MSOAN E12: Live “Transcap”

12/15 Updated
What I always appreciated the most from MSOAN was how Mary is when she is with MG. Starting from how she speaks to him, all cutesy and flirty at times to downright heart breakingly loving, you can’t ignore the fact that there is only one person in her heart. No matter how much J has finally come around and become the second lead he was meant to be from day one, he is too late in the game to vie for her heart now. Late as in KYH loves LSJ too much to even see MJS kind. If MJS couldnt pull it off even with that intensely magnetizing presence, I doubt J has a fighting chance when Mary just keeps spouting off about loyalty to him. I get how so many of us think that fidelity means a lot to Mary, but could it trump everything she endured to get here and be with MG? There are four ep left so I doubt this great new writer is going to change the game on us too drastically. This isn’t like the other dramas after all and there is no wiggle room to send someone away for a few years, lose one’s memory, die, or end up being someone’s dream. The worst that can happen is their parents become a couple -quel nightmare. The new writer has to recognize the undeniable fact that not even family, dashing fiance, music career, clingy ex, or anything else is getting in the way of this juggernaut called OTP.
Daebak scenes are back!!!!
omg so many cute scenes – forget E11 – i have to start with this one – wait till you read word for word how each of them tried to make the other jealous – where did this laughing helpful easygoing J come from????? I am sooooo smitten now with him [betchay MG is all yours]
watching this ep made me forget how tired I was – it gave me renewed energy – I am feeling so giddy right now 🙂
i feel guilty – no one should be having this much fun translating – what a joy to have dialogue that is relatively easy to translate and so much fun…this ep is a blast for me
just to let you know something – tonight was the first time I didnt press update for like over 20mins – so much was happening and I wanted to catch as much dialogue as possible so i kept going and that is why some of you were probably wondering if I had fallen asleep or something-but that is how great this episode was – everything happened one right after another and it was sooo hard to catch up to all of it – it felt like I was recapping an episode of 24 when jack bauer is on the run chasing down bag guys…the tone of this drama took a fresh new pace and I am soooo excited for more next week!
There is something about MSOAN that tugs at your heart, while SG sweeps you up in a grand romantic gesture and makes you giddy. When it comes down to it though, what matters more- heart or passion? I choose heart cuz it has the potential to grow into passion whereas passion can fizzle all too quickly.
Not to sound like a weather reporter but today was freezing cold – like alaska and most of canada cold – and I kept hoping MSOAN didnt have any outside shoots today cuz JGS cant handle the cold very well – during the last few days of YAB he was miserable – but now that he is even thinner – there will be less insulation for him so I hope they only did indoor shots today 🙂
MSOAN E12 Transcription
S is inside the recording booth and reads Mary’s name on the music sheet [as the lyricist] and comes out and accuses MG of making her sing their love song
S says : I wont- I rather die than do it
MG asks what she is doing
she says you told me this morning to act like myself so I am
S storms off and J follows her
Mary picks up all the sheet music that S threw in the air earlier

Walls of Jericho scene
mary unpacks that huge orange bag
she takes out side dishes, books, and so much more that MG asks why
she brought so much and she says it would cost too  buy all this new
he picks up her blanket and walks off with it
Mary calls after him: ya- that is the blanket for my bed
MG: it’s too cramped so how could there be your bed my bed?
Mary: you have to go buy a new one
MG: where is there room for another bed?
mary: then you sleep on the sofa
MG: if i sleep on the sofa – I will throw my back out
Mary: then what do we do?  sharing a bed -we cant do that yet
MG: ya- dont worry-I wont mess around with you
mary: how can I trust that?
MG: if you really feel like you cant trust me then let’s divide the bed in half
Mary: how?

