Level 7 Civil Servant E7

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In almost every drama we have characters fighting with their conscience. They do and say things that they know will hurt the ones they love. They cover up or make excuses for their actions, but as human beings there is a limit to how far you are willing to go against your conscience and your heart. With G and S, they seem to have reached that tipping point. She realized on her own that despite all the lies she has to tell, she can tell him one truth that is the most important. Not just cuz it’s the truth, but because this is the one she believes in and cherishes the most. For G, it will mean being brave enough to believe her despite his doubts. He probably believes if he trusts that one piece of truth enough, it will bring him closer to her and then there won’t be any more need for lies. If only willing it could make it so.

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written before it aired: It’s really amazing how a photo can make you feel so much and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  At least progress has been made cuz she hugged back. This might be the most important night of this drama since its premiere. What happens tonight and tm will set the pace for the ratings race so I hope we will all do our part and cheer on Level 7- “fighting!”

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Im Yoon Ho has a really difficult name but he sure is cute and he speaks English well cuz he went to NYU. I love that this actor is two years younger than JW so JW finally has someone calling him hyung on the set. on the BTS videos these two are always smiling at each other. maybe our puppy finally found another cute puppy to hang out with

*From this episode we learn that the NIS used two men named Kim and Choi in their mission to catch a bad guy. Kim had one daughter and Choi had two sons. so Mi rae is not blood related with Jay or JJ (UTW’s character) but JJ and Jay were blood brothers.

UTW’s character was called JJ for sure cuz tonight W said “JJ disappeared and now there are two new faces.” Since Jay hid his face from the cameras, the NIS still do not know Jay’s identity.

Also on E1 at the 54:55 mark, UTW’s character called this guy “jay” and asked for the file so I am keeping him as Jay and not JJ.


Starts from their bed scene fight. she tells him to stop. They tell each other I wont be lenient anymore.  G asks what is your identity. Her parents come in and grab G’s hair and when D falls out her dad says what were you doing all this time to come out now and grabs him too. Her mom grabs S’s hair and hits her. her dad asks “talk – what are you guys.” G says to let go. The dad says you are all dead. he orders the mom to check everywhere else for more hidden guys. the dad drags them over and her mom says dont call me mother – you are not my daughter as she looks for more guys in the kitchen. S says why did you come here. I really cant live (cuz of you). mom: I cant live too so let’s all drop and die together. come over here. she drags S over to the living room. S: mom you dont even know (what’s going on) well.  D says dont do this father please sit down and talk. dad:who is your father. G says let’s do this with words. the dad let’s go of D and directs his attention to G cuz he said that in a curt way. the dad attacks G and grabs his hair more.so S says dad stop that.  the dad asks who is your father. did he teach you like that? S tries to pull her dad off saying it’s not like that. S: let him go.  her mom keeps hitting S.  S mouths for D to leave but G kicks him as D was walking away. the dad lets go of G and realizes all the hair he just pulled. G asks where D is going. D says you know how to use your leg. G: what are you? D: have to move. he turns to leave but G stops him. G: I asked you a question. D: dont stop me or else you will get hurt.  They both fight so S gets between them. S:why are you two like this. The dad stops them. How dare you fight in front of adults. Did your father teach you that. he hit D but G avoids being hit. the dad says this one knows how to evade. the mom says G is rude. when an adult hits you – you should say thank you and get hit. G: I dont need to be hit. I am the one who should be angry and I am the one who is angry. the one who is curious about this situation is not you two – it’s me. the mom says how rude G is. S tells her parents to stop. Her dad tries to hit again so G keeps avoiding the hits. the dad says you are brazen. do you know who you are messing with. He is about to say S is a civil servant so she yells dad and stops him from talking

