truth
D says to J: so to obtain the investment for your company, up to now you were treating this like a business and used my Mary
J: yes
D; when you didnt have any sincere thoughts about marrying Mary
J: yes
D: now that I see you – you are a really [terrible] person
J: I’m sorry but there is one thing I can say for¬†certainty
is that I honestly wanted to make Mary happy
MG and Mary look at J
D:¬† you’re the person who’s saying¬† he¬†wont marry
so how are you going to make her happy?
J:I wanted to help mary choose the person she wants
D: so you’re telling me to just watch her get married to that guy
when your dad has already gotten the stamp for marriage?
Mary asks why did you get that stamped when I wont get married
and D yells: who says?
MG: father just please accept us
we are tortured having to deceive you
D has another spasm
Mary: dad please calm down. now there is only ten days left
just be patient till then
whether she marries or not or who she decides to live with or not
please let mary decide and just support her
D yells there is no way he would do that
mary pleads :please dad
D yells at her to do what she wants and forget she has a dad and leaves
D goes to report to JS
JS: how dare these kids deceive me
D: I dont think this wedding will be easy
if we go thru and set the wedding date – it is obvious we will end up as fools like the last time
MG’s wish scene:

Mary¬†applies medicine on MG’s shoulder while he is lying on¬† his bed
Mary: I’m sorry….it’s all because of my dad
MG: it’s not – he is afraid I will make you suffer and he did it out of concern
I have to understand (him)
when my financial situation gets better than now, he’ll ease up a little wont he?
Mary: i wish that day would come faster

MG: ow….
Mary: does it hurt a lot? what to do…
MG asks her to blow on his shoulder wound – she does
then he said “here too”¬† and points to his forehead
Mary: you got hurt there too? and she blows on it
then he points to his lips and gets closer, but she pinches his lips
Mary: are you going to keep kidding around?
Mary: when you came to find me at the skating rink a while back, you dont know how happy that made me. when you held my hands, my frozen heart melted
Mary: since you told me that, I’m a little happy now
MG: since our mary did a nice thing, looks like you’ll get a gift from santa claus
Mary: that’s right – you said xmas eve was your bday huh?
MG: ooohhhh – you have a great memory
Mary: of course – do you have a present you want?
MG was lying down but pops up when he gets an idea: uuuummmmm- there is!
Mary: what is it – say it
MG gets a goofy grin on his face and points to the curtains and says¬†: let’s take these down
Mary looks at the curtain: this?
eagerly nods his head up and down
Mary: there is nothing wrong with the curtains so why take them down?
MG uses aego and says: ummmm
Mary gives him a disapproving look
MG tries again with a puppy look complete with mouth partially open and nods his head

J has a bad dream
when he was younger he watched his dad and mom fight over mary’s mom pics
his mom cries asking “who is this woman” ‘who is this woman that you have her pic in your wallet?”
JS: what are you doing ?
his mom is¬†holding mary’s mom’s pic
his mom keeps asking: explain it – who is this woman?
JS: someone you dont need to know – give me that picture
JS struggles with her to get the pic out of her hand but it drops to the floor by his mom
she is on the floor crying
young J sees the photo of mary’s mom
J mumbles “mom” and wakes up and cries
J and his staff find out how popular the song or showcase was
it’s on the top ten
J gives them the idea to use netizens to spread the news thru text and stuff I think
Jgets a call from JS  to meet now

JS gives J the wedding invitations
the wedding is at 5 on a fri i think at the end of the month
JS : where did you decide on for the honeymoon.
no matter how busy you are you should go on your honeymoon
choose the one mary wants and make reservations
J agrees with his eyes closed
JS says he heard the showcase was a success –
” you worked hard ¬†but you shouldnt think your work is done
J: is that why you did it?
what were you planning to do with KMG?
just cuz you do that, their relationship isnt so light that it can be resolved like that
JS: so what are you saying – you are going to cancel the wedding?
I will take care of that guy so you dont need to bother with it
J: I dont think it is a matter you need to interfere and “take care of”
JS: so you’re saying you can watch mary with¬†a guy without a future – for the rest of her life living pitifully or what?
J: what do you think will happen  when Mary knows you went as far as kidnapping to separate  MG from her? she will never want to see you again
JS: so what is it you  want to say?
J: All this time  I obeyed everything you asked of me
what was important was not what I wanted but what you wanted
was it not enough to ruin my mother’s life with your greed
now you want to make me that way too?
Dont use mary and me anymore
JS slaps J
JS says something that sounded like japanese and then he said in korean “bad guy”

