Level 7 Civil Servant E10


I agree with all the fans. The editor for this drama must be male, old, and off his rockers not to have aired these shots. These would have lit up the scene, but he chose to go the safe route. No wonder he is getting so much backlash from the viewers. In a drama like this with the ratings winner episode cuz of the makeout scene, you want to make every second and minute count. He sort of dropped the ball by choosing not to air these playful adorable poses. There was even one with a kiss on the cheek. Now they have to exist in these photos instead of on video. Missing out on any extra chance to see JW’s lips in action is what you call a crying shame. 🙂


G looks at S and says do you know that? the 3rd place couples have their first kiss the most is inside the car. 2nd is airport. Do you know what 1st is? S:I don’t know. it’s not the bed right. He says it’s the front door but I don’t think the location matters. She tells him to go now-you said you were going back home.  she gets up and says for now when you go to work, but he makes her sit and asks have you just looked at one person in the world. He leans in to kiss her so she gets up and says this is my bed. dont just sit cuz you want to. He thinks someone is in her home again. S: who would be here. D: arent you hiding the person in the closet again. S:no. G: there really isnt anyone? she shows him her closet and says see no one is here. he says ok then I want to sleep and then go. He leans in and kisses her.

They fall on the bed kissing and she says I cant breathe. He says I cant breathe either. they kiss more. She says let’s come to our senses. He says let’s let go of our senses. Her brother comes over and says you like it so much you will die. She calls out MW. he says what is this noona. G repeats noona? They get up and go over to her brother. She asks when did you come out. if you did you should have called that you were coming out. have you eaten? he laughs and says when I get discharged from the army I might see my nephew/niece.  He is about to call his mom to tell her I am going to be an uncle. She hits him. G asks is he your dongsang (younger brother) so she nods yes. she asks why her bro has a leave from the army so often.  S says this is my friend. G tries to introduce himself and says good to meet you. the bro laughs and says i bet you are happy to meet me. (meaning G wouldnt be since the bro just interrupted their makeout session) so G snarls at him.  MW says come over and sit for a second. She says who are you to tell my friend where to go. G tells her it’s ok

she asks did you eat dinner? Her brother asks how about you. did you eat before doing that stuff (kissing).  S: that stuff? her bro says it’s good stuff. (he asks G). right?  MW continues saying how he thinks it’s good to do that for the sake of the country. he asks G: this isnt a one night stand right. She rolls up the paper to hit him so he says if you hit me I will tell mom everything and go around announcing it to the whole neighborhood. she unrolls the paper and puts it down. G says I dont know what to call you so MW replies by his army title so G does that. G says I already (formally) met your parents. MW: just cuz you did does my mom know you two are doing that in the room? watching you I dont think that was just once or twice. so G says today was the first time. MW: look here. what is your name. G: Han GR. for the sake of the country Han GR. the brother just decides to call him ajussi. my sister is not like most. if you mess around you could get hit by her. have you not been hit yet? she decides to hit him so he says I will go out. I will go out to meet my friends. give me some money on the side. S: so you can drink again? MW: after coming out on leave of course I will drink alcohol – would I drink water? S: when are you going to grow up? if you have to go back into the army the day after tm. whenever you have time you should be studying.  if you keep that up after you are discharged, since you didnt study -you think you can get a job? also when I got paid $100 I gave you $50 but you used it to drink. once a month $50 is $600 in a year. two years is $1200. MW: then I guess I better ask mom. so S hits him and yells I will give it to you. she gives him $30. So her brother asks is this all? how can I eat and drink with just $30. I wont drink then. I am going to go and sleep. G wants him out of the house so he calls him by his title and pulls out his wallet to give her bro some spending money. she says not to do that cuz he will be get bad habits so G says is he a kid. G: this isnt much but take it. the bro says I dont know if i should be taking this and stuffs it in his pocket. G: just in case. this too. G gives him his credit card so S stops him but G says do you know how a guy on leave feels. to someone on leave there is no tm. today is the last day in the world. G hands over his credit card and says do everything you want to do today so the brother calls him hyungnim and says you are a total man. S asks: give it back so the bro says to G: I can call you brother in law right hyungnim? G nods yes. she asks for the card back again. MW says to G: I love you brother in law and runs out. I wont come home today! S yells if you use a lot of money you are going to die. G says your family -each one really has great timing. They always come in right at that moment. S twists his arm and says to a kid who wont come to his senses -you think I dont have a card and didnt give it to him?  are you going to do that again or not. G says it hurts and says I wont do it.

She is reading something and gets up. she goes over to the bed and asks arent you going. He says I will go. S: then go. G: after just one game. He plays it on his phone but she sits and plays it. he leans over and kisses her cheek. then they lean back to kiss some more but he gets a text. every time a card is used, the amount gets texted. G remarks her brother likes to spend. she asks how much he spent. G: not much. she takes his phone and looks. he spent $380 so she he is crazy. she goes to get her coat so G says it’s ok he can spend more. he said he wouldn’t come home today. But she runs out so he says great timing.

G goes to work and reads what S wrote on his tablet again and then looks over at his bag. He calls W and says I will protect my dad well but with one condition -someone to protect S as well

S brought her bro home by the ear and says you wont come to your senses till the end. I am suffering cuz of your tuition but all you do is drink at night. he says I am going to tell mom.  she says go ahead and tell her. she says how he is like their dad cuz he likes drinking. She goes over to drink some water and finds the food G made for her bro in the morning to eat after drinking all night. G also wrote: I cant say it tastes good. She tastes it and it’s bad. She goes over and takes his socks off and says it stinks. She goes over and gets him a blanket. He talks in his sleep.

G goes back home and finds his dad drinking alone. His dad asks you didn’t leave yet. G asks for a drink. I am all grownup too. His dad pours him one so G drinks it. his dad says go up and sleep and leave early tm. G asks do you not like me that much father. dad: then would I like you when you dont obey? G: I went to the office like you told me so why tell me not to be by your side and go overseas?  His dad yells – you are always like that -asking why why why. cant you just obey when I talk? are you saying you will decide after you know the reason why.  G says I wont leave overseas. dad: even though I said it like that you still wont obey. G: I wont run away and stay by your side. If there is danger I will protect you. if there is something hard I want to share that with you. his dad pours him another and says there is nothing difficult or dangerous. there is something going on at the office I dont want you to see so I am asking for you to go abroad for a short time. G : someone said the moment they called their dad father, the two of them grow apart. I don’t ever remember calling you dad cuz ever since I was young you didnt like me  father. Like when you didn’t go to the sauna with me. His dad says I gave you money to get your back scrubbed. G: you did. his dad says today you were transferred so don’t go in to work starting from tm. I will take your desk away too so just know that. G: not cuz I love you -just cuz you are my father and I am your son – I am saying it cant be helped so I am going to stay next to you. drink a lot. He goes up and his dad says your gf seems nice. G says don’t pay any attention to her.