They are all sitting and her mom makes a comment about how G is sitting. dad says if this was joseon times we could have had said this was a big crime. the mom says you must be from a wealthy family cuz you are sitting high and mighty. G doesn’t get it so S says dont sit cross legged and sit properly (on your knees – D is already doing it) so G sits like that too. Her mom says in my life I heard about someone who had one son but had two daughter in laws but I never heard of one daughter having two husbands at the same time but I come here and I get to see it. you sure are having fun before you get married. S says mom so the mom says dont call me mom. didn’t I tell you not to eat food with just any guy. How did I end having a daughter like you. the dad brings up the night they conceived S -how he was just going to sleep but the wife kept poking his side. mom: did I poke you to do that? dad: then did you poke me not to do that? that late at night. the mom says if If you woke up cuz of that every time then we would have ten kids. so it makes D laugh. The dad hits him and asks for D’s name so D answers. The dad is about to write it down and asks for G’s name. G: why are you asking my name.  the mom says just look at how he is staring at us.  G: what did I do that was wrong for you to be like this. D tells G to stop. D explains to the parents: it’s not what you think. we are all S’s friends. The mom asks who is S. you are friends but you dont even know her name. she tries to say S’s real name so S stops her and says just call me K. S asks did I ever tell you that i had a boyfriend. you kept telling me to date after graduation-then after graduation to get a job. while living all this time do you think I was able to kiss a guy properly? G makes a face hearing that. she keeps moving the guys behind her as she talks. you told me not to go anywhere near guys. This is so embarrassing doing this to my friends. pulling on their hair. D bows and leaves. S tells her dad to just stay put. cant you trust me? you think i would call this guy and that guy and hide them in the fridge, closet, or the bed for you to look for them mom- Is that all you think of me. G is still there. She turns and tells G to leave but G says are you the only one who is having a hard time? you think you are the only one who has something to say ? are you the only one who is indignant. are you doing this cuz you dont know why I came here?’  the dad says who do you think you are yelling at and throws his notebook at him. G says dont pay attention to our business. G says to S: until I hear your answer i cant go. the dad tells him to come over here so S protects G and tells her dad not to come close.  so she kicks G in the groin and tells him to wait outside and she will be there soon. She forces him out. she blocks the door so her dad cant get past and says do you want to see your daughter die.

*if she wants to have kids with this guy she really needs to stop kicking him there

G recovers from his pain and tries to get back inside but D tells him to stop cuz it’s making it harder for S. G asks what are you. D asks are you curious why I came and why I hid? Follow me.

The parents feel bad and says we didn’t know. we didnt know about secret missions and stuff. S tells them-that is why- whoever you meet and where you meet them -dont say one word about who I am.  wherever you go. how many times do I have to tell you! The mom is touching the stuffed monkey so S says leave it alone in that spot

D asks has it been a year. It’s good to see you again but I didnt get to greet you. you might not believe this but I wanted you to finish training till the end with me cuz that’s how you would realize you cant win against me. G asks what are you. D says you know Gong DH – an agent. G asks why did you come here. D: to play. G: what is your relationship with S. D: a colleague from the past. G: why were you hiding. D : cuz I thought I wouldnt get caught. G: let’s make this easy. it would be embarrassing for an agent to get beaten up and then have to answer. D says you were kicked out in the middle so you don’t know this well, but we just don’t easily answer questions no matter who asks. G: if you are an agent – think it over carefully and answer. you will get hit. D: I like S. G punches him and they fight so D pulls out his gun. D: think before you act. G says you people aren’t suppose to use guns from what I know. D: I use them. G: do you even have bullets? D: confirm it if you want. they fight for it. D pulls his gun on him again. D gets the upperhand and says D wins and G is dead. feel unfair? this is the difference between you and me. D puts his gun away but G wants to go another round and asks take out your gun and let’s go again. D says after S quit the company we kept in contact and I often came over to visit. G: take your gun out. D: cuz I liked her. but today she told me she liked you. G: dont be funny. D: I thought it was funny too cuz she liked someone like you. I’m going. let’s not meet again.

W and Y are watching footage of the attack on Han. Y says the guy is a pro for avoiding all the CCTVs. W says this is the first valuable intel to show up around Han. Y and W think since the bad guys brought in a pro like that this is just for a threat. W: after JJ disappeared nothing happened for a year. Y thinks it means it’s all starting then. W: G has to stay close to Han.