holding up a curtain rod and moving it around
MG: how about here?
Mary: a little more to the left
MG: here?
mary: no -to the left
MG: to me this is the left
mary: then to your right
MG moving it again: then here- this is right?
mary: it’s crooked
MG: this is it-here
mary: your side is wider
MG: here- better?
Mary reluctantly says: it’s done
MG mutters under his breath : so picky

he pins the curtain and pricks his finger and yells out in pain
she runs over asking are you hurt and notices it is bleeding so she sucks the blood
MG : since we are living together let’s kiss once to start off

Mary drops his hand and sits down
MG: you dont want to? if you dont want to then dont
Mary: there is something I’m curious about you
MG; what is it?
Mary: why did you end it with S?
MG: [it’s all in the past so why dig it up]
mary: if it was all in the past, I was going to leave it alone. but watching how S behaves with you, it [doesnt look like it is over]  she even called you over early in the morning
mg: so?
Mary: so why did you end it?
mg: are you curious?
mary; yes
mg: just – for her to meet someone cooler than me
mary:what if she doesnt meet someone cooler than you?
MG sort of snorts
[oooh walls of jericho on a kdrama- i love the new writer]

S meets  with J
S says she still cant stand to see Mary and MG together
he asks havent you resolved everything and come back?
s- can a person’s heart settle so easily?
he asks why they broke up
she says there was a misunderstanding
S is on set getting ready for her scene and her fiance pulls up
she goes to talk to him in his car
S was on the verge of her engagement but she broke it off cuz of MG
she tells her fiance she wants to live with the man she loves
her fiance said she should have just enjoyed her relationship with MG and not ruin her life over it
she said it (living with MG) would be more fun than living with you
she tries to get out of the car but the fiance wont let go and yells at her to get in the car
and as he pulls on her arm he rips her sleeve
MG saw all that and assumed her fiance was her “sponsor”
S goes looking for MG and finds him eating and getting drunk with another woman
she goes up to MG and slaps him
end flashback
J says : so you’re saying that KMG mistook your fiance for a sponsor
S- back then, I thought misunderstanding was love too
you have to love to misunderstand
the rest of their convo went right over my head
those kind of “sponsors” are the bad kind that pays a lot of money for “benefits” from stars
please dont make me explain any further than that
the actor comes to see S
actor said BM was about to charge S with assault but he stopped her
she says something like “tell her to try it”
he says I dont know where you heard but the person who broke the news of  your scandal  wasnt BM
S- who says? did BM say that?
S asks him – are you naive or stupid?
she tells him again that he is wrong to back up BM
J tells the actor not to trust the BM
the actor says if you want me to change my mind you are going to have to convince BM
{since the evil woman insists on coming out so much I am giving her the intials BM for bang manager-some parts of the rest of the transcap was the original so I didnt change her name yet}
when the actor comes back to the car
BM asks: what did she say? did that “b” say she is going to apologize to me? that she would come to me and kneel and beg?
he says no- she believes a 100% that you broke the scandal
BM says since S is meeting J that means she is doing wonderful day again
you just watch – I will never stand by and let them do well
he looks at her like she scares him a little

MG’s mom is eating at D’s thuckbokkee place
she has her bags next to her and asks for a refill
he walks over and asks if she is crazy cuz who asks for refills on thucbokee
D and MG’s mom recognizes each other
she starts to explain about the ring and stuff but ends up saying “i’m sorry”

while mary is putting away the side dishes and stocking the fridge she finds the pawn slip I think that says $10,000 on it and Mary realizes the ring was that expensive for the first time
MG: so why did you give that to my mom?
he says he will pay mary back if his mom doesnt
Mary: dont worry – everything will turn out alright
phone rings
MG listens to the call next to mary’s ear
D calls mary cuz he just heard about the ring and money
D to Mary: ya- your ring-what ring is it?
mary: that..what are you saying now…
D: you gave that guy’s mom the ring..where is that ring from?
Mary: to be honest – ahjussi gave it to me..
D: what? you gave the ring from your father in law to someone else?
are you in your right mind? where are you now? stay put cuz I will be right there
mary: you are coming here? you cant! director doesnt know yet so let’s talk about it later
D: so why did you give that ring? it’s because of that guy isnt it? this guy…I’m going to..
the whole time MG’s mom is eating a popsicle in the background
[what is up with this woman and her ice cream? i get the writer wants us to know she is childish and immature but even real kids dont eat that much ice cream – bet she gained a ton of weight shooting these scenes- so glad – the idea that her fictional character might be getting fat is very satisfying to know]