In the village S’s dad is giving a speech about “slow” and “eco system” and some people don’t know that. his dad tells them about the gas and stuff – the idea G came up with. one guy thinks if they do this what is the land just gets wasted.  The mom brags they asked their daughter to take care of this and make this happen so the neighbors are happy feeling like they have backup/reassurance

At work the director is reading the notice – it says G’s transfer has nothing to do with the team itself.  the other thinks that G will come back since he is the son. the director talks about joseon time after the king rules they skip over the prince and the grandson rules. the guys ask S to get them coffee. director  is talking  about how G isnt the style to do business. after bringing G on his dad realized it was the wrong thing to do now. so this company is up to me and M.  the other guys says how Han must be upset. director says business is a way and G just wont work. S overheard all that and gives them drinks.  S says do something about your curly hair cuz when women hate that style. the other guy laughs so she says you too.  director tells the guy to do something about his hairstyle

S read the notice about G not working there anymore. M comes over and asks if S didn’t know about this – I thought you were dating him. S says I am not. M says you are cute. it’s so obvious you are lying. S remembers reporting about how the guy (Jay) came to see M at the office. S says I wasnt lying.  M: look how you are trying to control your facial expresson. your coffee is getting cold so you can go. someone bumps in to S so she spills coffee on M and apologizes. she offers to go get her extra pair of stalking for M.

S apologizes again but M says newbies make mistakes. S says you are my mentor. let’s eat once when you have time to hear about your work experience as my mentor. M remembers how Jay said this woman might have use if she is PH’s gf. M agrees to a meeting saying I liked you since the interview. let’s get along comfortably. M says see you tm.

S goes back to the office and others are talking about G – did he really get fired. then what happens to us.

G is sitting in his office and she goes in. he says you came in. G: there is only you. cuz I got transferred no one is looking at me. she says I came to give you back your card. why did this happens suddenly.  G says you should have just let your brother use it. you dont have to worry about it.I didn’t have any work to do anyway and wasnt thinking of staying for long at the company. She says I know very well you didnt have much to do but what are you going to do after you leave the company cuz aside from 007 there was nothing else you wanted to do. Are you thinking of taking the test again to be a civil servant (NIS)?  He says no that will never happen I wont take the test. S: then are you going to just be jobless? G: don’t worry about me or you. even if our team is gone I will send you to the best (job) position. she asks do you even have the power to do that.  He says of course- what position do you want. just tell me. She says my place over there so that when I turn my head I can see you. he tries to kiss her so she shoves him cuz this is work. S; are you crazy? this is the office. are you ok? They sit and she asks just tell me what you will do from here on. I dont like a person without any plans. he shows her the tablet message and asks why did you do it. she says cuz you love your dad. G: no. S: at least you like him. G: not at all. S: cuz you want to receive his love. if you want to receive his love, love him. I wish you would do that. he asks is that what you want. for the relationship between my father and me to get better? S: if it doesnt get better now there might not be a chance to get better in the future. G: I will do it. it wont get better with my father but since you want it I will do it. from here on – one by one what you want from me and what I want from you will increase. the shape and size will differ. whatever it is I will do my best to do what you want. I hope you will do that too. S: I will try. G: ok let’s go out together. S: where? G: I want to get him a present to ask him to untransfer me. she points out she has to work cuz she is still new so he says I never once bought my dad a present. He says this is what I want for you to go with me

They go together to look at watches. The salesman says a watch is the last thing in a man’s fashion so you have to look at how the person dresses and personality. Gasks if personality is important to choose a watch. the guy shows samples and describes them like emotional, strong confidence or not etc. what is your father’s personality like? so G says no affection, cant get through to him -likes money – and thinks money will make everything work so the guy says then get an expensive one so G chooses one

director: so you want to go to another team? ok I will do that. D: thank you. director: after this work is done (this whole current mission). D: I am asking to move cuz of this job. director: what about the work I asked you to do – without you who will look into what your team leader is doing and report to me. if you just do what I tell you well then I can send you anywhere you want. if you cant do that then resign. at my age I dont need a guy like you. D says I am prepared to resign but director says if you are prepared then you should have put your resignation down here first and then talk. D resigns. Director laughs and says you are useful. if there is a problem with you in the future, I will use this and claim you arent our agent. fine- where do you want to go. D says anywhere is ok except for this team now

Han and M are talking. Han: it’s all done. Dong (Park) said he got the files ready. M: tell him we prepared the paperwork too. Han: how about the location and time for the transfer. M:  I will tell you that later after I find a good place. Han: what about the deposit into my company? M: after the transfer. Han asks her to leave his company after this done. she says I want to do that too cuz I really hate korea. She walks off

M calls jay. She says it’s all ready. he says make the transfer next week. cuz one week is plenty (for him to do this job). M asks what if just the agents come out? Jay: this is a big deal so the main heads will act for certain (meaning the NIS director). M: let’s end it all at once. He says Han might change his mind.so keep checking on PH. M: I will prepare passports. They both take out their cell phone chips

W is saying what do you want me to do if you let D change teams like that. director says it’s just for a short time. after I use him for a few assignments I will return him to you. W: we dont have enough workers too. director: you dont have any work to do so why do you not have enough. W: give D back or I will go and get him.  director: I said I would return him after using him. W: you did this in the past and took out one team member at a time and then disbanded the team. isnt that enough you did that. arent you even sorry? director says I am leaving.  happy belated new year.sorry it was late saying it

Y and everyone is meeting. Y is going over cavitation technology. she wants her team to have agents following Han and them 24 hrs a day. to check emails and stuff for park. etc. Y complains cuz D is gone and they need more hands. SM says don’t look for someone who ran away – I can do it all. Y: what are you Hong Gil dong? SM: we don’t need a team member who ran off after abandoning his team. Y: the one who left it’s half his fault and the one who let him it’s half his fault-that’s what a team is. hurry and move. tell S to come in

When the meeting ends SM looks at her sketch of D and takes it out of her sketchbook

D is jogging when another jogger comes nearby. D is on an assignment and senses the situation and goes another way allowing the two men to meet up

Some old man who is the head of construction for the country speaks with the NIS director. The guy complains it’s a problem for you to behave this way without proof. coming here and making me cooperate no matter what. is this how the NIS works these days. director says I dont know about the NIS but this is how I do it. he asks for the man to sell one technology so the man says are you crazy? are you really the NIS? Director offers a lot of money to sell it. the old man feels insulted and says you think I will sell off my pride as the head of construction for some measly payment. director: so why did you sell it then? the guy is shocked he knows and says what? what do you mean.  director says didnt you take the technology secretly and planning to sell it today?  my agents went to catch your guys.you should call them to hurry and run off

D watches two men as one leaves a cell phone for the other. D calls it in and another agent takes down one of them and D goes after the other one. they fight.  D wins and calls the director and says we caught them. Director tells the old man we caught your guys. The old man says please save me once. what can i do. Director says we want to catch the big fish not a small one like you.