G is on the phone with W and says cant I go into the office and confirm. I fought that guy in person so it will be helpful. W: it’s ok just take good care of watching over your dad. are you at the hospital now? G:no the police are guarding him and dad doesnt like me being there. W yells at him : where is your sense. go to the hospital now. G: do I have to go? W: what is your task. where and what are you doing now. G: I am in front of S’s home now. W asks why are you there. is there a problem with S? G almost tells him about catching her on his hidden camera but he says she bought me clothes to change out of my bloody clothes. W asks are you two dating. G:why? do we look good together? W: you two looked good together from the first day.  you two have something like fate. G: they say my fated woman is born in the year of the ox. but S is born in the year of the cow. W: you dont believe in fate. hang up if you have nothing else to report. G: cant you give me a gun but W says I told you we arent people who use guns. hang up

W tells Y that S came to her senses cuz she bought G clothes. the two of them are doing well. Y says see I told you S could do it. what do we do if S ends up liking G for real.  W: then she doesnt have the right to be an agent. Y: when G finds out he isnt an agent and his father is a criminal – he wont sue us right. W: that wont happen. Y: why wouldnt he if he realizes he was used so he could sue.  W: stop talking nonsense. I will never again use people and throw them away. just find out who that guy (jay) is. W walks away.  Y: he is using someone now and saying he wont use them.

M and Jay are drinking. She asks did you want to look strong? does this look like a game. Jay: until  mission clear -isnt dying and killing part of the game.  M: Even though we are avenging oppa (brother) I did everything the company ordered. but you are messing both of them up. oppa made a perfect opportunity and we havent lost that chance yet. jay: but my hyung died.  He shows a pic of S and asks who is that woman. M says Kim JW – she just got hired. why? Jay says she came for the interview too fast. Is she Han PH’s girlfriend. M: dont cause unnecessary trouble. Han J and Han PH are just baits. if Han PH comes after me this woman will be useful. M tells him to just kill their objective. that’s our revenge. Jay: he said revenge was the purest emotion.  Jay says if Han PH is guarantee then this woman is too and he looks at S’s photo.

S checks to see her mom is sleeping cuz her dad is snoring.

S sneaks out and D tells her on a video message : your parents are fun and good people. I want to buy them a meal before they go back to their hometown. I told G that you liked him. hurry and end this cuz and come back – you being with G,  I don’t want to see it for a long time.

She gets a text from G. I wont wait any longer. come out front. he is about to leave but she finally does come outside. They look at each other

They go to a café and she says talk. Why are you like this. he says you talk – why did you do it. S: when girls say do you know what today is? didnt you do something wrong to me?  they say that annoys men – it’s the same for women. just say it and don’t talk in circles. He asks why did you come into my office. S: what are you talking about? G: when I wasnt there – why did you go to my office. she remembers picking his lock in his drawer. She says I didn’t go in. he says do you not remember or are you lying. She says again I didn’t go in. he says if you spoke the truth today wouldn’t have been the last day for us. I will let you know tm what kind of person you are. He leaves

Next morning at work, she watches her mirror to see if he came into work yet.

G is walking in when M asks for a drink. He agrees and goes inside with M. M goes over to S and asks for two coffees. S says how the rule book says you make your own coffee and dont make the employees do it. so M says that’s why I am asking you as a request and not ordering you. S: ok. M: thank you.

M asks how is the president. G says thankfully it wasnt serious and he is ok and can be discharged within the week. M: what did the police say. G: they couldnt find the attacker and it’s being settled as an assult. M says it happened in the building so does that make sense.  G: if that’s what the police say it is then it is. M says she told the ad (PR) team not to let this out so that there wont be any news articles about this. cuz if word gets out the company’s image and reputation goes down. when will you be at the hospital. G: I have to go in a little while.  S comes in with their drinks and M thanks her and asks her to sit (in banmal). S declines. M: it’s ok have a seat. M asks S:  how is work? are you having fun? S: I am working hard. M: you will do well. You know I am expecting a lot from you right. G asks if M is being scouted by another company. M: I get a lot of offers. G: even if you do get them don’t go cuz father needs a good business partner. M: i was going to but I got JW (S) stolen away by you. M says to S: I was going to keep you but I didnt know you would be taken away to this team.  S keeps looking at G and thanks him but G doesnt look at S. M asks G: what’s wrong. you are acting like someone who is sulking. did the two of you fight. G: would an employer and employee fight. he tells S to leave. M says to S: let’s meet often and tell me anytime when you have  a hard time. M tells G: when you go visit him later let’s go together so that the president can speak comfortably