MG wants to know how D found out and asks if J told him
Mary says maybe your mom met my dad and told
he says but she went to paris
Mary says this is not the time to talk about this cuz my dad is on his way here to capture you
MG yells :what?
they grab their coats and run out
D comes around the corner so the only place to hide is a dumpster
in front of his house
so they jump inside a dumpster -gross
D yells at the door for MG to return the ring
they are still in the dumpster
D yells outside the door – how could you partner with your mom and take money from my daughter – find mary’s ring-hurry up and find the ring and give it back!
MG and Mary talk inside the dumpster that her dad will never give up and leave till he gets MG-they are both cold and hungry
J pours some coffee and remembers their breakfast the other morning and he seems all lonely

D is parked outside MG’s place and orders food there while he is waiting
Mg and Mary can sniff the ramen all the way from the dumpster
MG is too cold in the dumpster with Mary and she worries he might fall asleep and die of cold

so mary calls J and he is pleased to see it is her calling.
she called to ask him to help them by getting her dad away from MG’s so they can go in since it is so cold outside. J calls her dad and makes him go home to wait for a delivery that is coming his way from J

and mary takes MG inside and they finally warm up but they stink like trash
he says he will warm some water so they can wash
the pipes are frozen and water wont come out so they cant wash

mg’s mom waits outside D’s place and he takes her home
and makes her write out a contract
“I kang so hyun until I return mary’s ring -will work at the thubokee place-follow the owner’s order no matter what -i promise to [????] in order to separate MG from mary
mgm says to herself “feel really sorry to MG for doing this-just cause he said separte doesnt mean they will separate so..” she signs the contract
D is going to let her work at his place
he is going to let her live there with him
until she pays back $10,000 and gets mary’s ring back
she agrees to everything except she has one reguest
she warns him not to see her as a woman and he promises he wont saying she is not his type too
oh nooooo
J has some ginger alcohol delivered to D’s house and mg’s mom finds out that
mary has a fiance- so that ring was her engagement ring?
D says since she is registered to marry J that is why she is living with him now
mgm keeps saying “my poor MG ,,,mary is suppose to have loyalty-how could she throw away our Mg”
D yells that mary didnt dump him but that MG kept fooling around with other women and hurt Mary
after he walks off she makes a funny ugly face and says “this whole family is dead”

heavy breathing MG and dirty minded J scene
MG was hopping around cuz he was cold from having to pour ice water into a huge pot. That is why he was panting and breathing heavy from the cold when J called.
MG: Hah-hah- hah-What is going on (for you to call )this late at night? Hah-hah- hah-
J alarmed to hear MG’s pants: why ..are.. you ….so out of breath?
MG: Do you really not have anything better to do? To call this late at night and [pick on someone’s voice]?
J : I was listening to the music you made and there were some parts that caught so that is why I called.
MG : is my music some fish bones- that it has parts that catches
J: I think the tempo might be kind of slow
MG: that I can make the speed go a little faster … so let’s talk later
J: not too fast – just maybe 16 –how is that?
MG: if you change it like that it will be too oldfashioned-anyway let’s talk at the office-will hang up now. Ughhhh!
J redials.
MG is carrying the big pot of ice water home and stops to answer his phone again
MG: ahhh- this is not a time I can answer calls I said
J: what kind of time is it?
MG: why do I have to report that to you – just tell me why you called.
J: [gibberish to me –didn’t catch one word]
MG: Look here – what is it that you are curious about?
J: I want to hear it right now with a faster tempo.
MG: How many times must I say this – this is not the time I can do it.
J trying to hold back his frustration: what are you doing that you’re so busy?
MG: what are you gonna do if you know-enough – let’s talk tm at the office. Hang up.
J: hello –hello
MG takes his battery out and carries the pot into his place and J jumps on his bed face down in frustration.

