Level 7 Civil Servant E11


Fans of this show are worried the happy times are over and now we will only get to see the gloomy serious side of Gilro, but they sort of forgot which actor is portraying him. Playing broody determined characters is JW’s second nature. He has loads of experience in that department and thrives on conflict. Even though he has been kicking butt doing a great job with the comedy, most of us know giving him an angsty role again is like handing over the keys to the number one racecar driver during the Indy 500. All you have to do is sit back and watch the fireworks. So I totally disagree – this is exactly the kind of kick start his character needed to really be in his element. Be prepared for greatness amplified.


starts from G catching her and her timer going off. he says her timing is a work of art. was this it? the reason why we couldnt like each other? she goes over and asks could you move aside. G: was this it? the reason why you approached me. S: I will ask as a favor -just move aside for today. G: you are so outrageous. S: I have to go. she tries to leave but he gets in her way.  he finally pins her and asks her to talk. is that a reason? talk! if you want to leave – kill me then leave. that’s how you can leave. she says she wont kill him. G: I wont fall for those words. they struggle and her camera and the files fall out of her purse. he keeps her camera and looks at the files. G: it was you? the ones who tried to kill my dad. cuz they needed this. so you pretended to like me. to steal this? are you working with the guys who tried to kill my dad? S: would I do that. that I would try to kill your dad – would I say i hope you would reconcile with your father? G: dont make excuses. dont explain. tell the other lies at the police station.  they might be duped by you. S: give me the files. G: i told you -until you kill me there is nothing you can do. she asks for it back and they struggle. G: you cant beat me. S: I know.but I cant lose today either and points her gun at him. he cries and looks down and tells her to shoot. if you dont shoot now you will get the gun taken from you. she aims it at herself. she says even though my head was lying- this is true (her feelings for him). if you want I will kill this heart. she takes off the safey and says tell me- do you want this? don’t follow me cuz then you will be killing me. she leaves the home

she puts the gun in her bag and cries as she walks. she stops and crouches down bawling.

G cries and calls W. he says I have something to report. W says talk but G is crying too much and doesn’t talk.

S tells the others how she failed. W: how? S: I got caught while breaking into the safe. W: what about the files. S: G took them. Y: G just let you go that easily? W tells the others to go.  SM says you should have succeeded. D left cuz of you so you should have succeeded.  Y asks her: arent you busy? SM: I am busy. she walks away. Y: is there anything to settle at your office- including your computer. S says no. Y:  is there any chance you can use G again. S: I pulled a gun on him.  Y asks did you cry. S lies and says no. Y: even though you failed in your mission you should never cry. go take a refreshing shower and write out your report. S: do I have to move after things get settled. Y: do you not want to? A remembers how G asked her to change her number and move out so that even if he gets drunk she wont be able to answer and he wont be able to meet her so they wont ever run into each other.  S says I don’t want to move. Y: ok it was your personal place anyway so  I will send a team to handle it.

Y goes to see W. he wonders if there is any chance S can go back there. Y shakes her head no and says S pulled her gun on him. W: I told her we don’t use guns. if things dont go well at home at least they should go well at the office. Y tells him to call G. W: I am not supposed to know the truth that S approached him to use him so how can I call him first. Y: G still thinks he is an agent. for the sake of the country tell him to hand over the files. W: if G knows all the truth then he wont be able to spy on his father.  so Y yells at him to tell G the truth then.  you are not an agent. if you dont want to block the work of agents give me those files. we can get someone else to watch Han.  W: I get yelled at by my wife at home and outside you yell. i cant live. she says we went through all this so somehow we need to get those files

G’s parents come home and the mom calls for G. she wonders where he went. his dad goes to his office and opens his safe. he takes out the watch and looks at it and smiles

G is drinking alone and looks at the files. he remembers how she aimed the gun at herself and said even though my head was lying this was true (her feelings for him) if you want I will kill this heart.