When S leaves G tells M from here on dont ask employees to make coffee. M: I didnt order her I  made a request. G: also don’t speak banmal to newly hired employees. it doesnt sound good. She asks when are you going to visit your dad so he says i will go alone.  M: what is this- are you in a dating relationship. That would make me sad.

M calls jay and says there seems to be something between Han PH and that woman but I don’t know exactly yet so don’t act recklessly. also he will go to visit Han today so be careful PH doesnt recognize you. jay says it would be good if he recognized me cuz if he attacks me one more time it will cuz trouble for the agents, but M says dont run into him cuz if something bad happens to you,  when I die I have no right to see oppa.

MS is briefing the other agents about M and there is a cam photo of Jay’s side profile on the screen. MS says that M got hired about 2 yrs ago. before then she lived in Canada but there is no trace of her there.  Y says M wasnt in Canada-it was just set up to look like it in case her background was checked-there is no trace of her in the records huh? M says M isnt registered here in Korea and there are no addresses of any Korean connected with M. W says JJ disappeared and now there are two new faces. Y thinks the bad guys arent just using Han since it’s hard for the guys to act if their faces are known, they might have used others.  W asks what is the relationship with Han’s attacker and M but MS says I didnt find anything yet. he stares at his paperwork and asks why cant we see this on the screen.  MS says I didnt program it yet. cant you just look at the paperwork cuz putting it on the screen is really complicated.

director yells at people for resting during office hours-is the office a playground – should I make it so you play all the time

S calls SM about M. S:is there no history at all for her? SM tells S what she knows about M. S asks how is your injury. SM says it will leave a slight scar. S says sorry. SM says if you are sorry dont drag it out and hurry and finish your job (with G) – I have to always work all night and cant leave work- what is so hard about G? just toss him (as in jump him and make a move on him) so S says what am I a wrestler. G comes over so she gets up. Director comes over and yells at them for not working during office hours, but he sees that it’s G and says rest comfortably and runs off. G asks to speak to S

He takes her outside so she says you said to talk. he doesnt face her and shows her the video footage of her going through his desk from his phone. He says I confirmed which file you looked at and it’s Kim MR’s info file. someone who has the most stocks in our company and someone my father needs the most. I thought about it all night –with the info you learned from that, if you were being a corporate spy. who is the one who turned you into this. how much did you get paid to do this. also what should I do with you. I deleted the original and this is the only copy of what you did. I will delete it. I don’t know who ordered you to do this but dont live like that. I can catch you and put you away. she says it’s not like that. he says dont say it’s not. when you knew my name i should have known your name.  but I always found out who you were one step too late. so I was always disppointed and hurt.  but I wont do that from here on. I will ask one thing for the last time. Do you really like me. Tell me. S says if I say – will you believe me. G: no I cant believe. Get off work and don’t come back in to work again. I will ask one thing – change your number and change the place that you live so that even if I drunk call you – you wont be able to answer. so that if I go looking for you when I am drunk so I wont be able to meet me. Don’t let us run into each other at any place. He walks off.

S packs her stuff and says goodbye to the other staff. She looks at G’s office once and leaves. As she leaves she remembers how G took her hand and said I am sorry I followed you cuz I didn’t believe you. you lived assiduously and I always distrusted you so I am sorry

G remembers asking if she likes him and how she said if I tell you will you believe. And how D said today S told me she liked you. G gets up to close the blinds so he stops looking over at her empty desk