mary is already asleep. MG wipes her face and hands clean and smiles. He sleeps on top of her blanket with another blanket over him. both are dressed and lying on the bed

MG looks at her thru the sheet then he moves the sheet to see her face and smiles
he finally goes to sleep

MG’s mom prepared breakfast for D
when he comes out he asks what she is doing there
mgm: last night you said till I got mary’s ring back that i couldnt run away that i cant move one step from this place threatened and made me write a contract
now he remembers and says to think of it that she was caught in her son’s stead
she makes D keep it a secret from MG that she needs to pay back mary since she is going to pay it all back
D says : I should trust only what I can trust
she talks all sweet so he says do you think if you talk like that
that I’ll just move past it- it wont work that way
he threatens to tell Mary all
now she is more real and gets mad cuz he wont let her eat in peace

MG feels bad that he made her suffer at his place- they walk with her holding onto his arms
MG: go in and take a hot shower first
Mary: you should go to a sauna
what’s wrong?
MG: just…after bringing you home-it feels like I just made you suffer a lot and sent you off
Mary: suffering – what suffering – you dont know what suffering is huh? this much is loving
MG: it’s cuz I dont trust sending you to that guy
Mary: I’m going to (your place) tm too
D sees them walk by
he thinks he saw wrong -that maybe he hasnt sobered up yet -after he chases them and cant find them
They were hiding from him
he reasons she wouldnt be with MG this early in the morning
she must be with J right now – maybe
and D takes off running
mary runs in first before D
[i just realized every time D chases after them pac man music plays]

D runs inside and starts hitting mary for giving the ring to MG’s mom
he tells her to wise up and she tells him to stop hitting her
Mary tells him that mgm said she would go to paris and send money and not to worry
and she adds would mgm lie to her son’s gf
D says she was tricked/duped and didnt go to paris and starts hitting her again saying now what are you going to do-now that the ring is gone what are you going to do? 
mary asks if that is true- that mgm was tricked and couldnt go to paris
D cant believe her and says : are you worried about her? you stupid girl
she was duped and your the same-that’s why cuz you are meeting that guy your life is getting [messed up -you tell him that if he doesnt find your ring i wont leave him alone] 
as he beats her he stops suddenly
the housekeeper shows up while they fight and they act all polite
D lies and says he had something to give mary and he was about to leave
he says to her that he knows that mary lacks but he hopes the housekeeper will take care of her well
as he bows to the housekeeper- Mary smiles and uses formal language and says “be careful as you leave father” and he gives her a sideway dirty look
the housekeeper says mary smells funny and asks if mary prepared some side dishes on her own
JS wants to eat there so she is here to help mary prepare dinner
she is going to teach mary how to prepare something for JS’s health
she tells mary to shower and change and come down
manager bang shows up again at J’s
[why is she coming out so much?????]
she lies and says she talked the actor into doing the drama
she wants J to drop S as the lead actress
she has someone else in mind
if he listens to her she will bring back the actor and his investors
she says something about dying and how she is the type not to die alone
[ yeah cuz it’s kinda hard to kill evil]

Intentional Jealousy scene part one
MG and J are in the car on their way to check a site for performance
MG complains that J could have gone alone to see the venue but J points out that MG has to see for himself to do the setting check for the performance.
Mary texts MG saying : wonder what MG is doing.