D says you want me to let him go? before he frees the guy he caught, D gets his fingerprint and says I have your ID and fingerprint. D walks off to his car. He gets in and rolls down his window. He puts away the ID in a plastic bag to secure the fingerprint. D still has the technology he took from them.

SM sits in her car and remembers sketching D and how he rescued her. then how he piggybacked her and said I already decided I am leaving the team. She starts to work on her sketch and calls him a bad guy.  She writes something on his sketch and closes it. she deletes him from her phone and says what’s the point of deleting it when I already memorized his number

S and G walk hand in hand and he asks when are you going to take my arm. She says to go now cuz her bro is here. G: I am ok with that. S: just go. I will go to your home tm. he says very slyly: on the weekend no one is at my home. S: really? G: are you still coming? she nods yes.  He asks is your bro at home? isnt he going to the countryside? S: he will only go home when he runs out of allowance. she suddenly takes offense that he called her home  the countryside. G: cuz it’s your hometown it’s the countryside.  so she yells if it’s not seoul you think it’s all countryside?  in our country is there just two – seoul and countryside. technically we are seoul and you are the rural area.  He says do you know how cute you are when you yell like that and pinches her cheek. he says I will go after you hug me once. Just when they are about to hug her bro yells brother in law. The bro leaps into G’s arm and bear hugs him in a body hug. Her bro says why are you going already. have dinner and sleep over.  G: should I do that? MW asks do you have a car. G says yes. She yells for both to hurry and go home

Han goes to his office and G’s gift is there. the watch.

S had chosen a different watch. G asks why. S: Even though it doesn’t look warm it’s not a cold watch. G chose the one she chose. Han reads the card from G. for father. they said even though it doesnt look warm – it’s not a cold watch. He looks at his watch and then puts G’s back in the box

M says isnt it funny -Han is trying to protect his son and wont let him go to the office and the son wants to help his dad and stay by his side.  Jay: that’s better for us.  M: did you draw it? he shows it to her. it’s a map. she asks for the target location. Jay: there isnt one. i am going to keep him alive and catch him. M laughs and calls him crazy cuz of all the NIS agents. Jay: I told you. I want to get a formal apology. M: what if you do get the apology. Jay: then kill him (the NIS director) cuz he acknowledged/admitted his wrongdoing. He burns the paper. She says you are not an easy person-just like your brother. He says don’t think of dying. After this is over let’s live together. M just waves her hand as she walks off

Y tells S what the cleaner camera footage showed about Han’s legs. how he stands at a specific spot for a few mins and doesnt move so she thinks the safe might be there. he kept doing it for a few days and the location is the same. you can confirm where it is right? S: yes I think I know where it is. Y: When are you going to his home. when will the home be empty. S says tm. his parents wont be there. Y: then just make G go out. you can do this right? S: I have to. Y: D took the technology. but we cant see if JJ will show up. you have to act for the sketch to be complete. finish up by tm. S: i will do it. Y: as long as you don’t get caught by G-things between you will be ok. even though he might find out at some point. Y gives her a gun and equipment to break the code to the safe. SM comes over and she ignores S. SM says I will go and rest. S asks why is SM like that. Y mentions D left our team. W comes over and says who left our team I didnt fire him so he didnt.  W says to S – if you get caught while breaking into the safe – be prepared to die

Han comes home so his wife says how nice you came home so early. G tries to see if he is wearing the watch. Han: is 11pm early? she says it’s before midnight so isnt that early? Han tells G not to spend money on useless things. the mom hits G and says did you waste money again. Did you tune the car. G says I did spend money on something useless. she regrets not hitting him more as a kid cuz he is too old to hit now cuz he is grown

S’s dad counts signatures for the people who want to go along with his idea. his wife wants to go with him about that project. He makes comments about her face and calls her a Q tip. She goes over what his plans are pretty well. She talks about how she lived her whole life looking down on. she gets up to leave so he pleads and says I wasn’t looking down on you.

G is showing places on his tablet for S to go with him – they can take walks and it will be “healing.” she asks where his parents went. He says his dad followed his mom to go shopping. S: they go shopping every weekend? G:during the week my mom shops alone and on weekends she shops with father. G shows her another place. how about this spa?  S: when will they come back. He says after they have dinner. he gets that sly look on his face and asks why? what do you want to do if you know when they are coming? She says I want to cook. G: who? me? S: no me. not ramen. G:  we can just go out and eat. S: I just want to cook and eat with you. G: then should I reserve a condo and pack a lot of things to eat? S: I want to go with you later on a trip. G: of course. you promised. S: no later. a lot later.  when you say “despite that –let’s go.” G: what does that mean?  S: despite that – let’s still go on the trip together” when you say it like that I will go on that trip. G: despite that let’s go on the trip together. S: I told you I am not going to go now. G: why did you get complicated again? you said you wouldnt. She asks him to go out and buy something that is like mushy tofu she wants to cook. He thought she said pizza so she corrects him. he says I dont like eating that. S: I learned it from my mom. I will make it delicious for you. she gives him directions on where to purchase it. since she knew the exact location where they sell it – he asks how do you know my neighborhood so well. She says I looked it up. G is impressed and says it’s cuz of her training.  he lays back down and says I wont go so she tells him to go. G: I wont go. we dont have enough time to be together so why be apart.  S: are you really not going to go? G: then should we go together. S: I am asking like this so wont you go. G: you are strange today. why are you trying to make me go out? S: I said I would make you something good to eat. G:  I am not hungry. He gets a call and says it came out already? ok. he hangs up and says I will go out for a short time. just wait 20mins. also I wont buy that tofu stuff cuz I don’t like it much. I will be back. he leaves

She sets her timer on her watch and goes down pretending to call out for G and his mother. She checks the room and other places.

G is driving and whistling and is very happy

S is in the office and checks the floor and other places. She finds the switch for the safe

G goes to pick up two photo frames that functions as a wallet normally and on trips as a frame as well if you stand it on the side. it’s for S and him. he special ordered this

S attaches the password detector. G is driving back. She has over 8 mins left. He passes that place S told him about so he stops the car. He goes out to buy it

S got the password so she opens the safe. She has 4 mins left. She takes out the contents.

G looks at his gift for S and gets out of the car. She has 2 mins left and she is taking photos of everything all the back accounts and other stuff. She takes out some documents doesn’t put them back in. She stops to look at the watch G gave his dad and reads the card. She is putting everything back when G comes in and catches her just as she is done. he drops his gifts. Her timer goes off. G says sarcastically: Kim SW – you really have great timing.