S’s parents are at her home. The dad says call and see when she is coming home. The mom says she will come home when it’s time. she complains cuz even though she came to seoul she is trapped indoors cleaning. shouldnt have come. so the dad says before S comes home should we go look at Namsan cable but she doesnt think it’s worth it. he says how about the han kang sightseeing boats but she says why play on boats in this cold weather. He says how about the 63rd building so she says even though it’s high it’s only 63 floors. he says then what do you want to do – give me something to eat then. She says to be cool, you should ask to see a movie. It’s been 30 yrs since I saw a movie. The dad brags I could even show you the president and not just a movie. the mom says how he couldnt find the theater in seoul. he says does that mean you know how to get there. she says I dont know. he says you think I cant show you a movie

They go outside and she comments how people are suffering living here. he says should we take a cab. She says didn’t you hear how they go around in circles and scam you if you are from out of town. The dad says then should we take the bus or subway. he wonders where the theater is. She says just go home and watch a movie on the tv. He thinks it’s cuz she doesn’t know how to get there but she lies and says I know. he asks where is the theater then

W and S are meeting. W says G was acting like he learned something and had a hidden camera. what to do – we have to keep going. we cant quit just cuz we’ve been caught.  She says I want to quit. He says i know how you feel. let’s find a way. S: deceiving G- I cant do it anymore– knowing full well he likes me – having to look him in the eye and lying –  do you know how that feels? W: of course. I know it well. S: you know and you are doing it? Later on what will happen to G. He will hold onto that scar for the rest of his life. after making him like that- how can I live? W says it will be hard for you to live – it will feel better just to die. i can be a witness – if there is a potion that can erase your memories -even if you had to sell your whole fortune you would sell it just to buy it and eat it.  she says if you know so well – tell me- is this something a person should be doing. He says should I tell you about what happened a long time ago.  a long time ago during the days when I smoked – i got a very important mission. to catch an arm’s dealer in Korea who was active overseas. to get that guy we had to go through two people – Kim and choi. we pretended to do business with them and used them. for 3 yrs we worked undercover and we were able to catch the guy in the end. we caught him but somehow he found out about the other two informants and were going to kill their families. Kim had one daughter (M)  and choi had two sons (UTW’s character JJ and Jay). the kids got away and came looking for us. they begged us for help – to save their parents. (it was young JJ,M, and Jay). W: the situation was if we didnt hurry we might get that guy taken away so we had no choice but to choose.   S says so you didn’t help them? W: that guy’s bombs killed over 20,000 people. the decision was not to act on those kid’s behalf.S: What about those kids. W says the kids probably died cuz they said all their families died.

M is in the car and remembers JJ’s death again.  She watches as G gets out of his car and heads inside. she calls Jay and says G is going inside so dont run into him and avoid him.

S asks you left them alone knowing full well they would die. W: I lived my whole life regretting that decision. if I could go back to that time now, I would still have no choice but to make the same decision. She says that’s nonsense. W: there will come a time when you have to choose between the mission and your conscience. S: for the reason that you are protecting the civilians, is betraying the civilians a choice? W: that is our fate. S: that is not fate it’s an excuse. W: it’s our fate. if you are going to keep  complaining and saying you cant do it then quit. S: no since you told me I came to my senses. I will do it. but I wont do it that way.

The mom says how could PH not come to see his dad. the dad tells her not to call him but she says you have to scold him over this. you have to correct that personality of yours. this is a good time to act overly sick. kids have to see once how ill their parents are to realize how they are growing up thanks to their parents.but the dad says don’t -why make PH come when he doesnt need to. G was about to go in but he hears that and sits outside. Jay watches him from around the corner.

S’s parents wonder why S so taking so long. the dad tells the mom to talk to S about their request when she comes out and stop dragging it out.  S comes out of the bathroom so the mom tries to ask that request about the village from S saying it’s for the sake of your dad. but S gives her money and says dont just stay home and go to the tourists locations. Dad says let’s see who wins. I wont move one step until she listens to our request. S comes back in to tuck in the monkey in her bed and tells them don’t move it from this spot.