G goes to the bench by her home and looks at the pics and remembers lying down on her lap

he is laying there looking at her photo when she sees him there. she doesn’t go over and just watches from afar. he drops the picture. he gets up so she hides. he walks off so she goes over and pics up the frame. she sits and touches the spot on the bench where he was.

at the office G is meeting with M and showed her the files taken from the safe. he talks about the list – purchases of other tech companies. she asks where he got it. he says my father had them kept safe separately. who do you think is after that. she says maybe the police or rival company since it’s not illegal to sell off the parts of the companies that have been purchased. he asks why. he talks about how this business venture first began 5 yrs ago – how the investment came in from an account from Taeguk. that company is now gone. do you know where it is. (G is talking about what M fears. the connection the bank account can link with jay cuz his hyung used their father’s account. then Jay’s identity will come out if those files are found)  she lies and says I came in over a year ago so I cant know what happened 5 yrs ago. G insists that in a memo she saw the name of the company from 5 yrs ago came out.  I think you either knew my father from a long time ago or you know the person who was connected with my father. M: what do you want. G: for you to help me. who wants this. or is it corporate espionage. she asks him to speak directly to his dad and ask. or just leave it alone. she tells him he doesnt look well and tells him to go home and rest. she goes out.

*I think these files are the ones Han intended to use as a bargaining chip to protect G. if they harm G he was going to take the files to the police so basically G is showing her the exact files Han would never want her to see

G goes to S’s desk. others say she didn’t come into work so G says she wont from here on. he tries to pick her lock and opens her cabinet to search thru it. he thinks she was trained.

at the office Y and W are being briefed and Y yells at one girl  for not finding out info cuz M keeps changing her phone number. Y gets gross and warns the girl better not say again she couldnt find out something cuz she should know even what the types of bowel movements were made.  the team is going over what park, M and others are doing. SM says Park is taking some vacation time  next week. SM made it so Park wont be able to leave the country without a passport. S says I have nothing to report. W tells SM to work with S so S can help her, but SM says I don’t want to. cuz what if something like this happens. (her injury). we cant protect each other.  Y says we gave you guns. SM says jay has a bigger gun. S asks what Y is going to do. W says go around yelling. he tells everyone to go eat.

S asks to speak to SM but SM says I am busy. S: why do you think i cant protect you.  SM says I cant protect you cuz I will hesitate if you are in danger. S asks why? cuz  D left cuz of me. SM says that’s childish. once I have been betrayed I don’t look back. I erased his number too. what is your relationship with D. S says nothing we are just colleagues. SM says you have skills. seducing G and making D waver (have feelings for S). S: it’s not like that. SM: we aren’t close so it’s awkward being here with you. also I dont have time for this. she leaves

G calls S. G: it’s me. S: have you eaten. G: listen well -from here on I am going to chase you . from here on i wont let it go. where and what country it came from- I am going to catch who you work for. S: dont do that. G: you messed with me the wrong way. S: when the time is right I will explain it all. G: we dont have a time like that.  I am not a normal business guy like you think (meaning he is a spy). he is heading into her work. SM looks and says why did he come. G is coming again. they rush to get ready. SM tells the guy that G came again.

S finds out G is coming here.  they close the door to the main office so S ducks down and hides. she took too long to leave so W asks why is she there. the guy tells G that S quit yesterday.  G asks if S earns some money here. the guy says how could she (cuz of her low sales) G asks what is her reason for coming here if she didn’t earn money. I think money wasnt her goal-  it’s another reason. she must be meeting someone while pretending to sell products. could I see her list of clients. the guy says no you aren’t even the police so why should I help you. he keeps trying to block S with his body so she wont be discovered. G says I am an NIS agent. the guy asks for ID.  G says I don’t have it. the guy claims to be one too. G says wait – I will confirm it and makes a call. W wonders who G is calling. W picks up his phone and says honey I am in a meeting. it was G but W pretended it was his wife. the guy makes G leave even though G asked for cooperation

S’s dad brings his wife a new undershirt cuz he got paid today. she complains how he drinks or buys stupid stuff and she never got to go on a trip overseas. he takes his gift back for the dog to wear

G meets with W. G asks for ID to investigate so he can talk with the police and needs contact info from the government office. W says no so G says I am doing what I learned that you taught me. W: you stopped learning. G: so why? aren’t I an agent. is that why you arent giving me any tasks? W says you are an agent if I say so. don’t you trust me. G: yes I don’t trust people now. please take care of what I asked. he gets up to leave. W asks where are you going. G says to go catch a criminal.