some customers-MG’s fans go crazy over MG
and mgm says she is his mom
D says singers are popular for a short time only
and they fall out of popularity soon
D says MG is a hit cuz J is supporting him
but mgm says it’s cuz of MG’s talent

mary leaves MG a message
MG- I cant seem to get a hold of you
I called to congratulate you
You’re really busy huh? even tho you are busy-make sure you eat
dress warmly too
I’ll call again later
I miss you MG ah
MG is at hm working
he is talking to his band member saying he needs to rest cus of his arm injury
and that he has a radio intv later and that is why he is busy
mgm comes hm singing his song
she acts all loving
MG: why are you here again?
mgm: I am so proud of you my son. i gave birth to a great son
MG: just tell me what you want quickly
mgm complains that he is too brusque with her
he asks where she is staying these days
she says she is working at¬†D’s restraunt
he says why are you working there
she tells him she overheard D talking to mary’s father in law
about handling/taking care of  MG
so now MG knows
J has the wedding invitations strewn on his bed where he tossed it
Mary comes in to ask what time he wants dinner
he says he doesnt feel like eating now and talk about it later
Mary notices the wedding invitations
Mary: what is all this? the wedding was really moving forward?
J: yes it’s true – our wedding is going ahead
J looks like he cant believe he has to say those words aloud

Mg shows up and tells mary he is here to talk to J
J: what is it that you need to say
MG: i want to confirm something so I came
your fathered ordered it right?
to kidnap me
are you admitting it?
J: because of that I saw my father in the afternoon
MG wants to know why JS wants so much for mary to marry J
J apologizes for his father’s¬†actions
the housekeeper wont let mary eavesdrop and takes her away
J tells MG to do well so that JS cant touch MG
MG : relay this to your father
let’s see this to the end
which guy can sincerely make Mary happy and which one [?]
as he leaves MG looks at mary as she gets more wife training

MG and the ost song are all popular
MG complains to J that MG has a schedule like an idol
Mg has 12 fan sites
J says now MH needs a manager, car, stylist and schedules a lot of stuff for MG
MG complains that J is scheduling too much
J reminds him that MG wanted to hurry and succeed
so i guess MG is going to be a hit now
everywhere he goes now there are fans
he has to do intv and stuff to promot3 song

Mary is at a store buying MG’s hair treatment
and listening to MG’s song over the radio
the clerk comes over and talks about how great the song is
and how cool and good looking MG is
mary is proud
the interviewer says the rumors she heard was that MG wrote the song for his GF
MG says¬†that’s right
she asks: is that person someone we know?
MG: no – mary xmas is not a celebrity
she says S’s nickname must be mary x-mas cuz he is trying to be discreet
MG says it wasnt to be discreet {or something like he wasnt trying to keep it private}
then the woman jumps to conclusions and says S’s nickname wasnt that but MG had given her a new one mary x-mas
That wipes the smile off of mary’s face
D calls her and says he is hurt his back so she rushes over to see him
he came for her to keep preparing for the wedding by getting the korean clothes ready
and D wants to buy the blankets and stuff for her and J
Mary remings her dad she isnt going thru with this
D says how could she not when JS already sent out invitations, lined up a wedding wall, and made
reservations for a honeymoon
Mary: no matter how much you prepare all that – how can there be a wedding without a bride
D lets it slip that JS is behind the kidnapping but tries to cover
d says she has to do the wedding cuz JS will never stop
she asks him to tell her the truth but he wont
so she goes to ask herself

Mg has to model with S for a shotoshoot
MG says he wont do it
J says he has to
mg says if I dont are you going to take me by force like your dad
mary overhears and knowsforsure JS is behind it
mary insists on going alone to see JS and ask why he is doing this

she goes to see JS
she asks if he kidnapped MG
she asks JS to not hurt MG anymore
he sayshow could he just let her get hurt
she tells the truth
she wants to take the punishment
for lying to JS
but he keeps insisting on the wedding
she begs him to cancel the wedding
he says he keeps his promise no matter what and he had promised to watch over her