S goes to work and reads some bulletin. She goes in to see G.he says I told you not to come into work. She says I saw M’s file. G: go out. S: I was curious who she was -what kind of woman is she for talk to spread throughout the company that she would be marrying you. I wanted to know. everyone all knows but you never once talked about her so I was even more curious so I looked at it. even if I had to do it that way I wanted to see it. he says I don’t believe you. she says don’t believe me -it’s ok if you dont believe me. cuz it could be a lie too. but believe what i am about to say

Flashback: S told W: even if a situation comes around where I have no choice but to choose the mission, i cant throw away my conscience. I am going to tell G one truth. as an agent, if you say i dont have that right, it doesnt matter.

S says I think I like you. G: go- I have to leave.S: no matter what wrong thing I do to you- it’s not a lie that I like you. no matter what happens – (what I feel in) my heart is real.  even if you get scarred later I will stay with you till the end. he gets up and says SW no Kim JW shi. we have already ended. I thought I would hurt but it doesn’t hurt at all. I wondered how I could live without you but I feel relieved. I stopped liking you now. He leaves the office.

Jay is dressed as a doctor and goes in to see Han. He smiles at the police and says you are doing a good job. he goes inside and the mom is watching tv. she says the young doctor came in. he greets her and goes over to Han. he asks do you have any discomforts? Han doesnt look at him cuz he is watching TV and says it does hurt here and there but I think I can be discharged. Jay says the injury isnt deep so it’s ok. you dont have a fever right? he leans in close and says you don’t have a fever. you also seem alert so now you have to do your work. Your son is very good looking. Give him my regards. Jay winks at him. Han is shocked when he realizes it’s Jay. Jay leaves the room.

Han keeps remembering how jay said next time it will be your son. Han tries to get out of bed but she says why are you like this. you will rip your stitches. he wants to be discharged so she says how can we at this late hour.

Jay walks by G in the hallways and G seems to recognize him cuz G follows Jay. When Jay stops walking so does G. Jay sort of half turns and takes his glasses off. G knows him so jay runs and G chases him. they go through the stairwell to the parking garage. G tackles him. G says this isnt the first time we met. Jay says live quietly. if things get out of hand everyone will die.  They start to fight again.

D gives S a drink. He asks did you resolve it well with G. she says he doesn’t like me. D: why is he like that suddenly? S: even if I was G, I would have disliked someone like me. if I was G, I wouldnt have left it alone. Cuz it was him he could be that patient. I really don’t know what to do now

G and jay are still fighting. Jay’s phone drops out of his pocket. G is winning and uses his long leg to spin kick jay down. Jay says i told you – if things spiral out of control- they could all die – like your parents and your girlfriend. G says sorry but I don’t have a girlfriend. A car drives over and runs over G. Jay gets in the car. G is left bloody and in pain.

M is driving that car. Jay says you must worried cuz you followed me. She says before he died, oppa said to protect you. or else something like you is nothing to me.

G gets up and sees the phone on the ground. He picks it up and it has photos of him talking with S.  G remembers how Jay said they could all die – like your parents and your girlfriend. He calls his mom first to check on her and she says come and stop your father cuz he is trying to leave the hospital. he hangs up on her and says S’s name over and over. he tries to call her and says why arent you answering.

S says I still feel good inside cuz after lying all the time – I told him one truth. D asks what that is but she doesn’t tell him. S: there is something like that. he says I know how you feel and I know you are sorry to G, but  this is a mission. if you waver we dont know who else will die. and we dont know how much (bad things that Han has done so far).  G will be shocked later but it’s our destiny to carry out our mission

G is driving like crazy and still trying to call. He says why aren’t you picking up.

D: here there are no personal feelings. it’s not work that what we dont want to do  or want to do – it’s what we have to do or what we shouldnt do -we just have to differentiate between those two. S: what I am doing now – you are saying I have to do it? D lists all the bad things Han has done already. You just  have to remember that. If you look at it another way G is our enemy.