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jwblnk S bro

The brother with the worst timing ever.

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  1. nonski says:

    camping and thank you in advance softy! i agree with you, they should take advantage of this moments and whet the viewers appetite for the drama. 🙂


  2. anonymous says:

    Thanks in advance for today’s episode Softy.

    I hope you don’t mind I leave my comment of episode 9, here 😉

    I love episode 9. Phew, lucky Gil Ro did not hit Do Ha. He acts like a gentleman. And I also love the conversation between Seo Won and his mom. LOL. I think the writer-nim (which is a guy) did a great job in his point of view on how guys react when they’re in love 🙂

    Raging hormones Gil Ro is unstoppable.. You’re eager to go on a vacation with your gf don’t you boy. HAHA.

    Joo Won is soooo good in invested whole-heartedly with his character, caring towards his beloved co-stars, he did it in Baker King to Ojakgyo Brothers to Bridal Mask and now L7CS… I’m all in!
    (p/s : He is caring towards his 1N2D hyungs too  )

    I dunno when they will blow up the cover and reveal the truth that Gil Ro is not actually an agent for NIS. When Won Seok tagged him along and shows how much dad’s love to his daughter, it will somehow soften Gil Ro’s heart if later he discovers the wrongdoings of his dad. How much he hates his dad, he will never turn on his back on his dad. Seo Won keeps reminding him about the same too.

    Mi Rae looks like she’s not the one who can fight really well like his brother Jay. But it will be awesome if the drama can give us some kicking and (pulling hairs. Hehe) between Mi Rae and Seo Won. Go girls’ power!

    L7CS fighting!


    • rhumball says:

      I’m still hoping that Gil Ro is a really a real agent. And, Won Seok keeps it to himself for he kind of suspecting something is wrong with the Director?


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Hahaha oh man your comments.The cheek peck was adorable.Thanks for the recap need to sleep will read it when I get up.Thanks again.


  4. SS says:

    Thanks Softy. For the first time, Joo Won’s kissing is so real that it made me uncomfortable, then hot HOT HOTTTTTTT!!!!

    omy………lucky noona, I want to be in your place :((


  5. anon says:

    Managed to LIVE streaming. Omomo my hearts beat faster at the pre-make out session. Ha. Aigoo CKH onnie, you are so damn lucky! Squeeeaaaal.

    What an ending. They give us so much happiness and sweetness and end it with heartbreaks.

    That is one heartbroken Gil Ro!

    It’s either he will found the truth that she’s an Agent or he will accused Seo Won trying to stealing money from his dad’s safe. Dun dun dun.


  6. MBMD says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for a speedy recap. as always! 🙂


  7. nonski says:

    thank you for the usually fast transcaps softy!

    just wanna say this before i read on your post. i know if it’s just me but ckh’s hair looks good now that before since she looks less an ajumma. 🙂

    i knew i would hate the day when Gil Ro will discover the deceit of SW but most of all i am dreading when Gil Ro gets to know that he’s not a real agent. my heart will break with him for sure! ;(


  8. Ivoire says:

    Thank you for the fast recap, Softy. I believe you were looking for these: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=435971796482485&set=o.409618519109544&type=1&theater

    I hope that helps. Maybe you will post them? 🙂 Have a good night!


    • nonski says:

      hi dear sorry just got to replying now… been really busy and just really glad my presentation for our budget next year went well yesterday… all thumbs up and just minor questions. 🙂 yay!

      i read your reply and i tell i always loved reading your comments.

      about torrents, don’t worry i will create something for your this weekend, complete with screenshots on how you’d be able to get hold of torrents because that’s the fastest you can get hold of your fave JW drama. 🙂


    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Nonski my dear,

      Although I have never met you, I am soooooo proud of you, regarding your presentation. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am really glad it went well, now you can breathe a little easier.

      I am glad you love reading my comments, another way to brighten your day or evening, I hope. Thank you so much for helping me with the torrents, I really appreciate that. I will learn how to do something new in the process, yay!!!!

      I hope you will be able to find some time to watch and enjoy the latest episodes of 7 Level (though you might have watched them raw already, haven’t you? I saw some of the messages you posted earlier). Well, in this case, I guess I hope you will have the time to rewatch with the subs 🙂

      Have a good day or a good evening or a good night (based on where you are in the world) and a wonderful upcoming weekend, if I don’t hear from you before then.


    • SS says:

      Hi Ivoire, hope you don’t mind me replying you here. Sorry I did not reply to your earlier comment in ep 8. I was busy with real life(oops I even need to qualify this, LOL) work, doing translations and writing my comments on soompi. Seo Won and Gilro’s story is tightening its grip on my heart Once my emotions go up, I tend to write more.

      I love reading your comments and if you could share your thoughts on this drama, I would certainly like to read them.

      Happy Weekend 🙂


      • nonski says:

        you both are the one of the best OBnians in terms of writing comments. 🙂

        softy i hope you don’t mind, i’ll drop this link on how to use torrents for Ivoire.


        • SS says:

          *blush* aww…*hugs*


        • Softy says:

          Hey Nonski -you can leave whatever links you need to help Ivoire download torrents. I’m sure she would really appreciate your help and some others who didn’t know could learn as well. Thanks for taking the time to do that. 🙂


          • nonski says:

            thanks Softy! i also hope this can help Ivoire and other people to get their way around torrents. 🙂


          • Ivoire says:

            Thanks Softy, Nonski and SS for your kind responses, and Nonski for taking the time to be detailed. I haven’t tried the link yet (just looked at it), so when I do, I will let you know how it went for me.
            Also I will answer messages later. I got get out the door :-). Thanks for understanding, I usually don’t forget to answer. It ‘s just that you know, real life gets in the way 🙂

            Have a great weekend ladies 🙂 (I am assuming we are all ladies?) 🙂

            P.S.: I posted another long message below, please read. Thanks! (sorry for any mistakes, if there are).


  9. Pink♥ says:



  10. ck1Oz says:

    Good morning softy.I just came to read and haven’t watched the episode yet. Had to comment because I was laughing quite hard wt he recap with the kissing and the brother.Just how much kissing was there man? Sounds like more kissing than we’re used to and slightly more than I am used to for K drama. However the whole recapped conversation is just hilarious. Thank you so much for doing this.
    This is definitely the drama I enjoy most. Am working on Incarnation of money and not really into it. So enjoy this more.

    Thank you. Still thinking about the kissing.Joo Won throws himself into his roles. And I would admit to having reservations about CKH. But it was obviously a good move to have an older actress as she is experienced and I am more inclined for him to have an intense kissing scenes with his nooona.