MG gets the text in the car: Mary’s voice : MG-did you take a bath in hot water? If you have any cold symptoms- make sure you buy some med and take it.
MG starts his act saying really loudly: oh! It’s Mary! Why did she send a text like this-why did she put hearts like this…bath…of course I did it on my own…why…is it cuz (you)  want to do it together? Why? Why? …so cute…
[J falls for it and looks over at MG’s cell phone-leaning over even- and MG turns his phone to face away from J]
MG smiling and beaming : aigoo..sending stuff like this ….an adult should do it well on his own..[MG watches as J loosens his tie and looks mad and MG grins even more]
MG continues in a lovey dovey voice : uuhhmm…me too  me too…..

[all of a sudden J brakes really hard and MG lurches forward and starts choking from the seat belt tug and J has to turn his head and look away so MG wont see him laughing with glee]
J finally composes himself barely to say to MG: are you  ok? Let’s go.
[putting these two in a scene like this and you cant go wrong-loved it]

J’s turn Part two:
they look at the place and J mentions how indie bands use it and aks what MG thinks of it. MG says it’s the perfect place to hold a fan meeting with idols singer and charge $50
J asks so you dont like it- what are your thoughts then?
Mg says the ceiling is too low and the sound wont travel well
he suggests doing a guerilla concert [those surprise outdoor concerts]
J gets a call and now it is J’s turn
J walks away from MG
J answers loudly: mary shi – (you’re saying) father came over so come home and eat? MG tags a long and tries to lean in to hear
J: is it something you made yourself?  J turns around so MG pretends to be looking up and moves away
Mary: no – (housekeeper’s name) prepared everything and I just watched
J: since I can eat your cooking, I’m really looking forward to it.
Mary: director – can you not hear well?
J: what should I buy for dessert? If there is anything you want to eat – just tell me and I’ll buy it all.
MG signals to J to go out and points to his watch meaning he doesn’t have time and wants to leave now.
Mary: I don’t have anything.
J shushes MG.
J: ok then I’ll buy the cake you like. See you later.
MG looks disgusted and says to J: this performance hall is not that great- let’s go.
J smirks.

Mary made JS porridge made from the softest parts of the chicken and it was pureed and is suppose to be good for JS’s condition
J and JS compliment her cooking skills
JS gives another present- tickets to some performance
he wants them all to go together
she said it is hard for her to make it on saturday
since it is the first family outing he asks J to contact D and make some time
JS asks her to wear the ring this sat
JS left his wallet open when he took the tickets out
J notices the pic of mary’s mom in his dad’s wallet
J asks mary to work with the scriptwriter a lot this week
J asks mary how D and JS know each other
she explains their background  [what we all know]
she asks why he is asking all of a sudden