G goes to her home and keeps knocking and calling out for S. Her mom opens the door alarmed and asks what is this – is that blood. He asksis S here. the mom says  who is S? go away. G: is she here or not? the mom says she isnt here. I am going to call the police. he says keep the door closed and don’t open the door for anyone

S yells G is not our enemy. he has nothing to do with what his dad did.  D: dont like a weak person – G is working at his dad’s company now.  even indirectly he is helping his father. not knowing and doing bad things-it doesnt mean you didnt commit a crime. S: stop it. she looks away so D goes closer. He says If you fail this mission you will go back to the team you were at before. I want to stay on the same team with you cuz I like you. I dont like that you have to do that work. still I didnt leave this team cuz of you. cuz we are on the same team- whatever happens I can protect you. She says -to me you are the very best friend and the colleague I like the most. the colleague I trust and respect the most. I hope that’s how far our relationship is. He says dont decide so quickly cuz you don’t know yet how much I like you. she says sorry I will be going first. He holds her hand to stop her but she shakes his hand and says I will be going.

S goes outside and looks up at the snow for a second. G comes over limping and sees her. he yells out her name. she runs over to him and asks what’s wrong. what happened. Are you hurt. G: Why didn’t you answer your phone. Why worry someone like this. what did you do that was so great. what is so great about you. why put someone through this anguish. She keeps saying let’s go to the hospital and tries to take him away. He pulls her in and hugs her. G:  what are you not to give me the cost of the car and not to give me the cost for the makeup. what are you. he hugs her closer.

D goes to his desk and sees G hugging S on the camera. SM comes over and sees it. she says daebak. She was acting like she couldnt, but she totally succeeded.

S says let’s go to the hospital. G: I am sorry. I was wrong. Don’t change your number and don’t move. She cries and allows herself to hug him back.



Y: I am worried. She isnt just pretending to like him – she might really like him.

G is giving her driving lessons. G: you are putting too much strength/force on your backs so you are going back and forth. what are you a dummy? G begs cuz S is driving crazy cuz  she is getting him back for all that yelling and he is scared

G leans in close and says: Thank you S.

7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-02-17] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-05-14] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-05-45] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-06-36] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[03-07-36]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[05-43-21] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[05-43-56]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-58-02]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-58-22] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-58-43] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-58-49]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[18-57-16]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-43-37]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-38-55]7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-38-06] 7급 공무원.E07.130213.HDTV.XviD-Baros[02-38-15]


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      • nonski says:

        hi SS, me too… i just don’t really want this to fail cuz JW had given so much hard work.


        • sammi says:

          I remember back then when Gaksital aired against Kim Sun Ah’s and So Ji Sub’s drama, we were all panicking about the ratings but it turned out No.1 and I hope it goes well again. But this time the competition is a bit tougher.. I wish and pray that this drama goes well against the other competitors!


      • flo says:

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        7th grade civil servant Fighting!!!!!!!
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    by the way is the cute bad guy’s name Jay or JJ cuz I swear they called UTW “JJ” so I dont get how Jay ended up as JJ.


    • nonski says:

      don’t worry softy, i am confident… no, i am trying to be confident for the sake of JW.

      Jay… he’s one hot guy! love his voice too!


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    I read that JJ or Jay guy is from the same agency of Joo Won and UTW. Passable acting so far for his TV debut, but not as much intensity and screen presence as his two sunbaes (or maybe it’s still early to say anyting :-)..)

    Our Joo Won did a good job so far. He will be fine. When Joo Won start being a caring boyfriend… I just go weak at the knees for his intense gaze alone. Aigoo.

    Joo Won fighting


  10. SS says:

    I am just so so relieved. Even before I saw the live ratings, I just had this warm and fuzzy good feeling from tonight’s episode. Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee were just simply AWESOME, also Chansung.

    Tomorrow looks really funny and cute. If the drama continues this way, I dont care about the ratings(eh…ok I still do but less maybe), I just want to enjoy it and love it.


  11. nonski says:

    tonight’s episode is so daebak! i love it and JW does the job… always! can’t help but screencap his faces.


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    I managed to watch it live tonight. I especially like the scene where SW repeats what GR did with Monkey – putting him at his place on the bed. So cute so sweet ♡


  15. nonski says:

    i find this really funny!


  16. nonski says:

    preview from soompi posted by NEWMARIO


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      softy, chingus… can you please tell me the title of the song playing in the preview? thanks so much 🙂 i really like it.