    • ck1Oz says:

      Sorry .On the phone so there’s typo and grammatical errors.


    • Softy says:

      I think that was the most kissing JW did for all 3 of his previous dramas put together. it’s like what he didnt get to do during Gaksital, he is making up for it now. I can’t believe CKH’s age is playing a factor here, but you are correct – her experience on My Sweet Seoul alone is proof the woman is not shy about kissing on camera. 🙂


      • ck1Oz says:

        Kekeke, I had to rewatch the scenes. Not because I am a perv and it’s him but I seriously felt that the momentum was built up nicely. It didn’t feel abrupt and I think it was directed nicely.

        And it’s either her or him or both but they are pretty full on in their acting and in their multiple kiss scenes. Even when she closed her eyes, and all K drama heroines do it ; she closed her eyes dreamily. I am NOT watching it closely, I am talking about her acting. 🙂 Really. Truly.


        • Softy says:

          sure you just keep telling yourself that you werent overly paying attention- we believe you. really. truly. 🙂
          it’s not like you are alone anyway – I’m sure all the fans did as well. 🙂


  11. anon says:

    Why do I have this feelings that the real Joo Won will do the same to his girlfriend *The sudden kiss on the cheek* :-p :-p :-p. He is bursting with cheekiness.

    10 more episodes to go, I hope the story will move on faster especially on Gil Ro’s part. I want to see Agent Gil Ro in action. The problem is, he is not an Agent to begin with. Eeesssh.


  12. […] Recap: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/level-7-civil-servant-e10-coming-up/ […]


  13. t says:

    urgh, making out scene with ckh………………………………………….


  14. anonymous says:

    Aw your random thoughts on TWTWB. Can’t blame it 😛 SHG is awesome. Some people say she’s mediocre, but I think she’s one of the good actresses around.

    This drama does weird things to me. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t.

    The thing that keeps me going is Joo Won. .

    Oh dear, the kissing scene is hot. I don’t really like their cheesy romance in the beginning, but now, I slowly can accept CKH. I never doubt her kissing ability (hihi), I watched her kissing scenes in Protect the Boss and her movie, Petty Romance. It’s hot!

    Every episode I pray for Gil Ro to take a break, stop think about romancing Seo Won and start to doubt Won Seok and start asking him SMART question, not every time he does that, Won Seok hits his head. Duh.

    Why did the Writer-nim keeps making Gil Ro’s character looks like a reckless guy, love sick puppy. Did Won Seok ONLY asked Gil Ro to follow/protect his dad. That’s it??!! Why don’t make Gil Ro the smart guy. Gil Ro dreams to become a spy like James Bond, he can do his own spy/investigation, why doesn’t he feel curious why people want to harm his dad. Think Gil Ro think. Stop thinking about the 5 days 4 night vacation!!!

    We got it, he is the sweetest and cute and adorable and funny but give us our awesome Joo Won back.

    Cutie, you did a good job in your first attempt in comedy and I love you.

    To L7CS, I still want to like you 


    • Softy says:

      I think you might be the one person who noticed it cuz it’s like the pink elephant in the room no one wants to mention. I seriously debated about posting that on the side widget cuz before it aired I was swearing up and down I would never watch, but it’s just too pretty to resist.

      I was too tired from recapping 4 nights in a row so I didnt get to add any new comment at the top, but I think the cliffhanger of catching S in the act will be a game changer for G. he will start to question what is really going on around him. instead of just accepting the answers, he will start to question not only the answers but the actions of the people who are feeding him the info including S and W. I’m really hoping he paid attention cuz S has been dropping bread crumbs of hints left and right that she doesnt want to hurt him so hopefully after the initial shock wears off, he will start to remember them and maybe it will ease some of the sting of betrayal.


  15. jhen says:

    Softy thank you again! Your recaps for L7CS is the only thing that keeps me going. I’m just wondering, does the viki team for L7CS isn’t that active in subbing the drama? I have observed that among the airing k-dramas, L7CS subbed video is the only that comes out late. Its always a day after its airing date. But anyway, it doesn’t matter if there will be no subbed videos. Your recaps is just enough for me to understand what’s going on with the story.

    Softy, I am laughing much on SW’s younger bro’s interruption on the bed kiss. Aigoo! I remembered Choong Suk again in Faith, how he had barged in at Dae Jang’s room and interrupted the supposed to be 2nd kiss. I am going to name SW’s bro as Choong Suk II. LMAO!

    However, I felt sad for GR on the ending part. I am wondering how he will have to handle that situation again coz it will be the 2nd time. Just as their relationship is slowly getting better then that incident will just blew it off. I don’t think he will just let it pass by this time. Are they going to part for real this time? I hope not. 😦


    • Softy says:

      Hey Jhen,
      all this time I just assumed L7 subbed videos came out as quickly as the others so I have no idea why it’s slow. I must admit though, I feel sorry for the people who have to work on Iris. My goodness that show makes it so hard to keep your eyes open. It’s got cute characters from Gaksital and OB so I wanted to keep watching but during E2, I waved my flag and surrendered after attempting to watch it without fast forwarding.

      Don’t worry- there are 10 more eps left so I dont think there will be any separation cuz this couple is the glue that is holding this show together. having them apart would not be a wise choice cuz then they need to fill it with other characters and OMG if S’s parents come out anymore for that many scenes I am going to skip their lines. That southern dialect is killing me cuz I have to replay it over and over and those people are loud. why must they yell so much. I really dont get the relevance of that eco system to this drama at all except to annoy S and give her more added stress.

      by the way arent you glad Joonni posted again? I texted her as soon as I saw Faith7. 🙂


      • jhen says:

        Softy, I was really getting disappointed that I almost felt that the drama is getting left out with its subbed videos coming out so late. But I understand now, with ck10z’s info.

        I have’t watched Iris yet. There is no one in the cast that interests me. I planned to watch TWTWB but I put it on hold because of its genre and I can’t take any melodrama at this time though I like SHK and Kim Beom and most of the female cast were part of the drama
        “World’s Within” (Bae Chong Ok and Seo Hyo Rim) including the writer No Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae. TWTWB seemed like a reunion for the female casts of WW, writernim and PDnim.

        Going back on L7CS, I really love JW and CKH’s tandem and they got this special chemistry despite their age (I remember LMH and KHS on these two). And I agree with you the OTP are the one that’s pulling up the show, it would have been great if they had put a special story between D and SM add some more spice in the story, I am shipping those two agents. SWs parents really cracks me up and oh, so they were really having that southern dialect, they are like singing when they talk and yes they are too loud. Ever since the drama started they had never been a help to S, all they give to her are problems..Lolz! With the ending of ep. 10, I hope GR will be more observant with the people surrounding him. I think he will have a slight hint of her true identity and it might be that he will let it pass by but he is going to spy on her already.