 Mary calls her dad.
D: What? You couldn’t get out of the family outing and you were told to wear the ring that day? Ya- For now calm down and leave it up to your father.
Mgm is eating so D says: did I ask you to clean up or did I ask you to eat the leftovers.
Mgm: whether I clean it up by eating or throw it away, as long I clean up why are you yelling?
D: [after all that you did] you can still eat? By tonight, if you don’t bring the ring you are going to [jail].
Mgm gets fed up and yells at D that she will find the ring. D asks how and she goes on about how she is KSY and that she cant live like this being punished over a ring all the time and says D is going too far. She says she will go find it right now and to tell (mary) to wait.
D cant believe her attitude and says after her: how could there be a woman like that?
Mgm goes and buys a fake one for $29.90 and says ”now I’m saved” she goes and meets mary and returns it saying : your dad- how much he went on and on – did I ever say I wouldn’t return it? Mary-x-mas you seem to have a good father.
Mary: you really got it back? Smiling big and bowing :thank you-really thank you.
mgm: a person needs to trust another person so that we can all get along well-though I did do something that warranted insults so I don’t have much to say on that …(looking at J’s hm) …wow the house is really beautiful-(then she looks at mary) looks like you wont suffer….so is it all over with our MG?
Mary : ah-that- it’s…it’s too complicated to discuss..
mgm: shhhh (shushing mary)…no…I’m sure you guys will do what’s right for you guys…when it comes to love-just because one person [clings] to another doesn’t mean you will [cling] forever.
Mgm leaves and Mary is so happy she skips back into the house
manager waits to speak to S
she says arent you going to apologize to me?
she threatens S
she says it would be better for S to drop out before she gets dropped
the band doesnt like the music -the new one called “hello-hello”
the leader describes the music as caramel machiatto with tons of whip cream on top and asks MG where the rock spirit went
MG explains that since it is a drama OST there should be some mainstream appeal
the drummer says he is disppointed in MG for selling out Rock
J defends MG saying he supports MG’s decision to make it mainstream
MG doesnt seem pleased to be backed up by J
the band drink and say MG changed
the drummer wonders if MG is feeling sick or something or why else would he make this kind of music
the other one says J influenced MG
the leader says  MG threw away rock music
MG comes in and says he didnt that he would do it till he dies
they ask why did he do that kind of music – mellow
he says he cant keep freezing in a room without heat-meaning he has to earn money to live
the guy says those are just excuses and says he is disappointed and leaves first and the rest follow
MG sits alone
S shows up and asks if he is ok
MG: i dont know-I dont know what I am doing-if I’ll be okay like this- I dont know at all
S: what was the name of your song?
MG: dont bother showing interest
S: I’ll try it
MG: why? do I look that pathetic?
S: I was always your fan – whether you do rock ballad, or dance-I’ll be your fan forever
that answer earns her a slight smile from MG
J comes out in his robe with his hair wet and mary comes out looking all sleepy and they have an awkward moment
J and JS and D and Mary are having dinner before they go to the concert
D wonders how the mom got the money for the  ring
Js is happy she is wearing it
but as D compliments the ring he notices it is a fake and hides her hand under the table
which arouses JS’s suspicions and asks to see it
J sizes up the situation and speaks up and says it is an imitation and the real one is at home safely
cuz mary was too nervous to wear expensive jewelry comfortably
J gave her this imitation as a present
JS buys that explanation [cuz that’s what drama fathers do]
D and Mary look at each other puzzled
D is pissed and says if I dont capture this ahjumma -from today I am not mary’s father but her son
D goes to his restaurant after checking his home so he asks his staff if she had come by so he decides to go to MG’s
J drops her off at MG’s
Mary says sorry to J about the ring and how she didnt know how to tell him
he says it’s ok and that she mustof had a reason why she couldnt tell him
even though there is time left he is giving up his time with Mary to MG so she can rest. he tells her to sleep well and leaves
MG walks up behind her and says : WMR shi- you are totally infatuated
Mary smiles and says “it’s cuz I was grateful. it’s cold -let’s go in”
MG: what have you been doing with that guy up till now?
Mary: let’s go in and talk
mary tells MG that because of J, she was saved
MG; what does that mean?
she tells him what happened with the ring-about how she got caught wearing a fake one and J saying he bought an imitation
MG: so you went there wearing a fake ring? why? that kind of thing you should have told me
mary: i didnt know and you were busy producing music
MG: couldnt you have called- it happened cuz of me so I told you I would take responsibilty and return it to you
D is at the door yelling at MG to come out
MG and Mary are in a panic and run around the room and
there is no where to hide and D comes in
no preview
just lots of NGs
in the scene where J is helping MG walk, J says ” out of the lyrics what is “maulr-bus” which cracks up MG
Koreans make fun of “maulr-bus” =as mini bus
tried to hear what Mg said on the bed after J said “we can be good partners” but MG’s voice was too low to make out any words
the last line MG was suppose to say Instead of rice I’m eating ice cream but he switched the words ice cream and rice so he cracked up laughing when he realized his mistake