G goes to S’s home. he calls out for her and sees boxes. a man opens the door. G asks who he is. where is Kim S. the man says we moved in today. the girl says to the man why did you leave boxes outside.

they are actually agents and want the building office to confirm paperwork that S moved out too. S was inside and she thanks them for their help. the man says G wont come again but for the time being be careful coming and going.

S remembers how G told the monkey to protect the home so another guy wont come into her home. she remembers the kiss, how he sang for her parents, cooked for her. there are memories everywhere she looks in her home so she lays her head down and cries

M gets into an expensive cab driven by Jay and she is being followed by 2 agents.

M asks if he lost the car following them so jay says one is following now but he is careless. she tells him how G has the files-including the paperwork from 5 yrs ago. all of it. jay wonders if Han gave it to G. she isnt sure of that. if that gets out – before they can have their revenge – their goal/objective will be found out with those paperwork. jay asks if G has those files. she says yes. jay: I will catch him. if he hands it over I will keep him alive till our mission is done or I can kill him and keep his mouth closed. M agrees and tells him next week it will be over. he says we will succeed. dont be nervous. she asks to be let off anywhere.

G is in the car and gets directions to meet with S over the phone. he asks why are you talking with such confidence. did you bring your gun. are you turning yourself in. S: I didnt do anything to turn myself in for. they are both in the parking lot but he thinks they are going to meet in front of a convenience store.  he says I am here so where are you. she calls out cant you see me cuz I can see you. she asks what are you going to do if you catch me. he still thinks she is a corporate spy so he says: I have to reveal who you work for and how much you got paid to do that- you and the ones who made you that way wont be safe. S: I am not a corporate spy. G: say everything you want cuz I wont believe it anyway. she says sorry. I am really sorry. aside from being sorry  to you I didn’t do anything wrong. he asks where are you – you said to meet so let’s see your face. she says thanks for the pictures. I wanted to see your face and say that. I will take care of it for the rest of my life and not lose them. you dont throw yours away either. later -much later after all the misunderstanding is cleared up-  let’s go on a trip together. he yells where are you. S: eat well cuz you don’t look well. he sees her trying to back out of her parking space. he calls out to her but she reverses. he chases her. she is driving in reverse the whole time. she yells sorry to him. she pays for parking and keeps reversing. G is still running after her. she finally drives off the right way.

he goes back to his car and looks at the pics she left for him. he says you aren’t it and throws the pics away

D gives his report to the director and wrote how he couldnt catch the person. cuz that’s what the director told him to write. director says this will be kept forever so what are you going to do if a problem occurs cuz of this.  D says I will take responsibility since i wrote the report. the director says you passed the test so go back. you are on my side. D says I really don’t want to do that. director says we don’t do stuff cuz we want to. decide if you want to quit being an agent or continue reporting about the team for me.

S is in the office when Y comes over. Y asks did you meet him. S says I saw his face. Y: you are ok right? at least you saw him once. you are something else for not crying. S: why would I cry. Y: if you cry you lose. let’s go get a  drink.

they go drinking. S describes how she drove in reverse and got away. Y says you have to do that – guys think girls cant do stuff so you have to show them you can. she says G is the bad guy. he should have given you a chance to explain. S takes out some file from her purse and asks what is this. Y says I wrote that cuz I was bored so how did it get in there. (it’s the paperwork to sign up for the matchmaking service S met G on run by her friend jinju) Y sneaked it inside S’s purse. S says my friend is the owner. I will introduce you so you can meet a good guy. S calls her friend jinju and tells her you have another client.