        Oh, btw, I was so glad when I got an email notification for Joonni’s new post. I was so excited that I immediately leave a message for her. I hope her mental block will shoo away now and I wish she will start to work on a new drama. A lot of the non-active faithfuls had left a message for her. By the way, is she going to move to Korea already?


    • ck1Oz says:

      L7CS is licensed to Indonesia I think. I KNOW. But there are NO Indonesian Korean to English subbers. Okay, there was one.
      But most of the Korean subbers on viki are in the US. So the reason why the viki subs are late this time round is that it’s given 24hrs later by the production company to viki. It’s not subbed by viki subbers this time round. NONE of us can watch it. ERGH. Because most of us are NOT from Indonesia.


      • jhen says:

        Thank you for that information ck10z. I just wondered coz during the 3rd and 4th eps, the subbed videos came out earlier but on the 6th until the 10th episodes it was 1 day late again. I’m just thankful enough that Softy is doing the live recaps for the drama coz if not I don’t know how will I get by with the story coz my k-vocabulary is very limited. 🙂 I can only understand the basic words or phrases that I mostly hear on other k-dramas. I love the drama despite its flaws, so no matter where it stand on the ratings I will still watch it til the end. 🙂


  16. SS says:

    Softy, what is the sentiment in Korea regarding this drama? I am curious and concerned because although it was ranked 2nd for ep 10, the viewership is dropping.

    Elsewhere it doesn’t seem good at all. I have my problems with this show too. So, I can understand why people don’t like it. Some even want to love it but couldn’t. On DB, some hate it so much that they bash it in every recap. It’s has become a joke like Dr Jin.


    • Softy says:

      Hey SS
      dont worry cuz I can bet you money L7 will never drop below Iris 2. Iris is sooooooo boring no one can hang in there for a whole hour.

      I havent been reading the comments for L7 on DB so i just read some for E10 and it’s not as bad as those for dr jin. Let’s not even lump L7 with that mess of a drama cuz L7 deserves way better credit even with its faults.

      SInce I dont read Korean I have no idea what korean viewers think, but among the people I work with and my friends, no one is watching L7. they are all watching TWTWB cuz of SHK. they think she is pretty and want to cut their hair like her if they are female and the guys just want to drool over her. they care zilch about the story for that drama. seems everyone is shallow when it comes to TWTWB. 🙂


      • SS says:

        Thanks Softy.

        You know, I have this habit of reading comments here and there. Maybe I should stop, it’s not helping for this drama. I have never felt so frustrated before.

        I wonder how much of the script did Joo Won read? Or is it just his part? Although his character is not perfectly written, I think it is the best in this drama. The rest are worse, much worse.

        During the early episodes I read a lot of comments on DB that they missed Joo Won as Gaksital. I was wondering if Joo Won had taken this role to shake off that image? It does happen to some actors whereby they are so successful in one role that the shadow never leaves them. It’s like the drama/movie character became larger than the actor himself. He did say he wanted to try rom-com and act in a more light-hearted drama but I just thought there is more to it.

        In my eyes, he has succeeded again. This time in a new genre-comedy. He is the one thing that saves this drama. He made Gilro a more enjoyable character than he was meant to be and most importantly, a character viewers feel for.


        • Softy says:

          Can I quote you on my next recap cuz I love what you said. You are putting me to shame cuz I really thought I was his fan, but you win hands down. 🙂


          • SS says:

            Awww…Softy, you don’t have to ask, I’ll so honored. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this.

            As for being The fan, how can I compare to you? Your blog is the go to place for Joo Won goodies


  17. SS says:

    Oops forgot to add these pictures. Not sure if you already have them


  18. Ivoire says:

    Hello everyone,

    I am sorry to do this, however I posted this long message on another site, and I don’t know if I will have some answers there since people don’t seem to like 7L that much at the moment, however, I have gotten some really good answers to my questions in the past, so I thought I would give it a try.

    Please allow me to post this message again here, in case anyone can answer my questions here, because I am really curious and I watch Kdramas to not only be entertained, but to also learn as much as I possibly can about the people there, the culture, the food, music, etc… until I (hopefully) have the opportunity to visit (often I hope) one day.

    I am in a hurry, so I don’t have the time to edit my message and actually post what I would have said here. I did leave a post on ep. 8 or 9 that I posted only here, and anyone who read my few (long) comments on OB knows I am not a lazy writer, I am just in a hurry, but I wanted to post because I will be working all weekend (until Monday) and I wanted to give people a chance to read my questions and answer them if they could. Thanks Softy (in advance) for understanding (and please feel free to answer if you can and wish to).

    My message starts here:

    I guess I am in the minority of those who actually like this drama… a lot, flaws and all, and I love it for a myriad of reasons. When I watched ep.8, I could not stop laughing. JW makes me care for GR and for what happens to him. I like that he was casted (sp, grammar?) for this drama and I am glad to see Chansung here as well, though I wish he was written better (given more depth) and given more screen time. I think he is doing well so far.
    I have a different reading on the kiss and on how it happens, and I actually liked the way it happened *Hides and protects herself from stares :-)* and I am OK with the brother showing up. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started watching this drama, however, as a rom-com, I find it funny and romantic, and some of the scenes endearing. I also love the OST, and that helps.

    I have a few questions:

    1–Does anyone know why JW’s character introduces himself as GR instead of Pil-hoon (sp?) to SW’s family? (her parents and her brother). I think at work he is known as PH (and at home for sure), so is he hiding his identity to SW’s family? And if so, why? Because I think that everywhere else, he is known as PH (work, home, NIS), even if he uses the name GR there (NIS). I understand SW using a fake name, but not GR. Is it b/c he thinks he is an agent?

    2–GR means one path, one road. Does Han GR mean something? When GR meets SW’s brother, he says (I think): “for the sake of the country, Han GR.” Please forgive my ignorance, however, did he just say “for the sake of the country” because he wanted to say it, or because that would be what “Han GR” would mean. Would that be a phrase in Korean? (That whole name, Han GR).

    3–I am still confused by the card game in ep. 3 and 4. So the 1st time, when WS moved his ears, it was because he had a good hand, which GR saw and he warned SW to not bid higher. When GR played against WS, he saw WS move his ears (which we now know he did on purpose), however GR knew that it was highly probable that WS had a good hand (or did he think it was the opposite?), and yet he bet all he had and then some. Why such a move, when he knew he could lose (well, he technically did)? His purpose was to help SW and her colleagues get their salaries back, and yet he KNEW (GR) that he wasn’t in a strong position. What was he thinking and why do it then? That didn’t make sense to me (still doesn’t).