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    Softy my loves,
    Thanks for all the hardwork and perseverance doing all the recaps.i love it so much..i always wake up around 3 am here in sydney just to read your i crazy??? I think I am…and i can’t help it…i start waking from sunday am to wednesday am..thank God u don’t have drama recap on wednesday & thursday or else i’ll be waking up early all through the’s not good for me (my health)… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    anyways thanks again for catering to us who doesn’t understand korean’re the best


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey sarah
      staying up past 3 is easier than waking up at that time. I have no idea how you can do that – thank goodness I am not doing any wed/thurs drama or else you are going to be exhausted all the time.
      I think you should sleep in tho cuz there might will be a more polished version for you to read after you get enough sleep 🙂
      still cant believe MSOAN is ending soon. After that I will only SG to focus on so I bet those transcaps will be better and more detailed than now so that is one plus to consider.
      still sad about having to say goodbye to MSOAN since this is the one that helped me get over SKKS withdrawal or I would still be moping 🙂
      thanks for all your support these past weeks!


      • sarah says:

        The truth is I got over skks bcoz of msoan and sg..I’m still missing my jaeshin and the rest..after msoan I don’t know whats next..any suggestion? I will continue to visit your blog and will watch whatever drama you take fancy of recapping. Or else I’ll just wait and maybe dig up some really old drama that has been shown before I start my addiction in kdrama.I’ve watch some of the good ones but I will try to find some older ones. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        even if it finishes I will continue to watch for this blog…
        Merry Christmas and happy new year…..thanks for the reply


  9. missJ says:

    Softy !!! I missed your blog for about 8 days … I was on a sudden trip to my native land Phil. and was so busy that I didn’t have time to surf the internet as usual …I missed the internet and esp. your blog !! I missed my dramas SG and MSOAN and the first blog that I visit upon returning to Japan is your blog , and here I am , catching up 2 episodes of SG and 3 eps. of MSOAN … my eyes now hurt , hehehe after reading your transcaps , but ahhhh , thank you thank you for the effort and dedication !!! I have to go and watch the raws later ..after doing my household chores …my home is a mess !! without a mom , the home isn’t really a home , hehe … thank goodness hubby and the kids managed for a week without me , but the house needs thorough cleaning…

    Back to MSOAN , I was surprised by the turn of events , but still happy coz the drama is exciting as usual …. I have to reread the transcaps later … it’s so hard to digest reading 3 transcaps in one go …oh , make that 5 (2 for SG )
    Softy , fighting !!!!
    From Japan with love


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey missJ
      welcome back 🙂 the blog isnt going anywhere so take your time reading
      I know what you mean about keeping your house tidy-not matter how tired you are from your trip-it’s like you cant really rest till everything is back in order. Ever since I started this, it has been so hard to keep up with my chores too. after MSOAN and SG ends, I am going to have to do some major spring cleaning myself 🙂
      I am so glad tho that MSOAN got better cuz E10 kinda had me nervous. Now E11 and 12 convinced me I made the right choice in sticking with this drama. Since I only did 4 fulls eps of SKKS and just parts of MGIAG, this will be the first drama series I transcapped from start to finish. Saying goodbye to it is going to be bittersweet and I will always be grateful for all the people I met here. E16 is def going to be a hard one for me to do for sure. I wish there was another great drama to ease the pain a little, but there isnt one that I am interested enough to start. People have been wondering if I would do the new kim tae hee one, but there is no way that is going to happen. Just not a fan of both leads.
      Have any other recommendations?


      • missJ says:

        Hi again , Softy … you know we have the same predicament … just wondering what am I gonna watch after MSOAN and SG end … no other drama has caught my fancy at the moment other than these two … I was so caught up by the successive good dramas last year and this year starting from YAB, OML, Prosecutor Princess , Cinderella Sister , MGIAG , SKKS , Kim Tak Goo and now , MSOAN and SG , that I never really became idle in my drama addiction …but now , I’m at a loss on what to watch next … I may have to camp in Soompi , to find out what the others are watching , or camp to other blogs that specialize in drama recaps …your blog is one of them … I hope you will find interesting dramas to transcap after SG and MSOAN will be such a big setback for us readers and viewers not to have another beautiful drama to follow … So please , let us know if you have one in mind , or just recommend a drama even if you don’t do transcaps anymore … I for one , will surely miss reading your interesting thoughts and views about a certain drama ..
        as always , Softy, fighting !!!SG and MSOAN , I’m with you till the end !