Jinju joins then so S tells her to be good to Y cuz I like this unni the most.  J explains the clients are divided up from A to C and the men are matched accordingly. J says you are a government agent aren’t you but the file says you are a travel agent. S lies and says Y is a travel agent. S says Y is in the A groupd but J says Y belongs in the C group cuz she is older – her age took up all the points cuz all the other spec was good. that’s ok right. S sticks up for Y and tells J to go away. J says younger pretty women are more in demand. S yells at her to leave. J goes. Y says I am ok. S cries cuz Y lived for the sake of the country but she is in the lowest level.  you worked hard but in the end you are rejected. what do I do. what do I do now. Y says you said you would take responsibility for everything -your heart and his heart. go and meet him.  S cries and says how could I. after doing this. Y says don’t keep regret – as a woman as an agent but more as a human being

G remembers how S said let’s go on a trip much later. he looks at her file and throws it away

he goes to his car and gets in. he starts the engine and smoke fills the car. his head hits the steering wheel as he passes out. jay comes over in a mask and opens the car.

S is outside his office and checks her phone

Y told her to locate where G is by tracking his phone and meet him

she is walking over but sees someone driving G’s car with G sleeping in the passenger seat. she gets into a cab and follows his car. she tells the driver to make a left up there

SM and D are eating. she tells him to change his number. he says I cant. she says I erased it  but I already memorized it so change your number. she says if you come back I will think you came back cuz of S. got that.

G is in some dark place tied up. jay is sitting nearby waiting for him to wake up. G looks over and pretends to be out again. he reaches for something in his back pocket to untie himself. Jay walks over and says get up now I know you are awake. the effect of the gas is only 40 mins. they look at each other. G says its been a long time. you must be really scared to use this cheap method. jay asks where are your dad’s files. G: did you make her do it? to steal the files?  jay: I will put it simple. if you give me the file I will let you live. if you dont give it to me I kill you. do you understand this much? G: how can I answer when you ask like that. jay moves closer and punches G. he asks again where is the file. G asks how old are you. why speak banmal. jay punches him again and again.

*omg Jay was smiling during their talk so he was almost better looking than JW for some reason.

S tracks G’s phone to the place.

jay points his gun at G’s face. G thinks jay hired S. G: did you make her do it? to steal the file.

jay: i will ask for the last time where is the file.

G: answer me. did you make her do it?

Jay:  those files arent as important as your life.

G: answer me first – tell me if you ordered her or not

jay: just die

he is about to shoot and they fight cuz G got himself untied

S calls in about the current situation and location

Y tells W what’s going on. he calls for back ups

SM gets the call about S following G and being in danger. D asks to go along. she calls him a bad guy but tells him to follow

G and jay are still fighting. G gets the gun and shoots at Jay. G falls down and cant walk properly cuz of his injury

S has a gun and goes up to the top

G looks around for Jay from the rooftop. S comes over aiming her gun and they point their guns at each other. S: what is this – what happened. G says you two were working together on one side. S: what are you talking about. who did you (fight) with. G: dont put on a show. S: calm down. come to your senses. lower your gun. G: throw your gun away. S: why are you like this? G: I will shoot for real. S: cant you trust me. G: no I cant trust you. S: I trust you -everything about you. she lowers her gun. tell me now what’s going on. G: is this how you are blocking him – to give him time to run away. is he worth your life to block him?  she asks why are you like this. he tells her to get on the ground and put your hands behind your back. S: i have to know what is going on to help you. G: dont take me lightly. I wont get help from a culprit.  I am an agent. S: who? G: I am an agent.  she kicks him in the groin and says what are you talking about. she kicks him again and says stay put and hide. don’t go around where it is dangerous. she kicks him again and says do you want to be get in trouble for posing as an agent.  how can you go around posing as an agent. I should just shoot you.  she jumps down from the roof and rolls into shooting position. she calls in her location and reports about G and how she is still in pursuit of the bad guy.