    4–Is there a difference between introducing oneself to someone’s parents and bowing at someone’s grave or at a funeral? I am asking because when GR met SW’s parents, they asked (per the translation I read), “why do you want to bow again, are you bowing for a whole ceremony/funeral/procession?” and as he did it again (to do it right, I think), the mom said “I think he wants to kill us twice.” That left me confused. Is the way Koreans bow to the elders (being introduced, New Year) the same way they bow at grave sites and at funerals (like at funeral homes in front of the picture of the deceased, like we see in dramas) the same? Why did the mother make that comment, “I think he wants to kill us twice?” (that was in ep.8). I know GR bowed wrong the 1st time, however why did the parents compare it to a funeral/memorial service?

    Sorry if it sounds like I went round and round with my questions. I just wanted to be thorough. I feel at times that I know what I want to ask, yet I am not always sure I am making sense to the person reading my questions.

    Thank you to anyone(s) taking the time to answer my questions and to anyone who has an answer/insight(s) I could gain from. I tend to be interested in every aspect of the episodes in dramas. Thank you for indulging me.


    • Softy says:

      Hey Ivoire, I can answer some of these based on what I understood, but maybe others could do a better job and fill you in about these questions.
      1- G introduced himself with that name cuz it’s the one S uses and she would have used it too even if he hadnt.
      2 – I actually hesitated when I translated that line cuz he really did mean “one road” when he said for the sake of the country, but I am not subbing this so I decided just to keep Gilro. so you are correct to assume he meant it as one road for that part. well done. 🙂
      3-as stated from their conversation W moved his ears on purpose from the start to trick them into thinking that was his sign for bluffing. simply put G fell for it each and every time. that’s why at the end of the game W came over to them to specifically point that out. that it’s not always a sure fire way to tell a sign that someone is going to bluff. that’s how G learned that lesson never to just take the cues for granted and accept them as facts since they can be manufactured and therefore fake.
      4- this one is tricky to explain. I never had to bow formally to anyone so I am not sure about all the customs related to it cuz I wasnt raised with Korean customs. it was the first time I learned about the whole left hand over the right thing too.
      anyway the reason why the parents were being so sarcastic was not only was he doing it wrong by placing his hand in the wrong place, formal bows are normally for when you introduce yourself to in laws for the first time after coming back from your honeymoon and stuff. or during memorials and when G offered to do redo it again, she took that has killing them twice cuz during a memorial you only do it once I think. who knows – doing it wrong once was bad enough so maybe it was killing her so she was being sarcastic and says he is trying to kill us twice. I have no idea.
      sorry – hope it sort of helped and not caused more confusion. 🙂


      • nonski says:

        uhm, not yet ready to contribute my answer but just want to add another Q
        – why does it seems like GR committed another mistake by sitting cross-legged instead of the kneeling type? ( i hope i make sense here. 🙂 )


        • Softy says:

          that’s an easy one. In front of elders you dont know well, you just can’t sit like that cuz it’s too informal especially cuz it was his first time meeting them.(with the exception of when the elders give you permission to sit comfortably). it’s sort of like blatantly being rude like speaking banmal or not bowing your head at all. Her parents were 100% correct in thinking G wasn’t raised properly cuz it’s like a basic thing he should have been taught. You can just tell his parents sort of spoiled G and didnt instill the greatest values when it comes to showing manners for his elders. If his mom had seen him do that, she would have been mortified and hit him cuz it reflects poorly on her as his parent.


      • nonski says:

        oh and some thoughts Ivoire, i don’t think that those who like L7 is in the minority. L7 is still second which i think is understandable not because the drama is not doing good but because we have some Hallyu A-listers on TWTWB. SHK alone could bring viewers in much more so that JIS’s next tv series was highly anticipated. JW is doing his best and i love him in this new genre that he chose. i think he had given much thought on this drama cuz he just seems to fit so well in it. that aside, CHK is doing so fine in her role as well. those who had reservations on the chemistry of these two should have been proven wrong by now. 🙂 on top of it all… i super love the ost! i maybe crazy but led apple’s i’ll be there for you is the only content of my playlist atm. 🙂 seriously! will just change it on monday to get into the groove with the FBND’s finale. 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Check halfway through the video.

      http://blog.korea.net/?p=2622 Side note the belly button bow is a quick one that adults teach young children when they greet elders. I think it’s cut when they are reminded to put their hands on their belly button and bow.


      • ck1Oz says:

        Read the explanations for the opposite hand placements for funerals.

        I know you like details Ivoire.
        Sorry to hijack this post softy. I am now going back to watching K dramas.


        • nonski says:

          thanks ck for posting these, very informative. 🙂


        • Ivoire says:

          Hello ck10z, Nonski and Softy,

          And Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I so appreciate your time and effort. I have been working all weekend, so I have not had the time yet to fully read and watch the videos, but I will and I will respond as well. So please be patient with me.

          Nonski, I tried opening the torrents (right expression?), however, I don’t think it is working. When I click on the 2nd image (the thing you encircled), it doesn’t download anything, so I am not sure what to do. I have tried many times. I hope I am making sense. I will try again. I am working all day today and tomorrow. So please guys, give me some time and check back here, because I will update you. I have to go take care of real life, I am sure you know how that is.

          ck10z, thanks so much for remembering that I do LOVE DETAILS (because, well… I do 🙂 ) and so again, I appreciate the videos. You ladies have a wonderful day or night or evening, depending on where you are in the world. SS, I have not forgotten about you either 🙂


          • SS says:

            Hi Ivoire, thanks for your warm wishes. Sorry I am not on top of things and probably missed out replying to you somewhere.

            Have a good week ahead and tomorrow is 7LCS day! But heartbreak and tears for our CP T…….T


  19. ctfrsgp says:

    I suppose the Chinese fans r accepting this drama better than the English speaking audience coz the vids with chinese subs are always out in the early morning following the telecast in Korea (except for thr inital 2 eps). Either tat or there r more Korean-Chinese translators in China.


    • nonski says:

      i hope that is the case. in my limited knowledge, early morning the following the telecast, c-subs are already out for 90% of kdrama that airs. they’re already out at area11 by that time.


      • Anonymous says:

        Watz more, the chinese subs are done up quite professionally. I hav also noticed that only the more popular ones will get chinese subbed quickly. So I do believe that there are significant large fanbases among the Chinese-speaking communities outside of Korea supporting JW, CKH and maybe the other supporting roles (not forgetting Chansung is a member of the popular k-pop idol group 2PM which is very popular in China, HK and Taiwan).


  20. SS says:

    I knew Joo Won is CKH’s fanboy, LOL

    Series epigram 2013 Interview

    Joo Won is like a precious gem amongst actors in their twenties. Spanning across dramas, movies and variety, he has become a guarantee for viewership. Would he be able to create something even bigger?