  10. sarah says:

    Softy just want to say the photos u have of YAI and JGS are the them both…
    🙂 🙂 🙂


  11. Joey says:

    Softy, your transcaps and your screen caps make me LOL, makes me so look forward to watching the episode once English subbed versions are out, I had to resist spitting water all over my laptop from almost cracking up at the animated gif of the scene with MG/JI 🙂


  12. nikesma says:

    Walls of Jericho:


    • Joey says:

      Dear nikesma, thanks so much for the video clip 🙂


    • MJShinshi says:

      MG got his kiss indirectly 🙂 Thanks for this video nikesma and your transcaps, softy! Been in Hawaii so haven’t had a chance to catch up with MSOAN and SG except for your blog, so mahalo much. More exciting is i found out that JGS was just in Hawaii too, yay saw a little of his vacation vids on youtube 🙂 Wished i live there with their Korean channel but not sure if the two Shows are in it tho. I think I caught a bit of Giant flipping thru tv channels. I’ve got tvu on iPad so hopefully will be able to catch SG tm. Good luck softy, it’s starting again!!


  13. staying up late says:

    Softy, thanks so much for the great transcaps. Must have been quite some work to do 3 episodes in a row. Really enjoyed reading your transcaps and they helped me to watch the MSOAN eps raw as quickly as possible once some kind souls uploaded them on youtube.

    Mary and MG are the loveliest couple ever! Although JI has quite a number of supporters, I still think MG/JGS is definately “worthy” of Mary. MG puts Mary in top priority, she is family to him – at the same level if now not higher than his mom where MG is concerned. MG is also the kind of guy capable of sacrifice for those who are dear to him – a trait shared by Mary. His final thoughts before joining JI’s media company in an earlier episode were his mom’s urgent need for money and Mary’s concern about his well being. He was reluctant on his own but decided to do it for the sake of Mary and his mom. He also did not negotiate the pay or terms of the contract but demanded instead that his band members be the only ones to play his songs. MG is not only talented and intelligent, he also works with passion and lives with integrity. He stands firmly on his own two feet and I believe Mary would much prefer to live an independent life pursuing her own career whilst with MG rather than be only a “supporting” wife to JI in luxury.

    JI’s priorities are first his dad’s approval of him, second success of his media company, third his own social status should the media business fail (which is perhaps why he could not strike out on his own even though his is well educated and maybe capable?) and then finally Mary, if there is no one else important to him that we are currently aware of. JI’s media business can only succeed with the help of Mary, MG and SJ. Mary had to “stay” with JI so that his dad will continue to invest in him. MG is producing great music for JI’s drama and also providing key insights into the mood, theme and content of the drama (the writer wanted to gather resource from MG to strenghten her script). MG also gets SJ to pull up her socks and come back to the drama production. Therefore in my view, MG and Mary are helping JI rather than the other way round. With the success of JI’s drama production, he would have at least partially gained his dad’s recognition of his abilities and fulfilled his priorities 1 and 2. That would have been a major win for JI already. Mary is not a critical “must have” for JI. Where JI is concerned, it’s probably “good” to have Mary but it will not affect him significantly if he doesn’t because she is not his top priority and he never had her heart in the first place.

    So our awesome OTP Mary and MG should be blissfully together right up to the end and happily ever after! No buts about it.


  14. Anonymous says:

    do you have ep 13 pls launch out , we are die for wait Th


  15. Jasmin Rice says:

    Thank you for the recap.


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