MG and S take pics together
S says he is good for his first time as a model
she says mary changed him alot that he would do stuff like this
he yawns for real during some photo shots

Mary waits for him at home
and she is nodding off and half alseep
finally she is out and wakes up and sees  MG crouching near her watching her sleep
Mary: you’re here? you must be sleepy. hurry and come sleep
MG: no – I have to leave again shortly
Mary: then why did you come back
MG: to see your face even for a second
how did the meeting with J’s father go?
Mary: I just told him the truth
I¬†dont have to go to¬†the director’s¬†home anymore
MG: after one or two more performances, I think I can get the engagement ring back
then [?] will be gone so dont go to that guy’s house anymore
Mary: do you have to work till xmas eve?
MG: i think i have a performace scheduled-why?
Mary: what do you mean why? it is our first xmas? plus it is your bday
i wont move a muscle and wait for you so work hard and come home
MG: ok as soon as it is over – i will run right over

he stops to buy mary a cat pendant necklace
for the intvthey ask him to sing live a little bit

MB sees how popular he is now
she goes up to him and apologizes for him getting hurt
she tries to get him to promote overseas
she is trying to be his manager
he ignores her
everywhere MG goes press follows him
J comes home and looks around
and walks over and knocks on mary’s room
and sees that it is still empty

Mary decorates MG’s place with x-mas stuff
she gets a call from J and she lets it ring for a while
Mary: yes director
J: mary are you running a little late today?
when you come later, I was thinking of going with you to the bookstore since we havent been in a while. could you call me when you¬† are about to leave? I’ll go there
J closes his eyes cuz he already senses what her silence might mean
hello? Mary?
Mary: director
J: yes
Mary: I’m not going to your house anymore
yesterday I met ahjussi and told him the truth…
J: mary – if you suddenly decide on your own it’s problematic
our contract days have not ended yet
Mary: now that contract isnt [applicable] anymore. I’m sorry
I’ll hang up now
she gets a call from her friends
J had made that call in her room and he sits on her bed and touches her blanket
her friends are inviting mary over for a party there at the cafe where her friend works
the band will be there too
mary says she will have to see
the other friend accuses Mary of not caring about her friends now that she has a bf
the friend jokingly threatens to tell all on the internet about mary and MG
and they continue to make a list of things they have to get ready like alcohol and stuff
Mary bakes a cake and decorates it
where did she get an oven at MG’s place?
she gets a call and eagerly asks “MG when are you coming?”
J: it’s me
Mary: I’m sorry – I thought you were MG
J: could you come here for the last time
Mary: I’m sorry
J: I have some things to tell you that I couldnt all this time
Mary: today is MG’s bday and we said we would have a party at home
J: KMG went to a Ski resort performance so he will be really late
Mary: he said he would definitely come
J: even so please just give me a few minutes of your time
Mary: director I am really sorry
Mary hangs up and the split screen of both of them sitting in front of their
she has wine, crackers, cake, and other snacks
and J has a fruit plate, muffins, and champagne

MG is on his way back from ski place i think
she has a lot of stuff ready- lots to eat and stuff
so does J and he sits alone in his kitchen with a lot of fruit, muffins, and other stuff
MG calls J and complains that J should have done the scheduling better
and that after he does all this and gets enough money to get the ring back he is not going to do this anymore
J remembers his breakfast with mary
and their awkward morning encounter
*my guess is he is realizing what he is giving up
and now that he faced off with his father he is feeling vulnerable and lonely
that is why he was so eager to see mary when he knocked on her bedroom door

Mary calls mg and he lies there is traffic
he tells her to sleep and not wait up
she says then come slowly
he lied – he came to get the ring from the pawn shop