    It was Sunday night when Joo Won reached the office. His fatigue was obvious because he had just finished filming 1N2D and rushed over. As compared to his 27 years of age, he does not belie any sign of a fledgling actor. Watching him take each step towards success, we asked him what is his secret to choosing a drama?

    JW: “It’s not that I am eagled-eyed. Fundamentally, when I choose a drama, I only looked at the script. The script is the crux. I don’t consider things that are unrelated to the script. I feel that if the script is interesting, then the drama will also be interesting.”

    In the beginning, we just saw him as a new actor who looks like Kang Dong Won but he has acted in ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’ which exceeded 50% in viewership and after that ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’, ‘Bridal Mask’ and the recent popular ‘7th Level Civil Servant’. He had never expected to achieve such good results.

    JW: “It’s not that I do not feel stressed over viewership ratings. I feel that as an actor, I have to bear responsibility for viewership.”

    On the topic of actors bearing the responsibility of viewership ratings, we must highlight that Joo Won who started from the musical theatre stage places passion as the foundation in his acting. He debut in the musical ‘Altar Boys’ in 2006 and then went on the ‘Grease’ and ‘Spring Awakening’, gaining recognition from the audience. In the currently airing ‘7LCS’ this role of Han Gilro is more relaxed and more personable compared to his roles in the previous drama ‘Bridal Mask’ and the movie ‘Special Investigation Unit’.

    JW: “It doesn’t mean that if the character is more relaxed, the acting of the role is also more relaxed. The burden is the same.”

    In face of the fierce competition from Jo In Sung and Jang Hyuk, ‘7LCS’ is still able to garner love from the audience, the main reason is the sweet chemistry with Choi Kang Hee.

    JW: “I feel that Choi Kang Hee and I have great mutual understanding. As her fan, to be able to work with her, I already feel very blessed. Especially when I see that Noona is so kind, pure and innocent, it makes me want to be more like her.”

    Just hearing the way he calls Choi Kang Hee, Noona, we can feel that he is close to her like a real brother.

    This humanized side of him is just like the one on ‘1N2D’, he is no different in real life from that cute and sensible maknae.

    JW: “Yes, in real life, I am the youngest at home. I always whine and do aegyo like a child. On ‘1N2D’ I do the same, I don’t know if it’s because I am filming with hyungs so unknowingly my natural behavior at home is displayed.”

    To an actor who has to portray many different characters, it is not an easy task to appear in a weekly variety program

    JW: “I didn’t lose anything(like privacy) due to my appearance in a variety program. I just feel that to be able to meet such great hyungs, it is my greatest blessing.”

    As the interview progressed, he spoke more naturally. At this juncture, I remember that on a variety program, there was mention of him having the habit of speaking in half jondae and half banmal.

    JW: ‘7LCS director also said the same thing. That I spoke half jondae-half banmal to him. But I really couldn’t remember doing so, so I was shocked. My teacher in high school also said that I did the same thing. I have been agonizing over how to overcome this bad habit.”

    He also added that up to now, besides this, he feels fortunate that there are no other bad things said about him.

    JW: “To be a public figure, there are bound to be things which I have to give up but I don’t feel burdened because of it. I am doing my best to enjoy it.”

    In reality, even under the most demanding circumstances, like how he just came over after the poster shoot, he looks like he is enjoying every bit of it. Besides seeing him in dramas, it’s difficult to see his taste in fashion.

    JW: “I prefer simple and clean cuts to formal and grand. So I like to wear tops that are looser and knit tops that’s open in front. I can also take bright colours.

    To an actor in his 20s, fashion is something you cannot ignore.

    JW: “As an actor, you must have a certain dress sense and also have the confidence in your dressing. At the very least, you must not mentally resist it.”

    Joo Won who is so receptive of everything, he is not only humble but very cheerful.

    JW: “I am inclined towards filial and docile women. If her personality is cheerful, I will feel very comfortable whenever we meet and a woman who is always smiling is very attractive.”

    Joo Won who walks the right path be it in acting, variety or love, his dreams are indeed not much different from that of a moral studies textbook.

    JW: “Even when I become a grandfather, I still want to be acting. I want to be a man who can lead his household. Although right now, I do not know exactly what is happiness but I’d like say that it is the man who lives each day with a smile on his face.”

    Chinese translation: Kat and post by sympathy101953 on Yuanzhen Baidu

    English Translation: mrdimples@soompi

    (please do not reblog or post this interview yet because I need to confirm translation on a specific phrase)


  21. SS says:

    Softy, hope you don’t mind if I post this fanfic here. Hope to get more love for SeoRo and 7LCS this week.

    Can You See My Heart?

    “Gilro-ah…Gilro…” she called his name as softly as she could. But he lay there on her lap, eyes closed and not a single bit of movement except for the slight rising and falling of his chest. There was no one around that night, she sat there on the bench in her courtyard with this man, her man. Her heart leaped at the thought. Could she really call him her man? At once, many things began to flood her mind but she shut them out and looked up at the clear sky. It was a beautiful night, the sky was clear and the stars were all out in their dazzling array. It was cold too but the contrast from the warmth of his body made her acutely aware of his physical presence.

    She put her face closer to his and she could hear him breathing gently. He looked so innocent, almost like a child, his head cradled in the nook of her lap. She laughed silently when she thought of her first impression of him. He was an annoying, self-centred, chaebol brat whom she had no tolerance for. How that has all changed.

    His willingness to stand up for her at the casino table changed everything. For the first time, she opened her eyes to see the real man inside. He still annoys her at times but mostly, he makes her laugh and is sweet and adorable. She did not tell him but that parachute birthday gesture was her most memorable birthday present yet. Never mind that it was not her real birthday. Beneath that child-like demeanor is a man whose heart is pure, the one who cares for her deeply and the one who places her well-being above his own.

    She reached out her finger tentatively and started tracing his eyebrow, his nose and his lips. He looked so handsome and beautiful. Is this love? Her heart feels like bursting so much that it aches. She knew she is not supposed to love him but how could she not? She wished she did not have the mission. She wished she did not have to hurt him. She wished she did not fall in love with him. A teardrop almost fell on his face and she hurriedly wiped her eyes.

    She knew exactly what she is supposed to do. Gilro’s father is going to be incriminated for his crime but she has no doubt that Gilro is innocent. She just knows enough of him to believe so. Others at NIS may not believe in Gilro but she does. So rather than having another agent on this job, she rather do it herself. Only by doing so, she can protect Gilro from harm. Even if it means that she has to deceive him. Even it means that he will hate her for it. The last thought brought a lump to her throat and she shut her eyes. Is this how it feels to love someone? Even if it hurts you so much, you will still do it for him?

    She looks up at the night sky again. She can only hope that when the time comes, he can see her heart as clearly as she can see those stars shining brightly in the dark


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