      • jhen says:

        nonski the title of the song is “I’ll be there for you” by LED Apple. I also love that song including the other L7CS OSTs, Big Baby Driver’s “A Stranger” and 2PM Junho and Taecyeon’s “The way to You”..


        • nonski says:

          yes ako din… i like the ost so much it’s playing on my tab non stop, together with fbnd ost. 🙂

          thanks for the info. will download it.


  17. Sussie says:

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    And with that preview description… OMO! I think we are going to see a kiss really soon! 😀 *big smile on my face*


    • jhen says:

      Sussie!!!!! I’m here! Glad to see you here tonight. I’m not yet done reading Softy’s recaps for tonight’s episode. Lolz! I was busy looking for the raw video but I didn’t find one yet.


  18. nonski says:

    hug scene as posted by NEWMARIO


  19. nonski says:

    you can check out the raw vids here

    krdrama.org — our source of raw hd vids was shutdown.


    • jhen says:

      oh thank you for posting the link nonski! dramacrazy is fast to upload the raw episode tonight.

      If only krdrama.org was not closed, by 11PM PH time there will be an HD raw video uploaded already.


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    Our dearest Softy, my loyal OBsiblings & sweet chingu Happy Valentines day! opps *waves* back nonski, SS, flo, ck, sammi. What a lovely present for this v-day, hugs everywhere from FBND to L7CS awww. Off to read now. Thanks a lot Softy dear.
    Btw, jj is super cool. I love this guy since from prev ep.


  21. Dramafed1782 says:

    Finally found the RAW video for Episode 7 on You Tube. Happy Valentine’s day to y’all:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy.

    Wah. So good. Heart wrenching ending.

    Seo Won parents totally funny, aigoo her appa is a lil bit harsh on her mother but I guess that’s how they show their love and caring for each other. Haha.

    It’s getting interesting.


    • Anonymous says:

      Oooh.. Jay is cute too. 23 yrs old, aha.. same age as Joo Won when he debut on Baker King. Good move boy on taking the role of a baddie for your first appearance on drama.

      Our Cutie… What else to say about him. AWESOME with a capital A!

      Tomorrow’s epi look fun. How can Seo Won is not a good driver, you’re an Agent girl. Or, is this another lie from her, an awful driver.

      Oh boy, I can’t imagine the haertbreak of Gil Ro when he finds out the truth… This show doing great in balancing the funny and serious moments.


  23. nonski says:

    Softy Happy Valentines Day! Chingus, Happy Valentines Day!


  24. Misty says:

    Thanks for the recap…really like this drama.


  25. thanks for the recapped…….joo won fighting….


  26. […] Recap: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/level-7-civil-servant-e7-coming-up/ […]


  27. Dramafed1782 says:

    Aaaah man…the link got blocked and it had to be on valentine’s. Sorry folks!
    After watching the episode yesterday I am on a high and it was a delight reading ur recap Softy. I just felt so bad for Seo Won. For once when her emotions poured out she really wanted Gil ro to listen to her. But I can’t blame him for feeling bad. And it took her the guts to tell him she truly liked him even when he decided to cut her off. I am glad the writer decided to progress their relationship, but if it means more heartbreak for Gil ro, I am gonna keep my tissues ready 😦 JW is gonna nail it just like in front of granny for Ja Eun.
    I am just curious whether Seo Won will reveal her true name in the episode for today. Cos she still calls him Gil ro when she already knows his real name and Gil Ro too knows Seo Won isn’t her real name.
    Because with revealing of their real identities their relationship starts afresh and with that being authentic. But being dramaland, these tactics will be played with till the end. Aah man, guys please make it less emotional. If I see JW, CKH and Chansung in tears I might have to keep meeting my doc for artificial tears.


  28. joowonforever says:


    Why is that the soompi report on the ratings war puts joo won at no. 2 ?


    • bbblue73 says:

      Sad but its true, turned table since JWC’s final ep. IRIS lead the ratings 14.4%, L7CS 12.7%, winter blows 11.3%. Don’t worry about the ratings dear it’s just only a numbers. What matters most is our love & support to JW. Fighting!


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