J sends her a text: Mary – 100days has not passed yet.
Until you hear what I have to say, I will keep waiting
MG leaves the pawn shop all happy
Mary shows up at J’s
She walks up behind him and softly calls out : director
He turns and smiles
J : At x-mas, I want to eat cake-then it feels like christmas
mary: I think I know that feeling. after my mom passed away, when my dad got kicked out,
I had a Christmas party alone with choco pies
J: It’s really nice – getting to spend Christmas with someone – it’s warm
Mary: director, I have something to tell you
MG is on his way to give J back the ring
Mary: Please divorce me
then I think everything will end
I’ll be going now
Mary was crying
A part of me wants to believe she knows she is breaking his heart with this request
cuz she knows he cares for her
As she walks away he gets up and suddenly hugs her from the back
she is still crying and says :director
J cries into her hair and barely gets these words out
cuz he is overwhelmed with emotion : just a moment – just stay like this for a moment
MG comes in with the ring and sees them

at least they still have good endings – you gotta give them that
no preview
i dont think this is anything like the scene when S kissed MG
I didnt feel anything but anger then at S and MG
but with J’s back hug scene – I got what this scene was conveying
one man’s love being felt for just a few mins
he knows she will never belong to him
but for these few minutes he can pretend she does

50 comments on “MSOAN E14: Live “Transcap”

  1. 1crazynyt says:

    Hey Guys!

    Happy Holidays…

    I cant help myself to share this vid.

    I dont know how many times I played this particular scene. All I can say is MunGyul is the sweetest guy in Kdramalandia, I haven’t watched any guy as sweet as him. MunGyul broke down my Chaebol syndrome in Kdrama world. The sweetest things a guy could do for a girl, MunGyul had done those to his Mae Ri with flying colors..
    1. Composed a song for her. ( checked)
    2. Announces to the entire world his love for his MaeRi Christmas.. (checked)
    by the way I love, love, love his voice when he shouted ” I LOVE YOU” so sexy.. His voice was deep and manly, his smoky voice coated me with its sweet stickiness, Its like ur making love with his voice….

    I’m not expecting anymore from him because he has done those already. I believe I’m satisfied with what he can do now, he had exceed my expectations. Nothing less and nothing more. I am absolutely, definitely going crazy over him.
    Owww I just remember one more thing he can do for her but not really for mary and besides I’m not sure if I want him to do that… ( Cut his hair for mary’s dad)
    He said before that his hair means the world to him.. I want more Intimate scenes and I really mean it, more than hugs and kisses. My B-day wish for MunGyul is for him to pass the first base level…..


    • MJShinshi says:

      Just watched concert confessing vid and cannot help grinning throughout the whole song!!(no matter how many times now i’ve watched vid) ūüėÄ


    • sarah says:

      I think I played it oo many times today..can’t get over the confesion and the WINK to Mary…I love love it….


      • magoo says:

        Have to admit i missed the wink the first time watching!!! What was i looking at, sheeeesh!?? All of MG’s facial expressions, raising eyebrows, smile, AND wink, etc were just too adorable for words and the way he played the guitar esp the end…just fantabulous!!
        Does anyone know what Mary yelled back to MG? It looked like she said I love you MG-ah or was it just MG-ah…barely can read lips in Eng now I’m attempting to read lips in Korean! LoL ūüėÄ


      • magoo says:

        I remember now i watched the fancam vid and he winked at the end! They shouldn’t have edited out the fans singing along “hello hello” and “thank you thank you”, but then it’s suppose to be the song’s debut. Oh can’t forget the hair/head flipping before the pyrotechnics went off, that was Awesome!!!
        LOL@SJ realizing she needs close her mouth before others catch on to her jaw gabing wide open @ that love confession of MG to his MaeRi Christmas ūüôā


  2. pikaju says:

    I think that not just only MG that makes me happy, the reactions of MR also makes me happy. MR has a very cute reaction to MG. I love that. I feel fall in love because of hers. It remind me when I first heard my husband confess his feeling to me. Oh my God!! I like the way that MG treat MR. He respects her and tried to do everything for her. I have the same wish with the above comment that I want MG cut his hair. That will get MR’s dad.


    • toohearts says:

      Same for me!! I like the reaction MR had on her face when MG said “I love you”!! That is such a wonderful feeling, and I feel the same way as you!! So sweet and lovely! I kept on playing that scene over and over..and never get tired of watching how cute they are!

      I want to see MG in his new haircut! And yes, let’s wish their relationship move forward to the next step (not just show us on the last episode)!! ^^


  3. erika says:

    thanks a lot….really now understand word by words…


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