G aims his gun at her as she runs off.


no preview

7급 공무원.E11.130227.HDTV.H264.450p-Tityus[04-34-56] 7급 공무원.E11.130227.HDTV.H264.450p-Tityus[04-35-12] 7급 공무원.E11.130227.HDTV.H264.450p-Tityus[04-44-03]7급 공무원.E11.130227.HDTV.H264.450p-Tityus[04-40-25] 7급 공무원.E11.130227.HDTV.H264.450p-Tityus[04-41-21]


There are so many things wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to start. I saw the preview so I know what the situation is – she wants him to hand over those documents, but he refuses so she treats him as a hostile and pulls her gun on him. S is just doing her job now, but I really can’t condone her actions considering if she had put aside her personal feelings just minutes ago and didn’t foolishly linger while breaking into the safe, she wouldn’t have put both of them in this dilemma in the first place. Her job was to get in and out of that safe quickly, yet she chose to open that box, take out that watch, and read the card. Not exactly the actions you would expect from a top agent in her class or a woman trying to protect the man she loves. Right there is where she lost her right to hold this gun on G. Even though she was dangerously close to not making it on time anyway, by wasting those precious seconds, she was caught red handed breaking into that safe. In the process she shattered any faith she had built up with the man who loves her. She hurt him with her mistake and lapse in judgment. He is the victim in this situation. He has every right to feel hurt, be angry, feel outraged, and feel the sting of betrayal yet again. Her hands should be shaking right now cuz I bet even the hand holding that weapon knows this is so wrong. That gun shouldn’t be aimed at him at all cuz this is all her fault.

This writer doesn’t seem to get when guns should be used and when they shouldn’t. Certain situations call for it, but this just isn’t one of them. I don’t know what is so hard to discern – you use them on the enemy. During training W repeatedly told them that agents don’t use guns, they use their heads. What W should have also included was don’t use your hearts during a mission. All this time S has been going along with this mission in the back of her mind and lost the clarity to see right from wrong. She allowed herself to be distracted by her emotions and her eyes have not been on the prize at all. She lost all sense of duty somewhere back during the third or fourth kiss. Her heart has been leading the way with her audacity to make this all right somehow guiding it along. What terrifies me even more is that G gave her so many chances in the past to clear up all those misunderstandings and lies so now that he is finally at a point where she had his undivided trust and has broken it for good, what if she finally ran out of second chances?

*Just in case anyone goes around misconstruing what I wrote for the intro as negativity for the show itself, I wrote that with one thing in mind – complete objectivity. It was written with the mindset for any other drama in the same situation just to be fair.

jb cjb

Villains should never be this good looking – it makes it so hard to hate them much less fear them.


27 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E11

  1. nonski says:

    waaah that’s the next scene after she got caught? *shakes head*

    will be waiting for your transcaps softy… thank you in advance. 🙂

    i’m still high from the FBND rush!


  2. bobsavero says:

    hahahah. i love your last sentence “Villains should never be this good looking – it makes it so hard to hate them much less fear them.”

    im here camping with you softy!!! and hi nonski!!!!


  3. Ivoire says:

    Softy, hello! Love your comment about the villain being so good looking it is distracting. He IS very attractive :-). I will write more later…


    • nonski says:

      Hi Ivoire, sorry for not acting on your comment earlier, been really busy, but will surely get to it.


    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Nonski, I totally understand and I am OK with it as long as you don’t forget me :-). I have never used torrents, so I am curious as to what they look like. Just let me know when you give me a new link or when you have fixed the old one.
      Thanks again so much for taking the time to help me.


  4. SS says:

    *waves* to nonski and bobsavero

    Softy, thank you for your thoughts in the intro. I agree with what you said about the use of guns in this show so far. First Do Ha points it at Gilro in a fight over a girl. Then Sun Mi almost shoots it at her own comrades and pointed it the 2nd time at Do Ha jokingly. Now, Seo Won is pointing it at Gilro. The only reason I think she did is that Gilro isn’t letting her out of the house. I don’t know….we shall see. Fingers crossed


  5. anod says:

    Oooooh 7LCS. I will watch you till the end.

    It’s not my drama crack and I’m not caring (too) much for the pairing and other characters (Except for Gil Ro (only Gil Ro) but I will stay. I will.

    Poor Gil Ro gonna be so heartbroken today.

    Thank you for your recap Softy.


  6. SS says:

    *speechless* At this moment, I want to fly to Korea and do what S did to G to the writer. Yes, kick him in *****

    sorry Softy

    I think my blood pressure just shot up


  7. minozlove says:

    Sharpening my knives at the writer


  8. Dramafed1782 says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. I haven’t watched the episode yet. Trying to brace myself for the tear jerkers. Too bad G gets hit in the groin again. I hope it is last one before he gets trained in the mountains!


  9. SS says:

    You know, Softy, like you I had full confidence in Joo Won nailing any dramatic or angsty turn in his character. Only that we never expected them to put him in a kiddy ride instead of a racecar in Indy 500.


    • Softy says:

      i blame MBC – they just dont choose the best projects. the fact that this show will continue to be better than Iris is all thanks to JW. He is doing everything he can to make his character more than what’s on paper so the lines of dialogue that makes me cringe or action scenes that make me think of Disney caper movies – I keep reminding myself as long as JW continues to throw himself into this role – I’m gonna stick right by his side recapping. He doesnt deserve to be punished for a drama that just had too many gaping holes. knowing him even if the boat is slowly sinking, he will remain the last person bailing out the water till the very end. Instead of those buckets we thought we would need for tears, I say we use them to help him bail out some of this water so this boat can stay afloat 9 more episodes. at least that’s what i hope all his fans will do. 🙂


      • SS says:

        Thank you Softy, your words comfort me.

        On a bright note, there have been nothing but praises for Joo Won so far in this role. He has also garnered new fans. As great as Gaksital was, there were viewers who just didn’t take naturally to its genre and there were others who found Ojakgyo Brothers too daunting in terms of number of episodes to start. So for these people, they are discovering Joo Won for the first time through this drama. I remember one chinese fan who went back and marathon BK, OB and BM in one month, LOL. Perhaps there are also Korean fans like this.

        Even if this drama continues at this level, Joo Won may come out of this better than we think. He will be known as the actor who saved the ship from hitting abyss.


  10. nonski says:

    thanks for the recaps dear! i know your patience is up to here *points at my chin* atm!


  11. […] Recap:  https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/level-7-civil-servant-e11-coming-up/ […]


  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Softy.

    I wonder why is it took so long for this drama to progress. It’s not that you hv a complete story to cover, but it seems like forever for us to get there. Boo.

    Joo Won ah, hang in there puppy. I just want this drama to finish as soon ad possible. Heh heh.


  13. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap….now I’m off to watch the raw footage.


  14. KimLuvv says:

    Thanks for the recap! I read this as I watch the episode; side my side =D So helpful!! =D


  15. Apple says:

    You fast! Thanks for the recap.

    l just want to say that you’re right about the villain. He just too cute to be the bad guy. Unlike the brother played by Uhm Tae Woong, he has those villain looks even l’m his fan alright.

    Its all normal for K-drama, a few first eps will be funny and happy time and the mood change to either sad or serious, until the end. l just couldnt wait for when G knows that he is actually the suspect not the 007 agent and S to know the real picture of being spy.


  16. Anonymous says:

    only reason i watch this drama is joowon. otherwise the drama direction is not good. they just don´t know when to give funny moments and when not. i mean for a drama about agents there should be good action, fighting scenes or the main lead should atleast be a little clever as an agent. i also wonder why it takes so long for G to figure out that she is still an NIS agent….

    thank you Softy for your recap!!! 🙂


  17. bobsavero says:

    dear softy, can u translate the preview??
    here is the preview:

    i want to found out is W lying to G about S??

    thank you


    • Softy says:

      There is no audio for the scene with G and S in the first part
      director seems to have found out what W did with G – let him think he is an agent so director calls W a bad name
      M tells Jay to kill Han PH (G)
      G: what is S?
      based on the line of questions I am guessing W is lising all the questions G wants to ask so
      W says: why make S get hired by your company.
      why did she break into the safe
      what in the world is the mission/task you have been given
      want to ask those things


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